Warning: This story contains content that should not be read by people underneath the age of 21. It is 100% fiction and has no bearing on reality whatsoever. Real life rape is WRONG. The author does not condone illegal and immoral actions described. Please read the story codes and stop reading if you can't stomach that shit. Go read old JSA comics instead. I do not own DC Comics or any of the characters from their comics like the JSA or Stargirl. I do not make any money from the writing of this story. The original version of this story was written by me in 2006, and is now re-written and improved by me. Hopefully. It is based around the Stargirl from the pre-2010 run. I haven't seen any JSA comics for about five years!

Description: The 18 year old superheroine Stargirl is captured for sale to a misogynistic millionaire with a medical fetish, but her hung black abductor has some rapey fun with her first.

Content Codes (Part 3): MF pwp rape grope cream pie drugs medic

Justice Society Of America: Stargirl - Black Bred White Bread Part 3 - Courtney's Checkup
by JD ([email protected])

Led into the new room, she gaped at the reflection in the mirror she saw there. Courtney Whitmore, as a superheroine, was used to seeing her admittedly-masked image from different angles in photos from coverage of the JSA. She couldn't believe how different her face looked without her beautiful hair. Her pussy, surprisingly, didn't look so changed. Her bush had been short to start with and the shaving only revealed slightly more clearly the secondary sexual characteristics puberty had wrought years before.

"Get on the examination bed, Stargirl. You know how I hate it when you're late for your appointments."

She broke off from staring at her own reflection and looked around. The room looked to be a doctor's office as advanced - maybe more so - as Dr Mid-Nite's.

"Please... let me go, home, Doctor Lloyd. I'm all better. I was only late because I was fighting, uh, Black Manta."

It was worth a shot, she thought, though as this man was ultimately responsible for all the evil that had been done to her she didn't have high hopes.

"I do not wish to hear your delusions at least until we discuss your nymphomania. If you don't get onto the examination bed right now, I'll call my receptionist to put you on it, and then I will have to set your bones afterwards."

The doctor's voice was harsh and unfeeling, lacking any human warmth at all. Clearly, faking a bedside manner didn't fit into his delusions of medical competence, and the idea of him adjusting a broken arm filled her with horror. She climbed into the bed and laid flat. The thin pillow felt wrong under her smooth shaven scalp, and the mirror on the ceiling didn't belong in any real doctor's office. As soon as she was laid down, the Doctor reached for soft straps hanging from the bed and went around the sides to strap down her arms and legs. She examined him as he looked her over.

Doctor Lloyd was short, barely an inch taller than Stargirl - even in her bare feet - balding, and slightly overweight, thick glasses and a white doctor's coat that dropped to his shoes. His red hair clashed with skin that seemed far too pale, though she recognized the old man's face in his. Courtney wondered if he was forced to stay away from the sun because of a tendency to burn too easily, or if it was pale because he was a dork who spent all his time inside. She hadn't connected the name initially, but she recognized him from his software work on seeing his face. They even had some of his companies programs running at the JSA brownstone because Mister Terrific thought they were the best available! The man was a computer genius, the eldest son of family which traced American ancestors back to the days of the British colonies. She thought he even had a doctorate, but in computer sciences or something rather than an MD. She was sure that nobody had any idea of the perversity lurking behind his awkward bumbling facade.

For Lloyd's part he was overjoyed with his freshly arrived property. All the whores he'd fucked would do anything for money, but the power he felt had waned as the years went by. He needed an unwilling slave to play patient. He enjoyed his incompetent versions of medical testing as much as he enjoyed the actual sexual contact. Again, it was all about power. Money had bought him a woman, he thought, not some cheap whore but an actual superheroine. He fully intended to 'treat' her in costume before long, and had ordered a few other costumes and wigs for her to play other superheroines, too. Someone like Huntress, who would be far too dangerous to kidnap unless he fancied his balls nailed to a wall, could be portrayed by someone who'd come from the same profession. He idly entertained a mental image of Stargirl dressed as Huntress and being roughly fucked by several of his guards - perhaps after she'd outgrown the braces.

