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1940's it stars Captain America and Wonder Woman - I hope you enjoy it.

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Captain America/Wonder Woman: Alpha Child 4 (FF,bond,mc)
by Dimitri

Masterman smiled as the six black cars, all loaded heavily with luggage,
entered the train station. Standing up, folding his newspaper and tucking it
under his arm, he strode forward, the brim of his hat pulled down as far as
it could to prevent him from being recognized, his trenchcoat gave him a
menacing look.

Hans - now in a Luftwaffe uniform - was standing guard with Kurt by the first
of several large cases, he looked up as the big man approached, he nudged
Kurt with his elbow.

"Hey Kurt, was is das?"

Kurt looked up and his eyes narrowed, a low growl emitted from his throat,

"I think not," said Hans, "But trouble nonetheless, go and inform the

Kurt turned and walked away, Hans smiled with relief, Kurt was hardly a
diplomatic person and had an irrational hatred for the Gestapo - if not for
his favored position with the Countess he would have...'disappeared'...a long
time ago.

"Excuse me, Mein Herr," said Hans, putting up a hand to block the stranger as
he approached, "This area is restricted..."

Masterman raised the brim of his hat slightly and smiled humorlessly, Hans
gasped at the familiar visage.

"Ubermensch?" he gasped.

"Ya, I want to speak to Countess Schatenger."

Hans' mouth opened and closed slightly, he counted his blessings that
Masterman had mistaken his wide-eyed stare for awe and not for laughter, he
and Kurt had spent the night joking about this very man - after all, had they
not spent that day fucking the very woman who had beaten him up!

"Ahhh, Herr Lohmer," came a voice from behind Hans, Masterman lifted his eyes
from the soldier - who despite standing just over six feet was a couple of
inches shorter than the Ubermensch.

"Countess," muttered Masterman, then forced a smile and spoke louder,
"Countess, what a joy to see you!"

He stepped forward, dropping to one knee he talk one black gloved hand in his
own and raised it to his lips, kissing it slightly.

"To what do I owe the privilege of this visit?" she asked him, "Although I
believe I can guess."

Masterman released her hand and stood up, "I came to ask why you requested
that I be taken of the mission to kill Captain America?"

"Come with me," she said, turning and walking up the stairs into the
traincar, swinging her hips suggestively.

Masterman licked his lips nervously, she was a fine physical specimen, with
a body like his beloved Kriegerkrau - who had died several months ago at the
hands of Captain America. (*)

As he followed her into the car Kurt growled and made as if to follow.

"Whoa big guy," said Hans, reaching and grabbing Kurt, "The Countess can
handle herself."

* * *

Captain America crouched as still as a rock, his body unmoving as he waited
with what seemed like endless patience.

Finally he heard the low bird call, pursing his lips he responded with the
call of a hooting owl. He waited patiently and finally stood as he saw the
figures approach.

"Captain America?" asked the lead woman, wearing a trenchcoat and blue beret,
her French accent making his name sound sexy and daring - he decided he liked
the French.

"Wee," he said, "Parlei-vou Englais?"

"Yes, yes," she muttered, looking about, he noticed she was a particularly
beautiful woman with curly black hair, she was very tall, nearly his own
height, "I am Michelle of the Resistance, come with us and I will take you
to Nighthawk."

He followed them as they made their way through the trees, he noted with
satisfaction the quiet way they moved and communicated silently, acting as
a team. If the entire Resistance in this area were as good as these five,
there wouldn't be any problem getting to Wonder Woman.

He had no idea.

* * *

The luggage clerk checked everything meticulously, marking everything on the
provided inventory sheet, Wilhelm kept a close eye on him.

"Excuse me," he said, "I have to check the inside of this box."

Wilhelm remained standing in front of the box.

"Nein," he said simply.

"I have to check the inventory before the train can leave the station, it is
standard procedure, " replied the Clerk, a short, skinny man with the rimless
spectacles favored by the Gestapo.

"Nein," replied Wilhelm, "The Countess has papers signed by a man in Berlin
that says this box does not need to be opened..."

"I don't care if they were signed by Himmler!" started the Clerk, when
from behind them came the unmistakable sound of gunblasts, six in quick

Wilhelm whirled about, his eyes wide with terror. Grabbing his rifle and
forgetting the clerk he raced for the far end of the station, terrified his
beloved Countess had been killed.

