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JLA - Superman, Batman, Martian Manhunter, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman and Green Arrow.

Avengers - Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Scarlet Witch, Hawkeye, Warbird, Justice and Firestar.

With appearances by Oracle, Nightwing, Tomorrow Woman, Tigra, Moondragon and Eros.

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Avengers/Justice League Of America: The Forgotten Part 7 (no sex)
by Dimitri Maximoff

Thor was in darkness, he looked about angrily. "What sorcery is this? Answer me!"

"Patience, Thunder God," came The Forgotten's voice, laced with a light mocking tone which infuriated The Thunder God,"Congratulations are in order... you won."
"Won? There was no battle!"

"Indeed? Well let's just say it was a test of stamina, and you won."

Thor growled, swinging his hammer into the darkness, but The Unforgotten was not there.

"I won? Then mine Universe be safe?"

"Yes," laughed The Forgotten,"Even if you did win in a manner ill-befitting a 'god.'"

"What now then, buffoon?" asked Thor, sarcasm having never been his strong suit.

"Now, you wait, and we see what happens," replied The Forgotten enigmatically, and then spoke no more.

- Winner - Thor.

Green Lantern Vs Firestar.

There were pipes everywhere. Some were venting steam, others were clear and carried water to some unknown location for an unknown purpose. There was little
room to maneuver, and it was hot.

Green Lantern and Firestar stood in dull incomprehension for a few seconds, then Kyle ventured.

"I guess we've been picked to fight?"

"Looks like it," replied Firestar,"Anyway.... LOOKOUT!"

Even as Green Lantern turned to look in the direction of whatever she was staring at with such fear, he was thinking.

- Damn it, she suckered me, I'm an idiot! -

He raised a green shield around him, and felt heat against his back, she had obviously fired a microwave blast at him.

"Look, check it out," he said, turning to face her, "This ring of mine can do anything I can think off, it has no known weaknesses and it doesn't ever run out of juice."

"It can protect you," replied Firestar, "From the actual blasts anyway, but let's see if you can take the heat!"

She blasted at him again and his shield held, but he could feel the heat through it. But just a thought later and a green air-conditioner appeared next to him. As ridiculous as it seemed, it began pushing cool air over him.

"I can do this all day," he said,"What about you?"

Firestar responded by blasting the floor out from under him, he fell down.

"Yes!" she cried, the enthusiasm and exuberance of youth clear in her voice.

Then her face fell as he reappeared through the hole, projected by a giant green spring.

"You know?" he said with a smile, looking her over, "That costume is so.... I don't know, eighties! Check out all the yellow... I mean, if you were fighting my predecessor you probably would have kicked his ass all over the place!"

"Shut up!" yelled Firestar, blasting at him with wave after wave of microwave blasts. He just opened little green holes that they disappeared through.

"Just a green black hole," laughed Green Lantern.

She screamed in frustration and he laughed a little.

"Man, you redheads do have fiery temper, don't you!"

Despite his glib remarks and apparent arrogance, Kyle was just covering up his fear and terror. He had been standing on the planet of Terjobolfriglakopit when it had ceased to be, he had found himself in that void of nothingness, and when he had tried to create something with his ring nothing had happened. For the first time since he had gotten the ring it had not worked for him, and it had been that which had driven it home for him. If he didn't save his Universe by defeating Firestar, then not even his ring would be able to stop the wave of
destruction The Forgotten would unleash.

So he covered it up with the typical brashness of youth, trying to force Firestar into making a mistake.

And she did.

She had also been deeply affected by the destruction of the planets Terjobolfriglakopit and Kalag'Xos. She was sure that if she pushed herself to the limits then not even something as powerful as his ring would be able to her. But using her powers like that had a devastating side-effect, it caused her to become infertile, it affected her health.

- But that's a sacrifice I'm willing to make, - she said, - For the sake of our Universe, I'll do it. -

"Okay, you talk big," she yelled, "But you strike me as a little boy dressed up in Daddy's clothes and trying to be him. I don't think you've got the experience I've got, I don't think you're quite as powerful as you think you are!"

A green Clint Eastwood appeared next to Kyle, and mouthed the words he spoke.

"Go ahead, make my day!"

