Drew Carey Show: A Love Of My Own (MF,MMF,MM,inter,BDSM,herm)
by The Fan ([email protected])

Drew Carey was what one would call a geek in corporate America. He was a man
in his mid thirties, big and tall, with a crew cut and on top of that he was
bespectacled. He was an employee of Winfred-Lauder, one of the wealthiest
companies in America. The company was into everything and anything. Drew had
been there for years. Winfred-Lauder was a tough place to be. There was a lot
of downsizing and backstabbing going on there. Drew Carey had seen a lot in
his day.

He had seen people who had been co-workers, friends and even more than
friends crush each other for the sake of promotions and stuff like that.
Drew knew that it didn't pay to get too chummy with people in the
corporate world. There were rules. Backstabbing, schemes and plots were
ordinary things. Everyday things. Sometimes you had to draw a line in
the sand. It helped to know who your friends and even who your enemies
are. Drew Carey had drawn that line a long time ago. His enemies were
everyone at work, chief among them Mimi Bobeck. His friends were Lewis,
Oswald and of course, Kate. They had been friends for a long time. They
had his back.

Drew Carey was currently with one of his office mates. He was looking at
Kyra. Kyra Vilmar was one of the girls at the office. She stood five foot
eight, well-built, with full breasts and a slim waist which gave way to a
fine black female's butt. She was simply gorgeous. Drew Carey saw her
walking around, wearing a white silk shirt tucked inside black pants and
flats, of all things. Kyra Vilmar, the gorgeous black beauty was simply
fantastic. Drew met her not long ago. She was new to Winfred-Lauder, he
had recently been made into an assistant manager and she was one of his
underlings. They had become buddies. He learned a lot about her. She was
an interesting girl. Twenty three years old, a graduate of Harvard
Business school. She was new to the corporate world.

He decided to show her the ropes. He took her through Winfred-Lauder and
introduced her to all the big fish like Ted Banard, the guy who actually
ran the company and his direct underling, Mr. Wick. He also introduced
Kyra Vilmar to Mimi Bobeck. Slowly, a dynamic started between them. They
were office pals. Then, they saw each other on the outside. A couple of
times they went out for drinks. Then...they went to her apartment. What
happened then was simply...sublime.

Kyra told Drew to wait while she went to get drinks and then came back,
not only with drinks but also she had changed her clothes, trading the
professional office wear for a T-shirt and sweatpants. They sat together
on the sofa, drinking and watching an old episode of Matlock. The show
was quite interesting. Drew always had a thing for detective stories and
mysteries and Kyra seemed to get into it. She snuggled up against him as
they watched television. She rested her head on his shoulder. He couldn't
believe how beautiful she looked and he kissed her on the forehead. She
looked at him with eyes half opened and smiled. He kissed her on the lips
and she kissed him back.

Soon, he had his arms around her. They were kissing and undressing each
other so fast it was eerie. Then, Kyra's mouth was around Drew's cock,
giving him a little taste of heaven. They went to his bedroom where he
ate her pussy, tasting her sweet juices and then stuck his cock inside
her, fucking her hard and fast. She rode him like a bicycle. Their screams
woke the neighbours as they practically broke Drew's bed.

The next morning when Drew woke up, Kyra was gone. No explanation. At work,
she acted like they were total strangers. Drew was surprised but truly did
not mind.

* * *

His next hookup was with Kate, one of his best friends. They had a wild night
that ended with Drew taking a drunk Kate home. Kate took Drew's cock in her
mouth and sucked it. Drew's cock was nice and thick, kind of long, too. Drew
closed his eyes and caressed Kate's face as she sucked him off. He began to
thrust into her mouth. Kate almost gagged when his cock went to the back of
her throat. She flicked her tongue around it, using her hand to pump it up,
then licking the shaft. Drew was loving it. He warned her that he was about
to cum, and did. He came all over her face and Kate licked his cum without
spilling a drop. She did so while Drew looked at her. Looking up at him, she

Drew pulled her to him and kissed her on the lips. Kate smiled and put her
arms around him. Drew took her in his arms and took her to bed. He kissed
Kate's lips, then kissed his way down her neck to her chest and licked her
breasts, caressing her nipples. He made her lie down and relax while he took
off her pants and pulled down her panties. He kissed Kate's stomach, tickling
her and she laughed as he kissed his way down to her pelvis. He found himself
staring at Kate's shaven pussy. He licked it, then used his fingers to part
her gentle folds and let his tongue in. He stuck in a finger and poked his
way around, twisting it this way and that. Kate moaned as he did this and he
resumed licking her pussy.

