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Wonder Woman: Club Always Wins (mF,mf,F-gang,pwp,rape)
by Greg Nails

Wonder Woman and Wonder Girl were on the run. Their targets were three young punks. Superheroines just found them when the punks assaulted some girls in the park. Wasting no time, both Wonder Woman and Wonder Girl run onto them, but they found that these boys are surprisingly fast. Having no choice, they followed them. They noticed that punks run to the building that looked like a shady club.

"Ok, we have them trapped" smiled Wonder Woman. "I will go there with a front door. You", she turned to the Wonder Girl, "Walk around and secure the back door, to cut their escape route"

They parted and Wonder woman walked inside. The music was loud, and the walls were all covered with obscene posters, with women in bondage, chains, gang banged and so on. She looked at them with disgust.

But she had a little time, because she heard "Grab the bitch!" and in the same moment she was attacked from all the directions. She couldn't count how many punks attacked her at once, but there was many of them for sure. They kicked her, grabbed her hands and legs, trying to make her fall down. She kicked some of them away with ease. She was about to use her lasso, but then she found that it was stolen.

"Aooougggh!!" she cried, when someone hit her between the legs with a stick. The hit was stronger than she expected. A bottle was smashed against her head and the liquor run on her face, making her vision blur for a while. A pair of hands grabbed her bustier and jerked it brutally, baring her firm, round breasts.

"Enough!" she cried, hitting two more punks, fighting almost blindly. But the assault continued. She lost her balance and fell down on the floor. More hands came, slapping and grabbing, she felt them squeezing her breasts and jerking her nipples. Wonder Woman couldn't believe how strong these bastards were. Her vision returned slowly. She saw a number of boys on her, with rage in their eyes. Their fists landed blows on her. She was getting weaker. Soon she couldn't fight back.

Wonder Woman struggled furiously as the boys carried her and spread her on the table. She was shocked that such bunch of brats overpowered her with ease. Four of them held her by hands and legs, while the others stripped her costume, revealing Amazon's body for the lustful eyes of their pals.

"No! This is wrong! Stop it at once!" she cried, but it had no effect. They slapped her face, silencing struggling heroine.

"Noooooo!!!!" She could a cry coming from the other part of the club. She recognized that voice - it was Wonder Girl. Her younger sidekick was pinned to the floor, while being stripped naked by another bunch of brats.

Wonder Woman's eyes went wide with shock and disbelief when she saw as one of these punks removes his trousers. She couldn't believe that these brats may have such a big cocks.

"No! Nooo! Please, not that!!! Nooooaaaaarghhh!!!", her pleas turned into cries as Tyrone, dark skinned boy rammed his big cock into her defenseless pussy. "Check my bitchtamer", he said, grinning as he looked into Wonder Woman's eyes. Boys cheered and laughed as their pal fucked the helpless superheroine, stretching her tight pussy with his veiny babymaker. As he started to ride her, Wonder Woman felt powerless like never before. A big cock rammed her pussy, ruining her pride, her power, her dignity. As she started to moan, someone forced the bottle into her mouth, forcing her to drink some vile tasting booze.

"Gulp! Gulp! Nhmmm!!! Pheasssseee!!! Arghhh!!! Guuulp! Too big... You're.... ruining... my... pussy!!!" she cried when the Tyrone used his cock to stretch her tight cunt. He closed his hands on her mammaries, squeezing them painfully hard. His fingers twisted her nipples painfully, causing one more loud cry of pain. Booze run down her throat. She was totally in their power. It all went faster than she imagined.

"You're my slut now" he said, looking into her eyes and thrusting deeper inside her moist pussy. She was shocked, because something inside her mind was telling her that this brute is right. His huge cock was all inside her pussy now. Unwanted pleasure filled her body as she found herself unable to resist the rape anymore. She rocked her body in unison with his thrusts.

"Look, the bitch seems to like it" he said and grinned, noticing how Wonder Woman stopped resisting. She was so easy to be cock whipped, he thought, increasing the speed of fucking and making her to moan even louder as he nailed her. He finally creamed her pussy with his potent seed, giving her mind blowing orgasm. A more booze was forced up her open mouth and poor heroine had no other choice but to drink more of the the cheap alcohol. A mixture of the sexual daze and alcohol was overpowering.

"You're officially spermed and claimed as our whore" said Tyrone, looking at the Wonder Woman with evil grin. She looked at him with shock. He slapped her face, grabbed the handful of her black hair and kissed her roughly to mark his victory.

"Mhhmmmmpphmm!!" she groaned, when his tongue explored her mouth. Somehow she found herself returning the kiss. Tyrone pinched her nipples. When he broke the kiss, he smiled and tossed her on the table.

"Are you gonna serve as our cumdump now?" he asked. "Answer me, bitch!" When she said nothing, he pinched her both nipples. Hard.

