*** Warning: This story is for the entertainment of adults. It contains detailed descriptions of Gang-Rape, Humiliation, Demon Sex, Monster-Cocks, Bukkake, and also includes Mind-Control, Watersports and Demonic Impregnation. If you don't think you would enjoy that, then don't read it. ***
Hell On Earth

Wonder Woman: Hell On Earth
by High-Heeled Jill ([email protected]) & Spring-Heeled Jack

1 - Noon

"NO!" Wonder Woman cried out in fear and fury. She had now fully recovered consciousness and the normally serene heroine was as close to panic as she had ever been when the huge demon-lord took up position between her splayed thighs.

Wonder Woman's six foot tall, evenly tanned and muscular body struggled desperately but futility against the chains at her wrists and ankles binding her to an inverted Y-shaped frame, her legs spread wide and her arms stretched up above her head. After all the trouble Wonder Woman had caused the inhuman invaders, they were taking no chances that she would escape her destiny. Her bonds had been forged in the hottest fires of hell, and no earthly force could break them.


The fiend pressed its maleness hard against her smooth-skinned sex, pushing the fleshy gates apart and applying pressure to her resistant maidenhead. Diana's composure deserted her as she realized that there would be no last minute escape, no rescue just in the nick of time, and tears welled up in her beautiful blue eyes. This was not one of the transformed beings that were even now rampaging through Washington DC, attacking and raping every woman in sight, no this was a true, pureblood, elite demon from the deepest pits of Hell, and its gruesome penis was a full 7-inches wide and at least 2-feet long!


Princess Diana's agonized scream was deafening, echoing through the war torn city, as the fiend pressed harder and harder, stressing her defenses to breaking point. Her sinews strained and her muscles bulged and her big bare breasts bounced beautifully as she desperately struggled to escape or deny the terrible intrusion. She could no more stop the giant demon-cock from entering her body than she could have stopped the Earth from orbiting the sun. All her vaunted strength counted for naught against the far superior power of this hell-spawned monstrosity.


She stiffened with the pain and screamed again as her inhuman rapist tore through her prized virginity and forced the slimy head of its colossal hell-cock through the gates of her heavenly cunt. Huge, clawed hands cruelly mauled her naked breasts as it began its relentless, unstoppable thrust into the core of her being, ever deeper into her tortured sex.

"GGGRRRAAAAOOOOOOOO!!!" The demon raised its fanged muzzle to the sky and roared its victory for the world to hear.

Despite her resolve to be strong, tears flowed from defeated Amazon's eyes and rolled down her flushed cheeks as she stared up at the vile creature that had sundered her virginity. It was over 13-feet tall, with a thick scaly hide as red as her torn scarlet bustier. Its head was bestial, vaguely resembling a goat in shape, but with three large horns, two curling back from each side like a ram's, and one central curving spike from its forehead, along with a mouth filled with razor-sharp fangs. It had broad muscular shoulders behind which the unfortunate heroine could see large, bat-like wings. Further down, it had goat-like legs with cloven hooves and a lizard-like tail. And last, but by no mean least, between its legs it sported the huge penis that was even now forcing its way up Wonder Woman's virginal vagina.

The tapered head was slimy with the demon's lust, but that was the only lubrication inside the Amazon's tight dry passage. After the five inch long cockhead came about four inches of smooth shaft, before the beast's scaly foreskin pressed against Wonder Woman's hairless pussylips. The Amazon Princess whimpered as the rough skin rasped across her sensitive skin of her silky smooth pussylips, and then screamed hoarsely as it scraped across the tortured membranes of her sex. Another two inches, and the leather started getting thicker and tougher, becoming rigid plates that encircled the monstrous shaft and promised much pain for the violated superheroine.

2 - That Morning

Nobody knew how or why it had started, but the where was the Museum of Natural History, and the when was a balmy Monday morning on the 21st of July. The first indication that anything was wrong was when, at 9:22, the alarms sounded and the Museum went into a security lockdown. Police rushed to the scene and within ten minutes had established a cordon around the building. Attempts to communicate with the Museum's management or security proved fruitless. At 9:43 they heard something crash into the main entry's security shutters. Seconds later the metal barrier was torn apart by clawed hands and an 8-foot tall monster broke out. Police officers opened fire, but it took thirty seconds of sustained gunfire to kill the thing.

As officers Pam Brown and Robert Hounslow approached the creature they noticed an orange mist seeping through the now open entrance to the Museum. Seconds later they heard screams and saw a middle aged Asian woman running for her life, pursued by another, smaller monster. She had just made it to the breach when the creature caught her. The two officers ran forward as the thing tore the woman's clothes off and, to their horror, drove its huge 13-inch cock into her helpless body.

Officers Brown and Hounslow emptied their guns twice into the creature's head at point blank range, having to reload halfway through before the thing died. More police ran up to help secure the breached barrier. As the plump black policewoman knelt down to help the panicking woman pull herself off the impaling penis, she didn't notice her partner start to cough as he breathed in the orange mist pouring out of the Museum.

"Please, you've got to help them," Mrs. Yamada Hanako cried tearfully, "They took the children!"

"Where? What's happening in there?" Asked Officer Brown.

"Oh God, it's so horrible, evil, oh God." Wept the high-school teacher.

"Where are the children?"

"They, they, oh god, we were..." Her voice trailed off and she looked over the policewoman's shoulder with a look of unbridled terror.

Pam Brown turned to see her partner coughing and gasping, his eyes bulging and his mouth frothing. Around them more of the policemen were starting to cough as they breathed in the mist.

"Robbie!" She cried, and caught her stricken partner as he fell.

"No!" Cried the teacher, "No! Get away from him! Run away!"

Officer Hounslow's face was mottled and his eyes red, and it looked like there were things moving under his skin. His partner recoiled, but he lashed out and caught her by the arms. As she watched in disbelief, horns sprouted from his forehead and his skin turned blue. He opened his mouth and screamed, and as he did so his teeth grew longer and sharper.

Pamela was helpless as her partner and friend was transformed before her eyes. When his scream ended, he looked at her with a peculiar intensity, a hunger, that she had never seen before.


The creature that had once been Officer Robert Hounslow picked up his partner and threw her violently down to the ground. His uniform split as he grew taller, and he shed it like a skin to stand naked and demonic, a huge penis rampantly erect between his scaly thighs. He tore off Pam's trousers with taloned hands and, at 9:59, she screamed in agony as he drove the full 10-inch length of his still growing cock into her fat pussy.

As she was raped, Pam Brown heard the screams of her female colleagues and Mrs. Hanako as they too were raped by the other demonic policemen, all of whom had also been transformed by the mysterious orange mist.

* * *

The first real media reports began at 10:09. The mist had spread several blocks from the Museum, and at the fringes LexNEWS reporter Lauren Leigh began a live feed to the studio, describing what they knew of the situation - which was in fact nothing. She was barely a minute into the broadcast when large demon with a head like a horned hyena loped out of the mist and tackled her to the ground. The cameraman dropped his equipment and ran to help, but was swatted away like a fly.

The camera had fallen in just the right position to show the hideous creature tearing off the pretty blonde reporter's clothes and then pull her, kicking and screaming, onto it gigantic penis.

* * *

Wonder Woman had been in the Themysciran Embassy when the first reports came in. A member of staff interrupted her meeting with a US senator to inform her that there was trouble in the city, and Diana turned on the television just in time to see the penetration of the shrieking reporter.

She flew from the Embassy at phenomenal speed, and arrived at the site of the news-crew in less than a minute. In that time more demons had emerged from the creeping mist to the attack women amongst the panicking bystanders. More than two dozen of them in the street alone, from fashionably dressed teenagers through ordinary housewives to mature grandmothers, the monsters' lusts seemed to be as indiscriminate as they were insatiable.

With so many women being assaulted, Wonder Woman knew that speed was of the essence, and she pulled the hyena-demon off the reporter with painful haste. The monster lashed out with clawed hands, but it wasn't strong enough to harm Wonder Woman. It was, however, strong enough to withstand her first punch, and it took three more to put the creature down. She spared a second to tell the reporter to get in her van and run, only to be grappled from behind by the half-transformed cameraman. Diana yelped as his paw-like hands squeezed her breasts, but then she knocked him out with one elbow to the face. Or maw, or whatever it was that his face was turning into. Looking about her she could see other men in various stages of transformation, rolling on the ground and foaming at the mouth. Her brow furrowed with determination, she set about rescuing the other women that were being raped all around her, before the men's changes were complete.

