Gen 13: Infernal Seductions Part 3 (ff)
by PJ

Roxy scowled darkly as two Coda warriors escorted her to the dungeon block of Asmodeus' fortress. Reaching a lone, iron door, a blonde Coda opened the portal with a key, then pushed Roxy inside. The cell was dark and humid, condensation dripped from the rock walls as the Coda shackled Roxanne's wrists above her head. Smiling cruelly, the Coda closed the cell door behind her, leaving Roxy in a room of dank shadows, her only illumination a glowing, red rune imprinted upon her forehead.

"I finally get a roommate," mumbled a male voice from the darkness.

"Who's there?" asked Roxy with a tremor.

"Muerte, Phillipe de Muerte," replied the voice.

"Why are you here?" inquired the girl.

"I don't know. All I remember is a bright light, fire, then laying on the ground in a vast desert. Those female warriors appeared out of nowhere and captured me before I could use my magic."

"Magic? What are you, a magician?" asked Roxy skeptically.

"A wizard, not a magician!" corrected Phillipe indignantly.

"Oh, sorry," said Roxy with a sideways glance. "So why not mumble some magic words and escape?"

"Really? I hadn't thought of that," snarled Muerte sarcastically. "That thrice- damned devil lord surrounded this cell with an Anti-Magic Shell, none of my powers work here."

"That's a real bitch," retorted Roxy. "I guess we're stuck here, then."

"Why do you bear a Mark of Constraint?" asked Muerte curiously.

"Probably so my gen-factor won't work," said Roxy with a sigh.

"Gen-factor? What is this? Some new magical discipline?" inquired the mage.

"Not exactly, but it does give me powers," explained Roxy.

"Then your situation is also a...bitch," replied Muerte hesitantly.

"You're learning the local language just fine," smiled Roxy.

* * *

"This makes a change of pace," remarked Sarah as she stood near a tall, open window, the cool desert air rustling the thin fabric of the rich gown she wore.

"Just because I'm a devil doesn't make me uncivilized," said Asmodeus before he extended his right hand, offering the beautiful indian girl a crystal glass of red wine. Sarah took the wine with a smile, then sampled the drink, allowing the fruity flavor to tantalize her tongue.

"Usually I'm bound up in leather restraints and raped at this point," observed Sarah as she shot the devil a wry look.

"How crude!" replied Asmodeus as he clutched his chest, his satanically handsome features creased with shock and disgust.

"Some people are into that stuff," said Sarah before she drained her glass and raised it up for a refill.

Asmodeus quickly complied, pouring wine from a white crystal decanter into the slim vessel held by the girl. He stood very close to Sarah, inhaling her musky scent, gazing at her lush, muscled legs and flat stomach.

"What happened to Caitlin and Roxanne?" asked Sarah with cool disinterest.

"Caitlin has made herself at home. I've given her a private room where I believe she is changing into more suitable garb. I'm having a big party to welcome the three of you to my home," smiled Asmodeus warmly. "Your young friend with the pink hair is resting in a room on one of the lower levels, I'll be seeing to her comfort once you are satisfied."

"You are very kind," replied Sarah as she turned from the night view to watch the devil, her eyes dark and smoldering. "What will you offer to satisfy me?"

"Your heart's desire," smiled Asmodeus, his gaze intense and covetous as he returned Sarah's stare.

"You don't fool around, do you?" grinned Sarah as she turned away from the devil, watching the sands of the desert shift and whirl. "We're still on Earth, aren't we?"

"Yes, I've constructed a little vacation house in the desert west of Deming. By coincidence, a new mountain appeared out of no where one day, but no one seems to notice it," said Asmodeus smugly.

"How fortunate," commented Sarah as she felt the devil draw closer, his body heat radiating out to caress her dusky skin.

"Tell me what you want," whispered the devil as he stroked the right side of Sarah's head, his claws sliding through her rich, black hair as his body rubbed lightly against her ass and back.

"I can't say it," replied Sarah as she turned her head down, staring at the floor shamefully as her face grew flushed. "I don't want to sell my soul."

"You won't be. Humans have the wrong idea about the denizens of Hades. We don't take souls, we free you of your inhibitions, the shackles that keep you from reaching your full potential. I don't need to take your soul because you are already one of us, you just haven't realized it yet. Tell me what you want, don't be afraid to see your wish become reality."

Sarah moaned weakly, her lips trembling as Asmodeus drew his robed arms around her slender waist, his cold lips kissing the nape of her neck as darkness filled the girl's vision, a boiling, sultry void that sucked Sarah into her forbidden, secret dream.

* * *

The sun was bright and hot today, a perfect day to sunbath near the pool. Sarah lay in a beach chair, her naked body gleaming with suntan lotion. She could hear two voices shouting at each other, and when she looked through her sunglasses she saw Roxy and Caitlin fighting with each other. Sarah smiled in amusement as Caitlin shouted something briefly, then stomped away in a huff. Roxanne swore quietly to herself as she approached the pool and sat in a chair next to the sunbathing indian girl.

"What happened?" asked Sarah as she raised her arms above her head, making her breasts thrust out to drink the sun's warm rays.

"Oh, Cat wanted me to go shopping with her, but I didn't want to," complained Roxy as she pulled off her cut-off top, then began tugging at her jean-shorts.

"You? Turn down shopping? The world must be ending!" giggled Sarah.

"Very funny," scowled Roxy while she leaned back in her beach chair, her petite body garbed only in a tiny bikini top and g-string. "I just didn't want to be with her today."

