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Wonder Woman: Backdoor Club (MF,oral,anal,rape,mc,pwp)
by Greg Nails

Backdoor Club earned it's bad reputation among heroines. A lot of them tried to get rid of this place, but none of the succeed. Some disappeared without trace, some returned, yet they never said anything about what happened there.

Wonder Woman decided that if there's someone that can take care of this place of debauchery, then it's she. As soon as she entered the club, surrounded by the noisy music, she recognized the girl that walked through the club, serving the drinks.

"Victorious Amazon!" said Wonder Woman. Indeed, it was one of her younger friends, one of these that disappeared in this club. But instead of her amazon outfit, she wore a playboy bunny costume. Diana was shocked. "What are you doing? And why these clothes..."

"Oh, Diana!" Victorious Amazon walked to Wonder Woman. "It's great to see you" she smiled and embraced her. Wonder Woman was taken by surprise, she had no time to react when Victorious Amazon kissed her with full tongue. She never noticed that Victorious Amazon made her swallow a small pill with this kiss.

Too late Wonder Woman noticed that something is wrong. As soon she involuntary swallowed the pill, something inside her head started to spin. Victorious Amazon lead her through the club, talking to her all the time, but all the words she was speaking were coming to Diana from the distance, she could barely understand any. Even the world around was cloudy.

When her senses returned, Wonder Woman found herself on the stage. She looked around, not understanding what actually happened to her. A guy approached her. He looked like a teenage boy, muscular and manly, yet shorter and surly younger than her. He wore jeans trousers only. Wonder Woman found herself licking her lips when she looked on his bare chest.

"Come over here, slut" he said. Despite being called a slut, Wonder Woman moved to him. It was like her legs were acting on their own will. She couldn't disobey his command. His hands were on her body, caressing her. She made a moan then another, when he rubbed his fingers against her crotch. He embraced her and made Wonder Woman kiss him. His palms groped her booty as they shared long, french kisses.

Diana was confused, ye her body was getting horny and warm. He broke a kiss and smiled, riding his finger up and down her panties, making her moan a bit more, before closing her mouth with another kiss. His tongue invaded her mouth, playing with helpless heroine. She could feel his crotch rubbing against hers, feeling his stiff manhood inside his trousers. "Rape me" by Nirvana was played as he worked on her body.

A boy dry humped Wonder Woman a little more, playing with her body, keeping her horny. Poor heroine moaned as she couldn't resist the pleasure. She knew it was wrong, he was just a ordinary brute, but he was making her feel so good. He rubbed her pussy a little more, till she finally came. A wet, dark stain formed on the front of her star spangled costume. She felt humiliated, being made to orgasm in front of all these men.

"Now, a slut is gonna serve my cock" he said and put his palm on her head, forcing Wonder Woman down on her knees. He revealed his prick to her. Wonder Woman was about to say something, but right in the moment she opened her mouth, he stuffed his cock inside.

Holding her head in his hands, boy face fucked Wonder Woman, forcing her to serve his cock. She groaned as his penis invaded her mouth, touching the back of her throat. She had no idea how he managed to make her submit to his perverted urges. There was no way she'd willingly do such disgusting stuff. But she was actually doing that. And her body enjoyed every second of it. She barely noticed that the tune changed, it was "My Sharona" now.

He moaned as her mouth did the magic on his dick. Her tongue licked the shaft while she sucked him like a pro. His ball sack slammed against her chin, drool leaked from the corners of her mouth. Finally, a boy came. He held her head tightly, making her swallow his sperm till the last drop. Wonder Woman found herself humiliated like never before. He put the cock off her mouth and use her long, black hair to wipe it clean.

"A slut accepted my cum inside her mouth. Do we need any more proofs?" he smiled as he yanked her hair, making Wonder Woman to rise from her knees. He tugged the top of her costume away, baring her breasts. She started to moan as soon she his hands closed on her tits. He played with her puffy nipples, pinching them. One of his hands went down, to caress her crotch even more.

