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Justice League Of America: Dark Angel Part 9 (no sex)
by Dimitri Maximoff

June 6th, 1999 - 3:00 AM.

"Where am I?" Wonder Woman said to herself.

She was standing on a long, rutted and dusty dirt road, standing in the shade of a tree, with long fields winding out to the left, right, behind and in front of her. Far in the distance she could see hills, mountains and a winding creek.

"How idyllic," she murmured to herself, enjoying the coolness of the shade.

She had passed through various different scenarios, starting with floating in nothingness, to being in a small log cabin caught in a rough blizzard, to being one of only two survivors onboard a spacecraft, to living as one of many wives of a Sultan to this lovely countryside setting.

And in each one, she'd been involved in sex.

In the cabin, she and another woman had huddled together, for warmth at first, and then they'd begun to kiss and stroke each other, trying to comfort one another.

She'd come out of the blizzard all right, she'd been made safe because of the other woman, it had been the other woman who had made things all right.

In the spacecraft, she'd been beset by a terrible loneliness and longing for something she couldn't define. She'd finally broken under the pressure and attacked the other surviving crewmember - a female - who had overpowered her and gotten on top of her... and suddenly they were kissing. Then they'd talked about each others hopes and fears, then become more intimate, removing each others clothes. The other woman had caressed and stroked her breasts, her sides, her hips and thighs, then fingered and licked her vagina and clitoris to orgasm, an orgasm so powerful it had shocked her from her sleep to find herself in the harem.

She had remembered an entire life, on being raised and trained in ways to pleasure a man, then sold to the Sultan and taken once, on her first night. He'd been quick, hurried and distracted by affairs of state, and she had not been able to subtly shift and change things as she had been trained to make it pleasurable for them both.

Since that night she had not been called for again, and despite having no real desire to be with the Sultan again, she'd begun to desire and need some kind of contact.

And, of course, the other woman had given it to her.

She'd become involved with one, two and more women at a time, whenever the opportunity arose they made love, had sex, fucked, whatever the situation demanded.

But now she was in the countryside.

She'd always known in the back of her head she was dreaming, and although she'd faded from one unbelievable situation to another, it had all made dream-sense, completely logical.

"But I think I'm awake now," she murmured, "So how did I get here? And why don't I remember waking up?"

"Because we didn't want you to, slut!" growled a voice behind her.

She twisted around, instinctively pulling up her arms in case she was attacked. Her indestructible bracelets could deflect any bullet/laser/arrow sent at her, all part of the gifts given to her when she'd become Wonder Woman.

But her arms lowered slightly in surprise as she took in just
who it was who had spoke.

Before her stood Barbara Ann Minerva - Cheetah.

She was a tall woman, her body firm and toned with muscle without losing her overall femininity... or was that felinity?

Because Cheetah's body was covered in orange fur, broken here and there by black spots. Her wavy, dark-orange hair ran down to the small of her back and coming off the base of her spine was a long, sinuous tail.

She was an incredibly dangerous opponent, capable of feats of super-strength, super-agility with razor sharp claws almost capable of breaking Wonder Woman's own super-strong skin. She was completely naked, but her nudity was covered by the light, orange fur covering her entire body.

"Barbara?" asked Wonder Woman, "What's going on?"

She'd decided to ignore the 'slut' comment for now, the last time she and Cheetah had met, the woman had been more bestial than ever before, and they'd fought a mental battle which Wonder Woman had barely won, supposedly freeing Barbara of the curse of The Cheetah forever... although now it seemed evident this was no longer the case.

"What's going on is I'm gonna make you my bitch!" screamed Cheetah, then launched herself at Wonder Woman, closing the distance between them in an eye blink.

The Amazon's forearms came up, ready to shield her face from Barbara's razor-sharp claws, but at the last instant the feline seemed to drop straight down, grabbing her blue bikini bottom at the same time and ripping it away.

"WHAT!?!" cried Wonder Woman, trying to shield her exposed crotch even as Cheetah rolled away, clutching the torn blue fabric in her fist, a fierce grin on her face.

