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Alfred is still the Wayne family butler, and the Joker is STILL the clown
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Batgirl: Blow-Up Doll Part 1 (F-mast,voy,morph,magic)
by MD James

The Gotham City Carnival has always been a stable family attraction, a break
from the chaos and madness going on everywhere else. Today was no exception.

"C'mon Barb!"

Barbara Gordon stood shakily at the entranceway to the tent while her friend
Janice tried to coax her in.

"I-I don't think so.." Barbara said.

"Oh don't be chicken!" Janice said. "Look, I've been to two or three of these
places before. Madame Vie is probably going to read your palm, make up some
incantation, hand you a crystal, and charge you $5 on the way out. That's

"I don't know.."

Janice grabbed Barbara's hand and led her inside. "C'mon!"

The tent was decorated no differently than a fortune teller's would; colored
scarves, burning incense, scented candles. The only thing missing was a
crystal ball or a deck of tarot cards.


Not seeing anyone else in the tent, Barbara started to turn around to leave.


A middle-aged woman, dressed in black, came out from behind the back of the
tent. Although she had traditional gypsy features, she spoke in a clear
western accent. She pointed a finger at Janice. "You! Wait outside." Then
she pointed at Barbara. "You! Sit down!"

Janice started to leave when Barbara protested. "No.. I don't think.."

"If you leave now, you will NEVER get your heart's desire," Madame Vie said.
"The brightness in your darker heart will fade forever! Do you want that to

Barbara wanted to think about it, then Janice started to leave. "I'll just
be outside, Barbara.." she whispered. "Just shout if anything is wrong."

Barbara wanted to leave, but instead she sat down at the table. "I don't know
why I'm doing this," she said softly.

"Because it is your heart's desire that WILLS it," Madame Vie said. "I know
this to be true. I can sense the yearning within you the minute you came in!
You seek someone... someone unattainable... someone with a heart even darker
than yours..."

Barbara nodded nervously, ready to bolt at a moment's notice. This
conversation was dangerously close to exposing her secret life as the caped
crusader Batgirl.

"That is why I told your friend to wait outside. This was not for her to
hear. You strongly desire this man, yes?"

Again, Barbara nodded.

"You have talents you are not aware of," Madame Vie said. "Talents that you
know little about, but will bring him to you. Give me your hands."

Barbara's hands were shaking as she placed them on the table. Madame Vie
grabbed hold of them. Barbara went over her options should the Madame Vie
be less than friendly. From where she was, she could quickly head-butt the
Madame to break her hold and leave, or she could somersault over the table
and exit through the back of the tent. Either way would be bloody and brutal,
but quick.

Madame Vie pulled out a small medallion on a chain. "This is the amulet of
Jaka - the ancient god of love and sex."

"Jaka? I've never heard of him before.."

The older woman smiled. "Yes.. Jaka was the father to all great masters of
sex and love. It is HIS power that made great things such as the Karma Sutra

Barbara didn't say anything, but simply took it all in. It HAD to be a fake.
She's a librarian, with access to all sorts of books, and she's never even
HEARD of this Jaka character. So she figures, what's to worry?

"Jaka protects me," Vie said. "Jaka empowers me. And now I ask that he
empower you!" She closed her eyes and began to chant. "Oh great Jaka... Oh
great Jaka... Jaka oh powerful... Jaka my master and lover... I ask that you
give your love to this woman... fill her heart with your power... fill her
body with the power only you possess! Oh great Jaka.. Oh great Jaka..."

Madame Vie then began to convulse and shake. "OOOHHHH... Jaka... Yes!...
Fill me with your love!... Fill her with your power!... YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!"

Barbara could swear that Madame Vie was climaxing as she chanted. There was
a musky odor in the air, which she assumed was just the incense. But other
than that, she felt no differently.

Then Madame Vie collapsed on the table.

"Madame?" Barbara said as she tried to shake the woman.

"I am still here," Madame Vie replied, her head still on the table. "Jaka
has spoken and will help you get your heart's desire."

"Oh," Barbara said as she started to get up. "Well, this has been quite...

