WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the characters, comic books, franchises, places etc depicted or referenced within. Fantasy is legal. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence. I am making no money off the writing of this story. I do not own DC Comics or any of its characters.

Starring: Huntress, Batgirl, Black Canary, Harley Quinn.

Codes: Cons, MF, FF, MFF, Oral, inter, anal.

Birds Of Prey/Harley Quinn: Gotham City Whores Part 4
An erotic DC Comics fan-fiction story.
by DaxG2001 ([email protected])

'Black Canary's gone off the radar. Got any leads on her last movements?'

A part of Batgirl shuddered when she read the message from her on-off ally in the Birds of Prey but general friend and fellow crime-fighter known as Huntress. Batgirl knew exactly why Canary had gone 'off radar' for a few days, and exactly where she'd likely be. She'd sent her friend straight into the waiting, perverted arms of that black stud who had fucked her near senseless, just as he'd openly, and shamelessly, admitted to doing to countless women. That had been Samuel Tud's order - send any fellow super-heroines to him. That, and do some dirty work for him by deleting some important, and possibly incriminating files from the Gotham City Police Department.

The rest of her? Saw an opportunity to go back to that club and get some answers. She did have a small matter, and one she deep down knew she shouldn't do, of returning a thong given to her from him...

'As a matter of fact, I do Huntress...'

* * *

"This doesn't feel right Barbara..." Helena Bertinelli, the masked crime-fighter known as Huntress stated as she and Batgirl approached a plain looking side-door to one of the buildings attached to the strip club known as Delicious Delights. By it a very technically advanced security key-pad was placed as an entry method. "I mean, aside from just walking in through a door? There's a smell of a trap in the air..."

"Trust me on this... Canary is in here." Barbara Gordon, the secret identity of her currently dressed super-heroine persona Batgirl reassured her friend. Still keeping a secret the real reason why she was bringing her to this exact location. "I have a lead on the inside on this one." She added, turning and entering a combination into the pad. The panel lighting up green as the click of the door unlocking was heard.

Both women were clad in their traditional attires. Batgirl in a bodysuit with full cowl and mask of black, with yellow gloves, boots, utility belt and bat-symbol across her sizeable chest. Huntress was clad in a black costume of a one-piece of sorts, open at the front to show off her toned midsection from just below her chest all the way down to a purple utility belt of her own. Just above her large chest a 'top' with white design covering her shoulders and neck. A dark mask covering up her identity but open at the back so her long black hair can remain flowing. At the front partially to let her nose, mouth and eyes be seen. All topped off with long black gloves with purple bands, and similarly designed thigh-high boots.

"Must be a good lead... You didn't even need to hack into that." Huntress noted, a hint of suspicion in her voice as she followed Batgirl inside.

"Now, if I remember right..." Batgirl started to say.

"Oh, I bet you remember being here, Bat-babe!" A sudden, familiar (but not in a good way for them) voice rang out to make both women turn to the side and ready themselves for a fight.

Instead, their eyes went wide as they saw the super-villain Harley Quinn but not as she usually appeared as. While her face was plastered with the white clown face-paint with a black eye-mask, and wore the jester-style hood and neck ruffle. It wasn't a familiar sight to see her in a completely see-through red short lingerie 'dress', her own very generously sized and rounded tits and even her shaved pussy down below essentially on full display. Far more suited for the bedroom then the plain looking storage room of sorts they were all in.

"Right on time too toots!" Quinn grinned as she casually leaned on the doorway, not fazed at all by the stances the women who she should be at odds with. "The Boss is gonna be real pleased about that!"

"What on Prime Earth is going on here?!" Huntress demanded with narrowed eyes. "Where is Black Canary??"

"Awwwww, skippin' the foreplay are ya?" Harley pouted for a moment before shrugging. "Eh, what the heck... Gets to the good stuff anyway! Come on girls, let's go meet the Boss... And from how I left them, Canary in full 'song' too!" She added with an insane sounding laugh as she turned. A noticeable sway of her hips in her step, the bottom of that 'dress' raising up to show off her butt cheeks as she walked.

"...H-hey! Where do you think you're going??" Huntress demanded, thrown off by the somewhat uncharacteristic way Quinn was acting.

"Huntress?" Batgirl spoke, placing a hand on her friend's shoulder to get her attention. "I think it's time you met my... 'Lead'." She stated, before motioning her to follow as she walked forward to follow after Harley.

Huntress stood blinking for a moment, stunned by what was going on. Wait, did Quinn say 'I bet you remember being here' to Batgirl? It was in a brief moment Huntress realised how deep into a trap she was, and a flash in her mind told her to turn, run, leave, and get help. Instead, with a mix of concern for what her friends could be involved in, and a hint of curiosity for what was happening here, she followed after Batgirl. In doing so, sealed not just her own fate, but that of the Birds of Prey for good.

* * *

Huntress has a couple of 'worst case scenarios' in her head for what state or condition she might end up finding Black Canary in. Mind controlled? Tortured? Even, as dark as it was to think, assuming the worst of the worst could have happened.

Watching Canary getting fucked senseless by a massive, black cock was not one of them.

