WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the characters, comic books, franchises, places etc depicted or referenced within. Fantasy is legal. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence. I am making no money off the writing of this story. I do not own DC Comics or any of its characters.

Starring: Donna Troy

Codes: Cons, MF, Oral, inter.

Teen Titans: Gotham City Whores Part 6
An erotic DC Comics fan-fiction story.
by DaxG2001 ([email protected])

"You know Sir... Making sure the cops aren't going to be in the area is child's play... But how about me and a couple of the other Sirens make sure that there's someone who stops by that you can 'recruit' to the team?"

Watching his men load the last of the crates of smuggled goods onto the truck, Samuel Tud smirked as he remembered the words of what his personal hacker (and often now human sex toy) Batgirl had offered him. His well trained babes would do anything for him. Break a law here and there. Fuck a client in the back rooms. Even put a beating onto some thug who was stepping on his turf. He did notice that the girls he had on his 'roster' would also be very willing to offer a lot more than just their holes. Even if it meant lying to a close friend. Well, from how Huntress and Black Canary have settled in just like Batgirl? He was sure the rest of their friends, and perhaps an enemy or two, would soon follow suit.

It was good for him to get his 'hands dirty' once in a while. If he got dirt on his custom tailored suit and shoes then so be it. He'd just go and buy another one, or three. Sure, he ran a tight ship and kept his men well paid with the odd benefit here and there. But what kind of a criminal boss would he be if he didn't go on one of these trips to ensure everything went as planned? You could never be too sure... But expecting an interruption was the main reason he was out here tonight, even if he didn't tell his gang that. Need to know basis and all that...

"Stop right there you criminals!" A sharp female voice warned as a stunning, dark haired female floated down from the warehouse beams. Her outfit looking like a bodysuit with a low cut neckline, wonderfully showing off her large breasts and hugging nicely to her thick backside. Shining silver bracelets on her wrists, and a silver coloured sash-like belt around her waist. A black choker around her neck and glimmering crescent moon earrings. It wasn't just her appearance that was gorgeous, but literally her outfit was dazzling - appearing to contain several blinking stars and constellations as if it was otherworldly on its own.

"Donna Troy..." Samuel spoke with a smirk, moving off the wall and calmly walking forward, making sure to get between his stunned gang, some having already drawn what weapons they had with them, and the new arrival.

"You speak my name as if you know it..." Donna replied, a focused look on her face with the clear intentions of taking down these criminals. "Who are you??"

"Me? Heh... The name is Samuel Tud... I'd introduce my boys here..." He looked back at his crew. "But they've got to get these 'toys' back to the safe-house. Catch you later..." He said, giving a wink.

"H-hey! I said stop!!" Troy yelled, seeing the men, some reluctantly, moving towards the truck. "I will not let you get away!" She spoke, levitating off the ground to use her superpowers of flight to her advantage.

"Hold up girl! Leaving so soon?" Tud questioned, smirking as he looked her over. "Don't you want to know who tipped you off to come here in the first place?"

Donna hesitated, caught off guard by that remark. "That... Wait, you knew I would be here?" She questioned, raising an eyebrow.

"Something like that..." Tud said, reaching into his suit pocket and ignoring the defensive stance taken by Troy as he did so. Producing a smart phone device and flipping it open. Confidently and calmly walking forward towards her, a move that would mean certain doom for another other crook but had the effect of once again throwing the woman once known as Wonder Girl off her game plan. "Take a look at this honey..." He said, holding up the screen to her.

"W-what?!?" She stuttered, eyes widening as she read the e-mail message on the screen. The exact same one she'd gotten that was the tip off to this criminal activity. Word for word exact at that. There was no possibly way this could be a coincidence. "How did... There's no way!" She gasped, looking to him still in shock.

The muscular, black man chuckled, bringing his phone back to swipe and tap to another section. "Maybe you recognise this lady?" He said, passing the device this time over to her to hold. "She helped do a little hacking to get that message to you."

Now Donna's jaw dropped in complete shock. On the screen a picture taken 'point of view' style of the unmasked Batgirl Barbara Gordon staring up lustfully at whoever was holding the camera. Oh, and she just so happened to have a massive, thick black cock deep between her lips at the same time. No doubt the reason for both the mess of saliva across her mouth and on that cock, and why dark streaks of ruined eye-liner was down both her cheeks.

