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Date: 08/14/2007

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Strong language, graphic violence, transgender, voyurism, male solo
sex, male/female sex, female solo sex, female/female sex

Categories: Het, slash, bi

Pairing: Robin(transformed)/Speedy/Wonder Woman

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Other Notes: This AU story is a birthday gift for Mila Kunis, who was born on
August 14th, 1983 and I had chosen for the role of the female Robin.

Summary: As soon as three members of the Teen Titans beam themselves aboard
the satellite headquarters of the Justice League, both Green Arrow and the
Black Canary discover that Robin is transformed into a female as a result of
the battle against Raven's evil father, Trigon.

Dedication: Happy 24th Birthday to Mila Kunis! -- ATK 2007

Justice League Of America/New Teen Titans: New To Me
by Andrew Troy Keller ([email protected])

It was on the 14th day of the month of August within a large satellite that
was orbiting 22,300 miles above the Earth that two of the members of 'The
World's Greatest Superheroes' known as the Justice League America, the Green
Arrow (Oliver Queen) and the Black Canary (Dinah Lance) had been observing
all of the Earth monitors for any sign of dangerous evil against the innocent
citizens of the entire planet, only to have the Blonde Bombshell let out a
yawn and say, "I don't know about you, Ollie. But I don't think that I could
stand one more minute of monitor duty. How about you?"

But just as he was about to answer her question, the League's main teleporter
booth has suddenly activated itself and allowed three members of a team of
young super-powered heroes known as the Teen Titans -- Robin (Dick Grayson),
Kid Flash (Wally West) and Wonder Girl (Donna Troy) -- to beam themselves
aboard the JLA's satellite headquarters.

But after the two Justice Leaguers had walked themselves over to the three
Teen Titans and just as the Battling Bowman was about to ask the three young
heroes what were they doing there, both Dinah and Oliver had taken a good
look at Robin and discovered -- much to their shock -- that not only was he
unconscious, but he has also been unexpectedly transformed into a beautiful
young maiden with long dark-hair.

Just then, as soon as the Darknight Detective known as the Batman (Bruce
Wayne) has beamed himself aboard the League's satellite headquarters, the
concerned Caped Crusader has walked himself into the sick-bay, where the
JLA's resident sci-med expert known as the Flash(Barry Allen)was giving
the still-unconscious Robin a full examination.

"Well, Barry? How is she?" that was the question that the concerned Batman
has asked his fellow Justice Leaguer just before the Flash has taken a deep
breath, turned his eyes toward the Guardian of Gotham City and answered,
"Well, Bruce. Robin is still alive. At least, that's the good news. The bad
news is that it was Trigon himself who has caused the poor kid to be this

That has caused the shocked Batman to look at the Scarlet Speedster and
yelled, "WHAT?!" just before two of the Teen Titans, Kole (Kole Weathers)
and Jericho (Joseph Wilson) had walked into the room and placed themselves in
front of the Darknight Detective just in time for Kole to translate for the
mute Titan, while he starts explaining the whole thing.

"You see, Batman. It's like this," that was what Jericho -- who was speaking
through Kole -- has said before she had taken a deep breath. "Trigon has
finally tracked down Raven's mother, Arella and was about to use his demonic
strength to smash the living shit out of her entire body. But just as he was
about to do so, we were lucky enough to arrive just in time to get Arella out
of the battle zone and make sure that the demonic son-of-a-bitch stays away
from her. But then, after Cyborg has smashed his cybernetic fist right into
Trigon's face and caused him to go down for the ten-count, that piece-of-shit
has aimed his hand at Cyborg and was about to fire a mystical bolt of demonic
energy at him. But as soon as he has fired that very mystical bolt...!"

"Don't tell me, Jericho. Let me guess. Robin has placed himself right in the
path of that mystic bolt and saved Cyborg from it. Am I right?" that was the
question that the Batman has asked just before Jericho has let out a sigh
and nodded his head in response to the question and Kole has said, "And of
course, after Gar has transformed himself into a big bear and carried Robin
away from there, Kori has zoomed herself up towards Trigon and zapped him
right into his eyes, causing him to be blinded and unable to stop Cyborg from
firing his sonic weapon at the ground that he was standing on and cause him
to fall right down into a deep hole."

