WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the characters, comic books, franchises, places etc depicted or referenced within. Fantasy is legal. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence. I am making no money off the writing of this story. I do not own DC Comics or any of its characters.

Starring: Zatanna

Codes: Cons, MF, Oral, inter.

Zatanna: Gotham City Whores Part 5
An erotic DC Comics fan-fiction story.
by DaxG2001 ([email protected])

Zatanna Zatara suspected something was wrong.

While not strictly a full time member of the Justice League, she still has close connections with its members and associates. Partly to take a break from being a 'full time' heroine, and partly to continue to enjoy her career as a stage illusionist. Fully ready to lend her skills and knowledge about magic to her friends whenever she was needed.

However, a friend asking her to perform at a strip club in Gotham? Certainly not her style, even if it was as Huntress put it 'as part of an investigation'. The mention of the club's name 'Delicious Delights' did sound vaguely familiar to her for some reason. Still, a favour was a favour and it would be wrong of her to turn down a request. Yet when she approached the building, the lack of sensing any magical elements in the air was a concern. On the one hand, sure no magic for her to deal with meant no danger, to a degree. The other? Why would a master of magic like herself be needed here in the first place if there was only a 'normal' threat? Something didn't quite add up.

She further suspected a trap when she arrived at that side 'EMPLOYEES' marked door. She was used to leering looks caused from her choice of attire, even as perfectly as it showed off her body, so that was far from bothering her. When they referenced that they knew she'd be coming, and mentioned about 'The Boss loving her' or words to that effect? She had every right to be suspicious. However, and perhaps against her better judgement, she went along with things. A short trip through the backstage areas of the strip club, arriving at an office door of the head of this questionable operation.

"Damn... My girls deliver again!" Samuel Tud remarked with a grin, moving up out of his executive chair as he watched the magician step into his office. "Zatanna Zatara, right? Heard a lot about you..." He added with a chuckle as he moved around his desk. Clad in another of his expensive, custom tailored suits.

His words had a clear double meaning, and right now he was caring very little about her talents in terms of magic. A leering and approving look cast over the dark haired beauty and her choice of attire. Black, heeled booths that run upward to above the knee where fishnet tights took over until meeting black 'booty shorts' that fit snugly against her shapely rear. On her upper body a white buttoned shirt that strained against her large chest. Over it an open, black tailed illusionist's sleeved jacket to fit with the black bow-tie. All topped off with white gloves and the classic black magician's top hat sitting atop her head.

"You're in charge around here?" Zatanna questioned, a poker face on to not appear concerned despite him being aware of her arrival. The look on her face far from pleased from the welcome she's getting. "Quite an office for someone running a little strip club."

"The same is Samuel Tud... Didn't one of your friends let you in on the secret?" Tud stated with a smirk. "Would have thought Helena could have been nice to let a friend know the deal... Guess she's too busy being on the 'Hunt' for a new kind of prey now..." He says with a chuckle.

"I... I don't know what you're talking about." Zatara lied, keeping her expression composed despite his words. That statement was rather too clear to have just been a throw-away remark.

"Oh no? Maybe I'll call up Miss Barbara Gordon and see what accounts she's hacking into for me... Instead of fighting crime like the Batgirl she's supposed to be?" He stated with a cocky smirk, just waiting to see what reaction that blatant line would have on his latest, soon to be prize.

Indeed, it worked a treat. The jaw of the magician dropping open as he stated that he knew about the secret identity of that famed caped heroine, and at the same time confirming the line about Huntress wasn't just some lucky guess. He knew perfectly well who they were and was acting unnervingly calm about it. That also confirmed that this was most certainly no ordinary strip club... But the question was how deep of a trap had she just willingly walked into? And where were her friends? Especially Huntress who has led her here in the first place.

"How the Hell do you know that??" Zatanna demanded, casting a narrowed eyed glare as she stood her ground. While at a disadvantage not knowing all the facts, she knew full well she could defend herself if and when needed. "Where are my friends? What have you done to them??"

"Well, if you really want to know..." Tud smirked with sinister hint as he turned slightly, picking up a remote control from off of his desk. "I could easily tell you... But seeing is believing, right?" He said, tapping in a quick combo of buttons. "Might as well reveal all my 'tricks' right from the start, right?" He added with a mocking tone as the large TV screens on the far wall flicked into life and started to display a selection of images. Each one enough to make Zatara's eyes widen in shock on their own. Combined? They left her frozen in place and stunned as if she was the one under a spell for once.

