Gen 13: Infernal Seductions Part 2 (Mf)
by PJ

A set of polished, double doors opened, admitting a slim Hispanic woman in a tight red dress as she led a silent, brooding man into the private office of Miguel Santiago, the CEO of Aztechnology. The attractive secretary motioned towards a cushioned leather chair in front of Santiago's desk, then waited patiently for her employer's orders.

"Hello, I'm glad that you came. Would you like anything? Coffee, juice?" asked Santiago politely.

"No. Thank you," replied John Lynch tersely.

"That will be all then. You may leave, dear," said the executive as he smiled warmly at the young woman. After the secretary closed the doors after herself, Miguel leaned back in his chair, watching Lynch closely.

"I see that the operation was a success, very few cybernetic prosthetics were necessary," began Santiago.

"Your personnel were very quick to recover us after the fight," commented John.

"Well, I had an arrangement with Ms. Baiul. Unfortunately she couldn't deliver what she promised, I'm hoping that you will do better," smiled Miguel.

"Why should I help you kidnap my own wards?" snarled John angrily.

"For one, the implant in your skull. With the flick of a switch I can reduce your brain to a cloud of vapor. More important to you, if I send Ivana after the girls again, they may not make it back in one piece. Ivana can be very vindictive, as I'm sure you know from personal experience. If you agree, I will place you in charge of the recovery operation. You will be able to keep them safe on the journey back here, you can watch over them. I promise you, I do not intend to kill or mutilate the young women in any way, I just require a little more study of their physiology, to isolate their gen-factor," soothed Miguel.

"Study me if you want the gen-factor. Dissect me if you want, just leave my girls alone," offered Lynch.

"I'm touched by your devotion to your girls, but you are not enough. I require young gen-actives for my research, plus your charges seem unusually gifted, even more than most enhanced beings. If I can duplicate their gene-patterns, I can create a race of supermen, the ultimate servants of mankind."

"Or the ultimate enforcers," replied John with a sly grin.

"Perhaps," said Miguel smugly. "Will you lead the recovery team?"

"Yes, I will," answered Lynch without hesitation.

* * *

The tall, blue-skinned man sat languidly on his throne, watching the unconscious girls with hot, absorbing black eyes. He idly stroked one of the small, white horns on his head as the succubus stood next to him, gazing at her lord with fervent devotion.

"Did you have any trouble getting the short one, Xanna?" asked the demon lord cooly.

"None, my lord," replied Xanna quickly. "She practically walked into my waiting arms."

"Humph! A weak mind," sniffed the demon with disdain. "Perhaps I shall dispose of her."

"Let me have her, Lord. I could use her in some interesting diversions," smiled the succubus as she licked her fangs with a wet tongue.

"We'll see," replied the demon while Caitlin moaned weakly and raised herself up with her arms.

Coda warriors surrounded the three girls, brandishing swords, spears and other melee weapons as they frowned at their prisoners. Caitlin shook her head to clear the fuzziness from her brain, then took in the stark surroundings about her. She lay within a monolithic chamber hewn out of rock. The chamber was circular, lit up by braziers and flaming torches set in iron wall sconces. The tall redhead looked up towards a dais against the far wall where a demonic man and a bat-winged woman stared down at her.

"Who are you?" asked Caitlin as she staggered to her feet.

"Asmodeus. Prince of the Ninth Plane of Hell," replied the man with a nod of his horned head.

"What are you doing so far from home?" inquired Cat with a wry look.

"A breech in the dimensional wall appeared. I took the opportunity to travel here and partake of the pleasures of Earth," said the demon lord as he motioned towards the scantily-clad, voluptuous Coda.

"Why capture the three of us?"

"I sensed your power, your life force. It smells like the sweetest wine to me, like the richest food. I had to sample it," replied Asmodeus with an expression of rapture.

"I don't think so, demon," frowned Caitlin before she bent down and tried to wake up Sarah and Roxy.

"But you don't even know what I can offer you," whispered Asmodeus as he leaned close from behind Cat, his black/purple robes sliding against the girl's naked flesh. Caitlin gasped in surprise, spinning to face the smiling demon.

"I can offer you pleasures beyond your imagination, I can make your dreams come true," said Asmodeus softly as he extended his arms, imploring Caitlin to grasp them. The lights within the chamber began to fade, as did the forms of the Coda and Cat's friends. Caitlin stood alone with Asmodeus in a sea of never-ending blackness, the demon drawing her gaze like a moth to a bright flame.

"Isn't there anything...that you want," asked Asmodeus huskily.

"Not from you," retorted Caitlin as she closed her arms together, shielding her breasts from the demon's avaricious stare.

"Ah, but there is," smiled Asmodeus as he drew closer to Caitlin. "I can smell your desire."

