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Avengers/Justice League Of America: The Forgotten Part 12 (MFF,MF)
by Dimitri Maximoff

Suddenly, as unexpected as The Vision's body beginning to move once again, Tomorrow Woman froze and tensed entirely up, not moving an inch. Her voice spoke, but it had an electronic, surprisingly mechanical tone.

"Illegal access of T.O Morrow sub-injunction one, intruder logged in cpu, unable to lock out, secured file activated."

Just as suddenly her entire body seemed to loosen, and her face took on a loose, excited look.

The Vision's body stepped forward and grabbed her breasts, instead of stepping away she reached up and grabbed his hands, rubbing them in small circles so he was kneading her tits.

"Yeah... that feels good."

The Vision's holographic image frowned as he performed a very, very extensive scan of Tomorrow Woman.

[I was mistaken, she is an android... incredibly advanced, beyond anything I have ever seen,] he looked over at Ultron,[Your creation? A new Jocasta perhaps?]

Ultron scoffed, "Fool, your receptors are obviously damaged, that is The Wasp."

[You are being controlled by an outside force,] noted The Vision,[Someone or something is manipulating all of us... I cannot allow this to continue.]

His holographic body faded away as he left the lab.

Vision's real body, meanwhile, had reached one arm down and pulled Tomorrow Woman's transparent skirt away first, then tore apart the 'bathing suit' bottom, revealing her smooth ass cheeks and neatly trimmed black pussy hair.

He tried to grab her more firmly but she pulled away. But instead of running she got down onto the ground, turning around and getting onto all fours.

"Come on, Morrow," she said, looking over her shoulder at him, "I know what you want, fuck my ass!"

* * *

Dr Kincaid had positioned his hard, straining cock at the entrance to Carol's hot, tight fuck hole, gripping his cock in one hand as he grabbed one of her curved hips firmly in the other, to hold her in place.

Pepper was watching as he began to push it in, the sight of that big cock pushing deeper and deeper into the super-heroine's cunt as that same heroine's tongue and mouth pressed firmly against her gushing cunt and tongue fucking her.

The Doctor had pushed several inches in slowly so that he could test her tightness, now that he knew that her cunt fit nice and tightly around his cock, he pushed the rest of his member into her with one quick, hard thrust.

"UUUMM!!!" moaned Carol as the cock filled her up, the sound sent a thrill of pleasure through Pepper's cunt since Carol's mouth was plastered against it. With a happy moan she began to grind her pussy down into Carol's face, rocking her ass in small rotations that allowed Carol to suck, lick and probe every inch of her snatch.

Carol felt the new added pressure against her mouth, and she eagerly shoved her tongue as far up the nurse's pussy as she could, sliding it forward and back along the length of her cunt lips, pressing the underside of her nose against the erect clitoris. Her tongue slid up and down, sliding in, out, up and around, taking in as much of her gushing pussy juices as she could.

And the juices were really beginning to flow, coming down out of her pussy faster and faster, lubricating her cunt and being rubbed into Carol's face. Eagerly the hot young nurse began to slide her hot, wet slit up and down over the Avenger's face, pressing it down to her chin, sliding it up over her lips and letting her tongue slide in before it pressed back up to her nose and then returned.

"Ohhhhh WOW!" moaned Pepper as her jerking, shuddering body began to approach orgasm, she stopped fingering her clit, slid her upper body forward and grabbed Carol by the side of the head, holding it still as she ground her hips forward and back, her pussy hard against Carol's face and her juices running all over her face, "YEAH! THIS IS IT!" she cried happily, "I'm GONNA CUM!!!!"

Carol didn't have to be told twice, her mouth was filled with cunt juice she was desperately trying to swallow, she couldn't get it all of course, and some ran down her cheeks and chin, but she got as much as she could. She slammed her tongue up again and again into the nurse's creaming fuckhole as the Doctor fucked her, he's started slow, spending more time staring at her tits and Pepper's ass than concentrating on the cunt around his cock, but as the nurse had approached orgasm he had begun to speed up the pace. Now Carol could really feel it as he fucked her tight little pussy, cramming as much of his thick dick into her compact cunt as he could.

