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Justice League Of America: Dark Angel Part 20 (MMMMFF,MF,orgy,oral,anal,mc,exhib,voy)
by Dimitri Maximoff

Gotham Water Processing - June 6th - 1:05 PM.

Dominic, the only person on The Earth unaffected by The Signal, stared with undisguised pleasure. The Signal was being sent out in continuous waves which bolstered each previous wave, creating a constant, unwavering signal around the entire world.

And all about him The JLA were pulling off their clothes, their eyes all over each other, their arousal clear, all their thoughts of whether this was right or wrong had disappeared, they didn't care that they were being mind controlled, they didn't care that they were supposed to be The Justice League Of America, The World's Greatest Superheroes.

- Although I'm not the only person unaffected by The Signal, - Dominic thought to himself, staring up at The assembled Scientists, who were watching the near naked heroes with growing excitement. They all had the counter signal being pumped though their neuro-cortexes by chips implanted there upon their arrival. It was a necessary countermeasure in case of any accidents while tinkering with The Sphere, but now it left them immune to The Signal's effects.

"Ah well, they'd corrupted their souls enough anyway," he murmured to himself, "And I really have no further need for their corporeal forms."

He reached one hand up almost nonchalantly and a blast of foul smelling wind seemed to erupt across the room, throwing the startled Scientist's against the wall. They screamed in agony as their flesh was ripped from their bodies, then their bones and organs, their very cellular structure obliterated.

Now fourteen of the most brilliant Scientist's in America were nothing but shadows against the wall, shadows that now peeled from the wall and made their way past the naked, groping heroes and made the proper obeisance to their Master.

"Guard this Throneroom," Dominic told them, "Allow nothing and nobody to pass without my clearance."

They accepted this and moved away silently, covering every possible entrance to the large room.

Dominic settled down on the top step, placing one leg over the other's knee and chuckling to himself as he reveled in the final fruits of his labors.

Wonder Woman, left only in her tiara and red boots, was on all fours, her fantastic ass presented towards Superman, her large breasts hanging above The Flash's face, the speedster on his back beneath her. The Martian Manhunter stood in front of her, an incredibly long cock before her face, so wide that even in her lust-addled state, Wonder Woman was glad it was going in her mouth and not into her cunt or ass.

Off to the side, Huntress stood with her ass pressed against Green Lantern's crotch, grinding her tight, firm buttocks against Kyle's groin as he bit and sucked at her neck, feeling up her firm breasts, fiddling with her nipples while his other arm ran down over her waist and between her legs, grinding his fingers over her erect clitoris.

"Fuck me!" she moaned as he humped against her ass.

"Just wait," Kyle whispered into her ear, even as filled with desire as he was, his artist's mind had stumbled onto a scene so erotic that he had to follow it up, "You're gonna love what I have in mind."

Wonder Woman's knees were on either side of The Flash's thighs, as The Fastest Man Alive had slid down beneath her, his eyes drinking in the sight of her giant, fantastic breasts only inches from his face. His hands slid up over her hips and he pulled himself up, his cock pressing against her open cunt, and then with a groan of intense pleasure as he fulfilled one of his greatest fantasies.

He fed inch after inch of hard, erect cockmeat into her until his curly tufts of red pubic hair were brushing against her clitoris, the base of his cock against her bald, dripping cuntlips.

He paused momentarily, the feel of the velvet warmth of The Amazon's cunt threatened to send him over the edge immediately, but the pause, coupled with his incredible metabolism, allowed him to hold off, and he was able to make a few, quick fucks into her cunt, loving the feel of her snatch gripping onto his shaft. Wonder Woman moaned happily at the feel of a cock inside her cunt once again, and she wondered how she'd ever been able to get along without one.

A pair of hands gripped onto her plump, curved asscheeks and spread them, revealing her pink, puckered anus.

"Superman?" she asked, but the only response she got was the pressure off what could only be a cock against her asshole. He spread her asscheeks wider, which opened up her ass a little more, and applied more pressure against her tiny butthole.

Wonder Woman made a conscious effort to relax her assmucles, wanting more than anything to feel his cock in her ass, and suddenly a her tight sphincter was parting before Superman's rod of steel, the head of his cock making it's way slowly but surely into her rectum.

