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The teams are as follows:

JLA - Superman, Batman, Martian Manhunter, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green
Lantern, Aquaman and Green Arrow.

Avengers - Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Scarlet Witch, Hawkeye, Warbird,
Justice and Firestar.

With appearances by Oracle, Nightwing, Tomorrow Woman, Tigra, Moondragon and

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Avengers/Justice League Of America: The Forgotten Part 5 (no sex)
by Dimiri Maximoff

...As Ozymandias disappeared back into the gloom, Wanda and Clark reappeared
in a flash of red light. But now Clark was back in his Superman costume and
Wanda was wearing her Scarlet Witch outfit.

She was on her knees, practically in tears, Superman stood next to her,
uncertain as to how he should react. Technically he had just cheated on his

"That was an interesting diversion," laughed The Unforgotten, "Luckily one of
my monitors was transported in the hex bubble that caught you two... but now,
time is of the essence, and one of you still has to defeat the other."

Superman hesitated just a second, then reluctantly stepped towards Scarlet

"I'm sorry, I'll try not to hurt you."

He raised his hand, meaning to hit her with his lightest possible chop and
knock her unconscious. As he began to bring it down she lifted her own arms
as if to shield herself.

Superman's arm descended, and came to within an inch of hitting her... until
a hand seemingly made of purple bubbles grabbed his arm and stopped it in

The startled Man of Steel looked up at the stranger holding his arm... a grip
he didn't seem able to break.

"Just hold it right there, buddy," said Simon Williams - Wonder Man -, "I
don't take too kindly to men who hit women."

Superman had a feeling this fight had only just begun.

Aquaman Vs Justice.

Okay, the guy in the red cape is Superman," said Justice, the confident smirk
on his face driving his opponent wild, "He can do everything basically. And
the green guy is smart, a strategist. The lady with the lasso can fly and hit
and soforth, the guy in the red suit can run fast, the Batdude is a batdude
and the guy with that freaky green eyemask can make anything with his ring,"
Justice paused, "So just what is it that do you do? Go clean rocks where
there have been oilspills?"

Aquaman growled fiercely, the harpoon that had replaced his hand gleamed as
he raised it.

"There's a lot more to me than you think kiddo."

"Come one!" laughed Justice, "Hit me with your best shot, I bet you don't
even get close!"

"Don't have to," grunted Aquaman, and then squeezed his eyes shut,
concentrating all his force on a psionic attack that would drop the kid into

Justice blanched, took a step back... and started laughing.

"Geez louise," he laughed, "If you're the best telepath they've got your
Universe doesn't stand much of a chance! On my Universe most heroes have
learnt a long time ago to erect psi-barriers in thier minds."

Aquaman was gasping slightly, he had put everything he had into that
telepathic assault and the smartmouthed little bastard had laughed it off.

"Okay, try this!" he roared and his harpoon fired from his hand, the long
cord running behind it as it shot straight for Justice... who watched it
bounce uselessly off his telekinetic shield.

- Damn! - growled Aquaman in his own mind, and then he was flying backwards
as a tk blast smashed into him, knocking him against the sanddunes in the
huge desert they had found themselves in, - Okay, that alien freak probably
put you here to keep you out of your element, but there's water everywhere,
you just gotta find it. -

He stretched out his senses and found it, an underground stream many feet
below them, running directly in Justice's path.

"Take this!" he roared and water exploded out from under Justice, wrapping
ineffectively around his tk shield. Aquaman had expected this however, and
had only used the water as a diversion. He really wanted to soak himself and
hopefully replenish some of his lost strength.

But he could only stare in shock as the water stopped only a few inches above
him, he had been enscapulate in a tk cocoon, and Justice was revelling in his
first official victory as an Avenger.

Winner - Justice.

Iron Man Vs. The Flash.

The Avenger and the Leaguer found themselves on the opposite ends of an
extremely long corridor. The walls, floor and ceiling were a plain,
unadorned, dull grey color, except in the exact centre of the corridor, where
there was a small white circle.

"This one is easy enough," said The Forgotten, his voice coming seemingly
from nowhere, although Iron Man had a good idea of how he was communicating
with them, "You stand at opposite ends of a corridor, at the exact centre is
a white circle, the first one into that circle, wins."

"Ha!" laughed the Flash, "Didn't you do you homework? I'm the fastest man

He took three steps at his incredible speed, and then he was standing in
readiness, facing the three lightly glowing blue balls hanging in the air
about him.

"Uuuuhhhh... huh?" pondered Wally, "I don't like the looks of this."

"Indeed, Flash," said The Forgotten's voice, "Those are bombs keyed to your
metabolism, when you speed up they will travel with you at the same speed and
explode within .00000001 of a second."