She came up on one knee and eyed Wonder Woman with a look both feral and smugly superior, then raised the torn costume to her nose and sniffed deeply.

"Ahhhh," she sighed, "Horny little bitch, aren't you?"

"Barbara, what is the meaning of this?" demanded Wonder Woman, trying to look domineering and confident even as she covered her exposed vagina, trying not to think about her bare ass pointed out for all the world to see.

Cheetah didn't reply, she just dropped the blue fabric and began loping forward at a tremendous pace, charging on all fours at the Amazon Avenger.

Wonder Woman caught her wrists easily, swinging Cheetah to the side, hoping to slam her into the tree and wind her.

But Cheetah was prepared for this, dropping her legs down and swinging them forward and up, grabbing Wonder Woman's breastplate within the balled curves of her feet and tugging, ripping them away and exposing her giant breasts.

In shock, Wonder Woman released her opponent, and a second later was being crushed against the tree by Cheetah, who seemed stronger than ever.

She was now completely naked except for her golden belt and a few tattered remnants of cloth clinging around it. Unnerved by this strange turn of events, she now found herself winded and helpless to get her assailant off of her.

"Wha... what do you want?" she gasped.

"This!" growled Cheetah, her grin inches from Wonder Woman's face, then reached down with her free hand and roughly clasped the Amazon's cunt mound.

"WHA.. WHAT ARE YOU DOING!" cried Wonder Woman, at the same time feeling a strange thrill run through her crotch. Whether this was a result of the cumulative effects of her erotic dreams or because on some sick, subconscious level she was enjoying being dominated, she didn't know.

"Nice," growled Cheetah, sliding a finger up between Wonder Woman's swollen, shaven cunt lips, "Tight bitch, aren't you?"

"Stop this," moaned Wonder Woman, her eyes half closed, a low groan escaping her lips as Cheetah slid her finger in and around the Amazon's cunt and pressed the knuckles of others against her clitoris.

"Sounds to me like you don't want me to," laughed Cheetah, "You stupid little slut, this is all you're made for!"

"Stop it," moaned Wonder Woman.

"You love it, don't you?"

"No... stop it, please."

"Tell me you love it, you little slut," growled Cheetah directly into her face.

"Stop it!"

"You want it, don't you!"

"STOP IT!!!!"

With that scream, Wonder Woman threw Cheetah away with a strength born of desperation. The startled feline screeched much like a cat as she sailed twenty feet through the air and, flying in the face of tradition, landed on her back.

"I SAID NO!" screamed Wonder Woman, "AND I....."


Wonder Woman's world was replaced by a eternal void of swirling, moving colors, a hypnotic kaleidoscope which made her forget, forget, forget every additional minute spent in the light field, her memory frozen at the moment that she threw Cheetah away from her.

* * *

"IDIOT!" screamed Circe, pulling the dazed Barbara from her V.R Gear. She ripped the headpiece away, then pulled the woman with her, the attachments and scanners attached to her sexy body pulling off as The Sorceress tugged her away.

"Who's that, huh?" growled Circe, thrusting Barbara against the sleeper-tube containing Wonder Woman.

"Wha... huh?" gasped Cheetah, still coming to terms with being back in the real world, "It's Wonder Woman."

"Yes!" growled Circe, then pulled Barbara back by her hair, making the woman cry out, "And she is integral to our plans!"

"But I was doing everything I was supposed to..." mumbled Barbara grumpily, "Why are you doing this?"

"You were supposed to seduce her!" growled Circe into the uncomprehending woman's ear, "Not try to rape her! Now she'll have lost all her tolerance about sex with other woman, which we need her to have so that we can set her up with Dominic!"

"But she's supposed to be made into a sex-slave?" moaned Barbara, shaking her head, "I thought I was doing the right thing."

"How do you think Dominic will react when he finds out that not only did we fail to kill The Joker, but that Wonder Woman's indoctrination has failed!"

"He.... he'll be pissed?" mumbled Barbara, who really just wanted to curl up and go to sleep. Her head was so fuzzy, why was she doing these things? Cheetah was gone, hopefully forever, but this woman and the horrible, dark man who was running the show kept making her go into the V.R world and becoming Cheetah again, feeling the old madness wash over her.

