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Avengers - Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Scarlet Witch, Hawkeye, Warbird,
Justice and Firestar.

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Avengers/Justice League Of America: The Forgotten Part 3 (FF,oral)
by Dimiri Maximoff

Moondragon swung around onto the bed, thrusting her firm, milky white ass
into Tigra's face. Tigra didn't hesitate, but plunged right in, nuzzling her
mouth and nose into Moondragon's cunt.

Her fur covered fingers came up and spread her telepathic lover's pussy lips,
then she pushed her tongue inside. Since Moondragon was on her stomach, her
ass shoved in Tigra's face, the feline Avenger's tongue was sliding along the
top of Moondragon's vaginal channel, while the bridge of her nose slid in and
out between the gleaming wet, totally shaven cuntlips of one of the
Universe's most powerful telepaths.

It didn't take long for Moondragon's juices to really start flowing. She had
been incredibly turned on by eating out Tigra's cunt, and her juices had been
flowing pretty steadily. Now they began pouring out of her cunt as Tigra's
experienced and talented tongue pushed up deep into her pussy. She was
grinding her face in small little arcs up and down, pushing her nose deep
into the steaming heat and wetness of Moondragon's slit.

Tigra's tongue had been smooth and gentle at first, but now she really went
to work on Moondragon, poking and probing with her tongue pushed out into a
hard little dildo, licking up flowing cuntjuice as her fingers slid all
around her clit, rubbing against it or near it, but never actually on it,
driving the lovestarved telepath wild in frustrated desire.

She had her face buried deep in Moondragon's pussy now, and was breathing
through her mouth between swallows, although she did heavily sniff everytime
her nose pushed into her lover's cunt, as she loved the aroma of the
pussyjuice which was running down her chin, her breasts and down her waist to
join with her own cuntjuices. She eagerly licked up every little bit of
cuntjuice when Moondragon came, her hips were bucking about and she had to
grip hold of those lovely asscheeks to keep her mouth in place, but she
didn't allow a drop to spill, she took in every last bit, swallowing it
eagerly down, letting it mash against her face and over her cheeks until her
fur stood up in matted little tufts.

As Moondragon's orgasm died down, Tigra slowly pulled away and began to lick
the side of her own face as far as her tongue could reach, trying to get at
the pussyjuice at her cheeks.

Moondragon lay still, breathing heavily with her lovely ass still only inches
from Tigra's face, her breasts pressed snugly against her lover's warm
thighs. She could feel the hot juices still leaking from Tigra's cunt against
her stomach, and knew her own would soon be leaking down the length of her
lovers body.

Slowly, reluctantly she swung off and stood up, stretching her arms over her
body, her breasts stretching up somewhat as well.

"That was excellent, you're well worth the money," she said after a few
minutes,"You can go now."

Tigra had - belatedly - remembered she was pretending to be a pleasure droid.
She swung off the bed and scooped up the torn remains of her bikini, then
headed for the door. At her heightened state of pleasure she didn't really
care who saw her naked, she figured that once she got back to her suite she
was going to let Eros fuck her raw anyway.

- Anyway, all right, - she thought hazily, - Anyway he wants, anywhere he
wants... that's just made me even more horny! -

"Wait one moment," said Moondragon, and Tigra stopped in her tracks, had she
done something wrong, had she been found out?

She turned to face Moondragon, was still naked. The bald telepath approached
her with a curious look on her face, then she slid one arm around Tigra's
neck and pulled her forward, kissing her passionately. After a moment of
surprise, Tigra fell into the kiss and they remained liplocked for close to a
minute, their tongues exlporing the confines of each other's mouth.

Finally Moondragon broke the kiss, and smiled.

"You may go... now."

Tigra turned to leave and Moondragon ran an appreciative hand over one
buttock, then the ex-Avenger was gone.

"Well," she said,"Happy?"

The wardrobe door opened and Eros stepped out, a very noticeable bulge in his
front pants.

"Thank you," he gasped.

"Oh it really was my pleasure," laughed Moondragon,"To tell the truth I
always have been attracted to her, but I couldn't bring myself to let her
know... she can be so... common!"

"Anyway, I gotta get back," replied Eros,"You're sure she'll want to fuck?"

Moondragon laughed,"Of course, she wanted to fuck you anyway, and she was
planning to seduce you... but since I telepathically increased her desire
after orgasm, she'll probably screw you to death!"

"What a way to go!" laughed Eros, and headed back into wardrobe and the
secret adjoining door to his and Tigra's suite, where he was now sure he'd be
getting some action.

* * *

Superman's eyes took on a reddish tint, his mouth drew back into a scowl.

"That sounds very much like a threat," he growled.

"That's because it is you idiot," replied The Forgotten dismissively,"I'm
threatening to destroy one of your Universes, it's up to you to decide which
one it's going to be."

"Does this seem familiar to anyone?" asked Wonder Woman,"It seems like we've
been through this before."

