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Remember that this is fiction, it deals with lesbian sex, rape, bondage and a
smattering of bondage, if you do not enjoy such stories I advise you to read
no further, if you do, enjoy. Also I do not condone the activity conducted
in this story - it's just a story, okay...

Many of the characters within are the property of The Marvel Entertainment
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copyright infringement is intended, the story is simply for entertainment
purposes and I will make no profit from this story.

Also, this is my first foray into the world of bondage stories, however,
being a fan of the Wonder Woman/Batgirl/Catwoman stories plus having received
favorable response to previous work I have decided to write this story
(please excuse misspelling of german words).

It is a crossover between the Marvel Universe and D.C Universe, set in the
1940's it stars Captain America and Wonder Woman - I hope you enjoy it.

Also, if anyone would consider doing artwork based on this story I would be
most interested to hear about it...

FINAL NOTE: Okay you may find that there are some irregularities concerning
Wonder Woman and Captain America's origins, job and things they've done in
World War II. This is simply because bringing the Marvel & DC Universes
creates an Amalgam Universe of the two, so things become slightly warped
(yes, that's it - it's not because I am basically ignorant when it comes to
comics set during WWII - no that's not it at all...)

BTW, if you a miss a chapter drop me a line at:

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Captain America/Wonder Woman: Alpha Child Part 11
by Dimitri

Kurt and Gruda were tied up back to back, naked as the day they were born.

"Karma," said Wonder Woman with a grin,"Turnabout is fair play."

"How did you break free from the manacles?" asked Gruda,"That's all I want
to know."

"Your pathetic attempts to hold me were doomed to failure," replied Wonder
Woman, "They were designed for humans, not Amazons, so I broke them easily,"
she was lying through her teeth.

* * *

"YOU SABOTAGED THEM!" cried Masterman, "But why? And how?"

"To answer the first, because I wanted them free to destroy the portal, which
was a threat to my existence. Also because the Countess' plan would have
succeeded, and that would mean I was no longer the perfect Aryan... that was
unacceptable. The second - always remember this Herr Lohmer - is that I have

The Red Skull chuckled slightly as he and Masterman made their way towards
the road where a car would be waiting for them.

* * *

"Like I said," Captain America was saying to Gruda, "The offer of clemency
still stands, you'll have to go into a POW camp till the war is over, but
after that your co-operation will be remembered."

Wonder Woman was staring at the remains of the castle, she grinned slightly,
"You know," she said, "The Countess claimed she was superior to everyone, but
she surrounded herself with androids - she had them cook for her, clean for
her, make love to her. The only people she really trusted ended up betraying
her - Maria, Denizen, your pal Gruda here - and old Wilhelm and Hans betrayed
her by dying I guess."

"I never betrayed her," whispered Kurt, "I loved her, I never betrayed her,
I loved her, I never betrayed her, I loved her..."

He repeated the words over and over again, Captain America thought it was
from the shock of discovering she was dead. He would never know that it had
been Kurt who had rigged the manacles, commanded to by the Red Skull and
told he would get the Countess for himself when she was defeated. No one
else would ever know, because in two weeks time he would be found hanging
from his own belt in a POW camp.

"I would rather stay here and take my chances with the Nazis," muttered
Gruda, "But I don't really have a choice, do I?"

Cap only smiled, then lifted her up over his shoulder, seeing Wonder Woman
do the same he smiled and they walked away, heading for Nouviean.

Two Days Later.

"I came to see how her plans were proceeding," said Goebbels with a frown,
"I gather she has reached a dead end?"

He and several SS men stood in front of the ruins of the castle, others in
the battalion he had brought with him sifted through the rubble.

"Dead is the operative word," replied Herr Flick, the Gestapo man in Nouviean
and Godson of Heinrich Himmler. He walked with a limp, wore a black coat and
rimless spectacles, carrying a cane with him always. At his side was his
assistant - Von Smallhausen, who also walked with a limp, wore a black coat
and glasses and carried a cane. But whereas Otto Flick looked every inch the
Gestapo stereotype, Von Smallhausen looked like a short, pathetic, middle
aged man playing at soldiers.

"Very funny Herr Flick," chortled Von Smallhausen.

"Quiet Von Smallhausen," muttered Herr Flick, "You are a junior Gestapo man
and as such will only speak when spoken to," then he bopped him on the head
with his cane.

The SS men were sweating, it was a hot day and this was tough work,
Goebbels - as a propaganda man - knew it was important to keep up the morale
of his men, he wondered what he could do to inspire them.

"SIR!" yelled one,"I'VE FOUND SOMETHING."

Goebbels rushed across the wreckage to see, behind him Herr Flick and Von
Smallhausen limped as fast as they could behind.

Reaching the panting SS man, Goebbels couldn't help but smile as he saw the
Countess laying on the ground, unhurt apart from some bruises and scratches,
squinting up into the sun.

"Herr Goebbels!" she cried when her eyes came into focus, "Thank the Fuhrer
you are here!"

Goebbels just grinned down at her, he turned and looked at the tired SS men,
who were watching him to see what was to happen.

"Am I to understand," asked Goebbels, "That you failed in your mission?"

"Ya," groaned the Countess, "This time I'm going to need...."

She started going on about what she wanted - although demanded was a better
word - Goebbels couldn't get over how she could be so incredibly arrogant,
well, things were about to change.

"I warned you," said Goebbels and she instantly shut up, staring up at him
in half-surprise, half anger in being interrupted, "That there was a heavy
price for failure."

"What are you talking about?"

"MEN!!!" he cried, gripping her by the arm and pulling her from the hole,

He saw realization dawn in her eyes, she stared around at the men, several
of whom were very large.

"You can't," she gasped,"I am Countess Schatenger!"

