Dukes Of Hazzard: Busting Daisy (MMF,ncon)
by Wet Sprocket

"Damn, I hate these dusty old country roads," commented Bob, driving the
stolen Plymouth at a high rate of speed. He and Jake were escapees from
prison and were on the run. The car skidded on one of the endless winding
roads of Hazzard County and Bob nearly lost control.

"Man, take it easy." Scolded Jake, frustrated at being jostled about. "I
don't even see any cops behind us. I think we're free and clear."

"That's what they like you to think." Comments Bob. "We've got to keep

"C'mon now. I'm hungry and I haven't had any pussy in 2 years." Complained
Jake. "Lets at least stop somewhere in the next town and get some grub."

"We'll see." Just then a white jeep appeared off to the Plymouth's right also
traveling quickly down the road. There was a "Y" intersection just ahead and
the cars were aimed dead on to collide.

"Watch out!" yelled Jake. It startled Bob who hadn't seen the jeep yet, but
he swerved and the car spun out of control. Jake saw a pretty brunette
driving the Jeep as it too swerved and disappeared into some thick brush, out
of sight from the road.

"What the hell was that?" Asked Bob, as the Plymouth slid to a stop.

"A jeep, with some fine piece of ass inside." Exclaimed an excited Jake. "I'm
gonna go check it out." He scampered from the vehicle.

"I might just have to leave you here." Bob yelled, but Jake knew he wouldn't.
Bob was too dumb.

Jake slipped though the brush, following the trail left by the Jeep. The
Jeep was further in than he had thought. It had traveled down into a ravine
where it rested on its wheels at the bottom, dust still floating from it into
the air. Jake reached the Jeep and inside was the woman he had seen before
the wreck. She was struggling to take off her seat belt and appeared plenty

"Stupid city slickers!" She yelled out, frustrated from the accident. "Wish
someone would teach them how to drive!" Her seatbelt came loose and she
swung the most gorgeous pair of legs Jake had ever seen out of the Jeep.

"What you staring at?!" She asked crossly. "You the idiot who made me wreck
my Jeep?"

"No, I am." Came a voice from the brush about them. It was Bob. Jake
watched the old man hiked down to them.

"Well, what are we gonna do here. I need to get to work." Exclaimed the

"First off, I'm Jake and this guy here is Bob." Started Jake.

"Well, I'm Daisy Duke and I hope you have insurance..." Daisy moved from
before them and surveyed her Jeep. Jake and Bob observed her sexy body.
Daisy wore one of her usual work outfits: Tight white short-shorts and a
tight white tank top blouse that tied close a v-neck that cut down towards
the middle of her ample breasts.

"Its gonna be just as expensive to pull me up out of here." Daisy said,
looking up the ravine from whence she came.

Jake had a rock hard erection in his pants. He shifted it uncomfortably
inside his pants.

"Bob," Jake whispered to his partner. "I've got to have this one. I'm about
ready to bust out of my pants."

"I dunno." Replied Bob. "We need to get going." He was ignoring his rising
hardon and Jake knew it.

"Imagine what she got in those shorts." Jake teased. "I'm a tit man," Bob

"Then, imagine squeezing those titties, sucking and tasting them" Jake knew
he almost had Bob sold on the idea. "I'll even let you have a turn between
her legs."

"So, ya'll wanna go get help or what?" Daisy asked impatiently, returning to
her spot in front of them. Both men ogled her breasts shifting inside her
blouse then to a rest as she waited for an answer.

Bob responded. He placed both hands on her breasts and squeezed them through
her blouse. The action knocked Daisy backwards into the Jeep.

"Hey!" Daisy exclaimed, trying to move her hands to pulled Bob's from her
breasts. Before she could, Jake grabbed her waist and turned her. Bob
enjoyed feeling Daisy's breasts. They were round melons, full of milk and
perfect for him to suck. He released his hold and took Daisy's arms. He
pulled a pair of handcuffs he had taken from a prison guard that morning and
clasped one side on Daisy's left wrist.

Daisy struggled to get free, but the two men overpowered her. Bob struggled
to reach her other hand and remained unsuccessful. Jake pulled the threesome
out in front of the Jeep.

"Get your handcuffs, " advised Jake, not knowing Bob already had his.

