*** Warning: This story is for the entertainment of adults. It contains detailed descriptions of Humiliation, Non-Consensual sex, Monster-Cocks, Bukkake, Mind-Control/Manipulation, and Underage Sex. If you don't think you would enjoy that, then don't read it. ***

Stargirl: Hard Time
by High-Heeled Jill ([email protected]) & Spring-Heeled Jack

Courtney Whitmore, the teen superheroine known to the world as Stargirl, suppressed a shudder as the giant redheaded nurse led her through the maximum security facility. She still could not believe she had volunteered for this, but the innovative and controversial treatments that Doctor Cizko had developed were apparently producing some drastic successes in rehabilitating some of the vilest super-powered thugs to ever terrorise the public.

They walked through a round chamber about 60 feet across, a sort of communal area surrounded by prison cells on all sides. In fact the glass walls of the cells formed the walls of the chamber, with balconies extending up three stories. Each cell was about ten feet wide at the front, with 20 cells extending the full circumference of the chamber, except for the two heavy vault-like doors at either end, making a total of 60 prisoners in this block.

Technically it was a ward, and the prisoners were officially referred to as patients. In every cell was a huge criminal thug, almost all of them black men bigger and more muscular than any normal human could achieve even with the most potent of steroids, and each of them leered lustfully at the patriotically dressed young heroine as she passed by. They wore bright orange jumpsuits, but many of them had torn of the arms to better display their massive biceps, or stripped to the waist to show off their impossible physiques.

At a petite 5'2" the 14-year old heroine felt tiny amongst these 7-foot monsters, especially with the big-busted nurse looming an impressive 6'6" over her. Every time she turned to make some comment or explain some detail about the facility, Stargirl failed to hear her as she was unable to stop staring at the woman's massive breasts, since they were perilously close to falling out of the low cut white tunic she wore and were essentially at eye level for the young heroine. They were almost as big and distracting as Power Girl's mighty endowment.

Courtney thought about breasts a lot, though not in a lesbian way, she hastily assured herself. It was just that with her own recently budded breasts barely filling a B-cup, she felt intensely jealous of big-breasted women.

Her train of thought was abruptly derailed when a nearby prisoner ripped open his jumpsuit and pulled out his cock.

Stargirl's mouth dropped open in shock as the black giant pumped his hand up and down a truly enormous penis while calling the blonde superteen all sorts of crude and insulting names. It had to be at least a foot long, maybe more! She felt a strange and unwelcome flutter between her legs as she stared, listening to his litany of abuse.

"You like my cock little super-slut? You like my big black cock, you dirty white whore! Well it's all yours baby! I'm coming for you! I'll fuck my big cock so far into yo' tight little pussy that you'll choke on it, bitch!"

The redheaded nurse merely smiled as Stargirl stood frozen in place, watching the masturbating superthug as though mesmerised.

"It's all for you, slut, uhn, I'm coming for you! Ah! I'm cumming for you!" The giant black man screamed and shot thick white ropes of sperm which splattered against his cell's glass wall.

The nurse chuckled as Courtney instinctively flinched back from the slimy eruption, even though it was too far away to reach her even if the glass had not been in the way. The young blonde had never seen a man's penis before, let alone a man's sperm. She had not expected either the thug's size or the volume of his creamy ejaculation. Both were dramatically larger than her school's sex-education program had led her to suppose was possible.

"All of these prisoners have used drugs of one kind or another to give themselves super-powers. As you can see," the nurse said archly, "their muscles were not the only parts of their bodies that were enlarged."

Stargirl turned and blushed prettily under the big redhead's knowing gaze. It wasn't just embarrassment, it was fear. Now that she was here, she did not actually know why she had agreed to this. She wasn't even sure what she had agreed to. She really didn't want to be here, but she was a superheroine, going places and doing things that she really didn't want to go and do was practically the defining characteristic. If superheroing was easy then anybody could do it.

"Of course," The nurse said as they exited the room and continued down a short corridor, "Those in the Salamis Ward are the lower tier threats. Little more than super-strong psychopaths. The more dangerous prisoners are kept in the next room, the Aeaea Ward."

The tall redhead ushered Stargirl through the next set of massive steel doors and into another large circular room almost identical to the last. Courtney licked her lips nervously as she looked around at the occupants of the cells. The prisoners in the first room had been monstrous, but these were truly actual monsters! Men transformed into huge beasts and ogres, some with fur and some with scales, some with horns and some with claws, some black, some white, some green or grey or red.

Faces leered at her; ugly, inhuman and animal faces many of them, lusting after the tiny blonde teenager in the skin-tight costume. Stargirl was suddenly intensely aware of just how tight her costume was. Her fear-stiffened nipples poked through as clearly as if her costume had been painted onto her bare skin, and her shiny shorts hugged her puffy pussylips with embarrassing clarity to form a practically pornographic cameltoe.

There were more catcalls and insults, along with animalistic grunts and snorts, and more of these inhuman prisoners bared themselves to the underaged teen. She found herself almost unable to tear her gaze away from the exposed manhoods, many of which did not look at all human. Not just the impossible size, many of these seemed to have strange twists or bulges in them, and Courtney found herself wondering how such oddly shaped appendages would work.

Stargirl's blush grew even hotter and she felt slightly faint as the nurse led her out of the chamber and into a corridor. She followed wordlessly through the brightly lit hallway, trying not to think about the things that she had just seen as they passed through several more massive metal doorways, until they reached the administrative offices.

It wasn't until the nurse opened the door to an office and gestured for her to enter that Stargirl realised that she couldn't quite remember where she was. Some sort of hospital or prison or asylum, but what its name was or where it was located she could not recall. Strange, but it could not be important. She shrugged to herself and followed the nurse into the office.

* * *

It was a luxuriously furnished room, with mahogany chairs and bookshelves and a massive desk that dominated the far end of the office. It all seemed strangely out of place in this rather austere building, with pipes and cables running across the roof and walls. She also noticed that there were no external windows in this room, any more than there had been anywhere else in the complex, just one entire wall given over to TV screens, currently displaying an idyllic rural scene. Perhaps this facility was built inside an underground bunker of some sort?

She was so lost in her speculations that she didn't notice the man in the chair behind the desk. This was perhaps understandable, as it was a very large chair and a very large desk, but a very small man.

"Please be seated Miss Stargirl." Said the little man, startling the teen heroine.

Courtney tried not to gawk as she dropped her delightful rump into a leather wing-backed chair. Dr. Cizko was a dwarf. Scarcely 3 feet tall and oddly ugly, with bulging eyes and wild hair.

"Welcome to my facility," He continued, "Where we have been doing sterling work with these dangerously unwell men that have had the weak will to fall into lives of petty crime and villainy. Isn't that right nurse?"

"Yes master. Mister. I mean doctor." Said the tall redhead.

After a brief glare at the busty nurse, the dark-haired dwarf scrutinised the young heroine closely, making her feel uncomfortable as his eyes roamed over her young body. She was a late developer, her breasts only just starting to grow, and her hips barely beginning to widen. Her hair, long, thick and luxurious, was as golden as the sunrise. She wore a mask that covered the top half of her face. but this did not disguise how pretty she was, and her clear skin showed no trace of any teenaged acne. Even the braces on her teeth only emphasised her youthful cuteness.