"A slut is all wet and horny, her nipples are hard as diamonds. She is ready to be fucked" he said.

"But first, we need to make her understand her position."

He tossed Wonder Woman on her fours and placed his boot in front of her. "Kiss it" he said with a commanding tone.

Wonder Woman would never do something like this. Well, not till today. She lowered her head and begun to kiss the boot. Her entire world was turned upside down as she was fully aware of her actions, yet she couldn't stop it. She was serving the man just like a slave. Soon the boot shone brightly with her saliva.

"Give me your panties, slut"

With her trembling hands, Wonder Woman stripped lower part of her costume and offered it to the boy. He waved the trophy to the cheering crowd and then put it into his pocket and smiled.

"Lay down, slut and ask me to fuck you"

She positioned herself on the floor, with her legs spread wide. Inside her mind she screamed to stop this madness. But she couldn't disobey the orders.

"Please, fuck my pussy!" she said, spreading her pussy wider with her fingers. A boy positioned himself between her spread wide legs and sunk his dick into her wet fuckhole. Wonder Woman started to moan as might cock rammed her womanhood. Her virginity was taken away with a sharp pain. Boy grinned, riding the helpless heroine, giving her more of unwanted pleasure. His hands squeezed her big mammaries.

Wonder Woman's world turned upside down as she fucked on the scene. Lustful eyes of the mob watched her fall. There was nothing she could do to stop this madness. With each thrust, her body trembled with pleasure. Finally she begun to moan wantonly, her pussy clenched on the guy's cock as she wrapped her long legs around her rapist. Soon she was embracing him as his dick robbed her from all strength and willpower. He fucked her faster and faster till the final moment.

A boy came like a river, shooting his load deeper into her defenseless cunt. She felt being spermed, but in the same time intensive orgasm shook her body. He held her tightly, making sure all the cum was pumped inside her body. Finally, he released her. Wonder Woman fell on the scene, with a cum dripping from her well fucked pussy.

He grabbed a handful of her black hair and guided her mouth to his cock. Wonder Woman begun to clean the member with her tongue. Audience cheered, enjoying her ultimate fall. Two women entered the stage. They grabbed Wonder Woman and took the remains of her costume, save to her tiara. They made her wear six inch red heel, fishnet stockings, crotchless panties, red corset and nothing more.

"And now" he said "the moment you were waiting for..."

"Backdoor her! Backdoor her!" chanted the audience. He grinned as he made Wonder Woman lean against newly brought stool and present her round, hot ass for their hungry eyes. Poor heroine trembled, she could imagine what his plan was, but she could do nothing to prevent him from doing so. She felt his palms spreading her ass cheeks.

Her cries echoed in the club's walls when her tight ass was assaulted by the big cock. Boy stole her anal cherry with a deep thrust, nailing moaning heroine onto his dick. The anal fucking was long and painful, stealing everything what remained of Wonder Woman's pride and willpower. Her magnificent tits jumped with every thrust, crowd whistled and cheered, enjoying her ultimate humiliation.

Rapist came in her mouth, filling it with his warm seed. Diana made a loud "Yeaaaargggghhh!!", being finally cock whipped. She felt powerless, buttfucked for good. The backdoor club earned it's name again.

"I give you... a Wonder Whore" said the man and tossed confused, redressed Wonder Woman in the crowd. Hundreds of hands grabbed her before she was able to do anything, she found herself on her fours, with cocks stuffed inside her holes. Dick after dick, load after load, it was a long and painful night for a mighty heroine. She couldn't count how many gallons of sperm was loaded inside her.

A morning found Wonder Woman in the dumpster nearby, naked save to the high heels only. Laying in the pile of the stinking trash, all sticky with dried cum, with a chloroform soaked rag in her mouth and two big, spiked vibrators working furiously in her ass and pussy, she looked like a sorry excuse of the super heroine. Someone wrote "Backdoor club victim #15" with a magic marker right on her forehead. Cockwhipped and humiliated, she was soon found by some winos who had even more fun with her. When she finally returned home, she promised herself that she'll never try to check this place again.


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