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Date: 09.05.2018

Rating: NC-17

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Summary: Wonder Woman finds that even a beach is not a safe place.

Other Notes: English isn't my first language, but I'm learning it since a really long time, so I really hope that this story is written well enough to be posted.

Wonder Woman: Beach Troubles
by Tytus ([email protected])

Wonder Woman walked down the beach. It was warm, summer day and she was in her swimsuit only, enjoying and sun. Suddenly, a beach ball flew out of nowhere, hitting her. She almost lost her balance because of that. She stopped, looking around.

"Hey miss, care to give us the ball back?" she heard a voice and turned back to see bunch of young boys standing there and looking at her.

"Wow, I'd like her other balls to play with" smiled the tall, Latino boy as he approached surprised heroine, with his eyes on her rack. "Would you like to join us, babe?"

"Look for someone at your age, kiddo" she said, looking at him and throwing him a ball. She threw it quite fast, hoping that this brat will fall on the sand. But he grabbed the ball with ease.

"Trust me, babe, I have everything you need here" he winked, pointing his crotch. Wonder Woman's face turned slightly red, as other boys laughed. She was about to turn back when the Latino boy grabbed her arm.

"Hey, stay with us, big tits! We won't bite!"

"It's Wonder Woman for you, brat!" she looked at him with anger. But to her ultimate surprise she found that she can't free her arm from his grip.

"Wow, famous Wounder Tits herself! My name's Jacinto, friends are calling me bitchtamer" he grinned. "Wanna know why?"

"Just let me go, Jacinto" she said. "And none's gonna get hurt"

She could swear that something's wrong was going on there. Jacinto was much younger than her, but there was something in his presence that made her knees shook softly. As he tugged her with him, she finally slapped his face.

"I said let me go!" she shouted. "You should learn that when woman says no than it means no"

"Hell, bitch! You should not ever touch your master without asking. Here's your punishment!" Jacinto looked at her with anger and grabbed her bra, ripping it off. Wonder Woman instinctively covered her big, naked breasts with her hands.

Boys gathered around them, looking at the ashamed heroine and their leader.

Jacinto brought her closer to him and begun to stroke the front of her panties. She struggled, trying to break free from his hands. How could such ordinary brat be so strong, she wondered.

"Ohhhh... stoppp... touching me...." she moaned as his fingers massage her moistening pussy through the material of her panties.

"Now way, you stupid puta" he said, increasing the rhythm. Mighty heroine wiggled in his arms, unable to escape. Jacinto continued to stroke her till the humiliating moment when the Wonder Woman climaxed in front of the boys. She blushed furiously as her juices filled her panties and run down her trembling legs.

"As for the heroine, you're surprisingly easy to handle" said Jacinto, forcing Wonder Woman to kiss him. She tried to push him away, but again, she failed. Latino boy kissed her roughly and in the same time he lowered her panties, making her wet pussy visible for all.

"Mhhhmmm.... mhhmmm..." she groaned, being forced to kiss the young brat. Boys cheered and laughed, watching sexy heroine submitting to their leader. They gathered around, forming a circle that hid Jacinto and Wonder Woman from the other people.

"You're nice kisser, babe" he said, breaking the long, french kiss. "But I have a better use for this mouth of yours" with these words he made Wonder Women to kneel in front of him and presented his cock to her. She was shocked by the size of his manhood and the fact that he overpowered her so easily.

"You know what to do, Wonder Puta" he said, waving his stiff cock in front of her face. He slapped her cheeks, leaving a trails of precum on her skin.

"I will neverhhmmmhhmpmmm!!!" she tried to say something but when she opened her mouth, Jacinto forced his cock inside. He grabbed a handful of her dark, long hair and made her head move, enjoying her wet slurps and her red lips wrapped around his big dick.

Wonder Woman's eyes were filled with tears as she realized that she can't free herself from the hands of this brat. Jacinto fucked her mouth and all she could do was to obey him.

"That's my puta, suck me dry, choke and cry" smiled Jacinto, forcing his entire cock up her mouth. Holding the sides of her head, he increased the rhythm. When he finally came, he held her head, making sure that the captured heroine will swallow every last drop of his semen.

"I think it marks you as my bitch, M'I right?" he asked, looking deep into her eyes. Wonder Woman could not stand his look, since his eyes were so cold, so dominating.

"Yes..." she finally said, surprising all the boys around. Somehow they were afraid if she won't give them a beating. She was a surperheroine, after all. But now she looked completely tamed.

Jacinto made her follow him on her fours. Boys surrounded her, occasionally slapping her round butt. She sobbed, shocked of what happened and wondering if there is a way to get out of this hell. But very soon they reached a desolate part of the beach.

Jacinto made her kneel in front of him and repeat.

"My name is Wonder Puta and I pledge my absolute loyalty and obedience to my master Jacinto, my cunt, my mouth, my ass, my tits, my entire body belongs to him, since he conquered and tamed me completely."

He recorded every second of her humiliating confession with his phone, his pals did the same. Then the second part came.

"I promise I will be a good pussy for all of you. I will never hide any part of my sexy body from my master's eyes and I will crave for your semen like a good slut"

These words were hurting, much more than any wounds. Wonder Woman sobbed as he had to say all of these. Then she had to crawl to each of boys and kiss the tip of his cock, calling him her master.

This sexy show made them even more horny. They couldn't wait anymore. Soon Wonder Woman moaned, having three cocks in all her fuckholes. Boys started a long gangbang party, giving a poor heroine not a single second to relax. Her ass ached, since she never had anal sex before. Boys slapped her round buttocks and squeezed her big breasts.

It took an hours till all the boys satisfied their lust with a sexy heroine. She fell down on the sand, sperm leaked out of her pussy. She could feel her belly full of their sticky cum as well. Boys grabbed Wonder Woman by her hands and carried to the sea, to wash her body of all the spunk. When she was finally clean, they brought her back. She offered no resistance, being completely cock whipped by her bratty masters. When she saw Jacinto, she instinctively fell down on her knees in front of him. Her legs shivered from fear as her eyes met his.

Jacinto made her dress her bikini again. He made sure to drive her panties as deep between her pussy lips as possible. He also cut holes in her bra, so her dark nipples were on the full display.

"You may go now, Wonder Puta, but every Saturday you will come here to be our sex toy for the entire day. Make sure to dress slutty and sexy for your masters."

Wonder Woman bowed, understanding her fate and accepting it silently.

The End


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