He checked his notes for the lines he'd written himself,

"I have good news, Stargirl. The tests are back and your chemotherapy has cured the vaginal cancer you caught whoring yourself out to Doctor Phosphorous. We won't have to cut out your clitoris. Once again, I, Doctor Lloyd, have saved you again from the side effects of your super nymphomania. Say thank you."

Courtney looked at him with some confusion, realized that he didn't understand Phosphorus's powers, and then, quietly, "Thank you, Doctor Lloyd."

"Sadly, though, I have still to cure your nymphomania. Did you think I wouldn't hear you raping my receptionist out there? The poor man! If you'd had your cosmic staff I'm sure he wouldn't have survived your depraved assault."

The outrageous unfairness of the accusation shocked Courtney so much she almost began to cry again. The Doctor seemed happy with her reaction. He reached over and squeezed her breasts hard enough to leave angry red finger marks. She bit her tongue to avoid crying out in pain,

"Just testing for lumps, Stargirl."

He slapped her left breast, then her right. It hurt, but not terribly so.

"The blood reacts well. You have fine circulation."

Doctor Lloyd picked up a speculum from his instrument table. It glistened with lubricant, and Stargirl shook her head as he approached with it.

"I'm going to conduct a cervical examination," he explained.

She doubted she would ever get used to strangers touching her pussy; Doctor Lloyd was the fifth man in 24 hours to feel her labia as he spread the lower lips with his left hand, and pushed in the shiny too. Stargirl moaned as the cold metal penetrated her, and offered a silent prayer that he would be competent enough not to try opening it too widely. She felt him push it in as far as it would go, and watched as he began turning the screw. She groaned again as he opened her wide. He stopped just slightly the right side of discomfort. Her prayer had been answered; small consolation with every other one of the previous day ignored.

"By god, Stargirl! Your cervix looks like it has been kissed by what we in the medical profession call a big black bitchtamer of a phallus. Did it belong to man or horse? Is there no depth to which your super nymphomania won't drag you?"
Courtney knew arguing was futile, but being blamed for her own rape too much to bear.

"I was raped! D-Doctor Lloyd. You know this; you're responsible; you hired that man!"

"Delusions, Stargirl. You're very sick. I have sworn the hippo oath like all doctors," he broke off his pompous spiel as he looked more closely, "Sweet Jesus, there's still sperm clinging in here, even though you've been scrubbed by the finest cleaner money could hire. I've had professional sex workers on my examination table with cleaner vaginal orifices; cleaner rectums too!"

He positioned a hand mirror to let his patient see inside herself reflected back from the ceiling. It seemed to the captured superheroine that her freshly shaven pussy was deeper than she would have thought possible - surely it was a trick of perspective, or had Tyrone actually stretched her out? She looked away and focused on the rest of her body. Courtney hardly recognized herself in the bald, puffy eyed woman strapped on the examination bed. The word 'dehumanized' flitted through her mind. It was as if she had been reduced to a frame for a vagina, breasts, and a mouth.

"I hope you haven't copulated with many animals. There are some deeply unpleasant infections that can result," he spoke his latest degrading remark, Lloyd Lloyd unscrewed and then removed the speculum, and smelled the metal.

Courtney wondered if he kept a collection of used panties. He seemed the type. His face flushed as he drew in her intimate scent, but after a moment he simply tossed the speculum aside. The strapped down superheroine watched in mounting fear as he plugged the cord of a sex toy into a wall socket. She'd giggled over small dildos before, but the thing Doctor Lloyd began to lube up looked like a big rubber bat. She was sure the jelly-like exterior covered a hard core, while the curious outcrop at the side looked like a snail horns. Doctor Lloyd fitted the lubed toy into a kind of harness, and then unstrapped Courtney's left leg.