That was the first thing that greeted her when she stepped into the office of the 'Boss' of this operation after following Quinn and Batgirl up. Spread legged, naked, and mounted on top of the fattest and longest cock Huntress had ever seen, getting fucked on a lavish leather couch. Black Canary was being made to bounce up and down on that dick not in a consensual way, but from the sheer force of the stiff thrusts being sent up into the soaking snatch from underneath. The lazy grin and glazed over eyes on the blonde showing this was all very willing as she moaned with every pump she took. Her large tits jiggling as her frame jolted hard upward before coming slapping back down into the lap of the stud pounding away into her twat.

"Mmmmmm!! Looks like... Ahhhhhh!! We're got an audience..." Samuel Tud chuckled as he pumped his cock into Canary's pussy. Completely naked, with his dark skinned, impressively built and muscular frame on full display. Grinning just a little bit wider as the three new arrivals to his office did nothing to throw him off. In fact, just a motivation to show the two women he already knew what they were sticking around for, and what the new beauty would soon be very familiar with. For now he kept the stiff, balls deep thrusts coming as he banged the blonde crime-fighter on top of him. Making full use of the stunner who not too long ago had been a proud defender of truth and justice. Now she was both working for him and easily offering up her holes to him any way he wanted. Such as right now, making her moan out as sweat sexily coats her gorgeous frame.

Huntress could only stare with her mouth open, watching her fellow Bird of Prey acting like a shameless whore, moaning away on fat black cock as it drove so deep into her pussy. Her eyes locked onto that piece of man-meat ramming up to the hilt, accompanied by a sinful smack of his skin hitting off of her ass cheeks. Canary not looking like she was even registering the presence of others in the room. Groaning out as she took this hard fucking that had left her obviously cock-drunk long before this point. Not just that, but being sent into a loud orgasm as her blonde haired head tilted back, body visibly shuddering as her snatch clamped around the dick driving into her. Her moans a far more sweeter sound than her usual Canary Cry.

She wasn't the only one watching however, but the women either side of her with different reactions. Batgirl bit down on her bottom lip, gazing at the same big black cock she has been unable to stop thinking about for days since the night she first met Tud and got fucked by him. The black thong she now had in her hand another reminder of becoming his first super-heroine slut. Meanwhile Harley just grinned as she pervertedly watched the ongoing orgasm with glee. The baubles on the ends of the cones of her hod bouncing as her head nodded in time with the motion Canary was being made to do. The eyes of the crazed beauty similarly following the movement to more than stimulate her if how she was running her hands up the sides of her own body was any indication.

"Mmmmmm... Not bad... For a warm up..." Samuel chuckled as he lifted Canary up and off from his cock with ease. Unceremoniously dumping her down to the floor in humiliating fashion, treating her like a cheap whore to use and drop as he sees fit. Similarly showing no concern from her groaning as she stayed down on the floor, gasping for air after a sexual high that's still left her grinning. "Nice to see you again Batgirl... Or is it Barbara Gordon tonight?" He asked with a smirk. Knowing just what power he clearly had over her.

"W-what??" Huntress gasped in shock at the revelation that her friend's secret identity is known to this criminal man. "How... How does he know that??" She said almost sounding like a demand as she looked to her friend.

"I... I mean... Why?" Batgirl stuttered out, not even looking at the other women. Trying to look Tud in the eyes, but finding her look going to that big, beautiful cock of his. Looking even more irresistible coated with the juices of another woman. "Why did... I mean... Why h-haven't you told people... Who... Who I am... When you...?"

"Cut the bullshit girl." Samuel said firmly, cutting her off. "You ain't fucking here for no answers. Now... Come over here and give me back that thong I let you borrow... And come suck my fucking dick as a 'late return' payment..." He ordered with a cocky smirk, even twisting the knife as he made a motion with his finger for her to approach.

Once again Huntress had to stare in shock and horror as without any hesitation, Batgirl did as ordered. The once proud crime-fighter stepping forward towards the couch and once there, slipping down to her knees in between his spread legs. Placing the underwear into his hand, before she put hers to work gripping the slick shaft in her gloved hands. Eyes locked up to the smirking stud, she didn't even react when he tossed the thong away like it meant nothing to him even after asking for it. The redhead parted her lips and obediently slurped him up inside her oral hole, making him moan and nod approvingly before he chuckled. Groaning as she tasted the pussy of not just a fellow woman, but a Birds of Prey member off of his inches. The sucks continued as she went to work, making him moan out as her lips pressed firmly around his size. Tongue working away too at the shaft to ensure he was nicely cleaned off just as she knew he'd want her to do.

The mind of Huntress watching on raced as she tried, but failed, to process not just all this rapid information. What was going on in front of her as well. The sight of one of her closest friends and allies willingly sucking dick was shocking enough. The fact it was the same black cock that had just finished the interracial fucking another of her fellow crime-fighters was almost impossible to dream up alone. Add in the clear power this hunk had over these women? Including the villain beside her who should only have twisted love for her 'Mister J'? She had no words, or plan for what to do next. Only able to stare and watch as Batgirl blew this criminal Boss, and from the short distance away was also clearly loving doing it as well. Hearing muffled moans around the shaft being sucked on.

"Who would have thought it, huh?" Harley Quinn teased, grinning as she leaned in to speak to the staring Huntress. "Lil' Bat-bitch here, a red hot, red-headed cock sucker!" She added, flicking her own tongue out to brush against her top lip as she shifted ever so slightly closer to the woman who under previous circumstances should be fighting against.