It took five minutes to save another seven women, because more demons were appearing all the time, not just from the transforming men around her, but coming through the mist too. As the first woman they saw, her colorful costume and incredible beauty making her very noticeable, most of them leapt upon her with the intent of raping her. Their focus on molesting the attractive Amazon meant they fought poorly, and she was able to defeat them easily enough, but they slowed her down. And not all of them attacked her, some ran past and she heard high-pitched screams behind her as they caught up with the fleeing women, including all those she had just rescued!

Diana felt sick to her stomach. This was just one street, and if it was happening here it must surely be the case that it was happening in every other street that this mist touched. Much though it pained her, she realized that she could not rescue these women, or save these men from being turned into monsters. She was not fast enough or strong enough to defeat the threat here and now, there was only one of her and the challenge was simply too widespread and too numerous. She had to go to the source of the corruption, stop the cause, and then fight to defeat the effects.

Her face grim with resolve, at 10:21, Wonder Woman launched into the air and flew into the fog, heading for the Museum of Natural History in the centre of the expanding, corrupting fog.

* * *

The fight was getting harder. Although only a few of the demons could fly, there had been enough of them that they had eventually brought her down to the ground through sheer weight of numbers. Once down she had been able to defeat them with her vastly superior strength, but more and more demons mobbed her with every step she took.

Princess Diana had been made by the Gods to be perfect, and in these circumstances her flawless beauty was a distinct disadvantage. Many demons that already had their cocks buried in screaming women abandoned the prizes they had to take the chance of the ultimate prize, that they might be the one that got to fuck the most beautiful woman on Earth.

It was a foolish gamble as Wonder Woman demolished them all, but they impeded her progress considerably. As she got closer to the centre the demons were becoming tougher and stronger opponents, and she could no longer prevent all the groping hands, claws, and talons from assaulting her body. As she beat one enemy another four were fondling her body. She kicked and punched, she used defeated creatures' bodies as clubs to try to clear the space around her, but always there were more.

She gasped as one particularly strong demon grasped her 'WW' breastplate and tore it and the underlying fabric from her body. Instinctively she clamped her hands over her bare breasts, but this allowed another demon to stab its pincer between her legs. She kicked it away, punting the creature high into the air, but a piece of her star-spangled panties went with it and she felt hot breath blowing across her exposed sex.

Diana lashed out without even looking to see what manner of monstrosity was between her legs, and resumed punching and kicking everything around her. The best defense truly was a good offence.

Wonder Woman's progress was even slower now, and she could not stop every attack on her person. The first to get through had been a bug-headed creature that managed to latch its sucker onto her nipple before she pounded its head into the concrete. She didn't have time to wipe the slimy saliva away before having to repel the next attacker, and spittle swung in long strands from her breast. Another had managed to jam its rampant manhood against her vulnerable slit, but had lacked the strength to breach her gates before she mule-kicked it into the stratosphere, crushing its demon-balls to paste. She shuddered in reaction to the attack on her virginity, and she felt nauseous as the creature's pre-cum made her hairless pussylips rub slickly against one another as she moved to block a large penis that was thrust at her face.

She was grappled several times, and although on each occasion she broke free and pounded the offending monstrosities, for the first time she began to worry that sufficient numbers might manage to do to her what they had done to so many other women already. There were more monsters than she could hit at any one time, and more of them managed to molest her, or thrust their hideous penises against her gorgeous, partially stripped body. It was utterly repugnant to the Sapphic Amazon, but she could not turn back. The demons were growing stronger with every passing minute that they breathed the cloying orange fog; they had to be stopped NOW!

And so she fought. Hands, claws, tentacles, and cocks all assaulted her exposed groin and her naked breasts and her beautiful face, but none managed to penetrate her body and she repelled every attack. Slimy sperm was smeared across her cheek, more squelched disgustingly between her thighs, and one demon had shot a load across her perfect breasts. Fnally, at 11:35, she came into sight of the Museum. The street behind her was littered with the motionless bodies of fallen demons, but there seemed to be no end to their numbers. And in this place the monsters were both larger and more abundant. She had some small hope that the distraction she was causing might allow some of their victims to escape in the confusion, but despite the odds her resolve to thwart this infernal invasion was undimmed.

* * *

More repulsive bodies piled onto her and her forward momentum came to a stop. She fought with all her might, but it seemed that all was lost. And then Wonder Woman made a discovery that turned the tide. One of the monsters reeled away from her shrieking in agony, its hand aflame with golden fire. It had tried to grab her lasso, only to be burned. Of course! These things, whether they had once been men or not, were the stuff of Hell, lies made manifest, concentrated deception, and her lasso was forged of truth! They could not abide its touch!

Quickly she coiled the lasso around both fists, clenching her pussy muscles tight as a squid-like demon took advantage of the lull in her aggressive defense to stab its cock at her sex. She left about 6-feet of slack between her hands to allow her to swing freely, and then spun around and punched the squid-monster's impertinent penis. The thing issued a whistling squeal and recoiled away.

She punched and punched and punched, tagging every demon in reach with her truth-empowered fists, and each time the fiends screamed in pain and withdrew from the fray. Wonder Woman cut a path through the forces of evil. New demons still attacked, some attempting oblique approaches to avoid her glowing fists, but Diana was too skilled a warrior and beat back each assault.

The half-naked heroine reached the Museum's steps and saw a figure being raped by three huge demons. Diana struck all three monsters and then caught hold of the woman to prevent her being carried away on one of the impaling penises. She lowered the black woman to the ground and then turned to chastise two more demons that thought they might take the Amazon by surprise.

Keeping a wary eye, Diana half turned to ask the unfortunate woman if she knew anything about what had happened, did she know how it had started?

Officer Brown stared up at Wonder Woman, unable to understand her. She was in a severe state of shock, having endured over one-and-a-half hours of non-stop demon-rape. Her lush, big-breasted, dark-skinned body was painted almost white with a thick layer of sperm, and her pussy and asshole gaped obscenely as more demon-seed gushed out of her.

Wonder Woman realized that she could do nothing to help the broken woman, not unless she discarded her mission, and she could not afford to do that. The fate of the entire world might be in the balance. Regretfully Princess Diana turned and left the plump policewoman, mounting the steps to the shattered hole that marked the entrance to the Museum. She blinked away tears as the woman she had abandoned screamed just once before more demons pounced upon her sexy, full-figured body and her ordeal began all over again.

The demons here were the strongest so far, and though they burned at the touch of her golden lasso, not all of them fled the battle. Her breast, ass and groin were almost constantly being mauled by some clawed hand or slimy tentacle, but she fought on, step by step up the broad stone stairs. Some of the monsters might remain in combat after one blow from Wonder Woman's lasso-wrapped fists, but few could bear a second, or a third, and none could endure a fourth. It took longer to clear her way, but she would not stop.

There was a loud and terrible roar. The clustering, clutching demons melted away from the Amazon warrior-woman, pulling back to clear the space around her. Diana was within twenty feet of the wrecked entranceway, and as she started toward it a new demon stepped out. This one was taller than the others, over 12-feet tall with a three horned bestial head and red scaly skin. From its back grew huge bat-like wings and it had something that looked like a chain harness across its chest; the first time she'd any of these things wearing any sort of clothing or adornment. It had a thick lizard-like tail, and cloven hooves. And, inevitably, between its goat-like legs was a gigantic and fully erect cock.

Instantly Wonder Woman realized that this demon wasn't like the others. It wasn't a transformed man, this had come from whence the evil mist originated. This was a real demon, come from the pits of Hell, and it was her true enemy.

The heroine struck hard and fast, determined to take the initiative. The huge monster grunted and its thick reptilian hide smoldered where her lasso touched, but it did not recoil. Wonder Woman dodged a sweeping arm and lunged to strike its solar plexus, assuming that it had one. The demon 'oof'ed and crumpled slightly, and Diana followed up with an uppercut to the jaw and then a mighty blow to the monster's repulsive face.