Tenderly, he bit her clit and she shuddered. He continued to tease her pussy,
licking and sucking it and sometimes probing it with his fingers. Kate was
moaning in pleasure, her hands gripping Drew's head as he worked on her.
Drew stuck his tongue in her pussy and flicked it this way and that, before
rapidly sticking his middle finger in. Kate screamed in pleasure as Drew's
expert tongue and fingers brought her to an orgasm. Drew kept licking and
probing, looking at her as she writhed on the bed, thrashing about in

Once the intense feeling subsided, Kate opened her eyes and looked at Drew.
He smiled at her. Kate looked at Drew Carey with surprised eyes. Then, she
embraced him. They lay in bed like this. Drew thought that would be the end
of it and went to sleep with Kate in his arms. He was just settling in his
sleep when he felt something warm and wet around his cock.

"What the....?" he began.

Drew bolted awake and found himself staring at Kate. Kate, who was kneeling
over him with his semi-erect cock in her mouth. Kate stopped for a second.
"Just want to make you happy," she said.

She resumed sucking his cock, working him until he was rock hard. Then, she
pulled him to her. Drew looked at her and took her strong legs. They rested
on his shoulders. She pulled him in and placed his hands over her breasts.
"Take me, Drew." she said.

Drew positioned himself between her legs and placed his cockhead at the
entrance of her pussy. He looked into her eyes. Kate smiled and nodded. Drew
entered her, slowly. Her big tits jiggled as she threw back her head and
moaned in ecstasy. He went into her, feeling her warm, moist pussy around his
cock. Her long legs rested on his shoulders and he held her by the hips and
thrust into her. Kate moaned as Drew's big cock went in and out of her. She
looked at him, he was sweating heavily, his face red as he fucked her. He
soon came in her, sending his hot cum deep inside her. Kate grunted as his
cum filled her pussy.

Drew lay on her, his head resting on her chest. Kate kissed him on the

"How was it?" she asked.

"Great," said Drew.

A few moments later, Drew Carey was fast asleep in Kate's arms.

* * *

Drew's next hookup was with Loren Bridgemont. He had been dating Kate
steadily now but she was going to visit some friend in trouble and Drew was
staying in Boston with nothing to do. He was on a business trip, traveling
with Mr. Wick and a couple of other people from Winfred-Lauder. He went out
and met someone at a bar. Loren. She was an interesting girl who claimed to
be different from all other girls on the planet. Drew's curiosity was piqued.
He had to see that.

Drew looked at Loren B. She was such a special girl. About five foot six,
with dark brown hair and beautiful, pale brown eyes. Her skin was almost a
shade darker than most white people's, betraying a Latin descent. She had
full breasts and a perfectly rounded, tight-looking butt. Drew knew that
appearances could be deceiving. Loren was a very special girl and she could
do things the rest of the women of the world simply could not do. At least,
that's what she claimed.

They had met a few times and Drew had taken her clubbing. They had a nice
time. He loved how graceful she looked on the dance floor. Loren held Drew
and her body language was very suggestive. She asked Drew to come back to
her house. They did.

Drew went back to her place. It was a nicely decorated apartment. Loren told
Drew she had a surprise planned for him and said she was into kinky shit.
Drew's wide smile was full of approval. So, he did not mind when she told him
to get on all fours on the bed and tied up his hands and feet so that he
could not budge. He saw her approaching and she wore her black bra and
matching panties, along with a baseball cap on backwards and a black leather
bomber jacket. She also had gloves on. Drew commented on her looking like a

"I am gonna dominate you, little man." said Loren. "Your ass is mine."

Drew decided to play along. "Yes, mistresss!" he said with a smile.

He was very surprised but pleasantly so when she took off her bra, revealing
big, full breasts. She had a nice body, great figure and a terrific ass. He
watched her take off her panties... and gasped. Jutting right in front of
Loren was a cock. A long, hard cock.

"What the hell?" said Drew. "What's wrong with you?"