"You were originally referred to me by Mister Terrific," lied Doctor Lloyd, "he explained that during your time with the JSA you had developed an obsession with penises in general and the penis of the African male in particular."

"That's not true!"

"Really? Surely you know of my dealings with Mister Terrific? Look, there's even a picture of us shaking hands in my office."

That much alone was true; the picture had obviously been taken at a technological conference at which Mister Terrific had spoken, but she knew the superhero would never have sold out one of those in his team to a pervert like Lloyd. Courtney Whitmore still blushed at the accusation. She had been attracted to Mister Terrific, but not because of anything in his pants, only because of his heroic nature and kindly eyes.

"You were in danger of bringing the Justice Society of America into disrepute. You kept trying to sexually assault criminals with only your colleagues restraining you. Your inability to remember this is part of your delusional state. Luckily for you, I was able to arrange to have you brought to me. We will treat your obsession by a technique of my own devising; to wit, you will have more penis than you can handle until you become thoroughly sick of it. My receptionist will assist in your treatment, and many of my household staff. We're going to help you Stargirl, as surely as your orthodontist is helping your teeth with those braces."

She listened in growing wonder and sinking heart to the man's madness, and what his threats clearly intended for her. Shaking her newly bald head she could only mutter, "You're insane!"

As he had talked, the Doctor had re-strapped Courtney's leg, and repeated the process with the other until the harness sex toy's was around her legs like a pair of lowered panties, and the dildo pointed at her crotch, like a reversed strap-on. It was a strap-in dildo. He pulled the harness up the legs of his patient until the lubed rubber crown pressed into her smoothly shaven pussy. In the ceiling mirror, it appeared too big to fit, but Courtney gasped as her no-longer virginal orifice accepted the stretching toy. It felt as cold as the speculum had inside her, but not painful. The hard core was cushioned by the rubber outer sheath. She wriggled uncomfortably on the bed as the Doctor pushed the full length between her labia, and then securely strapped the harness around her hips. She felt the leather biting into her flat stomach, the deep artificial penetration, and the strange looking side protrusion seeming to fit around her clitoris. The little nub had already begun to react to her dildo penetration, and stuck erectly out, as much a sign of her body's arousal as her engorged labia.

"This is wrong! Please stop this! At least let me talk to Mister Terrific?"

"This is not wrong, this is medicine. Specifically, this equipment has been designed with the enthusiastic assistance of two dozen sex workers for the treatment of nymphomania."

"I'm not a nymphomaniac! I'm a superheroine!"

"The first step will be admitting you have a problem, Stargirl."

He attached cold circles to Stargirl's chest, with wires running back to a machine that immediately began to record her heartbeat in steady beeps. It looked to Courtney like a customized version of something from a real hospital, with the customization being the additional circles he attached over each of her nipples. There was a surprising weight to them; small motors seemed to be built in and powered by the machine. She couldn't expel the strapped in dildo, and her attempt to shake off the things wired over her nipples only gave the Doctor an arousing show as he unbuttoned his white coat. Worse, the oversized toy moved pleasurably inside her. Inert for the moment, she was not načve enough to imagine it would remain so. She'd seen battery vibrators buzzing, and they'd seemed powerful enough. What the hell kind of force would a mains-powered sex toy vibrate with, in comparison? It wouldn't be long before she found out. she eyed a small hand remote as the nearly naked man dropped it onto the bed.

"Ok! I admit I am a nymphomaniac! Will you let me speak to the JSA to say sorry?"

The doctor chuckled. He was like the physical embodiment of cold spaghetti. Stripped to his socks and sandals, Doctor Lloyd climbed onto the end of the examination bed. He pulled the pillow away, and dropped it off so that he could kneel astride Courtney's head. Doctor Lloyd's cock was a good five inches long, thicker than average and stood straight and hard from a tangled ginger bush. His body was as clean as his mind was dirty, but as he knelt at her head Courtney smelled his fresh sweat and arousal wash over her face. The miasma of masculine arousal intensified as he the dorky pervert pulled back his foreskin with one hand, and rubbed the crown across Courtney's shaven scalp.

