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The teams are as follows:

JLA - Superman, Batman, Martian Manhunter, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman and Green Arrow.

Avengers - Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Scarlet Witch, Hawkeye, Warbird, Justice and Firestar.

With appearances by Oracle, Nightwing, Tomorrow Woman, Tigra, Moondragon and Eros.

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Avengers/Justice League Of America: The Forgotten Part 9 (no sex)
by Dimitri Maximoff

When Barbara Gordon - once Batgirl, now Oracle - awoke she was herself again.

Her subconscious mind was relegated to the background once more, the chemical links to her cerebral cortex created by the nano-tech (as well as the new links to her nerves in her spinal cord) had been only temporary, and now they had broken down. While she had been unconscious the two hemispheres of her brains had re-connected and returned her to normality.

She realized she was naked, except for a cum-soaked pair of underwear around her knees... knees she could no longer feel.

Nightwing and Zatanna were staring at her in stunned confusion, they seemed almost afraid of what she might do. When the nano-tech in her system had run down, it had cut the links between her and the other two, and their own nanobots had 'died', now they were all back to normal, with complete memories of what had happened.

Barbara opened her mouth to speak, but no words came. Instead she broke down and began to cry, not for the lost chance to rule a world based on pleasure (that had been a fantasy of her subconscious mind), but because for a brief time she had had her legs back, she had had feeling, and it didn't matter if she had felt pain or pleasure, because now she felt nothing.

Nightwing and Zatanna continued to stare at her for a few seconds, and then their fear disappeared and they moved to embrace her.

Round 2 - Prologue.

The heroes found themselves back in the Throne Room, or at least some of them did.

Superman, Martian Manhunter, Green Lantern, Justice, Thor, Hawkeye and Iron Man reappeared before the Throne, the rest were nowhere to be seen.

"What's going on here?" yelled Superman, "Where are the others?"

"The rest of your colleagues," said The Forgotten with a grin, he had composed himself and accepted the loss of Captain America and Batman, "The rest of your colleagues will have no further part in the competition. They lost the right to defend their Universe's existence when they lost.

Binary is in one of my infirmaries, recovering from the grievous burns inflicted upon her by The Martian Manhunter," at this Thor growled angrily and took a step towards the Green JLA'er, a warning hand placed on his shoulder by Hawkeye made him remember to restrain himself, for now at least.

"Firestar is likewise recovering from the damage to her body caused by the Green Lantern, although The Scarlet Witch is merely unconscious, Superman caused no great physical damage to her body.... although I would have enjoyed seeing more of his conflict with the mysterious Wonder Man."

Wonder Man had disappeared the very same instant Wanda had been knocked unconscious.

"Aquaman is fuming in a lovely pool I set aside for him, and The Flash is letting loose his extra tension by attempting to escape from the chamber I placed him in. The poor man has no clue that no matter how fast he runs, the molecules in the wall will shift to match his molecular polarization, and he won't be able to 'phase' through. Green Arrow has been returned to The Watchtower, his memories of these events removed, he was a great disappointment to me. Wonder Woman is... how should I put this... a little tender? after her encounter with Thor."

Superman cast a quizzical glance at The Thunder God, who looked back with plain disregard, he was not intimidated by Superman in the least.

"Now who have I forgotten?" asked The Forgotten, secretly pleased at this clever pun (he worked the word forgotten into conversation whenever he could).

"Where is Batman?" yelled Green Lantern, loud.

"And Captain America?" yelled Hawkeye, louder.

The Forgotten leaned forward and smiled, sinister and evil, his clear blue irises somehow making him look not real, like a plastic toy or something.

"Dead, they fell off a dam to their deaths!"

"BASE DECEIVER!" roared Thor, his temper letting free at last, "THOU LIEST!"

He leaped towards The Forgotten's forcefield, swinging Mjolnir wildly.... and then he disappeared.

A second later, The shocked JLA members, still reeling at the idea that Batman - who had seemed an eternal and unshakable part of The JLA - was dead, they realized Superman had disappeared too.

"Let Round Two begin," laughed The Forgotten.

Superman Vs Thor.

Superman had thought that Wonder Man hit hard, harder than Lobo but not as hard as Doomsday.

Now he wished he was facing Doomsday again.

The moment he had appeared in what seemed to be a gigantic Diosen's Sphere (*) he had been hit smack dab in the middle of his chest by Mjolnir. The wind had been knocked out of him and he had been sent flying hundreds of feet. The Thunder God had held nothing back, even if his intended target had been The Forgotten and not Superman.

Black roses seemed to be unfolding before the Man Of Steel's eyes, and after a second he realized he was coming close to passing out. He whooped in a huge gust of air, then struggled to his feet, to his horror he found his legs were unsteady.

- Never been this badly hurt by one punch, - thought The Man Of Tomorrow in a daze, - Is this guy really a god? -

His lip felt hot, and reaching up he found some kind of liquid. Bringing his fingers away he saw red blood... he was bleeding!

Thor pounded the ground with Mjolnir, his anger was a palpable thing Superman could almost see.