"There? That's your girl Batgirl... A direct feed to the lair of 'The Oracle'..." Samuel stated as he walked up to the magician, standing beside her as he pointed with the remote to the feed in question. "My sexy little hacker at work... Keeping a check on crime reports for me so I always got a heads up on the competition..." He explained, the footage indeed showing the red-head Barbara Gordon at her high-tech Oracle desk, tapping away at a keyboard. A feed that not even her most trusted of crime-fighting allies should be able to access. "And a little bank account check-up now and then don't hurt..."

"N-No! That can't be..." Zatanna stuttered, trying to process what she was witnessing and mentally scratching for an explanation against the obvious that she was seeing.

"Over there? That's a couple of my heavy hitters... My hot blonde bird Canary and that crazy fuck-doll Harley..." He motioned to another feed. In what appeared to be some basement somewhere a man was being held suspended just off the ground. His arms bound by the wrists by some metal clasps, connected by a chain attached to the ceiling. While Harley Quinn was indeed there, in full red and black jester-style attire, she was just watching on. A twisted grin on her painted face as she leaned rather casually against an oversized mallet. Instead it was Black Canary, in her full black corset-like costume with jacket who was doing the work. Delivering a solid punch to the man's stomach that left him swinging and in obvious pain. "Oh, don't worry about him... Just roughing up some pusher who thinks he can cut in on my turf..." Samuel explained with a chuckle. "We'll let him walk away... Just maybe not walking straight for a while if you catch my drift..."

"That's... Canary would never... Especially not w-with her!!" Zatara shook her long haired, hat wearing head in disbelief. Even though she was seeing exactly what was happening right in front of her eyes.

"Ah, but this right here? This is the good stuff..." Tud stated, having put the remote back onto the desk and now back beside the staring female. "What Huntress is doing right now? That's what I did to her, and all my new female employees like her..." He stated with a grin.

The crime-fighter known as Huntress was utilising a far different skill set than any combat, but was certainly 'dealing' with a situation. Out of costume, wearing only what appeared to be a skimpy thong with tellingly a generous number of green bank notes secured behind the string. She was bobbing her dark haired head along the cock of a moaning, average looking male as he sat back in the chair of a 'private' booth. Although without the usual costume on, no doubt to this random man she the beauty so skilfully sucking his cock was just another random whore. Hired by this secretive club and offering up sex at the right price. Dirty money that was taking his far from impressively sized dick all the way into her mouth every time she pushed down.

"H-Huntress!! No!" Zatanna gasped at the sight of her friend acting in such a shameless, whorish manner. Yet unable to rip her eyes away from the sight of Huntress' face sliding back and forth along that dick. The camera feed even showing her saliva dripping down the rod of a man she probably doesn't even know the name of, or even care for that matter. Servicing this man with ease with a series of slow and steady sucks that were more befitting of a street corner worker than a respected crime fighter.

"You see honey? I did that to her... I made your friend, the fucking Huntress into a cock-sucking whore..." Samuel said with clear pride in his voice. Casually unbuckling his pants as he spoke to the woman staring at the blowjob being broadcast on the screen. "I fucked her... I fucked Batgirl... Quinn, and Canary too. And they fucking loved it. Now? Now they work for me... And they'll do whatever the fuck I want them to. Suck some dick, fuck a guy... Lure their hot little friends here to my establishment..." He paused to let out a chuckle. "And I get to tap any one of them, however I want to, whenever I want to... And they're gonna help me get sticking fucking rich while I do it..."

"You... You bastard!!" Zatanna snapped, finally breaking out of her stare and coming to her senses. "Who the Hell do you... Think..." She stared to say, but her voice as well as that defiant tone fading away as her eyes went wide once again for a much different sight.

A long, thick black cock that was already rock-hard at a full, mighty length and pointing right at her. By the far the biggest and thickest she'd ever seen before in her life, and by comparison made the one she'd just seen Huntress blowing look completely tiny. Despite her anger towards this man for what he had done to her friends by his open admission, she couldn't help herself from gazing down at that magnificent piece of man-meat. An ironic sight of the stage magician standing like she'd been put into a sort of hypnotic trance by the same dick that had conquered her friends.

