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Remember that this is fiction, it deals with lesbian sex, rape, bondage and
a smattering of bondage, if you do not enjoy such stories I advise you to
read no further, if you do, enjoy. Also I do not condone the activity
conducted in this story - it's just a story, okay...

Many of the characters within are the property of The Marvel Entertainment
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copyright infringement is intended, the story is simply for entertainment
purposes and I will make no profit from this story.

Also, this is my first foray into the world of bondage stories, however,
being a fan of the Wonder Woman/Batgirl/Catwoman stories plus having received
favorable response to previous work I have decided to write this story
(please excuse misspelling of german words).

It is a crossover between the Marvel Universe and D.C Universe, set in the
1940's it stars Captain America and Wonder Woman - I hope you enjoy it.

Also, if anyone would consider doing artwork based on this story I would be
most interested to hear about it...

FINAL NOTE: Okay you may find that there are some irregularities concerning
Wonder Woman and Captain America's origins, job and things they've done in
World War II. This is simply because bringing the Marvel & DC Universes
creates an Amalgam Universe of the two, so things become slightly warped
(yes, that's it - it's not because I am basically ignorant when it comes to
comics set during WWII - no that's not it at all...)

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Captain America/Wonder Woman: Alpha Child Part 6
by Dimitri

"Do you have a parachute?" cried out Captain America.

"Was?" replied the German pilot, trying to keep from looking behind him.

"Damn it," muttered Cap, he spoke a smattering of German, but not very much,
and this German obviously spoke no English. Cap had only gotten him to fly
him up here by sticking his finger hard against the German's back to convince
him that he held a gun,"PARACHUTE?"

"YA!" yelled back the pilot.

"Good enough," muttered Cap, strapping his own on, the German seemed to have
gotten the idea, he was strapping on his own.

"JUMP!" screamed Cap, fear of death seemed to have broken the language
barrier and the pilot stood up and vaulted over the side, his face whipping
around in terror to see if Cap would shoot him or not.

"Do or die time," thought Captain America to himself and stood up, the old
plane - a relic from World War I - spluttered noisily as he leaped over the
side, already it was beginning to point downwards, he had no doubt it would
crash into the next hill, which marked the boundary end of the forest that
ran along the side of the tracks. What worried him was that the train sat
there, on the tracks, unmoving, and there was no sign of anyone about.

He came down on the ground easily, quickly rolling with the superb grace
that had been his since been given the super soldier serum which had changed
his body from a 4F to a 1A. As he came up he was already discarding the
parachute, not bothering to roll it up and bury it as he usually would, he
had a feeling that it was speed - not stealth - that was needed here.

Rushing quickly to the train he saw that his original assessment had been
incorrect, there were signs of people, several rifles lay on the ground and
the dirt ground next to the tracks was littered with intermingled tracks,
impossible to follow or distinguish one from the other.

He hopped onto the steps and walked into one of the carriages, a German
solider lay dead in a pool of blood, his rifle by his side, a large chunk of
his neck missing.

"Resistance perhaps?" he asked himself, then made his way from carriage to
carriage, finding a dead body here and there, but no sign of Wonder Woman or
the Countess, although in one extremely large and opulently appointed room
her discovered one of the LMD's (*), sitting on a chair cradling the
shattered remains of it's left arm in it's hand, staring unseeing at the far
wall, next to the chair it sat in were a pair of tan riding pants, a females,
as well as some black panties. Cap smelled something in the room, not
unpleasant, it was a familiar smell which he couldn't quite place.

"Probably just perfume," he thought, dismissing the smell and moving forward
till he came to the main locomotive. The Conductor lay dead on the ground,
his throat slit, it looked as if he had put up a fight before whoever had
come aboard had put an end to him.

- Most likely scenario? - Captain America asked himself, - Resistance took
the train in the hopes of capturing the Countess, Countess had those Androids
of hers, so she probably escaped, taking Wonder Woman with her. Masterman was
on the train, may have rallied the remaining soldiers and retreated into the
forest, the Resistance have obviously made capturing them or the Countess
thief priority or they'd still be here looting the train. -

Cap nodded to himself and lept down of the Engine Car, he was where all the
tracks had come from, squared his shoulders and rushed into the forest.

Twenty Minutes Earlier.

When the Countess came to she could hear gunfire sounding through the walls,
she sat up with a groan and grabbed her head as a sharp, throbbing pain pass
through it.

"What happened?" she asked, and almost leapt up in fright when Wonder Woman
answered her, she'd have to be more careful in future, she could show any
signs of weakness.

"Train stopped, you were thrown forward, hit you head. Your soldiers are
fighting with whoever stopped the train, they sound French so it's probably
the Resistance."

