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JLA - Superman, Batman, Martian Manhunter, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman and Green Arrow.

Avengers - Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Scarlet Witch, Hawkeye, Warbird, Justice and Firestar.

With appearances by Oracle, Nightwing, Tomorrow Woman, Tigra, Moondragon and Eros.

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Avengers/Justice League Of America: The Forgotten Part 8 (MFF)
by Dimitri Maximoff

Barbara Gordon - formerly Batgirl, now Oracle - scrolled down through the newsgroup, looking at the different variety of stories. Many of them were junk-messages, advertising pheromone colognes, sex sites, money schemes and the like.

"Spam?" she questioned, as if she didn't know.

She bypassed stories which didn't interest her, the stories about wives with other men, about interracial celebrity rape, about gay snuff pedophelia urine drinkers until she came upon something that did interest her.

(Mr W. Ell Hung) Teen Titan No More {3/5} (m/f, oral, anal, superhero) - starring Nightwing and Zatanna.

"Superhero stories," she whispered with a little thrill of pleasure in her voice, her now very moist finger worked it's way between her clitoris and her pussylips, "Nightwing."

She double-clicked it and the story came up, she began to read even as it was loading.

Part Three.

The excess cum ran down her chin, and she desperately tried to lick it all up.

Nightwing couldn't believe it, he had just shot his load down Zatanna's throat and he still wanted more, his erection was as strong as ever.

"Come on then," giggled Zatanna, turning around and getting on her hands and knees, she presented her rounded ass for his inspection,"Come get some!"

"Oh I intend too!" replied the former teen titan, and he got onto his knees behind her. Grabbing one of her hips in one hand and his cock with the other, he guided his long, thin penis towards her waiting cuntlips, and then pushed in, entering the magician with a grunt, marveling at her tightness.

Barbara read the rest of the story, then found the other four parts and read those too. As she read she worked first one finger into her newly awoken pussy, and then two. Hunching her hips up and frigging herself mercilessly with her fingers as she read, her nipples pressing out in hard little nubs against her shirt, which was beginning to stain clear with sweat.

The story related how Nightwing (whose true identity was obviously not known to the author) went out to prove his manhood, and met Zatanna, a magician and sometimes member of the JLA. After catching some drug dealers the two suddenly get very horny and start fucking each other in every conceivable way. Zatanna sucks Nightwing's cock, gets fucked doggy-style, missionary, against the wall and on top of him, then they 69 and finally he fucks her up the ass.

Barbara's breath came faster and faster as she read, and when she reached the climax she also reached HER climax. Her hips banged up and down mercilessly as she fucked her long unused cunt with her hand, her eyes rolled back in her head, lips parted as she gave in to her pleasure.

Of course, Barbara was unaware of all this, because her conscious mind had been rendered inert for want of a better word. The mechanical bug sent by The Forgotten (who knew she was Oracle and didn't want her assisting the JLA in any way) had injected a formula that temporarily broke down chemical links and formed new ones (also temporary) shutting off the rational, left side of the brain and allowing the right hemisphere to take over. This effectively cut off her thinking mind and allowed her instinctual body to take over, ruled entirely by sensation. The new chemical links in the brain were such that she still had access to all her own memories and knowledge, but her conscious, rational mind was incapable of controlling it... in fact her conscious mind was totally unaware her body remained functional, the mind of Oracle was basically asleep.

The bug had also injected her with thousands of nano-bots, incredibly minuscule robots designed to perform a certain function. These were programmed to attach to her spine and reform the severed nerves that had taken away her ability to walk, they were not supposed to do anything extra after that... but The Forgotten had neglected to take Barbara's immense knowledge of computers into account.

Her subconscious had already incorporated the nano-bots existence as something that had already been there, but of her body's bio-chemistry, controlled by the brain like regular nerves, and now her subconscious, which was in control at last, commanded them to work for her.

She pushed away from the desk once more, then stood up, her legs a little clumsy from misuse. She pulled her hand, still dripping, from her soaking panties and pressed it against the computer screen, a look of intense sexual satisfaction on her face. She moaned happily, and then the nano-bots were attaching her hand to the computer and modern, and moving out into the system.

Her mind was instinctually aware of the nano-bots as they entered cyberspace and moved from computer to computer, seeking out what she wanted, jacking into computer surveillance systems as easily as they looked up theater reviews in local papers websites, until she finally found what she wanted.

And what she wanted was to make the story come true.

* * *

Nightwing was sitting on the old building in his city of Bludhaven, watching as the two thugs moved the crate towards the docks, as soon as their boss put in an appearance he planned to make his move, and hopefully score yet another blow against corruption.

