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It is a crossover between the Marvel Universe and D.C Universe, set in the
1940's it stars Captain America and Wonder Woman - I hope you enjoy it.

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FINAL NOTE: Okay you may find that there are some irregularities concerning
Wonder Woman and Captain America's origins, job and things they've done in
World War II. This is simply because bringing the Marvel & DC Universes
creates an Amalgam Universe of the two, so things become slightly warped
(yes, that's it - it's not because I am basically ignorant when it comes to
comics set during WWII - no that's not it at all...)

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Captain America/Wonder Woman: Alpha Child 5 (MF,F-mast,voy,mc,android)
by Dimitri

Three Hours Before Final
Scene In Chapter Four.

Captain America struggled not to sneeze in the dusty confines of the broom

- This is ridiculous! - he thought to himself, - According to the
projections, The Countess will be arriving in her plane today, I have to
get to that train station! -

He heard a low shuffling noise and stepped forward, opening the door a crack
and spying Renee making his way down the corridor with a plate of sandwiches.

- Good, - thought Cap, - Some food at last. -

As he watched his eyes widened at the sight of the Grandfather clock face
creaking open and a beautiful blonde woman stepping out.

"Oh no!" whispered Renee harshly, seeing her, "You must stay in there!"

"Oooh Renee!" growled the woman in a throaty voice, staring with undisguised
passion at the Innkeeper, "I cannot keep my animal urges in check any longer,
I must have you!"

"No!" gasped Renee, "I know you find me irresistible....."

Cap raised an eyebrow.

"...but you must fight my animal magnetism, if Michelle found out I was
harboring members of the Communist Resistance, and if Edith found out about
you and me..."

"Bah!" she snapped, pulling a small black gun from it's holster, "I will
shoot them both!"

- So that's why he was so desperate to keep me out of the Grandfather
clock, - thought Cap to himself, - But what do women see in him? -

"Ahhh Renee," said the blonde, finally acquiescing to his protests that she
not kill Edith or Michelle, "I must keep my strength up for when you and I
are together, thank you for the sandwiches!"

She grabbed two of the sandwiches from the plate, Renee opened his mouth to
protest, then thought better and just shut the face of the clock on her.

He started forward, once more towards the broom closet when a tall,
incredibly beautiful brunette with long, curly hair came up the stairs, she
wore an apron around her waist.

"Renee!" she whispered.

The man turned and his eyes widened at shock at seeing her.

"Yvette! What are you doing here? You should be serving the customers!"

"The lunchtime rush is over," she said with a sultry smile, "Mimi can handle
anyone who comes in now."

"But Mimi can barely reach the register..."

"Oooh Renee!" she gasped, "I cannot wait any longer, when are we going to

"I told you Yvette, when we can afford to, you know that since I faked my
death and came back as my own twin brother Edith has held the papers to the

"But what about the picture of the Fallen Madonna with the big boobies? That
is worth a fortune!"

"It is also the most hunted for art treasure in Europe," returned Renee, "We
must hide it until the war is over, then sell it."

"I would wait till the ends of the Earth for you Renee."

"I may not last the next three years the way my ulcer is acting," said Renee
under his breath, then smiled and spread his arms to embrace her.

"Oooh Renee!"

"Ooooh Yvette!"

They came together in a hug and began rubbing against each other, Cap shook
his head in wonder, this man was two timing his wife and his mistresses,
although he seemed to have a real thing for this waitress.

"Can't say that I approve," whispered Cap to himself, "But then again, they
are French."

"RENEE!" screeched a voice in fury, Cap looked through the crack and saw
Renee standing stock still, his eyes wide open with fear, Yvette still hugged
him, but now she looked extremely worried.

"Renee!" repeated Edith, striding down the stairs from her mothers room,
"What are you doing hugging this servant girl!"

Renee paused for a few seconds, then his face was contorted in a grimace of

"YOU stupid woman!" he cried, "Can you not see that this poor serving girl
is overcome with desire for the man we have in the broom closet, and was
attempting to get in there to seduce him. Why, I had to grab her to stop the
poor, star struck girl."

"Yes," gasped Yvette, "My foolish girl dreams of romance made me want to go
to Captain America, but Renee saved me."

"That is enough Yvette, go back downstairs and serve the customers," muttered

The tall Frenchwoman turned and walked away, putting a slight sway into her
hips that she knew Renee would be watching.

"Oh Renee, I am sorry I doubted you," muttered Edith, her head lowered, "It's
just that every week I seem to come across you and Yvette in compromising
positions and....."