- I've gotta take him down! - Superman thought grimly, wiping away the blood from his lips, - Hit him with everything I got. -

He quickly tensed himself, then shot forward as fast as he possibly could, smashing into Thor and hitting him with a double fisted blow which would have destroyed a concrete building.

The Thunder God staggered back a couple of steps... then looked at Superman in irritation.

"Why dost thou attack me? Art thou some mannequin of our opponent that dost go with the pulls of his strings?"

- Okay, - thought Superman, - Let's see how you like this. -

He drove one fist hard into Thor's stomach, not holding anything back, not pulling his punch like he was so used to doing with the more fragile opponents he usually faced. The Thunder God was not prepared for the blow, and doubled over, Superman pressed his advantage and chopped down into the exposed neck of his opponent, knocking him to the ground. Then his world turned upside down and he felt the metallic ground slam into his back as his ankles were grabbed and he was knocked off balance. He desperately tried to fly away, but The Thunder God had got back to his knees and had braced himself, and they were going nowhere.

Thor suddenly whipped him around and released him, the pent-up energy in Superman's body was released and he smashed into the ground, digging a deep furrow through the metallic surface.

"I do not have time to wrestle with thee," Thor called over to him, "I needs must locate The Forgotten, and show him the wrath of a God."

Superman got to feet, supporting his upper body by placing one arm on his knee. Already the light from the Diosen's Sphere's powersource was replenishing his strength.

"What's the matter, chicken?" he managed to push the words past his battered lips.

Thor stopped walking away, he stood stock still, then he turned to face Superman, his face barely constraining his monstrous anger. He reminded Superman of Orion Of The New Gods, but a far more deadly and powerful Orion.

"Thou art a fool, I have no quarrel with thee, but you insist on insulting me? I am Thor, Son Of Odin, God Of Thunder."

"Sounds like a lot of hot air to me," replied Superman, his body nearly fully repaired now, "You talk big, and you got in a couple of lucky shots, but I haven't met the man yet that can take me down."

Superman's strategy was simple, get The Thunder God so enraged that he rushed into the fight, Superman was sure he could beat him if he could just force him into a blind range that would lead him into making mistakes. He just hoped that it would play out.

The God Of Thunder charged, and with super-speed The Man Of Steel moved aside, his arms folded across his chest, grinning lightly, as if this fight was nothing, as if Thor was nothing.

"Eh?" questioned Thor, as he realized he had hold of nothing but air, then he cried out in surprise as heat vision blasted into his back, setting his cape alight.

He swung it away and stamped out the flames, and as he did so Superman smashed into him from behind, knocking him off his feet and to the ground.

The Man of Tomorrow pummeled him mercilessly, not letting up for a second, not pulling his punches even slightly, hoping to batter his opponent into submission. Then suddenly he felt a hand grab his cape and he was flung aside like a sack of potatoes, crashing once more into the metal ground.

Thor leaped to his feet and roared in anger, then flung his hammer at Superman.

"Fly Mjolnir, knock this prattling nothing to the ground!" he cried.

Superman darted to one side, and as the Uru-Hammer sped past him he reached out and grabbed it by the handle. It tugged on him and pulled him back a few steps, but bracing himself he was able to check it in mid-flight. He swung it up and grabbed the handle with both hands, hoping to use it as an offensive weapon against Thor.

"I say thee nay!" cried Thor in disbelief,"None may lift Mjolnir but I!"

Superman cast a look down at the hammers inscription, which read:

Whosoever wields the hammer, if he be worthy, shall bear the power of Thor.

"Looks like I'm worthy," replied Superman, "Now you want to go another couple of rounds, or not?"

Thor gritted his teeth in frustration, and then cried out.

"Thou may be worthy to bear mine hammer, but know this, Mjolnir is fated forever to return to my hands, and none may stop that!"

He held out his hand as if in beseechment.

"Hear me Mjolnir!" he cried out, "Return now to thine master!"

Mjolnir jerked in Superman's hand, he grabbed the handle and braced himself against the ground... for a second, and then he felt himself being slowly, inexorably drawn towards Thor.

- Come on! - he thought to himself, - You can do this, you're Superman... the power of your spirit is enough to.... -


As he had been thinking, he had come so close to Thor that the Thunder God had been able to smash him with one giant fist. He released Mjolnir and it flew into Thor's waiting hand.

"Thou wouldst fight? Come then, for although thou art a Superman, I am a god!"

Superman got to his feet and charged, smashing into Thor and meeting him blow for blow as they pounded each other mercilessly with punches powerful enough to disintegrate buildings.

Green Lantern smirked smugly at Justice, who was pacing in the Throne Room, waiting for some word on the fight. The other members of The League and The Avengers had sat down, talking amongst themselves about the whereabouts of their defeated comrades and whether or not they believed if Captain America or Batman were dead.

"You may as well just give up now," Kyle finally said, "Your pal Thor may be tough, but Superman is in a league of his own, there isn't no one that can take him down."

"I'm not worried about that," replied Justice angrily, turning to face the young hero,"My Girlfriend, Firestar, is gone, and that freak up there," he pointed at The Forgotten, who was concentrating on a monitor they couldn't see, "Says you did some damage to her... if you've done anything to hurt her..." he let the threat drop off as a large white doorway appeared.