"Unfortunately my work is at a crossroads, where I need a volunteer for a most interesting but risky experiment. A heroic volunteer such as yourself, willing to take the risk and make the sacrifice in the interests of science!"

"Um, yes," said Courtney, "But I am not really sure of what it is you need me to do."

The diminutive doctor grinned unpleasantly and jumped down from his chair. She saw only the top of his head as he walked around from behind the desk to stand in front of her. He was so short that even seated she still had to lower her head to look him in the eyes. Such large, deep eyes. Eyes that seemed to grow before her until she thought she was falling into them. His voice seemed to come from far, far away while simultaneously sounding very close.

"Miss Stargirl, I need you because my patients have certain, ah, appetites. Hungers, yearnings, cravings, you might say, like a drug addict. Impulses that they must indulge lest their needs lead them into inconsiderate and socially unacceptable behaviours. I feel that you, being a pretty and brave young superheroine are ideally qualified to provide the treatment that these mutated men require."

It all sounded so reasonable.

Dr. Cizko smiled and took a clipboard from his desk.

"Now Miss Stargirl, if you could just answer a few questions, for our records." Said the dwarf, adding, "I won't ask you anything that might compromise your secret identity."

"I guess that would be okay."

"How old are you?"

"14" Courtney answered.

"Are you a virgin?"

Stargirl blushed and lowered her eyes shyly. "Yes."

"Have you ever kissed a boy?"

"Ah, well, I think I kissed my cousin once, when we were seven."

Doctor Cizko's smile was mocking. "Have you ever kissed a boy romantically?"

"Nuh, no."

"Have you ever let a boy touch your private parts?"

"No!" Her answer was emphatic.

"Have you ever touched a boy's penis?"

"Of course not!" Courtney declared.

"Please don't be offended. We merely need to establish your health and experience." The doctor gazed into Stargirl's beautiful blue eyes and the young girl swayed slightly in her seat. "Please answer fully and honestly"

"Well, okay then." She replied somewhat dreamily.

"Very good. Now, how big are your breasts?"

Courtney cupped her breasts in her hands and looked down at them, as though she needed to check. "Um, small I guess. I wear a B-cup bra, when I wear one. I don't really need it."

"When you masturbate, do you use your fingers or a sex-toy?"

"A wuh-what?"

"A sex-toy. Such as a vibrator or a dildo, or do you use your fingers?"

Deeply embarrassed, Stargirl quietly answered, "Just my fingers."

"Do you masturbate regularly?"

"What do you mean by regularly?" Courtney stalled.

"Once a week? Twice a week?"

The blonde teen's blush grew hotter still as she answered, "I guess, maybe two or three times, or maybe four, uh, a day."

"There is no need to be embarrassed. That's perfectly normal for a highly sexed young slut. Now, what do you think about when you masturbate?"

"Um, boys I guess."

"You don't sound very sure. Do you sometimes fantasize about girls?"

Stargirl looked down at her hands in her lap and her fingers intertwined and opened and closed.

"Or animals?"

"NO!" The girl's face was a picture youthful outrage.

"So, girls. Anyone in particular."

"Well, sometimes I think about K-, I mean, Power Girl."

"So you're a lesbian? Does the Power Girl in your fantasies use a strap-on dildo?"

"I, uh, I'm not a lesbian, I don't think. I mean, it's only sometimes," She tried to stop there but felt compelled to continue, "And in my fantasies she has a, a thingy. You know. Like a boy."

"You fantasise about Power Girl fucking you with a real cock?"

"Um, yes."

"And how big is her cock, in your fantasies?"

"Well, I, uh, pretty big I guess. I don't really know." Courtney squirmed uncomfortably.

"Don't be afraid, nothing you say can shock me." Said the midget with a leer. "So you like big cocks?"

"I, I don't know. Maybe."

"You fantasise about big cocks though?"

"What is, I mean, y'know, I wouldn't know whether, um, that is, what counts as big?" She asked uncertainly.

"In your fantasies, do you imagine that Power Girl's cock is filling your tight little pussy and satisfying you?"

"Well," her blush deepened, "Yes, I guess." The teen heroine did not sound very certain.

"That's perfectly normal. Sluts love big cocks. I'll just put you down as a size-queen, if that's all right?"

Courtney had no idea what a 'size-queen' might be, but found herself answering, "Okay."

"Do you ever fantasise about being raped?"

"Of course not!" Was the vehement reply.

"Please do not be offended. I need to ask these questions for our records. Have you never fantasised about what some evil supervillain might do to a beautiful young girl like you if you were ever to fall into his vile clutches?"

"Well, no, I mean, not to say fantasised..."

"But you have thought about it?"

"Y-yes, but not like that."

"But you have thought about it. Imagined an evil supervillain capturing you and raping your tight virgin pussy with his big hard cock?"

"You make it sound..."

"It doesn't have to be violent to be a rape fantasy. Let me put it another way. Have you ever had a fantasy about a handsome pirate who would not take no for an answer?"


"Or maybe in one of your fantasies about Power Girl. Have you ever fantasised about Power Girl forcing you to suck her cock? Or fantasised about saying 'no' because you know it is wrong, or taboo, but you secretly mean yes, and you let her 'force you'," the doctor made air-quotes as he spoke, "to suck and fuck her big cock?"

"Well, I don't know, maybe," Stargirl replied unhappily.

"Don't worry, that's very common. Most young sluts fantasise about being raped. I'll just put you down as a cock-hungry lesbian rape-slut."

Stargirl didn't like the sound of that and opened her mouth to protest, but she did not speak.

"That is my official diagnosis. Nothing to worry about. I think you will find that your work here will help you resolve your issues quite satisfactorily, even as you help me and those poor men out there."

For some reason Stargirl felt very reassured by the diminutive doctor's words as he disappeared behind his huge desk and climbed up into his big chair. After all, he was the expert.

"Oh, there was one other question I seem to have overlooked. Do you have a tight pussy?"


"It's a very simple question. Do you actually have a tight pussy? I think I may have referred to it a couple of times, but I never actually asked."

"I, I," To her own surprise, Courtney found herself trying to answer. "Uh, that is, I think so. I, um, I guess I don't really know."

"That's quite alright, we can check that now. If you will just stand up. Nurse!"

Stargirl rose and half turned to watch the busty redheaded nurse as she approached.

"Nurse, if you would be so good, could you just check how tight Miss Stargirl's pussy is for me?"

"Of course doctor."

The tall nurse's huge breasts filled Courtney's vision and then she felt the woman's hand slip into the waist of her shiny shorts. Butterflies danced in her stomach as the nurse's fingers quested downwards, brushing through the tiny patch of pubic hair above Stargirl's petite lovebud and then over her hairless pussylips.

Her breaths came is short gasps as those skilful fingers explored her pussy, stroking and probing until they found the entrance to her sex. Courtney yelped and fell forward, face first into the tall nurse's massive bosom as the redhead pushed a finger inside the underaged heroine. The nurse was a big woman and she had quite big fingers, though nowhere near as thick as even an average man's penis, and Stargirl's pussy squeezed it tightly, flexing and pulsing enthusiastically.

Courtney didn't think there was anything strange about the scene, she just thought that the nurse's finger felt really, really nice inside her.

"Extremely tight. Definitely a virgin, but no hymen." Said the redhead.

