Wonder Woman: Dark Castle Part 1 (MF,demon,BDSM,ncon)
by Dr. Sombra

She awoke to find herself on chained to his table. She was fully dressed, her tiara, bustier, bottoms and boots all still on. As was her belt of power. Despite that, she couldn't break the bonds holding her spread-eagle on the table.

"Sing for me, my little songbird." a voice she knew said longingly. Her teeth gritted as she understood who had captured her. The Count held her chin and gazed into her eyes, almost as a lover.

Her crystal blue eyes flashed with her defiance. "Do your worst. I am unafraid to die. And you'll not get the satisfaction of hearing me scream."

"Die?" He whispered, his eyes never breaking from hers. "No, no, no my dear. Not today. Such an ignominious death would be unworthy of a Princess of Themyscira." He tenderly brushed a lock of her raven hair off her face. "No, you will be with us for a while. Even if you beg." He uttered his last sentence with a flicker of a cruel smile.

The door swung open slowly, a long shadow cast into the room. She tried to crane her neck to see what was there, but could see no more than a figure framed in the torch-light from the hallway. Unless her eyes were playing tricks on her, he was massive. From the shape of the frame she saw that it was wearing a helmet with three flanges on it. A member of the elite guard.

"Eagerness befitting a blushing bride," the count said, stroking the back of his hand up her thigh. "But you two have all the time in the world in which to get acquainted. Believe me when I tell you, princess," a hint of venom in the way he said that word, "no one will disturb you. No matter what they hear from the hallway."

With the rattle of chainmail, his heavy footfalls neared her. Even Wonder Woman was growing concerned. A bead of sweat rolled down her face now. As she was faced with the monstrous form of this hulking creature. From the moment she saw him, she feared what his beast's purpose was in her interrogation. Now she knew her fears were going to come to fruition.

The table was now being tipped up so she could face the monster head on. She craned her neck upwards. Though statuesque herself, she was intimidated by his size. The creature was at least nine feet tall. The bead of sweat grew it traced the swell of her bosom, outlining its roundness as it arced across her magnificent chest.

The bead had not been lost on the count, who finally stepped forward and wiped his middle finger down the swell of her cleavage, going deeper than necessary before scooping it out and sucking his own finger clean. He moaned as he tasted it. He had heard legends that Amazon's bodily secretions were, by divine design, sweeter than that of ordinary women. After a great deal of torture, he had elicited confirmation of this from her former flame - Steve Trevor. He had only had one experience with her but he said the taste of her sex was incomparable. Something between honey and hibiscus.

Her sweat tasted differently - saltier, he thought. Though no less delicious. He noted the strong feeling of arousal Trevor mentioned as a side effect. Not that she needed the help with how she was built. Her body could have turned on a corpse. She likely already had. "But still, excellent," he thought, "this will get things started quicker."

"Remove your helmet. Let's give the princess a look at her knight in shining armor," he said to the hulking brute. Diana watched as three heavy locks were unbuckled from the elaborate headpiece the beast wore. And slowly the helmet came off. Her breath caught in her throat as she looked up at what stood before her.

The face was burned, blackened, the features twisted and contorted in agony. What hair may once have been on top of the head was clearly singed away, replaced by skin charred to ash. But as grotesque as he looked, it was the eyes that made her want to scream. The eyes that looked down on her with a mixture of hatred and lust that she had never before seen. Many of her enemy's wished to bed her, and many wished to break her. But she had never seen anything look at her with the disgust, rage and unencumbered sexual malice that this thing had. Instantly she could see he wasn't merely willing to rape her perfect form to have her... he wanted to violate her body. He wanted to bask in her suffering and torment as he ripped his pleasure from her unwilling flesh. Despite the fear growing in her heart, she didn't make a sound. She wouldn't give him the satisfaction.

"My friend, the Beast, here. He was born with a cruel streak. His death did not relieve that. Nor did it relieve him of various physical needs he has." The count explained casually, but Diana could see his eyes were filled with lust. She was sweating in earnest now. He pulled out a handkerchief and dabbed the sweat from her brow, moving to her chest and then her abs. Despite pausing a little too long to savor the feeling of her soft flesh through the handkerchief, he was being quite gentle in the way he dabbed the sweat now dotting her whole body. But Diana did not mistake his intentions for a moment.

"The tragedy has been that he cannot relieve himself unless we give him the command. A side effect of the procedure for returning him to life after his...injuries. Unfortunately, we can't ever relieve him for long, so he gets bottled up." He finished dabbing her thighs as her powerful muscles flexed against the bonds. His handkerchief was sodden with her sweat now, and he was delighted to see real fear in the proud Amazon princess's eyes. "The trouble is, he can't seem to keep a wife very long. They all seem a bit...fragile for him." He smiled cruelly, noticing her quickening breath. "But you won't have that problem, will you my beauty? You can take all of what he has to give for quite some time before you succumb." He took his time with the last word. Savoring every syllable. Eye's closed in delight at the mental image of Diana's last moments on earth being filed with torture and torment. Then he pressed the handkerchief into the Beast's nose and mouth and ordered him "Breathe."