A second later the bruised and battered body of an unconscious Superman fell through, and Thor stepped through after him, he was reattaching his cape and looked almost bored, despite several large bruises and cuts on his skin.

"Good enough?" asked The Thunder God in contempt to The Forgotten.

"That will do quite nicely," replied The Forgotten, "And it seems our next opponents have chosen each other, good luck!"

And with that, Justice and Green Lantern disappeared, a second later Superman faded away.

(*) - A huge sphere around some kind of power source, like a small star or sun. The inhabitants lived on the inside circle of the sphere. The reason Superman has been able to guess this is because his Supervision allows him to observe the upward curve of the metallic ground in the horizon. Note, please excuse spelling
of Diosen's, I spelt it phonetically. Note Note, please excuse spelling of phonetically, I spelt it phonetically.)

Winner - Thor.

He opened his eyes, but it remained dark. He could hear the pounding noise of water rushing down, and the ground he lay on was cold and wet.

"Where?" he started, and a hand grabbed him by the shoulder.

"Ssssh," whispered a voice, and staring up he was barely able to make out the shape above him, "Keep it down, he may still be attempting to locate us."

Suddenly it all came flooding back to him, the fight on the dam, trusting himself to his opponent as he allowed himself to be pushed over the side, and pulling him down after him. The rushing water next to them, the sound of something firing, and then a jerk as their freefall stopped and they swung through the shockingly cold water... then a bright flash of white hot pain in his head and darkness.

"Batman?" asked Captain America, "Where are we?"

"Against the wall of the dam. I took a gamble that the waters arc of descent would leave a small hollow of air.... luckily I was right."

Captain America realized he was strapped down, and his feet were tied to large pegs smashed into the dam wall. How had Batman been able to hold them both up and put those pegs in? And then tie him down to the wall? The Captain found himself respecting this man a great deal... and being just a little wary of him.

"I don't suppose you have any way of finding out whose planet this is?" asked Cap.

"I've been trying to contact J'onn through our telepathic link, but obviously wherever it is that The Forgotten's base is, it's beyond his range... I suppose I could try to contact Oracle, but I'm loath to risk electrical communication that The Forgotten could trace."

"We may have to take that risk," said Cap, "It's no good us being out of The Forgotten's field of vision if we don't do anything about it."

Batman hesitated a moment more, than nodded and pulled a small, lightweight radio from his utility belt.

"Oracle, this is Batman, come in."

There was no reply.

"Maybe we're out of range?" asked Captain America.

"No," replied Batman, "I'm trying to pick her up on The JLA Frequency, which can be picked up around the world via satellites transmitting to the Watchtower."

"Maybe The Forgotten is blocking radio transmissions, just in case?"

Batman pursed his lips, then tuned in a local radio station, it was talkback and somebody was explaining at length how the new Avengers lineup had been secretly manipulated into place by the members of the alien/Jewish conspiracy to rule the world.

"Sounds like your world," said Batman, "Although if this guy is any indication of the inhabitants..."

He left the joke hanging, he didn't make them very often and wasn't sure how to complete one.

Captain America nodded.

"Okay, we're on my world... first things first, how do we locate The Forgotten?"

"His technology is probably shielding him... or should I say the technology he uses will be shielding him."

Cap raised an eyebrow.

"I'll explain later, the problem is, is there somebody on this planet capable of understanding incredibly advanced, futuristic alien technology."

It was a rhetorical question, of course there was no one who could possibly do that... but Captain America answered anyway.

"Right then, let's go see Reed Richards!"

Justice Vs. Green Lantern.

When they popped into place, the two startled heroes took a couple of steps backwards... before realizing that they had nothing to step on.

They were floating in space, their respective powers having created a small forcefield of breathable air around them automatically. Justice fought back panic, his tk field had created a pocket of air about him, but he had no way to regenerate it after it had been used up... he had to finish this now!

As Green Lantern was adjusting to the sudden shift into deep space, Justice blasted at him with a powerful burst of telekinetic energy, it was fast, but not faster than the speed of thought, and Kyle was just able to reinforce his rings field of energy about him.

"Nice try," replied GL, "That the best you got?"

He created a futuristic looking gun made from green energy in his hands and fired it, the blast knocked him back as he fired, and it smashed apart on Justice's tk shield, although the young Avenger grimaced in pain.

He blasted at the Justice Leaguer a couple more times, but Kyle just formed a large, U shaped tube which twisted the power about and fired it back at him.

"Dammit!" cried out Justice, "I'm running low on air!"

He realized his mistake instantly, as he saw Kyle's eyes light up.

Instantly he was being smothered in a green field of energy which wrapped tightly about his own pink telekinetic shield, it began to get incredibly hot and the air was getting thinner. In desperation the former New Warrior let loose everything he had left in him, shattering the green field off of him, but he could see black roses unfolding before his eyes, he was passing out.

"Not... not fair," he gasped, and then knew no more.

"Geez, that was almost too easy," laughed Kyle, and then he was back in the Throne Room.

- Winner - Green Lantern.

End Part Nine Of Fifteen.

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