"Mmmmmphhh!! Mmmmm..." Indeed, Batgirl was putting her mouth to steady work on that cock she was already extremely familiar with. Groaning around the inches sliding right up between her lips as the masked beauty raised and lowered her head smoothly and already with a clear hunger. She'd been craving doing this like a junkie needing their next fix. Her hands sliding across his sturdy thighs as she blew him further showed her lustful state. Having long replaced the fluids that had coated him now with her saliva. Her brisk motion taking his dick nicely deep inside her far from inexperienced oral hole. All the while staring up at the man she was making moan with her soothing lips and that warm and wet mouth.

"Mmmmmm... Hey, Huntress... Come... Ahhhhh... Come over here honey..." Tud said with a smirk, his tone of saying her name making it seem like it was not a surprise that she had arrived at his office tonight. Causally, while still being sucked off by another masked crime-fighter, he motioned with a wave of the hand. Instructing her to approach and get a good look at what her friend was doing to him. Even though Huntress was clearly able to witness and hear Batgirl sucking away at the fat rod she was feasting on. Saliva starting to drip down that prick as the red-head took him in impressively deep into her groaning oral hole.

"This... This can't be real..." Huntress tried to tell herself, shaking her dark haired head but with her wide eyes still staring through the holes in her mask at the blowjob her friend was dishing out. "This... You can't be..." *SMACK!* "Ahhhh!!" Her attempts to bring together words were cut off when Harley Quinn delivered a sharp spank with a hand onto Huntress' backside to send her somewhat embarrassingly stumbling forward. Caught off guard, the black and purple-clad stunner found herself falling onto the couch, right next to the man being blown. Her eyes were shocked again as she sat up straight, meeting his gaze to see him hungrily looking over her like she was a prize to claim. Then her eyes fell onto looking down at the bobbing head between his legs, getting that closer look at the huge cock that had already 'tamed' her friends and the super-villain in the room.

"MMMMPHHH!! GAHHHHHH... HHHHHLLLLKKKK!!" Showing just how deep under both his control and the lust he was making her feel, Batgirl was now choking herself on that huge fuck-stick. Taking his cock into her throat to make him moan loudly while she gagged harshly around his man-meat. Eyes starting to well-up as she took the blowjob to levels she's not just never dared to even attempt in the past, but couldn't have done with out this - the biggest, fattest dick she's ever had in her life. "AHHHHHHLLLKKKK... GAHHHHH!! GAHHHHH HRRRRKKKK..." Her saliva further splattered down and around his size as she sucked smoothly and quickly. Her lips losing the battle to stay around him each time she out a gag more suited for a deep throat porn starlet than a previously feared and respected crime-fighter. The discomfort far from a concern for her as she finally got to so deeply taste the cock that had awakened an inner whore inside of Barbara Gordon.

"This... This is wrong! Barbara... I mean, Batgirl w-would never..." Huntress said, shaking her head as she watched what she couldn't process actually happening in front of her. She also doesn't seem to have registered the fact that the man getting sucked off has put his arm around her waist while getting this red hot blowjob.

"Yes she would. She is... MMMM... And not just her..." Samuel chuckled, locking eyes with the newest beauty to step into his 'establishment'. "I fucked Batgirl, I fucked your friend Black Canary there..." He said, not even bothering to glance over at the woman finally getting up to her knees on the floor. "I even fucked Harley Quinn and her hot psycho ass over there."

"That you did, Mistah Tud!" Harley agreed with a grin, stepping over towards the couch, standing by the still gasping for air Canary. "You gonna stuff this new bird with yer big fuckin' cock now?"

"Heh... Not a damn bad idea... Ahhhhhh..." Tud groaned as he enjoyed the vibrations of another gag around his dick from the red-head between his legs. "Mmmmmm! OK Batgirl... Ahhhhhh... How about you and Harley here have some fun... Me and Huntress here... Mmmmm... Need to get a little acquainted with one another."

Lifting her head away with an audible 'pop', Batgirl spat down a wad of saliva onto that fat shaft before she nodded her head. "Yes... Yes Mister Tud!" She agreed as she stood up. Shortly before almost yelping in surprise when Quinn grabbed her by the face, bringing her into an intense lip lock. "Mmmmmmphhh!! MMMMM..." She moaned against the other woman's lips, not fighting it one bit as their mouths started to part and Harley's tongue aggressively pushed into Batgirl's still hungry mouth.

"Batgirl!! Wha..." Huntress was stunned again. Leaving her wide open to be grabbed by the waist and pulled onto the lap of the black hunk. Made to gasp as his rod rested against her backside. "How... How did you... Could you possibly do this to them??" She demanded answers, but sounded almost desperate. Groaning as she felt his cock rubbing against the material of her outfit and in turn her booty.

"Honey, I could show you..." Tud grinned up at her. "But how about I just show you?" He boldly said, moving his hands upward and grabbing the bottom of her attire below her chest and with one swift motion hauling it all the way upwards.

