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JLA - Superman, Batman, Martian Manhunter, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman and Green Arrow.

Avengers - Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Scarlet Witch, Hawkeye, Warbird, Justice and Firestar.

With appearances by Oracle, Nightwing, Tomorrow Woman, Tigra, Moondragon and Eros.

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Avengers/Justice League Of America: The Forgotten Part 13 (MMF,anal)
by Dimitri Maximoff

The Vision accessed the Avengers' computer security system, instantly taking it over. His immediate plan was to attempt to use the security system to somehow knock Ultron out, and hopefully his control over The Vision's body, or send out an e.m pulse which would shut down his own body and hopefully Tomorrow Woman's as well.

He wasn't sure why he wanted it to stop, except for the fact that he felt a slightly illogical guilt over the fact that his body was technically having an affair, even though he'd already lied to his wife The Scarlet Witch and told her that their marriage was over. But there was something else too, Ultron's behavior was illogical, which was as usual, but not within his usual m.o... Vision had a feeling that Ultron was being manipulated by someone else, for what purpose he did not know.

Scanning Ultron's body he was dismayed to see that it really was Ultron, and hence his adamantium body was invulnerable to any punishment Vision could dish out... if he was still in his body he could have used his phasing ability to push through the adamantium and short out Ultron's systems... but he didn't.

He attempted to access the electronic over-ride Iron Man had had installed. In effect it sent an E-M Pulse throughout the Mansion, which would knock out all electronic systems. It had been installed after they had learnt of the Phalanx from The X-Men, a collective race of techno-organic beings similar to The Borg from the Star Trek t.v show, in the hopes that it would knock them out, or at least prevent them from assimilating the Mansion.

[Activate E.M Pulse,] instructed The Vision,[Authorization Vision, 071-Alpha-Sigma.]

"Unable to comply," replied the Computer, "Those system files have been counter-manded and may not be over-ruled."

Under whose authorization?] cried The Vision.

"Authorization - Vision, voice code accepted," replied the computer.

[Impossible, I gave no such order... when was it that this command was activated?]

"Exactly 0.0001 Seconds after you ordered the E.M Pulse activated," replied the computer.

Too late the Vision realized his mistake and saw the plan of the unknown manipulator. Ultron had been taken over and had used nano-tech to re-build Vision's body. The nano-tech had inserted the command to 'rape the Wasp' and his body had gone about doing just that... or rather, butt fucking Tomorrow Woman. So he had tried to access the Mansion's Security Systems, giving out his authorization code which would immediately have been picked up by the manipulator. Using the Vision's body he/she could have then over-rode the command and made it irreversible. Now The Vision was shut out and the manipulator was inside the Avengers' computers, he/she had free access to security pass codes to the nation's government organizations, their advanced technology, their database of other heroes, villains and mutant teams, alien race's and technology. There was no way The Vision could get back in, the computer's encryption was impossible to break, which was most likely why the manipulator had used this roundabout method of getting in.

He quickly used what limited access he had left to the system to check what was going on. The databases and blueprints were being downloaded to a very, very distant location far outside of the solar system. His eye's widened as the coordinates came up onscreen.

They were the same co-ordinates as those The Avengers had been teleported to in order to rescue Mentor.

* * *

Vance Astovik - Justice - stood staring at his lover as she pulled her mouth away from Aquaman's cock and swiveled around, her tits bouncing out of the water.

"Angelica! What are you doing?" he cried. She knew she was in trouble now, usually her called her Angel, Angelica meant he was either being incredibly formal, teasing her or was very pissed off.

"Vance," she cried, "I'm sorry, I don't know what I was doing...I..."

He slapped his neck as a bug landed on it and bit him.

"Listen up buddy," he yelled, pointing a finger angrily at Aquaman, who had sunk lower in the water, "If you made her do this so help me I'll..."

"Vance," cried Firestar, "He didn't make me... I... oh man, I don't know why I did it!"

"Listen kid," spoke up Aquaman, "I..."

"Shut up!," growled Justice, "Or I'll whip your ass again, only this time there'll be people around to see me do it!"

"Ok," growled Aquaman, "That does it," he stood up straight in the water, his erect cock still pointing directly at Firestar, "I tried talking this out, but if you wanna go, let's go!"

This time they weren't in a desert, this time they were in Aquaman's element. Before Justice could react water came smashing out of the ground beneath him, ripping through the stone and lifting him into the air. He immediately raised up a tk shield which protected him from the worst of the impact when he landed again. He rolled to his feet and fired a tk burst at the water, but Aquaman had disappeared. He twisted about and found himself facing the ruler of Atlantis, whose fist was approaching at a very fast rate.

