WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the characters, comics, companies, writers etc depicted or referenced within. Fantasy is legal. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence.

Starring: Harley Quinn (DC comics)

Codes: Cons, MF, Oral, Anal

Harley Quinn: The Mass Tarr's Harem Part 4
A comic book/super-heroine erotic story
by DaxG2001 ([email protected])

In another dimension, on a planet far removed and isolated from any other inside of lavish place of shining stone atop a mountain with clouds rolling just feet below the peak... Inside of a central chamber with a lavish, gem-furnished golden throne as the centrepiece...

"AHHHHH YES!! AHHHHH FUCKKKK!!" Power Girl moaned out, taking the cock of her Master, the other-worldly hunk who had teleported across dimensions and worlds to "claim" her known as Mass Tarr, deeply in and out of her juicy ass, her thick cheeks shaking with each deep thrust she takes as she stays bent over, legs spread apart and gazing back with lusty obsession at the man who continues to sexually dominate her again and again as a willing part of his growing Harem of women.

Speaking of other conquests, another curvaceous and stunning blonde in the form of The Invisible Woman is currently closely watching this anal action, her hands gripping Power Girl's ass cheeks to keep them spread, her own face just above that booty so she can spit down onto her Master's dick when it slides out of that tight hole. Similarly gazing with desire at the cock she's now addicted to, caring nothing for her former life as a super-heroine, she can't help but flick her tongue down at that shaft, tasting the other woman's back passage off those inches that have also fucked her to countless intense orgasms since she was also made a part of his collection of beauties.

"MMMMM... Ahhhh yes!! Just... Just a little more..." Mass Tarr says, grinning proudly as he fucks the fine ass of one woman while another helps in the very tapping of that booty, the sweat on all three showing that this hasn't been any quick session of anal action either and the smiles on the trio an indication it's been very pleasurable for all involved. "Ahhhhhh... MMMMM!! Oh yes!! Mmmmm..." He groans, using one hand to run through the long blonde locks of the woman keeping that ass spread of the other golden-haired beauty, feeling her pushing that backside firmly towards him to meet every deep thrust he delivers into that still snug passage, a sensation that while now very familiar is nevertheless still as pleasurable as it was the first time he'd tapped that fine ass.

Another pump and he pulls out of her booty, gripping his cock so he can begin to stroke himself off, and the sight of this makes the eyes of The Invisible Woman light up as she expectantly watches him jerk away. Soon enough, thick streams of spunk fly out from that huge rod, splashing down across and over both cheeks of Power Girl's ass, causing her to groan as she gazes back, seeing all that massive load being emptied all over her well-fucked rump. Even before he finishes cumming, the other blonde can't help but get a taste, leaning in and starting to lick it up with her hungry tongue and getting a shot of spunk in her blonde hair as she begins to clean, but doesn't even flinch or seem to care about that particular mess.

"Manners now Invisible Woman..." Mass chuckles as he steps back. "But I will forgive you this time... Be sure to enjoy yourselves while I depart for a short while..." He says, still smiling as he turns around and heads towards the middle of this chamber, hearing the moans of female pleasure increasing behind him and knowing there's going to be a lot more than just "cleaning" going on. However he cannot stay and watch... For he has some ancient words to speak, and a new addition to his Harem to "collect"...

* * *

In another dimension, on another planet... A version of Earth, in a four-story property in Coney Island...

"You... You got some real nerve, pal!" Harley Quinn, the former Suicide Squad member and former "associate" of The Joker warns, standing in her apartment and wielding a signature heavy-duty looking wooden mallet weapon.

The gorgeous but extremely dangerous woman looks far from happy with the literally out-of-nowhere appearance from this completed naked, muscular and very well hung man who is clearly from another world. The pale skinned beauty on the other hand is clad in familiar attire of black and red colouring to match her long, pigtail-styled hair of those dual tones - a tight corset top that shows off her nicely sized tits perfectly, tiny booty shorts that hug to her rounded ass, and high boots.