The clerk nodded in satisfaction and stepped up to the box, pulling a small
keyring out and trying each strangely shaped key in the padlock. On the third
attempt he got it open and lifted the lid of the long box, inside, shackled
by massive chains and wearing an oxygen mask hooked up to two tanks was the
unmistakable Wonder Woman.

"Ya," nodded the clerk as he stared down at the unconscious woman, then he
closed the box and sealed the padlock, "Just as he said it would be."

* * *

"Die you demon-spawned bitch!" screamed the old man, pulling a gun from his
shirt and firing it wildly, his hand jerked up with each shot, not one bullet
even hit the carriage.

"Shit," gasped Hans and raised his rifle, pointing it at the old frenchman,
"Drop the weapon grandpa, or I drop you!"

The old man was continuing to pull the trigger of the gun, which was now
empty and making low clicking noises.

"Gott in himmel," muttered Hans and lowered his gun, "Okay then, let's..."

He never got to finish, a loud bang shook the air and the old man's eyes
widened, he looked down in disbelief as the spreading crimson stain in the
white shirt beneath his old leather jerkin. The gun dropped from his fingers
and he fell to his knees.

"Mara," he gasped, then fell faceforward.

"Shit Wilhelm!" yelled Hans, "The gun was empty!"

Wilhelm had been pointing the gun at the old man's dead body, now he lowered
it and raised his gaze until his eyes met Hans'.

"He shouldn't have got past Security, he nearly got past you, you were sloppy

Hans didn't like Wilhelm, neither did Kurt. Wilhelm liked neither of them,
however the Countess liked all three of them a lot and so Kurt and Hans
suffered Wilhelm's presence, but the guy was too cold blooded for Hans'

"Relax boys," laughed the Countess, stepping down the ladder with Masterman
in tow, "I'm fine, who is he?"

"Some crazy old man," growled Hans, he turned and looked at Wilhelm, "I guess
he won't be bothering anyone again."

"I don't have the time for this," muttered the Countess, she turned to
Masterman and smiled seductively, "Her Lohmer, would you be so kind as to
deal with the Gestapo on this matter?"

"Certainly mein Countess, it would be my privilege."

Whatever had been said in the couple of minutes in the Countess' carriage
had certainly affected Masterman, he seemed respectful and obedient to the

"Load up and let's get going," said the Countess to Hans, she smiled and ran
one finger underneath his chin, "I'm sure I'm not the only one who misses
that four poster bed."

Hans just grinned at her as she stepped back up the steps into the carriage.

As the train began to pull out, Masterman approached the baggage clerk.

"Well?" he asked him.

"As the Red Skull said it would be," replied the clerk.

Masterman grinned and then rushed after the train, leaping onto the back of
the caboose before it picked up too much speed. The two guards standing at
the rails said nothing as he opened the door and stepped into the caboose.

* * *

They stood in the alleyway nervously, trenchcoat collars pulled up around
their ears. Cap wore a hat and had pulled back his mask, as long as he didn't
speak his blue eyes and blond hair would mark him as a German.

Michelle tapped on the large window once more and finally the curtains
parted, a woman's eye peeked out and then released the latch, they clambered
through the window.

"Wait here," said the woman, a short, plump red head approaching her fiftieth
year, "I shall fetch Renee."

She stepped through the back door and one of the Resistance women who had
accompanied him smiled at Cap, "Relax," she said, "Nighthawk is one of the
Resistance's top men."

Michelle snorted and turned to face the door, Cap raised an inquisitive eye
at the lady.

"Pay no attention," she whispered, "Michelle is simply jealous of Nighthawk,
she thinks she's the brains behind this operation, but you'll see when you
meet him."

"Wee," muttered one girl, "He is SO sexy!"

Cap raised his head as the door opened and a man stepped through, he was not
what Cap had expected.

'Nighthawk' also appeared to be approaching fifty, his hair was a dark
brown - what there was of it, he was bald on top - and he had a finely
trimmed moustache, he was at least forty pounds overweight with a large gut
pushing out the white apron around his waist.

"Listen very carefully," said Michelle, "I shall say this, only once," she
paused for dramatic effect, then went on, "This man is Captain America..."

"Oh my God," gasped Renee, throwing his arms up in a theatrical gesture,
"What have you gotten me into this time woman?"

"Quiet," she snapped, "Do you know Countess Schatenger?"

