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The teams are as follows:

JLA - Superman, Batman, Martian Manhunter, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green
Lantern, Aquaman and Green Arrow.

Avengers - Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Scarlet Witch, Hawkeye, Warbird,
Justice and Firestar.

With appearances by Oracle, Nightwing, Tomorrow Woman, Tigra, Moondragon and

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Avengers/Justice League Of America: The Forgotten Part 2 (FF,oral)
by Dimiri Maximoff

Moondragon had lifted Tigra to a standing position as they kissed, and now
their arms explored each others. Moondragon made small circles with the tips
of her fingers over Tigra's back, sending little thrills of pleasure through
her system, while Tigra reach down into the fabric covering Moondragon's
shapely asscheeks, and pulled it away (most of it had disappeared up her
buttcrack anyway, being a one part costume and extremely tight) dropping the
green fabric to the floor, leaving her naked except for her boots.

Now Moondragon stepped out of the crumpled up strips of costume and began
leading Tigra back towards the bed, even as the feline beauty massaged her
ass and continued to kiss her, sliding her tongue around the inside of her
lover's lips.

When the backs of Tigra's knees hit the bed, she went down with an
exclamation of surprise, pulling Moondragon with her. They lay together on
the bed, faces inches apart, breasts pushed together, their steaming hot
juices running together as their pussy's prepared for what they knew must

Slowly, Moondragon began to make the long trip down Tigra's body by planting
one light, gentle kiss after another on first her chin, then her neck, then
the shoulder. The bald beauty moved her hand up past Tigra's hips, slid up
over the hollow of her waist and then grabbed one of her large, furry
breasts, gently squeezing the firm yet pliant mound of flesh as her mouth and
tongue down her chest. Her mouth moved to the other breast and slowly she
slid her tongue up the slope of her breast and across Tigra's erect nipple,
then she swallowed a large chunk of the tit-flesh as well as the nipple into
her mouth, suckling on her breast with eager abandon.

"Ahhh... yes!" moaned Tigra.

Moondragon spent time on each breast, swapping her oral attention from one
breast to the other, fidgeting with the wet nipple with her fingers as her
tongue flicked at the other in her mouth. Tigra lay moaning on the bed,
writhing this way and that, hunching her hips and making desperate, keening

Moondragon knew exactly what she wanted.

Moving away from her lover's breasts, she began to make her way down Tigra's
body, kissing her flat belly, lightly pressing her tongue into her belly
button, coming closer and closer to the ultimate prize... until her face lay
just above the soaking blue panties covering Tigra's crotch.

With an animalistic growl one would expect more to hear from Tigra,
Moondragon dropped her head down, grabbed the soaking material in her teeth
and yanked it, pulling it away with a tearing noise she freed Tigra's captive

* * *

The two teams stood facing each other across the smoking debris of the
battlefield. They eyed each other up, neither knowing what to make of the

"Okay, let's recap," said Superman, "We just leaped through the portal to
wherever we are, and have come face to face with another team, obviously
ready for battle."

"The question is," said the Flash, "Are they friend or foe?"

Across the other side of the battlefield, The Avengers were asking themselves
that same question.

"They don't really look like villains, do they?" Scarlet Witch was saying.

"Well, that guy dressed all in black looks kind of creepy," muttered Hawkeye,
pointing at Batman.

"Attention strangers!" called Captain America, "Identify yourself!"

"Identify ourselves, doesn't this guy realise who we are? I mean, everybody
knows the JLA, right?" asked Green Lantern incredulously.

"IF YOU'VE COME TO SAVE MENTOR IT'S TOO LATE!" screamed Martian Manhunter,

"Huh? J'onn?" gasped Superman, staring in shock at a rather surprised looking
Martian Manhunter.

"VILLAIN!" cried Thor, and leaped forward, Mjolnir swinging in his mighty

"Oh no you don't!" cried the Flash and sped forward, charging around the
Thunder God and striking him in hundreds of places at almost the same time.
Thor tried to grasp him, but Wally was too fast, speeding about this way and
that, increasingly raising the ire of the short-fused Thunder God.

"ENOW!" he roared and smashed Mjolnir to the ground, causing the stone
beneath to buckle and smash, throwing the Flash to the ground. Thor grabbed
him by his neck, lifted him and smashed the worlds fastest man hard, sending
him flying back twenty feet.

"NO WAY!" cried Green Lantern and sprang forward. Immediately Justice leaped
to help Thor, and soon (despite the protests of Captain America and, on the
other side, Superman) the two teams were fighting.

J'onn and Batman had attempted to hold back, but were forced to defend
themselves when attacked.

Hawkeye had leaped into the fray, firing a concussion arrow at Aquaman, who
almost nonchalantly fired the harpoon in place of his missing hand and caught
the thing.