Half the Museum's faŘade fell away from the building as the huge monster smashed into the wall. Wonder Woman attacked again, before it could fully rise, trying to keep it on the defensive. She ducked inside its guard and, bracing her foot on its hard cock, she thrust her hands to either side of its neck, using the length of lasso that stretched between them almost like a garrote. The demon-lord roared with pain and it claws raked her back. Diana increased the pressure and was gratified to see the glowing cord begin to burn deeper into the monster's neck.


Wonder Woman screamed as the fiendish creature grabbed her shoulders and slammed its knee into her soft sex. Then it did it again, and again, smashing into her hairless groin with bone-jarring force, devastating Diana's plump pussylips. In her pain, the Amazon's grip on her lasso loosened, and that was when the demon-lord released her shoulders.

Its next cunt-crushing blow launched Wonder Woman forty feet into the air, her lasso remaining wrapped around the monster's neck. As she bounced off a wall and fell back to earth, the demon-lord pulled the glowing lasso from its thick neck, revealing a deep burn that went almost two-inches deep! Its hand steamed as it held the lasso and then it cast the holy weapon aside and stalked toward Diana with a mixed expression of towering rage and implacable hatred and demonic lust.

Still shaky on her feet, Wonder Woman pulled her hands away from cradling her battered pussy and picked up a small truck. She threw it with her full force directly into the demon's repulsive face. Something in the crumpling vehicle punctured the gas tank and the street lit up as the truck exploded in a shower of twisted metal. Diana crossed her wrists in front of her face, but when the smoke cleared she was dismayed to see that the huge demon had barely been shaken by the blast.

Growling menacingly it leapt at her with surprising speed, and Diana barely managed to dodge its lunge. As she span to face it once more, it swept its arm in one fluid movement that grabbed a lamppost, ripped it out of the ground and then swung it in an arc that connected with the side of Wonder Woman's face.

The lamppost bent halfway around her head with the force of the impact, and then snapped as the Amazon Princess tumbled to the ground, stunned more than hurt. She rose somewhat unsteadily, her jiggling breasts a delight to the demonic audience, and took up a fighting stance, her body half turned. The demon-lord issued a deep rumbling laugh, and Diana saw that the wound on its neck had already healed to no more than a superficial scar! Then it struck.

Wonder Woman never even saw it coming. The blow landed in the middle of her back, and as she was launched forward she realized that it had hit her with its thick, reptilian tail. The battered heroine sailed nearly a hundred yards before she came to a painful stop, her naked tits gouging twin furrows through the concrete, until she smashed into a parked car.

Before she could recover, the demon was upon her once more. It flipped her over, grabbed her by her big breasts and lifted her up into the air. Scarcely had she even realized what it had done than it sank its claws into her soft flesh and squeezed hard. Wonder Woman screamed like never before as unholy pain shot through her tits, demonic claws driving like knives deep into her mammaries and crushing the sensitive flesh.

She lashed out wildly to no effect, but when she grabbed its arms she felt what seemed to be tendons flexing on the inside of its forearms. The Amazon warrior woman squeezed the thing's wrists and dug her thumbs into the pressure points on the inner side, hoping that it would work as well on a demon as on a human. It did, and the monster's torturous grip on her tits was weakened enough that she could pull herself free.

"AARrrgghhh!" Wonder Woman cried as she fell to the ground, her hands clutching her reddened, claw marked breasts.

This battle was hopeless. Even if she found some way to defeat this fiend, there were hundreds, thousands more, all waiting to pounce. Eventually they would wear her down. She felt close to exhaustion already. She had to recover her lasso and escape. If she was fast and found other superheroines - she dare not risk bringing any men into this transformative fog - then perhaps an expedition in force might succeed where one alone had failed.

Diana dodged the demon's next strike, and as it pulled its fist out of the concrete she launched herself into the air. It lashed out with its other hand, just barely failing to grab her ankle, and she flew down the street to her lasso, which the lesser demons had not dared to even approach, and scooped it up. Her weapon recovered, Wonder Woman shot straight up into the sky, fleeing the field of battle.

She was barely fifty metres high when the demon-lord caught her, its wings flapping in long, slow sweeps. It grabbed the back of her head in one huge hand. Wonder Woman lashed out, swinging her left fist, which held her lasso, behind her, but the monster snatched her by the elbow. The fiend was ready for Diana's attempt to kick back and it released her head to catch her right thigh before her heel could crush its balls.

"YAAAIIEEE!" Wonder Woman cried out as the demon punched her pussy with its giant cock.

It thrust again, and then again, hammering at her feminine gates. She twisted and writhed, but each time the hell-spawned monstrosity stuck with unerring precision. The shuddering impacts and her squirming made Wonder Woman's naked breasts bounced beautifully as the demon tried to rape her in mid-air. Acting in sheer desperation, Diana awkwardly flicked her lasso's coils loose and then hooked them with her free foot as they fell. She almost lost them when the demon's next punishing thrust struck her tightly closed pussylips. Arched her leg back, she raised the truth-empowered lasso until it touched the monster's huge balls.

The demon-lord roared in pain and fury, but it did not release its prize. Longer, she held that awkward pose, as her foe tried to evade her and attack her pussy at the same time. The glowing coils seared the hell-fiend's bloated balls, smoke coiling about them both as its testicles burned, until it could endure no more.

BOOM! The demon released Diana's thigh and punched her in the back of the head, sending her rocketing down to the ground, her lasso fluttering away on the breeze.

Wonder Woman stirred in the crater of her impact, trying to push herself up, trying to fly away, but a huge cloven hoof slammed her head back down to the ground. And then it stamped on her, driving her face into the concrete. And again, and again.

Finally her consciousness fled, and Wonder Woman slipped into merciful darkness.

3 - Afternoon

Fucking Wonder Woman with only half of its massive maleness, the demon-lord's cock pumped in and out of the Amazon's convulsing cunt with an audible rasping sound. Her spectacular body shimmered with sweat as she spasmed in paroxysms of pain. Each stroke lasted 2 or 3 seconds, the out-strokes dragging Diana's inner lips a full inch as they clung to the rough shaft, and the pressure of the in-strokes making her prominent clit bend down and rub along the demon's cock. The demon's hideous face was grinning broadly as it enjoyed the heroine's terrible suffering. It began to thrust harder and deeper again, battering against her sensitive cervix. 13-inches deep soon became 14, stretching her vagina to its very limits, then 15, powering through her cervix and into her velvety womb.


Staring through teary eyes down between her bouncing breasts, Wonder Woman could see a bulge move through her belly as the monstrous appendage distorted her from the inside, stretching and remolding her interior with its demonic glory. Another thrust, and 18-inches of hell-cock pummeled inside.


The heroine's tremulous screams reverberated through the city, her superhuman lungs projecting above the merely human screams of thousands of raped women. The demon's cock was a battering ram inside her, an unstoppable force, destroying all in its path. The amour plates scraped the walls of her love canal, tenderizing her overstretched membranes.

The demon's huge body swung down over her, its leering face drooling across her breasts as it lowered its muzzle to within inches of Wonder Woman's pain-etched face. It made a hollow sound that was almost like a chuckle, and then its fat pink tongue extended from between its fangs and plunged into Diana's screaming mouth. The Amazon twisted her head away, but the infernal creature's tongue was impossibly long and she could not escape its squirming intrusion. Longer and thicker than a human penis, Diana gagged as it plunged deep into her throat. At the same time, the demon's clawed hands grabbed her heavy tits and squeezed them painfully, while it fucked into her with renewed vigor.

Wonder Woman would never know for how long that hell-spawned monstrosity raped her virgin cunt, but it seemed like an eternity. Deeper and deeper it drove its enormous pain-giving penis, making her invulnerable body take every one of its 26-inches until its hot scaly balls bounced off her firm buttocks.

The giant tongue withdrew from her mouth, flicking spittle all across Diana's regally beautiful face, and the demon raised its horned head high.


With an inhuman howl of triumph, demon-cum geysered into the virgin Princess's precious pussy. Wonder Woman wept as she felt it emptying its giant balls inside her, deluging her fertile womb with its unholy seed. She clenched her teeth with disgust, her pain and humiliation twisting her perfect features into a mask of hatred as the demon's sperm forced its way back out of her baby chamber and spurted from her violated sex.

Before its climax was complete, the demon started fucking back in and out of Wonder Woman's cum-packed cunt, traveling more easily through the sperm-lubricated passage with loud, disgusting squelching sounds. Diana prayed for her ordeal to end, but she had seen too much of what these monsters were capable of to believe it could ever be over so soon or so easily.