"Ohhh!" gasped Wonder Woman, startled by just how big his cock felt inside her ass. Having his finger up there had been enjoyable, but this would take some getting used to, luckily Superman was not pressing forward to quickly, whether out of sympathy for The Amazon or to keep from blowing his load.

Diana reached down between herself and Wally and began to stroke and finger her clitoris as she dropped her hips slightly, putting more pressure on the cock stuffed into her cunt.

Clark then managed to get another inch of his dick into Diana Prince's tight anal passage, then another and another, each additional inch coming faster and faster as her asshole relaxed and took in his member, until his hips were pressed firmly against her smooth, plump asscheeks.

"Oh yes!" cried Superman, throwing his head back. Somehow the fact that he'd ripped his pants off but left his top on, with the famous S symbol, made the scene even more erotic.

Flash and Superman didn't make a move, leaving their cocks in her cunt and ass respectively, giving her time to get used to having two cocks inside of her.

Wonder Woman's head remained lowered, her long, black hair brushing along the marble floor. Then she raised her head and looked at The Manhunter with eyes flooded with lust, her mouth opened and her tongue flicked out, running over her lips.

The Manhunter needed no further invitation and stepped forward, his long, thick cock in hand, and pushed the head of his cock into her mouth, The Amazon eagerly sucking in on the helmet, straining her neck forward to try and get more of his green skinned meat into her mouth.

"Okay, now," Kyle said, and instructed Helena what to do. She instantly warmed to the idea and rushed to do as instructed, her firm breasts bouncing up and down as she rushed over to the four, fucking heroes.

She moved to Wonder Woman's side, then set her back against The Amazon's side and swivelled around, her back coming to rest on Wonder Woman's as her legs came up over Superman's broad shoulders. The Man Of Steel drank in her naked body with undisguised lust and instantly one hand was releasing one of Wonder Woman's buttcheeks and sliding up over Huntress' parted cuntlips, over her toned, flat belly and feeling up a firm breast beneath one powerful arm.

Kyle then came up and stepped over the two women, his feet resting on two small, green platforms suspended just a few inches above the ground, keeping him from putting any pressure on Huntress or Wonder Woman.

J'onn instantly saw what Kyle intended and dropped to his knees, leaning back so that Wonder Woman had to lower her head over his cock to keep it in her mouth. Kyle then grabbed Helena by the sides of the head and lifted her up slightly, presenting his own cock to her mouth, which eagerly opened to accept it.

Dominic watched with mild amusement at this unexpected and creative position, he'd just expected people around the world to degenerate into mindless fucking, and no doubt by the second day of the broadcast they would be, but for now some of the benefits of an intelligent mind were being used.

Wonder Woman clamped her cunt-muscles down hard around Wally's cock tightly, making the red headed speedster gasp in pleasure as he continued to saw his cock in and out of The Amazon's tight cunt, while Superman pulled his cock back from her ass, then slammed back in. Diana's head bobbed up and down over J'onnz's cock, sucking his giant penis deep into her throat, lips tightly stretched around the enormous green penis.

On top of her, The Huntress' back moved up and down over Diana's as she went along with Kyle's hands, which pulled her head up and down onto his cock even as he pushed in and out, fucking her mouth while Superman felt up her cunt and tits alternatively.

Wonder Woman felt like pure sex, nothing more and nothing less. All her thoughts of her mission were gone, of her mother The Queen and The beautiful Island of Thermyscra. All that existed for her was the marvelous feeling of physical, sexual sensation, all she wanted was to be fucked and to fuck, to suck cocks, cunts, tongues and tits. To be buttfucked, cuntfucked, facefucked, titfucked, hell, even armpit fucked, anything that involved physical contact with any other sentient being was all she wanted.