Iron Man made to step forward down at his end of the corridor and immediately
his half of the corridor was bristling with all manner or guns, weapons and
cannons, pointed right at him.

"Those guns will fire if you use any of your armors systems, which includes
those quaint repulsor rays of yours or even infrared sensors," laughed The
Forgotten, "So you see, one of you must get to the circle first, but you
Flash, cannot use your superb speed, whereas you, Iron Man, must not use your
precious armor."

The two heroes stood still, facing each other with wary eyes.

"Oh my, this will be fun!" laughed The Forgotten.

* * *

Superman smashed through a pillar containing numerous hieroglyphics and into
a wall which cracked all around his point of impact.

- This guy hits harder than Lobo! - He thought wildly, - Although not as hard
as Doomsday, thank goodness. -

"Okay buddy!" roared Wonder Man, the constantly moving meshwork of ions that
made up his body disorientating the last son of Krypton, "You wanna try
beating up on my Wa... on Wanda again?"

- He... he loves her, - thought Clark as he struggled back to his feet, he
knew a thing or two about unrequited love himself, it sometimes seemed like
he had spent sixty years in love with Lois.

Then he was tackled by the technically dead Avenger, who knocked him back to
the ground. Superman threw him off with one arm, surprising his adversary
with his strength.

"Okay," he yelled, "You caught me off guard, but no more, come at me like
that again and I'll put you down!"

Wonder Man leaped forward anyway, and was smashed into the ground by a double
fisted overhead blow to his back. However as he went down he grabbed Superman
by the legs and pulled him down to the ground, then leaped on top of him and
began smashing him with blow after blow.

Superman blasted a shot of heatvision, which passed harmlessly through Wonder
Man's body. He swung a punch, connecting with his opponents face and shaking
him slightly, but he recovered instantly and smashed a haymaker right into
the... ground?

Superman had sped away in a blur, using his superspeed to evade Wonder Man's
blow. Now as Simon twisted and leaped at Superman again, the Man Of Steel
again easily evaded the punch.

"I was a little disorientated," said Superman, appearing behind Wonder Man,
and then speeding away as the hero spun about and swung wildly, he reappeared
behind him, "That whole hex thing kind of blew me away, but now I'm in full
control of my faculties again and you won't be able to touch me."

Wonder Man continued to swing, but Superman just sped back a couple of feet.
Angry now, the man who had dreamed of becoming an actor chased after
Superman, swinging wildly and missing each time.

"Also," said Supes, a small grin appearing on his face, "My fight isn't with
you," and with that he was gone in a red and blue blur, heading straight for
the dazed Scarlet Witch, who was just now getting to her feet.

"WANDA!" cried Wonder Man and started running, but he could never hope to
match Superman's speed.

Wanda looked up just in time to see Superman raise his hand and flick her
with his little finger, and then she saw no more for quite some time.

Winner - Superman.

The Flash took a tentative step forward. When necessary he was more than
capable of moving at ordinary speeds, but he had a feeling this wasn't going
to be as easy as it looked.

Iron Man shut down his armor, so that now he was wearing the equivalent of
metal clothes. Luckily his armor was lightweight as well as durable, so it
didn't really slow him down too much. He began to run towards the circle.

Flash began running too, concentrating on running at ordinary 'human' speeds.
The spheres travelled with him.

As Iron Man ran, sweat beginning to drip from his body as he ran the long
distance of the corridor, one of the guns trained on him fired, smashing into
him and knocking him back.

The Flash grinned as he sped up, keeping an eye on the glowing sphere to make
sure he wasn't accelerating his speed to meta-human levels. In front of him
the floor suddenly dropped away and he skidded to a halt. For at least ten
metres in front of him there was no floor, and at the bottom of this new pit
were large, gleaming spikes.

"COME ON!" he roared, "THIS IS FAIR?"

The Forgotten's laughter echoed throughout the corridor.

"It wouldn't be much fun to just watch two guys run at a circle now, would

Far in the distance, Wally could see that Iron Man was getting back up to his

"Forgotten!" roared the armored Avenger, "I didn't use my armor's systems!"

"Didn't you?" asked The Forgotten, "Then I must have neglected to tell you
that one of my guns will fire every minute on you... like I said, just to
make things a bit more interesting!"

The two heroes looked at each other as if for answers to their solution, but
finding no help they went back to each others predicament.

Iron Man was sorely tempted to target all the weapons and try to blast them
to scrap, but he knew that even using his targeting computer would set the
weapons trained on him off... so how could he possibly make it? That first
blast had lowered his armors integrity to 70 percent, another shot would have
him down for at least half a minute and then next would most likely kill
him... unless.

"Forgotten!" he yelled, "You said the guns would fire on me every minute...
you meant on Iron Man of course?"