And she was right. When the pure-blooded demon was finally satisfied, it withdrew leaving an aching void in the core of her being, and another monstrosity took its place between her legs. This demon had a vaguely insectoid appearance, and its phallus was about 17-inches long and 4-inches wide for most of its length, but a bulbous swelling about halfway along had to be over 6-inches across. It was smooth and slightly translucent, and slid easily into the defiled Amazon's sperm-slick pussy.

While the repulsive thing raped Wonder Woman's incredibly sexy body, more demons moved in from all sides. Diana's heart thudded painfully in her chest as she felt inhuman monster-cocks press against her flesh from all directions, rubbing against her flawless skin, and in some cases, slithering around like hot slimy snakes. She closed her eyes against the pain and humiliation, and clamped her jaw tight against the probing phalluses that pressed up to her face and lips.

It was a futile effort, the pain from her violated sex was simply too great. Smoother and smaller the insectoid's cock may have been when compared to the monster that had raped away her virginity, it was nonetheless considerably bigger than her pussy was designed to take. She could not suppress the need to scream for long, and the moment her mouth opened a huge, hot, foul-tasting cockhead was forced between her lips. Something started biting her right nipple, and claws raked her left breast.

As soon as the insectoid was finished, shooting its loathsome cum-load into her belly, another reptilian demon took its place on top of her, brutally forcing its huge, rock-hard, blunt-tipped cock into her sperm sodden passage.

A moment later she felt a surge in her throat, and demon-cum spurted into her belly. The face-fucking fiend was pulled away by other eager rapists, spraying hot hell-spunk into her mouth and across her face. Wonder Woman barely managed to catch a breath before two fat demon-cocks battled to fit inside her mouth. Her lips were forced to stretch obscenely and her jaws creaked as they were levered wide open by both inhuman phalluses cramming their way into her oral cavity.

The monster in her cunt orgasmed, its rigid tool churning her insides, and was the replaced by a thing with a head like a horned, scaly jackal. It pressed its spiky cock between her legs, and she screamed through the gagging cocks as intense pain lanced through her body.


It buried itself inside her cunt with one powerful thrust and began fucking, making her heavy breasts bounce with its brutal thrusts. Wonder Woman feared that its cock would shred the interior of her vagina. It didn't, but her incredible durability couldn't prevent it feeling like sandpaper rubbing across the already fucked raw membranes.

More claws and fangs mauled and bit her glorious breasts. The combined assault was crushing her body and spirit, but Wonder Woman could only moan helplessly as she was impaled, tortured, and humiliated. This was beyond anything she had ever imagined in even her worst nightmares. The pain, the degradation, the prospect of dozens, hundreds, thousands of giant monster-cocks defiling her perfect royal body; the combination was soul-crushing.

The demon pumped harder and harder into Diana's chained and muscular body with its spiky cock. Had she not had a mouth full of cock she would have begged the jackal-headed demon to cum inside her just to end the torment. In that moment she would happily take any other demon-cock in place of this cruel appendage.

Finally, the thing erupted inside her, and Wonder Woman practically wept with relief at the hot, wet sensation adding to the copious cumload in her womb, grateful that this one was finished at last.

In a second, the demon was gone to be replaced by another, green-skinned and slimy like an amphibian. Her ruined cunt offered no resistance as it buried its bloated and slick cock inside her. It fucked her as brutally as the others, but its 20-inch long, 6-inch wide penis was so smooth it was almost frictionless as it slid through her sloppy fuck-hole. In fact, to Diana's horror and shame, the absence of any significant pain - comparatively speaking - made its rhythmic fucking feel almost pleasant.

The frog-monster lasted quite a while, long enough for three demons to take their turns with her sensual mouth. Her face was almost completely obscured by demon-sperm, but that didn't seem to make her any less attractive to the army of monstrosities.

When the frog-demon finally shot its load inside her, Wonder Woman felt a strange regret, a perverse desire for it to keep fucking her, even if only because it hurt so much less than the others. Another monster took its turn. Its face looked like a burned ram's skull, with four horns and glowing eyes. The penis that approached Diana's gaping hole had the appearance of a corkscrew, but was in fact three cocks twisted around one another to make one incredibly thick prong.

The Amazon Princess's pussy lips squeaked as they stretched even wider to accommodate the 8-inch wide triple-cock. Fortunately the cocks were as smooth as silk, so as much as the expansion hurt, the friction was minimal. Diana's battered cunt made wet, sucking noises as the irregular corkscrew-cock stroked in and out of her, the sound sending shivers of humiliation up Wonder Woman's spine. The demon rode her hard, pushing the others aside so that it could use her breasts as handles as it fucked her bound body.

It seemed to cum quickly, and gave way to yet another demon. This one looked like a three-eyed ape with an elephant's tusks, with a brutal-looking cock nearly 2-feet long and 8-inches thick. Diana though she would be torn apart by the monstrous maleness. It was as horribly thick as the last one, but had a rough, leathery skin that sawed across her traumatized vaginal walls and increased the pain immeasurably.

She did not immediately notice when that demon climaxed, she was too focused on the pain. The withdrawal was a blessed but short lived relief. The next rapist seemed to be made of some transparent green gel, but its 19-inch penis was completely solid when it entered her much-abused hole. Diana thanked the Gods that this cock was a smooth one, so the pain was not so terrible. And then she cursed herself for the insanity of that thought. How could she be thankful that this slime-monster was raping her? When she woke that morning this thing's cock would have been the worst thing that she could imagine happening to her, and if she had already experienced worse, it did not lessen the atrocity of this specific rape.

The slime-demon shot its load of whatever it was that it had into her cum-swollen belly and withdrew. Wonder Woman had lost track of how many demons had raped her pussy now. Seven? Eight? Ten? Not that it mattered; she knew that there were hundreds - thousands - of lustful demon-cocks eager to rape her perfect body. Something like a scarlet dinosaur's head with the horns of a buffalo reared up above her and she grunted as its heavily ridged penis drove deep inside.

Another hot pulsing climax surged into her, and another demon took its turn. This one had a flat rocky face with a central horn like a rhinoceros. Its irregularly shaped stone cock hurt terribly as it entered her, and the squishing sounds as its brutal invasion pumped the copious demon-cum back into her womb like a piston reverberated through Wonder Woman's ears.

Another insectoid demon got to her breasts and attached its sucker-mouth to her teat. She gurgled around the hard cock in her mouth at the sudden intense, and disturbingly pleasant, suction. Another demon attacked her other teat and tried to suckle at it, but its fang-filled maw was not really equipped for the task. In the end it just bit her nipple and then pulled back, stretching her big jiggling breast into a taut cone.

More demons and more cocks raped the Amazon Princess, but they all started merging into a blur. Dozens became scores, and scores became hundreds as the afternoon became the evening and evening became dusk. Diana could hardly breathe from the relentless, merciless pounding her cunt was enduring. Her womb was eventually becoming numb from the repeated blows of massive demon-cocks

4 - Night

Wonder Woman would be shocked out of her dazed state by a demon that was not quite the same as the others. As it approached the chained Amazon its thoughts were filled with lust, but unlike the rest it also felt an intense and personal hatred for the defiled heroine. It did not know why, it did not really have much of sense of self anymore, and it could not remember anything from before its rebirth a few hours before, but whatever or whoever it had been, it hated Wonder Woman with every fiber of its demonic being. It chittered menacingly as its engorged penis rose. The thing was shorter than the others, only about six-and-a-half feet tall, but extremely broad. It had a shiny black carapace made of small segmented plates and a head that seemed part reptile and part spider, with four red eyes and one large central horn.

Its hideous head lowered so it could gaze into Wonder Woman's gaping, cum-drooling cunt. Her naturally hairless lips were red and swollen from the many hours of terrible abuse they had suffered. Another demon, impatient for its turn, jostled the small black creature, which responded with a threatening, strangely clicking roar and a rake of its claws. It would not be rushed; it wanted to savor the moment. A long tongue extended from its bizarre muzzle and licked the length of the Amazon's nether-lips. They gaped so far apart that it had to lick twice, once for each side. Looking upon her bruised and ruined sex was deeply satisfying to the monster, although it did not know why it felt this way. None of the other women it had raped had mattered to it in the way that this one did.