"Well yes Edith, you should really do something about that suspicious nature
of yours."

Edith looked at the one remaining sandwich on the small tray Renee held,
"What happened to the other two?"

"Eh? Oh! I....uh...I got hungry walking up the stairs."

"Hmmf!" hmmfed Edith and took the tray, "The poor Captain must be starving."

She walked to the broom closet and pulled it open, it was empty.

"Renee!" she cried, "Where has he gone?"

Renee looked into the empty closet, he noticed the small trapdoor in the
floor was slightly tilted up.

"Now why would he want to get out?" he asked Edith, perplexed.

* * *

Captain America stared down at the train as it pulled away, he watched
Masterman leap onto the back of the caboose.

"I knew it," he said, "If I'd waited around any longer for that mad lot to
come up with a plan I would have been stuck in that broom closet for months."

He settled down behind the bush on the hill, wondering how he could catch up
with the train.

"The airfield!" he said suddenly, snapping his fingers, "The bomber that
brought the Countess in had to land at an airfield, and there'll be small
planes there."

He got up, pulled his trenchcoat around his body, pulled his hat low and took
off towards the road the Countess' black cars had driven down, he would
follow it back to the airfield and commandeer a plane. He didn't know how to
fly, but he'd conquer that problem when he came to it.

Present time - i.e, One Second
After The End Of Chapter Four!

The buxom Amazon put her hands on her hips, then walked slowly towards the
damaged android, swaying her hips seductively. The Countess ran her eyes over
her naked captives ass and grinned.

"Hey big boy," Wonder Woman whispered in the androids ear, "How'd you like to
do it with me?"

"This unit feels neither revulsion nor excitement at that prospect."

"Oh yeah?" replied Wonder Woman, reaching down with one hand and grasping his
thick member, even flaccid her hand was incapable of fully encircling it,
"Then why are you starting to get hard?"

"This unit is merely responding to physical and visual stimuli, this unit
feels no desire for your body, but is merely responding to your touch."

- Don't do this! - screamed the Amazon's mind, - You're better than that
bitch, your an Amazon! She's just a human, she can't control you like this! -

- Fine words, - said that alien voice in her mind again, the one that sounded
like the Countess, - Doesn't change what you're going to do next, does it? -

The hand that was loosely tied by the lariat slipped around and gripped one
of the androids hard buttocks, the other began to slide up and down his
quickly hardening member.

"I have," she whispered in his ear, "One of the tightest pussy's you'll ever
feel, you'll blow your load in a couple of minutes..."

"Unlikely," responded A7, "This unit is capable of withholding it's
equivalent of a human ejaculation for up to 6 hours."

- Six hours! - cried Wonder Woman's mind in despair, but her face smiled and
she said, "Six hours? Should be fun!"

She leaned forward, pressing her huge breasts against his hard chest, rubbing
her nipples against his.

"Oooh, so good, don't you love it?"

"This unit finds the sensation pleasurable, but this unit is incapable of the
emotion you call love."

"But you like the feel don't you, having my tits press up against your chest?
Feeling them rub against your pecs, you enjoy the sensation don't you?"

"Your assumption that I enjoy the sensation is correct, however, fulfilling
my programming is my main objective, and physical pleasure is secondary at

"Suck on them," she whispered, "Go on, it will take your mind of the pain in
your left arm."

"That assumption is incorrect, this units cpu is capable of processing
both the pleasure of your physical stimuli as well as the pain in my limb,
however, this unit will acquiesce to your demands to suckle upon your
mammaries, as this unit wishes to end this encounter as soon as possible in
order to receive authorization to go offline until repairs can be initiated."

As she stepped back, still stroking his member with one hand, he bent down
and ran his tongue over her nipples, which were already erect from pressing
against his own nipples.

"Mmmm, that's it," she gasped as he took one nipple into his mouth and sucked
gently on it, running his teeth against it.

She continued to run her long delicate looking fingers up and down the length
of his now full fourteen inches.

- Hera no! - cried her mind, - Fourteen inches long and four inches thick,
I'll never take that all in! -

- Quit your whining, - cried the Countess' voice in her mind once more, and
again she wondered if the German had found a way to speak in her mind or if
it was just some sick part of her own mind, taking the voice of the Countess
to cover up the fact that she enjoyed what was being done to her, - Remember
after Hans, Wilhelm and Kurt did you, every hole in your body was wide open
but now they're back to the way they were before, perhaps even tighter! -

Wonder Woman could feel the androids cock throbbing in her hand, burning with
a heat she wouldn't have believed from an automaton. She continued stroking
his cock slowly as he suckled on her breasts, then as if on some unheard cue
the hand gripping his buttocks came back around and pushed him away slightly.