"Indeed," replied The Forgotten with a laugh,"The memory was supposed to have
been removed, but cosmic cleaners aren't what they used to be! Not too long
ago a couple of Cosmic Entities who mistakenly believed they were the
creators of your respective Universe's demanded that the heroes of one world
battle the heroes of another," he pointed at Captain America,"Your world won
that time... but it wasn't fairly done, you see there was really only one
brother, a sleeping being of massive reality altering power. It's mind was
divided and insane and in a convulsion it accidently stumbled upon your
reality," this time he pointed at Superman,"It created a subconscious image
of a 'brother' which was in fact an image of it's own divided mind, staking
claim to a Universe each they had you heroes fight it out as thier
champions... until a little punk named Access accidently forced it to face
it's own insanity and inadvertently cured it... it's gone back to sleep now
for a few billion more years and those same cosmic cleaners I mentioned were
supposed to remove all memory from your mind."

"Only you want to finish what it accidently started?" asked Superman, "Why?"

"Because your Universes are too big," replied The Forgotten, as if speaking
to a child,"We're losing track of all the countless realities that pop up and
continuity is going out the window, you're becoming a strain on all that
is... and if you grow any bigger you could quite possibly put an end to all
Universes... and this time no new one will pop up, so you're also putting my
own existence in danger."

"So what do you want from us?" growled Aquaman, tired of all the
talk,"Perhaps you want one of us to do the noble thing and sacrifice our
Universe?" sarcasm dripped from his voice.

"Nothing that mundane," replied The Forgotten,"No, I've searched both your
Universes and your teams personify the best of the best, so you'll be
fighting it out to decide which Universe remains, and which goes the way of
the Dodo."

"I don't believe you have that power," said Wanda,"I can't believe it, no one
can just wipe out a Universe like that."

"My darling," laughed The Forgotten, biting a grape from the bunch held by
one of the fangirls,"I was ancient when MY Universe died, and I've lived for
more than several billion years after that, I've seen civilisations come and
go, meditated to a higher plane of consciousness than you could ever hope to
attain... not only do I know how, I can do it relatively easy," he flicked
open a small panel on his throne, and a large red button emerged, his placed
his finger just an inch above it,"Just by pushing this one button I can set
into motion a chain of events that will erase the history of...."

"NOW!" screamed Captain America and Superman together, and both teams leaped
forward, ready to smash the alien down... and they crashed into a forcefield.

Superman, Thor, Wonder Woman and Martian Manhunter smashed at it with all
thier formidable strength, holding nothing back, trying to press pass it to
get at thier kidnapper. At the same time, Iron Man, Green Lantern, Justice,
Warbird and Firestar were blasting it again and again with firepower, trying
to push it past it's limits. Aquaman had hold of the harpoon that had
replaced his hand and was attempting to drive it past the field, which easily
resisted. Captain America smashed at it with his triangular shield, which
lacked the indestructible nature of his former, circular one, lost at sea not
a week ago. The Flash pummelled at it again and again, landing hundreds of
blows in a second. Hawkeye was attempting to adjust one of his harmonic
disrupter arrows to find the same harmonic frequency that the shield operated
on. Scarlet Witch shot hex bolt after hex bolt at it, but they did nothing.

Batman had not moved from his spot.

Finally they realised the futility of thier actions and stopped, The
Forgotten beamed smugly as they stepped back.

"You don't have any choice in the matter, you see," he laughed at them,"You
fight or die."

"Just a minute!" snapped Superman,"Even if we did agree to fight, there are
eight of them and seven of us, hardly fair."

"Clutching at straws, aren't we?" chuckled The Forgotten,"I've taken that
into account," he flicked one of two small switches next to the alleged
Universal Destruction button.

- JLA Watchtower -

Conner sighed as he looked at the tomato and cucumber sandwich, while he was
a vegetarian, he sometimes felt a strange longing to grab a cheeseburger and
tear into it... swallow that delicious, tender meat and...

"WOAH!" he cried, shaking his head,"Gotta watch that kind of thing!"

He went to take a bite of his sandwich.

A large white portal opened behind him.

He took a bite out of the sandwich, the bread was soggy from the tomato.

A metal tentacle writhed out of the portal.

He took another bite.

The tentacle began to approach him.

He chewed.

The tentacle wrapped around his waist and pulled him out of his chair.

He spat the bite out of his mouth, let out a HURKK! and was yanked through
the portal.

- The Forgotten's Throneroom -

"Satisfied?" asked The Forgotten as Conner was dumped through a circular
portal in the air, a second later a metallic coil gently passed a quiver full
of arrows through, then the portal snapped shut.

"Ummmm, what's going on?" asked Conner.

As Aquaman filled him in, The Flash approached The Forgotten, wary of the

"How do we know that button of yours does anything? It just looks like that
damned History Eraser Button from Ren and Stimpy, and how do you know it
works anyway? It's not the kind of thing you can test, is it?"

"On the contrary," laughed The Forgotten with a childlike giggle,"It has very
fine targeting abilities, I can use it to wipe out a Universe, or something
small and insignificant... a planet for instance."

Suddenly the Throneroom (but not the throne) disappeared, and The JLA and
Avengers found themselves standing in a bustling, but unmistakably alien,
Metropolis. Bipedal humanoids with purple skin and six arms each moved to and
fro, paying no attention to the sudden appearance of the Superheroes.

