Justice League Of America/Mighty Avengers:
The Ultimate Harem Part 1 - Starting A Harem (MFF,bond,catfight,mc)
by Hamster ([email protected])

(MU: Earth-616)

Robert Rains woke up bright and early at 6 am. He got up and in a very
anal-retentive fashion made his bed then showered, brushed his teeth for a
very precise number of strokes, he then cleaned his bathroom went to his
kitchen where he fixed a balanced breakfast recommended by various health
magazines. He read the business section of the "The Daily Bugle" before
heading to work. He arrived at work 15 minutes early. He was an office
manager at a software company where he was known as an anal retentive,
heartless tyrant.

(DCU: Earth-1)

Bobby Rains woke a little after 1pm. He went directly to the kitchen and ate
some cold left over pizza. He dressed in some dirty clothes that he picked up
off of his bedroom floor. He briefly glanced at the sports page of the "Daily
Planet" as he got in his van. He got to work about 20 minutes late. He worked
at a supermarket where he was known as a nice guy who was completely inept at
his job.

These men were both individually unremarkable as well as polar opposites.
When they returned home they both just happened to step into a powerful extra
dimensional psionic vortex at the exact same time. That was when they both
merged into a single being with powerful psionic powers.

"What the hell?" Said the new being who was Rob Rains. He existed and was
aware of himself in both universes. "This is fucking trippy."

Rob thought for a minute. He knew he had power, now what was he going to do
with it? Well the answer was obvious...Ultimate harem! Preparations needed to
be made. He went to the bank and used his psychic powers to make the bank
manager fork over every bit of cash the bank had. He did so in both universes
in which he existed. The he bought a house in each one. By channeling his
great power he turned the house into a dimensional conduit so hat the mansion
existed in both worlds as he did. Next he pimped out his crib. He then filled
the garage with some cars. He robbed several other banks in both dimensions
but in different locations. He wasn't quite as wealthy as Bruce Wayne or
Tony Stark but he had more than enough money for his purposes and had other
ways to get what he wanted.

He was watching his enormous flat-screen TV and thinking about who the first
addition to his ultimate harem would be when he noticed similar event taking
place on both Earth-1 and Earth-616. In both cases an odd bluish alien
creature crash landed in Louisville, Kentucky began to wreak havoc but was
then unceremoniously beaten senseless by Wonder Woman (on Earth-1) and/or
Ms. Marvel (on Earth 616). He teleported to the same spot in two worlds.

"Very trippy." He said to no one in particular.

He watched the battle. Ms. Marvel used raw power to overwhelm the alien and
beat him down. Wonder Woman used more finesse and skill than her counterpart
and subdued him just as quickly. He approached the women.

"What are you doing here? It's too dangerous step back." Wonder Woman and Ms.
Marvel said.

"Yes I will, but first I want to let you know that when you are done I want
you to come hang out at my mansion. I am psychically imputing it's location
into your mind now." Rob said.

"OK." Said Ms. Marvel.

"Yes." Said Wonder Woman.

Both reacted as if it was a very simple and reasonable request. As if Rob
had asked for no more than directions to the mall. Rob knew that if he made
them deviate too much from their normal routine, other heroes could get
suspicious. Rob therefore let them clean up their alien mess before joining
him at the mansion.

Rob returned to the mansion, grateful to do so. Being two places at once gave
him a headache. It was much more comfortable at his mansion where he didn't
have to split his focus. Like all uber-powerful super-villains he carefully
laid out a nice assortment of appetizers and beverages for his future sex
slaves. The bell rang and Rob practically ran to the door to great the first
of his guests, Wonder Woman.

"What am I doing here?" Demanded Wonder Woman angrily. She knew that
something was messed up.

"You are here for my entertainment. Trust me baby, you can have as much fun
as I'm going to have." Ron said.

"You must be insane." Said Wonder Woman.

"Actually I can just make you do whatever I want. But I'm just going to give
you some general guidelines for now 1) From now on you are going to be my
loyal sex-slave 2) You will tell no one, go about your business as normal,
but spend your free-time here in the mansion 3) You will attempt to come up
with ways on your own to please me." Ron said.

"I should be beating you senseless but for some reason I can't. I know I have
to do what you want." Wonder Woman said with a bit of annoyance.

"Trippy isn't it? Have some guacamole and Fritos." Rob said. The doorbell
rang. "That would be our other guest."

He opened the door and it was Ms. Marvel. Rather than explain the situation
all over again he just psychically downloaded all of the relevant information
into her brain.

"Whoa." She said.

"Yes, I know." Rob said. "Ms. Marvel meet Wonder Woman."