"I got them already." He squirmed, "Get her other hand."

Almost too easily, Jake clasped his handcuffs on Daisy's right wrist then,
attached the other to the grill of the Jeep. Bob saw it and did the same.
Daisy began to scream out for help. Jake gagged her with a handkerchief.
Daisy tried to kick, but her heels were stuck in the mud. She breathed
heavily through her nose causing her chest to stick out more. Bob was
impressed. "Let's see those titties." He put his hands at her waist and
pulled out the bottom of her blouse that was tucked into her shorts. He
pulled her blouse up and over her hefty bosom. She had a white lacy bra with
pink flowers covering her breasts. Bob pulled her bra cups down off her
nipples, revealing all of her breasts. Her areolas and nipples were on the
small side as they capped her bountiful melons, but Bob didn't mind. He
squeezed them and put his mouth over her right one. He sucked and enjoyed
them while Daisy stirred beneath him, upset, but stimulated.

Daisy couldn't see Jake because Bob was in the way, but she soon felt him.
He unbuckled her belt and opened her shorts. She had white cotton panties on
underneath. Daisy tried to keep her legs closed, but Jake still managed to
pull her shorts over her hips. Her panties went down with her shorts and
Jake admired Daisy's trimmed pubic wool as it bushed out from her crotch.
Daisy's shorts were at her ankles and Jake took his hand and fondled her
privates. Daisy reacted with unwanted pleasure as Jake probed her clit and
felt her up. She was already wet from Bob's advances on her breasts. Jake
could see her swollen clit as it pursed open revealing her mature womanhood.
He stuck in a finger and Daisy shuddered from the penetration. She was a
young woman and had had many romantic encounters, but none had ended up being
sexual. Jake sensed this by the way her clit enclosed tightly around his
finger when he stuck it inside her. Jake got to his feet.

"Move over, man." He told Bob, who was still slurping on Daisy's left breast.
Bob shuffled around the side, still able to reach Daisy's tits. Jake pulled
down his pants and whipped out his huge steely-hard cock. He grabbed Daisy's
ass and pulled her up some to improve his angle. As he did so, Daisy's left
leg freed up from the muddy ground. She kicked Jake in the side and he fell,
cursing with his cock in his hand.

"Damn it!" Jake yelled out. Bob took a moment from sucking and grabbed the
free leg. "You gonna hold it?" asked Jake. Bob nodded, showing no
difficulty keeping Daisy's left leg idle. Jake looked back at Daisy who was
now slumped further down because her leg was pinned by Bob. Her legs were
wider as well giving the world a view of her pink clit. Jake stepped up and
freed her right leg, this time controlling it and pinning it back as well.
Now Daisy was completely powerless and spread wide open as Jake lower his
stiff penis to the threshold of her clit. Slowly, Jake pressed his cock into
Daisy's vagina, her cunt stretching to take in such a large organ. Daisy
grimaced. With slow thrusts, Jake backed out and pushed back into her, going
deeper with every turn. Daisy turned a shade of pink from the strain of
giving up her cherry. She managed to finally spit out her gag and breathe as
Jake impaled her completely causing her to climax. Jake watched as Daisy
shuddered and reached her first orgasm, his cock fully entrenched inside her.
He started rocking inside her again. Loosening what was a tight virgin
vagina. Minutes later he was pounding deep thrusts into Daisy, smacking his
pelvis against her ass. Long deep penetrations and Daisy could only hang on.
Bob watched as his partner nailed the gorgeous beauty, causing her to cry out
in ecstasy. Daisy moaned loudly. Jake kissed her neck as he plowed inside
her. His cum began to build and his cock stiffened harder as he neared his
climax. The thrusts were deep and harder than ever as Jake spewed his load
inside Daisy. Daisy could only accept it. Jake emptied and continued on
until his cock softened.

Daisy was worn and both criminals had got what they wanted from her. Jake
pulled from Daisy, leaving the impression of his cock in her clit and his
seed in her belly.

"Let's go", said Jake.

"But I didn't get a chance to fuck her yet..." Whined Bob.

"You got the tits you wanted. Let's go." The men retrieved their handcuffs
from the spent Daisy's wrists and moved back up the hill to their vehicle.
Soon, they were on their way out of Hazzard County.


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