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Justice League Of America Dark Angel Part 24 (no sex)
by Dimitri Maximoff

Gotham Water Processing - June 6th - 1:27 PM.

For nearly two minutes, Dominic had just remained with his back to the machine, his head craned around to stare at it, eyes wide in disbelief.

"H... how?" he gasped. A clank sounded within the machine, followed by a mad, high pitched giggle.

"No," Dominic cried, shaking his head, "It's not possible, no one can touch it but me."

Another giggle, and then the sound of a small engine trying to start up, then the sound came again, then again until it finally turned over and a noise familiar to millions of suburbanites came through from the other side of this side of The Machine.

"A chainsaw?" asked Superman, glancing aside at Martian Manhunter, who shrugged. The other four JLA'ers stood slightly behind them, all of them still naked but to engrossed on Batman's confrontation with Dominic to worry much about it.... although Kyle couldn't help but glance down occasionally at Wonder Woman and Huntress' asses.

"Can't you see through it?" asked J'onn.

"No, either it's lead lined or mystically shielded," Superman replied, "Although Batman doesn't seem to be very surprised."

With a grinding cry of metal on metal, sparks flew out from The Machine directly above Dominic's head. He spun about and backed away, coming up beside Batman without even realizing it, more interested in what was happening to his beloved Machine.

Quickly, with a noise that set Kyle's teeth on edge, a large square was cut out of The Machine, falling out and hitting the marble with a loud clang.

A long, lean leg passed through the square, the material of the pants purple, the shoe touching marble was purple as well.

"Interesting," muttered Batman.

"YOU did this!" snapped Dominic at The Dark Knight beside him.

"No, I didn't predict this," replied Batman, smiling slightly, "But it has a certain poetic justice, don't you think?"

"Now you should know, Dommy," laughed the unexpected newcomer, holding up the chainsaw and grinning insanely, "You just can't throw a party without inviting your old friend The Joker!"

Gotham Theatre - June 6th - 1:27 PM.

"Yeah, um, we're real sorry lady," muttered one man, looking down at his bare feet.

"Save it!" snapped Zatanna, pulling on a pair of pants she'd found lying on the ground. Her own costume was ruined, torn apart before she'd been fucked eight ways to Friday by six men, and she had to improvise.

She pulled the belt tight, and the apologetic man had to bite back what had come unbidden to his mind. Wearing pants three sizes too big for her and nothing else, with her large breasts in view and her dark hair still sticking to her hair, all her visible skin glistening from her sweat, she was an incredibly erotic sight.

"I'm going back to my flat," she growled, lifting up a flannel shirt and pulling it on, not bothering to button up, which just made for a more erotic sight, because when she moved about her breasts came into view, and her nipples had become erect from brushing against the material, "I'm going to pack my bags, cast a spell to make sure I don't get pregnant, then get the hell out of this City!"

She stormed past the five men, heading towards the exit where most of the people had already left, most embarrassed and running after The Signal had abruptly stopped and left them clear to think again. Suddenly she stopped, twisted about and eyes the men dangerously.

"And if any of you dare breath a word about any of this, I'll see to it that you wake up singing soprano.... and believe me, I can make it happen!"

She twisted about and walked out with dignity and poise.

None of the men had the courage to tell her that the pants she was wearing were split in the seat and they could see a good deal of firm, swinging, naked ass.

Dick Grayson's Home - Bludhaven - June 6th - 1:27 PM.

Dick sat up in his bed, alone, with his own cum and nobody else's all over his chest and the sheets.

"A fucking wet dream," he muttered to himself, "Haven't had one of those in years."

He got up, pulled the sheets off the bed, rolled them up, threw them into the hamper and slumped back down on the bed, falling instantly asleep again.

He would probably hate himself the next day when he found out that he could have had guilt free sex with anyone he wanted to and had wasted it on a wet dream.

Que Sera, Sera.

An Undisclosed Location - Metropolis - June 6th - 1:27PM

Lois buttoned up her suit jacket.

"Ahem," she coughed slightly.

Lana pulled her skirt up over her hips.

"Heh," she started, then blushed furiously and looked down at the ground again.

Lex checked his tie in the mirror, whistling merrily.

"Not a word of this, Luthor, to anyone, ever," Lois growled.