"This is Kalag'Xos," said The Forgotten, grabbing a grape that seemed to
appear in mid-air,"A planet in The Avengers Universe, population of about 4

All of a sudden half of the city and it's inhabitants were replaced by
another bustling metropolis, filled with sliming, oozing creatures that
resembled slugs mixed with centipedes. Buildings and sky were cut off
halfway, and the two teams had the impression of a split screen, but in 3-d,
and with smell and touch added into the equivalent.

"And this is a planet unpronounceable by your mouths, although the closest
equivalent is Terjobolfriglakopit... again, population of nearly four
billion, this one in The JLA's Universe."

The Forgotten pushed the button on the red button.

And The Avengers found themselves hanging in a clear void, nothingness
stretching out as far as they could see. They struggled for breath but there
was no air, there was also no taste, no smell, nothing to touch... there was
nothing at all. And then an onrushing blackness enveloped them, filled with
small points of light that must be stars... they....

...were back in the Throneroom.

"Both planets are gone, wiped out," said The Forgotten, sounding almost
bored,"Removed from every reality, every history, every trace destroyed. It
took a bit for each Universe to fill the void... but there'll be nothing to
fill the void if I wipe out the Universe," he leaned forward, a hard smile
creasing his lips,"Do I make myself clear?"

As the dumbfounded heroes stared at him in horror, The Forgotten leaned back
and flicked a switch. "It begins."

Round One - Superman Vs Scarlet Witch.

The Man Of Tomorrow and the beautiful, flame haired Avenger found themselves
standing in a huge chamber, filled with gigantic stone pillars with
uncountable hieroglyphics etched upon them.

Far in the distance, they could hear a light tapping, as if even now someone
was creating more of the hieroglyphics.

"This... this is a pyramid?" asked Superman, staring around,"It looks ancient
and undisturbed, but there are torches burning, so someone must be..."

He was cut off as a hex bolt smashed into his face, knocking him back a
couple of steps. Before he could recover he was being pelted again and again
by the bolts, which seemed to serve no purpose other than to keep him off-
balance. Then suddenly, unpredictably one of the walls smashed down onto
him... and the floor gave way, and a pillar collapsed onto the rubble.

"I'm sorry," gasped Wanda as the dust cleared,"But I have a family and
friends back on Earth, I can't just let them be wiped out, I'm so, so sorry,"
she seemed almost near tears as she turned around and looked up at the
ceiling of the pyrimad,"ARE YOU HAPPY, FORGOTTEN? ARE YOU PLEASED?"

Behind her there was a rumble, and she whirled to see The Man Of Steel emerge
unscathed from the rubble she had buried him under.

"Sorry," he said, seeming almost apologetic,"But it's not that easy."

He started forward, seeming reluctant but clearly ready to knock her down, to
beat her until The Forgotten declared him the winner, but he hoped to do it
as painlessly as possible, he would take no pleasure in hitting a woman.

As he approached Wanda screamed, threw up her arms as if to protect herself
and a blast of scarlet light surrounded them both, then steadily contracted
until it was only the size of a tennis ball. It disappeared, and the two had
disappeared with it.

Several minutes later a solitary figure shuffled into the chamber, he saw the
destruction that had been wrought, but could see no one in the room.

"Curious," muttered Ozymandias, then returned to his work.

* * *

Clark shook his head to clear out the water, then towelled himself off.
Noticing he was getting some stubble, he used a handheld mirror to shave with
his heat vision. Then he turned and gleefully made his way back to his
bedroom, where the woman he had lusted after ever since arriving in
Metropolis and now his newlywed wife awaited.

"Darling," said Wanda Maximoff-Kent as he stepped into the bedroom, she threw
back the covers, revealing her naked form,"Show me that you really are a man
of steel!"

Wanda ran her eyes appreciatively over Clark's naked form as he stripped his
towel off and threw it to the ground.

- Who would have thought he had a body like that when he first showed up? -
she thought to herself. Indeed, when Clark Kent had first arrived in New
Metropolis, walking into the Daily Planet and asking J. Jonah White for a
job, he had been the living epitome of a mild mannered reporter. He wore
thick lensed glasses, an old brown suit and he had had a penchant for bow
ties. For the longest time Wanda had made fun of his small town heritage, but
thier friendship had slowly blossomed into a deep and abiding love. Now, here
they were, married and happy as could be.

- And horny, damn horny! - laughed Wanda to herself.

Clark had revealed to her that he was a virgin, and her own sexual
'adventures' had been limited to a one night stand with a stockbroker named
Dane Whitman and a brief love affair with the multimillionaire Lex Vision (of
VisionWorks) who had turned out to be an android created by the evil
Ultroniac, a cybernetic, artificially intelligent lifeform who had crossed
paths with Clarks alter-ego a number of times.

Now he stood before her, ready to make her his, ready to consummate thier
marriage... as the bard had so eloquently put it, she was bought and was
about to be enjoyed.

And he proceeded with all the eloquence and dignity demanded of the

"Yahoo!" he cried and leaped onto the bed.

End Part Three Of Fifteen.

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