Despite knowing full well how wrong this whole situation was, Huntress offered no resistance as her large, shapely breasts were revealed. Perhaps in the next moment she would have attempted to protest or make up an excuse, but instead was made to moan out. His hands eagerly grabbing a hold of both mounds to squeeze them. Deep, firm gropes as if he already owned them and the rest of her. "Oh God!! Ahhhhhhh... Th-that's... Ahhhhhh! Mmmmmm..." Almost as if she was getting passively lust-drunk from the way she's seen her friends and an enemy acting, she couldn't help but moan from the touch of this far from novice hands working over her breasts. Staring down at him as his digits roamed across her tits. Pushing them together and watching them bounce a little when he let go for the briefest of moments.

"I... I shouldn't be... This is! Mmmmmphhhh!!" As she tried a seemingly last ditch attempt to protest the sexual advances she wasn't massively fighting off to begin with, she was finally cut off. This time by her fellow Bird of Prey as Black Canary got into the mix of things. A handful of Huntress' long dark hair to force her masked face towards her beautiful bare one and into a steamy kiss. The eyes of Huntress going first wide, then half shut, and finally closed as the lips of the other woman worked against her own. Any attempted battle short lived as the grinning hunk underneath her then moved in himself. Capturing a nipple in his mouth to give a loud and lewd slurp to. In turn causing Huntress to moan, and her open mouth providing an opening for Canary to shove her tongue right into her fellow super-heroine's oral hole to deepen their kiss. Moans now being exchanged along with a little bit of spit.

Meanwhile across the room, the other two women were putting the desk to good use in their Boss' office they were all still in. Spread eagle and with her lingerie nightie hiked to the waist, Harley Quinn moaned as he she watched the tongue of Batgirl between her legs flicking against her twat. The red-head still fully clad in her heroic attire but engaging in very sinful actions as he ran her tongue quickly against and across the twat of the woman she should be trying to bring to justice. Not try and start to bring to orgasm as her tongue moves briskly across the already wet folds of the deranged beauty. Keeping a big smile on the painted white face of the woman once known as the Clown Princess of Crime.

"MMMMM!! Damn Bat-slut!! You've got... AHHHHH... A real dirty tongue there... MMMMM!! For a fucking goodie two shoes!" Quinn moaned and smiled, nodding her head with approval and sending the baubles of her jester's hood swinging in the process. Staring down at the mask-covered face planted against her snatch as both women show no objection to so suddenly getting down to some lesbian fun at the orders of the man who sexually broken them. Now, even without his huge dick slamming into either of their holes, their own filthy desires are making them eagerly enjoy each other. Resulting in Harley moaning away, biting down on her bottom lip while her lower ones get worked over with some might say surprising skill from the flicking tongue of Batgirl.

"OH!! Oh my... My fucking GOD!! AHHHHH..." Back across, now Huntress' eyes are once again wide open but not in horror. Surprise as the big black cock that all her friends have experienced is now being slid upward into her snatch. The bottom of her bodysuit being held to the side by Black Canary as she kneels down behind her and between her Boss' legs for a very close up view. "MMMM... Oh... Oh holy... Ahhhhhh FUCK!! Mmmmm!!" Huntress cannot help but moan out when the first thrust gets delivered into her tightness. Having never experienced anything even close to this vast length and thickness inside her snatch before. Yet she's taking it, and not complaining about the sudden sexual situation she's now in as she stays on the lap of the man she's just met. Taking the cock that's covered in Batgirl's saliva now into her snatch as she takes the first round of pumps that already makes her look back over her shoulder to try and watch that cock entering into her.

"MMMM!! Oh fuck... Oh FUCK!! It's so... Ahhhhhh!! MMMMM FUCK!" The dark haired stunner groans out, finding it a struggle to form proper sentences for a whole different reason now. Her vaginal walls being forced to stretch like never before to accept this fat rod sliding smoothly and firmly in and out of her box. His hands gripping her utility belt for support to keep her nicely in place as he thrusts that dick straight up into her tight snatch. "So... Uhhhhh!! So big!! MMMMM... H-how... Ahhhhh!! How did any of t-them... MMMMM!! Take this thing?!?" She almost whines out, before groaning again and not just from the dick working its way deeper up into her love tunnel. Canary down there was now gripping her ass cheeks, keeping them spread apart for even easier access into that already getting visibly wet snatch. The blonde licking her own lips as she watches with almost a hypnotised stare at the cock thrusting up into the snatch just inches away from her face.

Speaking of snatches... The short distance away at the desk it was now the turn of Batgirl to take some action on hers. Or perhaps, due to the face her crime-fighting attire was now lying in a messy heap on the floor by the desk she was now laid out on her back on, more accurately here Barbara Gordon. "MMMMM!! Oh! Oh Harley!! Mmmmmm..." Whatever the name, her moans were just as sweet as she had Harley Quinn's clown-painted face right between her thighs. The criminal's mouth clamped onto the red-head's pussy as she slurped and sucked away onto her. Eagerly drinking down the juices and causing plenty more to form with her tongue plunging as far in as she can reach. Showing off oral skills of her own that seems to show this is far from the first time she's went down on another woman before.