"Okay," yelled Hawkeye, trying not to be impressed and embarrassed at the
same time, "But you can't block them all!"

"Don't have to," muttered Aquaman, and caused the water he could sense twenty
feet below to erupt up underneath Hawkeye and knock him to the ground,
stunning him and temporarily taking him out of the fray.

Green Lantern was blasting manga robots, giant lasers and huge 1000 ton
weights at Justice, who blocked everything sent at him with telekinetic
shields, sending tk blasts back at Kyle, who also blocked them easily... the
two of them were getting nowhere.

Warbird was firing shot after shot at Batman, who was flipping about, easily
dodging each blast with the natural grace and agility of the born athlete.

"Stand still!" screamed Warbird, sweat streaming down her face as she pushed
her diminished powers to the limit in an attempt to stop the caped crusader.

"Interesting," noted Batman, sliding up behind Warbird at one point and
tripping her down, "Something is dulling your reflexes, slowing you down,
what? Is that bourbon I smell on your breath?"

"Shut up!" she screamed at him, blasting a huge hole in the ground where he
had been standing only a second ago.

Thor kept attempting to smash Martian Manhunter, but the alien kept on the
defensive, constantly shapeshifting to fool Thor. Then, taking advantage of a
momentary lapse where Thor stopped to curse, he changed into Captain America.

"Stop this at once," he ordered, grabbing Thor by the shoulder, "Your
reckless actions have endangered the team!"

"Captain?" asked Thor in confusion, he lowered Mjolnir to his side and
Manhunter blasted him with a full burst of Martian vision, expecting to lay
out even one as powerful as Thor... he was mistaken.

"BASE DECEIVER!" roared Thor, his garments not even singed, and he swung
Mjolnir up and smashed J'onn in the face with a powerful blow, dropping the
powerful alien to the ground, his face cracked and broken as if it were made
of clay.

Firestar choked helplessly as she felt Wonder Woman's lariat around her neck,
closing off the air to her lungs.

"Gakk!" she cried, sending wild shots of microwave blast behind her in a
futile attempt to stop the powerful Amazon, who had driven her knee into the
young Avengers back.

"It's for your own good darling," yelled Wonder Woman, "I'll just render you
unconscious and...arrgh!"

She cried out as a repulsor ray smashed into her back, twisting about (and
releasing a gasping Firestar) she found herself face to face with the armored
Avenger, Iron Man.

"If anyone is going to do any rendering around here, it's me," he said, one
arm raised with another repulsor blast ready to fire, "I'm actually surprised
to see you still standing after the first."

With a growl Wonder Woman started forward, Iron Man instantly blasted her
with a repulsor ray, keeping the blast going for as long as it took to bring
her down... except she kept coming forward.

"Ummm, you're supposed to fall down now," he said, a little nervous.

Wonder Woman responded through gritted teeth, "It'll take a little more than
that to stop me, more than you got!"

"Then what about this?" asked Firestar and blasted Wonder Woman's back with a
hot blast of microwave energy. The Amazon cried out in pain, but kept
stepping closer to Iron Man. Then a blunt headed arrow smashed into her
forehead and white tendrils of energy blasted through her body. She screamed
in agony and collapsed.

"Thank me later, Shell Head," said a dazed, dripping wet Hawkeye, "How many
times have I pulled your fat out of the fire now?"

"A static pulse arrow, blasted her nerve endings with electricity, clever,"
said Iron Man, picking up the arrow, "Tony Stark's design, no?"

Before the three had time to congratulate themselves further, they were
smashed over by a huge, green tidalwave, sent by Green Lantern after he
realised he and Justice were too equally matched.

Iron Man leaped immediately back to his feet and started blasting at Green
Lantern, while Hawkeye pulled Firestar from the large green puddle.

Thor came down behind Batman, swinging one massive fist at the Dark Knight,
who dodged easily and grabbed the Thunder God's arm, meaning to toss him over
with a judo throw. It was a rare mistake, as Thor wasn't an ordinary human
who had to obey the natural laws of physics, instead he smashed Batman to the
ground, and lifted his hammer high to finish him off.

"Okay, I've had enough!" roared Superman, whose cries for this to stop had
gone unheeded, just as Captain America's had. In a blur he flew in and
smashed each of the combatants to the ground, JLA members included, leaving
only Captain America (who hadn't joined the battle) standing.

"This is all a huge misunderstanding!" he yelled, "Let's end this madness
here, anyone have a problem with that?"

"Aye!" growled Thor, who had been taken by surprise by Superman's swiftness,
and was already back on his feet, looking none the worse for wear, "Wouldst
thou try thine luck against the Thunder God now that he is ready for thee?"