"What? Never seen a 'magic wand' like this before?" Samuel chuckled at his own terrible joke as he kicked his shoes away, stepping out of his pants as he took a long stare of his own at the large bust of the beauty in front of him.

"You... Disgusting pervert!!" Zatanna once again had to snap herself free of her stare, now glaring at the grinning hunk. "You think this is some kind of joke?? What have you done to my friend??"

"I just showed you honey... Now? I think it's time I showed you with a real, close-up performance..." He stated, boldly reaching forward with both hands onto her shoulders, pushing her down towards the floor. "And do to you the same damn thing I did to all your precious little friends when I made them into my fucking whores!"

"Y-you wouldn't... They wouldn't!!" Zatara's eyes were again wide as she found herself being lowered down. Sounding like she was trying to convince herself that the reality of events weren't true. Yet at the same time she wasn't resisting his clear 'advances'. Making no move against him as he pushed down. Now finding herself on her knees in front of him, her eyes locked onto that thick shaft just an inch away from her gorgeous face. "I... It's so... There must be some spell at w-work here!" She said as an excuse even as she gazed over that prick. "T-they... They wouldn't have... There's no way they wo-MMMMMFFFFFF!!"

Taking advantage of her attempts to make up excuses, Samuel pushed his big cock into her open mouth. Once again make her eyes widen in shock as her lips were made to stretch to accommodate this vast size. Staying still in place, thanks in part to his hold on her shoulders, and tellingly not resisting his motion as he pushed his dick forward into her mouth. "Mmmmmphhh!! Hmmmmphhh!!" She stared up, clear anger in her eyes but allowing this oral action to happen as he slid his meat back out of her mouth. Leaving just the head in before he pushed back in. Letting half of his size be stuffed in past her lips to make himself moan from how nicely wet and warm her oral hole is.

"See? Just like all the rest... Mmmmmm..." He chuckled as he started to pump his cock in and out of her mouth. Groaning with approval as he got a feel of those lips around his size each time he moved forward into or smoothly back out of her. Keeping his gaze locked down onto that gorgeous face, and unfazed by the defiant glare of the beauty who isn't exactly trying to make this sexual action stop. "Talk like you aren't into this... But I can fucking tell your mouth was made... Mmmmm!! For sucking this big fucking dick right here... Ahhhhhh..." He said tauntingly as he continued to thrust back and forth into that soothing oral hole. Another steady series to send his member a little further between her soft lips to make them both groan out as his inches fit inside the heroine's mouth.

"Mmmmmmphhh!! Mmmmmm... Hmmmmphhhh!!" The Mistress of Magic groaned around the fat cock sliding deeper into her mouth. Her hands clenched in fists as despite knowing how wrong this situation is in more ways than one, she can't make herself stop being a willing plaything for this hung hunk. Willing is indeed the word, even as her mouth slightly bobs along the pumping dick out of reflex. "Mmmmm... Mmmmmphhh!! Mmmmm!!" She continues to glare up as a form of defiance, even though she could very easily even attempt to resist this at any moment. However she's letting it happen as her saliva starts to cover the cock being pushed steadily in and out of her mouth. Her groans increasing as the amount she'd getting fed rises. In turn that spit starts to seep out past her lips as the motion is repeated again and again. Giving her an early sign that his sexual boasting wasn't just a bluff.

"Ahhhhh... Fuck yeah... Fucking take it girl... Mmmmm!" The crime boss moaned with a confident smirk, seeing her acting like all the rest of them have done before when first meeting him and his massive dick. That same cock that he was now sending straight forward into the illusionist's oral hole. Gripping the back of her dark haired head now for good measure to make sure she doesn't flinch as he pushes in even further than before. "Mmmmm!! What's wrong honey?? Don't tell me... Ahhhhhh fuck!! Your mouth is only good... Mmmmm... You saying spells!" He mocked as he made her gag around his cock when his bell-end connected with the back of her mouth. Seeing that delightful wide eyed look once again as he properly fucked her mouth now. Hearing the choking and feeling the saliva splattering all over his rod to make the pleasure increase even more for him.