"My... By the Stars!!" Donna gasped, staring so intently at the shocking scene that she wasn't even registering the running motor across the warehouse as the truck and the gang members made their getaway. "This... How can this... S-some kind of trickery?!" She stuttered, sounding like she was trying to come up with an excuse for how this evidence of filthy actions, let alone a so-called heroine actually being a secret villain, could be.

"Here honey... Try this picture..." Samuel said, moving beside her and rather boldly reaching in, swiping the screen to show a new image. This time of the completely naked Batgirl on her back, legs spread wide and taking that same fat black pipe into her wet looking pussy while she grips her own tits. A clear look of pleasure stuck onto her face as she looks at the man both fucking her and taking that lewd picture.

This time Donna just stared, her hands twitching just slightly out of reflex as she tried to process what she was looking at. Not able to form words but tellingly taking a large gulp of her own spit in a failed attempt to calm herself. This kept a smirk on Tud's face as he reached down, slowly unzipping his pants so he could fish out his big black dick - the same one that was fucking Batgirl in that very picture. Taking the opportunity to stroke himself and gazing himself but not at his picture - at the large, sexy rack on display from the gorgeous crime-fighter standing next to him.

"Don't believe me girl? Maybe you want to take a look at this instead?" Tud said to grab her attention, just as he did grabbing of his own to snatch his phone out of her grip.

"W-what do you... BY ARES' AXE!!" She gasped again in shock, seeing that thick piece of man-meat he was pumping. Revealing in that instant she was looking at by far the longest and fattest cock she's ever seen in not just her life, but any of her lives.

"What? Just figured you wanted to see that dick that Batgirl loves to fucking suck and get fucked by..." Samuel grins, seeing exactly the reaction he'd expected from her. "In case you thought it was some Photoshop shit or some shit..."

"It's... That's huge!!" Troy stated the obvious, staring in awe as she turned to face him, bending over forward just ever so slightly for a better look. "How... How can any normal, mortal man possess such a thing??"

"Heh... Maybe I ain't so normal after all..." He chuckled again. "Listen honey... How about a deal? I'll tell you exactly how I... Hmmmm?"

He was about to spin a line to get to have his wicked way with this stunning woman, but she actually invited herself to get the perverted ball rolling. Reaching down to hold his rock hard length in her hand, gently running up and down to test him. "No magic... This is real!" Donna marvelled in a hushed tone. Her eyes locked onto that rod as she slowly lowered herself downward, getting into a squatting position and at the same time giving the man she was in front of an even better view of her deep cleavage. "The size... The thickness... And the colour too... It's... It's enticing..." She admitted, sounding as if she'd been hypnotised just by the sight of this huge cock. Letting her hand roam up and down him before she finally looked up him. "I... I simply must sample this cock! I must!" She said, sounding like she wasn't planning on taking no for an answer here either.

"Shiiiiiiiiit... Damn girl! Knock yo' self the fuck out and go for it!" He grinned, pleasantly surprised by the willingness of this super heroine but since it was what he wanted out of her all along, he happily rolled with it. He was soon rewarded with not just that pumping hand, but her leaning her dark haired head in so she could start to run her tongue across the tip of his pole. "Mmmmm... You ain't one for messing around either huh? Mmmm... I like that in a chick..." He said, moaning his approval as he watched that tongue probe over the top of his bell-end. Soon exploring around it for a swirling motion all the way around. Her hand still stroking off the shaft as she did so. A slight groan escaping her as she pulled briefly away, only to go straight back in with around lick around the crown before once again siding over the slit.

"I... It's been so long, t-too long... Since I've been satisfied..." She stated with surprising honestly, as if her eagerness to get a piece of this huge dick wasn't an indication already of apparent sexual frustration. Whatever the reason, she was certainly down for some action here. Proven by how her next move was to take not just that bell-end but a couple of inches between her full and lovely lips. "Mmmmmphhh!! Mmmmm..." Causing herself to groan as her lips stretched around the thickness, and the hunk getting this to moan with a grin as she started to work her oral hole onto his manhood. Sliding downward, just meeting her hand that carried on stroking his vast inches, before smoothly raising upward. Teasing pulling off but stopping just mid-way on the crown so she could venture back down with another muffled groan as she took that fat rod into her mouth.