"Mmmmmphhh!! MMMMM!! Mmmmmphhh..." Quinn moaned into the snatch she was eating out. Breathing in through her nose and showing little concern that her face-paint was starting to rub off onto the skin of the other woman from both how close up against her Harley was or the slight rubbing of the thighs against her facial features. "MMMM... Mmmmmphhh... Hmmmmm..." The crazed stunner just kept munching away on Gordon like she had been starved of a proper meal for days. Keeping herself more than stimulated all the while with a hand down between her legs. Running her fingers back and forth against her own wet snatch while tonguing the pussy of a woman under normal circumstances she should be trying to destroy. Not make moan out in delight by licking away at her twat.

"Ahhhhhhh FUCK!! Oh... OH SHIT!! Mmmmmm!!" Huntress gasped out, her long dark haired head tilted back in pleasure as she stared up at the ceiling for a long moment. Her stunning, still clothed body now bouncing on the thrusting cock being stuffed now balls deep into her tight snatch. Experiencing just what turned her friends into willing sluts, and from how she's been unable to resist the sinful delights racing through her with every pump he delivers? She's on course to head to a similar destination. Her hands perhaps out of reflex gripping onto the shoulders of the hung stud she's impaled on top off as she rides him, but more made to just jolt back and forth against his dick each time he slams in to the hilt into her.

"MMMMM... Fuck yeah baby! MMMM... Take... Take that big fucking dick!!" Samuel encourages, but the commanding tone in his voice makes it sound more like an order. Even as surprisingly, and easily, willing as she is to do just that, he's the one in control and making her get stuffed by his big cock. The slap of skin hitting off of skin ringing out to mix with the cries of pleasure from everyone in the room. "AHHHHH... Nothing like... MMMMM... Stuffing a fine bird nice and full!!" He says with a chuckle before letting out a groan of approval himself. More than enjoying a round of hot, interracial sex with another stunning super-heroine. The snug, wet feeling of her pussy all around his fat cock more than pleasurable enough. But getting a visual treat of Huntress' large tits jiggling away in front of his smirking, handsome face as she rides that pistoning shaft of his.

In fact there's an extra reason for both Tud and Huntress to be moaning out alongside the shameless fucking they are engaged in. Down below between his legs and with her ass still spread apart, Black Canary is having her tongue join in on the action. Flicking against both that massive cock as it pumps away, and around and over the very pussy that rod is filling up. The motion her Boss is doing meaning all she would have to really do is just stick her hungry tongue out and his pumps would do the work. In a lustful state of her own, she had to get a taste for herself of that big cock and his newest fuck-toy. Resulting in the blonde getting to lick and lap up some of Huntress' pussy juices from off of his dick in the process.

"OH FUCK!! Mmmmmm!! Yeah Bat-slut!! AHHHHH... Fuckin' work that... Oooooooooh MMMMM!! Hot fuckin' pussy on me!" Harley said as she was now standing up, one leg up onto the desk so she could grind her pussy against Batgirl's while she stayed on her back. Returning the favour by sliding her own snatch up against the other woman. Keeping her backside raised just ever so slightly off the surface of the furniture. Quinn using short sharp rocks of her hips back and forth to work her wet lower lips against the ones of her former arch-enemies in their previous, crime versus justice lives. "Ahhhhhhh... OH FUCK!! Ahhhhhhh..." Quinn gasped out, sweat starting to form on her to not just make her face-paint start to run, but cause her lingerie 'dress' to stick to her shapely frame as she keeps the scissoring going in red hot style.

"MMMMM!! Oh yessssss... AHHHHH FUCK!! Mmmmm..." Barbara moaned out, eyes half closed and her own hands clamped onto her large tits to further pleasure herself. Even though from her cries she's more than getting off on the feeling of another woman's vaginal folds rubbing and sliding across her own. Shifting her own body against Harley's in such smooth fashion that it resembles a scene from out of a high production lesbian porn film. "Ooooooooooh FUCK!! Ahhhhhh... MMMMM SHIT!!" Both Batgirl's moans and those from the crazed stunner grinding her pussy into hers certainly fit the script. Looking a far cry from their former infamous super selves and more like dirty, desperate whores as they engaging in this steamy scissoring action. Unfazed by the fact that the man who sexually broke them into such a state is himself having his wicked way with a women they are both familiar with just a short distance away.

While that position is going on in full swing, there's been a change in the now three-way action across the room. Black Canary on her back on the floor, with Huntress on top of her and both women engaged in a classic sixty-nine position. Their equally hungry mouths now clamped onto one another as seemingly any resistance the dark haired beauty might have had before has now long been squashed by desires she perhaps never knew she had, or kept well hidden. In any case, she's now in full shameless, bisexual slut mode just like the other women here. Now flicking her tongue rapidly against a fellow Bird of Prey while she does the same to her. Eagerly drinking down juices from the other in such a way that some might question what they used to get up to between crime fighting missions in the past.

"This fine ass is gonna be real popular around here..." Samuel said with a smirk as he moved down into position behind Huntress. Having taken a moment to get a bottle of lubricant from out of his desk, a journey briefly paused to watch the other sluts going at it (and far from subtly leaving a handy strap-on out beside them for good measure). Now he'd lubed himself up with a couple of strokes. Taking advantage of how Canary was spreading the butt cheeks apart of the beauty on top of her so she can keep her face buried into that tasty pussy, Tud poured out some liquid down onto the puckered entrance of Huntress' other lower hole. Causing her to groan into the slick lower lips she was sucking away on.