"GAHHHHH!! HHHHHLLLKKK... MMMMMPHHHH!!" Zatanna gagged loudly around the shaft now sliding into her throat. Going far deeper into her than she's clearly ever attempted to do before in her life and getting a crash course in it from his repeated, stiff thrusts in and out of her mouth. Her hands now finally up, gripping his thighs but once again, as if she was under an erotic spell, unable to push away as she gets her gorgeous white face fucked by this big black cock. "HHHHRRRRRKKK... MMMMMPHHH!! GAAAAAAHHHHHH!!" Her lips failing to remain around his pole allowed her saliva to spill out shamefully down her chin. Leaving her white shirt stained across her sizeable bust with drips even on her bow-tie and magician's jacket for good measure. Thrust after thrust making her gag to the point where she had to shut her eyes. Groaning as her nose came into brief contact with his crotch every time that fat shaft plunged deep to fill up her usually reserved for spell casting oral hole.

"Mmmmmm!! Guess you need... Ahhhhhh... A bit of practice sucking some dick..." He said with a chuckle before letting out another groan. Enjoying that mouth with a couple more balls deep thrusts to get the sensations of her vibrations around his tool as she gagged. The fact her top hat is still just staying on top of her head the cheery on the cake as he fucked her mouth for another already commanding round. "See? Mmmmm... Just like Canary and Batgirl... Sluts like you see this dick? And you can't help yourselves..." He added to twist the knife. Rubbing it in that despite her obvious verbal objections she hasn't resisted him once since this started. Even as it's left her slobbering all across his cock from the repeated deep throating he's made her do just moments after meeting for the first time. The saliva now ruining her top and dripping off her chin making the scene resemble more of a costumed porno film than a heroine investigating her friends.

Perhaps mercifully, Samuel pulled his cock from out of her more than just well fucked mouth. Allowing to gasp and catch her breath while he looked over the mess that had been left over his cock. "Messy one, aren't you?" He taunted with an arrogant smirk as he stared down at her. "But we'll get you used to it soon enough... Just ask Huntress once she's done fucking that 'client'."

"You... You motherfucker!!" Zatanna snapped with a glare. Her defiance rather less effective due to both all the saliva making her shirt stick to her breasts and how she's rubbing her throat with a gloved hand. "It... It will take far more than just that to stop someone like me!"

"Oh? Sounds like a challenge..." Tud grinned as he reached down, picking her up easily by the waist to make her gasp as he easily carried over towards the lavish couch of his equally expensive office. "One I gladly fucking accept!" He stated before he set her up into position. Making her kneel on the furniture with her backside sticking out. Lifting up the tails of her magician's jacket to admire that rump for a moment with an approving grin.

"F-fine! Attempt your worst!" Zatara said as she stared back over her shoulder with a far longer look than she should be giving to that huge cock of his. Offering no resistance as he pulled those booty 'shorts' to the side enough to get a look of her pussy underneath. "I have defeated foes far deadlier than you with my spells... Just because you have a huge cock doesn't mean... Ahhhhh!" She gasped as in order to gain access, he used a grip of his fingers to tear a hole in her sexy fishnet tights.

"Now for my next trick? Making a cock disappear into a slut!" He said with a lewd grin as he stepped in behind her, lining his dick up with her snatch before using a slow push to send himself into her tightness. Causing them both to moan out as he got to experience how tight the stunning illusionist was down there. While she got to feel her inner walls having to stretch to accommodate by the far the biggest she's ever taken before in her life. "MMMMM... That's the fucking shit right there... Nice and fucking tight! Just how... Ahhhhh... I like them..." He said with a moan as he gripped her by those shapely hips. Starting to pump in and out of her box through that ripped hole in her tights as he took the still fully clothed beauty from behind. Her saliva coating his inches more than enough to act as a lube for a nicely smooth and steady motion already. That smirk staying on his rugged, criminal face as he heard the 'defiant' woman moan out as his cock worked into her snatch.

