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Wonder Woman: Ghetto Slave (MMf,MMF,FF,rape,pwp,F-gang)
by Greg Nails

Gus and his pal Mike, two notorious ghetto villains, walked down the street when they noticed a girl giving a speech. Intrigued, they approached the small crowd that gathered around the girl. She talked about feminism, saying that women should know and use their rights, fight for equality and so on.

As the Gus and Mike made their way through the crowd, people quickly left, being of afraid of what might happened if these two are nearby. They disappeared, leaving the girl alone. Gus and Mike moved closer to her. She tried to keep brave face.

"We're about to cure your feminism for good", said Gus as he slapped girl's ass and cupped her breasts. She cried, her call for help was loud.

"Damn, she's a screamer. Have to..." said Mike, but his words were cut down as something happened. A tall girl appeared right in front of him and the girl. He was surprised and moved back, as he recognized Wonder Girl herself.

Wonder Girl positioned herself between two guys and the girl. She looked at the Mike and Gus with contempt. The girl they assaulted wasted no time, she run down, not even taking care to express her gratitude for the heroine that saved her.

"This is not the way you guys should treat girls" she said. "You have to be polite and gentle..."

"We can fuck you gently if you'll strip naked by your own will" Gus grinned and approached her. Hr cupped her breast, surprising her absolutely. "Not very big but nice" he said, feeling it up. "You could use some silicone, ho"

"Listen, young man..." she tried to force him away, but he grabbed her hand. She was surprised of his strength.

"Tell you what, cunt!"He grinned and hardened his grip around her hand. "You're just a poor, weak pussy! A ho that needs a good fucking!"

"Auch!" she cried when in the meantime Gus smacked her ass with his palm. It was getting out of control. She tried to turn back, but Mike still held her hand.

"Wonder Pussy goes angry? Oh my, I'm sooooo afraid" smiled Gus and slapped her face. Mike released her hand but kicked her between the legs. Wonder Girl cried from pain. Another hit landed on her belly, causing even more pain. She fell down on earth. Gus and Mike wasted no time, they kicked her with thier heavy boots. She cried, trying to cover herself against another kicks.

Gus grabbed a handful of her hair and slapped her face again. "This is the way bitches are tamed here" he said, holding her and forcing poor heroine to bow down. Mike kicked her again between the legs.

"Unghhhh!!!" a pain filled cry left her mouth. She tried to struggle and fight her freedom, but these to bastards were surprisingly strong. Mike slapped her ass, while Gus rose his knee. It hit her face.

"Let me goooo!!!" she cried, but they were far from doing so. Both ghetto evildoers slapped, kicked and hit her, laughing at her futile attempts to break free or to defend herself.

"See? You're just a weak pussy" said Gus as he forced her to rise. He kissed her roughly. Wonder Girl could do little to prevent him. Moment later Mike made her kiss him as well. They touched her body everywhere, causing her to moan as she was kissed and molested by the two black boys. She was shocked that they overpowered her so easily.

She hoped they'll let her go, but it was empty hope. Soon her costume was ripped, she was naked save to her boots and tiara. Mike held her, while Gus whipped her ass with his belt.

SLAP! SLAP! Aiiiieeee!!! Noooo!!!! Auuuuch!" SLAP! SLAP! SLAP!!!! Pleassseee!!! No morrrre!! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! Please, please! I'lll be goooood!!!!!

Wonder Girl cried and begged for mercy. After a long and painful whipping, they made her kneel on the cold earth.

"Please, I beg you..." she sobbed. "I'm sorry for trying to fight you, my masters..."

She was made to kiss their boots and lick them clean. She had to repeat "All women are weak cunts... All women are inferior to the men... We are born to be fucked by the black masters..."

When their boots were clean, time came for their cocks. Poor young superheroine was too afraid to resist as she had to suck their dicks. She slurped on the ebony cocks, tears run down her cheeks as her beautiful lips polished them. She was rewarded with two mouthfuls of sticky semen. She had to swallow all the stuff and lick her lips.