"Sit down on the bed," she whispered in that sexy voice that had seemed to
come from nowhere, "Let me make all your dreams come true."

The android opened it's mouth to speak, then seemed to think better of it and
strode to the comfortable bed, sitting down and leaning back on it's elbows.

Wonder Woman got down on her knees in front of him, opening her mouth as wide
as possible and gripping the end of his cock with one hand, she slowly began
lowering her face towards it's manhood.

- Hera no! - screamed Wonder Woman's mind, - Don't do it, I'll never take it
all in! -

- If you're so scared, - said the Countess voice, - Why is your pussy so
wet? -

It was true, her cunt was dripping with juice, her clit itched with a desire
to be stroked, licked, prodded...her body at least wanted to be fucked.

- It's just part of whatever conditioning the Countess has been giving me, -
her mind replied to the alien voice, - She must use the lariat to put me into
a trance and then give me these commands. -

- Yeah right, the truth is you want it bad, it's been so long since you had
anything in that pussy of yours that your hornier than a stockroom full of
bulls! -

- NO! I... -

All further coherent thought was knocked from her brain for a few seconds as
her mouth came down on the gigantic cock, barely being able to stretch around
the front part of the tip. But despite the pain in her lips she continued to
push, stretching them beyond their limits, until eventually she had all of
A7's cocktip in her mouth.

"This is a pleasurable sensation," observed A7, "This unit has never felt
this sensation before."

The captive Amazon's tongue was flicking backwards and forwards over the
cockhead in her mouth, pressing against the unnecessary pisshole, sliding
along the underneath, her teeth lightly ground against the cockflesh,
causing a shudder to pass through the androids body.

Thankfully this seemed to fulfill whatever orders she had been given while
under the Countess' influence, she pulled her mouth off his cock and felt a
low pain in the muscles around her mouth, her mouth itself felt loose.

- How can this be happening? - the question rocked through Wonder Woman's
mind yet again, - Why am I letting it happen? -

- Because you want it, - replied the Countess in her mind with a confidence
that belied questioning, - You want it and your getting it. -

"Stand up," she said, getting up of her knees, she was vaguely aware of the
Countess behind her, sitting on a chair with her pants and panties around her
ankles while she masturbated, but her mind remained focused on the huge cock
that seemed to point at her like an accusing finger, "Get behind me."

The android stepped behind her as ordered and she bent over the bed, her huge
tits squashed against the bed, her beautiful, plump ass pushed upwards to
face the android.

"Come and get it!" she said with a huge grin.

* * *

It had been a simple matter to let the old Frenchman know that the Countess
was coming to the train yard. The Red Skull had correctly predicted that he
would make a mad attempt to murder the Countess for causing the death of his
family several years ago, and this had provided the perfect distraction for
the bribed luggage clerk to check if Wonder Woman was part of the arrogant
noble's luggage.

Masterman knew the odds were against him, the entire train had been brought
out, the Countess always rode alone, so he knew that anyone he met either
worked on the train or for the Countess - and in some cases both - so he had
no friends, he couldn't even count on the two guards he had bribed to look
the other way when he jumped onto the caboose.

"But it's worth it," muttered the Ubermensch, "To get back at that bitch
Wonder Woman, it's worth it."

He had been waiting in the caboose for over half an hour now, finally the man
he had been waiting for arrived.

The guard closed the door and walked nonchalantly towards the end of the
caboose, he didn't expect any trouble and so in a way didn't even deserve the
quick death Masterman gave him, snapping his neck like it was a dry stick.

He lifted the rifle from the ground and made his way towards the front of the
caboose, but was thrown forward all of a sudden when the train came to an
unexpected stop.

* * *

"The desk drawer by the bed," whispered the Countess, continuing to slide her
fingers in and out of her cunt, "A7, you know what to do with it."

The android reached out with his right hand (he didn't have a left in any
case) and pulled open the drawer, revealing a small container. It lifted the
lid and scooping two fingers into the creamy gel within coated them in the

Wonder Woman didn't see any of this, she face forward, her face sweaty with
anticipation, ready for the monster cock to plunge into her tight pussy.
Inside her mind however, she argued back and forth with the implacable tones
of the alien voice.

- I don't want this, I'd give anything to stop it! -

- Don't lie, if you really wanted to you could stand up this second, smash
the android, knock out the Countess and break free. All this lariat bullshit
is stuff you're only too willing to go along with if it means getting laid! -


- Really, what happened to your protests at the end after Hans, Wilhelm and
Kurt were through with you? -

Her mind struggled with a response, but came up with nothing.