"Why is it that the Resistance causes so much trouble, when the country it's
trying to free rolled over like a licked dog when we German's came for it?"

"I don't have time to listen to you spout on about the superiority of your
race, it's a one track record that gets old real fast, and we both know
it's not true."

"Maybe not the race, but myself? That's another story," giggled the Countess,
"Still, perhaps I should activate the other Androids in case the French
somehow manage to break past my troops....."

Before she could finish the door to their room was kicked down and a shabbily
dressed, unshaven Frenchman with rifle in hand burst through the door. He
glared at the two women in shock, his eyes unconsciously running over Wonder
Woman's naked body, then the exposed pussy of the Countess. Then he saw A7
sitting on the chair where earlier the Countess had masturbated while
watching Wonder Woman get fucked by the android, he brought his gun to bear
on the motionless android, and so was too slow to react when the Countess
lept up and shot one, beautiful leg up into his gut with a kick a martial
arts expert would have been proud of. The Frenchman doubled over in pain and
she pulled the gun of him, reversed it and smashed the butt into his face,
knocking him unconscious to the floor.

As the Countess walked to the door to check the hallway, Wonder Woman was
shocked to find her eyes peering greedily at the German woman's beautiful,
firm ass, which was tanned a golden brown like the rest of her body.

- Cut that out! - her mind cried.

- Give it up slut - laughed that other voice in her mind, - You're one horny
bitch, aren't you? -

She got up and walked to stand behind the Countess, who was peering down the

"Louis? Louis?" cried out a Frenchman from the compartment next to thief
large one, then a short Frenchman stepped out from the door, "Louis..."

The Countess slammed her upraised palm into his face, driving him to the
ground, unconscious or perhaps even dead, her head jerked around as she
heard still more calls coming out, they were getting closer every second.

"Verdamt resistance!" she hissed, then grabbed the loosely dangling lariat
attached to Wonder Woman's arm,"Come on, it's now or never."

She pulled the startled - and naked - Amazon down the corridor, looking
down to the stairs leading off the carriage she saw only one guard had been
posted, the rest of the Resistance men were fighting her troops. She rushed
forward and brought the rifle down hard against the back of the man's neck,
who collapsed instantly to the ground.

Still clutching the lariat, she pulled the Amazon Avenger behind her as they
rushed to the trees, Wonder Woman bare-ass naked, herself just bare-assed.

A shout went up from some of the Resistance men.

"Great," she snapped, just great, "Come on, let's get out of here!"

And as she held the lariat, Wonder Woman was compelled to obey.


Masterman drew the last of the troops together, he grinned fiercely at them,
hoping to inspire them.

"Come on, they're spread out in a thin line, all we have to do is rush it,
break through and then head for Nouviean, they won't dare follow past the
forest, so we only have to get that far."

Han's smiled grimly as he bandaged up his right arm, which had been clipped
by a bullet and was bleeding heavily, if only it wasn't just the Countess who
could command the androids he could win this battle in a matter of minutes,
as it was they had only Masterman to rely on... and some special attributes
of Wilhelm's, Kurt's and his that no one else knew off - except for the
Countess of course.

"I agree with the Ubermensch," he snapped, breaking off the buzz of
communication, "But once through I move a group of us should go after the
Countess, who was last seen retreating into the forest..."

- And flashing her ass, - thought Masterman, stifling a grin, - Which means
she's probably getting gangbanged by half the French Resistance right now! -

"...evade capture, I move that myself and Kurt go."

"I have to insist on going myself," said Wilhelm, loading his gun and
preparing to replace the man at the window as soon as he ran out of bullets,
"I'm an excellent tracker."

"Go, go," muttered Masterman, "I'll get the men to safety, you go after the

Many of the men nodded assent, glad not to be chosen for the suicide mission
of going after the Countess.

"Then we go," said Masterman,"Let us prepare....."

One of the several men at the window fell backwards, dropping his rifle and
clutching at his neck, which was missing a large chunk, then he fell to the
floor. Almost faster than the eye could follow, Wilhelm had positioned
himself at the window and fired several well placed shots into the advancing
crowd of Resistance men.

"Now!" cried Masterman,"As they retreat!"

They rushed out the doors, firing as they went, the advantage of surprise
with them. However the French soon recovered thief wits and began firing
again, dropping several of the twenty or so men before they hit the line of
men in the forest and broke through, charging onwards as fast as they could.

"Good luck!" cried Hans to Masterman, then he, Kurt and Wilhelm veered of to
the left and disappeared into the trees.

"Keep going!" cried Masterman, pointing ahead,"I'll stay back here and try
to hold a few off."