Caitlin blinked her green eyes, turning her head to either side as humid jungle surrounded her body. The sky was clear and dark, stars winked cheerfully down from the heavens as Cat stood near the edge of a clear, cool lake. Her naked flesh dripping with sweat, Caitlin dived into the water, allowing the cool liquid to wash her skin and relax her stressed muscles. She floated on the small waves, kicking her long, firm legs as she stretched out her arms and let the water slide across her large, creamy breasts. A shadowy form drew closer to Cat, swimming smoothly beneath the surface of the lake before breaking free, drenching the nude girl in a rain of moisture. Caitlin laughed happily, her smile wide and carefree as she gazed at John Lynch lovingly. The older man smiled at Cat, floating next to her, wrapping her body with his strong, lithe arms. Caitlin kissed John passionately, her mouth desperate for Lynch's lips as she pressed her shapely form against her mentor's nude body.

"You're too much for me," chuckled John as he broke Caitlin's kiss, caressing her hair and cheek with his left hand.

"I love you, Mr. Lynch," said Caitlin softly.

"And I love you too, Caitlin," declared John before he kissed her, his arms tight as they hugged her waist.

The couple swan for hours, teasing each other, caressing and touching each other's bodies as they swam by. Caitlin felt her love for John swell her heart, it filled her lungs with molten fire, the fire of limitless passion. Finally, John swam to the shore, collapsing into the soft sand and panting softly for breath. Caitlin rose from the glistening water like a mythical goddess, her nude body dripping and seductive as she moved to sit next to her lover. The couple sat silently, watching the stars and listening to the mating calls of the small animals that lived within the jungle. Caitlin turned to look at her love, then bent down, placing her head over John's crotch. John gasped as Caitlin took his cock into her mouth, her tongue licking the head, wrapping around it like an
amorous snake. Lynch slid his right hand into Caitlin's hair as her head bobbed up and down, her lips caressing the shaft of John's member as she slid it deeply into her warm throat. John panted for air, his legs rigid as he thrust his tool into Cat's willing mouth, her tongue sliding along the underside of his cock, making it throb with lust as it grew harder from her attentions. Caitlin ran her mouth along the sides of John's pole, her lips coating his prick with saliva as she slid down the shaft, then rubbed her nose in his pubic hair, placing his balls inside her hot orifice.

"Oh, god," moaned John as his cock became engorged and hard as rock, Caitlin continuing to suck loudly on his testicles until he felt an orgasm building within him.

"Oh, no, you don't," grinned Cat as she rose from John's crotch, her chin stained with saliva. "You're not shooting your load just yet."

The naked girl turned around, offering her tight ass for John to caress and play with. Lynch pressed his hands against Caitlin's upraised buttocks, fondling her smooth flesh, feeling the sensual warmth of her skin. John lowered his face into Caitlin's pussy, nuzzling her cunt with his mouth, sliding his tongue deep into her twitching vagina. Caitlin groaned with pleasure, pressing her ass even more firmly against John's lapping face. Lynch squeezed Cat's buttocks tightly as he buried his mouth in her moist slit, his tongue caressing the inside of her womb,
making her shudder with ecstasy. Caitlin's elbows dug far into the sand, she rested her chin on one hand while she bit the fingers of her right hand to stifle her moans of lust. John backed away from Cat's pussy, then pushed his cock slowly inside, filling her vagina with his engorged fuckpole.

"Yes! Fuck me!" begged Caitlin as she placed both hands into the sand, her tits jiggling with each erotic impact of her cunt and John's cock. Lynch grunted as he rammed his rod into Caitlin's slit, her pussy sucking on his shaft as he thrust it deep into her warm belly. The naked couple moaned and panted like sex-starved animals, their dripping bodies an orchestra of writhing muscle and flesh as John fucked Caitlin's ass, impaling her cunt with his tool. Lynch grabbed Caitlin's right shoulder, pulling her up, then turning her head so he could kiss her hotly, their tongues entwining as he continued thrusting into her quivering pussy.

"Ughh, I'm going to cum!" panted Caitlin as she fell limp against John's chest, her tits heaving as she shuddered in the throes of orgasm. Lynch hugged her firmly against his flat torso, his cock pounding into her cunt as they orgasmed together, John's member flooding Caitlin's womb with sticky cream.

Lynch fell back into the giving sand, holding Caitlin within his arms, kissing the back of her neck affectionately as she smiled with satisfaction and surrendered her body to her lover's embrace.

Asmodeus smiled victoriously as he watched Caitlin writhe on the floor, her face smiling and happy as she lay within her dream.

"Got you," crowed the demon as he admired the redhead's long, bare legs and round ass. "Now to gather in your lovely friends as well."


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