"OH FUCK!! Ahhhhhh! Oh! Oh FUCK!!" The beautiful magician moaned out, still looking back over her shoulder as she stayed up in this almost doggy style position with her top hat resting on top of her head. Willingly letting this man do the same thing he's done to friends and a foe of hers before as he pumps his fat black cock in and out of her already dampening white snatch. "MMMMM... You... You won't win!! Mmmmm!!" She says, but from how she's groaning out in not exactly hidden enjoyment it almost sounds like she's trying to convince herself at this point. Her body reacting out of instinct to rock back on her knees to shift herself back against the incoming thrusts into her snug love tunnel. An early sign that this isn't likely the first time she's engaged in sexual activity.

"Mmmmmm!! Got fight in ya, huh? AHHHHHH..." The stud behind her chuckled, unfazed by her far from fear creating threats. Focusing on the task at hand, as well as the enjoyment he's getting from that snatch gripping his stiff pole in very pleasurable fashion. Groaning each time he slots himself right into her twat before sliding back out to swiftly repeat the motion. "Mmmmm!! Good... Just makes it all the more fun... Ahhhhh FUCK!! When you come crawling back for more..." He adds with a moan. His eyes locked down onto her gorgeous ass as he watches his dick vanish from sight, just as he'd vowed to do, up inside of her wet pussy each time he delivers a stiff forward thrust. Then reappearing for a moment when he draws a few inches back, before diving right back in to fill her up with all of his meaty and mighty length.

"N-Never!! UHHHH!! Oh fuck... FUCK!! MMMMM..." The ally of the Justice League of America gasped out as her body started to rock forward from the force of his crotch connect off of her backside. Feeling every thick inch of that cock stuffed into her snatch as he pumped her from behind. Her words still showing defiance, but her moans telling a different story as now a layer of her pussy juices has replaced her saliva that had been covering his tool when this willing fuck began. "Mmmmmm... This is just... AHHHHHH!! A di-different kind of spell I have to... MMMM!! I have to defeat!" She said, another look back over her shoulder at the man she's letting fuck her snatch, just like he's done to some of her friends to turn them into his personal whores. If anyone could see this act, they'd question whether or not this heroine was a slut or not from how she's engaging in sex while still completely clothed. From the knee high boots all the way to the top hat still resting on her head.

"MMMMM... Ain't no spell babe... AHHHHH... Just never met a chick who didn't... Mmmmm!! Fucking get on her knees for this fucking cock yet!" He brags with a cocky grin to match. Revelling in being able to stuff his dick balls deep into one of the hottest heroines in the world as she moans and rocks back and forth against his thrusts. Her huge tits swaying underneath her with every pump she takes to test the buttons of her already stretched to the limit shirt. The smack of his dark skin connecting with her white frame ringing out each time he pumps forward into her. Just a torn hole in her tight and her bottoms tugged to the side allowing full access into that tight and damp snatch of the moaning magician.

"AHHHHH... I don't believe it... MMMMM..." Zatanna says with a moan, gritting her teeth as she takes another couple of thrusts from this infuriatingly irresistible to her man. That thick cock filling up her snatch isn't helping any as she remains defiant, yet her groans of approval show the pleasure she's getting from him. "There must be... Oooooooh!! MMMMM... Another reason... "
"MMMM... Keep telling yourself that baby..." Samuel says with a smirk, sliding his shaft out of her snatch. Leaving her tellingly groaning from the sudden empty feeling down below. "Lucky for you... We ain't finished yet..." He adds, reaching forward in order to turn her into the next position he wants from her.

"You aren't even wearing any protection, you bastard!" Zatara snaps with another glare but once again, doesn't resist one bit as she's moved into place. Now sitting on the couch with her tights and boots wearing legs spread wide apart. The hole torn at her crotch leaving her moist pussy exposed as he moves back in towards her. "There's no way any woman w-would give into the likes of you!"
"Thought you were a professional in magic, not lying..." Tud says tauntingly as grips his cock, lining the head up with her folds and pushing in before he then hooks her legs, placing them over his shoulders as he delivers a single, deep thrust to drive all the way into her.

"AHHHHH!! OH FUUUUUUCKK!!" The dark haired stunner groaned out, her arms snapping to both sides as she gripped the couch with her hands. Eyes closed and mouth open as she moaned loudly as thrust after balls deep thrust plunged straight into her wet snatch. The force behind his dominating motion already more than enough to make her tits jiggle within her saliva-stained shirt. Just an added treat for the eyes to go along with the sight of the still costumed beauty getting her twat stuffed full with criminal cock. Her moans alone more than enough encouragement for him to keep banging the latest heroine to walk into his sinister, sex-driven organisation.