Loren looked at him nastily. "I am your shemale mistress." she said. She took
her cock in her hand and stroked it. Drew Carey began to thrash and struggle
in his bonds. "Your ass is mine, chubby boy." said Loren. "I am gonna enjoy

Loren placed the head of her cock against Drew Carey's puckered asshole. Drew
gasped. Loren looked at Drew. He looked so wonderfully vulnerable. Slowly,
she pushed her cock into his asshole. Drew screamed when Loren's nine-inch
dick entered his asshole. He struggled in his bonds. Loren grabbed his ample
hips and began to thrust her cock into his asshole. Gosh, his ass was so damn
tight. She went in and out. She slapped his plump butt and told him to relax.
He kept whimpering and she fucked him even harder, shoving her cock in real
deep. She reached under his belly and her slim hand found his cock. She made
him turn so that he lay on his back.

Drew Carey looked at Loren as she fucked him. Her face was so beautiful, her
full breasts so damn gorgeous that he reached out and took them in his hands,
squeezing them. Loren kept fucking him, thrusting her thick cock in and out
of Drew's asshole. Drew grimaced as she butt-fucked him, and kept drilling
his ass. Drew Carey grunted under the anal assault. He felt like her rock
hard cock was tearing his ass apart.

Loren reached and took his cock in her hand and began to stroke it furiously.
She jerked his cock and kept thrusting into his asshole. She pulled her cock
almost all the way out, then shoved it right back in, burying it until her
balls hit his cheeks. Drew Carey let out a painful wail. He felt like he was
split in half.

This seemed to only encourage Loren and she fucked him with a vengeance,
thrusting hard and deep into him with a frenzy. She grunted as she fucked
him, loving the feeling of having her hard cock ensnared inside right before
she came. Drew screamed as her hot cum filled his asshole. Loren thrust in
a couple more times, then pulled out. She lay against Drew and rested her
head on his chest. "Oh, God. It's good to finally be with you, Drew."

Drew tried to push her away. A bit surprised, she moved. She came and sat
down next to Drew and smiled at him. Her beautiful face was full of tease.
"Oh, is my big boy hurt?"

She pushed him back on the bed and kissed him. Drew groaned. She lay flat
against him, belly to belly. He could feel her hard cock press against his
belly. "Wanna go again?" she asked. He vigorously shook his head. Loren
shrugged. "Whatever, man."

She disappeared and when she came back, Drew couldn't believe his eyes. She
looked beautiful, and quite cool. "Bye, man." she let herself out.

* * *

Drew Carey went back to Ohio. He was not a happy camper. He told himself
he would not return to Boston again. He did not like the girls down there.
Chicks with dicks weren't cool. When he went back to Ohio, he found that
something had changed. He went back to Kate and she was happy to see him.
Looking into Kate's face, Drew was happy. But he couldn't stop thinking
about sex with chicks with dicks. He had sex with Kate again. As usual,
she was wild, loud and passionate. But, Drew wasn't satisfied. He had a
craving for dick.

He went to the video store and checked out some titles. He borrowed "Barely
Female Totally Shemale". He also borrowed the kind of movies he never would
have borrowed, like "Bi American" and "Bi Vanity". He really enjoyed "Mr.
18 Inch and the Shemale Pussycats". He bought "Black Men Like Strap Ons Too."

He did not tell Kate about his cravings. He went out and had to satisfy his
lusts. He dared to do the undoable. He met a guy named Stanley Freno. Stanley
was a tall, lean man with dark hair and blue eyes. He was a real estate
agent. Stanley had a wife named Samantha and two kids, Joseph and Karen. The
strangest thing of all is, Stanley was gay or at least bisexual. He met Drew
at the video store. Stanley borrowed "Bi Bi Black". The two men talked and
discovered that they had a lot in common. Stanley was a closeted homosexual
or rather, bisexual. His wife and kids had no idea. He was a masculine
non-hetero male, not at all like the effeminate stereotypes. Stanley
introduced Drew Carey to the flamboyant Justin Lamill. Justin introduced
Drew Carey to the homosexual subculture. Not long after, Drew had his first
gay experience.

It was in a dark room with a young man named Don. Don was slim, Hispanic and
had a baseball cap on. Don kissed Drew and caressed his body, awakening his
desires in ways that no woman ever had. Then, he began to make love to Drew's
body. He took Drew's cock in her mouth and sucked it. Then, he drank all of
Drew's cum and slipped a condom onto Drew Carey's dry dick. He rubbed some
KY jelly onto Drew's condom-sheathed cock, then bent over. He backed up until
Drew's cock was rubbing his sexy male ass. Drew held Don by the hips and
parted his asscheeks. Then, he went in. He entered Don's ass and the young
Hispanic guy grunted. Drew began to fuck him, thrusting long and hard into
that ass. Drew loved the feeling of a tight ass around his cock. He soon
came, and pulled Don to him. They embraced. They hit the showers and put
their clothes back on. And that was the end of it.