Vie shot up from the table and thrust the medallion into the younger woman's
hands. "You must wear this around your neck tonight. As you sleep, Jaka will
prepare you to receive his power. Tomorrow, your talents will be at their
best when your heart's desire is present. He will not resist your talents
when they are at their best."

Barbara looked at the medallion. It was supposed to be of Jaka, but she could
swear it looked like Buddha. Oh well, she figured, no harm done in wearing it

"OK," she said as she slid the medallion over her head and slipped it between
her cleavage. Then she reached for her purse. "How much do I...?"

Madame Vie sat back down at the table. "I need no money," she said. "My
service to Jaka is more than enough. But if you can spare three dollars to
cover for the medallion, I will be grateful."

Barbara put the money on the table and left the tent.

"So," Janice said, "what did she say?"

Barbara smiled. "Just mumbled something about this god Jaka, went into a
trance, gave me a medallion to wear tonight and asked for three dollars."

"That's all?" Janice said with a frown. "I would have expected something

Later that night, Barbara decided against going on her nightly patrol as
Batgirl and instead catch up on the sleep she's been lacking. She simply
deduced her fatigue to the long nights she spent on surveillance of a local
crank manufacturing plant. Drugs were nothing new to her, and she's helped
bust a few labs in her time, but this one was different - they were using
runaways to help make the drugs. She had little tolerance for drugs, but the
kind of slime who exploited runaways was the breaking point. She really
wanted to break this group, and do it right so they couldn't weasel out of
it in court.

As she slept, the medallion lay between her warm breasts and the white

* * *

The following night Barbara was dressed in her Batgirl outfit. Everything
seemed normal... except that her uniform felt a tad too tight, especially
near the top. She simply checked it off as nerves, since she always felt her
skin-tight uniform was a bit too tight before she begins a raid. She was
never comfortable wearing an outfit that left nothing to hide for her. She
couldn't even wear a bra to cover up her erect nipples as they stuck through
the outfit.

The drug lab was inside a condemned hotel. They chased out the hookers and
homeless people who were using it and quickly produced their poisons. The lab
itself was in the old conference room, which was accessible from the outside
through the service entrance. There were two armed guards at the back
entrance, but that never stopped Batgirl before. A quick Batarang and a side
thrust kick turned the guards into unconscious bookends.

She grabbed some flare pellets and was about to switch on the spectrum lenses
in her mask when she heard the sound of bullets and wood splintering from the
inside. Did they know about her? Maybe it was a rival gang. What about the

Putting caution to the wind, she pulled out a small concussion pellet and
threw it at the door. The metal structure was blasted open. Then she threw
in the flare pellets to blind anyone on the other side.

Batgirl was about to rush in when a man rushed out blindly, almost knocking
her down in the process. She turned and was about to chase him when a
bat-line whizzed past her head to snare the man. She turned around to find
Batman standing behind her.

"You almost let this guy get away," he said icily. "If you didn't throw those
flash bombs he would have gotten away."

Batgirl was floored. This was her raid! She's the one who spent countless
nights staking out the place! She felt the rage burning up inside her. How
DARE Batman steal her thunder?

"Listen..." she started to say.

But Batman finished tying up the man and turned around to face her. "Not
now," he ordered. "The police will be here in seconds to pick up the slime
and take care of the kids." He then pointed to the two guards Batgirl had
earlier taken care of. "Tie them up, then meet me in the next alley!"

The anger rose as she complied to Batman's request. She heard the police cars
from the other side of the building and knew it would only be a matter of
seconds before her other escape route would be closed off. She leapt up to
the fire escape of the adjoining building, then followed it up to the roof.
Twirling her own bat-line, she then descended to the alleyway behind the
Pussycat Lounge.

The dark knight waited silently for her in the shadows. Since she still had
her spectrum lenses on, she was able to quickly spot him.

She landed like a cat, but now she felt her outfit getting even tighter.
Maybe it was still nerves. She had never confronted Batman about his actions
before now. Maybe she should start doing so.

"Just who the HELL do you think you are?" she started. "I've staked that
place out for NIGHTS getting ready to make my move, and you just waltz in
here with my bust?"