Her massive breasts bounced up and down, swaying about in front of Wally's face, as Superman began to actively fuck her ass, knocking her forward with each stroke of his cock into her tight little butt, which caused additional pressure on Wally's own cock inside her cunt. Lifting his hips up higher, The Flash tried a trick he'd used on Linda several times, giving her massive multiple orgasms but leaving her sore and a couple of times slightly bruised. He began to make an incredible number of pelvic thrusts, each fuck into her tight, bald little cunt
was only short, but coming so fast, punctuated by the slap of skin against skin, began to drive The Amazon wild with passion. This fast fuck into her cunt, coupled with Superman's cock slicing in and out of her ass while her mouth ran wetly up and down J'onnz's thick, long cock.

"Ugggllmmm!!!!" Diana cried, the only sound she could make about The Manhunter's cock, slamming her own hips down against Wally's, unable to match his speed but loving the feel of the contact of skin against skin. She was intensely aware of the feel of The Huntress' back against her own and longed to grab the woman against her, to press their tits against each other and grind their clits together while they french-kissed deeply, hands running over each other's back.

She could hear Kyle's groans and grunts as he fucked his cock into Helena's mouth, cramming all of his hard meat down her throat, loving the look of her mouth stretched about his cock, her eyes rolled back in her head as she got off on both being facefucked and felt up by The Man Of Steel.

Superman's fingers worked in a blur, all over Huntress' nipples, clitoris and between her cuntlips. He worked with an experts touch, learned from an active sex life with his wife, Lois Lane, that had seen him grow from clumsy and unsure to a superb, superlover. He loved the feel of her body beneath his hands as he fucked Wonder Woman's butt, slamming his cock in and out of her ass faster and faster now.

Diana's eyes closed in silent relief as a pair of hands reached up and grabbed her bouncing, swinging breasts, squeezing and kneading them. Her entire body was tingling with pleasure, and every bit of it had been getting attention but her breasts, which had been buzzing with greater and greater need, especially in her nipples. Now she let out a moan of contentment around Manhunter's cock as she felt a mouth slide over her nipples and begin to suck on them. She didn't have to look to know that it was Wally, the speed with which his tongue danced across her nipples told her well enough.

The Amazon's body was being pumped forwards and backwards as she was facefucked by J'onn, buttfucked by Clark and fucked hard and fast in her cunt by Wally while Helena writhed about on Diana's back, her mouth crammed full of Kyle's cock, his prick slicing in and out of her stretched lips.

Somehow the six different JLA'ers had gotten into a rhythm that perfectly counterpointed everybody. Dominic had to admit he was impressed by the fact that they all worked as a team, even when it was to fuck.

Superman's cock was sliding in and out of Diana's tight little butthole faster and faster, his spare hand had come around her waist and was now playing at superspeed over her clitoris, accentuating the incredible feel of the fast fuck that The Flash was giving her cunt.

Diana let out a moan of excitement, feeling the building pressure of an incredible orgasm rising up inside her body. She pressed her tongue firmly against the underside of J'onnz's dick as he pumped into her mouth, she was sure she could feel his cock stiffening and swelling inside her mouth, stretching her lips even wider.

All of this constant, building sexual pleasure in her cunt, her asshole, her tits, her mouth, even on her back, was combining to bring her to what she was sure would be the most incredible orgasm of her life.

Her arms were locked tight, hands pressed against the marble, and as her orgasm built she began to squeeze her fingers shut, which drove deep furrows into the hard marble.

With a muffled scream of pleasure, her mouth tightened more than ever around The Manhunter's cock, and she orgasmed, her cunt and ass gripping down on Superman and The Flash's cocks. This was all that the others needed, and Superman hissed through gritted teeth as he slammed his hips forward against Wonder Woman's ass, shooting his cum deep up her butt even as The Flash was grinding his cock hard against Diana's cunt, shooting his sperm up into her tight gripping snatch, which was flooding with her cuntjuices, which were even now dribbling out through the minute cracks between cock and cunt.

Hot juices flooded down over Diana's asscheeks, running down her crack and around the thick pole of cock meat buried in her asshole as The Huntress came from Superman's expert touch. Her lips tightened around Kyle's cock and he pressed his meat forward, his pubic hair tickling her nose as he crammed all of his cock down her throat and fired his spunk down into her stomach, grunting happily, his hands running over the sides of her face.