However the feeling of the thick, black cock pushing into and beyond her asshole forced the still clothed stunner's head to snap right up as she gasped out. "OH FUUUUUUUCK!! AHHHHHHH!! AHHHHHH... AHHHHH FUCK!!" She loudly cried out in pleasure, now experiencing a sexual double team that's leaving her sweating all over the exposed parts of her body. A lapping tongue working across her wet already enough snatch, and now the biggest cock she's ever taken in all her life now forcing its way deep into her backside with thrust after stiff thrust. "OH GOD! FUCK!! AHHHHHHH FUCK FUCK FUUUUUUUUCKKK OOOOOOOOOOOH!!!" In fact taking it in both her lower holes at once, and after all the stimulation she's taken up until this point easily sends her racing over the edge. Cumming hard over the tongue of Black Canary underneath her as her tongue feverishly laps away, making the blonde groan with closed eyes as she drinks down as much of the tasty drink being offered as she can. Even as plenty of it splashes and lands across her face, lips and chin instead.

"MMMM... Hey now girl! MMMMM... Now fucking... Ahhhhhhh... Time outs around here!" Tud says as he grabs a handful of the long black hair of the beauty he's fucking up the ass. Leaning forward a bit, he uses the grip to force her mask-covered face back into the crotch of the woman she's on top of. Even as she rides out the tail end of her orgasm, Huntress submissively obeys as she gets her mouth to work again. Groaning as she starts slurping away at Canary's equally wet and tasty twat. Her still clothed frame rocking against the stiff pumps driving between her juicy rear cheeks as she takes both that ass tapping and some pussy eating for good measure from her fellow Bird of Prey partner.

Meanwhile, there's more sexy woman-on-woman action still going on at the desk of Samuel Tud's office across from the threesome. Batgirl appears to now be very used to staying on her back, still laid out on the desk but this time with her legs wrapped around the now naked Harley Quinn as she leans over her. Their chests brushing against one another as Harley puts the strap-on left out for them to good use. Strapped on and worn by Quinn, she's thrusting the 'Queen-size' fat and long plastic cock swiftly in and out of the dripping box of Barbara Gordon. Making the red-head moan loudly out as she stares into the eyes of the woman above her. Quinn, caught up in the lust, now has even ditched her usually signature Jester's hood along with her eye-mask. Now just with smeared white face-paint, ruined by all the sweat, as her blonde pigtail styled hair sways back in forth in time with her stiff thrusts.

"AHHHHHH FUCK!! MMMM!! YES HARLEY!! OH... OH FUCK YES HARLEY!!" Barbara squeals in delight, shamelessly loving being fucked by the former partner and girlfriend of The Clown Prince of Crime. The breasts of the red-head shaking in time with the rough jolting she's being made to do every time a hard thrust to the hilt is delivered into her needy but tight pussy. "AHHHHHH... OH FUCK... I'M... I'M FUCKING... AHHHHHHH OOOOOOOOH MMMMMMMM!!" Batgirl tries to warn, but ends up just letting out long and lewd moans as she cums all over the fake cock Harley Quinn is wearing. Her juices making a filthy squelch that's just heard over her cries as the thrusts from the super-villain continue to hammer in. The grinning blonde in this part of this sexual encounter not letting up for a moment as she forces the woman who in the past she'd rather try and take out than fuck to feel every moment of her orgasm.

"Don't you... UHHHHH!! Go sleepin' on me Bat-slut!!" Quinn warns before she lets out a moan of her own. More than feeling pleasure from fucking another woman as the strap-on harness works against her own crotch while she sends that fake dick in to the 'balls' into Batgirl's dripping wet box. "I wanna see... MMMMM!! If you can screw some of... AHHHHH!! The crazy out of me!" She says with a rather psychotic laugh, before delivering one more deep and firm pump into the other woman's snatch. Following up not by pulling out just yet, but leaning right in so she can press her lips against Barbara's. Quickly being welcomed in for a very loud and steamy open mouthed kiss as the two swap spit and moans as if they've been lovers for years. Instead of having been on the other sides of the 'law' as they're both supposed to be right now.

Not too far away from that lesbian fun, there's still plenty going on across at the bisexual and interracial threesome. The grinning black hunk continuing to thrust his fat and long cock into the thick rump of Huntress while she's on top of Black Canary, and the two of them still are munching away on the snatches of each other. Muffled moans being heard from both women who should be out fighting crime instead of lashing their tongues against the soaking wet twats of the other 'half' of the sixty nine they're willingly engaged in.

"MMMM!! Awwwwwww yeah! AHHHHH... Chick like you Huntress... MMMM!! You should stick to ass fucking instead of... MMMMM... Ass kicking out there..." Samuel mocks as he pumps his dick straight in and out of the thick backside of the still clothed and masked stunner he's rather easily breaking into becoming the latest of his super whores. Still gripping a handful of hair to make sure she's keeping up the end of her deal as it were of eating out the woman she's on top off. "AHHHHHH FUCK... Hell! An outfit like that, you might... MMMMM SHIT... Might as well be a fucking slut... Stripper at the very least!" He adds in very humiliating fashion, showing no respect for the beauty who instead of looking like the feared and respected crime-fighter she's supposed to be does indeed look more like a desperate whore. Not caring if it's cock and snatch she gets, but craving sexual pleasure as she pushes her shapely backside against the pump she's taking. All the while licking away at the wet folds of her Birds of Prey team-mate.