Mike was first to fuck her. She cried when he pushed his dick into her virgin pussy, tearing her hymen. He held her legs spread wide as he fucked young Amazon with a deep thrusts. She begged him to be more gently, but he just laugh, saying that she lost the fight and she is just a fuck slave.

"So shut the fuck up and enjoy being spermed by your master!" he said and loaded his cum into her pussy.

"Nooo!!!" she moaned, but this was everything she could do, when Mike used his babymaker to fill her pussy with his potent sperm.

"You're officially spermed and knocked up" said Mike, releasing the last drops of his semen and putting his dick off her well fucked cunt. Sperm dripped from her pussy. She looked with shock at the white puddle, understanding what it means. He impregnated her.

Gus was next to go. He fucked helpless heroine, grabbing her tits and crushing them in his hands. Mike couldn't just stay and watch, so he positioned himself next to her mouth and made Wonder Girl lick his cock, covered with remains of his and hers cum.

"Lick me clean, Suckie. This is the best way you can use your mouth, after all"

When Gus creamed her pussy, Mike was ready for the next turn. He lubed his index finger with some spit and begin to worked it down her ass. Wonder Girl begun to panic, understanding what's his idea. But Gus forced his cock into her mouth, gagging her before she was able to say anything.

"Suck my dick, bitch" he said and silenced her. A spasm of pain crossed her body when Mike forced his cock into her ass, breaking her anal cherry. She rocked between them, having her ass and mouth plunged with big, black cocks. Sperm dripped on earth from her well fucked pussy. Soon she showed no resistance, accepting her horrible fate.

"She's a great fucktoy" admitted Gus. "She sucks my cock like a lollipop"

"Black cock is a best cure for their stupid behavior" grinned Mike. "Fuck her once and she's your cock slave for good"

"Damn, wish I could fuck Superpussy one day. She's a blonde hottie, isn't she?"

"Who knows, maybe you will. But know we need to tame this bitch for good. We don't want her surprising us with some stupid ideas"

Wonder Girl received three more brutal fucks, all her holes were properly spermed. At the end she could just beg for not beating her anymore, she sucked their cocks and spread her legs willingly. Boys patted her head as she slurped their black dicks, swallowing the sticky semen and expressing her gratitude for letting her taste it. None would recognize that such willing cocksucker was a heroine once.

Mike took his phone and made some selfies with Wonder Girl sucking his dick, Wonder Girl having her face spermed, Wonder Girl licking his balls and Wonder Girl kneeling with Gus and Mike's dicks next to her face.

They took her to the bar when she had to serve their bros. She wore a red string bikini and her nipples were pierced with golden rings. She also had to dye her hair and tan her skin. She got a tramp stamp on her back and "Sexy bitch" tattoo on her belly. All guys just called her a Suckie because of her blowjob skills and she smiled when they patted her head, calling her like that when she polished their cocks. She was too afraid to resist her cruel, black masters. Even a girls occasionally used her talented tongue to clean their pussies after sex, enjoying former super heroine eating semen from their pussies. Mike and Gus kept her costume in their house, making her to wear it as they fucked her in private. They already planned their next moves, wondering if it was just a luck or are they strong enough to tame any other super heroines.

It took Wonder Woman a time to find what happened to the Wonder Girl. She knew a little, but the trace lead her to the "Pussy Wagon", a shady bar in the ghetto. Wasting no time, she stormed inside, to see typical, dim lit bar. Everyone inside looked at her.

"Oh my, seems that Wonder Tits finally came!" said Mike, finishing his beer.

"Come on, baby, if you'll strip by your own and suck my dick, I'll spare your ass whipping" said Gus, smiling. It seems that spreading the rumors about Wonder Girl was a good idea indeed. They also posted some of the photos in the web. Instead to trying to find Wonder Woman, they managed to lure her to their favorite place. She came there, like a fly to the spider.

"Yeah, listen to us and join your fellow Suckie" Mike patted a girl that knelt between his legs. Wonder Woman's eyes went wide from shock and disbelief. The girl has tanned skin, bleached hair and hoop earrings along with cheap make up, but she recognized Wonder Girl. Even her breasts were enlarged.