Once again he was lifted off of his feet, slamming into the ground next to the hole where the water had erupted. His nose was throbbing with pain and a thin line of blood slid down from his right nostril.

"Oh that felt damn good," muttered Aquaman, a small smile on his face.

Justice got shakily to his feet, he noticed Firestar coming over towards him, her breasts jiggling as she bounced through the water. He took a great deal of interest in those breasts, rounded and firm, yet they still yielded to the touch. He felt his cock twitch and he forgot all about Aquaman.

Aquaman also had noticed Firestar, and his eyes had widened, he also forgot all about Justice.

Firestar pulled herself out of the water and moved to Justice's side.

"Vance? Are you okay?" she asked, her hand lightly caressing the side of his face.

"Yeah Angel," he muttered distractedly, glancing down at her breasts, "I'm fine."

Firestar really realized for the first time that he was naked, his tall, muscular body right there next to her. A shiver of pleasure ran through her body, particularly potent in her crotch and if they hadn't been sopping wet with water already then her bikini panties would have become damp.

"Angel... forget all this other crap," he muttered, sliding one hand up and cupping her breast, "I... I don't know what I was thinking, flying off the handle like that.. I.."

"Shh," she whispered, just as she had done with Aquaman, and in just the same way she reached down and squeezed his thick, hardening cock.

"Ahem," muttered a voice, the two Avengers broke away and turned to look at this newcomer, they heard Aquaman curse beneath his breath.

Green Lantern sat on a rock on the other side of the pool, right next to one side of the waterfall. He was wearing only a green pair of boxer shorts... Firestar realized they had been made by his ring, he'd appeared here naked as well.

"This is certainly very odd," he said, "I appear here after Iron Man crushes my ego and self-esteem and find you two ready to get it on right in front of Smiley Joe over there," he indicated at Aquaman who grunted something, his eyes crawling all over Firestar's naked body.

"Anyways," he continued, "I... ouch!" he interrupted himself to slap a bug that had settled on his neck and bit him, "Anyways... what I wanna know is what's wrong with you guys... this is definitely not right."

As he spoke his eyes drifted down from Firestar and Justice's faces to Firestar's tits. He jerked his eyes back up, but then they started drifting down again.

"Man... whatever it is, it's catching," he said, "Now personally I like naked women, but in a situation like this where the Universe is at stake we shouldn't be getting horny."

"Maybe it is catching?" whispered Justice, "Maybe we've been infected by something?"

"I was feeling fine till that bug bit me," Green Lantern said, "Any of you get bitten?"

"I did," said Justice, "I felt angry, mad, I wanted to kill someone, and then I started getting... umm... you know," he stared apologetically at Firestar.

"I wasn't bitten by any bug," muttered Aquaman, "But the water, I should have noticed it before, something's wrong. I thought it was just natural for whatever part of the world this is, whatever makes the water hot could make it feel strange... but maybe that wasn't the case? Maybe there's something that's been put in it?"

"But why?"

"For The Forgotten's pleasure maybe?" said Firestar, she was now covering up her breasts with one arm, it was a bit belated, but then she really didn't feel like being on display any longer then was necessary.

"Obviously it can be fought," said GL, "You just gotta be aware of it... or maybe that's only for us meta-humans?"

He felt a breeze around his crotch, looking down he saw with some embarrassment that his green boxers had disappeared.

"Whoa," he cried out and instantly imagined new ones.... but they didn't appear.

"Ummm? What's going on?"

Justice closed his eyes and concentrated, but nothing happened, his powers too, seemed to be gone.

Firestar raised one hand and a brief burst of microwave energy flared up, she still had her powers... but then, she hadn't been bitten. Aquaman came forward, water on the rocks followed his commands, leaping up, sliding away as he dictated. It seemed his powers remained.

"Okay," said Green Lantern, the chemicals were still having an effect on him, so he hid his erection by lifting a thigh, "Why have me and you lost our powers?"

He got his answer straight away, as a buzzing noise sounded and he twisted about to see a black cloud of bugs fly out of the woods and charge straight for him.

"Oh shit," he said, summing up the situation perfectly.

* * *

The Forgotten laughed.

Let the little snots figure out they were being manipulated, it didn't matter, it made it even more fun to beat them. There was no way their pathetic little minds could possibly defeat the injection of so much of the inhibition destroyer.

He turned back to his computer and saw with some delight that the file download of The Avenger's database and technological information had begun, it seemed everything was falling into place.

When this was all over he planned to release the heroes that won as he had promised. He hoped in fact that they would come after him when all was said in done. It would add an exciting new diversion to his life. No matter who won he planned to take Green Lantern's power ring when it was all over, it was a delightful weapon of unlimited potential, and with the Guardian's of OA gone there were none to limit it's use.