"You're fucking right, he'll be pissed!" snapped Circe, then sighed and softened her grip on Barbara's hair, "But all might not be lost, there's still a chance I can repair this damage."

She twisted Barbara about and pushed her naked body back into the V.R gear, hooking up the sensors, headset and tactile responsers. She then called over the Scientist who was monitoring the sleeper-tubes for any changes in their vital statistics.

"Hook me up," she snapped at the man, stripping off her skin tight green costume, revealing her beautiful, naked body.

"Uh...uh....uh, I...." stammered the Scientist, not used to being so close to a naked woman (a real one at least).

"Just do it!" she growled, "Or I'll rip your dick off with my teeth, understand!?!"

She sat herself down in The V.R seat, allowing herself to be hooked up to the gear, disgusted by the Scientist and the timid way he placed sensors over her nipples and clitoris. Once the headset was on he seemed to gain a little in confidence, putting the vaginal glove on over her cunt and pushing a small probe up her asshole. Despite herself she felt her arousal growing slightly, something which would soon become much, much more apparent.

"Now listen carefully," she growled at Barbara, heard only by Barbara through the V.R Link, "This is what we're going to do."

* * *

"Tell me you love it, you little slut," growled Cheetah directly into her face.

"Stop it!"

"You want it, don't you!"

"STOP IT!!!!"

With that scream, Wonder Woman threw Cheetah away with a strength born of desperation. The startled feline screeched much like a cat as she sailed twenty feet through the air and, flying in the face of tradition, landed on her back.

"I SAID NO!" screamed Wonder Woman, "AND I MEAN NO!"

Cheetah leaped to her feet easily, then dropped to all fours again and charged forward, screaming as she leaped onto the now naked Wonder Woman, surprising her with her speed and knocking her onto her back.

"GET OFF ME!" screamed Wonder Woman, trying to throw Cheetah away from her again, and finding to her shock that she couldn't. Either her strength had faded or Cheetah's had grown, and all she could do was strain as the feline-like villain shoved her into the dirt.

"Mine!" growled Cheetah, a feral grin on her face, pressing her own breasts against Wonder Woman's. The Amazon, to her horror, could feel her enemy's hard nipples pressing up against her own, and once again felt some strange feeling building up within her, the same she'd felt when sliding her hands over her vagina, the same she'd felt pressed up against the other woman in the snowstorm, kissing and stroking the other astronaut on the space-ship or making love with the other women in the Harem.

"Noooo," moaned Wonder Woman, "Please don't...."

With a startled scream, Cheetah was sent flying off of Wonder Woman's body and hard against the tree, hit by a powerful charge of green energy.

She rolled away and leaped over the prostrate Amazon, screeching like her namesake before another green blast smashed her away. She rolled up again, then suddenly clutched her head in her hands and began screeching as if in great pain.

"Do not resist," said Wonder Woman's savior, extending an arm out to Cheetah, forcing her mental control over her, "It's for the greater good."

"Ci... Circe?" cried Wonder Woman, sitting up and rubbing her sore neck even as she gaped at her would-be savior. She couldn't believe that the ancient enemy of The Amazons would be helping her.

"Shhh," whispered Circe, casting a quick glance down at the naked Amazon, "I'm attempting to take control of her mind, it's not easy, she's not male and she's not really animal or human while in this state, but it's possible."

"NOOOOOooooooo...o..o....o," cried out Cheetah, then fell over onto her side, wrapped her arms around her knees, which she had drawn up to her breasts, and began to moan.

"There," sighed Circe with obvious relief, "I've calmed her, she won't pose any more problem."

Diana had scrambled to her feet and was now hard up against the tree, keeping as far from Cheetah's prostrate body. She glared at Circe with obvious mistrust, not knowing why the Sorceress had helped her but figuring it had something to do with her own ulterior motives.

"Diana, relax," said Circe, and a surprisingly genuine smile crossed her lips, "I'm not interested in hurting you, believe it or not, I've reassessed my life."