"How dare you, you evil bastards..." she rushed on them, but then a big, black woman approached her. It was Debbie, she was a bar's owner. She blocked Wonder Woman's way.

"Hey, don't you dare to call my customers a names, babe. We don't like it here" she said, looking at the Wonder Woman from above.

"Get out of my way, big momma" Wonder Woman tried to push Debbie away, to reach Wonder Girl and take her from these evil men. But when she tried, she found that the fat woman is strong. She grabbed Wonder Woman by her arms, immobilizing superheroine.

"Momma, you say, babe?" said Debbie. Wonder Woman tried to break free from the iron grip of the big woman. She tightened her muscles, but Debbie wasn't eager to let her go. She bear-hugged Wonder Woman, pressing superheroine to her chest.

"Unghhhhmm!!!!" cried Wonder Woman, struggling. She kicked, trying to free herself. Debbie's iron grip was taking her breath away. She could hardly breath with her face pressed tightly to the black woman's massive chest.

Debbie held struggling Wonder Woman for a good time and she finally released her. Wonder Woman fell down on the floor. Debbie wasted no time, she sat on Wonder Woman's face.

"Mggghhhmmm!!!" left heroine's mouth, as the black woman pushed her crotch to her mouth. She slapped Wonder Woman's chest.

"Lick my dirty pussy, babe!" she purred as she slapped Wonder Woman's breasts with her strong, big palms. Diana kicked and struggled, but once again, she was on the loosen position. Debbie removed heroine's bustier and squeezed her big, round breasts, almost crushing them in her hands. Finally she felt Wonder Woman's tongue lapping her pussy.

"That's good girl..." she groaned. "Mhhhh... nice... Not as good as Suckie, but nice... Ohhh yesss... lick me, you bitch!"

Wonder Woman was in shock, she couldn't believe what just happened. But the pain Debbie caused to her breasts, made her lick woman's smelly pussy, despite the disgust. She couldn't see anything save to Debbie's big, black ass. How could this happened? He just needed a time, but to free herself she had to please Debbie with her tongue.

Debbie called two girls and told them to strip Wonder Woman's costume. Immobilized heroine kicked blindly, but Debbie twisted and turned her nipples, calling her to calm down or she'll rip her nipples. Girls quickly collected the pieces of her costume, along with her lasso. Wonder Woman lay naked, pinned to floor by Debbie. Finally, big woman came, spraying heroine's face with her juices.

She rose, looking at the Wonder Woman with contempt. Diana gasped, breathing like a fish out of water, her face was covered with Debbie's cum.

"Ellie" she called one of her girls. "Bring me Bitchtamer!"

Girl nodded and brought big, black strap on. Debbie put it on herself and spread Wonder Woman's legs. Diana noticed what's going on.

"No!!! Don't you dare!!" she cried and tried to rise, but Debbie slapped her face.

"Lay down, bitch! I'm gonna claim you now!" she said and pushed Bitchtamer right into Wonder Woman's pussy.

"Arrrgghhhh!!!!!" A loud cry echoed in the walls of the bar when the huge sex toy entered Wonder Woman's tight fuckhole. It was accompanied with laughter and cheers of the people gathered around, enjoying superheroine's fall. Wonder Woman's eyes went wide when Debbie forced the Bitchtamer deeper, spreading her pussy walls. Black woman held Diana's legs wide, fucking her with a deep, strong thrusts. She looked like a vile beast, a predator that feasts on its prey. Wonder Woman cried and sobbed, begging her to stop.

"Aaaach!! Noooo!!!! Ohhhhh!!!! Hurrrrrts!!!! My pusssssy!!!! NOOOO!!!!!"

Her naked body rocked on the floor and people gathered around cheered for Debbie. Wonder Girl looked with shock and disbelief how her mentor is brutally fucked by the fat woman. When Diana entered this place, she hoped that she'll be finally free from her misery. But all her hopes were shattered as she watched Debbie breaking Wonder Woman with Bitchtamer. She knew that no woman could endure this.

"Please!!! No morrrre!!!! It's hurrrts!!!! You're runnning my pusssy!!! Arrrrghhh!!" cried Wonder Woman.