"Now," began the Doctor, "tell me more about your obsession with the phallus of the African male."

He took up the remote and pushed the button. A buzzing sounded alongside the heart monitor's beeping as the dildo and nipple teasers powered up. Courtney responded with a high pitched squeak. She tried desperately to get out of her straps, but they were firm around her wrists and ankles. Her 18 year old body was at the very peak of young sexuality, sensitized by the repeated molestation since her rape. Her attempts to dislodge or avoid the toys on her nipples and deep inside her only increased the powerful sensations inflicted upon her. She felt pressure on her head, and realized the Doctor was holding it down with one hand as it rubbed his cock against it with the other.

"I'm sure that you're desperate for all cock, but do you especially love black cock?"

"Oh... oh god... ooohhhh! Take it out, please! It's too hard! It hurts! It hurts! Ahhhhhh!"

Doctor Lloyd stared eagerly down at Stargirl's pleasure twisted face. There was no hint of physical pain there. Her sexy blushing showed both how her body responded to the stimulation, but also how embarrassed she was to demonstrate it. He dropped his cock for the moment, and pressed two more buttons on the remote. Stargirl reacted as if he'd electrocuted her. The dildo's core included ball bearings which meant it was squirming inside his patient, even as it vibrated with more power than any battery toy. He could see her juiced up pussy squeezing wetly around it. There was a little give in the harness, just enough that Stargirl would feel the vibrating intensified.

"You will achieve climax shortly. Tell me how much you love black cock. Tell me now!"

Courtney's body was as arched off the bed as she could manage. She could barely understand the doctor over the sensations rocking her body, or the noise from the dildo's engine. It was like being raped by Amazo. There had always been a chance that, as a superheroine, Courtney would be strapped down and tortured for information. She was trained to resist pain, but not pleasure. And the Doctor... he didn't want secrets, anything that would threaten human lives, he just wanted her co-operation. The beeping had increased as her heart responded; her pussy filled and her nipples hard as diamonds.

"Yes!" she shouted, "I love black cock!"

Courtney's 'confession' trailed into a scream. She squirted, piss and juice, and saw stars exploding before her eyes enough to block out the sight of the cock rubbing across her face. The dildo didn't stop; she felt it speeding up, her well stretched pussy accommodating it from sheer physical arousal even as Stargirl's self loathing grew. This was a sexual assault as brutal and unjust as Tyrone's had been, but still she couldn't stop herself. Straps bit into her wrists as she subconsciously tried to add her fingers to the vibrating tines at her clit.

"Tell me more!" grunted Lloyd, "unless you want to be here all night! Pleasure turns to pain after time!"

Stargirl could just about see him masturbating himself over her face. No longer rubbing against her sweat sheened skin, his fingers flew back and forth along his thick shaft. She was repulsed; a villainous dork of a man pleasuring himself over her. He'd taken her hair, her dignity, he'd made her into as much as a sex toy as the vibrating dildo.

"I want to be fucked, I want all the big black men to use me! I want them to fuck me over and over!"

"Do you want a black baby, Stargirl?"


"Shout about how much you love nigger cock!"


Doctor Lloyd came explosively. He didn't have the volume of Tyrone, but he still sent thick, stringy blasts across Stargirl's thrashing shaved head, her squeezed shut eyes, and her wide drooling mouth. Spouting racism, and lewd phrases, the plucky Stargirl caught the full blast of his rape enhanced climax. The whores couldn't fake this, none of them could. The dildo pounded her on, climax after climax, as the Doctor knelt, panting fiercely, his drooping cock dripping onto Stargirl's scalp. He thought she looked incredibly hot with his come on her face, but as his pleasure faded her felt a pang of guilt. This was a woman, a heroine, dragged from her friends and forced to fulfill his pleasure. He fumbled for the remote, and killed the toys. Stargirl's sudden scream of frustration told him she'd stopped just short of another orgasm. He watched in a daze as she wiggled enough to grind her clit against the tines, and then came again. The self-pleasuring killed his guilt trip.