"Mmmmm... Yeah... Suck that fucking dick Donna..." Tud said, watching the Amazonian start to bob her gorgeous white face up and down on his big black cock. Loving the feel of those ripe lips grinding back and forth along his fuck-stick. As well her nicely warm and damp mouth which already felt very accommodating to his size even at this early stage. "Ahhhhh yeah... Fuck girl... For a girl who ain't been gettin' the good stuff... Mmmmm... You suck dick real nice!" He said back-handedly as he watched his inches be slurped in to vanish between her lips before soon reappearing as she used a steady and very pleasurable rhythm on his dick. Feeling her saliva start to be applied onto his member from the motion that from his experience did not appear to be from a woman who was a novice to dishing out oral sex.

"Mmmmmphhh... Mmmmmm! Mmmmm hmmmmm..." The stunner who has been aligned with the Teen Titans and Justice League of America continued to groan as she sucked on the cock of a man she has only just met. Yet is fulfilling sinful desires of her own onto him. Acting in a very far from heroic fashion as she slurps away with a round of steady bobs. Saliva starting to seep past her already glossed over lips to trickle down her chin. Not appearing to be a concern for her as she uses her free hand to brush back her long, dark hair away from the face. Unintentionally perhaps making the sight of her sucking cock even hotter with that clear view of her gorgeous facial features.

"Mmmmm!! Fuck... Hey girl... Mmmmm! Look up here sugar... Smile for the fucking camera..." Tud grinned, holding up the smart-phone he remembered he was still holding, and staring down through the image of the screen produced by the camera. A button press snapping a picture of the heroine with her mouth half-way down onto his cock and her hand gripping the base of his dark man-meat. "Ahhhhh... Yeah, keep fuckin' suckin' girl... Mmmmm!" He said with the cockiness to make it sound more like an order than a request. Taking full advantage of this already lustful state of the beautiful woman as indeed, she doesn't stop blowing his cock with slow, steady and smooth sucks. Even as she gazes up and can clearly see that photographic evidence of her sucking cock is being taken.

"Mmmmmm!! Mmmmmm..." A moan muffled around the dick she's blowing, an indication that there's no objection to this sudden dirty turn of events. In fact, seemingly turned on as she switches her grip. Just a couple fingers around the base of him to slide even more of those fat inches into her mouth. Making him groan out in delight as her mouth hungrily and skilfully takes in far more cock than even the most experienced of porn slut could handle. "Mmmmmm... Hmmmmmphhh mmmmm..." Saliva now dripping off both her chin and the shaft she's working off. Strands breaking off and landing into her cleavage and the exposed tops of her big tits. Only making them look even hotter considering the outline of her hardened nipples can just be seen though her starry outfit.

"Mmmmm! Shit girl... You'se a sexy little freak, aren't you?" Samuel chuckled as he snapped another pic of the blowjob going on that's making him moan.

With a loud 'pop' she lifted her head up and off, licking her lips as she gazed at the shaft she'd had deep in her mouth. "No... It's you... You are already one of the few who have actually lasted beyond mere oral sex..." Donna said, sounding again like she was in some kind of sex-driven trance. "I... I cannot explain it... I just must... Have this cock! I must..."

"Then your wish is my fuckin' command girl..." Tud said with a perverted smirk, stepping back. "Get that little outfit of yours off, and then get your fine ass over to that wall there and stick it out for me!"

With a shockingly quick nod of agreement to the nod, she stood up from the warehouse floor and reached back behind her neck. Sliding the shimmering attire of her bodysuit, sash and all, slowly down her curvaceous frame. Her large, rounded tits bouncing free as she pushed down, and soon enough showing off her already looking a little wet snatch, completely shaved and already looking very inviting as she stepped out of it to leave her in just heeled boots, her earrings, bracelets and the choker around her neck.

"Are... Are you still intending to take... Picture of me while we... Engage in this new act?" She asked, glancing back at the hunk following her as she moved as instructed over to the bare brick wall. Placing her hands on the wall as she bent over, legs nicely spread and in perhaps uncharacteristic to her usual heroine nature openly offering up herself to the handsome man she's only just met.