"MMMM!! Fuck yeah... Look who... AHHHHH FUCK!! Look who is fucking giving in now!" He says with a lusty grin. His eyes following the bouncing being done by her juicy tits while he lets his hips do the work with machine-like precision. Pump after pump of his fat rod right down into her snatch, and only withdrawing a couple of inches so he can firmly drive right back into her like he already owns her. "AHHHHH... Fuck!! With tits like that... MMMMM!! You should be on fucking stage all right... But no... UHHHH!! No fucking magic show!" He says between his groans, daring to taunt the powerful user of magic he's currently nailing. From the way she's been reduced to an already moaning state he can't be blamed for his arrogance here. Feeling how soaking she is between the tights covered legs he has over his shoulders. His hands holding her by the tops of her knee-high boots as he stuffs her snatch again and again to keep both of them moaning out.

"AHHHHH FUCK!! You... You fucking... MMMMM FUCK!! Fucking bastard!! AHHHHH!!" She curses as she cries out in increasingly shameless delight. Her moans sounding a lot hotter than any Logomancy casting of a spell. Never mind the fact that sweat is starting to form and slowly drip down her cheeks as the effects of taking the biggest cock in her life takes its toll. Yet take it she's doing and all without ever demanding this stud that's only met this night stop his filthy actions. "UHHHH!! Oh fuck... OH FUCK!! FUCK FUCK FUCK!!" She groans out. Strands of her long dark hair now sticking to her pretty face but impressively her black magician's top hat remaining in place on top of her head as she takes his fucking. Her curvaceous body jolting against the couch she's being fucked on as the muscular stud driving into her keeps her almost curled up against herself as he pumps away into that still snug but now soaking wet pussy.

"MMMMM!! Fuck yeah... I can fucking feel it... AHHHHH SHIT... You fucking love this shit!!" The crime boss grins as he states the obvious that despite her prior defiance she's completely willing in this sexual encounter as if they've been lovers for years instead of short time they've actually met. Groaning each time he either pulls a few inches out of her box or when he drives in to the hilt with this thick manhood. "AHHHH... Just like Batgirl... Just like Canary... MMMMM FUCK... And just like I fucking knew you would too!!" He brags, but is backing up every word with sinful actions. The slap of skin hitting off of skin sounding out each time he goes in balls deep to make this stunning white woman moan out thanks to the fucking delivered by his huge black cock.

"OH FUCK!! AHHHHH... I'm!! AHHHHH... FUCKING... CU-CUUUUUMIIIIIIINGGGG AHHHHHH!!" Zatanna squeals out, able to open her eyes but with a glaze over them like she's under powerful hypnosis. Instead it's a 'spell' of a different kind as Samuel's big dick makes her orgasm hard all over and around his cock. Her moans loud as her large chest heaves for air as the pleasure rocks through her, aided by his thrusts relentlessly continuing despite the tightening of her walls around that pole. A deliberate move by the smirking stud balls deep within her to make sure the doesn't forget the strongest orgasm of her life so far. Never mind the fact it was from a criminal, and as a result of steamy interracial sex.

"MMMMM... Just like I figured... A hot slut like the rest of them..." Tud stated with a smirk. Letting go of her legs so he could pull out of her snatch with a groan. Pausing for a moment to admire his work of her now looking far less tighter than before, and a whole lot more soaking wet pussy.

"Ahhhhh... Ahhhhhh..." Zatanna gasped for air, not even able to push herself off from the couch right now as she attempts to recover. "I... I may h-have... Underestimated y-you..." She admits, her tone a far cry from her defiance when this all began.

"No shit girl... But it's all good..." Samuel chuckles as he reaches down, picking her up by the waist again as he lifts her up and off from the couch completely. "Because I know how to treat my girls..." He says with a lusty growl as he turns her around in his grasp. Her clothed back now resting against his broad chest as he lowers her down pussy first onto his dick one more time.