"Step down, Thor!" commanded Captain America, stepping forward and placing a
restraining arm on the Thunder God's shoulder. Thor checked the ground and
saw the Martian Manhunter still lying dazed there, so nodded and reluctantly
stepped back.

"I'm gathering from the rather surprised look on your faces when your green
skinned companion announced he'd killed Mentor to indicate you did nothing of
the sort?" asked the living legend of WWII.

"Exactly," said Superman, "Even J'onn looked surprised, I'm thinking someone
created the illusion of him confessing, or somehow took over his mind...
maybe for the express purpose of bringing us into conflict?"

"EXCELLENT!" boomed a huge voice, and the two teams (now back on their feet
and nursing their bruises) spun about to find themselves facing a small,
hovering object that appeared to be some sort of camera, "THAT WAS INDEED MY

"Who are you?" yelled Captain America, "Where is Mentor?"

"Yeah, and Adam Strange!" cried Green Lantern.

"Neither of those two worthies are here," replied the voice, toning down now,
"But all your questions shall be answered, come!"

And suddenly both teams found themselves in a gigantic throne room.

* * *

Moondragon was surprised to see that despite Tigra's tiger colored fur, she
actually had a narrow streak of brownish pussy hair.

She let her fingers slide through it, it felt wonderful in a combination with
the fur.

"Yes!" moaned Tigra, forgetting she was supposed to be a pleasure droid,
"Yes, fuck me, Moondragon, give it to me!"

Moondragon smiled, a slow, seductive smile, and then she dropped her neck and
buried her face deep in between Tigra's legs, losing herself in the taste,
texture and smell of Tigra's incredible cunt.

It seemed obvious that Moondragon had done this before, she slid her eager
tongue this way and that, touching every little spot on the beautiful woman
that was connected to a pleasure centre. Her tongue darted to and through,
occasionally coming up to circle around her erect clitoris. She jabbed,
probed, dived and hunted with that tongue, eating out the woman she'd been
arguing with just earlier that day, sending her into a frenzy of lust and
driving her ever
closer towards orgasm.

"Yes!" growled Tigra in ectasy, "Yes I can feel it! I can feel it!"

Moondragon sped up the pace, she had brought two fingers up to hold Tigra's
pussylips slightly apart so her tongue had better access. She darted in and
out, short, quick strokes, then deeper, more probing ones that rewarded her
with mouthfuls of pussy juice, then she'd pull her tongue out and roll it
around Tigra's engorged clit, exciting her lovebutton even further. As she
licked around the clit the two fingers holding Tigra's pussy would come
together and then slide into her, fingerfucking her gushing snatch.

Tigra's hips bounced up and down off the bed in time with her panting and
cries of pleasure. Moondragon was fucking her cunt with her fingers while her
tongue expertly lapped up any excess fluid seeping through past her soaked

"Oh WOW!" Tigra squealed, and her entire body arched up and held, every
muscle tensing and going taut, till she was motionless like a statue. She had
whooped in a great deal of air, and now she held it, her tensed body
increasing the pleasure of the orgasm as she held back as long as she
could... knowing that sometimes the anticipation could be almost as good as
the real thing.

And then Moondragon's oral administrations proved to much and her body
surrendered, exploding out cum from her cunt all over Moondragon's fingers
and mouth. She ground her hips up into her lover's face, desperate to keep
the feeling going.

As she rode through her orgasm, Moondragon just kept on sucking away at her
clit, the nerve ending of which were on fire, burning with pleasure from the
incredible sensation.

Tigra crested the wave of her orgasm, slowly her scream of animalistic
pleasure died down to a low whhhhaaahhhh, and then finally her ass collapsed
back down to the now soaked sheets and she lay, unable to move, breathing
deeply and letting her muscles recover.

"Oh... wow," she gasped after a bit, moaning a little as Moondragon was still
down there, licking out every last bit of cum from Tigra's cunt, "That was...
I mean... wow!"

Moondragon looked up from Tigra's lap, pussy juice ran down her chin and
lips, and her eyes were twinkling with pleasure.

"And now my pretty little kitty," she said, "It's your turn!"

* * *

The room was gigantic, almost the size of the JLA Watchtower, and all but
Thor (who had lived in the splendour of Asgard) felt a little dwarfed. A
giant, domed roof far above them was covered in paintings, reminding some of
the more artistically minded members of the Sistene Chapel. Huge chandeliers
chased the shadows away, giving the room an almost harsh glare, there were
balconies where one could walk through hidden staircases to admire
tapestries, portraits and landscapes.

But all this was merely a pre-cursor to what waited at the head of the room.
On a large, circular platform with three huge, marble steps of a semi-
circular shape, rested a gigantic throne, covered in emeralds and rubies,
cast in gold. On either side of the throne were two incredibly beautiful,
scantily clad women who appeared to be human, they were fanning the occupant
of the throne with large, pink feathers on poles, and staring with naked
adulation at the subject of their attentions.