Drew really liked that first experience. He began to crave it more and
more. He met with Don a few more times and the sex was fantastic. Drew loved
cramming his cock down Don's throat or fucking him until he screamed like a
little bitch.

He met a black guy named Jamal. Jamal Johnson was a lawyer in the city. He
was married with children. Like Drew, he was a closet case. Sex with Jamal
was fun and exciting. Drew recalled with a smile a two-hour fuck session he
did with Don and Jamal. He loved having Jamal's hard cock in his ass while
humping Don.

Drew Carey could not get enough dick. His relationship with Kate suffered a
little. He did not pay as much attention to her as he did before. But he made
up for it. He bought her gifts and took her on trips. On those trips, Drew
had meetings with horny gay and bisexual men in bathrooms. Sex-filled

Kate could sense a change in Drew Carey and feared to ask. One night they lay
in bed together. "Drew, is there another woman in your life?"

Drew burst out laughing. He took Kate's hands in his and told her. "You are
he only woman in the world for whom I feel anything for. When I am out there,
I don't think about other women."

Kate looked at him and saw that he was telling the truth. There was no other
woman in his life. She would probably smell it if he came home smelling like
pussy. "So where do you go all the time?" she asked.

"That's my little secret." he told her with a smile.

Kate grunted. "I'll wrestle you for it."

She jumped on him and playfully hit him. He tried to grab her but she was too
fast and they wrestled on the bed. Drew Carey found himself lying underneath
Kate, who was gleaming with victory. Drew looked up into her wild, beautiful
face. "Still not gonna tell me?" she asked.

Drew smiled at her. "Nope."

Kate grimaced and pretended to look thoughtful. "I guess I'll have to come up
with a few ways to keep you home."

With that, she begun to slip out of her clothes and Drew watched her. He
admired her tomboyish yet killer body. Well-muscled upper body, slim waist,
full breasts and toned lower body. Strong, smooth and sexy legs. Long,
lustrous dark hair framing a well-drawn, beautiful face. Kate was a beautiful
woman and in that moment he felt an overwhelming desire for her. He pulled
her into his arms and kissed her. Then, they made passionate love to each
other. Drew focused only on her pleasure. He kissed her from head to toe,
remembering that every inch of the human body was to be explored and
pleasured. He licked her and took his sweet time pleasuring her, licking
her gentle folds and exploring her pussy with his fingers and tongue. He
delighted in making her feel as much pleasure as he could, watching the
play of expressions on her beautiful face. That night, he gave her orgasm
after orgasm.

Never before had Kate been pleasured in such a fashion. She was overwhelmed
by the sensations Drew Carey made her body feel. So much that by the time
that he was done with her, she was screaming in sheer pleasure. Drew Carey
watched her then brought her down gently. Kate lay in bed, scooped up in
Drew's arms. She was looking at her lover with a strange expression in her

"Did you like that?" Drew asked Kate.

Kate nodded. Drew pulled her closer and kissed her on the forehead. Then, he
went to sleep. Kate did not go to sleep. Not immediately. She had never seen
a man so concerned and careful to give the woman he was with pleasure. Never
before had she felt anything like it. She had known Drew Carey since they
were kids. He was the shy, chubby kid. She was the tomboy next door and one
of his best friends. Lewis and Oswald were their best pals and playmates. She
had noticed changes in Drew lately. She knew that she loved him. She also
knew that he loved her and probably always had.

Still, she had to make sure of certain things. She decided to follow Drew
around, without his knowing. She did so the next day. Drew got on his car
and he went to work. He was bored at work and thought that he needed a fix.
He hadn't had any in awhile. Sex with Kate was...pleasant, but he needed
something more. Sex with females, something he had done for most of his
adult life was alright. Sex with males was mind-blowing, fantastic and
addictive as hell. Drew considered himself a bisexual, though it wasn't
something he went around telling people. He hoped he wouldn't have to tell
anyone, especially not his parents or Kate.