He had also considered taking Mjolnir, but decided he would only do so if The Avengers' lost. It was too dangerous to take it and leave either Thor or any of the Asgardian Gods still alive. Without his tech and knowledge, The Forgotten was a very weak being. He had no superpowers, he had no magical properties... he was an Immortal because his old Universe had forgotten him and the new ones either didn't know he existed or didn't care. He had not evolved at all over all the billions of years that he had existed, his race had evolved by taking over bodies of other beings and using them... a fact he had forgotten, which made him wonder why he felt such an affinity for The Brood, who were this Universe's extremely primitive version of him long dead race.

He smiled, this was the most fun he'd had in a long time, and he knew now that nothing could go wrong.

* * *

Firestar squealed in excitement as she felt the tip of Kyle's penis against her quivering, wet cunt lips.

"YES!" She cried, "DO IT TO ME! PUT IT IN ME!"

Kyle grinned, he was underwater, surrounded by a field of green energy. As soon as the bugs had stung him and he had succumbed to their affect, his ability to access his powers had returned. He didn't know why and he didn't care, all he wanted was to fuck this hot little redhead, to screw her silly.

Her legs were spread open around Justice, who stood with his legs only in the water, his hands gripping her thighs, helping to support her as she floated in the water. Her shoulders were being held up by Aquaman, who stood in front of her.

They were ready.

With an excited grin, he pushed his hips up, his cock pressing up between her tight pussy lips. He groaned in pleasure, and heard his groan being repeated by Firestar as she felt his cock press up into her cunt. It was true, she wasn't a virgin, but she was relatively inexperienced when it came to sex. But you couldn't tell, with her natural inhibitions gone she was a sexual machine, and all she could think about was having her every orifice used... she wanted to be triple fucked by these three men, and they were more than willing to comply.

The Green Lantern had a hold of her breasts and was squeezing the plump mounds of tit-flesh eagerly in his hands as he slid his cock back and forth out of her pussy.

Aquaman was easily able to hold her up with one hand, with the other he gripped the top of his head and pointed her mouth in the direction of his erect penis. Her lips had been slightly open, gasping and moaning with pleasure as she felt Green Lantern's cock plunging in and out of her pussy. But now she opened wide and allowed him to thrust his cock forward into her mouth.

"Mmmmm" she moaned around his engorged meat as he pushed forward, the tip of his cock pressing against the back of her throat.

"Yes!" growled Aquaman as his cock slid into her warm, wet mouth, stretching her lips as wide as possible, "Suck it, suck my cock!"

As Firestar gyrated her hips in small circles, making Kyle's cock in her cunt all the more pleasurable, she also began sucking on Aquaman's cock, licking and sucking on the thick meat in her mouth happily, loving having two of her holes filled at the same time.

It was time for the third.

Justice had been gripping her thighs, now he moved his hands, holding her in place with small, telekinetic hands (his powers had also returned... the breakdown of his conscious mind as the dominant factor had temporarily shorted out his powers, but they had returned when his subconscious, irrational mind had taken over.

Her bikini panties had been pulled to one side in Kyle's eagerness to get to her cunt, but they had disappeared so far up her crack that they were practically invisible. He grabbed the small triangle at the apex of the curve of her firm buttocks, then ripped the bikini bottoms away, exposing her magnificent ass.

Firestar grunted around Aquaman's cock, but whether this was in appreciation of her panties being removed or because she was enjoying Kyle fucking her underwater he didn't know, nor did he care. He was in this for his pleasure, if she happened to enjoy it too then well and good, but if not then he didn't really give a shit.

He spread her ass cheeks, his teeth bright as he grinned happily, then he pushed one wet finger up against her pink rosebud, which was also wet from constantly being in the water.

Firestar's eye's widened as she felt her boyfriend's finger begin to press into her rectum, opening her asshole with some difficulty but not as much as he had expected, the wetness contributed somewhat, but it seemed obvious that she had finger fucked her own asshole before, which made things easier.

- What a awesome set of titties, - Kyle thought to himself as he fucked her faster and faster, his cock slamming in and out of her tight pussy, the friction caused by her tightness was wonderful, especially when it was offset by the water, - And what a cunt! -

His eyes widened as he felt her cunt clamp down hard on his cock like a vise. Her hips hunched down and her body shook, her firm tits pressing hard into his grasping hands. As first he wasn't sure what was happening, but then it struck him.

She was cumming!

Aquaman groaned out in pleasure, making a low-pitched humming noise as he felt her mouth tighten around his cock, making his member's passage in and out of her oral orifice all the more exciting.

Firestar's body went limp and she stopped actively sucking on Aquaman's cock and pumping her hips up and down to meet Kyle's strokes, her whole body was abuzz with sensation, her nerve-endings tingling excitedly. She had never cum in water before, and it was a new experience for her, one she hoped to re-experience very, very soon!