"Not really a surprise I suppose, given her energetic lifestyle, but disappointing nonetheless."

"She's also getting very wet. She likes being penetrated."

"Good, very good." The doctor beamed as the nurse withdrew her hand from Stargirl's shorts.

The blonde teen sighed with disappointment and allowed the nurse to lower her back into her seat. Her knees had grown a little weak during the examination.

"Yes, you will make an excellent subject. The perfect attributes needed for the treatment."

"Um, doctor, exactly what is this treatment that you want me to help with? Specifically" She had been meaning to ask that for some time, but for some reason had not got around to doing so.

"No, no, not help with. You are the treatment."

"What?" Stargirl looked confused.

The doctor gazed at her and Courtney once again had that strange sensation as though she were falling into his bulbous eyes.

"Our patients are super-powered lust-crazed rapists. Therefore we need a super-powered slut to satisfy their cravings. The 'treatment' that you will provide is to allow yourself to be raped by those muscle-bound monsters. All of them. You will go into their wards and you will allow them to rape your pussy, your ass, and your mouth with their massive cocks, fucking you over and over and over again, until their lusts have been fully slaked."

"Oh," Stargirl replied dreamily.

"So will you agree to be gang-raped by monster-cocks?"

"I guess so," She answered in that same dreamy tone. She didn't want to be raped, but she was a superheroine; doing things that she didn't want to do was part of the job.

"Good, good, just sign this form here."

He pushed the clipboard across the desk and Courtney absently picked up a pen and read the last line, where he had marked the consent agreement with a cross. It read, "I the undersigned agree that I am a cock-sucking rape-slut who deserves everything she gets". Stargirl signed at the bottom, only slightly puzzled because she had expected it to be in medicalese jargon. The little man picked up the consent form and smiled evilly.

"Very good."

The nurse led Stargirl back the way that they had arrived, but with a few changes. Courtney still wore her patriotic costume, but it was now accentuated by the addition of a few new accessories. She wore new silver bracelets in the form of a pair of heavy-duty handcuffs that shackled her wrists behind her back, a large red ball-gag stuffed into her mouth and buckled behind her head with a rubber strap, and a thick black rubber collar decorated with silver stars that encircled her neck, attached to which was a chain leash that the tall nurse used to lead her past the cheering prisoners.

They went through the Aeaea Ward of monsters and into the first chamber, the Salamis Ward, where the musclebound giant thugs whooped and cheered as the redheaded nurse kissed the bound heroine and fondled her sexy teen body.

Then the nurse slapped her on the butt and left her standing alone in the centre of the large circular chamber surrounded by sixty lust-crazed superpowered rapists, all banging on the glass walls of their cells in their eagerness to get to the tasty young morsel before them.

* * *

When the nurse returned to the office she found the diminutive doctor had already stripped naked and was stroking his surprisingly and disproportionately large cock as he watched Stargirl on the multiscreen wall display. He reached out and touched a control on his desk and one of the glass cells' doors opened, releasing a prisoner.

Grinning evilly, Doctor Psycho turned to the nurse. "Crawl over here and suck my cock, you worthless cunt!"

For a moment he thought the big, busty redhead would try to fight his command, as the ghost of a disgusted expression briefly flickered across her beautiful face, but he knew his control was absolute. Try though she might, she could not disobey him, and it amused the misogynistic supervillain to know how much she hated the things he forced her to do.

Feeling nauseous with revulsion for the vile little man, the villainess Giganta slipped out of her nurse's costume and crawled on hands and knees to the mind-controlling dwarf, and obediently sucked his 9-inch cock into her mouth.

* * *

Stargirl backed away from the approaching prisoner, then moved around in a pointless effort to keep some of the furnishings between her and the approaching rapist.

The man was 7-feet tall and, Courtney thought, almost as wide, with vast heaving muscles that rippled beneath his ebony skin. He spread his huge arms and flexed his fingers, making the rope-like veins pop along his arms and neck. His hair was long and hung in matted dreadlocks, and his face was twisted into a wild leer, making him look like some primordial beast. His approach was slow and inexorable. The terrified teen wasn't going anywhere, and he wanted to savour the thrill of the hunt, as paltry as this prey might be.

"Stargirl, pretty girl, you gonna fight me pretty Stargirl." He taunted the helpless heroine. "Or you gonna fuck me, little Slutgirl?"

Courtney wanted to fight, knew that she should fight, but she knew that she would only put up token resistance before allowing the scary black man to rape her. She didn't really understand why, except that she knew that she needed to submit to this vile thug's depraved lust.

"I got something special, jus' for you!" He said and tore off his orange prison uniform, revealing Stargirl's destiny.

His rampant penis was a full 14-inches long and 4-inches thick, making it over a foot around the shaft. It shone with sweat and the length of it was knotted with thick veins that pulsed visibly with his lust, and a droplet of something oozed from the bloated purple tip. The scared superheroine gulped nervously at the sight. It was much, much, much too big! There was no way that something that size could fit into her immaculate, virgin pussy. She was so fixated upon his massive penis that she didn't even notice the enormous size of the black man's testicles.

Frozen with fear, Stargirl simply watched the big bouncing black cock as the super-powered thug came closer and closer. Suddenly the giant lunged and Courtney's training took over. She ducked under his grasping hands and snapped out a kick to his solar plexus. The big man stumbled back and gasped for breath. He had forgotten that the little blonde girl had super-strength of her own.

Stargirl ran backwards, trying to open the distance, but there was nowhere to run to. Not daring to take her eyes of her future rapist, she could not properly judge her route and stumbled over a rubber-padded chair.

"Got ya!"

The black giant pounced, and off-balance and without the use of her arms there was nothing she could do to stop him grappling her. She kicked and flailed, but he was inside her guard and manhandled her like a child's toy.


The massive rapist slammed her face down across a kind of table, essentially nothing more than a large rubber cube, and took up a position behind her, guiding the head of his monstrous erection against the crotch of her shorts. Stargirl squirmed and kicked but she could not escape the lust-crazed thug. "Yer mine, Slutgirl! I'ma gonna rape you good!"

The other prisoners all cheered from their cells as the 7ft black man began rubbing the swollen tip of his grotesque cock up and down the frantic heroine's spandex covered crotch, from cameltoe to butt-cleavage. The obscene friction of the monstrous appendage against her vulnerable sex was strangely arousing to the terrified teen, and she felt her pussy begin to lubricate. The rapist felt the dampness as it soaked through her shorts and grinned evilly.

"Oh, you a hot bitch, ain't ya Slutgirl? You juicin' up for me? You want me to rape yo' tight white pussy, don'cha?"

Stargirl shook her head in denial, but the black monster grabbed her long golden hair and forced her head to nod up and down. The audience laughed appreciatively.

"Yo' a slutty little hero-girl that needs her pussy raped by a nasty big black cock, ain't that right?"

Nod nod nod. More laughter.

"Well today is yer lucky day Bitch!"

He pressed his fist-sized cockhead against the groove of Stargirl's tight pussy and pushed, not bothering to remove her spandex shorts. "NNNNYYYYYHHHHHHHH!!"

Courtney grunted through the ball-gag as the massive man's colossal cock pushed the crotch of her costume into the entrance of her sex, forcing her lips to spread but failing to penetrate her properly.