"Damn fucking right I am..." Tud replied, before letting his actions speak for him. Using the free hand to line up his cock with her entrance without even bothering to put on a condom before. A firm push easily sending his inches nicely deep into the warm, wet and tellingly welcoming love tunnel of the latest crime-fighter he's managed to willingly offer up sex. "MMMM... Oh fuck yeah!! God DAMN!! MMMMM... That's some good shit there..." He groaned with approval. Feeling how snug her vaginal walls are around his fat length - a sensation that to many a normal red blooded male would be more than enough to make them cum prematurely. However he's got much, much more in his tank so starts to use it. Drawing his hips back for the first steady pump that gets them both moaning out clearly and notably shamelessly.

"OH FUCK!! MMMM... That's!! Oh!! Mmmmm..." The woman some call the original Wonder Girl gasped in erotic approval as he felt her pussy getting filled up quite unlike any prior sexual encounter before. Looking back over her shoulder at the muscular criminal taking her from behind with still that same look of lust she'd had the moment she spied that huge dick of his. The same shaft now thrusting in and out of her pussy with force enough already to make her rock forward towards the wall she's leaning against. "MMMM... Oh yes!! MMMM!! That's... OH FUCK... Already so good! MMMM!!" She admitted. A brief glance up at him when she hears the electronic click of his camera-phone as a picture of her in the act is recorded. Unfazed, her attention then going downward towards her rump to watch his crotch pushing towards and then sharply back from her backside as he works deeper into her needy, wet snatch.

"MMMMM... Guess the limp dicks you work with... AHHHHH... Can't give this fucking fine body of yours... MMMM!! The fuckin' you deserve..." He says tauntingly, loving not just the tight feeling of her love tunnel all around his dick. But how she's so easily and willingly giving up her holes to him despite the short time they've actually met. Unsurprising to him off course, having done the same to some of her just as stunning fellow crime-fighters before this point. For the moment though all his attention is quite rightly on this Amazon beauty. Staring down to watch his fuck-stick vanish completely into her folds before a few inches reappear as he repeats the motion. More than enough force applied to make her butt cheeks jiggle from the impact of his body meeting her curvy frame, let alone send her rocking forward but showing off her own strength and ability she easily stays steady in position bent over.

"MMMM!! No... AHHHHH FUCK!! Mmmmmm!! No th-they could n-not..." Troy stuttered out her reply in between moans of pleasure, and sounding just a hint bitter about it too. The sexy smack of skin meeting skin ringing out when his balls connect off of her slick pussy each time he drives forward. Her twat getting stuffed full far beyond not just any fuck she's had in the past, but seemingly than she'd ever fantasised possible from the O-shape her mouth makes when she loudly moans. "MMMMM... More... AHHHHH... D-don't... MMMM!! Don't stop yet..." She says, casting another longing and lusty look back at the built hunk banging her from behind. Her practically naked frame contrasting with his still fully clothed state. Only his zip down so her can feed every inch of his huge, black dick straight in and out of her tight and wet white pussy.

Smack! Click. Smack! Click. A combination of sounds to mix with the moans both are letting out as even while giving it to this beautiful super heroine he's still making sure to snap some 'memories' of the occasion as he goes along. Whether it's upward to the moaning, pretty face of the woman he's balls deep in, or down at that juicy, round ass to see his member pumping away into her box. Only unable to see her huge breasts swaying in time with the jolts of her body as they hang underneath. Every picture was an erotic prize winner, and perhaps more importantly a potential future aid for when he meets another similarly powerful beauty so he can get them to offer up their bodies to him just like this stunner has.

"OH MMMM!! Yesssssss... Ahhhhhh!!" Donna groaned, ready seemingly for plenty more but left to groan in obvious disappointment when the man behind her pulls out of her snatch. "I said don't stop!!" She snapped, for the first time glaring and making her anger clear as she pushes off from the wall to stand up straight.

"Feisty huh?" Unfazed Samuel just smirks as he holds himself. I just wanted a new position girl... Like you with your back against that wall while I ram the shit out of yo' fine fuckin' pussy there!"

"...In that case, you are forgiven." Troy responds with a saucy smirk of approval. Stepping back, before utilising her flight powers once again to lift herself off the floor. Not even looking back as she floats into position, her back resting against the cold brick behind her while she spreads her legs wide apart to show off that wet and already nicely fucked pussy.