The thing rose and jabbed its ridged cock into her groin, but aimed not for her much raped pussy but for her still virgin ass! The slimy head stabbed at Diana's tiny star shaped opening and thrust. Wonder Woman's body jerked as this new pain pulled her out of her stupor.


She screamed with renewed strength as the burning pain of her violated sphincter surged through her tortured body. The demon penetrated her virgin asshole slowly, its rictus grin seeming to grow wider.

Its first thrust sank only a few inches into the tight anal passage. It withdrew and thrust again, and again. Wonder Woman's body, which had been limp for the last few hours, bucked and writhed from this new invasion. Deeper and deeper it thrust into her silky bowels. Diana's muscles strained against her chains as she frantically clenched her buttocks, trying to stop the impalement of her asshole. The effort was futile. Inch by painful inch that inhuman cock forced its way up her tight ass chute. She had thought there was nothing more the monsters could do to violate and humiliate her any worse than they already had, but she had been wrong.

After an eternity of searing agony in her no longer virgin ass, the demon fully impaled all 20-inches of its ridged monster-cock in her rectum, its armored groin grinding against the yawning cavern of her sodden cunt. It began fucking her properly, with long leisurely strokes to start, but gradually increasing its speed. The huge cock moved in and out of her painfully expanded asshole, battering her insides until her stretched and defeated rectal muscles could no longer offer any resistance against her anal rape.

Soon it was sodomizing her with hard, fast strokes. Wonder Woman was consumed by a terrible agony; not just the pain of being ass-raped, but the certainty that she would never recover from this ordeal. Even if she healed physically, the memory of what these fiendish monsters had perpetrated upon her would ruin her forever. The fear that it might happen again would cripple her as a superheroine. Her career was surely over.

Harder and harder the monster fucked her ass, slimy saliva drooling from its repulsive mouth and dripping onto Wonder Woman's cock-stuffed face. It locked eyes with her, its four malevolent glowing red fires boring into her wide, pale blue tear glistening orbs as it raped her ass. To Diana it seemed that its gaze was drilling deep into her soul, invading her mind as it invaded her body. She was intensely aware of the pleasure the creature was feeling, and the hatred that boiled in its heart, and quite suddenly she was crushed by a sense of her own unworthiness. She was nothing. She was less than nothing. She deserved to be raped.

Diana's heart froze as thoughts that were not her own threatened to drown her mind. She thrashed and tried to cling onto her self-identity like a lifebelt in a menacing sea. The moment she broke eye-contact the alien thoughts began fading. In some ways, the experience had been worse than the rape of her body. A mental rape that would have truly destroyed her.

The demon was puzzled. For a moment, just a moment, it had seemed to see into its victim's mind, to feel her fear and pain, but it did not know how that had happened. Then it cast the thought aside. It had more important matters to attend to. Raping Wonder Woman's ass.

Diana grunted and groaned in misery as her suffering seemed never-ending. The monster pounded at her ass for an eternity, or so it seemed. It was long enough that she had to drink down four disgusting cum-loads from demons using her mouth, before the ridged black phallus finally began throbbing inside her bowels with imminent orgasm.

Wonder Woman's hips surged upward as the hot demon-seed pumped deep into her intestines, flooding her tortured asshole to overflowing. It continued thrusting in and out until the last drop of its evil seed spurted into the now slimy hole.

The demon locked eyes with her again, and Diana felt its thoughts invading her mind. Rape-slut. Brood-whore. Fuck-meat. She didn't hear the words, she knew them. Knew that these were all that she was now. Knew that they were true. She was a slut, a whore, a hole to be fucked. Nothing more.

It withdrew, and Wonder Woman almost sighed with relief as the alien thoughts faded and the black demon was replaced by another monstrous creature. The mental abuse had been worse that the physical, and she continued believing that right up until the moment the new assailant plunged its thick hell-cock into her abused asshole, when she was pulled back to the reality of her situation. This one had a wolfish head with boar-like tusks, and its smooth cock easily penetrated her spunk-filled rear passage. As the demon used her now open and lubricated ass, its long tentacle-tongue lolled out of its panting mouth. A large bulge struck her buttocks as the thick demon-cock plunged in and out, and Diana realized that this fiend's cock had a swelling at the base, like the dogs that it so strongly resembled. Wonder Woman could only endure, whimpering helplessly, as the bestial demon rode her brutally, pounding its 8-inch wide knot into her with jack-hammer thrusts. Eventually this monster too came, dousing her bowels with even more hell-sperm, and when it withdrew the dammed up demon-cum gushed through the wide-open sphincter like a fountain.

The next demon was a bizarre thing, a coiling mass of twisted flesh, from which sprouted dozens of strange tentacles. One of the tentacles ended in a cockhead, and the shaft behind it was covered in short twitching bud-like growths. Wonder Woman grimaced around the pulsating insect-cock in her mouth as her new rapist plunged into her yawning cunt, thrusting all the way into her spunk-filled womb in a single thrust. A moment later she felt another tentacle-cock nudging between her splayed thighs, sliding up until it found her gaping asshole. The weird thing double-fucked her pussy and ass, for five minutes, when Diana suddenly felt the cocks inside her changing shape. The cock in her cunt split into two, one with a ribbed shaft and another which was almost completely smooth except for a glans that seemed to be made up of a mass of small tentacles. The cock in her ass changed from a tapering tentacle to something like a horse-cock, with a flat broad head.

Wonder Woman had no idea how long that mutating thing fucked her. Every time it came it seemed to grow another new cock with which to rape her. It was like a one demon army of endlessly metamorphosing cocks. The only reason the Amazon even noticed when it was finished was because she was suddenly being fucked by just one cock in her pussy, not two or three or four crammed into both her pussy and ass simultaneously.

After that the endless procession resumed, and the violated heroine was raped by massively endowed demon after massively endowed demon, for hour after hour.

5 - Dawn


There was a whoosh of speeding air and the giant penis was wrenched from Diana's pussy with brutal speed. The dishonored Amazon opened her eyes and saw her most recent monstrous rapist careering across the ground, knocking other demons down like ten-pins. Looking up she saw a speeding dot which looped back toward her. A second later it split into three, and then Supergirl smashed through the demons on her left, Power-Girl smashed through those on her right, and Wonder Girl and Troia, Diana's beloved sister Donna, grabbed the bound and violated Wonder Woman.

The quintet curved high into the sky, flying in formation. Sperm oozed from Wonder Woman's ruined pussy, falling behind them like a gooey contrail, but Diana didn't care. All that mattered was that her friends had come for her. She was saved! She tried to thank them, but her throat was fucked raw and she could manage only a hoarse croak.

"Oh Diana!" Wept Donna, "What have those things done to you?"

Diana wept too, with relief, with love for her sister, and in grief for what she had lost. Her honor, her dignity, and her precious virginity, stolen by an evil monster's terrible cock. But she had survived, and now she was safe.


A huge dragon-like thing crowed as it charged into Power Girl and knocked her out of formation. Before the others could respond, more flying demons attacked. Reacting with superhuman speed, Supergirl flew in supersonic circles around Donna, Diana, and Cassie to defend them from the attackers. The Maid of Might cannoned through the demons, swatting them out of the air. Few of the monsters could even attempt to match her speed, and she used that advantage to keep them at bay.

Some distance away she could see Power Girl and the dragon-thing dueling in mid air, the flying reptile shooting jets of flame at the big-breasted heroine. A few other demons tried to attack Power Girl, but she simply caught them and used them as improvised weapons against the dragon. The sight of Power Girl swinging a bat-like demon like a baseball bat, gripping it by its giant tentacle-cock was one she thought she would remember with amusement for some time, once they defeated these evil invaders.

Then suddenly there was one demon that could keep pace with the Kryptonian heroine, and she had no more time to watch Power Girl's antics. The new demon was large and slightly beetle-like, with multiple hinged limbs, and its white wings moved so fast they were barely visible as it pounced on Supergirl's back. It clutched the young blonde woman's shoulders with taloned ivory hands and tried to halt her flight. It wasn't quite strong enough to stop her entirely, but she dropped to less than a third of her previous speed, and when she tried to beat the thing off two more pale demon arms reached around to grasp her shapely breasts. Then another demon caught up and Supergirl's ears rang when it punched her jaw.