"Don't you worry none, slut, ain't nothing gonna stop me from rapin' yo' hot virgin cunt!" He pulled back for a moment and then thrust forward, forcing her to open a little more. The pain was incredible to the virgin teen and she bit down hard on the ball-gag as he did it again. Then again, and again, until his cockhead popped inside, encased in the spandex of her costume. The legs of her shorts rode up her thighs as the material was forced into her underaged pussy.

"NNNYYYYYAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!" Stargirl cried out as she was deflowered, kicking back at her rapist's flanks.

The black brute thrust with his incredible power, but Stargirl's tiny hole resisted with all the strength she could muster, aided slightly by the resistance of her shorts. The musclebound giant wasn't going to be thwarted however. He pulled back and then hunkered down, grasping her tiny shoulders in his meaty hands and pulled her down onto his cock at the same time as his mighty hips drove the colossal shaft into Courtney's defiant pussy.

"EEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAaaaarrrrhhhhhh!!!" The 14-year old superheroine screamed as the giant black cock tore through her shorts and punched deep into her underdeveloped love-canal. It felt like she was being ripped apart by the giant's oversized manhood. A normal teenager would have been, but Stargirl's invulnerability allowed her virgin hole to stretch and to stretch and to stretch some more. The innocent blonde felt sure he must have forced the whole thing inside, it hurt so much, but in fact he was only 6-inches deep into her pristine pussy. It was his immense girth that had sundered her so painfully.

"That's it baby. You like my cock in yo' cunt? Oh yeah, I can tell that you do! Yo' squeezing my cock real good, like a proper whore!"

The 7-foot tall black man twisted his fingers into her hair once more and then stood up straight, lifting the tiny teenager off the table. She hung suspended by her hair and the impaling penis in her pussy, her toes dangling more than a foot from the ground. Courtney writhed and kicked, but it made no difference to the super-powered thug as he walked around the perimeter of the room, parading her for all the other prisoners to see.

Stargirl sobbed with pain and humiliation, made worse by the part of her mind that loudly insisted that she wanted to be raped, that she enjoyed being humiliated and abused, that she needed that monster-cock all the way inside her tight little pussy. The tears rolled down her cheeks from her wide-open baby-blue eyes as she struggled to understand the full enormity of what was happening to her.

Back in the middle of the room, the black rapist pulled her body upright and reached around to tear the hole in her shorts wider, displaying her tight, hairless, pale-skinned pussylips as they strained around his 4-inch wide black cock.

"Oh yeah baby, yer my little fuck-toy now! My hot little rape-slut!"

He pulled the slender girl close to his massive body and twisted her head back so he could bend down to lick the tears from her cheeks. Then he thrust again, humping his hips up to drive his monster-cock deeper into her tight teen cunt.


Stargirl screamed in pain as her pussy was stretched beyond anything she had ever dreamed of. The thug pushed his massive fuckstick into her mercilessly, driving 9-inches deep and striking her cervix. The brute pulled back to her entrance, his withdrawn cock glistening with Courtney's unwitting vaginal secretions. He hammered into her again and the defiled heroine screamed in pain once more as her pussy was stretched to 4-inches diameter and now 11-inches in depth, forcing her cervix deeper into her body.

Her vagina could never have naturally taken such an immense size at her young age. Prior to her rape she had possessed an unusually small vagina, to the extent that it would have presented problems when the time came for her to give birth to a child, but this would no longer be an issue. Though she did not yet know it, thanks to her invulnerability the violent resizing of her small sex to a cavernous cunt was permanent. Nothing smaller than a horse-cock would even touch the sides.

The big black rapist pulled out and powered back in again with bone-jarring force, stretching her delicate pussy even more in his determination to bury every inch of his bitch-tamer into the sexy young blonde.


Stargirl shrieked through her ball-gag as the giant super-thug punched through her cervix and drove his massive cock into her womb.

"HELL YEEEAAAAAAHHHHH!!!" Yelled her rapist, punching the air in celebration. He had buried his monster-cock balls deep into the sexy 14-year old superslut.

He released her body and she fell forward, but her super-strong pussy muscles where clamped down so tightly on her assailant's impaling penis that she did not slide off. It was like her cunt was glued to his cock. The giant thug paraded her around the room again, dangling limply on his ramrod cock, basking in the cheers of the appreciative audience. He flexed the muscles near the base of his cock to make it rise and fall, and she bounced up and down with the motion. He even jumped up and down a few times, making his fucktoy swing wildly, to demonstrate just how firmly wedged the little teenie-slut was.

"Bitch's pussy is awesome tight!"

"Not any more!" Shouted one prisoner as the others roared with approval, almost all of them now naked and masturbating, brandishing cocks at least as big as the dreadlocked rapist.

The black man grabbed her body and slid his hands around to molest her barely budded breasts through the fabric of her costume. He pinched her puffy nipples between huge fingers and squeezed until she screamed. Stargirl's tiny tits were too small to provide him with a handhold, so her released them and grasped her hips to resume fucking her.

Courtney groaned loudly as he withdrew his monstrous ebony cock from her ruined pussy, her membranes clinging to the retreating shaft. The sensation felt almost as though she was being turned inside out, or so the violated heroine imagined, as an aching void was left in her core. She was not empty for long, as the brutal giant slammed his full length into her in one stroke, his heavy balls swinging forward to slap hard against Stargirl's little clit, forced out from under its protective hood by the wide gape of her pussy.

To Courtney's horror, she felt a thrill of pleasure surge through her impaled body.

* * *

Doctor Psycho grunted as he came over Giganta's face, humiliating the size-changing villainess with his power over her. She hated every moment, but she was helplessly in his power. She wanted to crush him beneath her heel like the worthless bug he was, but she could not. Instead, she licked his cock clean of cum and then rose up to wrap her huge tits around the dwarf's disproportionately big penis.

With Psycho's ugly face leering down at her, the enslaved villainess fucked his hot slimy cock between her massive mammaries. Behind her, Stargirl's brutal rape filled the wall's display.

* * *

Stargirl gasped and gurgled as the huge black super-thug relentlessly pounded into her pussy. He was pummelling her insides like an out of control jackhammer, battering her womb into numbness. Every muscle and tendon in her young body stood out starkly under a sheen of sweat. Her head jerked wildly, her hair whipping about her like a golden tornado as the giant brute fucked her with rapid-fire thrusts, dominating her, taming her.

She could feel it happening, although she did not understand it. Tears streamed from her eyes and her whole body was rocked by the lust-crazed prisoner's merciless sexual attack. Her vision was blurry, from the tears and the pain and the pleasure. And there was pleasure. More and more of it with every thrust. The huge black penis splitting her apart was feeling good inside her.

And then he pulled out of her completely. Courtney moaned with a perverse sense of loss. She wanted the aching emptiness filled once more, she wanted his cock back in her cunt!

That was the truth that Stargirl could not cope with. She was enjoying her rape. The humiliation, the degradation, being raped was turning her on like nothing she had ever known in her young life. What the hell is wrong with me? Courtney asked herself, hating herself for it.

Her assailant turned her round and threw her down onto one of the large rubber cubes. The dreadlocked giant sneered as he looked down at her, seeing the changes his cock had wrought upon the blonde teen's once tight pussy. Her cunt was now a gaping cavernous maw, her formerly taut peach-fuzz pussylips stretched into long hanging folds.