He felt guilty about going to the Tight End, a popular gay bar. He usually
went there to pick up a guy and have sex with him. Drew Carey was versatile.
Anything goes. A while ago, he picked up a man and a woman and went to their
apartment to have sex with them. The man's name was Eric. He was a tall
Latino guy with an athlete's build. He was bisexual and his black fiancee
Yolanda knew about it. They were into swinging. Drew had a memorable night
with them. Drew got hard just thinking about it.

Watching Eric being fucked by Yolanda wearing a strap on dildo was fantastic
and made Drew get rock hard. He got even harder watching Eric shoving his
hard cock into Yolanda's pussy. The black girl sure knew how to scream. She
gave Drew Carey a blowjob he would never forget, right before he fucked her
pussy. The most exquisite sensation Drew had ever experienced was when he was
basically being buttfucked by Eric and Yolanda first sucked his cock then
impaled her moist pussy on it. Fucking a warm, tight pussy while getting
drilled by a hard cock was a sensation that was simply overwhelming. Drew met
them at the Tight End.

He was going there right now. He was horny as hell. He drove the streets. He
was unaware that Kate was following him. Drew suddenly saw a strange scene.
An old man was being robbed by a pair of tough-looking guys. Drew always
hated bullies. He stopped the car and stepped out of it. "Hey, you!" he said.
"Leave the old man alone!"

The two guys looked at Drew, and started toward him. Kate watched the scene
from afar. Her heart beat faster when she saw Drew step out of his car. He
walked right over to the guys and started telling them something. "Oh, Drew."
she said. "You should be more careful."

The guys started to push Drew around. He pushed one back but the other caught
him by surprise and hit him. Kate dialed 911 and told the cops what was going
down. They told her they were sending a patrol car. The guys kept hitting
Drew and Kate winced at that. She couldn't let anybody hurt him. She was
about to step out of the car when a police squad car came barging in. The two
thugs ran.

Drew lay on the floor, unconscious. The old man was by his side and was
explaining to the cops what went on. Kate arrived onto the scene. "Oh, my
God!" she said. "Drew!"

he cops looked at her. "Are you acquainted with this man, ma'am?" asked the
first cop, a tall black man.

"He is" Kate began.

"I am calling in an ambulance." said the second cop, a slender Asian female.

"Cool." said Kate.

Usually, she was the one who kept a cool head in those situations but she
was scared. Drew just lay there, motionless. There was blood on him. He was
injured. They hurt him and she was right there and didn't do anything! He
was assaulted and battered by thugs because he stopped to help someone. That
was Drew Carey for ya. A nice guy to the end. The ambulance came and they
took Drew Carey to the hospital. Kate hitched a ride with one of the
ambulance drivers.

At the hospital, Kate called Lewis and Oswald to let them know what happened
to Drew. They came as soon as they heard.

Drew Carey woke up slowly and painfully. He was in a bed somewhere in a white
room. He couldn't remember where he was...slowly, it came to him. The old
man. The two thugs. The fight. He recalled being hit by something hard. Then,
nothing. His head hurt like hell. He looked around, and saw....people. A
woman. She was tall and beautiful, with a worried expression in her face. She
was flanked by two average-looking guys. Kate and her cohorts, Lewis and
Oswald. Drew looked at Kate.

"Kate," he said.

Kate looked at him and, taking his hand in hers, she smiled. "Hey, you."
Kate began to explain how worried she was about him and Lewis and Oswald also
told him that. They were scared for him. Especially Kate. "I thought I lost
you." said Kate.

Drew smiled. "I'm okay," he said.

The doctor came and said that Drew suffered slight trauma to the head and
should experience some disorientation and forgetfulness for the next few
weeks but essentially, he would be okay.

"That's good news," said Kate. "I am finally taking you home."

Drew returned home with Kate. He had forgotten a lot. Lots. He had basically
forgotten everything about his life before the incident. He remembered a few
names and faces, that was it. Kate said that she would be by his side until
he recovered. She also told him she looked forward to the day that they could
truly be together. Drew looked at her. She was beautiful, and a good friend
and according to her, they were more than that. He began to remember certain
things, piece by piece. He recalled enough to get by at work and stuff. He
also spent time with his boys, Lewis and Oswald. He talked to his brother
Steve, a former transvestite now married to Drew's archnemesis, Mimi Bobeck.