She loved the fell of his big cock slamming into her tight pussy, and she eagerly began fucking her gushing cunt forward, trying to force as much of his cock into her as she could. Kincaid was groaning in pleasure as he stuffed all of his desperate, eager meat into her more than willing snatch. He loved the sensation of having his prick enveloped in a tight, wet and hot pussy, and the sensations were even greater because of his 'secret'. He reveled in feeling her clamping cunt walls clasping his cock, she was so tight he felt like his cock was being milked. Her pussy seemed to be the perfect fit for his cock, it wrapped around his perfectly, leaving no space, it as the perfect tightness, not to tight so as to be painful, but enough so that he really had to push to get his cock in, even with all the lubrication of the soapy water and her cunt juices. He stared happily at her fat, jiggling tits and Pepper's rounded, firm ass as the nurse ground her cunt down into Carol's face and screamed that she was cumming.

The Superheroine pushed her ass up, grinding her crotch against his as he filled her to the brim, she could feel his cock pounding into her faster and faster, filling her totally with every inch of his fat cock.

Her eyes were opened wide, excited as she began to cum, the mixed feeling of a big cock fucking her tight little pussy and having a tasty, pink pussy ground down into her mouth while she sucked on the juices was simply.... marvelous!. She eagerly sucked and licked up as much of Pepper's cunt cream as she could as her own cunt clamped down on Kincaid's cock and milked him for every drop of cum that she could.

Pepper let out one last moan of satisfied pleasure, then she rolled off the bed, falling to the floor and laying there in a growing pool of her own sweat and cunt juice, her hair was sweaty and lay plastered across her face.

Now Carol was free to stare at Kincaid as he fucked her, she hadn't noticed that he had freed her legs at the beginning and then dragged her halfway down the bed so that her leg hung over the bed and he was able to fuck her while he remained standing.

She was loving it, she had forgotten all about the Avengers, The JLA, The Forgotten.... she was totally committed to the fuck, thrusting her hips forward, trying to get as much of his cock as deep into her as she could. She looked right into his eyes as he fucked her harder and harder, grunting in pleasure. She saw he was staring greedily at her tits and she wished she could get her hands free so that she could feel them up, get ahold of her nipples and twist them and massage them with her fingers.

Dr Kincaid had the most incredible blue eyes she had ever seen, and for some reason she found herself concentrating on them more and more, whilst her body continued to fuck right back at him, her cunt eagerly gobbling up all of his cock, her mind was concentrating on those startling blue eyes... eyes that nevertheless had something wrong with them, something she couldn't quite place.

And then the smug, confident tone of the guy dressed all in black from The JLA came back to her, and she suddenly realized what was going on, the real story behind her so-called car crash.

"YOU HAVE NO PUPILS!" she screamed, surprising Pepper and Kincaid both, "FORGOTTEN YOU DIRTY BASTARD!"

Her powers flared up momentarily, easily burning through the bonds that held her arms, Kincaid cried out in pain and she pulled away, his cock pulling free from her cunt almost reluctantly, despite the pain.

"You bastard!" she cried, hovering above the bed, her eyes smoking as she approached the power levels she had once been capable of as Binary, but powers she could no longer sustain.

Even as she felt her power levels begin to drop, the hospital bedroom disappeared and everything turned white...

....and she found herself suspended in what seemed like mid-air, high above the Throne Room of The Forgotten.

Then she realized she was floating inside an egg of shimmering, light blue energy field set in place in a small niche in the wall. She was once again in her Warbird costume.

"WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!" she screamed.

"Calm yourself," said The Forgotten's voice, he seemed almost amused by her rage,"You'll just make your hangover worse."

Her hangover was gone, if she'd ever had one.

"What was all that crap?" she cried, "Why'd you make that up, was it an illusion?"