"Daaaaaaaamn... Skills like that are gonna be real handy back at the club..." He grinned back as he stepped forward, lining his dick up with her folds and using another firm pump to drive all the way into her with a slap as his crotch met hers. Barely able to moan before she all too eagerly wrapped her legs around his waist. Ensuring he was snugly in and going nowhere. Not that he was planning on doing anything else other than begin to fire off a round of hard and deep pumps, causing her to cry out louder in delight than before as her body started to jolt upward in response to his stiff thrusts.

"AHHHHHH FUCK!! Oh fuck!! FUCK MMMMM!!" The dark haired beauty groaned out, her luscious tits pressed against the suit-covered chest of the hunk she was wrapped around. Her arms up and back on the wall she was being fucked against and her eyes clothes as the pleasure of this rough pace, never mind the deeply penetrating position, already started to overwhelm her. "M-more!! AHHHHH SHIT!! MMMMM YES!! F-FUCK!!" She called for more, even as she was getting it balls beep already. The sweat starting to form across that stunning body as it jolted upward with every stiff pump she took. Her snatch still tight around his thickness but more than wet enough to allow the motion to be swift and smooth to both of their moaning delight.

"MMMMM... Hell yeah girl... AHHHHH FUCK!! Gonna give it... MMMMM... To ya real fucking good!" He vowed with the kind of cocky grin that could only come from a man of his dirty word. One hand on the wall by her for support, the other still holding the camera to the side so he could watch from the 'selfie' camera at himself fucking one of the hottest and most powerful Teen Titans members of all time. "MMMM SHIT... A chick like you... UHHHH!! With a fucking body like this? Fuck fighting crime! MMMMM... You need to be fucking my big... Fucking... Dick!! All fucking night!" He said, deeply grunting as he drove his shaft straight upward into her slick snatch like it was already his property. From the loud moans she was letting out each time he either pushed his rod in or pulled a few inches out of her, he was already well on the way to breaking her sexually just like he'd already done to some of her fellow heroines.

"OH FUCK YESSSSSS... MMMMM!! Keep... AHHHH!! Keep... FUCKING ME!! MMMMM!!" She begged. A glazed over look in her eyes as she stared upward at the warehouse roof but unable to focus on anything from the pleasure rippling through her. Her voluptuous white body jolting away on the fat black cock pounding away into her snatch. Making her big tits rub against the clothed but clearly muscular chest of the hunk she's both impaled on and wrapped around with her legs. "OH FUCK... MMMMM FUCK... G-Gonna... OH SHIT! YES MMMMM... Gonna cum!! MMMMM GONNA CUM!!" She announced with what sounded like pride mixed in with all her loud moans and very less than heroic language. A big smile plastered on her lips as her long dark hair shook in time with the jolts her body was doing. Taking with ease the kind of intense banging that would render a normal woman unable to walk straight for several days. Yet has obviously been a fucking she's long desired but was never able to get from anyone before on the 'good' side of the law.

Hearing that only encouraged him to keep up driving his shaft all the way up into her box. Not missing a beat with his pumps even when he looked to the side to snap a picture of himself grinning as he fucked this Amazonian beauty. Slight beads of sweat appearing on his forehead from the effort he's been using to slide his manhood in and out of her still tight but soaking wet now pussy. Nothing compared to layer covering the woman he's taking against this warehouse wall. Able to look across and see strands of her long dark hair stuck to her gorgeous face to add to the filthiness of the occasion. In fact, a sight that he made sure to take a snap of as well for good measure just for the sinful Hell of it.

"AHHHHHH FUUUUUUUCKK!! OH SHIIIIIIITTTT AHHHHH MMMMMM!!" Donna Troy almost squealed out as she came loudly and hard on the black cock of the man driving into her. If not for the wall she was pinned up against she may have slipped off of that pumping pole from the flood of juices that escaped her love tunnel. Even with her usual superhuman strength, she was experiencing such mind-blowing pleasure her legs surprisingly gave away from around his body. "UHHHHH!! MMMMM... MMMMMM FUUUUUUUCKK... AHHHHH... Mmmmmmm!!" She gasped out, eyes fluttering like she was getting dizzy from the pleasure piercing through her body. Not getting any rest either as she was made to feel every intense moment of her orgasm as, far from finished with her, Tud continued to send his dick all the way into her snatch even as her moans finally started to lower in volume and pitch. Making sure himself that she gets the first of what he plans will be the best sexual highs she'll ever get, and only get from him at that.