"MMMMMMPHHH!! MMMMM!! MMMMM..." Sweat drips off the already well fucked Huntress as she groans into the pussy she's munching away at like it's the last meal she'll ever had. Thoughts of how wrong this is and what's become of her friends now a long forgotten memory as she's become addicted to sin, lust, and pleasure and not just from the fat and long black cock hammering away into the tightest of her holes. "MMMMPHHH!! MMMM... MMMMMPHHH MMMMM..." She's not even trying to resist the grip on her dark hair, keeping her face planted into the crotch of a woman that's not only her friend but a partner in fighting crime in the past. Now they resemble desperate porno sluts as they eat each other out. Keeping their tongues stuffed deep up into each other while their juices stain the lips and chin of one another.

"MMMMMM!! MMMM MMMM MMMMMMPHHHHH HHHHHMMMMM!!!" Perhaps from having been getting fucked long before Huntress and the others arrived, it's no surprise that Black Canary is soon finding herself cumming and hard. This time over the flicking tongue of the equally stunning and lusty Bird of Prey on top of her as even while orgasming, the blonde keeps on doing her job at the same time. "MMMMMM... MMMMMM!! MMMMM..." Though at a much slower pace, Canary's licks still probe deep into the wetness of Huntress while see all too eagerly laps up at much of the pussy fluids being offered to her. Showing no concern at all for the juices staining either her face of her signature mask as she makes sure the woman under her enjoys every moment of this woman-on-woman orgasm.

"AHHHHH!! AHHHHH FUCK!! UHHHHH!! MMMMMM!! YESSSSS BATGIRL!! UHHHHH..." Now across the room, it's the turn of Harley Quinn to take a pounding from some big, fake cock. Laying on her front on the desk, her butt sticking out and taking a hammering in her soaking snatch from the equally lust-drunk Barbara Gordon. The large tits of the blonde rubbing against the already slick with sweat surface of the furniture she's being banged over. "AHHHHH YESSSSSS!! MAKE... UHHHHH!! ME YOUR BAT-BITCH!! MMMMMM!! YOUR BAT-SLUT!!" She moans out in insane desire, the real skin colour of her face revealed in patches from how ruined her signature face-paint has been left from all the perspiration. The furthest of her problems right now as she cares only about the strap-on dick being rammed all the way into her dripping love tunnel.

"Uhhhhhh!! Take it! Mmmmmm!! You fucking... MMMM!! Crazy bitch!!" Fortunately for her and those kinky needs, the red-head standing behind her still has enough left in the tank to give her a dose of the kind of fucking she and her dangerous but desirable body deserves. Sending every fat, plastic inch of the strap-on cock all the way into that tight, wet twat in such a smooth and swift manner that some would question whether or not Batgirl has done this before. Especially when reaching forward, Barbara takes a hold of the swinging pigtails of the woman's she fucking to turn up the roughness to an extra level.

"AHHHHHHHHH FUUUUUUUCKK!! MMMMMMM OOOOOOOOOOH FUUUUUUCKK YESSSSSSSS!!" That hair-pulling seemingly easily set the psycho beauty off along with the hard fucking delivered to her snatch. Harley Quinn soon cumming all over the same fake cock she's made the woman now banging her orgasm all over several minutes before. Turn about is certainly fair play here as the former criminal moans out loudly, her tongue shamefully hanging out of the side of her mouth from the pleasure overwhelming her. Feeling every single moment of the waves of pleasure flowing through her as Batgirl manages to keep on driving the strap-on in to the hilt even as she gasps for air with every thrust delivered.

Back across the executive office, and with Black Canary now laid out and exhausted it's left to Samuel Tud to enjoy his latest claimed prize. Thrusting his fat, black cock balls deep into the juicy and jiggling booty of Huntress as she lays on her side. Moaning out with a thigh-high boot wearing leg raised up even though it's her ass he's driving into. Showing just how deeply in a state of desire, and mind broken show now is, as she's even rubbing her own pussy with one hand while she gets fucked up the ass. Her other hand grabbing her own dark hair just for something to grab onto while her body jolts on the floor in a sinful puddle of her own sweat and juices.

"OH GOD!! OH FUCK!! OH YESSS... AHHHHH YES... YES YES OOOOOOOOOOOH!!" The mask-wearing stunner moans out, mouth hanging open as those cries pour out and the sweat drips off the exposed parts of her body that her usually reserved for crime-fighting attire shows off. Her large tits bouncing away in time with the rocking motion her frame does each time she takes a hard pump into her already more than well fucked backside. "UHHHHH!! MMMMM... OH FUUUUUUCKKK!! AHHHHHH!! OOOOOOH MMMMMM..." She looks back over her shoulder at the stud hammering into her while she rubs her snatch in almost feverish fashion. A gaze of wild lust cast at the man she never knew until tonight, but now is deeply addicted to. Getting rewarded for her current state by him delivering a firm spank onto the booty he's pumping full with his man-meaty to leave her groaning.