"None of the Germans offered to stay with him, which made him feel better
about what he was about to do. Lifting his rifle in the air he fired several
times to mark his position, then quietly slipped away in the direction that
the other three had gone, in pursuit of Countess Schatenger.

The Resistance men, used to living in the forests, quickly came to where he
had been, saw the clearly marked passage of 12 panicking men and quickly
caught up. What followed wasn't pretty, but was over pretty quickly.


They came to the clearing as it grew dark, the Countess claimed they had left
the Resistance far behind long ago but had walked onwards in the hope of
coming to the end of the forest.

"We can stop here for the night," muttered the Countess, "I can build a
fire and keep it going till tomorrow, I just hope the smoke doesn't attract
anyone, our appearance doesn't exactly discourage dishonorable attempts being
made upon our persons."

Wonder Woman merely stared around the clearing, there was something...
familiar... about it, then she shook her head and followed the Countess'
example, sitting down on the ground.

"What do you think you're doing," laughed the Countess, "Go get some
firewood, quick march!"

Wonder Woman - still bound by the Countess' earlier order that she do as told
even when the German did not hold the lariat - grudgingly got up and moved
around the clearing, picking up small twigs and the like for kindling, then
grabbing larger pieces to keep it going. She saw a large log which she
thought would come in handy and went to pick it up with one hand, to her
shock she could barely lift it.

Lugging it back with both hands, she asked the Countess what she had done.

"Oh, I was wondering when you'd notice that," laughed her self-proclaimed
master, "It's a side effect of the drug."

"Drug? What drug?" asked the Amazon, perplexed.

"The drug that keeps everything tight," laughed the Countess, "Why do you
think your asshole still grips tighter than an old man's deathgrip on his
money, because I injected your anus - as well as your pussy and mouth -
with it, keeps you from becoming permanently stretched."

"Bullshit!" cried Wonder Woman, surprising both herself and the Countess with
the swear word.

"What's bullshit darling?"

"There's no such drug."

"Really?" asked the Countess, looking genuinely interested, "So how do you
explain your tightness? Did you suddenly get constipated or something?"

"All I know is that drug is something out of a... out of a..."

"Comic book?"


"Well it's true, believe it or not," laughed the Countess, "I was going to
inject you with some after A7 was through with you, but the Resistance
interfered, how does your pussy feel by the way?"

"A little sore, looser, but otherwise fine."

"Well fix that later," the Countess muttered, lighting the kindling with a
cigarette lighter from her jacket pocket after several attempts.

Soon the fire was blazing strongly and giving off heat, the Countess smiled
and stretched, Wonder Woman again found her eyes dropping to her captors
exposed pussy as the German woman spread her legs slightly as she stretched

"I'm going to take a little nap," she said after finished her stretch, "You
take the watch, you WILL tell me if anyone is coming, understood?"

"Yes," replied Wonder Woman sullenly, dropping her head and seething with

"Good, that bang on the head left me a little dizzy, and I've been walking
all day."

Settling down on her back she quickly fell to sleep, her ample chest rising
and falling steadily, as she slept her legs parted even more and Wonder Woman
found she could see the pink treasure resting between her sleeping captors

An irrational desire to see more had Wonder Woman moving forward before she
even knew it, till she was on all fours next to the Countess, her face only
seven or eight inches above the Countess' cunt.

- Lick it, - whispered a voice in her mind, and it took her several seconds
to realize it was her own, not the alien voice.

- Go on, - said the alien voice, piping in, - Taste it, you remember how good
it felt fucking her on the plane, don't you? -

But that was crazy, she just wasn't going to go down on her captor right here
and now...was she?

But it was just sitting there, an incredibly beautiful looking vagina, the
shaven lips slightly spread, revealing the pink flesh within, glistening
slightly with what was either sweat or a sign of the Countess' arousal.

- It's been such a long time since I ate a woman out...not counting being
forced to by this bitch, - she thought to herself, - Not since I left
Paradise Island. -

- Go on, - whispered that alien voice once more, - Do it, you know you want
to, and she's asleep, she won't even know if you take a little sniff...or
taste. -

Lowering her beautiful face ever closer, she sniffed slightly, recognizing
immediately the smell of arousal (after all, she had smelt it on her fingers
nearly every night for the last few months) and before she knew what she was
doing, was dipping her tongue between her slumbering captors cuntlips and
tasting the pink pleasure within.

The Countess opened one eye a fraction, seeing Wonder Woman's face resting
between her thighs, and smiled.