"MMMMM... FUCK! Fuck girl!" Samuel laughed as he finally eased off his pumped, causing her to gasp in slight relief when he pulled out of her snatch. "You were fucking backed up or what down there?" He said, but showing he wasn't caring for the answer as he moved to set her down to rest back against the wall she'd just been fucked against.

Just staring at him for a moment with eyes full of desire, she suddenly grabbed him by the suit jacket, and in one sudden motion sent him down with a thud onto the warehouse floor. Impact enough that left him groaning as dust flew up around him. "We. Are. NOT. Finished!" She announced with a lusty grin. Tapping into her flight powers once more to move off from the wall and hover above him. Intentions clear as she lowered downward towards his still rock hard cock as it pointed up and straight.

"You took the words out of my fuckin' mouth girl!" Tud grinned, seeing the clearly cock-craving state this heroine was now in. Happily laying back and using both hands to hold his camera. Looking through the screen to watch that dripping wet twat ease downward onto his cock, snapping away to make that clicking sound mix in the air with both of their moans even before she sinks down to meet his base. "MMMMM... Oh FUCK YEAH... MMMM!! Fucking get yo'self some slut!! MMMM!!" He groaned the encouragement even with the dirty talk. A smile stuck on his face as he witnessed her start to ride his cock but doing so not strictly with the movement of her curvaceous body. Instead those powers of flight used to make herself rise like an elevator upward all the way to almost the crown of his tool, before allowing gravity to take normal control as she sharply dropped down.

"MMMMM!! FUCK YES... UHHHHH!! FUCKING... MMMMM!! Like a s-slut!! MMMM!!" The woman who has been a part of the Justice League of America and the Teen Titans hissed out in joy at the feeling of the biggest cock she's ever taken in her life once again stuffing her wet snatch full. Looking more like indeed a black dick loving white whore, albeit a super powered one, than the respected and powerful heroine she's supposed to be. "UHHHH!! Feels... MMMMM!! So... FUCKING GOOD!! OH FUCK!! MMMMM..." She moaned and smiled, staring down at the man she's riding and showing no issue at all with how he's openly capturing countless pictures of this wild sexual act. Using the power of flight she gained through divine empowerment for extremely sinful actions to take this huge dick in and out of herself.

The moans both of them are letting out are proof neither care about how wrong this is supposed to be - him the perverted crime boss, and she the super heroine who should be bringing him to justice. Instead she's willingly being a horny slut to the man she's only just met, but has already blown, been fucked to the point of orgasm, and now is riding him in a way that simply no normal woman could possibly do. Completely elevated off the ground he's laying on underneath her with not a single part of her sweat-covered, curvaceous body touching the floor. Just her wet and tight snatch clamped around his tool as she resists the pull of gravity to move herself up and down on the thick man-meat she's become addicted to.

"MMMMM FUCK... I'm gonna... UHHHH!! Get a couple of these fucking framed... AHHHHH... For my fuckin' office..." The still fully clothed stud comments rather too casually. Referring to the pornographic pictures he's still taking of the sexual act going on that's making him moan out again and again with every upward or sharp downward motion she delivers. Not even giving the respect of looking directly right at the super powered stunner riding him. Instead through the screen of his camera device with the click ringing out each time he takes a new but just as red hot as the last snap of her working over his dick. With plenty of angles to pick from too - up to her pretty moaning face, midway to her large bouncing chest, and right down to his crotch as his cock vanishes and reappears from out of her soaking wet pussy.

"OH FUCK!! AHHHHH!! MMMMM... OH YES... This cock!! MMMM!! I... I LOVE IT!! AHHHHH!" The woman said to been created as originally a magical clone of Wonder Woman near squeals out in delight as she bounces away on the fattest, longest cock she's ever fucked in all her lives. Running her hands through her long, soaked with sweat, dark hair that's flowing in the air as she levitates on that meaty pole. "MMMMM... More... MORE DAMN IT!! AHHHHH... Oooooooooooh MMMMM!! FUCK ME... MMMM!! Like a whore damn it!!" She demands with almost a desperate snap in her lust-heavy voice. Her large tits bouncing away in time with the floating motion of her body. Drops of sweat trickling off her legs and rounded backside to fall onto his crotch and pants, but any potential clean-up job is furthest from their lusty minds as they both moan out loudly like they've been lovers for years. Instead of the round about hour since they first met in this warehouse.