"The two of you are almost inseparable," observed Sarah as she watched Roxy carefully.

"Yeah, well that mind-link thing gets annoying sometimes, especially when she gets those wet dreams of Mr. Lynch," replied Roxy with a sour face.

"That would be horrible," agreed Sarah as she slid her eyes over Roxy's slim legs and creamy rump.

"Sometimes I just like hanging out with you, Sarah," admitted Roxy with a shy smile.

"I like being with you, too, Rox," grinned Sarah while her stomach grew warm with happiness. "Here, let me put some suntan lotion on you before you start burning."

"Okay," smiled Roxy before she spun onto her stomach and untied her bikini top.
Sarah rose from her chair, then grabbed the nearby bottle of lotion, squirting some into her left hand before she straddled Roxy's prone body and reached down to rub her down. Roxy moaned softly as Sarah caressed the tight muscles of her back and shoulders, letting the lotion ooze through her fingers as she rubbed it firmly into the short girl's skin.

Sarah took her time, enjoying the sensation of Roxy's flesh under her hands as she slowly rubbed and caressed her friend's ripe body.

"Don't stop," groaned Roxy as she grew limp under Sarah, her limbs relaxing with each touch of the indian girl's fingers. Sarah caressed Roxy's arms, then slid her hands over the prone girl's buttocks, briefly squeezing them as she moved to Roxy's upper thighs. Roxanne didn't object, she just purred with pleasure as Sarah applied lotion to the backs of her thighs, then down the rest of her legs. The coconut oil made Sarah horny as she slid her hands up and down Roxy's bare legs, the flesh firm yet yielding as she moved back up to the small girl's tight ass.

"You're so firm and tight," whispered Sarah huskily as she caressed Roxy's ass, kneading the creamy flesh lewdly. Roxy moaned as she bit her lower lip, her breathing sharp and intense as she grew hot under her friend's caresses. Leaning down hesitantly, almost afraid of Roxy's reaction, Sarah kissed her friend's back, tasting lotion and sweet, female flesh on her full lips. When Roxy didn't complain, Sarah made a series of little kisses up her spine, then nuzzled the back of Roxanne's neck, burying her nose in the girl's short, black hair. Roxy moaned, air hissing through her soft, red lips as Sarah turned her head to the left, then kissed her lovingly on the mouth. Roxanne moaned like a little girl,
her lips trembling as Sarah pressed their mouths tightly together, the two girls tasting the buttery lotion on each other. Roxy opened her mouth slightly, inviting Sarah to slide her tongue within and explore the girl's throat. Sarah's kiss became passionate, more forceful, as she thrust her tongue inside Roxy's throat, caressing her inner jaw, then entwining around her small, pink tongue. Sarah's breasts slid across Roxy's back, the brown nipples hardened into points as they raked across Roxanne's smooth flesh. Sarah slid her right hand between Roxy's buttocks, pushing the g-string aside, then rubbing the young girl's moist pussy.

"Oh, yes...more!" begged Roxy as she lay weakly under Sarah, spreading her legs apart slightly so that the indian girl could more easily reach her cunt. Sarah licked Roxy's cheeks and sucked on the tip of the girl's pert nose as she fondled Rox's slit, caressing her labia and clit until her crotch was glistening with honey. Sarah turned the panting girl onto her back, then ripped the g-string bottom from her crotch. Roxy groaned wantonly, her skin hot and moist with sweat as she spread her legs wide apart while Sarah leaned down to suck on her tits. Sarah moaned with pleasure as she savored Roxy's breasts, filling her mouth with the naked girl's small mounds. The dusky girl's fingers played a symphony of lust against Roxanne's pussy, long fingers teasing and pinching her soaking cunt folds.

"Oh, god! It feels so good!" panted Roxanne as she lay helplessly in bonds of arousal, her arms pressed over her head as Sarah devoured her tits, biting the nipples, relishing their cherry taste. Sarah pressed two fingers into Roxy's pussy, sliding them deep into the moaning girl's vagina, then making circles inside the clenching tunnel, stimulating all of Roxy's tender, slick cunt flesh.

Sarah slid off of Roxy, then pulled up the girl's crotch, making her almost stand on her head while making it easier for Sarah to reach her pussy while standing. Sarah pressed three long fingers from her left hand into Roxy's dripping slit, then pushed two fingers from her right hand into the naked girl's anus. Roxy moaned loudly with lust as Sarah began pumping energetically with both hands, her fingers thrusting deep into Roxy's inner recesses. Roxy arched her back as her cunt shook with arousal, the pink flesh quivering and drenched with the overpowering smell of her juices. Sarah rammed her face into Roxy's pussy as her fingers continued their relentless probing. The dusky- skinned girl lapped at the folds of Roxy's labia, drinking her intoxicating cum as it gushed out to drip down her back and between her heaving tits.

Sarah lowered Roxy's shaking, nude body to the chair, then licked her sticky honey from her crotch to her trembling chin. Roxanne lay panting with exhaustion, her arms and legs positioned chaotically around her as she looked down at Sarah's approaching mouth. The two naked girls kissed, their mouths locked together as they shared the flavor of Roxy's pussy wine.

* * *

Asmodeus sat on the edge of the large, canopied bed as Sarah rolled over the sheets, her naked body glistening with sweat. The handsome devil reached out with his left hand, collecting a sample of the girl's perspiration, then raising it to his black lips so that he could suck the digit clean.

"Flesh that is the sweetest ambrosia," whispered Asmodeus before he rose from the bed and left Sarah writhing upon the sweat-soaked sheets.


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