"Showin' up outta nowhere like some sneaky... Whatever you are!!" Harley says with a threatening snap. "Give me one good reason why I shouldn't knock your grinnin' head right off your oversized shoulders right now!" She says with a clear threat to show that the super-villain isn't kidding around.

"I, Mass Tarr, can give you Harley Quinn sexual pleasure unlike anything you have ever experienced before." Mass Tarr says, still smiling and not appearing worried despite the clear danger that he could be facing. "Just as you are currently equipped to do plenty of damage, I am equipped to satisfy as you can see..." He proudly adds, motioning to his currently rock hard and ready for action cock hanging between his legs.

"Ha! That ain't the first time someone's claimed that before!" Quinn says, unable to help checking out that length on display. "Guess on whatever Alien place you're from, this is like a handshake or somethin'?"

"I am merely being honest... I know about you Quinn, and I know that you certainly deserve better than what you've... "Experienced", in the past."

"Watch ya mouth, pal!" She snaps. "If ya know me, then you'd know it'd would take a lot more than some... Big, Alien cock to worry me!" She adds, seemingly not appearing to be threatened by this situation any more as she puts the mallet down to let it fall back and rest against a wall. "I know how to read a guy, criminal-type or otherwise... And you don't seem to be fakin' it here..."

"Seems like you're making a challenge to me..." Tarr says, still smiling as he watches the stunning but insane at times female approaching him, still eyeing up himself and his cock. "May I be allowed to accept?"

"You got a lot of nerve pal... But Hell, it's been a while... Besides, I bet you won't last a minute, punk!" The deranged beauty states, before boldly dropping down to her knees, grabbing that massive rod and taking it straight into her mouth, her lips quickly wrapping around his meat as she pushes forward to take him inside, causing him to groan at that warmth and dampness he already feels from her. She's looking to clearly make good on her promise, already getting into the motion as she draws her dual-coloured haired head backward until the crown is only still contained within her mouth, and then pushing forcefully forward to over the half way mark with a determined groan.

"Mmmmm!! Even with this skill you're showing... Ahhhhh..." The other-worldly stud compliments, smiling not just at the act he'd hope to see happen but the indeed already very pleasurable feeling of the super-villain's oral hole as she bobs her head smoothly and far from subtlety along his meaty length. "I'm afraid... Mmmmm!! You won't achieve that goal..." He warns with a handsome chuckle, not intending to taunt her as she sucks him off but getting a glare from her as she lets out a muffled curse around his dick. She slides her mouth further onto him, causing herself to groan as his fat cock-head hits the back of her mouth, a gag soon following as she shows off crazed talent by beginning to take him down into her throat already much to his moaning delight.

"HLLLLKKKK!! GAHHHHH!! Mmmmmphhh!!! GGGHHHRRRKKKK!!" As she gags, the eyes of the stunning but dangerous female stay locked on intensely to the muscular stranger she's willing kneeling in front of, focused on her attempts to finish him off quickly despite the growing obvious nature of his own ability to handle such wild deep throating. Already her saliva is coating his tool, seeping past her dark-coloured lips and starting to drip from both off that thick member as well as her own chin from it dripping down her mouth. "MMMMMM!! HHHRRRLLLKKKK... GAAAAHHHHH!!" The sloppy mess she's making is far from her worries as she grips his rock hard thighs, briskly fucking her own mouth with this big cock and gagging loudly each time her pretty face pushes into his crotch so deep her chin touches his heavy ballsack and her swinging pigtails brush against that hunky from of this unknown man she's deeply sucking off.

"MMMM!! Incredible Harley!! Mmmmm... Such intensity! Such skill!!" Mass Tarr says, moaning as he smiles down at the former Suicide Squad member as she continues to drive her mouth so swiftly and deeply down onto his cock that it would render a normal woman unable to speak normally for well over week. There's of course far from anything "normal" from this beauty, as she keeps that head bobbing away with this rapid, focused pace as her saliva continues to drip down and along his dick, already trickling down her neck and off her chin to leave the tops of her sizeable tits shining from her own saliva.