But just as Kole was about to say another word, one of the Batman's fellow
Justice Leaguers known as Wonder Woman (Princess Diana of Themyscira) has
walked into the room, took a deep breath and said, "Excuse me for
interrupting you and Barry like this, Bruce. Arthur is on the comm-link and
wants to talk to you."

But then, after Joe, Kole, Bruce and Barry had followed the Amazing Amazon
out of the sick-bay, the newly-transformed Robin has finally opened her
eyes, looked around and thought to herself, *What the fucking hell am I doing
inside JLA's sick-bay?*, just before she has looked at her body and began
having the feeling that something was wrong with her.

Of course, that has caused the confused Robin to get herself off of the
examination table and walk over to a full-length mirror just in time for her
to strip off all of her clothes, take a good look at her new reflection in
the mirror and made the shocking discovery that Trigon's mystic bolt has
transformed Dick Grayson into a young dark-haired babe.

But while she was still looking at her newly-transformed image in the mirror
with a single tear running down her cheek, one of the original Teen Titans
known as Speedy(Roy Harper)has stepped into the sick-bay to see how Robin
was actually feeling, only to have him get a real good look at the
newly-transformed Robin's wonderfully-built bare-ass naked body.

That has caused Roy to strip off all of his clothes and start stroking his
stiff cock just before he has moved himself closer to an unsuspecting Robin
and placed his hands on her bare shoulders, causing a surprised Robin to
quickly turn herself and look at her old teammate like she was about to ask,
"What the fucking hell are you doing, Roy? Have you gone fucking crazy?"

But just as she was about to say a single word, Roy has placed the tips of
his fingers on the newly-transformed Robin's lips and said, "Whoa! There's
no need for you to say anything. There's also no need for you to be afraid.
It's going to be okay. All you need to do now is just relax... and enjoy it."

And then, after Roy has kissed a reluctant Robin ever so passionately on the
lips, a sudden wave of pure sexual pleasure has overcame her very being and
allowed Roy to start licking all over her entire nude body -- all the way
down to her hot, wet pussy and carressing her firm breasts just before
Wonder Woman has walked herself back to the sick-bay and check on the
newly-transfomred Robin, only to have her discover what both Roy and Robin
were doing with each other.

And after Diana has stripped off all of her clothes and started pumping two
of her fingers in and out of her hot, moist snatch and carressing her own
tits with the other hand, the newly-transformed Robin has placed her hands
on Roy's bare shoulders and said, "Aaaahhhh, yeeeessss! That's it! Do it,
Roy! Touch me! Touch me there! Suck my wet pussy dry! Aaaahhhh!"

And then, after Diana has moved herself closer to the two newfound lovers and
began sucking on Robin's stiff mounds, the young and beautiful dark-haired
maiden who was suppossed to be known as Dick Grayson has suddenly realized
that even though she was a man trapped inside a woman's body, she was able to
experience the one thing that she has never experienced as a true female
before, for she was experiencing pure and untamed erotica... and enjoying
every minute of it.

Just then, after Roy has placed his stone hard dick inside Diana's pussy and
started licking on Robin's snatch, the newly-transformed Teen Wonder has
placed her hands on the Amazing Amazon's silky-smooth naked thighs and began
sucking on her tits, causing a sexually-energized Diana to place her hands
on Robin's bare back and yell at the top of her lungs, "AAAAHHHH, YES! THAT'S

And then, after the three newfound bi-sexual lovers had started moving
themselves harder and faster and their lovemaking has finally beamed herself
aboard the JLA satellite headquarters, Roy, Robin and Diana had came and
collapsed due to exhaustion and fell asleep with their naked arms in a
lover's embrace.

Just then, on the very next day, after all of the other members of the Teen
Titans had arrived at the Titans Tower on an island in the East River, New
York City for yet another meeting, a former member of the team known as
Speedy has walked into the meeting room, took a deep breath and said, "Hi,
Gang. I hope you guys don't mind that I introduce you to a new friend of
mine, Deborah Grayson."

And after the young and beautiful dark-haired maiden who was former known as
Dick Grayson has walked into the room, looked at the other Teen Titans, let
out a sigh and said, "Hi, Guys. Look, I know that you're wishing that they
could be someway for me to become a guy again, but after I had experienced
something that was new to me, I had decided that it would be better for me
to just quit the Titans and go start a whole new life for myself. But I just
wanted to say that I would always be with you guys in spirit and wish you the
best of luck."



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