The black giant looked up her body and caught the expression on her young masked face, the ambiguous need in her eyes, and he smiled brightly. Oh, this bitch was a hot little slut! He unbuckled her gag and pulled it out of her mouth. Stargirl panted for air and stared fearfully yet hopefully up at him as he positioned himself between her legs, guiding his cockhead to the yawning entrance of her now spacious pussy.

"Beg me bitch, beg me to rape you!"

"p-please . . ." Courtney said in a small voice.

"Beg me BITCH!"

"Puh-please rape me." Stargirl sobbed, hating that she really wanted him to.

"You c'n do better than that. Beg me properly like the super-slut you are!"

"Please rape me!" Courtney suddenly declared. She did not know from whence the words sprang, but they now seemed to fall easily and naturally from her lips. "Fuck me! I'm a slut! I deserve to be raped hard! I'm Starslut, I love being raped!"

"That's a good little bitch!" The black man declared and thrust his mighty manhood all the way into her stretched out femininity.

"I love big cocks tearing up my tight pussy!" Screamed the all-American teen.

The black giant slammed into her harder, pounding her pubescent pussy. Stargirl cried out as she humped her hips up to meet her rapist's hard thrusts.

"I'm your fucktoy!"

The blonde heroine threw back her head look at the crowds of prisoners masturbating in their glass cells.

"I'm their fucktoy!"

The black rapist spat in her face with contempt.

"I'm the fucktoy of any man big enough and strong enough to hold me down and rape me!"

She threw her legs around his waist and tried to pull him in deeper.

"Fuck me with your big black cock! Fill me with your sperm!"

She stared down her body and marvelled as she saw her trim belly bulge each time the rapist's cock drove into her depths.

"Own me!"

Courtney's crude and obscene confessions were arousing her intensely. The violated heroine's pussy pulsated more and more rapidly, and she humped up faster and faster.


Stargirl shrieked as she orgasmed, her tiny 14-year old body bucking wildly on the black giant's big bitch-taming cock. As she convulsed and shook with the incredible power of her climax, the rapist's thrusts became even faster as the renewed tightness of the little teenager's pussy spurred him on.

"Oh yeah!" he yelled, "I'm gonna cum, Starslut! I'm gonna blow my load in yo' little white cunt. I'm gonna fill you wi' my spunk!"

The muscles of Stargirl's pussy squeezed the invading shaft like a vice and the rapist groaned as he came. To Courtney's eternal shame, the feeling of his hot seed filling her womb sent her over the edge again, and her orgasm peaked for a second time on his monumental manhood.

He pulled out and shot the last few spurts over her young body, splattering cum over her torn shorts, her bare belly, and her costumed tits, aiming particularly for the large white star. He dribbled the last couple of drops onto her wispy pubic hair while basking in the tumultuous cheers of the other prisoners, all whom wished that they had been the one to rape the jailbait superheroine, that their cock had been the one to tear away her virginity, that it was their sperm gushing in spurts out of her wide open cunt.

Stargirl lay sobbing with orgasmic pleasure and intense humiliation. How could she have enjoyed all of this? How could she have said those things? How could she want him to rape her again?

A shadow passed over her as the dreadlocked villain returned, holding some sort of pen. He grinned as he pulled off the cap and the thick tip of the marker sliced through the layer of cum with ease as he drew a single 3-inch vertical line on her belly. The indelible black ink dried almost instantly and had smudged only slightly in the glutinous sperm.

"Yer a pretty good fuck, Starslut. I'll recommend rapin' you to all my friends!" The rapist complimented his victim, and Courtney felt strangely pleased.

Without warning, the massive thug grabbed her limp legs and flipped them up, then lifted her hips up and over so her knees fell either side of her head, and the limber teenager's violated pussy hovered above her panting mouth. Stargirl flinched away from the sperm that squirted from her gaping hole over her face and into her open mouth, but the black superthug grabbed her blonde hair in one giant hand and jerked her back into position, forcing her to drink down the deluge of sperm that rained down from her ruined sex.

Courtney had never tasted sperm before, and she found the flavour revolting, especially knowing that her own pussy juices were mixed in with the thickly sweet and salty sperm. But she also found something satisfying about it, in a way that she could not begin to explain, even to herself.

The other prisoners hooted and hollered their approval for this degrading spectacle, and then cheered even louder as the black rapist forced the little white superheroine's body to bend like a contortionist until her cavernous cunt was pushed right into her face. Stargirl's weeping went unheard above the sound of the jubilant crowd as she was forced too lick and suck her own pussy.

* * *

Doctor Psycho came over Giganta's tits for the second time, gurgling with delight at the scene on the giant screen.

Giganta waited until the last of his cumload had squirted onto her massive mammaries and then sat back onto her heels, sperm dripping from her face and breasts, while she waited for the next command from her perverted master.

"Copy her, I want to see you lick your own pussy!"

Giganta gave him a horrified look for a fraction of a second, and then said, "Yes master."

She had a much more difficult time contorting her body, she had no super-strong thug forcing her spine to bend and her giant breasts got in the way, but she grabbed her own butt-cheeks and used her great strength to pull her smooth shaven pussy to her mouth, and she heard Doctor Psycho laugh as she stabbed her tongue between her pussy lips and licked herself from clit to cunthole.

* * *

Stargirl jumped with surprise as more hands descended and grabbed the self-licking little girl. She had not heard the cell doors when Doctor Psycho released two more prisoners, and she quivered with fear as two new giants uncurled her and stood her up between them.

They released their hold and she nearly fell, would have if she had not used her flight powers to hold herself in place. Her violated pussy ached painfully, and the muscles of her legs were tremulously weak. Sperm gushed from her gaping sex to pour down her thighs and form a pool between her feet. Stargirl looked like a bukkake-bitch, covered from head to toe in spunk, but the copious cum was the product of just one super-powered thug, not the dozens of normal men it would have taken to get such a result in the outside world. And now two more super-thugs were going to rape her.

The first of the newcomers was another black man, as tall and absurdly muscular as the first, with a circumcised cock that was perhaps only half-an-inch shorter than the 14 that had raped away her virginity, but much thicker. His entire body was completely hairless, which gave him a slightly odd look as he did not even have eyebrows, and with his slightly sunken eyes and hollow cheeks his face bore a scary similarity to a skull.

The second man was almost the opposite, a white man almost 8-feet tall, who was even more massively muscular, though with a more barrel-shaped, thick-waisted body, which was completely covered with dark brown hair. It was too thick to be natural, Courtney thought, but not quite thick enough to be called fur. His head was similarly hairy, with a thick heavy beard and long wild hair. As she looked up at him he smiled cruelly, and she saw that he had two small tusks like a wild boar. Shivering, she looked down at his cock, which was poking her in the chest, and her jaw dropped as she saw the monstrous thing. It was at least an inch longer than the first man's, and almost as thick as the second's, but it was a strange, inhuman shape. His foreskin was hairy sheath covered only half his length, after which was a long slimy pink shaft that ended with a bluntly flared cockhead.

"You like my cock missy?" the hairy man growled.

The tearful teen heroine tried to shake her head but found herself nodding instead.

"Bet you love suckin' big cocks like mine, don't you?"