The effect was instantaneous, Diana saw what looked like a whip-handle in the Beasts trousers growing thicker, longer, beginning to point at her. As the Beast stiffened, his eyes rolled back in his head making his whole form more grotesque than ever. The Count lowered the table so she was again on her back. She was pulling against her bonds again, hard enough to scrape her near invulnerable skin. Grunting with the effort, she barely noted the count's face right beside hers as he whispered in her ear. He was so close she could feel his hot breath in her ear as he held her chin in place to keep her from biting him. "And Trevor told me one more thing..." the mention of one of her few former lovers making her freeze for a moment, "when you are held against your will, bound as you are can't resist a command. Must make BDSM quite enjoyable for your lovers, eh?"

She pulled at and her bonds very hard, very nearly breaking them. She blushed furiously at this evil man having gained such intimate knowledge of her body. He continued, whispering softly into her ear. "As the man who captured you, I order you to be wet and ready for whatever this beast wants from your body, for however long he wants it. Your body must respond to his every whim and desire, no matter how cruel, even if it will kill you to do so. His pleasure is now your command." Immediately her body began to react, her hips began to buck - her sweet pussy, the subject of so many songs and poems by aspiring suitors, was being forced to juice up for the Beast's ever growing cock. She may have had her powers and durability, but the sheer size of the leathery weapon between his legs was terrifying. Her mind raced trying to judge whether she could take him even once, even if he went slowly, without him tearing her wide open. And he would not be going slowly.

"Oh, and I want your mind still to experience this as a rape." he demanded with casual cruelty. One hand on her chin, the other lightly stroking her gorgeous body, sending chills through her body wherever he touched her. "And just so you know, once we're done with you, I fully intend to have every Amazon in that unused brothel you call home turned into my fuck-slave and whore. Any one of your sisters who resist can look forward to having her cunt torn to pieces with the dragon cock between his legs. That is my plan for your precious mother and sisters." His hand never stopped grazing her luscious form, and her body was delighting in his gentle caresses even as her mind screamed in horror at his plan for her beloved island home.

"As the champion of the Amazons, I would keep him entertained for as long as you have breath in your body, bitch." He kept whispering into her ear as a lover, his hot breath now making her tingle. Even as she felt the heat between her legs and coursing through her body, his words cut her like ice. "Your belt of power will remain on, with your force of will the only limit on the torment you can suffer. Just know that the longer you can endure his unending rape of your body, the longer your Amazons stay free."

She now realized the full extent of the horror that was going to unfold. The Count set her body, soul, and mind against one another. She would be pleading for death as she fought to stay alive, all the while being forced to service her rapist like a drooling little slut. "Oh gods," she whispered, breaths now heaving her ample chest, accentuating her womanly curves.

The Count grabbed her hair and forced her to look up at him. "They have deserted you." The smell of her juices reached the Beast, whose eyes snapped open and immediately locked hungrily on the prone woman before him. The Count pried Diana's legs open, ripped off her star spangled panties, and slapped her swollen, wet folds. She groaned loudly and bucked her hips in response. He began to rub her folds, and she began to whimper very softly as she tried to fight her arousal. He licked some of her juices from his hand, and had to control his desire to leap in front of the Beast and plow himself between her legs. Some things no amount of magic could control, and the kind of arousal she was stroking from within the monster was one of them. He didn't dare stake his magical control over the Beast against her charms.

He grabbed her by her hair again and forced her to look at the demonic form positioning himself between her legs. "This is now your god," he said with sadistic joy. The Beast held his leathery weapon in one of his enormous hands. As drool dripped from his mouth to her sex, he slapped his hard cock against her pussy lips. Its size was such that it felt like a police baton battering her clitorous and labia. But Diana's howl of pain was followed by her panting in arousal, her body forced by Amazon magic to meet her rapist wherever he wanted to set the sexual mark. Her mind screamed out, looking for anyone to help her. But she knew no one could hear her. She looked into his eyes, and her blood ran cold even as her skin burned with her forced arousal. She knew in the depths of her soul that the Beast was going to be cruel, and she would be forced to beg for it. And for her sisters' and her mother's sake, she would force herself to endure his savagery until it finally killed her.

The Count couldn't take any more of the intensely erotic scene unfolding before him.

He opened the door, and called out to the unseen guards in the hallway; demanding that the blonde bitch be brought to his chambers with three of his best whores. His need to sate his own cruelty was near desperate. He would be making use of the glowing green dildo the blonde had been accompanied with. She seemed quite afraid of it, and he noticed that her skin seemed to burn slightly when he brought it close to her. He was going to enjoy seeing the effect when he rammed it into her. "I hope she's a screamer." he thought to himself as he readied to leave.

The Beast lined up his gargantuan demon cock to tear into Diana's tight, divinely wet cunt. The Count pulled the heavy door. It closed slowly as he called to her "Au Revoir! Don't worry for me, my dear! Your friends will keep me warm. I'll be back to check on you in a few...days." She howled and panted again, his baton-like cock once again tenderizing her clit and sensitive pussy lips.

He saw the proud Wonder Woman bucking her hips and choking back tears in the recognition she was about to be brutally raped by his undead monster for days on end, and he couldn't help but stroke his cock through his pants. He called through the narrowing opening in the door, "One more request before your mind shatters...Sing for me, my little songbird!"

Before the audible thump of the door sealing, the last thing the count heard from the Princess of the Amazons was a single piercing scream.


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