"Of course, Ms. Lane," replied Lex with a smile, "Or should I call you Lois, we're certainly on somewhat closer terms with each other now."

"Not a word, Luthor!" she repeated, scooping up the documents that he'd provided, "To anyone!"

"Of course," he replied, still smiling, "I won't tell a soul what happened here today."

He cocked an eye at the corner of the room where the hidden camera was situated, smiling as the two women left the room, ready to head up in the lifts and go back to The Daily Planet.

- Of course, you didn't say anything about not showing anyone, did you, Lois? - he thought with a smile.

JLA WatchTower - The Moon - 1:27 PM. Gotham Time.

Barda, Steel, Aquaman and Plastic Man lay on the floor, unconscious and naked.

The price of trying to pull Orion away from Maxima.

The two redheads were going at it like animals, fucking each other with hard, pounding thrusts of hips against hips, both of them moaning and crying out in ecstasy.

Catwoman lay on the Lab Table, legs spread as she jerked herself off happily, content for the moment to watch Orion fuck Maxima hard, but already making plans to seduce him.

She knew that The Signal had finished, the overwhelming lust in her mind had been taken away, but she'd already decided that she was having too much of a good time to let a little thing like that stop her. It was going to be a good day.

Gotham Water Processing - June 6th - 1:30 PM.

"Why," Dominic hissed through gritted teeth, "Why Joker, don't you realize the world could have been ours!"

"Of course I do!" laughed The Joker, "Don't you get it, Doms? That's the JOKE!!!!"

"The joke?"

"Yesssss!" laughed Joker, "I saved the world! ME! The Joker, The biggest psycho of them all! hahahah!!! Not The JLA! Not Batman, but meeee!"

"How did you get here, Joker?" asked Batman.

"Oh Bats!" cried The Joker, throwing his forearm to his head in mock dismay, "The devil made me do it!"

"Neron," said Batman, nodding his head as if in grim satisfaction.

"That BASTARD!" screamed Dominic, slamming his fist into the ground, melting marble into slag, "It'll take me years to redesign another machine that mixes magic and technology so well."

"No it won't," replied Batman, "You won't get another chance, your career in corrupting souls ends here."

Dominic swung about, forgetting Joker momentarily as his anger built at been talked to cavlierly by, of all things, a human! He swung one white hot fist at Batman, who easily dodged aside from the blow, lifting his cape open wide.

"You ignorant animal!" screamed Dominic, all subtlety and genius gone in his rage, "I'll tear your soul apart with MY TEETH!!!!"

He launched himself at Batman, but instead of getting closer, the interior of Batman's cape just got wider and wider, larger and larger before his startled eyes. Before he could react, he was surrounded by blackness, deep, impenetrable blackness.

He was floating in some kind of anti-limbo, eternal darkness instead of eternal whiteness, the dark nothing so huge and unrelenting that it was almost a physical thing.

He lashed out at nothing, screaming in mindless rage, then forced himself to calm down.

"Relax," he said, "Think, act, don't react."

He willed himself to be teleported to the apartment where he'd seduced Dinah, from there he could make his way to a place where he would be safe from everyone, Neron included.

And his face slammed against some kind of hard, unyielding and invisible material.

His eyes grew wide as he saw the giant face looking down at him from the other side of the material. It was a long way up, far up a long, long arm of white flesh.

"YOU!" he cried in disbelief.

"Yes, me," replied Morpheus, The Sandman, and leaned forward so his face filled Dominic's entire world, "One of The Endless, one older by far than even you."

"Why, I never threatened you," cried Dominic, "What do you care if I corrupt the souls of Earth and take Hell as my domain?"

Suddenly an image filled Dominic's vision, a vision of himself, face bloodied and battered, shoving Batman against a steel rail and screaming directly into his face.

"I am The First Born Son Of Hell, I am going to corrupt each and every soul on this planet, Dark Knight, and I am going to let you watch me do it. I will destroy everything good about this miserable planet, I will take away their hopes and their dreams, hell! when I rule in hell I won't even let them dream... it'll be an eternity of misery for them, working under me! I am not scared of anyone, especially not you, dammit! I scare Neron himself! Do you really think I could be defeated by the likes of you!?!"