"GAAAHHHH... MMMMMPHHHH... HHHLLLLKKKK..." Her eyes narrow, still not taking his words at face value despite his honest tone, and showing off the kind of oral ability that porn starlets would die to know the secrets off as she repeatedly deep throats every fat inch of this dick without ever missing a beat even with her constant, loud gagging upon every push forward towards his crotch. Eventually though, perhaps realising that he wasn't just boasting about his ability, she lifts her head off from his dick, finishing her sucking by spitting a large wad of saliva onto his bell-end, a slightly impressed raised eyebrow appearing as she looks over the sexy mess left by that face-fucking.

"Well lookie here... Guess Mistah Alien Dick ain't all just talk after all..." Harley comments as she rather too casually gets up from the kneeling position to stand in front of him. "You still serious about wantin' to fuck me, huh?"

"Of course!" Mass says with a smile and a nod as he looks over approvingly. "It would be rude not to after what you just gave to me."

"Oh, we're about to get fuckin' rude alright!" She grins wickedly, hauling down her shorts to show off her pussy and the curiously also half red, half black trimmed bush of hair above it. "Down right fucking filthy!!" She adds, before catching him by surprise as she jumps up onto him, wrapping her pale legs around that chiselled out of stone body.

"As you wish!" He happily agrees, barely wobbling from his stance even with her leap onto him, his hands grabbing her waist as he helps to line up his cock with her lower entrance, soon finding the already a little wet folds and grinding the crown against them. It seems though she's not looking to wait around, her arms wrapping around his broad neck so she can drop down, taking his cock into her snatch and making them both moan out, a pause in the action as she's forced to adjust to such a sudden size filling her up now. "Mmmmm!! I sense that you still... Mmmmm... Doubt my intentions?" He asks with a smirk, seeing that even now she's still looking to command the pace, his reasoning proven as she takes the lead and starts to lift herself up and down onto his cock, leaving him to once again show he can handle her sexual ability as now his cock is being taken in and out of another of her just as pleasurable feeling holes.

"MMMM!! You... You got some fuckin' mouth on ya, don't ya?" Quinn questions with a moan, her eyes going wide with surprised delight at not just the stretching feeling being done to her tunnel, but how already good it feels to take the cock she'd just been gagging and slobbering all over now deep up inside her tight snatch, her dampness there already starting to increase as she firmly bounces along his inches. "Ahhhhhh... Just because you're the first guy... MMMMM... To handle me throat fuckin' your dumb... Big fuckin' cock!!" She hisses with a tone of defiance but clear pleasure from taking that very rod up inside herself, a slap of skin meeting skin already sounding out each time she drops down, her motion already making her dual-coloured pigtailed hair bounce away in time with her gorgeous frame.

"Mmmmm... I am merely telling the truth Harley... Ahhhhh!! And you feel fantastic!!" The stud from another dimension states what his shameless moans are already indicating, standing rooted on the spot and holding the riding stunner by her athletically toned waist as she drives her snatch deeply down onto his fuck-stick again and again at a wicked and smooth pace which further shows her skills aren't just limited to oral ability. "Mmmmm!! Tight... Slick... Ahhhhhh... It is a crime not to give you the treatment you deserve..." He adds between groans, smirking back at the still defiant glares he's getting from the often out-of-her-mind beauty willingly bouncing away on his dick, dropping her snatch all the way down onto his rod before shifting back up a few inches so she can quickly repeat the sinful action.

"MMMM... Th-that so huh?? You some... UHHHH!! Interplanetary pussy chaser?? Gonna... MMMMM... Try and fuck me and dump me, h-huh??" She groans, a couple beads of sweat already forming on her forehead from the effort of keeping up this wild pace she's been doing to fuck this big cock and impressively so, and showing no care for the still semi-clothed state she's in as her corset top grinds against the muscular chest of the hunk she's wrapped around and riding away on.