"I-I've never . . . I don't . . ."

"You've never sucked a cock? A hot little fuck-slut like you? I find that hard to believe!" said the hairy man, "But I know you want to suck my cock. So beg. Beg to suck my big fat juicy cock, you prick-teasing slut!"

"Um . . ."


"P-please, please let me suck on your hard juicy cocks, Masters. Let me suck them into my warm, wet mouth and down my tight throat. Puh-please let me suck your c-cocks so I can drink your s-sperm. Please Masters, uh, please let me puh-prove that I am a dirty cock-sucking super-slut!" Stargirl begged, once again unsure where she found these words or why it excited her to say them.

She was trapped in vicious spiral of degradation. Her humiliation feeding her arousal, her arousal feeding her self-loathing, and her self-loathing feeding her submissiveness, since any girl, no, any slut that got aroused by being raped and humiliated deserved to be raped and humiliated. How could she be a noble and good superheroine when she loved being raped and abused and degraded more than anything else in her young life?

Stargirl did not know about the triggers that Doctor Psycho had placed in her mind, triggers that when tripped by a certain word or act would rewrite a portion of her personality, propelling her down the path to becoming a mindless fucktoy. All she knew was that she enjoyed being fucked by monster-cocks; that she enjoyed being dominated; she enjoyed being insulted and humiliated; enjoyed degrading herself. She enjoyed being a super-slut.

"I'm a cock-teasing bitch and I deserve to be raped!"

* * *

Doctor Psycho adjusted his mask to ensure that it sat comfortably in place. It was a soft and transparent hi-tech covering with an integrated rebreather and heads-up display and optical controls, which would allow the depraved little dwarf to keep watching Stargirl's selfless sacrifice while still enjoying his other sex-slave to the full.

Giganta, having licked herself to two orgasms, had been ordered to grow to almost twelve-feet and lie on her back with her legs spread wide for her master. Psycho approached her huge pussy, twice as large as any normal woman, and grabbed her fat lips in each hand. They were so big that they filled his palms, and he loved the hot wet feel of them as he pulled her smooth-shaven vulva apart to gaze upon the vast pink treasures concealed within.

Raw lust surged through Doctor Psycho's loins as her stared at her glorious sex. His cock lurched and spat a little globule of pre-cum from the tip. His 9-inch cock was a huge appendage for a man of his diminutive stature, but to the enlarged woman it was only the equal of 4-and-a-half inches at her usual height. That did not deter her master in the least. This was about his pleasure not hers, and he drove his full length into her with a single thrust.

When Doctor Psycho had captured and brainwashed Stargirl the villainess had vainly hoped that the little pervert would slake his lusts on the sexy young teen, but the jailbait blonde could not give Psycho the sort of satisfaction he craved. For that, he needed a big woman.

Giganta groaned slightly as the three-foot dwarf fucked her twelve-foot body, not with pleasure but with an unwanted anticipation. They had played this game before, and she knew that this was still just foreplay for the degenerate dwarf, and her true violation was still to come.

* * *

A giant hand came down onto Courtney's blonde head and pushed her down onto her knees. The 8-foot white thug stepped closer and his monster-cock hovered just inches above the tiny teen. She swallowed nervously as the hairy man gripped his inhuman cock and lowered it so that the hot heavy shaft pressed against her unturned face. Stargirl found herself wishing that her hands were not shackled so that she could hold and stroke the repulsive fuck-meat, but she could not, so she settled for extending her pretty pink tongue and licking it.

"That's it you little super-slut," growled the hairy man, "Worship my cock!"

Stargirl really had no idea what to do. She had never even touched a man's cock before today, let alone given a man a blowjob, so she just followed her instincts. Her lips and tongue went to work on his cock, licking the entire length of the strange shaft down to the base and planting soft, wet kisses on his huge hairy balls. She kissed her way back up the shaft, and when she reached the tip she was pleased to see that a large drop of clear pre-cum had formed on the head of his prick. Stargirl slowly rubbed her lips across the shiny fluid around her lips.

Tilting her head back and looking up at the massive thug's ugly face, she begged him to let her suck his cock. She opened her mouth wide and placed the head of his immense prick to her lips. Courtney had a wide, full-lipped mouth for such a young girl, but she struggled to wrap them around them huge flared tip. Her breathing was rapid and loud through her nose, as she forced her mouth to stretch and stretch.


The blonde heroine felt her jaw pop, and it suddenly surged into her mouth and into the back of her throat. Tears formed in her eyes, but she blinked them away and bowed her head and lowered her body, pulling his horse-cock down, and then turned her face up so that she could swallow it. He was so much taller than her that she had to take it almost vertically. Her neck bulged obscenely as she pushed herself up the incredible length, like some miraculous sword-swallower, engulfing it all down to the hilt.

Stargirl pulled back by lowering her ass toward the ground. From the knees, she lifted her ass higher and then lower, fucking her face up onto his giant cock. This only lasted a few minutes, because on one thrust, when she had her nose buried into the brutish man's pubic hair, one of the other men grabbed her by the ankles and lifted her horizontally.

The turned around in place, the hairy man rotating and the man holding her ankles walking around him in a circle, so that the audience of prisoners could see that she had swallowed every inch. They whooped and cheered, and Courtney felt a perverse thrill of achievement. It was fortunate that she was a superheroine, and could hold her breath for hours if needed, because she was left fully impaled like that for a good five minutes.

She did not immediately notice when the man behind her moved up her body and poked the head of his big cock against her pussy. Her cunt was sloppy and stretched out that her long lips spread easily to the slightest pressure. When she did notice, Courtney humped her hips up to encourage the man to rape her.

It was not his cock her thrust into her however. He released her legs and held her up with one hand by her hips, the other pushing two fingers into her cum-sloppy hole. Stargirl gurgled with pleasure as he swirled them around inside her, teasing her tender membranes. She was disappointed when the fingers withdrew, but then her body flinched with surprise as he began to work the spunk from her pussy in between her tight little buttocks, and then against the puckers of her sweet teen virgin asshole.

"You like that slut?" said the man, and Stargirl knew it was the big bald black man, and not the one that had already raped her. "You want me to fuck yo' tight ass?"

With her gullet stuffed full of the beastman's horse-cock, she could not answer, but nothing she might have said could have changed what would happen next. Even had she wanted to. Grinning, the bald giant pushed his sperm-lubricated middle digit into her clasping asshole as she bucked with shock and, to her surprise, erotic delight.

"I'm gonna fuck your cute little white teenage asshole with my big black cock and shoot my cum up your guts!" the man promised.

Stargirl was both scared and aroused by the thought. Losing her virginity had hurt so much, but it had felt so good. She knew that anal sex must hurt even worse that first time, but although she feared the pain, she anticipated the pleasure warmly. She could feel her pussy begin to moisten and lubricate once more.


The blonde heroine screamed around the cock in her mouth as the cruel villain pressed his fat cockhead into her asshole. He gripped her narrow waist and, bending his knees, pushed forward. Courtney's tight sphincter muscle opened wider and wider, burning with white-hot agony as it was stretched obscenely out of shape.

"Tight fuckin' ass," the giant black thug snarled, as his rock-hard prick punched into her virgin butt. "So fuckin' tight!"