Batman was about to reply, but instead he kept quiet. His attention was
focused on something else.

"Well?" Batgirl said. "I'm talking to you... I..."

Then she realized that something WAS wrong. Her outfit was getting REALLY
tight around her chest.

She looked down and discovered that her breasts were now larger than before.
She first thought it was simply the way the spectrum lenses interpreted the
images, but when she turned the lenses off, she noticed that her breasts were
still growing, getting larger by the minute. The bat-insignia on the front of
her outfit began to get distorted as her bustline continued to increase.

"Batman..." she said in shock, "what's... happening... to... me?" She put her
hands up to her breasts in a vain attempt to stop them from growing.

"I... don't... know..." was the only reply.

In a dumpster at the entrance of the alley, Sam "Shutterbug" Sleezeback
poked his head over the edge. He was initially there to get pictures of Taffy
Tassels as she stepped out back for a little "illegal" fucking. Taffy was the
biggest feature performer in town, and rumored to fuck anything that can move
after one of her shows. But instead, he was getting a treat he wasn't
expecting! There she was - Bat-fucking-girl, giving a show of her own to
Batman! He couldn't see too well, but she was clearly holding her tits and
moaning in front of that dark knight dimwit.

"UUUNNGGHHH!" she moaned as she could feel her tits continue to grow. What
was that about now being able to wear a bra underneath her outfit? If she
wore one now, it would have popped from the growth!

Batman reached for his belt. "Hold on, I'm bringing the batmobile in."

He turned away for only a second when he heard Batgirl moan again, this time
in pleasure. He turned back to face her, only to notice that her hands went
down to her groin. There was a distinct odor in the air... the smell of a
woman in orgasmic pleasure. Her breasts were now 44DD, and he knew the outfit
was near the breaking point. The outfit was a mixture of Kevlar and Spandex,
but he knew even those fibers weren't designed to be stretched forever.

"Batgirl," he said calmly, "your cape... cover yourself with your..."


Like a popped balloon, the front of Batgirl's outfit split open, revealing
her now 46DDD breasts to the cold night air. The suddenness of the tearing
thrust her back on the ground, where she lay there with her legs spread. In
the light, Batman could see her groin was damp with her sex juices. The tear
in her outfit went down all the way to the thin blue panties in the front of
her crotch.

"AAAHHH!" shrieked Batgirl. "I... can't... stop... it!... UUUNNGGHHHH!!!
I'm... I'm.. Oh god... no.... not here... NO!!!!!"

She spasmed as she came, her growing tits giggling like twin mountains of

Then Batman could hear another sound in the distance..


The faint sound of Sam's camera clicking off frame after frame of Batgirl's
predicament would have been ignored by anyone.. anyone except Batman! He
turned around to see Sam at the entranceway of the alley, with a
night-sensitive telescopic lens to catch everything in full color!

"Yeah baby!" Sleezeback said as he continued to click of picture after
picture. "Jiggle them Bat-bitch! Grab your nipples!"

Batman was about to pursue him when he heard Batgirl moan again. When he
turned back her breasts were even larger... the size of twin basketballs.
At the rate they were growing, she would be smothered in a matter of minutes
unless he did something now.

"Damn," he mumbled as he let Sleezeback run away with the incriminating

"I... I... I... UUNNGGHHH!!!!... can't... take... any... more... of...
this..." she said as she continued to pant. "Do... some.. thing... NOW!"

Batman cocked his hand back, then slammed down towards her solar plexus with
the palm of his hand. Batgirl screamed in pain, her whole body shaking in
shock. Then she was unconscious.

Batman then checked her vitals. She was still alive, and the growth of her
breasts seemed to have stopped. He rolled her to her side just long enough
to pull off her cape and use it to cover her up.

Batgirl's scream attracted the attention of the club employees and dancers,
who raced outside to find out what was going on. Taffy Tassels giggled at the
sight of Batman carrying Batgirl towards the waiting batmobile.

Batman strapped the unconscious Batgirl in the side seat, then gave a
menacing look at the onlookers. The message was simple and unspoken: None
of Your Business!

Continued in part 2


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