Then all thoughts of anything else ceased as she felt A7's huge cock pressing
against her lovehole, parting her cuntlips and sliding into her.

The going was tough, A7 had to fight to get every inch in despite the
lubrication on his cock and in her dripping pussy, but the tightness just
made the sensations greater, and his good hand gripped her side with
increasing pressure as he pushed further in.

"Your claim to having a tight vaginal passage would seem to be true," it
said, "This unit feels great pleasure."

"Oooh, you're so to have you, fuck me! FUCK ME!" she cried.

- Aaah, it's so to get it out...can't let him fuck me...fuck me...
FUCK ME! - cried her mind as the two distinct voices of her and the Countess
intermingled to one desperate cry for the sex she had abstained from since
leaving Paradise Island.

A7 had managed to get fully nine inches into her, he couldn't push any more
in, so he slowly began to pull out, the stretched vaginal muscles now tugging
back on his cock, fighting his withdrawal as they had earlier fought his
entry. He pulled out five inches, then slammed back in with a push of his

"AAAH!" cried Wonder Woman, "YES! FUCK ME!"

A7 leaned over her beautiful, taut body and rested it'd mangled left arm
against her back while it's right arm slid around her waist, it began making
little humping motions, fucking her tight little cunt faster and faster,
pushing in and out, in and out of her slippery quim.

- Oh yes! Hera yes! - gasped Wonder Woman in her mind, thinking she was
crying out loud, - Feels so good, I love it! -

- See - laughed the voice of the Countess.

Wonder Woman's inner mind burned with embarrassment and disbelief as it
realized that she had cried out in pleasure, fooling herself into
thinking that she was speaking aloud so that she could make out it was
a pre-conditioned response and not a real one.

- NOOOOOOOO!!!!! - cried her mind.

- Yes, and I'm gonna tell the Countess next time she puts us in a trance. -

A7 had developed a steady rhythm, and Wonder Woman was pushing her ass back
in time to that rhythm, so that every time he pushed forward with his hips,
her ass pushed back and his cock slid into her cunt faster and faster. The
fingers of his right hand were grinding against her clit, causing her body
to shudder with pleasure as his gigantic cock continued to push in and out
of her tight cunt.

The entranced Amazon slid the arm not tied by the lariat slid down and
entwined with those of A7's, so that now both her and it's fingers were
pressing against her clit, driving her closer and closer to orgasm.

Her mind was white hot pleasure now, the incredible sensation driving all
thought of anything but sex from her mind, which had now given up it's
protests and was screaming in ecstasy along with her body.

"Do... me," she gasped, "Fuck me... harder... and harder... do it to me...
I'm your whore! I'm fucking CUMMING!!!"

- Do... me, - cried her mind, - Fuck me... harder... and harder... do it to
me... I'm just a whore! I'm gonna fucking CUM!!! -

With a sudden blast of final release,her orgasm broke through her body,
setting her body and mind alike on fire, every nerve ending a seething,
boiling pot of pleasure. Her cunt clamped down like a vice on the androids
huge cock and squeezed tighter and tighter, the Amazon's powerful muscles
more than a match for the robots built in ability to withhold it's equivalent
of human ejaculation for six hours.

"Ah... ah... ah... this unit... sensation... information
overload... 10010110 ... cannot ..."

With only that as warning, A7's body suddenly tightened and went rigid, his
right arm squeezed tight around her waist and she felt it's cock grow even
harder inside her cunt. Then it let out an incredible groan of ecstasy and
her vagina was flooded with the androids 'cum' a sticky mixture made up by
some of the Countess' lab workers.

The android's body went completely soft, he lay atop Wonder Woman's panting
body for a few seconds, then slowly pushed away and collapsed to the floor.

"A7, get dressed and shut down, you will be reactivated when repairs have
been completed."

"Affirmative," gasped the android.

The Countess approached the half unconscious Wonder Woman with a grin, she
had kicked her pants off while masturbating and now walked half-naked towards
the well-fucked Amazon, her hips swaying from side to side, her body language
showing too well her arrogance and feeling of superiority over the woman
before her.

"Well well slut, did you get the point of my lesson, do you understand now
that I am your master? Well? Do...."

She was cut off as the train pulled to a sudden halt, throwing her forward
with a surprised squawk, her head smashed into the hard metal wall and she
collapsed onto the bed next to Wonder Woman - unconscious

And outside could be heard the triumphant shouts of members of the French

To Be Continued...


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