"Did you think about that Tyrone raping you, to get you off that last time?" he panted.

Broken voiced, teary eyed, Stargirl sobbed out a "Yes."

It was true. She'd lost control, the pleasure too much for her. She'd forgotten her situation, forgotten her lack of consent. All she'd wanted was that last desperate orgasm, and in her mind she'd imagined Tyrone throwing her down, slamming his cock back between her legs. Then, suddenly, her cries had been muffled as Jacques had fed her a cock. The powerful mental image of the two hyper-masculine men at either end had driven her to grind against the stilled dildo until she came again.

"We'll have to train that racism out of you. If my nursing staff heard you shouting the N-word like that, I'd be facing lawsuits."

After slipping back into his white coat, he unstrapped Stargirl's dildo harness. The slurping noise the toy made as he pulled it out made her shudder. He shoved the rubber shaft into her face to show her how dripping wet it was, and made her lick her own juices from the length. When he spoke to her again, she answered in a hollow voice as she thought he wanted,

"How do you taste, Stargirl? How does a superwhore taste? Do you like licking your own pussy, Stargirl?"

"Yes, Doctor Lloyd."

"Would you lick Moesha's 50 year old pussy?"

"Yes, Doctor Lloyd."

"Gross. Now... time for some more tests."

Over the following hour and in increasingly humiliating ways, the Doctor applied tests of a pseudo-medical nature to Stargirl. Many of them involved her genitals or breasts. Lloyd had the ability to take correct samples for STDs, at least, and they would be able to get actual results back on some of them. He genuinely doubted she had any disease; they surely had good medical cover in the JSA. Tyrone raping Stargirl had been a part of the deal - he'd sold getting first crack at her crack by claiming it would help to break her in - but the man had been tested first and found clean.

"Nearly finished, Stargirl," Doctor Lloyd finally announced, "I wonder if we'll find midiwhorians in your blood?"

"I don't know, Doctor Lloyd," replied Stargirl, 'nerd' she thought.

The sticky mess he'd left on her face had quickly cooled quickly, and started to dry. She blinked the crust away, and wished she could clear the cold stale arousal from her thighs, too. Courtney was exhausted by the time Doctor Lloyd finished playing with her. She had been awake for nearly 24 hours, except for her brief unconsciousness in Tyrone's car. Her body was sore from both the sexual assaults and the numerous samples taken, and she'd been really embarrassed by the stool and urine samples the doctor had made her donate. The last thing Doctor Lloyd did was to give Stargirl an enema that brought disturbing sexual feelings back into her body. He didn't do it quite right, and the noises she made expelling the fluid made him giggle. She was so thirsty that it was a relief when he picked up a large syringe filled with clear liquid and said,

"Drink this, Stargirl."

She did so, suckling on the plastic tip as he slowly fed her the contents of the syringe. After the first gulp, she knew there was something more than water in the tube, but she needed fluid so much she drank anyway. After all, if he really intended to kill her she'd probably be already dead. Doctor Lloyd watched her drink with barely suppressed excitement, as if he'd masterminded some incredibly complex plan against a dangerous and free superheroine rather than just offering a drink to a helplessly strapped down dehydrated woman. As the last of the fluid went into her mouth, the first gulps began to affect her through the lining of her throat.

He watched with glee as her eyelids fluttered and shut. Stargirl's head dropped back against the replaced pillow, and the tenseness seemed to leave much of her body. Doctor Lloyd dropped the emptied syringe back down and leaned closely over his victim's face a he spoke,

"How stupid are you?," he asked the unconscious woman as he stripped back out of his white coat, "I'm a Doctor! I can drug you any time I want!"