She could not maintain her perimeter defense, as more monsters flocked to attack her, crawling all over her in an expanding ball of writhing, thrusting bodies. Supergirl tried to shout a warning to the Wonder trio, but the moment she opened her mouth a fat monster-cock was propelled into the space. Supergirl twisted and spat out the twitching penis, but it was now too late to warn the others as more demons appeared to tackle them, knocking all three of the Amazons out of the sky.

* * *

Several blocks back, Power Girl and the dragon-demon plummeted to Earth, landing with a force that shook the city and sent shockwaves shattering windows for miles around. The crater was twenty yards wide, but when the dust cleared, it was Power Girl that was still standing. She swayed slightly on her feet but then rose purposefully into the air, a fearsome expression of determined resolve on her face. Beneath her however, the dragon-thing was not yet out of the fight, and there was a flash inside its huge mouth. What happened next was spectacular. Their violent impact had shattered a dozen gas pipes and, as the dragon demon breathed a white-hot jet of hellfire at Power Girl's back, the escaping gas ignited!

The explosion sent all the nearby demons flying, and Power Girl was propelled through several buildings to land face down in the wreckage of an articulated truck. The gas explosion had only singed her super-resilient costume, but the dragon's flame had hit her right on the butt and had burned away all of the white fabric below the waist. Her slightly reddened ass and pussy were enticingly exposed to all the demons present in this new street.

As the building she had smashed through began collapsing into rubble, the demons closed in on the groaning, stirring heroine.

"Wha..." Power Girl muttered groggily as taloned hands grasped her muscular shoulders and pushed her down into the tangled metal.

"Ah... wuh? NOOO!!!" Power Girl arched her back as an inhumanly thick cock pressed against her vaginal lips.


A bug-like demon grabbed Power Girl's short blonde hair and wrenched her head up to thrust its phallus into her open mouth. The panicked heroine tried to bite down but chitinous amour plates prevented her from damaging the shaft. Power Girl's eyes filled with tears as it extended its insectile penis down her throat.

At the same time the other demon, a reptilian thing with spiky scales, had managed to part her clenched pussylips and was pressing inward. Power Girl squealed and gyrated frantically, trying to dislodge it before could truly enter her vagina. It was a futile effort, as more powerful demons arrived to hold the superheroine down. Her plump pussylips, already tender from the dragon's roasting flame, were forced to stretch wider and wider.

Power Girl's eyes bulged and her tears flowed freely as the demon impaled her pussy. All the famous power of her mighty muscles useless as the creature began slamming its monstrous cock in and out of her like a steam piston.

* * *

Up in the sky, Supergirl pulled her arms in tight and, with some difficulty, closed her legs. She began to spin, faster and faster, until she threw off all the demons that clung to her spectacular young body. She hovered for a moment as she tried to reorient herself and locate her fallen comrades, but she had scarcely drawn a breath before she was attacked again.

A demon with long tentacle arms grappled Supergirl from behind and flew her straight down into the street, crushing a car like so much tin foil. Still entwined, the Kryptonian stood up and burst free of its grip through sheer physical might, but at that moment the slashing forelimb of an insectoid arced across her chest, slicing through her costume and exposing her perfectly proportioned breasts. Supergirl roared with fury and punched the demon in its compound eyes with enough force to send it through the wall of a nearby building. The tentacle demon grappled her again, but this time more demons joined it, grabbing her arms and legs and spreading her limbs wide. Kara struggled, But the demons were too strong and too numerous. A vaguely feline hand/paw delved beneath her skirt and Supergirl squealed as its claws shredded her blue panties. A penis was thrust at her open mouth, and she barely managed to close it in time to block it. Then, extending from between her thighs, she saw grow a phallus of inhuman dimensions. Thicker than her arm, it was at least 18-inches long, and that was just the part she could see! The tentacle-demon's penis curled up and dipped under Supergirl's scarlet skirt.

The Maid of Might's scream of agony echoed through the city, joining the symphony of pain created by thousands of raped women. The tentacle-demon delighted in her suffering as its prehensile penis tore through her virginity, her Kryptonian resilience useless against its magical cock, and pushed deep into her pussy. Her alien love canal was tight and unyielding; a heavenly experience for the hell-spawned creature. Another demon-cock thrust at her mouth again, and this time plunged deep into her throat, muffling the blonde heroine's cries.

* * *

Wonder Girl and Troia fought side by side, desperately trying to defend the still shackled Wonder Woman. The battle was intense, and demon bodies littered the ground before them. Donna's technique was flawless, every blow measured for maximum effect, using the demons' own strengths against them, deflecting them into one another, occasionally causing a fight to start between demons that each thought that the other had attacked them to stop what each believed to be its inevitable victory over the female prizes.

Wonder Girl's fighting style was more enthusiasm than precision. The 15-year old heroine was repulsed by these diabolical creatures and in her disgust she did not attempt to pull her punches. She intended to squash every single one of these evil monsters. She stamped on the head of a bug-thing, then smashed her knee into the face of a wolf-demon, crushed the jaw of a slavering insectoid with her little fist, broke the arm of a vaguely bird-like creature and then swung for a small black armored monster. And stopped.

She stared at its repulsive face and she couldn't move. Not when it tore open her top and clawed her tiny-teenaged titties, not when another monster slid a tentacle down to stroke her peach-fuzz pussy. She could feel it in her mind, like a thousand disgusting bugs crawling over her brain.

Then Donna pulled the tentacled-thing off the teen heroine and punched the black thing hard in the side of the head.

"Are you all right?"

"I - I, uh,"

Then there was no time to answer, as another wave of monsters attacked the two Wonder Girls. They temporarily beat back the assault, but then Cassie felt a disturbing tickling sensation in her brain. She tried to call out to Donna, but her mouth wouldn't obey her. She watched in horror as her body turned and picked up the bound Wonder Woman by one splayed leg, and then swung her with all her strength frame-first into the back of Troia's head!

Donna shot forward, barreling into the nearby demons and knocking them all down. She stopped some hundred yards on, lying in a bed of demon bodies. One of the things was aware enough to take advantage of the young Amazon's stunned state by grabbing her head and pulling her face-first onto its fat, slimy cock. Troia gurgled and then tore herself free, coughing and spitting to try to clear the vile taste of its maleness from her mouth. Then more demons rose from the heap and attacked.

Troia screamed for help as three huge demons wrestled her to the ground. One on either side took a hand and leg each and pulled her up, suspending her spread-eagled in mid-air, another demon, this one a huge scorpion-like thing, ripped Donna's costume at the crotch with its huge claw, and then curled its armored tail between its legs and positioned the tip before Donna's vulnerable pussy. The end of its tail split open and a long, slimy pink phallus emerged, Donna's eyes went wide but she didn't even have time to catch her breath before the 20-inch prong speared into her sweet pussy.

Pushing inch after inch, it bored deeper into her body. Unlike her older sister, Donna was not a virgin but the demon's tail-cock was vastly larger than anything she'd ever experienced. She screamed and thrashed, but she could not stop the monster from taking her. The demon flicked its tail back and forth, increasing its tempo with every stroke, faster and faster until its tail was a blur and Donna's cries became a staccato interrupted by the dull thuds of the demon-cock punching the roof of her womb!

* * *

Cassie had watched what happened to Donna in terror, knowing that her turn would come. Demons took Wonder Woman from her hands and she had to watch helplessly as her idol was violated yet again. Perhaps even worse was the way that Diana didn't even seem to react to the 6-inch wide penis powering into her pussy.

Demon claws grappled the immobile Wonder Girl, stripping her costume from her nubile young body, but then the black thing was back. Smaller though it was, when it chittered menacingly the other monsters released her. Some of them had rather puzzled expressions on their hideous faces as they did so, but they released her nonetheless, as unable to resist the black demon's compulsion as the teen heroine.

Unable to stop herself, Wonder Girl climbed up onto the 6-foot tall monster that had already raped her mind. She wept and shouted in denial, but she had no control over her own body as it reached down and grabbed the inhuman penis. She threw back her head and shrieked as her body lowered itself onto the mind-controlling demon's 20-inch phallus. It took several vigorous downward thrusts of her hips to rip open her own virginity on the monster's cum-slimy cock, but then she slowly squatted inch by painful inch until she was a third of the way down, impaling her virgin pussy on her attacker's cruel cock. The demon lost patience and it grabbed her by her slim hips and slammed her all the down to its pelvis.