Behind him, unseen, the metal of the computerized alarm box (the landlord had enthusiastically shelled out cash for the up to date device before realizing the building was so old and run down no one wanted to break into it) bulged slightly, then swung open. On the small message screen a smiley face appeared, and then it too bulged, forming the shape of a bug similar (but larger) than the one which had bit Barbara. The bug, about the size of a penny, focused directly on Nightwing's exposed neck, and then shot straight forward and injected the nano-bots into his system, making him part of the system.

The former ward of Bruce Wayne screamed in pain as white lightning seemed to rip through him. Below him the two thugs dropped the crate in fright and looked up to see the young hero fall backwards from the roof. They looked at each other with grin nods, then pulled guns free and ran towards the building. They kicked the door in easily, the alarm did not go off (Barbara's nano-bots had deactivated it to avoid accidentally alerting Dick to their presence) and ran up the stairs.

When they arrived on the roof, they looked about in confusion, except for a fizzing and blackened alarm box, the roof was totally empty.

* * *

Zatanna was playing a couple of shows in Gotham to help pay her bills, and as she prepared to go on stage she found herself once again considering why she couldn't just be an ordinary superhero.

She was wearing a red bow tie, tight white shirt and glittering blue jacket. The shirt was joined onto a dark blue bikini panties, so that members of the audience got to get a good look at her long, shapely legs, although when she turned around the tails of her jacket kept them from perving at her lovely ass.

- Ah well, another day, another dollar, - she thought and took a step forward.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, Zatanna!" yelled the M.C with forced enthusiasm, "Loveliest Magician this side of Metropolis!"

She walked on stage amid numerous wolf-whistles and clapping from the audience. She wore fishnet stockings which seemed to excite them even more.

"Ladies and Gents," she said, even though the audience was practically all male, "For my first trick...."

Before she could finish a beam blasted from the M.C's laptop backstage, enveloped her and flashed brightly. When the light cleared, she was gone.

The crowd sat in stunned silence, then began to clap and cheer in appreciation. They continued in this vein for a couple of minutes, then the mumbles began.

Zatanna had not returned yet.

* * *

The Forgotten's eyes widened in shock as he watched the proceedings on the monitor. He had been absorbed in watching Oracle's reaction to having her paralysis negated, and had taken his eyes away from the Batman/Captain America fight. He had turned back just in time to see them go over the edge. Quickly he directed his camera, a microscopic device so small ordinary humans couldn't see it, and cloaked in a lightbending shield that made it invisible, not even Superman could have seen it.

Changing the screen to nightvision, he looked desperately around the bottom of the shaky platform for either of the Heroes, then quickly sped the camera down the full length of the flooded dam, hoping that one of them had survived.

Eventually arriving at the huge cloud of mist at the base of the dam where the overflowing water was smashing into the river, he saw something in the distance. Pushing the camera forward he felt his ire rise as he saw what it was.

"Damn it! This ruins all my plans!" he cried, slamming his fist against the side of his control console.

On screen, laying plastered against a rock were the tattered, bloody remains of Batman's cape and the dented, smashed remnants of Captain America's triangular shield.

Winner - None?

Nightwing and Zatanna's bodies had been infected with the nano-tech on contact, which had taken control of their bodies molecular structure, converted their bio-signatures to digital coding and transported them through the computer systems back to Oracle's room via her modem.

Barbara knew she had done this, but she didn't know how and she didn't care. Her overriding thought had been that she wanted to find Nightwing and Zatanna and bring them to her, and the neuro-tech had responded and done so. It was an advanced example of a limb, just as she didn't know how her brain made her hand pick up a pen and use it, she didn't know how the nano-tech had brought them here. Her subconscious mind had become her conscious mind, all her inhibitions were shed and she was only aware of a sharp aching in her loins, she wanted to fuck, she wanted to be fucked.

Zatanna and Nightwing stared at her in total confusion, they did not know how they had gotten here. Also unknown to them was the fact that their bodies had been infected with the same toxin that had cut off the left hemisphere of Barbara's mind.

"Bar... Oracle?" gasped Nightwing, trying to catch his breath, he felt winded,"I... what's going...." and then he dropped to the floor, unconscious.

"What the hell is this?" asked Zatanna, a little unsteady on her feet, "I was about to do my first.... my first... I.....ahhh!" and then she too collapsed.

Barbara had sat back down in her wheelchair, simply for comfort as she continued to rub her clitoris and pussylips through the thin material of her panties. She had already removed her pants, which lay forgotten on her bed.

