Justice League Of America/Mighty Avengers: The Ultimate Harem Part 3
by Hamster ([email protected])

The mansion at the interdimmensional nexus point...

Rob awoke with a yawn and made his way from his bedroom to the living room.
He was drowsy and wasn't paying to much attention as he brushed his teeth and
showered. After getting into a t-shirt and pajamas he made his way to his
living room where there was a huge Christmas tree. He suddenly felt like he
was a little kid again because his four sex slave superheroines were there
waiting for him and they had a pair of huge boxes in Christmas wrapping with
them. Wonder Woman, Wasp, the Black Canary and Ms. Marvel all stood around
the two boxes which were rattling and emitting sounds of muffled protest.

"OH MY GOD! What a huge surprise you shouldn't have!" He said.

"But you ordered us to..." Wonder Woman started.

"ANYWAYS, let's see what I got." He said.

Rob rushed over to the boxes and began to tearing the wrapping off. The first
present was a large cage containing 1 Tigra. The tiger woman was bound and
gagged and glaring angrily while making loud muffled protests. The second
presnt was also in a cage, this one holding Wonder Woman's pretty blonde
sidekick, Wonder Girl. Wonder Girl was also gagged and tied up (with Wonder
Woman's lasso, in fact).

"Wow this is what I always wanted." Rob declared with a tear and a sniffle.

"Yes, we know. You specifically told us to get..." Wonder Woman began to

"Yes, well anyways, what to do? What to do?" wondered Rob out loud.

"I think perhaps that maybe we should start with some lesbian antics. After
all young Wonder Girl here has probably been wondering what it would be like
to fuck her mentor for a fairly long time now. Let's put an end to her
suppositions." Rob said. Rob unlocked Wonder Girl's cage and immediately used
his powers to make her obedient and horny. He removed her gag but left her
tied up in the lasso. "Wanted to ask you something while you were still tied
up in the lasso. That we know you are being honest and it's not my powers
making you say it. You've always been curious about lesbian sex right?"

"Yes." Wonder Girl replied resent fully.

"Great, the truth will set you free. And question #2: You fantasize about
Wonder Woman, right?" Asked Rob.

Poor Wonder Girl struggled but she was compelled to answer by Rob's power and
to answer honestly by Wonder Woman's lasso. Her entire body turned a bright
red crimson. She couldn't believe she was going to be forced to admit this in
front of all these heroines, Diana especially.

"Yes." Wonder Girl hissed.

"Jeez, Rob, you are being such a dick," said Ms. Marvel.

"Was that completely necessary? Must you embarrass her?" demanded Wonder

She didn't like her sidekick to be humiliated but she couldn't fight Rob

"What? I'm a villain, besides, the truth will set you free." Rob said. Rob
untied the girl. "All right kid, here's your chance, enjoy some HLA with
Wonder Woman while I play with my new Kitty."

"I'm sorry..." Wonder Girl said.

"It's OK Cassie, If you wanted to try girl on girl loving I wish you had come
to me. I'm just sorry it had to be under these circumstances." Wonder Woman

"Ok, enough with the 'Made-For-TV-Lifetime-Original-Movie' garbage please.
Strip and get it on. The rest of you get out of your clothes and get the orgy
going," Rob ordered.

Wonder Woman sighed. She looked into Wonder Girl's eyes and gave her deep
long kiss. This was exactly the sort of passionate but loving kiss that
Wonder Girl had always fantasized about having. Wonder Woman's hand rested
on Wonder Girl's waist and then roamed down to her butt. Her hand slid
around to the front of Cassie's jeans and unbuttoned them. Diana slipped
down Cassie's jeans. The blonde teen was wearing shiny metallic gold panties.
Wonder Woman got on her knees in front of Cassie and licked the crotch of
those panties. Wonder Girl could not believe this was happening. Despite the
circumstances Wonder Woman was still the sexiest woman alive and this was
really starting to get really enjoyable for her. Cassie ran her fingers
through Diana's hear as Wonder Woman took off Cassie's boots and then
finished removing Cassie's jeans.