"It's... AHHHHH... Gonna take a lot more than this... MMMM... To impress me, ya dirty hung bastard!!" She claims with that questioning tone, even if her moans and how damp her snatch now is from the repeated taking of his thick member in and out of herself is making her sexy body tell a different story of her enjoying this no-strings attached fucking more than she's letting on, and she's certainly not looking like she's planning on calling this all off any time soon either.

"Ahhhhh... Is that... Mmmmm... Another challenge Harley?" He asks between moans with another smile, as while he's been more than happy to let her take the wheel and do all the work up until now, he's not afraid to let his own talents do the talking. From the way he's already been able to handle this red hot riding and the prior deep throating she's dished out, he's more than ready to show her what he can do - as he's already done to the other women he's collected for his growing Harem of beauties. "Because... Mmmm!! I gladly accept it..." He says with a groan, letting her bounce away over and over on his meaty pole, the saliva that had been coating his rod now replaced with a just as pleasurable-feeling layer of her pussy juices, and aiding to make her riding rhythm so smooth and quick to keep them both moaning out with every up or down motion she delivers onto his shaft.

"AHHHHH... I'd... I'd like to see you fuckin' try!!" Harley states, suddenly shifting herself up and all the way off from him, unwrapping her legs to drop down from him. "You and your stupid big fuckin' cock..." She mumbles as she gives that dick a long look over before she turns around and starts to head towards her bed, her rounded backside swaying invitingly with each step.

"I believe I know just how to do that..." Tarr says with a confident smirk, following her as he is now pouring a clear liquid out onto his fingers from a small vial that appears to have been formed out of nothingness.

"Oh yeah?" Quinn challenges as she reaches the bed, turning and seeing that he's now applying the apparent lubricant onto his own cock with a quick round of strokes. "Seems like you actually do... So how about you let Harley take you for a ride, Mistah... Mistah Mass Tarr?" She says, finding saying those words rather too easy to say than she knows they should be.

"Isn't that what you've been doing so far?" Mass points out, but accepting the offer lays down onto the sheets with that mighty rod pointing right up.

"Give me some of that!" She says, snatching the vial from him so she can pour the rest of the fluid onto her own fingers, showing that despite her crazed nature there's plenty of smarts to go with her beauty. She makes herself shiver as she pushes her digits up into her own tight asshole, feeling stimulated already by the lubricant that's clearly far from just a normal sex aid, and a few pumps allows her to push her fingers inside herself deeply to her gasping surprise. "Where'd... Uhhhhh!! Where'd you get this stuff from anyway?" She questions, gritting her teeth as she readies her back passage, her other hand grabbing the handle of her signature mallet weapon that had been resting on her wall by the bed while she finger-bangs her own ass a little more for good measure.

"Perhaps I can show you... After you've been properly satisfied of course..." He chuckles, watching her now move over to mount him, facing away with legs spread far apart to plant both legs on the bed either side of him, one hand still gripping the mallet while the other reaches down, lining up his cock with her lubed up asshole so she can slowly but firmly sink down, making them both groan when her third and final hole gets penetrated. "Mmmmm!! Wonderful Harley..." He moans his clear approval, watching her shapely backside lower downward to take his inches in, feeling how supremely tight that back passage is as her pale butt begins to move back up until it looks like the crown will be seen before she pushes back down with a deep groan of her own.

"UHHHHH!! F-fuck!! MMMM... Yeah, I bet... Ahhhhhh!! You like that..." She looks back over her shoulder, gritting her teeth as she still has to adjust to this vast size in her vice-like rear tunnel, her own groans showing she's never had anything like this length up inside her backside before in her life, but showing that lusty determination to take as much as she can handle as she shifts up and down onto him. "Sh-Show me!! AHHHHH... Show me how... How fuckin' much you wanna fu-fuck me!!" She demands with a hiss, a flick of her tongue across her teeth showing the building lust she's now in from taking this big cock up her ass, still half dressed in the two-coloured corset top that matches her hair and boots, and now finding herself moaning as she works that fat rod a little deeper into her own ass each time she lowers herself down in this smooth and steady way.