"AHHHHH... That what you... MMMM FUCK! You want girl?" Samuel says finally putting the camera away into his inside pocket. "Float your... MMMMM!! Fine ass off my fucking dick and... UHHHH!! Wait for me up there..." He ordered, smirking at the words he didn't ever think he'd say, but is more than thrilled he got to.

"MMMMM... Yes Sir!!" Donna said with a filthy laugh. Making it look effortless as she raised herself all the way up and off of his cock with a groan. Not stopping until she was levitating above the ground to around the height she'd been at when pinned against the wall a position ago.

"Perfect..." Tud said as he got up, dusting himself off for a moment but not undressing even a piece of clothing. Instead moving over and behind Tory, reaching up to grip her smooth thighs as he lined his cock up her snatch. "Remember babe... You asked for this..." He said with a darker, very perverted tone as he shoved his cock back into her love tunnel.

The dark haired vixen only managed to get a single, loud moan out before she was made to gasp with wide eyes at his next action. Grabbing the legs he forced them upward and back against her arms. The test of flexibility making her groan but the pleasure in her snatch as she got fucked once again controlling her. More was to come however as he used his arms to reach across over the joints, going behind her neck to lock his fingers into the Full Nelson. Grunting himself at his own strength being put on display. Once locked in, then he started to give her what he wanted. A rough and rapid slamming pace to drive his huge black cock into the tight snatch of this busty white heroine.

"AAAAAAHHHH AIIIIIIEEEEE OOOOOOOOOH FUUUUUUUUCKK AHHHHH!!" The original Wonder Girl screamed out near incoherently in pleasure. The slap of his crotch hitting off of her body barely heard from the kind of moans a normal woman would only get during a double penetration. Instead for this superhuman it's one, huge thick cock that's driving her wild in ways she never dreamed possibly, and with every incoming deep thrust can't imagine going without now. "OHHHHHH FUCK! FUUUUUUCK!! AHHHHH FUCK FUCK FUUUUUUCK!!" She gasps out, her body unable to barely move trapped between the cock ramming up into her wet hole and the tight grip of the Full Nelson that's keeping her head and legs in place. Not just sweat now pouring off that stunning body, but shameful drool escaping out of the side of her hanging open mouth with just the hint of tongue. Showing how deeply addicted to this cock she's become in such a short space of time.

It's exactly what this sex-loving hunk of a criminal was planning all along. Giving this beauty the best sex of her life that even some of her fellow heroes couldn't deliver. Controlling and commanding, before driving her wild with the kind of action he could tell she's secretly fantasised having done to her but never could for fear of losing reputation or status. None of that would matter now. He could feel from how slippery her snatch was now and from those constant loud moans that he'd broken her just like all the rest. Now addicted to his cock, and just another willing whore to add to the growing collection of top notch super heroines and villains he was getting to stuff full night after night.

"AHHHHH!! AHHHHH!! FUUUUUUUUCKKKK! YYYYYYEEEE-AHHHHHH OOOOOOOOH SHIIIIIITTT AHHHHHH!!" This time she couldn't even give out a warning. Shuddering in the strong locked hands of the stud she's pinned against as an even more powerful orgasm than the one before ripped through her body. Eyelids half closed and tongue how hanging out from her grinning in pleasure mouth. Unable to think straight, with the only focus on how amazing it feels to have that big, black cock ramming home into her. Indeed looking far removed from the Amazon heroine she used to be. Now just a slutty, dick-addicted whore who would look far more at place on a porno shoot than out fighting crime like she's supposed to be.

Even as she cums, the hunk using and near abusing her snatch still isn't done with her yet. Testing her pussy walls to the limit as he keeps on firing rapid thrust after balls deep thrust into her still pleasurable but now far from as tight as she was to start with twat. His fingers still locked securely to keep the Full Nelson position applied with her now limp legs still held up and the rest of her curvy frame near curled up into herself. Near rag dolling the well fucked to say the least stunner as she gasps and groans. At the point of near losing consciousness as her eyes flutter and mumbled words babble from her moaning mouth.