She perked up a bit as she felt Justice slip a second finger into her asshole to join the first, which was now pushing in and out of her anus in a steady motion, although her anal orifice still seemed as tight as ever.

She reacted even more when she felt Kyle's hands grip down on her breasts harder than before, his cock began plunging into her pussy faster and faster, her cunt juices were floating away in the water, but they had lubricated her cunt even more on the way down the length of his penis, and now they made it even easier for the excited young superhero's cock to push all the way in. His hips met hers as he thrust faster and faster, squeezing her tits as he approached his orgasm, the feel of her cunt around his cock too much for the inexperienced young man to hold off.

"YESSS!" he screamed, he thrust every last inch of his cock up into her tight little cunt, and then he fired shot after shot of cum out if his cock up into her juicy, wet snatch. His hands gripped tight on her tits as he came, his head flopped back in the water, he was eye to knee with Aquaman, but he didn't see him, his eyes were rolled back in his head as he let the emotions and sensations permeate his being.

Slowly, more and more of his body weight fell back until finally his cock pulled loose from her vise-like slit and he fell to the bottom of the pool of water, his green shield keeping him safe as he fell into a post-orgasmic stupor.

"All right now," said Justice with a grin, his two fingers pumping quickly in and out of her asshole, "Time for action."

He pressed the head of his cock against her asshole, the tips of his two fingers still in, holding her rosebud apart. He pressed his cock forward, pulling his fingers away as the bulbous tip of his long, hard member pushed it's way forward into her anus.

Firestar's subconscious mind had shut down her pain receptors and released endorphins into her system whilst increasing the sensitive nature of her nerve-endings, wiring them up to her pleasure centers. So it was that the feeling of Justice's cock pushing forward into her tight little butt hole was driving her crazy. Her now free pussy was leaking her cum out into the water as her mouth slurped and salivated all over Aquaman's cock. Her body was pushing backwards and forwards in the water as the Atlantean Leaguer pumped forwards into her face and her boyfriend, Vance Astrovik - Justice - pushed forward into her ass. The
two set up a see-saw motion, Justice happy enough with just the tip of his cock in her ass for the time being. With each push of the hot young redheads body back, he would push another inch up past her assholes natural resistance.

Aquaman let out a seldom heard laugh of pleasure as he pumped his cock in and out of her stretched mouth, face fucking her eagerly, loving the feel of her warm, wet mouth and lips stretched around his thick meat.

The ass fucking was driving Firestar crazy, the increased reaction of her nerve-endings sending pulses of pleasure up through her body from her ass. Having his long cock plunging in and out of her rectum was like nothing she had ever felt before and she was loving it, loving every buttfucking minute!

Aquaman arm with the trident was supporting her upper body weight by placing her shoulder on his wrist. His other hand was tangled between her wet, red curls, holding onto her head as he fucked her face faster and faster, rolling his hips so that her mouth had to follow his cock with each thrust.

"Ahhh yeah!" he growled as he felt the cum boiling up within his balls, "This is it, it's cumming! It's cumming right fucking now!"

Firestar's body was also shuddering and quivering as she approached another orgasm. She moaned around the thick cock in her mouth, sliding her tongue around his shaft as she felt him pumping it in and out, harder and faster until it happened, and she felt his cum shooting from his cock, hitting the back of her mouth, with nowhere to go but down her throat.

"YESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!" screamed Aquaman as he shot his load into her mouth, and at the same time he could feel her mouth closing down around his member as she came too.

Her cunt clamped down viciously, if Kyle's cock had still been in there she might well have done him an injury. Her tight, hot little asshole was also clamping down on Justice's cock as he - with not a little difficulty - pushed seven inches of his cock in and out of her butt, straining to part the walls of her anal passage. He'd had a steady motion going until she came, and now he knew he couldn't last much longer, pretty soon he was going to shoot his cum up his girlfriends asshole.

"AHHHH YES!" roared Vance, his hands gripping her ass cheeks, he was the only one holding her up now, Aquaman had fallen back into the pool and lay at the bottom, a look of intense satisfaction on his face.

With one last desperate surge he thrust every last inch of his cock hard into her anus, grinding his hips against her firm ass cheeks as he shot his cum deep into her bowels.

With a low groan, his eyes rolled back in his head, he slowly fell backwards, his cock pulling loose from her butt, leaving Firestar to fall underwater as he fell back. He came close to hitting the water but never made it, bright white energy forming around his body and the others, and then they were gone, disappeared from the pool as if they had never been there....

... except for the tattered remains of a skimpy two piece bikini suit floating on the surface, and at the bottom a small pair of blue speedos.

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