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Date: 11.05.2018

Rating: NC-17

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Summary: Wonder Woman finds that she shouldn't underestimate some thugs.

Other Notes: English isn't my first language, but I'm learning it since a really long time, so I really hope that this story is written well enough to be posted.

Wonder Woman: Back Street Boys
by Tytus ([email protected])

"Pleasssseeee!!! Sttooopp!!! By Heraaaaaa!!" cried Wonder Women as the teenage boy held her on his lap and spanked her round booty. She kicked her legs furiously but it could not stop the brat from punishing sexy Amazon.

"SLAP! SLAP! SLAP!" echoed in the dirty street. Three more boys surrounded them, laughing as the watched one of the most respected heroines, a symbol of the feminism, being spanked like a little girl.

"Give this cunt what she deserves, Mike!" , "Make the bitch pay!" they cheered leader of their gang. Wonder Woman could just sob as she watched these humiliating comments.

She captured these brats on molesting girls in this area. She came here to give them a lesson and to teach the how to respect the women. Instead they were giving her lesson about their superiority. She could not understand how it could happened.

She was about to give them a lecture by the attacked her from all directions. Wonder Woman tried to fight carefully, to not cause any serious wounds to these young men. Soon she paid for her mistake, since boys overpowered her. It seemed to be some kind of nightmare, yet she couldn't shook them off her. Very soon she found herself on the lap of the gang's boss.

"Do you understand who's your master, bimbo?" asked Mike as he paused the spanking and looked into Wonder Woman's eyes.

"Don't call me bimbo, you bastardaaaaaaaah!!!" she said and in the same moment Mike slapped her face.

"Looks like bitch needs more" he said. "Tom, give me your belt"

He pal handled him a leather belt.

"Swiiiissh!!!" was heard as the belt crossed the air and hit Amazon's booty.




The pain was excruciating. Tears run down Wonder Woman's face as Mike continued to punish her, using the belt to turn her ass completely red. He finally paused and looked into her eyes again.

"How about this, bimbo? Are you gonna change your pea sized mind now?"

"Pleassse...." sobbed Wonder Woman. "No morrree..."

"So, are you about to understand your position, Wonder Bimbo?"

"I'm sorry..." she sobbed. "I should not tried fighting you..."

"That's right, girls not fighting boys" smiled Mike. "Say it"

"Girls... are not fighting.... boys" she said with a breaking voice, causing much laughter.

"Bitch learns her role quickly" said Tom. "You have to call every man your master, bimbo"

"Yes..." said Wonder Woman.

"Yes what, you cunt?" asked Tom, waving his belt in front of her face.

"Yes, master" she corrected herself quickly.

Mike released her and told her to undress. Wonder Woman shivered as she did what she was told, stripping her costume, till she was in her boots and tiara only. She was shocked since she couldn't find enough strength to fight these brats.

"On your knees, bimbo!" command was made and Wonder Woman feel on her knees. Mike waved his cock in front of her face.

"Suck it, slut!"

"Yes, master..." she said and opened her mouth, accepting Mike's cock inside. Teenage bully grabbed a handful of her dark hair as he made Wonder Woman suck his cock till the moment she made him cum.

"Guullp... slurrrp..." tears run down her cheeks as she had to swallow him sperm. Taste was so vile and her situation was more humiliating than anything she ever experienced. But just when she finished, she saw another cocks awaiting her service. Crawling from one brat to another, she obediently sucked their big manhood.

"Oh master..." she moaned when Tom rubbed his cock against her red lips. He shot his load on her face, smiling as he watched his cum dripping down Wonder Woman's face.

"Now, bimbo stand up and ask us nicely for some serious fucking" said Mike, looking at the Wonder Woman's sperm smeared face.

"Please, master..." she said with a trembling voice. "Not that... I sucked my masters cocks, so please..."

"Tom, your belt! Looks like bimbo needs more lesson!"

"Pleassseee!! No! No spanking!!!" cried Wonder Woman. "Pleassssee, masters!!!"

"One more chance, bimbo or I'll make you ass so red that you won't be able to sit for the next month" his cold eyes were pointed at her.

"Yes, master... please... could you... fuck me?" she could not believe they made her to say so.

Soon after Wonder Woman was moaning loudly as the Mike fucked her. She stood there, leaned against the dirty wall as the teenage brat's cock penetrated her tight pussy, making her groan with unwanted pleasure.

"Ohhhh!! Masssster!!! Oooooh!!!" she moaned. Mike enjoyed every second of rough dicking of the once proud heroine. He fucked her as hard as he could.

"Maaaster... massster... I'm.... cummingggg!" she moaned as Mike made her cum right in the same moment her loaded his sperm into her pussy.

"Hope I impregnate you, slut" he said, pulling his cock off her wet pussy. "Any takers?" he said, looking at his pals. He hadn't ask them twice.

"Oooohh.... oohhh!!!" her moans echoed in the street as boys, one after another, fucked her, driving defeated heroine crazy from endless orgasms. She lost her count, had no idea how many times they cum inside her, since their sperm already leaked out of her battered pussy.

"Hey, bimbo, you forget about calling me master!" said the boy that fucked her, slapping her booty with his open palm.

"Ohhh, yes master, I'm sorry master!!!" she moaned as he continued to fuck her and spank her simultaneously. "Ohhhh... master...."

Finally boys were completely spent, fucking sexy superheroine for a long time. Wonder Woman lay on earth, cum leaked down her well fucked pussy. Mike made her kneel and took his phone.

"Have anything to say, bimbo?"

"I'm sorry... for being stupid cunt... who tried to fight her masters..." she said and fat glob sperm escaped from her well fucked mouth as she was saying so. "I will never dare to stand against any man, since I know that I'm good for nothing bimbo"

"Time to put the trash where it belongs" said Mike and stuffed the half rotten banana into her mouth, gagging poor heroine. The taste was horrible, she was about to vomit, but there was no other choice for her but to chew and swallow the disgusting thing. Boys tied her hands and legs and carried her into the trash dumpster. Before they tossed her inside, Tom grabbed the empty bottle and forced it between Wonder Woman's legs. Finally, surrounded by the laughter of the boys, she fell down, right into the soft stinking, sticky mess of the garbage.

The End


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