"This Batman sought me out in my realm," Morpheus said, reappearing, his face bland, as if Dominic wasn't really worth all this attention, "Quite an impressive feat, he shouldn't even know I exist, let alone how to contact me."

His face was everywhere, nowhere Dominic turned his panic gaze was Morpheus not, "Dreams are my domain, Child Of Hell, and no one may cull from my herd, not even by so paltry an amount as a few billion souls."

The Sandman turned about, his black cloak twisting about and revealing a cosmos inside it's folds, and tossed the globe containing Dominic almost indifferently into the chest off to his side. The globe lay next to countless others, including one holding a fearsome, starfish like creature known as a Star Conquerer. Dominic beat his fists upon the glass of the pitch black globe in sobbing fury, bringing all of his formidable powers to bear and not even putting a smudge on the inside of the glass.

For all his plans, all his subtle maneuvers over countless eons, he'd been undone by a throwaway comment made in the heat of anger to a human of little to no consequence.

Gotham Water Processing - June 6th - 1:35 PM.

"All of that was a dream?" asked Kyle, confused.

"A waking dream," replied Batman, "The Children Of Hell don't sleep, but they can dream, when he fell over and hit his head, it was the opening Morpheus needed to put him to sleep, albeit mentally. After that, everything that happened wasn't real, but at the same time, it was.

"My head hurts," said Wally.

"You're all naked," laughed The Joker.

"What are we going to do about him?" asked Superman, pointing at The Joker. Batman turned to look at his arch-nemesis and frowned slightly.

"Explain yourself, Joker."

"Neron was shitting himself, Bats!" laughed Joker, "He got so desperate to off Dommy that he gave me superpowers and hoped that I'd find a way to throw a monkey wrench into the works, hahahahahahahaha!"

"A desperate gamble," said The Manhunter with a nod, "The Joker's unpredictable nature was possibly the only thing that could have put off Dominic's meticulously designed plans. Neron knew he couldn't outsmart his rival, but he hoped to ruin his plans, or at least stall them."

"And now," laughed The Joker, "There's nothing that you guys can do to stop me, I've got powers for 24 hours, Neron promised! And I can teleport out of here anytime I want to anyplace! I could go to a volcano and sleep in the lava if I wanted, coz I made myself invulnerable to physical pain of any sort! That's how I got into The Machine without dying, hahahahahahaha!"

Batman held up a gas canister and sprayed it into The Joker's face. The Clown Prince of Crime let out a low groan and fell to the ground, unconscious.

"That'll put him out for at least an hour," Batman muttered, "We can get him sedated at The Watchtower after that, and when the 24 hours are up we'll send him back to Arkham."

"Um, guys," said Wally, blushing slightly as he felt his cock beginning to twitch slightly, a result of being so close to two incredibly beautiful and naked heroines in The Huntress and Wonder Woman, "Could we, um, get dressed?"

JLA WatchTower - The Moon - 4:00 PM. Gotham Time.

Orion nursed his jaw angrily but said nothing, the new Mother Box that Barda had retrieved from Apokolips calming him enough not to attack Wonder Woman, who had leveled him with one blow after he refused to stop screwing Maxima.

"Okay," said Superman to the assembled JLA, "We have a problem, that being, just how do we deal with the ramifications of what happened here?"

The entire JLA were assembled in The Hall Of Justice: Superman, Batman, Flash, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, Aquaman, Steel, Big Barda, Orion, Plastic Man, Huntress, Zauriel, and, in hologrammatic form, Oracle.

The runes holding Zauriel and Supergirl in The Aerie had cracked and broken all of a sudden, and suddenly they'd been no longer in Limbo, but back in Los Angeles.

He and Supergirl had said an uncomfortable goodbye, each unsure how to deal with their obvious attraction towards each other. Then he'd headed up to The Moon to try and figure out what had happened, and had been rather relieved to discover that The JLA had dealt with the problem effectively enough without him.

"We have to organize some kind of press conference," Superman said, "Explain just what happened, there are a lot of confused people out there, it's not every day that the world suddenly starts having sex at the same time."

"Is that such a good idea?" Batman asked, loudly enough to have all attention focused onto himself.

"I don't understand, what do you mean?" Superman asked.

"Are you really suggesting that we tell the world that a demon from Hell drove everyone into wild acts of sexual deviancy so that he could corrupt their souls enough to lead a revolt against Satan and take over Hell?"