Stargirl's eyes bulged and a strangled scream emerged from her cock-stuffed throat. Her face reddened and she wriggled frantically and instinctively as the painful invasion of her ass pushed deeper and deeper inside her. Stars danced before her tear-filled eyes, and her body felt momentarily cold, prickling with sweat, before a heatwave washed over her.

The agony was worse than her defloration, but despite how much it hurt, there was a strange pleasure there too, dark and primordial, but one she accepted more readily this time around. She now knew and accepted the fact that she was a sexy teen fuck-puppet so it only made sense that she would enjoy a hard butt-rape.

Courtney's 14-year-old asshole yielded to her rapist's insistent penis, she even began pushing up and back to meet his thrusts. The bald black man's flaring cockhead plowed through her rectum, the walls hugging the shaft of his slick penis, sucking and clinging to it. Her pussy wept cum and juices as her clit began to tingle and she felt her puffy nipples stiffen with excitement.

It seemed to take an eternity, but Stargirl finally felt the black giant's balls slap against her slimy cunt and knew that she had taken every inch of his immensity. She was impaled from both ends by giant monster-cocks!

"Bitch is stuffed full o' cock!" said the hairy man. "You like that Starslut?"

Courtney tried to nod, but she could not move with the rigid fat cockmeat crammed down her throat and up her ass.

"Bitch loves it!" said the bald man.

"Time to fuck her then. Fuck her real good!"

The black man gave a snort and holding her hips he began to draw his cock backwards from her sucking asshole. He withdrew it almost all the way, until only his huge cockhead remained inside, and the tiny teen waited eagerly for the thrust back inside. He didn't thrust, instead he dragged her back onto his rampant manhood, pulling her off the cock stuffing her gullet.

Once she was fully impaled on the black man's huge cock, the hairy man grabbed her around the waist and pulled her forward, fucking her throat onto his massive horse-cock. When her nose was buried in his wiry pubes, then the black man dragged her back onto his cock by her hips, and then the hairy man pulled her forward onto his cock again.

The two super-thugs dragged the helpless heroine back and forth between them, fucking her onto one cock as she was pulled off the other, settling into an easy rhythm that drove the slutty young girl wild. The audience of imprisoned super-thugs cheered and whooped as they watched the tiny teen pulled back and forth, spit-roasted on two giant monster-cocks.

* * *

His fingers knotted into her ginger pubic hair, Dr. Psycho roared as he shot his third load into Giganta's giant pussy. He pulled out of her and stepped back to watch the thin trickle of his sperm as it oozed out of the enslaved villainess's delectable sex. It hardly compared to the depraved sight of Stargirl's inundation, whose vastly dilated, cum-drooling cunt excitingly filled his heads-up display.

Although many things made Dr. Psycho feel inadequate, the paltry quantity of his sperm compared to the juiced-up super-thugs was not one of them. He could have used the same drugs to increase his size, both of his body and his cock and balls, with the corresponding advantages to strength and toughness, but with unacceptable disadvantages to his reasoning and his self-control, and he valued his mind to much to risk damaging it for any reasons.

Or damaging his imagination. Depraved though they were, he doubted that those dim-witted monsters could have contrived the act that he intended to perform next. Grinning to himself the evil dwarf thrust his entire arm into the giant redhead's extra-large pussy. Then he forced his other arm in alongside it. . .

* * *

Spit bubbled from the corners of Stargirl's lips and drooled from her chin in long glittering ropes as she slurped on the hairy pulsating horse-cock of the beastman. Her head was spinning and there was a dull roaring in her ears. She had no idea how long they had been fucking her mouth and ass, her need was palpable now.

Her body thrilled to their rough mauling hands, liquid electricity seemed to flow through her veins with every brutal thrust. Her tiny buttocks hugging the massive ebony shaft as her barbarically overstretched asshole sucked tightly on the arm-thick monster-cock. Her vacant pussy throbbed with desire, and she could feel her little clit was hard and stiff, striking the bald man's big black balls every time she was pulled back onto his massive manhood.


Courtney issued strangled screams of ecstasy as she climaxed, cumming even harder than she had during her first rape. The intensity was too much for the 14-year old superheroine, and she fainted for several minutes.

Stargirl was roused when the tempo of her double violation increased, as her rapists approached their own imminent orgasms.

"I'm cumming, bitch!" one announced, "I'ma cumming up your hot slut ass!"

The black man grunted and slammed her all the way down and then held her there. Courtney felt his balls lurch, and his fuckmeat spasmed as his sperm rocketed up out of his cock and exploded into her guts. Spunk blasted its way deep into the young teen's little body, filling every available space inside her rectum and beyond. The blonde heroine orgasmed again at the feel of his hot thick sperm surging through her sexy torso.

Courtney sobbed and twisted her body, her ass giving an erotic massage to his squirting maleness as she rode her orgasm. The waves had barely subsided when the masked teenager's eyes went wide as hot spunk erupted into her slurping mouth, filling out her cheeks, almost drowning her before spraying back out to splash onto the floor below.

Stargirl swallowed again and again, the pungent cum burning her raw throat and bloating her belly. The hairy giant pulled out of her mouth and sprayed the rest of his load over her face and hair, adding a fresh layer to her already cum-caked features.

She hung there gasping for several minutes, with a black cock buried to her hilt in her ass and a horse-cock hovering inches from her face, while her assailants recovered from their explosive climaxes. Her belly was swollen like a girl 6-months pregnant, such was the quantity of sperm filling her, not to mention the immense volume of the black cock impaling her bowels.

* * *

Giganta writhed and bucked, her huge tits heaving and rolling as she was wracked by multiple, unnatural orgasms. Her pale skin shining with sweat, she bit her lower lip as her hands caressed her swollen belly. Between her legs her labia finally closed as the naked dwarf's foot disappeared inside her giant ginger pussy.

She looked like a pregnant woman, and in a sense that was what she was. The 12-foot redhead bucked her hips upward as the 3-foot tall Dr. Psycho pulled the rest of his body through her cervix and settled inside her womb. She groaned and her belly rippled as the perverted midget moved inside her.

* * *

Stargirl lay dazed on the floor in an expanding pool of cum. The tiny teen's bloated belly was now marked with two more black lines, three in total, and it was slowly shrinking to more like its normal size as her rapists' sperm gushed out of her gaping holes. Her mind was still spinning in a sexual whirlwind, and her hands strayed down to her slimy crotch as she thought back on everything she had experienced today. She rubbed her clit with one hand and balled the other into a fist and stuffed it into her now capacious cunt. Even after so many orgasms, Courtney still felt so incredibly horny! She needed to be fucked!

"Fuck! Bitch is a real ho'! Look at her fistin' herself like a slut!"

Stargirl looked up and recoiled as she saw that there were now six giant men standing over her. The three that had already raped her and three newcomers, all naked and all as impressively muscular and overendowed as her previous assailants. She had not heard their cells unlock.

"Hey, little whore!" said one of the new black men, one with many tattoos decorating his body, "You a slut?"

"Y-yes, I'm a slut!"

"Sexy little bitch like you, bet you fuck all the guys, don't ya?"

"Oh yes. I fuck anybody. I want to fuck everybody. Please fuck me!"

The men all laughed and another chimed in with; "I bet you fuck all the limp-dicked superheroes, a hot piece of ass like you."