"Aiiieeeeee!!!" she cried, squirming and kicking on the table, boys barely managed to held her on place. He twisted her nipples. "Aaaaaaauchhh!!! Aiiieee!!! Yees! Stop it, hurrrrrts!!!! Aiieee!!! Yes, I willl!!!! I will be your cuuumdump!!! I will! Cumdump!!! Pleasssse!!!!"

Tyrone enjoyed her pain filled cries and finally released her tormented tits. He walked to her head. He grabbed a handful of her black hair and guided his cock to her mouth. Looking into her dazed, baby blue eyes, he said "Suck me, slut" with a demanding tone. He grinned as the mighty amazon opened her lips and accepted his big cock inside. In the same time another of his pals positioned himself between her legs and started fucking her moist pussy.

In the other part of the club, boys made Wonder Girl lean against the wall and used their belts to whip her ass, turning her bottoms all red. Young amazon cried and sobbed like a little girl punished by daddy.

"Auuch! Auuuuch!! Please, no more! Aaauuuuch!!! I beg you! Aauuuch! Hurrrrtsss!!! Aiiiie!"


"Are you gonna be our bukkake slut?" someone asked. Wonder Girl froze in shock, but few more slaps came. Finally, she declared that she'll be their bukkake slut. More, she begged them to cover her face with semen.

Wonder Girl sobbed as boys made her to kneel on the floor. She sucked one of them and jerked two more cocks with her palms. Surrounded by the brats, she couldn't see what was going on with Wonder Woman, but could hear her cries and moans. Was her mentor beaten, just like her? If so, there was no hope for them.

"Slurrrp... slurrrp..." she sucked the cock, being afraid to resist these evil brats, her ass was still aching after brutal whipping. Very soon she was rewarded with a first mouthful of sperm. Forced to swallow everything, poor Wonder Girl wanted to vomit, but right after one cock was taken from her mouth, the other took it's place. In the meantime two guys came on her face, shooting their loads on her cheeks and nose.

Wonder Woman world was turned upside down as she was fucked by the long line of the young brats. Their hands mauled and squeezed her big, round breasts. Cum dripped from between her wide spread legs and from her mouth as well. She lost her count of how many mouthfuls of cum she had to swallow and how many loads were loaded into her cunt. Boys released her hands and legs free, since she wasn't resisting at all. After the Tyrone fucked the resistance out of her, she let them do whatever they wanted. From time to time they poured more alcohol into her mouth to keep her like that.

"Wonder Pussy wants some more milk?" asked the boy when he shot her sperm inside her. "Answer me, slut!" he said angrily, slapping her with an open palm

"Mhhhmmm!! Yes, I need more!" she answered. "More milk for my pussy!"

"Damn, what a clumsy cow you are, Wonder Pussy" said Tyrone, looking at her debauchery. "A worthless piece of ass. And you supposed to be a superheroine. That's pathetic."

Tyrone moved to the Wonder Girl. Young amazon had her face covered with sperm after the countless blowjobs. Her grabbed her by the hair and tossed on the table, spreading her butt cheeks. She started to cry and kick in panic, but boys immobilized her quickly. "Aiiieeeeeee!!!!" her desperate cry echoed in the club when Tyrone started to ram her tight ass with his big penis. Wonder Girl's cum stained face was mask of pain and terror when the veiny cock battered her tight, virgin anal snatch. Tyrone grabbed a handful of her hair and jerked her head back while he butt fucked young heroine. At his command another boy forced the bottle of booze into Wonder Girl's mouth, forcing her to drink the cheap alcohol. She swallowed the burning liquor while Tyrone fucked her ass. Eventually she finished struggling, just like her mentor.

Cum literally flooded from the Wonder Woman's well fucked pussy. She had her boots and tiara only, everything else was taken away from her. Her face was covered with a dried semen. Boys turned her face down and took turns with her untouched ass. She moaned in the drunken haze, not resisting when her anal hole was rammed again and again.

Semi drunk and totally cock whipped, Wonder Girl was brought to the table on which lied Wonder Woman. Boys made her climb on the table and sat on Wonder Woman's face. A boy fucked Wonder Woman's cunt while she had to lick the sperm off her protegee's pussy. Very soon the two heroines were positioned in the 69, licking each others messy cunts. They were too weak and cock whipped to resist.

A morning found both heroines cleaned and dressed with their costumes, with little modifications, like holes for their asses, pussies and nipples. Wonder Girl pole danced on the stage. There was a "Wonder Slut" tattooed on her left arm. She shook her tits and ass for a watchers, listening to the lewd comments. Wonder Woman crawled through the club on her fours, with a plate on her back. The older heroine had a big dildo with a cow tail in her ass and the fake cow horns on her head. Each time someone patted her head she had to do "Mooo" in return and shook her tits. She sobbed when they called her "Wonder Cow" or "Wonder Jugs", but she was cock whipped and tamed. Wonder Woman and Wonder Girl made a fine additions to the collection of the Evil Kids Society.


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