The Forgotten paused a second, then he chuckled, a low, smug sound, "Well
done Avenger, you are a smart one."

Almost reluctantly, Tony released his armors locking mechanisms and stepped
out of the armor, which remained upright, a hollow Iron Man.

Now Tony, dressed only in a black bodysuit, began to run towards the circle.
Behind him he heard a gun blast, knocking his armor over.

- That was never a minute! - Tony thought angrily, but continued to make his
way down the corridor nevertheless, confident he would get to the circle

The Flash watched in impotent anguish as Tony Stark made his way down the
corridor, to his eyes the Billionaire seemed to be running incredibly slow,
but it was still faster than he was going.

- Damn it, think, think! - Wally shouted at himself, - Just a week ago you
were gloating over your knowledge of Barry's Flash Facts (*) and now you're
stuck, you can't do anything! -

Well, that wasn't true, he couldn't run at superspeeds without triggering the
bombs, but did triggering the bombs necessarily mean they would stop him? If
what The Forgotten had said was true, then they would explode almost as soon
as he hit superspeed, but at superspeed he could vibrate his molecules fast
enough so that the blast would travel straight through him with no ill
effects... if he timed it right, if he didn't he'd end up being scraped off
the walls.

- Still, I'm not doing anything standing here with my thumb up my butt, - he
thought, - And that's a Wally West Flash Fact if ever I heard one! -

He braced himself, taking a step back from the pit, and then burst off,
accelerating forward over the spikes... and the bombs exploded.

Tony was twenty metres from the circle when he saw The Flash suddenly
disappear, at almost the same moment the three glowing spheres exploded and
the resulting shockwave pushed the now Armorless Avenger onto his ass.

He lay still for a few moments, then looked up and saw a bruised and battered
Flash lying next to him. He had only gone to a fraction of his top speed for
1 one millionth of a second, but had come forward eight hundred metres,
passed the white circle and ending up next to Tony.

"Misjudged my timing slightly," gasped Wally, "Barry Allen I ain't."

The he stood up, shakily, but Tony could see his wounds were already closing

"Excuse me, I got a circle to get to," gasped The Flash, and stumbled
forward, not bothering to go at superspeed, knowing Tony could never catch

But Tony Stark didn't give up, instead he scrambled to his feet and gave
chase. Wally laughed a little and moved a little faster, for him any speed
was easy, he never got tired and his metabolism could cure almost any injury
in a matter of seconds. He got to the circle and put a foot into it.

"Ha! Yes!" he cried, jumping up and twisting about to face his gasping
opponent, "I win."

He stood cockily, one foot still resting in the circle and cried out, "Okay
Forgotten, I win, now what?"

There was no answer.

"Hey, I said what now, you deaf or something?"

For an answer, Tony slammed into him, knocking him back a couple of steps. As
the startled Leaguer stumbled back, the billionaire placed both feet in the
circle and put his arms at his sides.

"It's first one in the circle, kid," he said, as Wally's mouth fell open in
shock, "Not the first one to it."

"No!" cried out Wally, "No way, I won... I can't lose on a technicality!"

Before Tony could answer, he was teleported away, behind Wally his armor also

The Flash was left in the corridor alone, seething with anger and also the
growing realization that his cockiness may have just been the cause for an
entire Universe being wiped out.

Winner - Iron Man

* See JLA 3 for the rather cool story (Barry Allen was the
Flash before Wally West).

Wonder Woman Vs Thor.

The Sultan sat up remarkably quickly for a man of his size, his eyes bugging
out in surprise.

Inside the huge room he had dubbed his 'pleasure centre' two large, white
rectangular 'doors' had appeared. Through one stepped an incredibly tall,
powerfully built man with gold hair, a blue cape and a giant hammer. His long
gold hair was capped by a large metal helmet with wings on it and he had
about him a regal bearing and dignity.

Through the other stepped a tall, beautiful woman with long, black hair and a
tiny, tight and very revealing costume. It was practically a strapless
bathing suit, red over her huge breasts and skinny waist, turning to blue
with two small stars over her crotch, and also another star on each of her
beautiful plump asscheeks.

A gold, metallic, hawklike object separated into three pieces rested on her
breasts, forming a 'W', while a golden belt of the same metallic substance
rested around her waist, moving up in an inverted V over her stomach to join
with the 'W'.

She wore a golden tiara with a small, red star in the middle on her forehead.
Her long legs were bare, and she wore knee-high red boots with a white trim.
Metallic gauntlets rested around her wrists, they were capable of deflecting

She also carried her self with poise and dignity.

However the effect was lost when they both stepped out of the 'doors' and
fell straight down into the pool.

End Part Five Of Fifteen.

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