"OH FUUUUUUUCK!! AHHHHHH!!" The beautiful magician screams out with wide eyes again, but a flash of a cock-drunk smile on her face the moment her snatch was filled up to the max with that fat cock. "Ag-again?? AHHHHH!! MMMMMM!! OOOOOOOOOH SHHHHIIIIITTT!! She gasped out as the thrusting resumed, this time that fuck-stick ramming upward into her folds swiftly and with force. Easily making her body bounce on his rod as he held her by her tights-covered thighs. The smack of his crotch connecting off of the bottom of her twat ringing out to mix with both of their moans. Yet even as her big breasts bounce wildly within her straining shirt, that signature top hat remains perfectly placed on top of her head while she takes the hardest fucking of her heroic life.

"MMMMM!! Fuck yeah!! UHHHH!! Fucking... MMMMM!! Hot ass... Magic slut!!" The hung hunk groans as he drives his shaft repeatedly in and out of his latest prize. Only now starting to sweat himself as he unleashes the kind of punishing pace that even many a veteran porn starlet would struggle to handle. Perfectly timing his pumps to meet that tight, white pussy each time he sends his big black cock upward to drive in as deep into that soaking wet hole as he can get. All the more impressive considering how he's holding her completely off the ground as he pounds away into her twat with another hard round of thrusts.

"UHHHHHH!! AHHHHH!! MMMMMM FUUUUUUUCKKK!! AHHHHH!!" Sweat is now dripping off of the gorgeous facial features of one of the world's most power magic users. Her clothes similarly sticking to her curvy body to such an extent that her white shirt is now totally see-through. Her large breasts looking delicious as they bounce away in time with the jolts her frame is doing. "MMMMM... OHHHHHH FUCK!! AHHHHHH FUCK FUCK FUUUUUUUCKK!!" She moans out, her eyes again glazed over but now looking upward to the roof of the lavish office she's getting fucked in. By the thrust looking further and further removed from the respected crime fighter she's supposed to be and more like a willing cock-craving slut by the second.

"UHHHHH!! MMMMM... Now you fucking know... UHHHH!! Why all your fucking whore friends... MMMMM FUCK!! Are sucking my fucking dick every... FUCKING... Night!!" Tud grunts as he pounds his cock sharply upward into the female he's holding up. A piston-like motion of rapid, hard pumps accompanied by the sharp slap of skin hitting off of sweat-covered skin. In such control of the situation, and the woman he's balls deep in, that he knows he can fully taunt his latest fuck-toy and she won't resist him. Or more accurately his big black cock that's owning her soaking wet but still very pleasurable twat.

"AHHHHH... AHHHHH!! OH FUCK!! AGAIN!! F-FUCKING AG-AGAIIIIIINNNNN AHHHHHH OOOOOOOOOOH!!" Indeed, once again Zatanna is made to cum and with authority all over that huge dick. The sinful sound of squelching juices being heard as his gives her more than just well pumped snatch another round of still thrusts. Leaving her gasping, moaning, and with sweat dripping off the exposed parts of her body to such a level that her clothing will no doubt be ruined beyond a simple cleaning. That fact a far issue for the currently orgasming beauty as she savours an even stronger sexual peak than before that seems to leave her eyes sparkling as if she's found a new kind of magic to enjoy now.

"MMMMM... Think it's about time... UHHHHH... We let those fucking tits free of yours..." Tud stated with a groan as pulled out of that dripping wet hole of hers. Setting her down onto the floor of his office on her knees before reaching down. With a firm grip, he sends buttons flying as he tears her white shirt open to leave her gasping. Those massive, rounded breasts bouncing free and topped with erect nipples to show how much she's been enjoying taking the fucking of a lifetime.

He's now more concerned with getting off himself after showing his latest whore who is in charge. Cupping her breasts in his hands, he sandwiches his fuck-stick between her stunning mounds. Making himself moan as he feels the soft flesh around his member that manages to engulf almost all of his manhood as he pushes her bust against and over himself. His groans only continue and get louder as he once again puts his hips to work. Having already banged her mouth and snatch, now he's using her breasts to get his pleasure with a round of firm and steady pumps to treat her tits like he was balls deep in one of her holes again.