With a smirk of his own, the other-worldly hunk needs no further invitation to tap that fine ass like it, and she, deserves to be. Reaching up to grip her toned waist, he gives no warning before he starts thrusting his dick up into her asshole, making himself moan out and her nearly squeal in sinful delight with wide eyes, the first pump alone making her jolt nearly completely off his cock but that hold on her keeps her in place from him to get to work sliding his shaft in and out of her stunning booty. It also forces his shaft far deeper up into her backside, filling her up already far more than she would have thought possible in her dirtiest of fantasises but far from feeling any discomfort, the psychotic beauty is moaning away, loving the anal stuffing she's getting and being even louder now and shameless than the stud underneath her she's mounted on.

"AHHHHHH FUCK!! AHHHHHH... MMMMMM YEAH!! F-fuck... FUCK THAT ASS!!" The Super-villain demands, and if the desire in her voice wasn't clear enough that she wasn't kidding, the fact that she's lifted up her mallet to balance over her shoulder, running the end of the handle-stick against her snatch to pleasure herself while a meaty fuck-stick thrusts away into her ass is the clear proof of how much she wants it now. "MMMMM... OH FUCK!! Yeah!! Ya fuckin'... UHHHH!! Hot... Alien... FUCKIN' STUD MMMMM..." She groans, her ripe and rounded tits barely staying contained within her now straining corset top as her body jolts back each time she takes one of those stiff and firm thrusts between her ass cheeks from below. Showing that she's still able to give it as well as take, she's able to grind her hips down so she can not just work her butt against the cock currently fucking it, but further stimulate her own pussy against the infamous mallet weapon now turned into a fuck-toy and already dampened at that handle end from the repeated rubbbing she's done.

"MMMM!! Yes Harley!! Feel it!! AHHHHH... Feel the pleasure!!" It's not just the feeling of superb tightness around his cock that's helping him to keep pumping sharply in and out of that gorgeous, rounded ass, but hearing her increasingly by every thrust shameless moans of delight and knowing she's finally enjoying herself fully instead of the defiant attitude from before that now seems a lifetime away compared to her current moaning, sweating state. "MMMMM... As you deserve! As you know... MMMMM... You can handle..." Of course, giving her the sort of erotic treatment he's cross dimensions and worlds to deliver is having an effect on this intergalactic hunk, the perspiration now forming across his ripped frame making him even more desirable than before. Yet he's still got plenty of stamina in him to keep working his manhood up into that fine backside of the crazed stunner, willingly letting him pound away into the third and tightest of her holes he's experienced over this sexual encounter.

"MMMMM... Mistah Mass Tarr... I can... Ahhhhhh FUCK!! Handle way more than this!!" Harley says with a groan, catching him off guard as she shifts up and off from him, dismounting both him and the entire bed itself. "Watch this..." She grins wickedly as still holds onto her mallet as she gets down onto her hands and knees on the floor. Reaching back, she teases herself with the already dampened handle of that weapon, before moaning out as she slides it into her snatch, groaning as she works in that smooth, thick and sturdy wood inside herself, and already starting to fuck herself with it as she shifts backward against the handle now stuffed inside herself.

"Impressive!" Mass Tarr states with an approving smile, moving now off her bed so he can join her, getting into a mounted position behind her but first reaching down, undoing the strings of that top so he can pull it off from her body, tossing it aside and out of the way. "I had a feeling all you needed was a little encouragement to start enjoying yourself!" He says with a chuckle, moving downward and sliding his impressively ready for even more action rod back into her asshole, moaning along with her as he feels how still pleasurably snug that back passage is around his man meat even after the previous round of anal action.