The Doctor slapped Courtney's face. There was no reaction. He pinched her clit between thumb and forefinger, and squeezed. She groaned, eyelids fluttered, but did not awaken. He laughed again, and unstrapped first her ankles, and then her wrists. The cowardly pervert was unwilling to admit to himself that the bound superheroine had actually scared him while she was awake. If his loyal bodyguard hadn't been in the next room, he wouldn't have dared touch her to strap her down, and even after she was secured he'd been afraid. His earlier post-climax guilt had fully faded back into a sense of power and lust. He found a pair of wireless headphones, and activated them, before slipping them over Stargirl's head. Supposedly, the recording had been designed by a hypnotist as a subliminal slut trainer. He heard a little of the soothing voice as it fitted it across her ears,

" a slut. I live to serve cock. I am-"

"I'm an equal opportunity employer," he told her, though she had no chance of hearing him, "I've as many black employees as other races, but the ones who'll be working with you all have one thing in common - big, thick, cocks. I'm going to have you gangbanged so hard your mother will feel it, Slutgirl."

Doctor Lloyd's cock had grown back to hardness as he moved the limp bodied girl around on the bed. He twisted her legs round until she lay sideways across the bed, with her head hanging back and legs wide. Bending over the drugged girl's crotch, he tasted her intimately. The misogynistic millionaire breathed deeply as he lapped at her freshly shaven slit. His skills had been trained by the whores; he'd paid them extra not to bullshit him, and he recognized Stargirl's pussy respond, her labia swelling and opening again. Her breasts seemed to rise more as she breathed faster, while little twitches in her limbs demonstrated a side effect of the drug. He probed deeper, fully tasting his moaning prisoner. He kept going until the limp body stiffened, and shuddered, and he tasted a burst of fresh teen juice right from the source.

"This is my property now!"

He snarled, suddenly, and swatted her sopping pussy with his hand. The doctor stalked around the bed, his fat five inches of meat gripped in one hand. He took Stargirl's smooth scalp with the other and pushed the glans into the sleeping girl's face. He liked the way her cheek bulged out as he pushed his cock against the inside, and greatly enjoyed the wet warmth of Stargirl's mouth. He kept one hand on her head to keep her jaw open, but dropped the other down to molest the 18 year old's breasts. She was completely unaware of what the Doctor was doing to her body, not even dreaming under the drug's effect. He had made a superheroine into a real doll.

"Oh, you costumed cunt! Your mouth is made for cock."

Courtney gagged in her sleep as his tool prodded the back of her mouth. He pushed harder until his fat crown popped into her tight throat. The Doctor adjusted her limp body in the bed, pulled her head back further and then humped her face, balls slapping on her nose and forehead. The gagging and coughing of the increasingly red faced girl pleasurably squeezed his prick. He felt a pang of regret over shaving her; she would look better with hair hanging down. Still, the wigs could be attached with hairglue. Not just blonde, either.

"Fuck Stargirl! I want to feed Huntress my cock so bad," he muttered.

Doctor Lloyd felt his balls tightening quickly. Despite his epic whoring, his sexual stamina hadn't improved during especially exciting sex. He pulled reluctantly out with a satisfying pop, and stopped squeezing Stargirl's lightly bruised left breast. She had a nice rack, even laid out flat on her back. What was that joke about it being a common superheroine power? He held a mental image of straddling her chest, wrapping those teen tits around his shaft and pumping until he spewed his seed over her neck, but he doubted he'd be able to come again afterwards and there was something else he dearly wanted to do. The tit fuck could wait until next time. He bent down for a moment, and wetly kissed Stargirl's mouth; his own taste on her tongue and lips aroused him even more.

"Dirty cock-mouthed bitch!"