"Ahhhhhh... D-damn you... You hung bastard..." Recovering, and not just in terms of energy now, Zatanna stared up at the hunk nailing her tits with a look that admitted defeat to his superior sexual skills but showed she was far from happy about it. After two orgasms she had no choice but to let him have his wicked way with her magnificently large and ripe boobs. "J-Just get this over with!!" She snapped as she glared, but only getting a cock grin in response. To her own shame, she was even groaning as she felt that hot cock sliding up and down between her tits. The motion made perfectly smooth thanks to her own pussy juices coating that cock she'd just came all over. Yet just all the way during this, even with her returning mood of defiance she isn't resisting. Willing letting this hunk fuck her tits after doing anything else that he wanted to with her up until now.

"MMMMM... Still fighting? AHHHH... You're gonna be... UHHHH!! A fucking fun one!!" He grunted as he kept his dick thrusting away into her deep cleavage. His cock finally starting to throb as he enjoys the pleasure from being between such big, soft mounds like those of this beautiful illusionist. The ample, white tit-flesh shining from her sweat as his fat black dick races up out between them before vanishing back down for a brief moment. Then the motion is repeated again and again, leaving him deeply moaning while she groans and gasps from the stimulation of her chest being used to service the man who had so expertly fucked her minutes ago. A sight made all the more hotter by her magic top hat still resting on top of her head.

Ask and you shall receive, but for Zatanna it's not quite the end she'd been hope for. He doesn't give a warning, so she's caught off guard when the first thick blast of hot spunk catches her in the side of her pretty face. Making her grit her teeth as the jizz splashes both across her cheek and into strands of her dark hair. The second shot hitting the bottom of her chin and her neck, to even stain her bow-tie. The rest of his load fired out but came back down to rest onto her breasts. Leaving the tops with a generous glaze of his cum, while also dripping and falling back down into her cleavage as he milked himself dry with her big tits. A final couple of pumps to make sure he was well and truly spent before he finally pulled his softening rod out from her mountains and let them go. Leaving him to grin at the 'art' he'd left across her bust and the pissed off look on her face.

"Y-you... You bastard!!" Zatanna snapped as she watched him step back. Shakily getting up to her feet herself. "Urgh!! And in my fucking hair too..." She cursed.

"What can I say? Those fucking tits felt real fucking good..." Samuel said in a blatantly unapologetic manner.

Ignoring him, she raised her hands towards herself. "Naelc!" She spoke the Logomancy spell. In the next moment, a glow surrounded not just the spunk on her face and chest, but her whole body. In a blink of an eye, all the spunk and the sweat that had covered her were vanished from sight leaving her almost looking as if she'd just walked in. Apart from her clothing... "Riaper!" She cast another spell. Now this time the buttons that had flown off her shirt returned as her shirt moved magically back over her breasts. The spell repairing her attire, including her fishnets over her tights. Leaving her to just readjust her shorts downstairs in order to cover herself up.

"Well damn! Hell of a party trick right there..." Samuel chuckled as he pulled his pants back up as redressed himself. "We're done here. One of my boys will see you out."

"Wh-what??" Zatanna questioned, stunned by how casually he was dismissing her after what they'd both just done. "What do you mean we're done??"

"You heard..." Tud stated with a more firm tone as he secured his belt into place. A clear indication this was an order rather than a request. "But here's a deal for you. You want some more of this?" He motioned towards his crotch. "You and your fine ass are welcome to come back soon... But if you do? You're gonna be working for me from then on. Just like all your friends are right now."

"I..." Zatara started to speak, before she narrowed her eyes into a glare. "Oh, I'll be fucking back again. You can believe that!" She said, making an attempt of a threat of her own. With that she turned to leave, getting to the door before she looked back at the smirking hunk who has just given her the best fuck of her life. "...Maybe I'll come back and bring some back-up with me!"

"Be my guest girl... I'm always open for new recruits to fuck like I just did to your sweet, magic ass." Samuel said with a sinister chuckle.

"...Fucking Asshole..." She mumbled as she walked out the door, letting it slam shut behind her. Refusing to admit defeat just yet, but knowing herself that she was far from a winner tonight... At least in a moral, as a crime fighter sense.

"Trust me girl... You come back here again?" Samuel spoke out loud as he picked up the remote. Tapping in a couple buttons, the feed on the screens of his office showed the start of the sexual session he'd just been involved in. Him pushing Zatanna down to her knees with his huge black cock pointing at her face. "I'll be fucking your asshole all right... And if you bring a friend? Hers as fucking well..." He added with a grin.

* * *

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