"Wha... what?" asked Wonder Woman, not understanding.

"Rehabilitation," said Circe with a smile, "Something I never thought would happen to me... until I learned how the other half lives."

"Donna Milton?" asked Wonder Woman, feeling an irrational hope flare up within her that perhaps one of her people's greatest and most ancient enemies had indeed reformed.

Circe had once taken on the human persona of Donna Milton, a dowdy lawyer, as part of an elaborate scheme to torture Diana. But she'd become so caught up in the charade that she'd forgotten her own true identity, until The White Magician had held the lives of both Diana and her sister Artemis in his hands, Circe had come to her senses and saved both The Amazons. Since then, she'd gone back to her old ways, but Diana had always hoped that her brief time as both mortal and friend to Diana had softened her heart somewhat.

"Yes," said Circe with a smile, "The poor old dear struck something in my heart I guess. When I was her, I was just as helpless and pathetic as all the other mortals in the world. It took me awhile to realize that the differences between me and them weren't so great, and it was unfair of me to treat them as nothing but cattle, because once - even for a small amount of time - I was one of them."

"Oh, Circe," said Diana, struck by the genuineness of Circe's little speech. Usually she would have been reserved about accepting such a speech at face value, but something about her surroundings made her feel more in tune, more sensitive to what was being said. She felt utterly overwhelmed by feelings of gratitude and happiness over Circe's sudden reversal of attitude.

She stepped forward and wrapped her arms around Circe, who returned the hug. It felt so good to Diana to be able to embrace somebody like this, to anchor herself to the safety of another person after all the craziness she had been through. The dreamlike quality of her surroundings remained, but now it had changed somewhat, become more real to her than before.

The two women held each other close, The Amazon had her face buried in The Sorceress' neck, feeling the softness of her rescuer's long, violet hair against her forehead and brushing over her own raven locks. The contact seemed to electrify her every nerve ending, her entire body seemed sensitized and she was aware of the glorious feeling of warmth radiating between them, their breasts pressed together, the slight contact of thigh against thigh, the feel of Circe's arms around her back, making small circles that seemed to massage and soothe her tired muscles.

Without realizing she was doing it, the nude Amazon began to move slightly from side to side, her breasts pressing more firmly against her former enemy's, her thigh unconsciously moving forward between Circe's legs as she breathed deeply in the fragrance of the other woman's hair.

Without even thinking about it, she lifted her head from Circe's neck and found herself staring deep into the eyes of the other woman, and then seconds later they had moved together, lips brushing against lips, tentatively at first, then with more passion as their long hidden desires were released at last and they kissed, kissed, kissed!

And Circe stared at Wonder Woman's face through slitted eyes, and inwardly she laughed.

June 6th - 3:25 AM.

Huntress didn't see the dark shape amongst the blackness of the night until he was right next to her. Her nerves tensed and her body prepared to defend itself, then relaxed only slightly when she was that it was Batman.

"You're late," he said, his voice even but somehow bringing across a sense of disapproval. She flushed slightly, feeling guilty for some bizarre reason, like she had disappointed a favorite teacher or even a father.

"There was a mugging," she replied, the excuse seeming lame even though it was true, "I stopped to sort it out."

"Will the mugger live?" he asked, with that same even tone that seemed to judge her.

"He'll be fine," she replied, a little angrily, "He'll be a little bruised, but they'll be cleared up by the time he makes a court appearance."

"He could heal broken legs by then," Batman muttered, turning and moving away, forcing her to run to keep up with him.

- Was that a joke? - she thought to herself, as usual unable to read Batman's moods. Since the Quake, the Court's backlog had risen dramatically, with the most serious cases being dealt with first. It was now possible for people committing minor crimes to spend weeks, even months waiting for their court date.

"See here?" he asked, pointing at the ground in front of him, "What do you notice?"

"The grass is longer in a small strip," she replied, peering down through the darkness at the grass, "More lush, a darker shade than the rest."

Batman nodded grimly, "Scan's indicate massive lifts in the level of chlorophyll, as if this part of the ground has been sucking the nutrients and lifeblood from the rest of the grass... watch."