Strong hands gripped the sides of Diana's face and with a grunt of surprise she felt over nine inches of Martian cock press itself into her mouth, leaving a couple of inches still out of her mouth. J'onn let out a grunt of pleasure and his cock swelled in Wonder Woman's mouth.

"Delicious," he muttered, then pulled his cock slowly from her beautiful mouth, his cockshaft glistening with her saliva, "And exhausting as well."

He fell onto his ass and lay back on his elbows, a satisfied, sated look on his face.

Kyle stepped back over Helena and dropped to the floor, his now half-hard cock bouncing slightly as he hit the marble. He took in the fact that when Wonder Woman had orgasmed, she'd ripped two large holes in the marble floor and still held the crumbling remains in her tightly clenched fists.

Helena swung off and dropped to the ground, a sated look of desire on her face while Superman pulled his cock free from the Amazon's butthole and stumbled back a couple of steps. Wally's hips dropped, his cock pulling out of Diana's cunt with a wet, slurping noise and he released his mouth from around one of her nipples, his eyes rolling back in his head as he let out a moan of intense satisfaction.

Dominic leaned forward, interested in what would happen next. He'd always known that The Signal would wipe out the mind's inhibitions and create an intense desire to have sex, but would it be as effective after orgasm, when the body's ability to continue having sex would be limited. He expected most people to sleep, eat or rest until they were ready to have sex again, but would they regain some of their higher cognitive functions in the meantime?

"Who wants to go again?" Superman asked, grinning fiercely, his eyes alight with a sexual need that had not been blunted in the slightest, his cock was fully erect again.

"You up for it, Diana? Helena?" The Flash asked Wonder Woman, who lay beside him. The Flash's cock was fully erect again and he was looking from side to side, at the two beautiful, naked heroines on either side of him.

"Yes," moaned Diana,"I need it, I've gotta have it."

"Me too," groaned Helena, clutching at her crotch, "I still gotta get fucked!"

"Hang on," gasped Kyle, and a green nimbus of light surrounded him, then entered his body. A second later he lifted his head and shook it about, then grinned happily, "Okay, I'm up for it!"

"Sadly," gasped J'onn, still on his elbows, "While I want to go again, my body does not recover as quickly as yours after sex," he reached down and grabbed his cock, which was now limp but still close to eight inches long,"It may be up to an hour before I'm able to have sex again."

The others just nodded, more interested in getting some more sex than in The Manhunter's lack of ability.

Yet, even as Wonder Woman rolled over and fulfilled her fantasy of making out with The Huntress, their arms running over each others backs as they rubbed their thighs against each other's cunts and their tits against each others, even as The Flash was rubbing his cock against the small of The Amazon's back and Superman did the same to The Huntress', even then Wonder Woman was wondering at what The Manhunter had said.

Because he hadn't cum in her mouth.

JLA WatchTower - The Moon - 1:07 PM. Gotham Time.

Catwoman sat up and stretched happily, loving the feel of her breasts being pulled up as her arms lifted above her shoulders and straight over her head.

She loved waking up, she felt so lazy, so languorous, like a cat getting up from a nap.

And like a cat she was instantly on alert, leaping out of dangers way as a ripping, tearing noise sounded directly next to her. She dived behind the bunk she'd been sleeping in, then when no further noises were forthcoming she tentatively raised her head over the bunk and eyes the source of the noise.

Sitting up in the bunk beside Catwoman's, a red-haired woman was staring at her surroundings in obvious confusion. She, like Catwoman, was naked, and also like Catwoman she seemed unconcerned over her nudity. She had been restrained but easily broken free from her bonds, and now she seemed to be pondering her next move.

"What is this, what is going on?" the redhead growled, "This is The Watchtower, isn't it?"

She looked down between her legs and cursed quietly, saying so quietly that Catwoman almost didn't pick it up, "I'm dripping? And I feel so horny, but this isn't natural, I don't like it."

"What's so unnatural about wanting sex?" Catwoman asked with a smile, standing up from beside the bunk, "You're Maxima, aren't you?"

Maxima leaped off her bunk, landing on the other side and crouching menacingly.

"Oh relax," laughed Catwoman, waving an arm derisively at their superheroine, "I'm not interested in fighting... but I can help you with that other problem," she glanced meaningfully down at Maxima's crotch, smiling at the sight of the shaven cuntlips and trimmed red pubic hair.