"UHHHHH!! AHHHHH... AHHHHH FUCK!! MMMMM!!" The former criminal psychologist turned insane law-breaking beauty starts to loudly call out in delight as she feels that now very familiar cock sliding in and out of her still needy asshole at an already satisfyingly stiff and swift pace. "OH FUCK!! MMMMM... C-Come on Mistah... Mistah Mass Tarr!! AHHHHH!! Fuckin'... UHHH!! FUCKIN' NAIL ME!! MMMMM..." At the same time she starts using a hand to work her mallet into her own wet to say the least pussy, groaning at the sensation as she fucks herself with one of her trademark weapons while getting properly fucked by a big cock in her ass at the same time, and all the while moaning out without any shame at all as sweat once more starts to form and drip from off that pale and sexy frame.

"MMMM!! Yes Harley!! AHHHHH... Do not hold back!! Ahhhhh...!" He encourages as he moans himself, his hips working like well oiled machinery as his pistons his shaft back and forth into that tight, built to be fucked ass of the gorgeous but deadly super-villain, a huge smile on his handsome face as he watches said woman before him pushing herself back to meet not just his thrusting into her booty, but her own self-fucking with that unusual to say the least insertion in her snatch.

"MMMMM YES!! Outstanding... MMMM!! As wonderful as I'd knew you'd be!" He adds, groaning each time he slides a few inches of that thick pole out of her rump just so he can forcefully slam it back down in between those smoothly rounded cheeks, able to look down and watch the erotic sight of her booty jiggling from the thrusts she's taking and her own rocking back and forth against the stiff objects deep within her lower holes.

"AWWWWWW FUCK!! AHHHHHH SH-SHIT!! FU-FUCK... FUCK ME!!" As she begs for even more of this wild and sinful action, despite already getting that from the big real cock getting driven into her backside and the "fake" substitute she's using to fuck her own dripping wet pussy with, she's looking more and more like a dirty, sex-craving slut than the feared super-villain she actually is. "AHHHHHH!! USE ME!! FUCKIN'... UHHHHH!! FUCK ME MISTAH MASS TARR! FUCK ME FUCK ME FUUUUUUCKKKK MEEEEEE!!" She squeals the demand, just about keeping herself propped up in this doggy style position with one arm, the other more than busy as she grips tightly her own mallet weapon, driving the handle hard in and out of herself as her juices stain the wood no doubt far beyond being able to be removed by any regular cleaning. From the way her eyes are staring in a glazed over, trance-like state of joy ahead as she takes this anal fucking along with the self-pumping she's doing to her twat, that's far removed from her current concerns as she continues to moan out with every pump she takes.

"MMMM... Very well then Harley!!" The hung stud from another world nods, all too happy to give her - as he vowed to do from the very start - what she needs and deserves. Reaching down, he grabs a coloured pigtail of her long hair in each hand, red in one and black in the other, twisting the grip and making her gasp from the sensation before he pulls back towards himself, forcing her head up and tilting back as she groans out deeply and with filthy delight at the new roughness. There's more to come though, as he also starts driving his cock down into her backside with increased force, not to mention deep penetration, sending his hips crashing against those ripe cheeks with a sharp slapping sound ringing out to mix with both of their lusty cries.

"AHHHHHHH... MMMM MISTAH MASS TARR!! AHHHHHHHH FUUUUUUUCKKKKK AHHHHHHH!!"A huge, shameless smile is plastered on her pale, sweat-covered face now, eyes already rolling up at the apartment roof above but far from focusing on anything, her tits shaking and swaying as her body is roughly smacking off of the thrusts being sent into her ass, the jolting just making this anal pounding all the more harder and for this deranged beauty all the more pleasurable and then some. "MMMMM!!! MMM-MASS TARR!! MMMMMM... AHHHHHHH SHIT!! FUUUUUUUCK!! FUUUUCKKKKKKK MMMMM..." She gasps and groans, so drunk with this intense pleasure she's barely able to get her other arm to function and work her the handle of her weapon into her soaking pussy, but that stiff rocking back and forth she's being made to do more than doing the self-fucking work for her while she gets her fine and sexy ass tapped hard from behind by a hunk she barely knows, but has already let fuck all of her holes.