"She is the German who spends her summers in the castle some twenty miles
from here?"

"That is right, it seems that the Countess is very high up in the German
hierarchy, she is at this moment working beneath Goebbels..."

"So that is how their job advancement scheme works," muttered Renee, the
plump woman, whom Cap took to be his wife looked at him crossly.

"Quiet Renee, listen to what Michelle has to say."

Renee rolled his eyes and was once again quiet.

"As I was saying," said Michelle with a backwards glance at Cap that seemed
to say,'see?', "We are to assist the Captain in capturing the Countess and
rescuing the prisoner she has captured."

"And how do you propose to do this?" asked Renee sarcastically, "Perhaps by
turning my Mother in Laws Wedding Reception table into a hot air balloon
again? Or perhaps by getting me and Edith to dress up as Hitler and Goering?
As I recall that one went down well with the British when they picked us up!"

Cap was beginning to suspect this operation wasn't all it was cracked up to
be, he had heard about the valiant Nighthawk, working beneath the very noses
of the Nazi's to free his country from the stranglehold of the Germans.
Nighthawk was responsible for more information being channeled out of France
than any other spy...this couldn't be him, could it?

"And where do we keep them? Those two British airmen are still in the
basement, and Edith's mother refuses to let any more strange men into her
bedroom!" he paused and whispered under his breath, "That'll be the day."

"Quiet Renee," growled Michelle, "We do not have the time for this, Captain
America will hide in the Grandfather clock."

"Uhhh, what?" asked Cap.

"He can't," gasped Renee is fright, " has termites!"

"Very well," said Michelle, we could dress him up as a women and have him
serve as a waitress..."

"Now just a minute!" started Cap.

"That is a silly idea," hissed Edith, Renee nodded in satisfaction, then his
eyes widened as she continued, "What if one of the Germans wanted to take him

"Lt. Gruber might get a nice surprise," said Renee, "Look, we'll put him in
the broom closet for now, but he can't stay long."

"Look I don't know if I like the idea...." started Cap, but the four
Resistance girls shushed him and directed him up the backstairs, leaving
Renee arguing with Michelle while Edith looked on in concern.

* * *

The bed was large and comfortable, silken sheets whose value had probably
quadrupled since the start of the war felt like smooth liquid against her
naked body.

"Where...where am I?" gasped Wonder Woman, she attempted to sit up but her
hands had been tied together (probably with her lariat she thought) and her
arms pulled back behind her head, the other end of the lariat securely
fastened to the headboard. Her legs were also tied in place so that she lay
spreadeagled on the bed, naked and horribly vulnerable. Her huge breasts were
pulled taut by her stretched arms and she felt a light breeze passing over
them, causing her nipples to stay erect. She could feel a light fabric
against her eyes, a blindfold that kept her from seeing where she was.

Closing her eyes behind the blindfold she attempted to get an idea of her
location by using her other senses.

Whatever she was in was moving, she had a sense of motion, and now she could
feel light bumps in what had seemed a smooth ride. A low thrumming noise
could dimly be heard, the steady, resonant beat could only be a steamship or
a locomotive, it wasn't loud enough or deep enough to be a steamer so she
gather she was on a train.

She continued to listen and soon she realized she could hear the light inhale
and exhale of somebody's breath, it was a steady sound that indicated that
the person was probably asleep...and yet she had a feeling that she was being

"Is anybody out there," she whispered, her voice sounding so incredibly loud
in her own ears that she almost winced.

There was no answer, so she tensed her powerful muscles in an attempt to free
her legs, but she found to her shock she could barely move them, the ropes
around her legs were holding her in place - which was impossible.

- But how is that possible? - she thought - I probably have the strength to
knock this locomotive off it's tracks, how can any bonds be strong enough to
hold me? -

This was just one of the many mysteries that she was still unable to find
the key to. The first was how had the Countess discovered her weakness? the
second was how was it that she had been unaware of this weakness? third and
most important was why was her body and mind reacting the way it was to the
situations she had been introduced to. The lariat only explained things to
a certain point, it didn't explain how she knew what her captors wanted to
say and when to say it, nor did it explain why what had happened to her had
seemed so right. She still had no idea she was being bombarded whenever she
slept - with assistance from the lariat - by subliminal indoctrination tapes.

"Listen...I know somebody is..."