Wonder Girl gave out a bloodcurdling scream and her tiny body spasmed, the brutal, cunt-destroying agony breaking the monster's mental control, but it was far, far too late. She could not stop the demon when it lifted her up and slammed her back down onto its giant cock. Her limbs flailing helplessly, the black-plated demon slam-fucked her faster and faster.

* * *

From where she was being power-fucked by a horse-headed and horse-cocked demon, Wonder Woman could see her sister Donna being raped in all three holes by hideous, massively endowed monsters. She could see young Cassie, only 15-years old, fucking herself onto a monster-cock so big that she could see its bulging outline in her belly. She could hear the screams of Supergirl as a monster pulled out of her mouth to cum over her face, and then heard those screams cut off as a new demon raped the Kryptonian's throat. She could neither see nor hear Power Girl, but she knew that the same fate had befallen her friend as it had every other woman unfortunate or foolish enough to venture into the evil orange mist.

It was their destiny.

Every woman, super-powered or not, was simply rape-bait, fuck-meat for the invading demonic horde.

6 - One Year Later...

Wonder Woman followed her owner into the Tower, which was much larger on the inside than seemed possible from without, because this was the Capitol of Hell on Earth, and like Hell, it was made of pure evil and deception. Reality and the laws of physics were concepts that no longer had any real meaning.

The tower rose like an ugly stone dagger through the heart of the ruined White House. The sky above was an unnatural sooty orange, as it was everywhere on Earth since the last remaining outpost of humanity in Australia had been crushed over ten months ago. Seven weeks, that was all it had taken for the demons to overrun the entire world. There were rumors of hidden refuges, women who had somehow escaped the rampaging inhuman rape-gangs, but there could not be many. The demons had raped and enslaved at least 2.7 billion women, of all ages, and if a few million were unaccounted for the demons knew that they would get them all in the end.

Not that any of that mattered to Wonder Woman. It was hard to remember her life before the demons came. Her memories of that time were like a story she'd heard of something that had happened to someone else. Strange fantastical tales so far removed from the present day actuality that it seemed impossible that they could ever have been true. Princess Diana of the Amazons wasn't a respected and admired superheroine, the whole idea was laughable. She was Wonder Whore, a slave, a rape-slut, a fuck-toy for monsters. Her whole life was an endless procession of demon-cocks and forced orgasms.

She still wore her costume, or a version of it. Her bustier was a cutaway corset, with a "WW" eagle tattooed just above the nipple of her left breast. The star-spangled shorts were now split-crotch panties, so that her bald pussy and ass were exposed and available for easy, and regular, use. Her boots, cuffs, girdle, and tiara were all in place. The Amazon Princess was almost completely covered with thick demon-cum, still dripping in thick liquid strands from her body and forming glutinous ropes between her thighs, having finished entertaining all twelve members of a demon patrol just five minutes earlier. Her knees still trembled slightly as she walked, weak from all the orgasms she had enjoyed. She did not know and no longer cared whether her orgasms were real or due to the compulsion of her golden lasso, looped around her neck like a leash. It was the only thing binding her, no other shackle was necessary.

Diana's owner turned and smiled cruelly at the ex-superheroine, and Wonder Woman flinched back from that too familiar face. But it wasn't Hippolyta. Not anymore. Her mother's body had been possessed and reshaped by a demon, and the creature before her delighted in the pain that her appearance caused the once mighty heroine. Possessing Hippolyta's body had allowed the demons to neutralize the threat that the lasso had once posed to them, and to use it against its former mistress.

In truth though, not even the lasso was needed to bind Diana any more. What faith she had once held that maybe she and the world could somehow survive and win through despite everything that had been done to them had been destroyed along with her home of Themyscira. She had been forced to watch the demon invasion of her home, mounted on a giant demon cock and paraded on the frontlines like some obscene war banner in order to demoralize her sister Amazons. The Goddesses themselves had intervened to defend Paradise Island, and Themyscira's defenders had destroyed thousands upon thousands of the demon invaders, but there were always more. And when her home was finally defeated, she'd had to watch her mother, her friends, her compatriots, and her Goddesses, Athena, Aphrodite, Demeter, Hestia, even Hera, and all the others, every one of them brutally and repeatedly gang-raped. Themyscira was still a paradise, but only for demons. A rape-camp reserved as a special reward to the strongest and most evil of demons, a place where they bred new super-demons in the wombs of super-strong Amazons and Goddesses.

If there had been any resistance left in Wonder Woman after that, a year of non-stop gang-rapes had ground any steel out of her. And if ever the smallest flicker of hope were to seek re-entry to her heart, the Grand Hall of this tower was enough to extinguish it instantly, for here hung the splayed body of the greatest of all the Goddesses, Gaia, Mother of the Gods. Her once flawless skin was tattooed with obscene demonic glyphs, alien words whose meaning transcended mere language and pictograms that forced vivid images of sexual depravity into any onlookers mind. Beneath her was a chasm, a portal, into the very depths of Hell itself, from which rose the vast tentacles of some demonic Chaos-God to impale Gaia's perfect body, fucking her with an unrelenting never-ending rhythm that would continue until the end of time.

The forces of Evil had defeated and defiled the very soul of the Earth itself.

Like a pet on a leash, Wonder Woman was led down into the dungeons. At the gateway, Diana was forced to kneel and suck the three cocks of Cerberus. It was not the Cerberus of her own mythology, but the name was appropriate for the three-headed, three-cocked giant demon-dog that guarded the pits. Aroused by the sight, the Hippolyta-demon's cock swelled to its 19-inch immensity, and after Diana had swallowed the hell-hound's vile spunk, she raped her daughter's well-fucked pussy while making Wonder Woman drink the monster's scalding hot piss. And then they entered the home of Earth's superheroines.

It was a vast circular chamber, and a wide causeway stretched before them to a central complex that extended up to the vaulted ceiling about half a mile overhead. On either side of the path were oversized oubliettes, large circular stone-walled holes topped with bars made from the unbreakable demon-metal. They continued all the way around the torch-lit dungeon, thousands of them, and in each cell was a captured heroine or villainess suffering rape and torment for every hour of every day for the rest of their lives. Even death would provide no escape, for in these pits they never grew older and all injuries healed with magical swiftness, ensuring that the monsters could continue their torture for all eternity.

Dripping piss and cum, Wonder Woman walked through the dungeon. As they passed the first oubliette Diana looked down and felt only a faint pang as she saw her friend Hawkgirl, held in the grip of a shapeless, pulsating mass of scarlet flesh. The thing was fucking a huge veiny tentacle-cock between Kendra's tight little buttocks, heaving in and out at least 18-inches with each stroke. Hawkgirl's pussy was temporarily vacant while the thing formed a new cock with which to rape her gaping cum-drooling chasm. Diana had become inured to such atrocities, and while she felt some sympathy for her former colleague Wonder Whore was treacherously aroused by the obscene spectacle of Hawkgirl's latest rape.

When the edge of the hole finally obscured Hawkgirl's suffering, Diana turned her attention to the pit nearest to her, where Starfire was secured in something like a gynecologist's chair. The orange-skinned alien was bound in a reclined position with her legs raised and apart. Her eyes were vacant as a bat-winged monstrosity pulled out of her and pumped its voluminous load over her already sperm-splattered belly. A dragon-headed demon replaced the first, and the Tamaranean Princess barely grunted as it drove its giant penis into her cavernous cunt.

Vixen was in the next pit. The dusky beauty was enthusiastically fucking two bestial demons, bouncing on the fat cock of a demon with a face like a reptilian boar, and sucking on the slick dog-cock of a demon with a head like a horned wolf. The former Justice League heroine had been completely broken to her new life, mainly because her empathic powers had meant that she felt the intense pleasure the demons experienced when they raped her. She had felt that pleasure as though it were her own and it had twisted her into a lust-crazed demon-fucking slut.

Next they passed the pit of Phantom Lady, and the big-breasted heroine was lying naked in the middle of the floor, her body plastered with devil-spunk and her belly heavily swollen with a demon-baby. She was alone, but Wonder Woman knew that she would not be left unmolested for long.