"MMMMM SHIT... Fuck yeah girl! MMMMM!! Gonna almost... AHHHHHH!! Be a shame to whore you out..." Tud chuckles between his deep groans. Showing the effects of giving a stunning super-heroine like her the pounding she deserves as sweat coats his handsome but arrogant face. Not quite finished yet with her though as his pistons his shaft straight in and out of her once vice-like asshole. His groans showing she's still pleasurably snug back there to say the least even after all this repeated, rough action she's taken. "UHHHH!! But a babe like you... MMMMM!! Is gonna make me some real... Awwwwwww FUCK!! Real good business!" He adds as he grunts, feeling the first tell-tale throbbing of his cock within her back passage that his own, and well deserved all things considered here, peak is soon approaching.

"OH FUCK!! AHHHHH FUCK!! MMMMMM YES!! YES YES YE-AHHHHHH OOOOOOOOOHHH!!" Huntress groans out as her rapidly working fingers over her own snatch and the booty banging she's endured finally send her into another hard orgasm. Her eyes staring blankly up at the roof as her mouth hangs open to almost the point of drooling. Thankfully for her kinky needs her hand still runs on autopilot. Her digits roaming swiftly back and forth over her wet enough folds. Now soaked from the juices leaking out of her and down the leg resting on the ground to only add to the filthy mess she's become. A far cry from the proud, respected fighter for truth and justice she once was. Now moaning shamelessly out from the interracial, hard and deep up the ass fuck by the biggest cock she's ever taken in her life.

"UHHHHH... Alright honey..." Tud grunts, able to deliver one past pump before he pulls his cock out from her now gaping asshole. "Time to give you a reward..." He says, smirking as he moves up from the floor, and uses a handful of hair to force Huntress up along with him so she's up on her knees. Staring at the cock that's just come from deep up her ass - a sight that makes her lick her lips with clear eagerness for what's to cum. "Actually... I think I need to see you without the get-up on..." He announces, gripping his cock with one hand. With the other, he grips her signature mask and hauls it roughly up and over her face. Making her gasp for a moment as her gorgeous face is fully revealed for added humiliation and submission to this stud who has well and truly broken her mind just from repeated, skilled fucking of her holes.

There's no time to dwell on that for the horny, well banged beauty as with a couple of pumps, Tud is shooting his thick load across Huntress' stunning bare facial features. Making her groan as the first thick rope shot high up into her dark hair as well as across the forehead. The next couple of shots splattering across her cheeks and nose, and all the while the now former crime-fighter staying still in place. Not flinching for a moment when the jizz starts dripping off her face, landing down on the shoulder covering of her attire and further onto her exposed, large tits. By the time he's finished groaning as his flicking the last of his load onto her, he's given such a generous to say the least amount of spunk that it's the size of load more expected from a few men. Instead of the one commanding hunk whose black cock has easily claimed another stunning super-heroine as one of his whores.

"Mmmmm... Yeah, you look way better without the mask on honey..." Samuel says tauntingly with a chuckle. "Say, you got a name babe? A real one I mean."

"Ahhhhh... I'm... H-Helena... Helena Bertinelli..." Huntress announces in pure submission, made even more clear by the thick load plastered all over her face.

"Heh... Well Helena, let me get your friends to help you out with the mess all on you now..." Tud states before he looks across at the other similarly sweaty and worn out women in the room. "Dinah! Barbara! Come over here and clean up my fucking sum from off of your friend here." He orders.

It doesn't take more than a moment before Batgirl and Black Canary in their naked states move over towards the other Birds of Prey member to kneel down beside her. Leaning in and using their tongues to lick up some of the cum from off of Huntress' face to make her groan. Canary taking on the left side, while the red-head handles the right. Lapping up the thick jizz from off the cheeks and nose. Eventually when Canary tries to claim the cum from off of Huntress' lips, they part and the blonde and the raven-haired stunner start to make out. Slapping tongues against the other woman's and even moaning into one another. All the while as Batgirl still cleans up her friend's face, but soon finds that tongue meeting Huntress' when she breaks that kiss in order to turn and start another with the third crime-fighter in this.

Skipping over with sudden, worrying energy out of nowhere, Harley Quinn comes over with a big grin to the man who made this whole sinful scene unfold. "Anythin' I can do for ya, Mistah Tud?" She offers with a flutter of her eyelashes. Deliberately sticking out her tits towards him for good measure.

"Sure... Get on your fucking knees and make sure my dick is clean." Samuel orders with a smirk.

Licking her lips, Harley nods and drops right down to her knees in quick fashion. Gripping his softening cock and taking it in past her lips with a groan even though she clearly knows this has just come from out of the ass of another woman when he was butt fucking her moment before. Delivering a series of slow, savouring slurps to his shift with an open mouth. Letting her tongue slide far out and all around his rod to do as ordered. Making extra sure his cock is cleaned up as she tastes the back passage of Huntress from off these fat, black inches. A sensation making her groan as she stares up lustfully at the man she only takes orders from now. Especially sinful ones like this.

"Mmmmm... At this rate... I'm gonna need an extra building to house you all in..." Tud chuckles with a groan, letting his focus stay on the slurps from Quinn for a moment. "I can figure that out later... Once I get some more money rolling in from off of all your fine asses that is..." He adds with a broad, cocky grin.

* * *

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