"You are to be quiet," said a cool, emotionless voice. It was male and the
closeness of it - it seemed to come only a couple of inches away from her
face - frightened her. How was it that she hadn't detected his breathing or
smelt him? She still couldn't now, when she knew he was here.

"Who is..."

"You are to be quiet," interrupted the smooth voice, "Failure to comply will
result in punishment."

- The androids from the ambush! - she suddenly remembered, that would explain
the lack of respiration, the stillness that had kept her from detecting him.

"Ohhh," groaned a females voice, she sounded half asleep and Wonder Woman
realized this was the person she had heard sleeping, "Is she awake?"

- The Countess! - thought Wonder Woman, and was shocked when the first
thought to come into her head was not of anger or revenge, but a brief thrill
and the memory of their sexual encounter on the plane.

"She is awake," replied the android, "I am awaiting further orders."

"Stand guard at the door," murmured the Countess, "Allow no one to come
anywhere near it unless they know the secret word."

The android did not respond, but Wonder Woman heard it's feet stamping
against the floor, the whoosh of the compartment door being opened and then
closed again.

"Oh my poor little Amazon," laughed the Countess in Wonder Woman's ear,
"Feeling a little sore after my three favorite had finished with you?"

Wonder Woman realized then that she did not feel any pain at all, how was it,
after all she had been raped not only in her vagina, but in her mouth and
asshole too.

"Poor baby," laughed the Countess, "You have no idea what's happening, no
idea what's going on or who is going to do what to you next, don't you?"

The Amazon's only response was to bare her teeth and snarl.

"Oh you plebes are so funny," laughed the Countess, "You think you can decide
your own fate? You think you are in control of your destiny? Well you're not,
I own you now Amazon, I can do whatever I want to you, I can do whatever I
don't want! From now on your whole life will revolve around me, I will be the
most important thing in you life!"

"You're mad," growled Wonder Woman, meaning it absolutely, the Countess'
voice had risen with an almost religious fervor as she had spoken, "You can't

"That's what all you people in the faceless masses think, isn't it?" laughed
the Countess, "Your moral fibre is outraged by what has happened to you and
you can't accept it, the simple fact that I - your better - have taken you
and will do whatever I want to you as long as I want, simply because I can."

"I'm not one of the faceless masses..."

"Oh yes you are," interrupted the Countess, "But because you have powers you
assumed you would be above the rest of the rabble. And perhaps you are above
them, but to me you're just another notch in my belt, another statistic for
my memoirs...I am the most important person in the world!"

"You are insane!" gasped Wonder Woman, "You're suffering from delusions of

The Countess said nothing, she simply bent her head down and licked one of
Wonder Woman's breasts, her tongue sliding thickly over the curve of her
massive mammary and covering the nipple in saliva.

"Wha...what?" gasped the heroine, "You..."

"Shut up," said the Countess and instantly Wonder Woman found herself
unable to talk, the power of her own lariat turning against her, "You don't
understand yet, do you? You are mine to play with, you're just a toy, I'll
use you and when I'm done I'll throw you away like last weeks garbage."

- Not again! - whimpered a small voice in Wonder Woman's mind, - Oh please
not again... -

- Stop whimpering - growled another voice, - Fight back, you're Wonder
Woman! -

- You'll enjoy it! - came another voice, and with shock Wonder Woman
realized it was the Countess' - You know you'll enjoy it, you just can't
bring yourself to admit it. -

This had never happened to Wonder Woman before, she had no way of knowing
that while in the trancelike state induced by the lariat, the Countess had
implanted an order for her own mind to create this very conversation,
throwing in her own voice to further confuse the Amazon. It was the Countess'
plan to bring down Wonder Woman's resistance and fighting spirit so that she
would willing go through the process she had planned for her at her castle.

One of the Countess' hands slid down beneath her buttocks and slid up between
the smooth globes of her asscheeks. The Amazon was powerless to even jerk up
when she felt one of the long fingers press against her asshole. She pressed
firmly, but the Princess' anus resisted for a few moments before she was able
to slide in.

- It resisted? - thought Wonder Woman in confusion, - But after what Wilhelm
did to it it should be stretched? I don't understand? -

"You don't understand yet," said the Countess directly into her ear, "That
you are mine to do with as I please, but you will after this," she pulled her
finger out of the Amazon's asshole and sat up on the bed, Wonder Woman wished
she could see what was going on.