- I had forgotten about that little bit, - she laughed to herself, - I
commanded her to get incredibly aroused whenever she saw me naked, the poor
thing must have been checking my ass out all day! -

Closing her eyes again, she hid a little smile and kept pretending to be

Wonder Woman reached forward with one arm - the arm that was still loosely
attached to her waist by her lariat - and used her long, delicate fingers she
spread apart her self-proclaimed Mistresses pussylips and spread them apart.
She breathed the heady aroma of another woman's juices deep into her nostrils
and couldn't help but smile... this brought back so many memories of Paradise
Island. Her tongue darted out and flicked over the hood that enclosed the
Countess' clitoris, then moved it down slightly and slid it up and down
between her lovers cuntlips.

"Oooh!" gasped the Countess, "Maria... that feels good!"

- See! - cried the alien voice, - She's having a dream about some bitch
called Maria, you're safe, you may as well continue! -

Wonder Woman ignored the voice, nothing could have stopped her now, even had
Countess Schatenger awoken.

The Countess herself was smiling, her cunt was pulsating with the
overwhelming sensation of getting eaten out, made all the sweeter since it
was by Wonder Woman. She had thrown in the Maria line so as not to discourage
the Amazon.

The heroine continued to plunge her tongue into the Countess' vagina, whose
hips were beginning to tremble with the erotic sensations rocking through her
body. Her hands reached down and gripped the back of Wonder Woman's head,
pushing her harder into her lap.

"YES!" she screamed, "DO ME MARIA!"

Wonder Woman either heard her cry the other woman's name and thought it meant
it safe to continue, or didn't care, because her tongue continued to deftly
plunge into the Countess' pussy and flick against her clitoris, which had
slid out of its hood.

Wonder Woman had never voluntarily eaten out a Non-Amazon before, now she
wondered why she had bothered to remain chaste while in the world of man,
she had been seriously missing out. Countess Schatenger's hands held her
face against her steaming, dripping pussy while her ass raised up of the
ground, grinding her cunt against her captive's eager mouth.

Diana's nose was pressing hard against the Countess' erect clit while her
tongue pushed in and out of her lovers snatch, licking the glistening, pink
flesh, her rock hard tongue pushing as deep into the tight, shaven pussy as
she could.

"Oooh YES!!! Maria! Do it, eat me out you dirty bitch!" moaned the Countess
in ecstasy,"I'm gonna fucking CUMMM!!!!!"

Wonder Woman could feel the Countess' strong thighs tensing up, her back
arching and her hips making sharp, involuntary jerks as her orgasm

- Good whore, - whispered a self satisfied voice in her head that she know
longer doubted belonged to the Countess, and it caused her to stop for a

- Wha... - her mind started, and then the Countess' cunt exploded out
pussy-juice, her cream flooding out in a torrent that rushed over Wonder
Woman's face and down the Countess' own sweat slick asscheeks. The Amazon
accidently swallowed some of the juice, which had taste that was both sweet
and at the same time a little sour.

The Countess made a few more jerks, grinding her hips up hard against Wonder
Woman's face, then her ass slumped to the ground and her hands released the
Amazon's head.

- Oh Hera! Oh Hera no! - gasped her mind, - Why did I do that? Why? - she
looked up and saw to her relief that the Countess still lay asleep, despite
the mind breaking orgasm she had just had, - Thank the Gods she was asleep,
no one saw, I can keep this a secret... -

"Bravo Frauline," laughed a familiar voice and she spun around, finding
herself facing Hans, Wilhelm and Kurt, who stood with rifles held at side
staring lecherously at her body,"That was quite a show!"

"Ya," said a voice behind, she spun again and saw to her horror that the
Countess was sitting up, sliding one finger in between her legs, "She has a
talented tongue."

Wonder Woman was filled with fury, how dare these stupid...mortals treat her
in such a way? And at the same time she felt despair, for all her power, she
was powerless to stop them.

"Come Countess," said Hans, walking forward and extending a hand to help the
Countess up, as she stood he slyly licked her cum off his fingers and winked
at Wonder Woman, who shuddered,"We've been tracking you for hours, and you've
been going around in circles, the train is only half a mile back that way,"
he said, pointing off to the left.

"What about the Resistance?" asked Wonder Woman, hoping against hope they
might be waiting in ambush somewhere,"Surely they taken the train or blown
it up or something?"

The Countess just grinned,"Don't speak unless spoken too, lover," she said
and once more Wonder Woman found herself unable to speak, despite the fact
the Countess had not held the lariat when she gave the command,"Have you not
heard of German efficiency? Come, we go back to the train, if the Resistance
tried to board her or blow her up, they will have received a nasty surprise!"

And with that ominous statement still hanging in the air, they began to make
their way back to the train.

End Chapter Six.

(*) LMD - Life Model Decoy - more commonly known as an Android, LMD's
are usually remote operated, the ones in this story run themselves.


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