The two heroines shook hands and kissed each other's cheeks.

"Darn, which one should I fuck first?" He wondered out loud as he tapped his

"Can I make a suggestion?" Ms. Marvel asked.

"Fire away." Rob said.

"Wonder Woman and I could eat each other out and you can fuck whoever makes
the other person cum first." Ms. Marvel said.

"Great idea, I give you points for initiative. OK ladies can both
keep the boots on though" Rob said.

Both women had nearly perfect bodies and despite his great power he couldn't
resist a bit of drool. He watched in wide-eyed fascination as Ms Marvel's
pretty blonde face disappeared between Wonder Woman's sexy thighs. He could
make out Wonder Woman's face between and underneath Ms. Marvel's cunt. The
two began to lick and suck at each other and the sound of their lesbian
tongue loving was giving Rob a serious raging hard-on. He thought that he was
going to explode with lust when Ms. Marvel finally lifted her sweat-glistened
head and began to howl with an intense orgasm. Ms. Marvel staggered to her
feet and slumped onto the couch. Rob was incredibly excited, he was finally
about to get some super-powered harem action. He grabbed Wonder woman's huge
tits and mauled them as he drove his cock into her wet pussy. He moaned as he
fucked her his fingers massaged the flesh of her hard breasts and his cock
flourished in her pussy's warm embrace as he thought about his next move.
They both came as he decided on how to reward her for being so damm good.
Rob's cock exploded and filled, then overflowed her pussy. He pulled out and
panted slightly as he got an idea about what to do next.

"Ladies I'd like you two take part in a very special event, the opening bout
of the S.H.H.G.T.S.W.F." Said Rob.

"The what?" Both women asked.

"The Super Heroine Harem Girl Titty-Sumo Wrestling Federation." Rob

"Huh?" Asked Wonder Woman

"What?" Asked Ms. Marvel.

"Follow me." Said Rob. Rob led them to the special gym he had built into his
mansion. In the gym there was a large circle outlined in white. "Basically
it's like a sumo contest except the only thing you can slam your opponents
with to push her outside of the circle is your tits."

"Sounds like a lot of fun...not." Ms. Marvel said.

"You only say that because you know I'll crush you." Said Wonder Woman. The
Amazon had an ultra competitive side to her.

"Oh it's on." Ms. Marvel said.

"That's the spirit, first I have to bind your hands behind your back." Rob
said. Rob, of course, realized that either woman could very easily snap out
of whatever bonds he decided to tie them up with. But the wouldn't since it
would be a violation of the rules and they both wanted to win.

With both of them having their hands tied behind their backs, the two naked
women stood and faced each other. Rob sat down so that he could enjoy the

"Begin!" He said as he clapped his hands.

The two women charged each other as and threw their breasts against one
another as hard as they could. Their massive boobs mashed together hard and
they were each thrown back a few steps from the power of the blow. They both
gritted their teeth then prepared themselves for another charge. Again their
breasts slammed together. This continued for several minutes and neither
woman would yield despite the bruised breasts. The women were punishing each
other's tits with the violent sumo contest when after 8 charges Ms. Marvel
began to gain some ground. Wonder Woman, who refused to lose redoubled her
efforts and sent Ms. Marvel flying backwards toward the edge of the line.
Before she could recover Wonder Woman gave another all-out charge that sent
Ms. Marvel flying clean off of the ring. The now angry blonde snapped the
binds on her wrists and rubbed her bruised and battered breasts.

"I know declare Wonder Woman the winner." Said Rob "Loser has to lick the
winner's pussy while getting ass-fucked. Those are the rules."

"You are making this up as you go along." Ms. Marvel accused.

"Yeah, so what's your point?" Asked Rob.

Wonder Woman lifted her legs in the air and hen spread them wide.

"Come and get it." Said Wonder Woman.

Ms. Marvel sighed as she made her way over to Wonder Woman. She got on her
hands and knees and then dipped her face down so she could lap at Wonder
Woman's cunt. Rob stepped up to Ms. Marvel's ass and pushed his hungry,
throbbing cock between her tight buns and into her nice tight hole. Ms.
Marvel groaned as he pounded her ass. She lapped her pussy enthusiastically
Wonder Woman came and then until she felt a wet splat inside her ass. A now
slightly tired Rob stood and let the two women do so as well.

"Whew. That was awesome. Ladies, I now have another mission for you." Rob

"And what would that be?" Asked Wonder woman.

"Well just two women, even if it's two as spectacular as you both, is not
really a harm. I need more harem girls. The two of you will go forth and find
them for me." Rob said.


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