"Return!" snapped the Countess sharply and the whoosh of the compartment door
indicated that the android had returned. Countess Schatenger stepped up of
the bed, "Disrobe!" she cried and a few seconds later Wonder Woman heard the
sound of fabric hitting carpeted floor.

"Now," said the Countess with a laugh, she walked over to where Wonder Woman
lay and ripped the blindfold from her eyes, she blinked back the sudden
assault of light to her eyes, when her pupils came into focus she saw the
naked android standing several feet away, naked with a disproportionate
member hanging between it's legs.

The Countess saw her eyes widen and smiled, "I have them come in all shapes
and sizes for my pleasure," she laughed, "This one is particularly useful for
when you want a good, hard fuck! What do you think of that? You can talk
again now."

"You're sick," spat Wonder Woman, unable to take her eyes of the android's
10 inch long, two and a half inch wide cock...and that was while flaccid!

"Android Designate A7," snapped the Countess, not taking her eyes of the
helpless Amazon's naked body, "Explain your nerve preceptors."

"Accessing file - Nerve Perceptors," replied the android in it's cold, calm
voice, "This unit has a network of circuits running through it's body that
allow it to collate information to the main CPU and then re-route said
information back to the neuro-sensors that run along the circuit array, in
short, this unit is capable of feeling what can be described as pain and/or
pleasure - file ends."

"So tell me A7," giggled the Countess, running the tip of one long finger up
Wonder Woman's stomach and between her breasts, causing a shiver of pleasure
to run through the Amazon's body, "How does the CPU react to this information?"

"Thus unit's CPU is capable of basic artificial intelligence - or AI - and
will attempt to fulfill commands while avoiding unnecessary pain."

"And pleasure?"

"Pleasure is a luxury to this unit, but this unit is not adverse to the

"A7, what would happen if you cut off your hand?"

"This unit's co-ordination and dexterity would be severely hampered."


"This unit would feel an approximation of pain."

"Which is to be avoided?"


"Smash your wrist and then twist the shattered remains off of your left arm."

Without hesitation the naked android placed his hand against the wall of the
room and brought the full force of his right fist onto the wrist. There was a
cracking noise and the android winced along with Wonder Woman, but he pulled
the left arm back and gripped his left wrist with his right hand, twisting it
and pulling he removed the shattered remnants of his hand.

"How does that feel?" asked the Countess.

"This...this...unit ha..has suff...1000110101......severe damage
to... ...left arm....request...1101001..request shut down to initiate

"No," replied the Countess, "Hows does that make you feel?"

"This unit's feelings are unimportant," said the android through gritted
teeth, forcing himself to stand straight, "This unit will follow your
commands until this unit is shut down."

"You see slave?" laughed the Countess, who still had not taken her eyes of
Wonder Woman, this android is just like you, mine to do with as I please, and
just like you, it won't do anything else until I tell it."

"I'M NOT AN ANDROID!" yelled Wonder Woman, then forced herself to calm down,
"I'm my own person and I do what I...."

The Countess just laughed, and Wonder Woman found her voice trailing off. She
was desperately seeking some way she could free herself, but her mind had not
been able to find any options. The Countess seemed to have thought of
everything, now Wonder Woman feared she had some new sick plan in her mind.

The Countess walked to the base of the bed, she lent down and untied the
ropes keeping Wonder Woman spreadeagled, the Amazon tried to kick out at
the woman, but found she still could not move her legs. Next the Countess
approached the front of the bed and untied the Lariat from around the posts,
untied it from one hand and then slid the free end down and around her waist,
tying it like a belt around it so that she was free to move her left arm to
a certain extent, but was still bound by the lariats power.

"Now my little slave," said the Countess to Wonder Woman with a look of
supreme confidence, "My poor android has been hurt, make him feel better."

"How," Wonder Woman heard her own voice say, her mind was reeling again,
- What did the crazy Nazi bitch have planned for her now? -

"Give him the fuck of his life, make him cum as many times as you can, do it
bitch...because I tell you to do it!"

And despite the horrible protestations from within in her own mind, Wonder
Woman smiled slightly, lowered her head and said, "Yes Mistress, you command,
I obey."

To Be Continued...

(*) - Okay this didn't happen in the real Marvel Universe, but like I told
you, it's an amalgamation of Marvel and DC and little bits of History have
died. As for Cap killing Kriegerkrau? Well Goebbels is in charge of
propaganda for a reason, as we will see later...


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