"That was your bonus prize," laughed The Forgotten's voice, she still couldn't see him, but his voice was all around her, "You lost your fight... and I guess I had to make sure I had fixed your skin right," he paused and laughed lightly, "It certainly felt quite good."

"You sonofabitch!" she screamed.

"As for if it was real," overrode The Forgotten with that same quiet laughter, "Maybe it was, maybe it wasn't, perhaps what I told you is something that may happen within the next six months if I don't wipe out your Universe... maybe I just possessed Dr Kincaid?" he laughed again as Carol seemed to consider this, "It's something to ponder... honey."

And then she somehow knew he was gone... but her head wasn't quiet, it was filled with a thousand questions, the most paramount of which was this, 'Did she really have an alcohol problem?'

* * *

Firestar blinked.

That hadn't helped, she was still there.

"Ummmm," she said, "What?"

"Hello," said a voice, she looked to her left and saw a well built man sitting in the hot water with her. He had long blond hair, a blond beard and was missing one hand which had been replaced with a small trident. She belatedly remembered that he was a member of The JLA.

"Where are we?" she asked, looking around. They were sitting in a large pool, around them were various shrubs, bushes and trees, a small waterfall fed the pool with water. As far as she could see were rolling hills covered in lush, green trees, the species she didn't recognize. The water was hot without being uncomfortable, which seemed strange since water came into the pool from a waterfall. She didn't know where the excess water went, maybe it seeped underground into a river or something.

"I don't know, I don't recognize the water," Aquaman said, she didn't really understand what he meant. She realized she was now wearing a skimpy, tight two-piece bathing suit instead of her costume.

"What the hell is all this?" she asked, she began to cover her cleavage up, but figured what was the point, he'd already seen plenty, and checking out her tits probably wasn't high on his list of priorities.

"I have no idea," replied Aquaman, "Forgive me for not standing, but when I got here I was only wearing speedos."

Firestar's gaze began to drop, then she quickly pulled up, blushing heavily.

"Best not to look," he said, "I didn't like them so I threw them away...," he was trying to be offhand but seemed a little embarassed, "I wasn't expecting you to show up."

"I wasn't expecting me to show up either," she said, a light grin crossing her face, "Your teammate with the ring beat me."

Aquaman snorted, "The kid with the cape and the snotty attitude beat me."

It was Firestar's turn to be embarrassed.

"That's Vance... my uh, boyfriend."

Aquaman smiled, it seemed unnatural on his face, as if he hadn't smiled in a long time... she wondered how he had lost his hand.

"Sometimes I think I should just keep my foot in my mouth," he said, "It seems to be there all the time anyway."

They fell into an uncomfortable silence, finally Firestar could take it no longer and she spoke up, "I wish I knew how the others were going."

She wasn't expecting an answer, but she got one.

"Your gypsy ladyfriend was beaten by Superman," he said, "And the blond drunk got beaten by Martian Manhunter..."


"Green guy, no hair, could play for the NBA."

"No, what blond drunk?"

"I think her name is Carol," he replied.

Firestar's eyes widened, she had no idea where he'd come by the notion that Warbird was an alcoholic, but she didn't make an issue of it.

"Wonder Woman got beaten by the big Fabio-lookalike from your team and the guy in the Iron Armor beat the Flash, and your archer guy beat our archer guy.... but I don't know who won the fight between Batman and Mr American Flag, my telepathic link with J'onn was broken off before I could find out."

Firestar took that all in, then sat back in the water and thought about it... or at least tried to think about it. For some reason she was finding it hard to concentrate or keep a coherent line of thought... and she kept catching her gaze straying down to the water over Aquaman's lap, where she knew his crotch was exposed... but before she ever got the chance to see it fully she'd pull her gaze away. On his part she could see his gaze moving down towards her cleavage every so often.

- What's the matter? - she thought, - This is the last thing I should be thinking off... the Universe is at stake here. -

And yet, she couldn't stop doing it.

* * *

The Forgotten let a small smile cross his face.