"Yes, yes, I've fucked them all," Stargirl lied, "I've fucked all of them. The Justice Society, the Justice League, the Teen Titans, um, Doom Patrol, and, ah, the Outsiders, and, and the Green Lantern Corps, there's hundreds of them, thousands, and I've fucked them all, and everybody else, I've fucked every hero in the world! I'm a dirty little fuck-whore super-slut!"

"So who do you prefer little super-slut? Those tiny-dicked do-gooders or us big-dicked bad boys?"

"You! I prefer you! You are all so strong and virile and have such big cocks!" Wailed Stargirl, unable to believe the things she was saying, "Good guys have such tiny cocks they don't even touch the sides! No more than two or three inches most of them! I need real men to fuck me with real cocks! Real men to treat me rough and rape me hard! I love being raped!"

Courtney still didn't understand how she could have changed so much so quickly, but she had changed and she accepted that now. The hows and whys didn't matter. The innocent young virgin she had been just a few hours earlier was now no more than a wistful remembrance, but that was when she had been just a girl and now she was a woman! A cock-crazy, cum-hungry rape-slut of a woman!

The tattooed black man started to speak but was interrupted by the horse-cocked beastman grabbing Stargirl by her long blonde tresses and hoisting her aloft. Cum-trailed behind her as he swung her up, caught her little body in his huge hands, and then slammed her down onto his massive cock in one smooth movement.


Courtney shrieked as her loose pussy was stretched wide by the hairy giant's thick cock. He was bigger than her first rapist, and she felt herself expand to fit his massive size. The monstrous man tore her top apart, exposing her tiny barely-budded breasts and then hugged her close, so that her body rubbed against his as he plunged her up and down his impaling manhood. The friction of his coarsely furry body as it stroked across her tiny tits was very arousing for the violated 14-year old.

The newcomers looked on with chagrin as the huge white man took his second turn with Stargirl. Each of the prisoners was raring to rape the little blonde jailbait, but the beastman had a reputation that none of them were willing to challenge. Instead, the tattooed man moved in behind stabbed his fat cock between Courtney's sexy little buttocks.

When the hairy man pushed his fucktoy down Stargirl found herself with two huge cocks inside her tiny body, impaled in her pussy and ass at the same time! The sensation was indescribable, but exquisite, enhanced by how small and insignificant she felt sandwiched between two massively muscular giants. It hurt, despite her earlier stretching, but it was a good hurt, and within a few strokes she was cumming like the little whore she was.

They fucked the superpowered jailbait slut like that for almost ten minutes, until the tattooed man groaned and erupted in her ass. Stargirl was so lost in her orgasms that she almost didn't notice when he pulled out and was replaced by one of the other prisoners. The next man lasted about 5 minutes before her shot his load into her already cum-packed ass, and still the beastman continued dragging her up and down his horsecock. Another man penetrated Stargirl's butt, and the double-penetration rape continued for another few minutes until the hairy finally reached his climax, blasting a massive load of hot thick cum into the blonde heroine's eager pussy.

After he pulled out, the man in her ass lowered himself to the ground so that others could get easy access to her pussy and her mouth. The dreadlocked man took the opportunity to add three more black marks to her belly, two vertical lines and one diagonal that crossed through four of the upright marks. Courtney realised that they counted how many times a man had fucked her. It was a degrading thought, and that excited her.

As soon as the black giant finished writing on her body, another loomed over her and there was a new cock filling her cunt, a black man with gold teeth, and the dreadlocked man who had deflowered her another moved up to stuff his rampant manhood down her throat.

When they had finished with her and drawn their marks upon her little white bodyS, she looked up and realised that there were even more of the prisoners surrounding her. Every time she satisfied one of the huge super-thugs, another was released from his cell. 60 massively muscled, superpowered, over-endowed, giant criminals were all going to rape her. The mere thought of it made her shudder with pleasure . . .

"Please masters, fuck my slutty little pussy!" cried the thoroughly corrupted, cum-caked heroine as she bucked her hips and rubbed her clit, "Fuck my throat raw! Pound my sexy ass! Rape me hard! Teach me the price of being a cock-teasing cunt!"

* * *

Wearing nothing but her nurse's hat and white high-heels, Giganta teetered into the ward to collect Stargirl. The giant redhead had shrunk down to slightly less than 7-feet in height, but the dwarf inside her womb had not shrunk at all and she looked like a woman 9-months pregnant with triplets. Cum dribbled from her pussy down her shapely thighs, and she could feel Dr. Psycho's cock plunging down and up her vagina as the perverted midget reverse-fucked her through her cervix.

But as miserable and humiliated as she felt, she was at least glad that she wasn't in Stargirl's place. The blonde teen was completely unrecognisable under a thick layer of crusted cum. The prisoners were back in their cells, and many of them were asleep, having exhausted themselves over the last forty-eight hours of gang-banging the 14-year old super-slut.

Giganta unlocked and opened a secure hatch near the door and pulled out a firehose. The hose unravelled behind her as she tottered across the room to stand over the degraded heroine, and then she turned it on to spray cold water over the sexy blonde teenager's violated body. The powerful jet of water sluiced away the sperm on contact, washing the potent super-cum into the chamber's central drain.

Stargirl no longer looked like the innocent virginal teenaged heroine that she had been prior to her gang-rape. As the water rinsed the sperm off her nearly naked body it was revealed that her costume was almost completely gone, with only her mask and the torn star-spangled sleeves of her top remaining, and she was now covered with more than three hundred black hash marks, counting the number of times she had been fucked.

That was the most immediately obvious difference, but not the only one. When Courtney had arrived at the facility, she had possessed a wispy thatch of pubic hair just above her slit. During her ordeal the rapists had plucked her pussy bald strand by strand, and then written the word "CUNT" across the bared skin.

More permanent changes had also occurred. The repeated penetrations of such massive cocks had forced Stargirl's pelvis open wide, and her hips were noticeably broader than before, to the point that if she closed her legs her slender thighs would now have a gap of nearly two inches at her crotch. This would allow her elongated pussylips to flap loose and free between her legs, hanging almost three inches after the repeated brutal stretchings they had received. Her superhuman muscles would allow her to close her stretched-out pussy and ass, but their natural capacity was now massively increased.

Giganta knelt down and pushed her big fist easily into Stargirl's huge pussy, then thrust all the way in to the elbow. The 14-year old heroine's membranes hugged the villainess's arm and began squeezing tightly as the semi-conscious blonde moaned and humped her hips.

The giant redhead felt a strange surge of sympathy for Stargirl. It was not a normal reaction for the evil villainess, but being herself a slave of the perverted Dr. Psycho she had an unusual empathy for the unfortunate heroine, and she knew that at the whim of the depraved dwarf in her womb, she might find herself in Stargirl's place.

She definitely did not want that to happen, so she would obey his every command until she got the opportunity to escape. And then one day she would stamp him under her giant heel. Until then, she followed his orders and lifted Stargirl up by her impaled pussy and carried her through to the monster's ward, where the inhuman beastmen wailed and howled with lust. Giganta laid the tiny teen on a rubber cube in the centre of the chamber, in full view of the imprisoned animal-men but for the moment, tantalisingly safe from their depredations.

Stargirl would get just a couple of hours to rest and recover, and then they would begin to release the lust-crazed monsters.

The End


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