Still, that comment about dressing up and pretending to be daddy had struck him harder than he liked to admit. He had always felt like he didn't deserve the power f the ring, it had almost literally fallen into his lap. He hadn't been chosen like his predecessor, Hal Jordan.

- But then again, - He thought, - Hal ended up going psycho and trying to wipe out a few billion people. -

Firestar clenched her fists at her side, her eyes sealed shut and she gritted her teeth. Suddenly her entire body seemed to glow bright with power, and then exploded outward from her, smashing into his green shield, wiping away his rinky dink air-conditioner.

His shield held, but the heat was intense, it was driving him crazy, sweat was running down his face and he had a sudden vision of being fried alive, the flesh burnt from his bones and leaving a polished skeleton inside an impenetrable cocoon of green light, sometimes having a great imagination didn't help mattered.

- Okay... - he thought, - Gotta think... something, that uses the power... to run, and shunts the heat upwards through the roof. -

Even as he thought it, a green machine was forming about Firestar, and blocking off the microwave burst being directed at him.

- Okay, - he thought as the heat lessened, - Gotta hold it... till she runs out of steam. -

The sweat was still dripping from his face, and he realised he had dropped his shield, and the heat from the pipes was getting to him.

- Of course! - he thought, - The pipes are transferring heat down here, this is some kind of boiling room, and The Forgotten put us down here to limit our mobility, put it down to a test of power against power... looks like I win! -

And with that he imagined the machine cooling the temperature inside to near freezing levels. Any additional heat created inside would instantly be siphoned away, so she wouldn't be able to heat herself.

After holding it for a couple of minutes he released the machine, and instantly armored up in manga-type green body armor. But it was unnecessary, Firestar lay shivering on the ground, unable to move.

"I'm sorry," Kyle said, then wrapped her in a shell of green light which would magnify her body heat, keeping her from getting hypothermia.

"Well done," said The Forgotten's voice, "You saved your Universe, even if you may have doomed hers."

And Conner wondered if maybe the price of salvation wasn't too much.

- Winner - Green Lantern.

* * *

Barbara Gordon sat in the comfortable swivel chair, but she didn't know how comfortable it was.

Once she had been Batgirl, defender of the innocent, scourge of crime in Gotham City... well maybe that was going a bit far, Batman was the scourge of crime, but she had helped out.

Then in one second, in a pointless act of madness perpetrated by a madman, two bullets had shattered her spine and paralyzed her from the waist down.

Now she still did her bit, working as Oracle for Batman and The JLA. She sat at her computer, hooked into various information networks, government computers in various countries. She was the living index of information for crime fighters.

And she was bored.

No one had called in the last couple of days, since the whole thing with the Hyperion had ended it had been surprisingly quiet, and in some strange way she was wishing that somebody would break the law and give her something to do.

She brushed a stray strand of her dark red hair away and continued browsing the newsgroups,, looking for something new to read.

Her eyes caught the name of the newsgroup as she scrolled down the page, as it did every time she scrolled down, and as with each time she felt a sneaking sense of guilt, despite the fact she had never even been in one of those newsgroups.

She hesitated as she went to click down further, she moved the mouse up to the newsgroup, and her finger hesitated over the mouse button.

"Why not?" she said, louder than she expected, giving herself a little start.

She smiled at the ridiculousness of this situation and prepared to continue scrolling down.

A few feet behind her in the little room, a minuscule little white portal opened for a second, no larger than an inch in diameter, then disappeared.

A small metallic bug sat on the floor, it scanned about and picked up Barbara's heat signature. Small wings slipped out of it's back and it flew up through the air, moving through the small gap between the seat of the chair and the back support. The small white shirt Barbara was wearing was pulled up a bit, exposing her pale white skin.

"Ow!" muttered Barbara and she prepared to move down the screen, she released the mouse and slapped at her back.

She lifted her hand to see if she had caught whatever bug had bitten her, and then white hot pain was lancing through her entire body, her legs kicked out straight, smashing into the computer desk with a dull thud of pain and her arms flung out in different directions, her mouth wide open in a silent scream of anguish... then she slumped down in the chair motionless.

After half a minute her eyes flickered slightly, then slowly opened. She groaned as she felt a dull flash of remembered pain in her head, and she wiped her now sweaty hair out of her face. Her legs were throbbing dully and she half wondered if there was any aspirin about... until she realised her legs were throbbing dully!