And the occupant, he appeared to be human, but there was something strange
about him. His skin was absolutely smooth, with not a line in it, and the
skin itself was pure white, almost shining. His eyes were larger than normal,
but maintained the usual shape... still, there was something about them...

"He has no pupils," commented Batman.

Indeed, his irises were a pale blue, but they held no pupil, they were simply
small circles of blue within the white of his eyeball.

His body was stranger still, so thin he should have appeared emaciated, yet
he gave an impression of robust good health. He had two large fingers on each
hand and a thumb almost the same size, the thumb had four joints, and was
currently curled around the handle of a mug bearing the legend, 'World's
Greatest Sex Machine.'

"Okay," said Kyle, "This is really weird, I mean like Twilight Zone weird...
it reminds me of that episode of Star Trek where the little midget had this
dummy set up to scare people, but Kirk called his bluff and..."

"Geek trivia later," broke in Justice, "Cap, what's going on here?"

As Captain America shook his head and stepped forward, Kyle thought to
himself, - Did I just get dissed? -

The Living Legend Of World War II spoke up.

"I am making the assumption that you faked a distress call from Mentor in
order to get us here... I'd like an explanation as to why."

Superman obviously decided that he should also show his presence, and joined
the Captain.

"If what he says is true, then I would also like to..."

"Shut up," murmured the man on the throne, waving his free hand in a
dismissive, bored gesture, "I don't have time for impotent sabre rattling,
let's just get on with it."

Cap and Supes turned to look at each other, Superman raised an eyebrow,
Captain America shrugged.

"Ummm, get on with what?" Captain America, as he almost always did, had
effectively taken command.

"Of course!" laughed the man, sitting up in his throne as if taking an
interest, "I haven't told you yet, have I?"

"Thou tryest my patience, little one!" growled Thor, and began to move
forward, Captain America put out a restraining arm across his chest, Thor
stopped... for the moment.

"I'm not a 'little one'," laughed the man, who at 5'8 obviously looked little
to the near seven foot tall Thor, "I am The Forgotten."

"Oh that explains it," said The Flash, nudging Kyle, "He's The Forgotten!"

"The who?" asked Green Lantern, joining the joke.

"Don't know, I've forgotten!" cracked Wally.

"Yeah, these guys are pros," whispered Justice to Firestar, rolling his eyes.

"Of course you don't know who I am," said The Forgotten, waving his arm again
in a don't be silly fashion, "I really am The Forgotten, because everyone
forgot me, including the end of the universe!"

"Okay, let's just say we're very, very stupid," said Captain America,
"Explain it to us slowly, clearly, concisely."

"Yeah!" chipped in Superman, feeling he ought to represent the JLA in this.

"Very well," sighed The Forgotten, "Before either of your Universe's existed,
there was another Universe, much like the ones you live in now, with
trillions upon trillions upon trillions of sentient beings. But everything
ends eventually, and the Universe died, and everything in it died with it...
everything but me, I was forgotten."

He paused, to see if they understood, whether they did or not, Captain
America indicated he should continue.

"Still, just being forgotten doesn't help you when the Universe has ceased to
exist and there's not just one being reborn in it's place, but several... so
for a long time I forgot myself, and basically I didn't really exist... well
I did, but didn't know I did, if you get my drift.

Anyways, maybe because I was around when they were born or something like
that meant I had the ability to switch around between Universes, so when I
remembered myself I decided to see how these Universes had gotten along in
the four and a half billion years or so since I forgot myself. Well I
explored the two big Universes first, and boy were they impressive, filled to
the brim with alternate realities and cosmic entities and so forth. I kept
coming across mention of a planet called Earth in both these Universes, so I
checked them both out and
discovered your teams. Man was I impressed! We never had anything like you
guys in my Universe, all those cool powers and everything, and I couldn't
help but wonder who'd win a fight between your teams... and then I found the
excuse to find out!" he looked very pleased with himself.

"And what was that?" asked Superman, a little wary, wondering if this strange
little creature was really over four billion years old.

"Well you see, there are other little Universe's hanging about, doing well
enough for themselves, not really bothering anyone... but I've come to the
conclusion that your two Universe's are just too big, too powerful, and
they're beginning to bump into each other and other Universes, causing untold
havoc, so I've come to the only conclusion I can."

"I don't like where this is going," whispered J'onn to Batman, who had been
observing The Forgotten and his surroundings with intense scrutiny.

"What conclusion have you come to?" asked Captain America, fearing he knew
the answer.

"Why, isn't it obvious?" laughed The Forgotten, "One of your Universes must
cease to be."

End Part Two Of Fifteen.

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