Though not especially out of shape, his whole body glistened with sweat. He flipped Stargirl over on the bed, and adjusted until the teen's unconscious body draped face forward over the side. He knelt down behind her and licked her asshole, but after the thorough cleaning and the enema there was barely any flavor to her body. He swirled his tongue around Stargirl's star and pushed it inside, feeling the muscle's tight resistance. He'd heard some say that rimming was degrading for the rimmer, but if he wanted to lick a teenage superheroine rape victim's asshole then by god he was going to get his money's worth. Anyway, she was asleep and wouldn't be telling anybody. There was no sign that Tyrone had broken the deal and fucked her there, and he doubted she'd ever had anyone else do it. Teenage relationships were not like porn; another thing his parade of high class whores had had to teach him. He'd been too shy to have one of his own and the family had been in a much worse financial situation at the time.

"This last part of your virginity is a burden upon you," declared Doctor Lloyd, between licks, "I shall relieve you of it."

Some of the big rules he'd learned from the whores were that men liked giving and receiving anal, girls generally didn't unless they had a strap on and were the giver and, finally, that rape victims didn't get a say in the matter. He chuckled at the thought as he stood and reached for a tube of lubricant. Doctor Lloyd applied the sex jelly evenly over his shaft and then worked it around and into the unconscious girl's saliva-glistening orifice. He finger fucked her ass with smooth, lubricated strokes, and opened her up to receive his shaft. No sense fucking her dry unless they wanted her torn and bleeding as a punishment, and if that was the case Jacques could order one of the guards to do it.

"This one's for all the people you teased swanning around in that costume, you super bitch!"

The doctor aimed his straining prick at Courtney's hole, pushed it against the hot lube-slick star. He eased his cock in past the tight but relaxed ring of muscle, then sodomised the girl fully with one swift thrust. The exquisite heat of Courtney Whitmore's ass drew a happy grunt from the rapist. He lent down and licked the side of her face, around his crusted semen, before gripping her hips and starting to hump her roughly. She had a fine, athletic ass, and womanly hips that excited him. Her shaved head risked making her look too manly from behind, but the press of her breasts at the side, and the curves of her thighs showed her 100% woman. She groaned in her unconscious state; her body responding again without aid of her mind. If she was awake, she might have screamed at the discomfort of an ungentle anal penetration.

"So... damn... tight..." he gasped, "I truly am your first, Stargirl? I bet you were hoping it'd be another black man, you nympho!"

He pulled Stargirl's back up against his hairy belly, and clasped his hands over the limp superheroine's breasts. They felt find in his hands, the perfect way to hold her steady as he stretched her rectum with his lubed up rod. He enjoyed the way her head bounced on her neck, and her hands shook and hung at her sides as he battered her buttocks with his hips. She remained unconscious during her anal rape, even as the doctor sped up his pelvic thrusts so that the examination bed rocked with the motion of the violation as he slammed her against the side hard side.

"All you superheroine bitches are good for... taking cock up the ass! Little slut! Can you feel my balls hit you? I'm all the way up your ass!"

Doctor Lloyd didn't care that Courtney couldn't hear him as he continued to taunt her. He stopped pawing her breasts and adjusted his grip to hold her throat with one hand. Her head lolled back towards him, and he forced another kiss onto her slack mouth. He tasted her braces, her teeth, her tongue, and felt a total sense of power over his victim. Never slowing his pumping of her super shithole, he dropped his other hand down from an erect nipple to Courtney's pussy and slid two fingers inside. She was wet enough to take them easily.

"That's good!" he grunted into her face. She groaned mindlessly in response.

It felt as if she tightened slightly as he pumped his fingers inside her, while still drooling, licking and kissing her face. He was so close to coming in Stargirl's ass. He tugged his fingers from between her shaven labia and squeezed her clit tightly. Her spincter, her whole rectum even, seemed to tighten fiercely around his cock. He came five inches inside Courtney Whitmore's ass, shooting his watery spunk towards her bowel. The Doctor's climax fired in five watery spurts; he grunted like a pig as he claimed his pleasure from the captured superheroine.