The alien strongwoman Maxima was chained to an 'X' frame in her cell. Unlike Vixen, or Wonder Woman for that matter, she had never embraced her new role, nor had she simply surrendered to her fate like Starfire. Maxima's huge muscles bulged in an endless but futile effort to escape or defy the multitude of monsters that raped her. The current creature enjoying the Queen of Almerac's abundant charms looked like a giant leech that had been cross-bred with a squid. Its fang-filled circular mouth was latched onto one of Maxima's huge breasts, sucking the milk out of her while its tentacle-cocks plundered the clasping depths of her royal treasures.

Opposite Maxima was Catwoman. She was being held aloft by something that looked like a giant wrinkled baby, with chalk-white skin and useless, stumpy arms and legs. A huge mass of tentacles grew from its back, which substituted for its worthless limbs in holding itself upright and manipulating Selina's sexy body, positioning her over its huge head so that it could fuck her pussy with a giant phallic tongue.

The occupant of the next cell wasn't a heroine, but the villainess Poison Ivy. The green-skinned beauty was screaming incoherently as a pale crab-like monster drove a penis thicker than her thigh into the depths of her tortured cunt. As Wonder Woman watched, the creature's maw split open to reveal a mass of tendril-like tentacles, which pushed into Ivy's mouth and down her throat.

The next pit contained ex-Teen Titan, Raven. The pale-skinned teenager was wearing only her hooded cape, which was rather ragged, and kneeling down in the centre of a dozen demons of all shapes and sizes, their monstrous phalluses pointing at her pretty face. Raven was stroking a cock in each hand as she sucked and slurped on another with her mouth. She switched rapidly between cocks, trying to pleasure them all. Just as Wonder Woman was about to look away, one of the cocks erupted in Raven's hand. The enslaved heroine eagerly latched her mouth onto the monster's spurting penis and tried to drink every drop of the pulsing torrent of demon-seed, but there was too much and semen poured back through her lips and drooled onto her pert breasts.

On the other side of the path the saffron-hued giantess Rampage was manacled and suspended spread-eagled in mid-air by unbreakable demonic chains. Her nose, tongue, thick nipples and swollen clitoris had all been pierced with heavy metal rings that were at least 4-inches in diameter. Her hairless pussylips had also been decorated with more than a dozen matching rings that ran the full length of each fleshy lip. At the moment those pierced lips were being split far apart by a huge reptilian-looking cock.

From somewhere to Diana's right, emanating from one of the more distant cells, came the distinctive screech of Black Canary. Dinah had been one of the last heroines to be captured - she'd actually managed to stay free for over five months before she was caught - but the demons had certainly made up for lost time since then. Black Canary's song of pain ended with an abrupt gurgling.

Another oubliette, and Knockout, the red-headed strongwoman from Apokolips, was being fucked by a large demon whose skin resembled that of a cactus, green and prickly. Her spectacular and almost invulnerable body was covered in tiny scratches, and the thick cactus-cock sawing in and out of her cunt must have been agonizing. But despite that, or perhaps because of it, the villainess was screaming for the demon to fuck her harder!

Stargirl was in the next hole, along with five unusually small demons. They were only about five-and-a-half feet tall, which meant that they were probably young, some of the many earthborn demons that had been birthed since the invasion. The creatures grew fast, and while these demons might only be a six months old they were the equivalent of human adolescents. Not that it mattered much to their teenaged victim, as young or not each one still sported a cock of over 15-inches. Tears rolled down Courtney's blushing cheeks as she was forced to pleasure all of them at once, one in her pretty but now fucked-out pussy, one in her once tight little ass, one in her wide, full-lipped mouth and one in each slender hand.

In the pit opposite was Supergirl, writhing in the centre of a mass of purple worm-like creatures that burrowed into every orifice. The once beautiful heroine was a dreadful sight. Her skin was now so pale that it was almost translucent, and a green tinted network of veins and blood vessels showed through, a result of Kryptonite poisoning from the glowing green rings that pierced her nipples, her clitoris, and her pussy-lips.

Further, and Wonder Woman saw Liberty Belle, still wearing the scorched remnants of her costume as she was raped by two hulking fire demons. Diana thought she could smell the nigh-invulnerable heroine's flesh burning as they fucked her pussy and mouth. As they passed above, the one in her mouth pulled out and shot its burning load of lava-spunk over Libby's beautiful breasts.

There was a pure-blooded demon in the next pit, a 20-foot tall Duke of Hell, who was sliding Mary Marvel up and down its 2-foot cock. The teenager was whimpering miserably, but Diana noted that the demon's scaly cock glistened with feminine juices and realized that the heroine who had once epitomized all that was innocent and pure had been thoroughly corrupted by her year in sexual slavery. Mary Marvel had become one of Hell's sluts. Just like Wonder Woman.

In the next pit was Aquagirl, suspended horizontally from the bars above by chains attached to the rings through her nipples and clit. The undersea heroine screamed as a transparent jelly-like demon lashed her with its stinging tendrils. Her entire body was criss-crossed with angry red marks, and at irregular intervals the demon stopped whipping her and caressed her small, stretched breasts and sex with its pain-inducing touch.

Passing Aquagirl they came to Big Barda's pit, and Wonder Woman saw that her muscular friend was being fucked a truly gigantic demon. The thing had to be 30-feet tall and possessed a heavily armored carapace. Barda was thrusting herself back and forth on the end of its oversized cock. There was no way she could take the entire thing, it was longer than her whole body and looked to be at least 10-inches thick - only her superhuman resilience allowed her to take it at all - but Barda's breathless groaning gave every appearance that she was enjoying her grotesque violation!

Another pit, and inside was Zatanna, held aloft by strangely organic vines that coiled around her arms and legs. Multiple phallic vines were thrusting in and out of her pussy, ass, and mouth. The way the plant-monster's vines weaved and crossed as they moved made it hard to be sure, but it looked like there were at least three 4-inch wide stamen-cocks plunging into Zatanna's cunt. As Wonder Woman jealously watched the rhythmic thrusting she saw the glamorous magician start jerking vigorously with a powerful orgasm.

The last pit, right next to the guardhouse, contained Power Girl. She was bound with her legs spread wide, so that her demon babies could force their way out of her heavily pregnant belly. Power Girl's pussy was grossly distended as she gave birth to something with tentacles that were coiling around its mother's muscular thighs. The former heroine screamed with the effort to expel her inhuman child, but judging by the size of her belly there was at least one more monster-baby inside her There were already two hideous newborn things scuttling across the floor below her, both looked vaguely like reptilian beetles, but one was six-limbed and a vivid red color, while the other had stubby wings and was a dull grey.

Back in her past, Power Girl's biology had been manipulated by Atlantean magic to accelerate her reproductive cycle, and this combined with the demons' fast growing offspring meant that instead of taking ten weeks from impregnation to birth like other demon-fertilized women, she could deliver a new litter of demon-babies in only 6 days! The demons had recognized the gift they had received, and made Power Girl their number one breeding slut. In the last year the Kryptonian strongwoman had delivered no less than 47 monstrous litters, giving birth to a total of 184 baby demons!

Diana and her possessed mother stopped before the hulking guards. The two things were over eight feet tall, and their monstrous cocks were bound by metal clamps. Amongst demons, guard duty was a punishment, and they were not permitted to indulge their lusts. This was never more painful for the monsters than now, faced with the most beautiful woman on earth, and their cocks bulged and throbbed dangerously.

One of the guards picked up a pipe and aimed it at Wonder Woman. The jet of water struck her like a fire hose, and the high-pressure fountain sluiced the cum and piss from her still magnificent body. It aimed the jet between her legs and used it to douche her cunt and ass. Then they stood aside with a rumble of regret as Hippolyta led her daughter into the building.

Diana knew, even if they did not, that they had no reason to be disappointed. Punishment detail or not, they would get to fuck her before she left. All the guards would. As would all the demons currently enjoying the pleasures of the rape-pits.

Wonder Woman wasn't here to join her former friends and colleagues as a prisoner. She had a mission of her own. A task she had been given by the King of Hell himself after that demonic monstrosity had fucked her to multiple orgasms, and one which she was compelled to carry out. Her goal was as simple as it was impossible. Diana was still the most beautiful woman on Earth, and the King had decided that such perfection should be shared as far and wide as possible. Wonder Woman was commanded to fuck every single demon on Earth.

So far she had fucked 102,852 demons. An average of almost 300 monster-cocks every day. At that rate, it would only take her another 4,000 years to fuck the 4 billion or so demons on Earth...

The End


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