Three days after he returned from the hospital, Drew spent an entire
afternoon talking to Kate about what he remembered from his childhood. Their
friendship. School. Games. Kate watched him talk, and for the umpteenth time
cursed herself for ever doubting this great guy that she loved. Drew was a
goody-two- shoes, there was no way in hell that he was two-timing her.

She took his hand and led him to their bed. That night, they made passionate
love to each other. Afterwards, Drew looked at Kate and smiled.

"What are you thinking?" she asked.

"I can't remember making love to anyone else," he said. "this is like my
first time."

Kate looked at Drew, her heart filled with love for him. Drew looked into
her eyes and knew that he loved her, a lot. He was attracted to her and
cared for her a lot. But deep down, he sensed that there was more to them
than that. Well, more to himself than that. Like there was a horrible
secret to be uncovered. He slept with Kate in his arms. Kate watched him
sleep. She couldn't wait to get married to Drew and prayed that he would
get the guts to propose soon, or she would. She would propose to him. It
was that simple. She surprised herself by recalling something from her

She and Drew playing when they were ten. Basically playing a game about
marriage and fighting over who was gonna wear the tux and who was wearing
the gown. Kate had been deadset in wearing the tux. So was Drew. She
laughed, remembering how he was stuck with the gown and how other kids
were making fun of him. It was odd that she was remembering this now. She
ended up taking off the suit and giving it back to Drew. That day, they
shared their first kiss. It was so weird and awkward. She smiled at that.
She looked at Drew as he slept. "I love you, big guy." she said as she
planted a kiss on his cheek. She went to sleep.

Drew was fast asleep and in the throes of a nightmare. He was dreaming about
being with Kate. First he saw himself with her, with their kids and house.
Living together. That was such a pleasant sight. Then, he saw everything
around him darken and for the first time, saw something else entirely. Kate,
the house and kids were replaced by a bunch of naked men. These naked men
were doing unnatural things with each other. Drew bolted awake, screaming.
His screaming woke up Kate.

"What's the matter, Drew?" she asked.

Drew looked at her. He was sweating a lot. And breathing heavily. He was
disoriented and looked around, then at Kate. His face was full of fear.

"What is it, Drew?" Kate asked him.

Drew looked at her. The things he was dreaming about were horrible. What kind
of guy had dreams of naked men? He was NOT that kind of guy. He loved Kate.
Since childhood. He just made love to her. He made love to a girl he loved.
Fags couldn't do that. He was a straight man. Still, the intensity of the
dream left him scared, and rock hard. Kate noticed. She smiled. "Pleasant
dream, huh?"

Drew shook his head. He felt sick.

Kate came closer and, taking him in her arms began rocking him gently. He
let himself go, letting her hold him. She planted soft kisses on his head
and neck and rocked him, telling him that everything was gonna be alright.

"I love you, Kate." Drew said.

"Love you too." said Kate.

Drew lay down on the bed in her arms. They spent the rest of the night like

Drew went back to work and requested a transfer from Ohio to Winfred-Lauder's
Boston branch. Kate agreed to move with him. At the same time, Lewis got a
job at Global Parcel's Boston branch and Oswald came with him to Boston.
Basically, the whole gang was there in a new city. Drew wanted to leave Ohio
behind. He swore to himself he would be faithful to Kate. He considered
telling her about his past but thought that he would lose her so he kept it
to himself. He got rid of his Shemale, Gay and Bisexual porn collection.

He and Kate moved into a nice apartment near downtown Boston. They lived
close to the Commons and could really enjoy themselves there. The move
proved to be good for everyone.

Lewis met a girl named Loren B. and in spite of Drew's carefully guarded
objections, he went out with her.

Oswald hooked up with Lexy, a former psychotic hooker turned Human Rights
activist. Oswald moved in with Lexy three months after they met.

Drew Carey and Kate were married exactly one year after moving to Boston.
Twins were born to them, Jared and Jennifer Carey, five years after their
marriage. Drew remained faithful to his wife and best friend Kate. He never
told her that he had experimented with bisexuality in the past and she never
found out.

The only bad thing to happen to Drew after his move to Boston was that his
sister-in-law, Mimi Bobeck was transferred to Boston by Winfred-Lauder and
moved in with her husband, Steve Carey (Drew's brother) and child three
blocks away from Drew Carey's family.

After initially trying to help Mimi have an "accident", Drew gave up and
learned the art of faking being a friendly neighbor to people you despise.

The End


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