That very stud from another dimension let alone world is more than proving his sexual superiority even as his chest heaves for air and sweat coats his muscular body, his grip firm on her hair as he "revs up" the Harley with the occasional twist, each time making the beauty he's fucking up the ass groan as he keeps her head tilted back and her own very desirable frame working sharply back against him. While the sort of pace needed to pleasure this dangerous but stunning woman is of course hard and intense, he's not even considering reaching a peak before she does, feeling her back passage even after all this deep and stiff thrusts stay nicely snug around his shaft as he pumps away, hearing her groans pour out of her mouth as she takes a double penetration of sorts with his real, meaty cock and a make-do version of "wood" lodged into her snatch.

"AHHHH FUCK!! OH FUCK!! FUCKKKK... FUCK FUCK AHHHHH YESSSSSS FUUUUUUCKKKKK!!" Harley Quinn near screams out, pussy juices gushing out over that already well-soaked mallet handle she's been fucking herself on as she cums, the fluids dripping down from her snatch down onto a sinful puddle underneath her and if it wasn't for the grip on her hair from the stud pounding into her ass at the same time, she no doubt would have collapsed to the floor from how intense this sexual high is. "MMMMM... AHHHHHH SHIT!! MMMMM... AHHHHHH MMMMMM..." Instead she's getting to feel every moment of the pleasure racing through that pale, now dripping with sweat body, still grunting and jolting forward each time a deep pump is delivered into her asshole, and leaving her with a wide, lust-drunk smile on her face even when she finally loses her grip and that weapon she'd been using as a fuck-toy falls out of her.

"MMMM... Truly wonderful..." Mass Tarr smirks, pulling out of her now gaping and more than just well fucked asshole, changing position but still holding the hair so he can bring her back upward to kneel, then moving around her so his now throbbing cock - another sign of his supreme control - is pointing at her pretty face. "If you don't mind..." He said, using one hand to hold the back of her head as he starts to stroke his cock with the other, moaning with each pump he gives himself.

Still in a daze, she offers no resistance and in face nearly gets blinded when he lets out a deep groan and the first thick, creamy shot of spunk shoots across her face, catching into the dark half of her coloured hair high up in a diagonal, and she just manages to close her eyes as it lands across the eyebrow and lid. She moans as the vast shower of spunk proceeds to coat her, staining her nose, forehead, lips, cheeks and chin to even drip down off her onto her lovely tits, as well as catching in the stands of red and black hair that usually hang over her face and were very much unavoidable in the now messy, out of place condition her hair as a whole is. By the time he finally lets go of his cock and admires his "art" all over her face, it's more than enough of a load to resemble more like a gang of Arkham inmates who had released all over her rather than the one commanding stud.

"I'm not sure which is the bigger mess now Harley..." Mass says with a laugh. "Your face, or the state of your mallet now!" He says, seeing her juices dripping off the handle of that weapon laying now next to the well fucked, sweat and now cum-covered beauty.

"You... You still got that smart mouth, don't 'cha?" Harley smirks, using a hand to wipe cum away from her eyes so she can finally look up with him, and there's a rather dangerous, obsessive-looking glare in them as she stares up in awe at the hunk who had fucked her near senseless. "...I want more. Fuck me. Fuck me Mistah Mass Tarr!! Fuck me now!! Right here!!" She quickly demands, already reaching forward and starting to stroke his cock.

"Ha! Well, if you insist Harley... However, I think we've had our fun here... And since we've done... Mmmmm..." He's cut off when the Super-villain starts lashing her tongue against his cock. "We've done "Your Place"... Let's go to mine now..."

In the next moment, and with a whispered spell in a language long forgotten to normal ears, both the other-worldly stud and the deranged beauty were vanished out of sight, out of the planet, and the dimension itself. She would indeed get her wish though, and would get it again, and again, and again...

* * *

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