"That's disgusting!" cried Maxima angrily, but a flush seemed to rush through her skin and her own eyes dropped down over Catwoman's nude body.

"Is it?" asked Catwoman with a grin, noting the other woman's interest in her toned, athletic body, "Can't you feel the desire? the need? You need sex, I want sex, together we can both fulfill each other's need."

"I am not like those who feel lust for the same sex," replied Maxima haughtily, trying to look dignified but failing miserably when it pushed her breasts out further, showing off her erect nipples. A light sheen of sweat had broken out over her body.

"Come on, darling," chuckled Catwoman, coming closer to Maxima, who eyed her uneasily, "You can't tell me you haven't wondered what it might be like to kiss another woman? to have her slide her hands over your breasts? between your legs? to feel her take your nipple in her mouth and suck on it? Run her tongue between your pussylips and nibble at your clit? Are you telling me that. doesn't. interest... you... at... all?"

With each question she'd gotten closer, and her face had come within inches of Maxima's, and as she said each final word, emphasizing each one seperately, her face got closer and closer. Maxima had tried to stand her ground, had fought not to flinch back from Catwoman and show any weakness. Her eyes had locked with Catwoman's and she'd seemed to drown in them, they were deep pools that held impenetrable secrets and she was being sucked in deeper and deeper.

Catwoman lightly brushed her lips over Maxima's and before the redhead knew what she was doing, she was pushing forward and kissing back, her arms sliding around Catwoman's back. The sometimes villainess lightly flicked her tongue between her lips and lightly across the tip of Maxima's own tongue. The underside of Maxima's breasts pressed against the top of Catwoman's and the redhead groaned lightly as she felt gentle, tender hands slid down over her firm asscheeks and lightly circled over them.

They broke the kiss but held their faces close, Maxima staring at Selena in total shock. Then her face slowly broke into a happy, satisfied grin and she lowered her eyelashes, unsure how to deal with this unexpected shyness.

"Come on," chuckled Catwoman, "If you really want to get at a penis that badly, I know where we can find one of the most flexible I've ever come across."

Maxima wordlessly followed Catwoman, who held her by the hand, somehow falling into a submissive role that was completely unlike her.

Gotham Theatre - June 6th - 1:08 PM.

They'd left Zatanna with her fishnet stockings at least, but other than that she was completely naked.

And she couldn't be happier.

Alot of the men had been happy to take their wives or girlfriends when the sudden wave of sexual desire had come over them. Some of the men who had come alone had found women who were also there alone, but there was a group of at least 8 men who had come alone and not been able to grab anyone, and they had all gone for the last female readily available.


Now she lay completely naked on the stage, while all through the aisles and the seats in the Theatre, couples were fucking each other in various different positions. Doggystyle, missionary, 69's, against the wall and so forth.

They'd pulled her clothes from her, tearng off her jacket and pulling apart the flimsy material of her white shirt, leaving her in just a lacy bra and no panties (she'd never seen the point, considering her skimpy costume fulfilled that objective anyway). A second later she'd lost her bra, which had brought her large, firm breasts into view, the gazes of the eight men seemed a physical presence, caressing her tits, sliding over her erect nipples, which strained up almost painfully.

Then the trouble began.

The first man dropped between her legs, onto his knees, grabbing his cock in hand as Zatanna lifted her hips up, presenting a much easier target for him. But then a hand gripped his shoulder and pulled him away, and another man was diving between her legs, shoving his face against her cunt and slobbering eagerly away. His technique was nothing special, but her cunt was so eager for it that she almost came right then and there, except he was pulled away by a third man who was almost in tears he was so desperate to get at her. He didn't even get to his knees before he was knocked aside by a fourth man, and suddenly all eight men were fighting each other in their desperate desire to fuck her.

"Come on, come on!" squealed Zatanna desperately, hands thrust between her legs, writhing about inside her cunt and grinding her clitoris, her arms squeezing her breasts together, "I want it, somebody, ANYBODY! FUCK ME!"