"When you put it like that Batman, it hardly seems...."

"That's the way it'll be seen, Superman, whether you put it another way or not. Think for a second of the ramifications of such an act, can The JLA really be allowed to validate one religion over another? Won't that lead to worse acts of violence by other, extreme religious sects on another, will The JLA be seen as a proponent for one Church over another and opponents to others?"

"On the subject of religion...." started Zauriel, but Batman cut him off.

"What about copycat crimes after this? If another scientist gets the idea in the head, what's to stop another Sphere being made? We've already destroyed the prototype that Dominic stole, do we want more made? And used on cities? On towns? Can you imagine if it got used in Washington D.C? The President is already trying to destroy the tapes taken at the Press Conference earlier today when he was filmed in a threesome with the First Lady and that Monica woman."

"Are you suggesting we lie?" asked Superman.

"I suggest we omit certain facts," Batman replied, "Telling the whole truth would only do unnecessary damage."

"Then what do you suggest?" asked J'onn.

"That The Joker took over a series of military satellites and bombarded the Earth with a inhibition shattering broadcast signal derived from psychotropic drugs developed by The Key. The machine he was using overloaded while The JLA was attempting to stop him and the ensuing explosion wiped out all traces and records of The Signal and the drugs."

"But The Joker saved the day!" cried Superman, "If anything, he's to be commended!"

"He did them for his own reasons," replied Batman, "Reasons far from noble, I can assure you. Dominic meant to see him dead, and in a Hell ruled by Dominic, The Joker wouldn't last very long.... believe me, he'll be more than happy to take the blame, he'll take it as the greatest joke of all, he saves the world and gets condemned for it."

"I find it just a little creepy that you'd know how he thinks, man," Kyle said.

"If you want to defeat your enemy, you have to know how they think," Batman replied.

"I don't like the idea of lying to the public, Batman," Superman said, his face grim, "I think we should tell them the truth."

"Fine," said Batman with a dismissive wave of his hand, "While you're at it, mention the seventy or so Pale Martians living disguised as humans on this planet. Tell them that they're all as powerful, if not more so, than yourself and that they'd never be able to tell them apart from regular people."

"This is hardly the same," growled Superman, "We....."

"We could argue this all day," interrupted J'onn, "I think it would be best to put the matter to a vote."

"I agree," said Kyle, then recoiled slightly when all eyes turned on him, "Uh... I mean, you know, let's all have a say in this, you know, and, uh, then we'll feel a bit better, because it's our decision to, you know."

Superman hesitated, then nodded, "Very well, we'll vote, each one of us, say truth or lie."

"And say what you truly feel is right," said Batman, "Not what you think we want to hear."

"In the event of a tie, I get casting vote as Chairman," said Superman, he looked over at Batman, "Any objections?"

"None," replied Batman.

Oracle started.

"Lie," she said, her hesitation to say something else afterwards hidden by the fact that she was seen only as a hologrammatic face in the middle of the Meeting Table.

"Truth," said Green Lantern, "Bats.... I," Batman held up a hand, signaling for silence, and Kyle held his breath.

"I'm with crabface," said Flash, "Truth."


"Shhhh," whispered The Fastest Man Alive with a smile.

"Yes, truth," said Zauriel simply, leaving it at that.

"Lie," said Plastic Man, and clicked his tongue against the top of his mouth, "Lalalalalie."

Big Barda hit him on the back of the head in irritation, then cast her vote, "Lie."

"Lie," grunted Orion, then went back to nursing his jaw.

"Truth," said Wonder Woman simply.

"Yes, truth," Steel echoed.

"Lie," said Aquaman grumpily, still more than a little pissed off that no one had paid any attention to his problem with the giant squid.

"Lie," said Huntress.

That left Batman, Superman and The Manhunter.

"Truth," said Superman, his eyes twisting to look at Batman.

"Lie," replied The Dark Knight, looking straight ahead at nothing.

"What's the score?" asked Kyle.

"7 to 6 to the liars, with one vote to go," said The Flash, looking over at Martian Manhunter.

Superman smiled, relieved that things were going his way, J'onnz's vote would make it a tie and then Superman could make the Chairman's decision, to tell the truth. J'onn sighed, bringing a hand up over his eyes.



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