He released his hands from Stargirl, and let her face plant over the bed. She tugged half way off his cock, and he slowly withdrew the rest of the fast wilting shaft. He admired the speed with which Courtney's asshole closed up behind his fat crown, though a tricky of stained sperm leaked down towards her pussy. The enema hadn't been 100% effective, it seemed, though his cock looked fairly clean to him.

In the seconds after his ejaculation he once again felt a stab of guilt and shame. The limp body breathing heavily before him, ass up and face down, was a woman, a superheroine, who spent her life in the service of others. He had both violated her personally, and also had her violated, purely to satisfy his own urges. He stood catching his breath for a few seconds, and then cleaned his softened cock off with tissue paper. He started to wipe a sheet down Stargirl's asscrack, before deciding the task was beneath him.

'I'm Lloyd Wedge, damn it,' he thought, 'it isn't my job to wipe some dumb slut's ass.'

The guilt had faded faster the second time. He imagined that by the time he had raped her five or six times and seen her limbs emerging from between five or six men he wouldn't feel bad at all. She slapped his hand against his face at an opportunity missed by wiping his cock so fast. Then, deciding it was worth it anyway, he pulled Stargirl towards him over the bed. He gripped her neck in one hand, and pushed his limp cock between her lips. The sensitivity in his crown meant he could only wipe off the last drops of semen in her mouth before pulling his wilted tool out. The Doctor put his white coat back on, had a final proprietary fondle of Stargirl's ass, and then called for Jacques.

"Please take her away, have her cleaned up again, then take her to her room. Thank you."

Jacques nodded,

"Yes Sir. Uh, Sir?"

"What is it, Jacques?"

There was silence in the room, broken by a sudden bubble of semen from Stargirl's asshole before the big bodyguard asked in a quizzical tone,

"I love nigger cock, sir?"

Doctor Lloyd shrugged, suddenly embarrassed, and rubbed his neck awkwardly. He had a fine record as an equal opportunities employer. He'd even publically overridden his deep rooted hatred and fear of women to be well thought of by the female staff who didn't know about his past whoring or present - and even some who did. He saw the faintest edge of a smile on Jacques face, and suddenly knew his bodyguard understood, and wasn't really offended. The cry had just been a degrading rape thing he'd made Stargirl do. Ke could make it her ringtone if she was ever trained enough to be trusted with a cellphone. He cleared his throat, and slapped Stargirl's buttocks with a sharp open handed blow,

"The patient has a deep rooted racist streak. I'm sure you can train that out of her. As a committed nymphomaniac she's looking forward to your session tomorrow. Carry on, Jacques."

The bodyguard grinned openly then,

"Yes Sir."

Jacques didn't bother with a wheelchair. He simply flipped Stargirl up onto his shoulder and carried the teenager away like a ragdoll. Doctor Lloyd watched them go, and then headed off to have a snack prepared and drink some brandy.

End of Part 3

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If I can get it finished, there will be a concluding part 4. If I can't, this pretty much ends where the original version did, and you can assume one of these endings:

Stargirl escapes and pays Deathstroke to kill anybody who might threaten her family and to take revenge
Stargirl escapes and saves money by going all Revenge of the Ravenclaw on her tormentors.
Keen to secure a business deal with Waynecorp, Lloyd offers playboy millionaire Bruce Wayne a go on his slave. Hours later, he wakes up dangling off a very high building.
Power Girl finds and rescues Stargirl, subsequently telling investigators "Those men were all missing their balls when I arrived."
Private detective Tom Welles is hired to find out whether a video commissioned by the Presidential hopeful Tiberius Wedge's older brother is genuine.
It all goes second person and you rescue Stargirl. Or rape her. Because some of you probably would, you bastards.


The Porno Ending: Stargirl inexplicably decides she is really happy being raped a lot and becomes a total slut for her captors and then ends up a happy baby factory, rather than horribly traumatized.


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