As she watched them with that same look of desperate need mixed with pleasurable self-satisfaction, Nightwing and Zatanna finally stirred and raised up to their elbows.

"Feel.... funny," moaned Zatanna groggily, "I need.... I need somthing?"

Nightwing was staring at Barbara's spread legs, her clearly visible pussy through the sheer, wet fabric. His look was one of undisguised, naked lust. He pushed himself to his feet, looking down he saw Zatanna, the tails of her coat had fallen forward over her back and her costume was riding up the crack of her butt cheeks, allowing him to see a lot of her pale white ass cheeks through the fishnet stockings. He moaned in desire, an obvious lump appearing in his crotch, pushing at the tight costume covering it.

Zatanna moved forward slightly, her breasts sliding against the floor, instantly pleasurable sensation traveled from her nipples directly down to her moistening cunt and she gasped out in surprised joy.

"Come on," whispered Barbara, "You both know what you want."

Zatanna's eyes widened as she saw Barbara's spread legs, her circling finger and the wet material of her panties. Her mouth went dry as she watched, unable to tear her gaze away as Barbara wanked herself.

- You know how to moisten your throat, don't you? - she said in her own mind, surprising herself.

She looked about guiltily, the last links to her conscious mind were broken down and all resistance was fading. With a mewl of desperate desire she got up onto her hands and knees and scurried forward to Oracle's wheelchair. Barbara cried out in delight and lifted her ass up off the chair, holding her ass and legs up off the surface, giving Zatanna access for what she had to do.

The female magician grabbed Barbara's panties with both hands and pulled them forward, exposing her pussy hair, which was unshaven but not an untidy mess of red pubic curls. She had obviously shaved her cunt regularly before her 'accident.'

Barbara brought her legs up together, allowing Zatanna to lift the panties up to her knees, where she left them. Barbara spread her legs again, stretching the wet fabric, and Zatanna ducked her head inbetween her lovers thighs. Then, without a moments hesitation she dived in, burying her face in the former Batgirl's twat.

Nightwing watched in growing excitement as Zatanna began to eat out the redhead. His cock was pushing hard against his costume, and he allowed it to push up as hard as it could in it's desire to become fully erect. The feel of the form-fitting pants pressing back actually felt quite good.

He may have stood there for a few minutes more, but as he watched Zatanna upthrust ass swinging from side to side, his need grew greater.

He stumbled forward and dropped to his knees beside her, grabbing her blue 'panties' he tore at them with his considerable strength, pulling them away with a tearing noise.

Zatanna gasped slightly as her mouth suckled and pushed against Barbara's cuntlips, but she pussy was desperately aching to be fucked, and she just banged her ass back, signaling whoever it was...

- Nightwing? -

... to fuck her, to fuck her good and hard.

Dick grabbed the waistband of her stocking and roughly, eagerly pulled them down past her thighs, leaving her legs locked together loosely. In feverish desire he grabbed his own pants and peeled them down to his own thighs, his cock springing free with almost a loud 'twang!'.

He grabbed her fabulous ass cheeks and spread them apart as much as he could, then he shoved forward, pushing as much of his long, slender cock into her cunt as he could.

Barbara moaned in appreciation as she and Zatanna rubbed at her clit. The redhead was even hornier now, and she desperately wanted Zatanna to eat out her cunt, to tongue fuck her wet pussy, to probe her vagina, to make her cum, to gobble her snatch, swallow her gash's juices.... in short she wanted it bad.

Zatanna was only too willing, the hot, wet feel of Barbara's cunt against her face and in her mouth was driving her crazy. Her tongue dived in and out with wild enthusiasm.

As she ate out Oracle, she was enjoying very much the feel of Nightwings cock slamming in and out of her pussy. Her cunt was made tighter than usual by having her legs held together by her stockings, and his cock was slamming home each time. His hips would slam against her magnificent ass, making a loud, smacking noise as he thrust his cock in and out of her tight little pussy.

"Yes.... yes.... yes!" Dick cried in time with his thrusts as he fucked her, "So good! So tight!"

Barbara was bucking her hips up into Zatanna's face, eagerly trying to force more of her lover's tongue into her drooling snatch.

Her hands had come down from playing with her tits and now held Zatanna's face down. The magician would lick and suck on Babs' clit and cuntlips as long as she could, take a quick, shallow breath and then push back in for more just as eagerly as before, wanting to taste more of Oracle's fantastic pussyjuice.