He lowered himself to a squat and plucked a piece of grass from the ground, lifting it by the roots.

"The roots of grass are usually a faint yellowish-green in color," he observed, "These are darker, closer to the color of normal grass, and look at what's happening all ready."

He motioned down at the grass, where the small blade of grass he'd plucked had been, and Huntress saw nothing at first, and then her eyes widened behind her mask as a small blade of grass grew up from the dirt, coming up to the size of the other grass blades and then halting it's growth immediately.

"What does it all mean?" she asked him as he rose silently back to his full height, an imposing blackness that seemed to pale the night.

"It's a messenger," he said, "The enhance chlorophyll is being used to send a message."

"To who?"

"Pamela Lillian Isley," replied Batman, staring up at the distant walls of Arkham Asylum, where a few hours ago a riot had been quelled and a madman has escaped assassination.

"Poison Ivy?" asked Huntress, "But there's no walls on her cell, and the more dangerous prisoners aren't allowed outside, they have their recreation period inside, don't they?"

"Yes," replied Batman, "But the raised levels of chlorophyll would off-set the balance of chlorophyll throughout the entire grounds, and Ivy would be able to sense that, and someone with know-how could send messages to her."

"What's going on, Batman?" asked Huntress, very much confused by all of this. She'd become Huntress to get revenge on crooks and thugs like the ones who had murdered her entire family, she had never expected to get involved in supernatural battles and be taken to other worlds, as she had done since becoming a member of The JLA.

"Someone is planning something," replied The Dark Knight, "Something big, and they want The JLA out of the way. We're being whittled away one by one, most of us have been removed all ready."

"What are you talking about?" she asked, "Green Lantern is missing, but everyone else is still...."

"Are they?" said Batman, a small, bitter smile crossing his lips," Wonder Woman, Zauriel, Aquaman and J'onn did not respond to the emergency call for today's meeting."

"Neither did you."

"But they were able to contact me, messages were left for the other three that haven't been answered even now," replied Batman instantly, turning from the strip of grass and making his way towards Arkham, "Green Lantern has been taken hostage by a supervillian who is supposed to be dead, and Superman has been subverted."

"What are talking about?" asked Huntress, "Wasn't Superman the one who called the meeting?"

"Yes, and the instant a course of action was decided on he left The Watchtower and has made no attempts to contact it since then, as if he has no interest in Green Lantern's whereabouts. That is not consistent with his usual behavior."

"So you're saying...?"

"I'm saying that myself and The Flash are the only members of the more experienced team left, while you, Big Barda, Steel and Plastic Man have yet to come together as a team and Orion is currently on Apokolips, not likely to return until he feels like it."

"Hey! Me and the others are...."

"Untested," he replied, "Despite your efforts against the Justice Legion A you have yet to work together as a team. Plastic Man is irresponsible at best, Big Barda is argumentative and Steel more at home in a laboratory than leading a team."

"And me?" she asked.

"I didn't say the situation was entirely hopeless," Batman muttered.

Huntress was taken aback, actually losing a step and having to rush to keep up with him, had he just paid her a compliment?

"Once you learn to curb your more violent tendencies," he was continuing, "And think your situation through, I see great potential for leadership."

He paused at the walls of the Asylum, looking up the high, thick walls which held the scum of Gotham City, "Whoever the mastermind behind this scheme is, they don't like leaving loose ends. They tried to cut away The Joker and failed, now they'll be coming after Poison Ivy to make sure there are no more links back to them."

"Them? They?" Huntress asked.

"I suspect more than one villain, although there is an obvious mastermind behind it all. If I didn't know better I would almost believe that The Injustice League had reformed."

He removed a small, gun-like object from his belt and lifted it above his head, firing an ascension hook high up into the wall. Huntress did the same.

"Batman, you said the Mastermind is attempting to remove The JLA one by one, aren't you worried they might come after you?"

"They already have," replied Batman grimly as he began to ascend towards the top of the walls, "They sent family to get me."

End Part 09 Of 25.


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