- They can't, - she thought in dazed confusion, - There's no feeling in my legs anymore, they can't hurt. -

She felt herself slipping back into unconsciousness, but still she could feel that pain in her legs, growing stronger now, and she thought crazily, - Maybe it was only temporary paralysis? - and then her eyes closed.... and snapped straight open again.

Her head snapped up at the same time, and she looked about, alert and ready. Her eyes almost seemed to glow with a white light, and a small, sly smile flickered over her lips.

She pushed herself and the chair away from the desk with her legs, which were indeed operating again, which were, in fact, tingling with light pins and needles, a sensation which went from her toes all the way up to her waist, to her.... to her....

"To my pussy," she finished the sentence, that same sly grin all the more apparent.

She glanced about, as if expecting to see someone standing there, watching in disapproval. When she had made sure she was not observed in any way, she grabbed the waistband of her faded blue trackpants and pulled them forward. Then she slowly slid her hand down under the waist band and then her fingertips under the thin material of her white, cotton

An explosion of sensation seemed to go off throughout her lower body as her fingers came into contact with her clitoris. The tingling pins and needles sensation continued, it was not unpleasant at all, and her finger sliding around her clitoris felt even better.

She moaned happily, closing her eyes and tilting her head back slightly, she could feel moisture growing in her vagina, senseless for so long, now back with a vengeance.

"Good...." she moaned, she opened her eyelids slightly and took in the computer screen, the newsgroup was still highlighted.

"Sex?" she muttered, and used her feet to bring the swivel chair forward. With her free hand she grabbed the mouse and double clicked on the highlighted newsgroup.

1876 New Messages read the text box that opened instantly, how many do you wish to read?

"All of them," she whispered, longing deep in her voice. She clicked on all and a new window opened, slowly picking up each new story, showing the progress through a small, blue bar with a percentage sign next to it. Within half a minute the bar was complete, and the stories appeared.

Batman Vs Captain America.

It was a combination of their uncanny balance, agility and survival instincts that saved Batman and Captain America from being swept away the instant they arrived at their location.

Standing one minute in the Throne Room of The Forgotten, the next thing they knew the Caped Crusader and The Sentinel of Liberty found themselves standing on a swinging platform, being pounded by wave after wave of water that was stingingly cold. As they gripped onto the creaking gantry, Captain America hazarded a look over the side. It was nighttime, and dark, but he could see what appeared to be a huge waterfall going down a long, long, long way.

Rain pounded down hard against them, cold and hard, it was almost like hail.

"This is a dam!" Batman cried, so he could be heard over the rushing water,"The Forgotten seems to want to test our hand to hand abilities, as there is little room for maneuvering or using gadgets here!"

Captain America nodded, "And what do you plan to do, fight?"

A small, rare grin crossed Batman's lips, and then he was striking forward, faster than Captain America had ever seen. He blocked the forearm, just, and then had to twist aside to avoid a knee to the solar plexus. Batman was following through before he had even finished that move, sweeping his other leg around as he brought his attacking knee back down. Captain America leaped over
it and Batman smashed him hard in the gut with his head.

Cap gritted his teeth and grabbed the Dark Knight by the sides of his head, bringing his knee up into his enemies face, but Batman somehow twisted aside and only caught a glancing blow to the shoulder, which he tucked down and rammed into The Living Legend's side.

They broke off and eyed each other warily.

- Shit, I've never meet someone who fights like this before... or have I? Something that Wonder Woman said about this happening before? Still, I don't think I can keep blocking his attacks for long, I've gotta go on the offensive. -

Suddenly, for no apparent reason, Batman growled in anger and brought his fist down on the platform's side, smashing through the light pipe there.

Captain America disregarded it, and lept forward, meaning to knock the Caped Crusader down onto his back where Cap's superior strength would give him the upper hand. As he jumped Batman nodded slightly, his eyes looking towards the side of the platform.

Cap instantly changed his strategy, guessing at what Batman was planning. He allowed himself to miss his opponent, who grabbed him by the shoulders and pushed him towards the gap in the platform's side.

"Trust me!" Batman whispered harshly through gritted teeth.

Captain America nodded, and when Batman pushed him off the side he grabbed him by the cape and pulled him down after him.

End Part Seven Of Fifteen.

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