Dick had had to fight to get all of his cock into Zatanna's tight little cunt at first, as her natural tightness was only compounded by her legs being practically bound together by her fishnet stockings.

But it was a sensation that he did enjoy very much. As inch after inch of his cock had pushed into her dripping pussy, he had moaned in satisfaction and got it in to the hilt. And then he had almost reluctantly pulled almost all the way out before slamming back into her. He repeated this motion, but faster and faster, until his cock was sliding quickly in and out of her well lubricated vaginal passage.

At first he'd kept his hands on her hips, but after fucking her for a few minutes, his eyes greedily crawling over Barbara's bouncing breasts and the sight of Zatanna's head buried deep into the redheads lap, he began to make smaller thrusts with his hips, allowing him to lean forward over her ass and feel up her tits through the now sweat soaked fabric of her shirt. The bow tie had come loose, the top hat she had been wearing had never made it through the digital encoding process for whatever reason. Her long, sweaty black hair lay draped over Babs' thighs as she ate the former caped crusader out, her tongue
slurping up as much of Barbara's cum as she could.

Barbara's face was contorted in an expression that was almost pain, her eyes were sealed shut, her head thrown back and her mouth wide, she let out moans and groans in time with her bucking hips and the bouncing of her plump tits. Her hands released Zatanna's hair and moved up her waist to her breasts, sending shivers of delight through her nervous system, which was already alight with desire. Tweaking her nipples between thumb and forefinger, Oracle continued to slam her pussy up into Zatanna's mouth as she prepared for her orgasm.

Zatanna was also preparing to cum, the feel of Dick's cock slamming in and out of her pussy was incredible, the taste and smell of Barbara was driving her wild, and Dick's fingers (which had slipped between the buttons of her shirt) caressing her breasts was sending depth charges into her pleasure centers.

- Yes.... fucking me! Fuck me! Fuck me! - her mind cried, devoid of any conscious thought on any level beyond sex or pleasure, - Give it to me, slam it in me, fuck me! Fuck ME! FUCK MEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! -

She cried the last word out into Barbara's cunt as she orgasmed, her cunt clamping down even tighter on Dick's member.

The former Boy Wonder gripped up, his eyes bulging, his teeth gritted, as he felt her cunt begin to milk on his cock as her juices began to flow, as she humped her ass back and forwards he was dragged along for the ride... which he certainly didn't mind.

"Ahhhh... fuck.... ahhh.... yeah.... yes.... YES!" he moaned as he got back into the flow,"Feels good.... more.... yes.... want more, I wanna fuck you more.... want ya... want ya.... want you......YEEESSSS!!!!"

And with that he hunched as far over her back as he was able, burying his dick inside of her cunt to the hilt as he shot off load after load of sperm deep into her cunt.

Barbara continued to slamming her hips up into Zatanna's face, and the Magician - still going through her orgasm - had clamped down on her clit, suckling on it with a vengeance. She ground her plump ass forward, pushing hr lovers chin against her cuntlips and forcing her mouth to take even more of her into her mouth.

Barbara's mind was a crazy, mixed up jumble of opposing memories and facts intertwined with white-hot passion and pleasure, sensation and desire, fantasy and reality. Thanks to the nano-tech infection, she had a connection to the other two, and felt their pleasure. She could taste her own juices in Zatanna's mouth, and she felt the hot, hard cock pushing into her cunt even as she felt Zatanna's pussy around Nightwings cock. This was the most incredible, pleasurable, desirable sensation she had ever experienced, and as her orgasm peaked she reached an epiphany.

- I'll bring this to the world! - her mind cried as it crested the wave of orgasm, - Join everyone to the system! We'll become one, a collective intelligence that exists for pleasure with me as the main focal point, receiving and administering the pleasures and desires of everyone in the world! YES! I can see it now! YES! YES! YEEEEEESSSSSSS!!!!"

Her cum erupted from her pussy, a shower of female juices that ran over Zatanna's face. The Magician tried to swallow as much as she could, but it ran down her chin and neck, under her shirt and down her breasts, spilling over Dick's hands, warm and wet. Nightwing was still inside Zatanna, but his cock was beginning to go down, and he was just enjoying the heat of her pussy as he felt up her tits.

- This is what it's all about! - Barbara's mind cried, - This is............HHHHHHHHHHUUUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHH!!!!!"

The cry was finished out loud as her back arched and her head was thrown back. Not in pleasure this time but pain. She cried out as her spine and the back of her head seemed to erupt into flame, and then she was knocked unconscious.

End Part Eight Of Fifteen.

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