"Enjoy your fucking, babe. Gotta tame you for good!"

"Nooo!!! Please I beggggg!!! Nooo!!! Ohhhhh!!!! Cummmming!!!!" moaned superheroine, when Bitchtamer made her cum. "Oh Hera!!!"

"One more time, babe!" smiled Debbie, thrusting even faster and deeper this time.

"Aiiiiieeeee!!!! Mercy!!! Please, have merrrrrrcy!!!"

"No mercy for stupid, arrogant cunts like you!"

Debbie forced three more mindblowing orgasms from Wonder Woman'd body. Her pussy was stretched wide and shone with juices. Superheroine panted and gasped. With a wet "plop" Debbie took the Bitchtamer off her cunt. She whispered something to Wonder Woman's ear. Diana looked at her with surprise and turned her head with disagreement. Debbie grinned, took a stool and grabbed well fucked Amazon, placing her on the lap. She begun to spank superheroine's round booty with her big palm.

SLAP!! Auuuuch!! SLAP! Aaaaaa!!! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! Plleassse!!! SLAP! No morrrre!!! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP!!! I'll doo it!!! SLAP!! Ok, please, I'll doooo it!!! SLAP!!!

Debbie tossed her on the floor, like a rag doll and rose above her. She looked like a monster standing above the weakling. Wonder Woman trembled, as she knelt in front of Debbie. Black woman looked at her with absolute dominance in her eyes. With her shaking hands, Diana removed her tiara and handled it to Debbie.

"Please... accept it..." she said, her voice trembled.


"From the... bitch... you... claimed... mistress" she finally said. Once again cheers echoed in the bar, as everyone witnessed Wonder Woman's acceptance of defeat. She knelt and kissed Deebie's boots, proving that she accepts big woman as her mistress.

"All right, Pussy, time to pay for calling these boys a names. You know what to do. And be sure to apologize your massa first" smiled Debbie, as she patted Wonder Woman's head.

Diana walked on her fours to Gus and Mike. She looked at them.

"I'm sorry for calling you names... massa" she said, bowing her head in front of the two evil men.

"And...?" asked Mike with an evil grin.

"And... please, use my body as you like..."

Soon Wonder Woman found herself between Mike's legs, sucking his cock. Gus kept Wonder Girl, making her suck his dick. Two ex-superheroines slurped dicks of the ghetto villains. They came in the same time and made both heroines kiss each other sharing the sperm in their mouths. After a long, passionate kiss, both, Wonder Girl and Women Woman, opened their mouths and swallowed the sticky loads at the eyes of the people of in the bar. They both licked their lips, just like they just tasted the most delicious thing. Wonder Woman felt Debbie's eyes on her.

"Thank you for sharing your delicious sperm with me" she said to Mike.

"Is it true that every white heroine craves for black man's cum?" he asked.

"Yes, it's true" she said, not daring to say otherwise. "We all crave for taste of your cum, masters".

Wonder Girl listened as her mentor humiliates herself. She knew that there was no hope for them now. If Wonder Woman fell, none could help them. Mike, Gus and the others in the bar fucked Wonder Woman long, but when they finished their sex marathon, Debbie took her away, to her room. She cleaned heroine and gave her two hoop earrings. Diana had to wear fishnet stockings, black high heels and fishnet gloves, nothing else. Debbie took her to the bed next. Wonder Woman grimace when a big woman made her lick her pussy again, but she was her slave now. She begun to lap hairy pussy, as Debbie moaned.

"They can keep Suckie for they own, but I'll keep you for myself, Pussy" she said, enjoying Diana's talented tongue bringing her to the beautiful climax. "Yes, I'll name you Pussy. It's short, so you'll be able to remember. And it fits, since you'll be my pussy cleaner, right?"

"Yes, mistress..." said Wonder Woman, understanding that Debbie claimed her body and soul. She was too afraid to even think about resisting or escaping. When she finished her job, Debbie embraced her and fell to sleep, enjoying the body of the women who was once called the Amazon. But now she was just Debbie's property. A Pussy.

The End


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