He'd moved some of the heroes into small spheres of energy set into niches in the wall of his throne room. These were the ones whom he feared might find a way to stop him, so they had to be put safely aside. He'd put Flash away, and after Superman's defeat he'd shoved him in there too. He'd had his fun with Warbird and then put her away, he'd immediately put Wonder Woman and Scarlet Witch into spheres... although if he had time he was considering having some fun with them too.

"It's all about diversions," he said aloud, plucking a grape from one of the women who fanned him... she was just a hard light hologram, but she also kept him diverted, she kept him from falling back into the mind-numbing boredom that his existence was, "And this is the most fun I've had in a long time!"

He had plunged Aquaman and Firestar into the small, heated pool in a small country from the Southern Hemisphere of Earth. There was nobody about for miles, and a large, invisible force field in a two mile radius so that nobody could get in or get out. Then he had pumped the chemicals from his (or rather, a lowly scientists from the Pleasure Palace's of Deneb 7's) inhibition destroying formula into the pool. It was even now seeping through their pores and affecting them in a wonderful, diverting way.

He settled back in his Throne, happy to watch.

* * *

"Enjoying the view?" she asked him.

Aquaman jerked his head up, he'd been staring opened mouth down at her cleavage. He began to make his explanation, and then he saw the look on her face.

Her lips were slightly parted, her tongue lightly licking them to keep them moist. Her eyes were looking down at his lap, and he knew she could see his erect cock. His eyes glanced back down at her cleavage, her nipples were erect, plainly visible through the skimpy red and yellow bikini.

"I don't know why I'm feeling like this," he muttered, "But I feel... I feel like...."

"Shhh," she whispered, her rational, thinking mind crying for to stop, to think this through... but she wasn't listening, her body had taken over her mind.

As the shocked Aquaman watched, she moved down low in the water, her head now the only thing above water. He gasped as he felt one of her small, slender hands close around his erection, the heat from her hand added to the heat of the water made the sensation all the greater as she began to stroke his dick.

"Stand up, lean back against that wall," she ordered after a few strokes, she released his cock and he quickly complied.

Soon he stood, his feet firmly planted on the rock floor, rubbed smooth from the time the river had run through here, before the landscape was slightly altered by volcanic activity and it changed into a pool. His back was up against the wall and his body was exposed from his crotch up. Firestar moved forward, only her head above the water, and Aquaman noticed for the first time her bikini top floating in the water behind her, he looked down and could see the pale white globes of her breasts standing firm and erect in the water, they weren't overly large (but then, Aquaman had Wonder Woman for a team-mate, after that making
comparisons was difficult) but they were larger than average, and looked very tasty.

Seconds later the hero felt the entire length of his cock being engulfed in a warm wetness similar but altogether more pleasurable than the water of the pool. Her tongue slid down the underneath of his cock as her mouth slid inch after inch in, her eyes rolled up to stare at him and gauge his reaction.

It was quite a reaction, a groan of happiness had escaped the usually bitter Justice Leaguer, his eyes were closed and his head thrown back as he concentrated entirely on the pleasure of having this young heroine sucking on his dick.

His hands slid down through her curly red hair and grabbed the back of her head, holding it and moving with it as she began to slide her mouth back up his cock before sliding close to the full length back in again.

Despite Firestar's relative inexperience with oral sex (she'd done it a couple of times back in The New Warriors for Vance, but hadn't felt too comfortable) she was now sucking the King Of Atlantis with a vengeance, sending thrilling sensations throughout his body that he knew would have him cumming in a few minutes. Her tongue was sliding over and around the head of his penis each time she pulled back, and then would slide down the underside as she pushed back down.

Aquaman was groaning happily, but his eyes shot open and Firestar's mouth froze around his cock as they heard an angry voice cry out.

"What the fuck is this?!"

She pulled her mouth off Aquaman's cock and twisted around, coming up a bit which brought her naked tits into view. They bounced and shook water off them, drops dripping off her erect nipples.

Standing at the edge of the pool, completely naked, stood Justice.

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