Everyone else had their eyes glued to the action. The heat between Cassie
and Diana was compelling. Rob had released Tigra already. She was sitting on
his lap and he was fingering her lightly and playing with her tits while
enjoying the HLA show. Tigra was purring like an actual kitten and flicking
her tail while enjoying this attention. She didn't appreciate being mind
controlled and kidnapped but she loved the sex. Wasp was shrunk down was
sucking the tip of Rob's erects cock while rubbing the shaft with both hands.
Ms. Marvel was watching the action while bent over facing the amazons, The
Black Canary stood behind her while watching the show fingering Carol with
one hand and herself with the other.

Diana slid down Cassie's panties to the floor. Cassie was still blushing
crimson red. She was keenly aware of all of the eyes in the room were on her
which was very embarrassing. Not to mention the fact that she felt obligated
to put a good show on. Cassie pulled off her top and tossed it aside as Diana
stood up. Cassie got on her knees and removed Diana's boots one at a time.
She stepped behind he mentor and unzipped the back of her uniform. Soon
Wonder Woman stood before everyone in all of her naked glory. Cassie sucked
in her breath.

"Wow I always guessed that you didn't wear underwear under that." said

"It's uncomfortable and gets in the way." Said Diana.

Wonder Woman ran her fingers through the teenaged blonde's hair. The two
kissed again and Diana placed Cassie's hands on her breasts. Wonder Girl had
always wondered what her mentor's nearly perfect boobs might feel like and
she definitely not disappointed. Her fingers kneaded and caressed the firm
but soft flesh. Wonder Woman moaned. She was no stranger to lesbian antics
but it was different this time because she felt a deep responsibility to make
it enjoyable for Cassie. The two amazons laughed as they tumbled to the
ground while feeling each other up. They lay on the ground With Cassie's back
to Diana's front. Diana cupped Wonder Girl's breast with one hand while she
plunged two fingers deep into the teen's cunt.

"Uuuunnnhh yeeeeeeeesss That feels so good." Cassie moaned.

By this time Black Canary had slipped a second and then a third finger in
Ms. Marvel's pussy. With great difficulty she managed to get a fourth finger
pushed inside the chesty blonde. It was a pretty tight fit but she got her
thumb in and finally started fisting Ms. Marvel. Which was fair because a two
foot tall Wasp was now sticking her whole arm up Canary's pussy. Wasp had
left Rob alone so that he could get an opportunity to fuck Tigra. Tigra was
on her hands and knees facing Cassie and Diana. Rob had her tail gripped
firmly in one hand. Rob drove his hard cock into her tight ass. She winced at
the intrusion, despite her promiscuity, she had rarely taken it up the ass.

Now Wonder Girl's entire body was shaking as she came in Wonder Woman's hand.

"Nnn yes, it's sooo great." Wonder Girl cried as she experienced orgasm for
the first time in her teenaged life.

"I'm glad that you enjoyed it." Said Wonder Woman in Cassie's ear.

Rob was slamming his cock as hard and deep into Tigra's ass as he could while
he watched them finish. Her tail slapped against him as she grunted with
every deep stroke that penetrated her ass. Robsighed with pleasure as he
tapped Tigra's sweet ass but he quickly turned attention over to Wondergirl.

"OK blondie go ahead and eat out the princess's cunt." Rob ordered.

Diana got on her back and spread her legs. Cassie her got on hands and knees
like a kitten and then began to lap at Diana's pussy lie a kitten. Diana
stroked Cassie's hair.

"Mmm oh yes sweetie, ooooh yes you are doing very, very well." Wonder Woman

The Black Canary made her way over to the Amazons and positioned herself so
that she could eat out Wondergirl. Ms. Marvel nestled her own pussy over
Wonder Woman's face. Wasp continued to fist Ms. Marvel while Rob and Tigra
watched the show.

"Oh yeah Tigra, damm your ass so fucking good." Rob cried.

Rob couldn't take anymore he reached around and squeezed Tigra's tits as hard
as he could as he shot his load up her tight ass. In front of him each of the
women in his harem were cumming melodically. He hoped Cassie enjoyed her
first sexual adventure because he had a lot more planned for her.


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