NC-17 for F/F bondage sex in various combinations.

This is a combined Marvel/DC universe with maybe some independents thrown in.
Inspired by a picture Tyval sent me about Black Widow 2, Yelena Belova, in
bondage watching a porno movie. This is my first attempt at writing so please
bear with me.

Black Widow/Catwoman/Shi/Tomoe: Heroine Submissions! - Prologue (no sex)
by Tara ([email protected])

It was Yelana Belova's second trip to America and she still didn't like it.
She had seen the seedy underbelly of the new Russia, but even that did not
prepare her for Gotham City.

I thought New York was bad, Yelana thought.

But orders were orders and since she worked for S.H.I.E.L.D. now, Yelana
ignored the oppressiveness of the city. S.H.I.E.L.D. believed that the
international terrorist known as Viper was in Gotham recruiting new talent
as well as picking up whatever leftovers there were of Hydra and other

S.H.I.E.L.D.'s biggest worry was that Viper could recruit Talia Al Ghul.
Talia was heir to the worldwide 'League of Assassins,' and while she had
never seemed to show much interest in the 'League,' if she chose to take
over the leadership of the 'League of Assassins' and then joined with
Viper's organization the result would be a nightmare!

Gotham was supposed to be Batman's territory, but he had gone missing
weeks ago leaving only the 'Birds of Prey' and a mysterious woman who had
apparently taken up the mantle of Nightwing. It was time for Yelana to
take to the rooftops. A light mist was falling and the streets were nearly
deserted as Yelana slipped unseen into an alley.

I had taken hours of make-up to hide her beauty, making her up as a bag lady
so that she could roam the streets. It took only a minute for her to again
look like the sexiest spy on Earth. Armed with a .380 automatic, a nunchaku,
'Rambo' knife, and the trademark 'widow's sting' blasters both her and her
predecessor used, Yelana was well armed.

A map study aboard the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier had given her a rooftop
route to her target destination; a vantage point where she could observe the
penthouse currently being used by Talia Al Ghul. It didn't take long for
Yelana to reach her spot. Taking up her position she pulled out her hi-tech
binoculars with infra-red and nightvision settings.

Despite the drizzle Talia was outside by her rooftop pool. The night was warm
and she was in a very dinky thong bikini. Talia poured herself a drink then
laid down on a lounge chair.

"Must be nice to be that rich," Yelana muttered to herself. "And why bother
even wearing that, she's almost naked anyway."

Yelana was very sexually frustrated and confused. She was technically a
virgin, never having sex with a man or woman. She had never even been
exposed to sex until one of her mentors had been murdered in a sex club.
That experience had confused her even more. Then her rivalry with Natasha
Romanov, the first Black Widow had led to Yelana growing even more
frustrated as she denied her attraction to Natasha to herself.

Watching the almost nude form of the beautiful Talia wasn't helping either
as Yelana could feel herself growing wetter every second. Yelena's nipples
felt like they would pop off her tits as they strained against her tight
top. Laying down on her stomach for a more accurate view made things worse,
the rough surface stimulating her nipples even more.

Yelana was prepared for a long stake-out. In reality it took less than a half
hour for something to happen. The worst case scenario happened when Viper,
topless and in thong bikini bottoms came out of the penthouse door. Talia
rose, walked over to her and the 2 women hugged and frenched each other.
Yelana reached for her com link when to her surprise things got worse, a lot

The villainess Poison Ivy arrived along with the latina girl who was the
new Tarantula ... Catalina Flores. Tarantula had tried to be a heroine,
had killed the villain Blockbuster, then been turned in by the original
Nightwing. Both were also in dinky thong bikinis that might as well not
been there.

Then 2 surprises, Selina Kyle, aka Catwoman, and Felicia Hardy, aka Black
Cat, both of whom were considered heroines after supposedly reforming. They
were both wearing the one piece 'string' that was becoming so popular in

Guess they fell off the wagon, Yelana thought.

An even bigger surprise occurred less than 5 minutes later when actual
heroines Shi and Tomoe arrived to much hugging and kissing. Talia and Viper
were totally naked by this time. There was music playing as the women began
erotically dancing with each other. The ones still wearing clothes were soon
naked. Yelana found her hand between her legs and quickly withdrew it,
ashamed of herself.

'Shit, this is getting out of hand,' Yelana thought, reaching for her
comm-link to call in the cavalry.

Yelana felt a sharp sting on her ass. Reaching back she felt and then pulled
out a small dart. A quick sniff confirmed that the dart was laced with a
powerful narcotic that also made women super horny. Rolling over, her arms
already too numb to draw a weapon, Yelana saw Cheshire and Lady Shiva
advancing on her. Yelana knew she was not a match for Shiva even if she
wasn't drugged, and Cheshire was almost as good.

I can't believe I got taken so easy, Yelana thought.

The two evil women stripped Yelana naked and bound her. A third woman
arrived and Yelana knew that she had been set up and betrayed.

"You!!!" Yelana gasped as darkness took her.

The End - Prologue


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