"Who is going to stop me, you?" he asked, then pushed her forward so she
stumbled into the arms of a grinning SS man.


And the men quickly complied, uncaring of the Countess' protests, after all,
she was nothing but a whore.

* * *

"Listen very carefully, I shall say this... only once," Michelle was saying,
Renee was - as usual - less than pleased to have wanted soldiers in his
establishment, "The Resistance has a plane ready to take Captain America and
Wonder Woman away, but they must leave now!"

"But that is impossible," cried Renee, "It's Friday night, the Germans are
all over town - General Von Klinkerhauffen is in the inn right this minute!"

"I have a plan," said Michelle.

"Oh my God!" muttered Renee.

"You will go disguised as Frenchmen, Renee, you are close to Captain
America's height, so remove your pants immediately."


"And shall I give my clothes to Wonder Woman?" asked Edith.

"Why are you wasting my valuable time with silly jokes?" asked Michelle,
"Yvette, you are to change clothes with Wonder Woman."

Yvette took Wonder Woman into another room and the heroine pulled the
waitresses clothes on over her costume, when she came out Renee was standing
in only his boxers, while Captain America pulls the frenchman's pants on over
his own.

"We have no more time," yelled Michelle, "Let us go!"

The moved through the window into the back alley and made their escape.

"I shall go and get you some new pants," said Edith, "I will be back soon,"
she turned and rushed up the stairs. Moments later the door to the storage
room opened and Yvette stepped out, now wearing only sexy lingerie.

"Oooh Renee, this is our chance! Come with me!"

Renee gulped at the sight of the beautiful brunette half-naked before him,
she turned and stepped back into the storage room, closing the door behind

- This is an opportunity I cannot pass up! - Renee thought, and began to pull
his boxers down, at that moment the door leading into the inn opened and Lt.
Gruber stepped into it, he found himself staring at Renee's large buttocks
and quickly stepped back through the door.

"What is wrong?" asked Mimi - the diminutive, blond waitress - of him, "You
look like you've seen a ghost."

"Oh my," said Gruber, his face a burning red, "Oh my, oh my... well, mother
always said don't pass up an opportunity."

He opened the door and stepped through.

"Renee," he said with a grin.

- OH MY GOD! - cried the man known as Nighthawk as he felt a hand tap him on
the shoulder, - NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! -


"You're positive?" he asked her.

"The Doctor did three tests at my request, he says that absolutely, 100%
chance that yes, I am pregnant."

"How is this possible, we... you know... did it, nearly a year ago."

"My people can't have children," replied Wonder Woman, "Whatever Denizen did
to my genetic structure, it took time to change I guess, and it must have
retained your sperm and keep it alive long enough to impregnate me."

"I... I don't know what to say," Captain America said at last, "What are you
going to do with the baby?"

"I don't know, I really don't know, I wish you didn't have to go on this

Cap smiled,"I'll tell you what, this mission may be the last, the war is
crumbling - the Germans are on the run," he grabbed her by the shoulders and
kissed her,"I'll make you a promise, once I get back from this mission, we'll
be married!"

She stared at him in shock for a few seconds, then she smiled and kissed him,
saying afterwards,"I was hoping you'd say that!"

Cap grinned, then stood up, straightening his costume and checking his

"I'll be back soon, start planning the wedding!"


"We'll love him as if he were our own," said the woman, taking the baby from
the Nurse's arms.

"If you don't mind me asking," said the man, "Why did the mother give such a
gorgeous child up? I mean, the war is over, there's never been a better time
to have a child."

The nurse looked around, then leaned forward and whispered.

"Her husband was involved in espionage in the war, he never came back after
his last mission, and they were to be married. Apparently the poor thing can
barely look after herself now, she's in so much grief."

"Oh the poor dear," whispered Mrs Asher, "Axel, doesn't it make you so sad?"

Axel Asher nodded, almost as sad as the fact that he was infertile he
thought, he who loved children so much. Ever since he could understand, his
own father had told him of the proud lineage of the Ashers, and all had had
the name Axel, either as a first or a second name. His wife had insisted
that they call him something else, but agreed that Axel would be his second
name, and who knew... perhaps one day he would have a Grandson named Axel

Stranger things had happened.

The End.

And the story is finished! (If you have any questions, see the paragraph
about thirteen, fourteen lines down)

If you missed any chapters, you can pick them up by either writing e-mail

[email protected]

And hey, it won't hurt to drop me a line to the above e-mail to tell me if
you liked it, hated it or whatever. I'm always interested in compliments or
constructive criticism.

A couple of last points folks:

The mission Captain America never came back from was the mission to stop the
Red Skull from launching a nuclear missile on America. On that mission he
managed to redirect the missile but fell into the icy waters and was frozen,
not to be thawed out until nearly 40 years later when Namor The Submariner
inadvertently released him. In this Amalgam Universe there was no Bucky (for
which we should all be thankful!).

The reason why neither Wonder Woman or Captain America remember their romance
or their child, is because shortly after the end of the war the Amalgam
Universe was split and reformed back to the original Marvel And DC Universes.
Wonder Woman and Captain America forgot their child because he was not
supposed to exist.

Axel Asher is the name of Access, a human with the ability to step in and out
of both the Marvel And DC Universe. The so called Alpha Child was his father,
who despite his parents genetic makeup was an ordinary human - it would be
his son who would be special.

Master Man ended up dying rather heroically trying to save a time lost mutant
called Cable from being killed by agents of Sebastian Shaw, also known as the
Black King. When the Amalgam split his chosen mate - KriegerKrau, returned to
life and no one had any memory of her death - supposedly at the hands of
Captain America.

The Red Skull is still about, as evil as ever.

The Countess... who cares, she was just a whore.


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