One of the men leaped free of the others and began crawling desperately towards her, but another leaped out over him, knocking his face into the ground and slid along on his knees to between her outspread legs. Zatanna squealed in delight, but the man who'd been knocked down grabbed the man who'd hit him and pulled him off, striking angrily at him as his eyes crawled all over Zatanna's naked body.

"Please, I need to get FUCKED!" cried Zatanna in desperation, throwing her head back on the wooden stage, thrusting her hips up in abandon against her hands, which dripped hard with lubrication. She could feel herself building towards orgasm but not quite being able to make it, and she knew that she had to have a dick inside of her, that was what was needed.

"Never fear," said a voice, and she opened her eyes and looked up at the looming figure of Howard 'Howie' Mandell, The Theatre's owner, standing above her, "Howie's here."

"HOWIE!" she cried in lust addled glee, "Fuck me!"

"You command, I obey," replied Howie, his face awash with excitement as he stepped onto either side of her face, then lowered himself down to his knees. He wasn't exceptionally muscular, being an arts scholar (as he told everyone he met, despite having failed his studies at Gotham University) he was of a slight frame. But he was good looking in a beatnik kind of way and his cock, while not huge, was of a goodly size. In any case, from Zatanna's point of view, with
him looming above her and the desperate sexual need running through her, Howie was a giant, "But first, a little mouth action to get me warmed up."

Zatanna eagerly opened her mouth and Howie feed his cock into it, not taking time to let he adjust, just feeding in inch after inch of his cockmeat, which she eagerly accepted. He groaned happily at the feel of the delicious warmth of her mouth about his meat, coupled with the sight of her beneath him, the great Zatanna sucking HIS cock!

"Oh yeah," he whispered happily, pumping in and out of her mouth a few times, loving the feel as his cock brushed along the back of her throat, "Yeah, eat it, baby, eat my cock!"

Zatanna was more than happy too, sucking at his cock expertly, pressing her tongue up along the underside of his shaft, brushing the tip of her tongue along his cockhead.

When he had fucked all of his cock in and out of her mouth a few times, he watched happily as he pulled inch after inch out of her oral orifice, a strand of saliva coming from her tongue to the tip of his cock, and then he moved down to between her legs. He set his knees just beneath her thighs, lifted her legs up, bringing her ass off of the ground slightly, then leaned forward against the backs of her thighs as he pushed his cock into her cunt.

"OH YES!" screamed Zatanna, her cunt greedily sucking at his cock, pulling it in faster than he'd intended. The feel of a cock filling up her cunt was driving the magician wild and she thrust her ass up at him, causing her legs to bend back a little further. She was never so glad to have studied Yoga as she was now, as Howie's cock filled her up entirely and she felt his balls slap against her asshole, his thighs against the back of hers.

"Ugh! Yeaaah!" moaned Howie, his entire body alive with sexual pleasure. Just a few days earlier he'd been agonizing over whether or not he could get a hidden camera into her dressing room and get some pictures of her. He wouldn't be able to put them up on the Internet, but he could keep them for his private collection. Now here he was fucking her! And he hadn't even been worried like he usually was when approaching woman. He'd been hit with a desperate need to fuck, and somehow known that she would want it just as much as he would, that she would in fact be grateful that he wanted to fuck her.

He pulled away from her cunt, then slammed back in, rocking her thighs back, causing her tits to jump and bounce on her chest, while her face contorted in desire and she came.

"SHIT!" cried Howie as he felt her cunt clench down incredibly tight around his penis. Her cunt flooded with juices and gushed out around his cock, running over both their thighs. As he pulled back and slammed back into the gushing, writhing woman, the connection of wet flesh against flesh created a loud, smacking noise that seemed to grow louder with each thrust of The Manager's cock into Zatanna's cunt.

Each time he fucked into her cunt he drove her thighs back a little further, leaning over further and further. Her knees were beginning to press against her breasts, and yet she felt no pain in her legs, no strain in her muscles. Every feeling that coursed through her body just added to her sexual pleasure. He fucked her hard, her thighs now bent right over, pressing against her breasts as Howie's cock sluiced in and out of her cunt, each stroke sending another wave of intense sexual gratification throughout her body.

End Part 20


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