"AHHHHH FUCK... MMMMM! Wish I had... UHHHH!! A third fucking hand to snap this shit..." He grunts. It's perhaps mercifully at this point that he finds his dick finally starting to throb within that moist tunnel. Able to get another pump in before he lets go of the Full Nelson. The babe he's been fucking groaning with loud relief as he head slumps back against him with a sigh. Rendered weak and exhausted by that wild and rough position so offering no resistance as he dumps her rather unceremoniously down to the warehouse floor. A mute point since she's been a very willing participant in this sexual encounter from the first moment.

"Guess you deserve a break slut... But I ain't finished with you yet!" Taking full advantage of her, Tud grins as he mounts the chest of his latest prize. Using his hands in order to sandwich his fat, black dick between the huge, round white tits of Donna. Moaning instantly before he even starts moving himself, so taking a brief moment to savour the soft flesh all around his cock that makes even his vastly more than impressive size vanish when he draws back. It's not long though before he's giving those big titties the kind of fucking they deserve, rather like how he'd just banged her like a body of hers has needed for a very long time.

"Ahhhhhh... Mmmmmm!! Ahhhhh..." All the well-fucked heroine can do is lay back and take it. Her eyes still with a glaze over them as she still hasn't recovered nearly enough to even know what day of the week it is. Yet still able to feel and know what was happening. Head barely lifting up as she looks at the cock she's become all too familiar with now sliding in and out of her deep and ripe cleavage. The feeling of that hot prick coated in her pussy juices thrusting between her juicy tits still making her moan even after two intense orgasms over this not planned (on her part) fucking.

"MMMM FUCK! UHHHHH... MMMM!! Fucking! MMMMM!! Big fucking tits!! MMMM!!" Using her rack for his own pleasure keeps a wide grin on his face. Not holding back as he pumps his pulsating pole back and forth into her massive mountains. His fingers easily able to dig into the more than ample flesh of her chest to keep his man-meat rightly sandwiched between those lovely rounded tits. Sweat now just only falling from off his nose as the toll of delivering such a hammering to a deserving slut takes the perhaps long overdue effect. The crime boss grunting as he's able to deliver one more pump before he pulls out of her rack all together.

"MMMMMM... AHHHHHH FUUUUUUUUCKK..." With a deep groan and a rapid stroke, the first blast of his spunk shot out, managing to catch Donna Troy across the mouth and lips to her gasping delight. The second shot catching just on the neckline across the choker she wore to add in a 'pearl necklace' to her attire. Moaning as he pumped his massive black cock, he aimed the rest of his load down onto those freshly fucked, huge white titties. Ensuring both breasts got a fair share of steaks of spunk over them, and a healthy amount into the valley between them for good measure. All finished off once he'd milked himself dry by wiping off the last, tiny drops of a huge load onto her nipples to act like the 'cherry' on top.

"Mmmmm... That? That was a fine introduction..." Samuel said with a smirk, shifting back slightly so her could pull out his smart phone once again. Taking a couple final pictures of his 'art' to savour later on. "So how about it girl? You feeling like ditching this heroine, crime fighting shit and getting down with me and my crew from here on out?" He offered as he stood up from the floor she was still laying.

"Ye... Ye-yes S-Sir..." Donna gasped out, a lazy smile seen through all the messy strands of hair stuck onto her sweat-covered face. Barely able to move, let alone think straight after the best fuck of all her usually tragic lives. "M-more... More... More c-cock..."

Turning away with a smirk, Tud swiped through his phone to actually use it to make a call, holding it up to his ear after dialling. "...Yo Canary? It's the Boss here. Get your hot ass over here on your bike to pick me up and my new slut..." He paused, glancing back at the still laid out hottie groaning in a puddle of her own sweat. "...And bring a fucking towel and a coat too..."

* * *

Sitting up in her bed, Wonder Woman groaned as she stared down at herself from her hardened nipples to her very wet pussy. A frown of frustration as she tossed away the now snapped in half, Queen-size dildo she'd been trying to use to get herself off with.

"Thanks for nothing Psychic Link..." She cursed, referenced the superhuman link she has with the woman created as a magic clone of herself in Donna Troy. "Donna finally gets a round of intercourse that's enjoyable, and she would lose control of herself to make me feel it..." She paused, letting out a sigh. "Yet, for as good as that man must be she was with... Why did I sense some darkness about him..." She thought out loud. Making a mental note to catch up with Donna sooner, rather than later for an explanation. Perhaps even to meet such a man that could properly pleasure an Amazon...

* * *

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