WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the characters, comic books, franchises, places etc depicted or referenced within. Fantasy is legal. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence. I am making no money off the writing of this story. I do not own DC Comics or any of its characters.

Starring: Black Canary (Dinah Lance)

Codes: Cons, MF, Oral, inter.

Birds Of Prey: Gotham City Whores - Part 2
An erotic DC Comics fan-fiction story.
by DaxG2001 ([email protected])

'Why has nothing changed?'

The thought kept racing through Batgirl's mind as she stared at the computer console. Up on the main screen was the currently held Gotham City Police Department file on the stripper bar known as 'Delicious Delights'. A couple reports of suspicious activity, a noise complaint, and the tip-off about the alleged sighting of a missing person. The same lead that had led the red-headed crime fighter to investigate the club, and the surrounding buildings also owned by the club's owner.

Samuel Tud. The apparent crime boss who had been a complete unknown to her prior to the evening. Yet over the course of a single encounter had not only dominated her, but broken her. Fucked into submission as, by his own admission, he had done countless times to many other women. Women far less stronger in mind and body than she. Yet he, and his huge black cock, had easily turned her from crime fighter into... Well, the 'evidence' of their encounter that she would have to wash off from not just her own face, but the stained insides of her mask showed what she'd been turned into.

The thought of that... And his cock... Made Barbara Gordon squirm in her chair. Thighs slightly rubbing against one another as she remembered vividly what he'd done to her. His cock slamming down into her throat. The grasp onto her hips. How his cock had ploughed so deep into her pussy that not only did it feel like she was almost getting split in half, but her inner walls were being resized. No normal white cock would ever stretch her out like he'd done ever again. The most worrying, and sinful, thing about it all? She hadn't tried to stop it from happening. She let him... No, she had willingly let herself become his fuck-toy for those couple of hours. Sucking his dick, taking his shaft... Even revealing her secret identity to him before taking his load and being sent on her way. Not once did she say no. Even when he bossed her around, telling her to get rid of the evidence held against him did she say no. The same evidence she was now staring at.

So, why indeed had nothing changed? To be clear, it was not about her internal mental issues and this still craving for that huge, thick piece of dark man meat she was referring to. Why had her position as a crime fighter not changed? Why was this villain, clearly having the information to bring her down and expose her to the world, not acting on it? Blackmail? Enjoying the thrill of having power over her? Or was there something more? Something she was missing... Was it a case of just testing to see how much he could get out of his new conquest? So many questions, and no answers...

After that encounter, the first thing Batgirl had done was lie. She lied to her allies in telling them the stake-out was a bust. Telling them the club was 'clean' (as strip clubs go anyway) with no activity to warrant investigation. The responses were as expected - a couple of 'I told you so's, a few 'maybe next time's. And so things were seemingly set to return to the usual normality of the work of a super-heroine. No one had noticed any change in her yet, or perhaps they were just leaving her be to get the case she'd investigated for so long fully out of her system.

Staring at the computer screen again, her hand hovered over the Enter key. The option to fully delete the record on S. Tud's club, as she'd been ordered to do, open for the taking. In doing so, she'd been turning her back on everything she had stood for and fought for over many years. Against injustice, criminality, and everything morally wrong. Not too mention how she'd be cast out from the inner circles of friends and allies if the ever found out. A right minded person, even a rookie to the Teen Titans never mind a Justice League veteran, would easily know the choice to make here.

Yet... The thought struck Batgirl that if she didn't do this... She might never get that wonderful cock ever again...

The finger pressed down as if on instinct. Not the mind or heart at work, but her dirty desires. Ones that before that night she never even knew existed. A few seconds later, and the flash of some code on the screen, and the job was done. Record deleted, thanks to the skilful hacking of Batgirl. Staring at the now empty record, the masked crime fighter rested back in her chair. Letting out a sigh before biting down on her bottom lip. What had she done? What was she getting herself into? How could she possibly look at any of her friends in the eye again after doing this?

...Would Samuel reward her for it?

Before that naughty thought could fully grip her, an electronic bleep made her shoot bolt upright in her seat, faster and sharper than even the most twisted of horror movie jump scares. Letting out a sigh of relief, she pressed a couple of keys to bring up the messengering system. A familiar name over the encoded communication system. 'Ironic timing' Batgirl thought as she entered in a reply.

Black_Canary_Cry: Hey Barbs. Sorry your case hit a dead end. Knew that meant a lot to you.

Oracle_BatGirl: Thanks. Yeah, it wasn't the outcome I'd expected. Not much I can do about it.

Black_Canary_Cry: Don't beat yourself up about it. There's gonna be more cases to crack and more creeps to teach a lesson to soon enough ;)

Oracle_BatGirl: No doubt about that LOL. Trust me, I've already gotten the 'pep-talk' from the Dark Knight about my 'time wasting' -_-

Black_Canary_Cry: I bet. Need me to come over there and give him a Canary Cry to knock some sense into that cowl of his? =D

Batgirl was about to try a reply to her friend, when she froze in place, hands over the keyboard. A thought striking her mind, almost as if it was Samuel Tud himself whispering into her ear.

"After that... After that, go tell your girl friends... Any other super-heroines you might now? Tell them to swing around this place. Tell them... Fuck it, just make something up and send some of them here." She remembered Samuel telling her, along with the proud chuckle of his triumph over what he'd done to her.

Oracle_BatGirl: I don't need you to do that... But if you're in the mood for doing a Batgirl a favour, there's something you could help me out with.

Black_Canary_Cry: Sure! Us Birds of Prey should be sticking together after all ;) What do you need?

* * *

The roar of the motorbike slowly became a purr, then a hum as Black Canary came to a stop in the back street just near to the location she'd been told to check out. Switching off the engine and sweeping out the stationary leg, she dismounted her vehicle of choice with a swing of a fishnet tight-covered leg before the heeled black boot touched down on the ground. A brush back with her fingerless gloved hand to send her long blonde hair back over the shoulder of her black leather jacket. Matching perfectly to the tight black corset-like bodysuit that showed off her large tits wonderfully, and her choker around her neck.

'Delicious Delights' wasn't a club she was familiar with - then again bar-tending with her often didn't always work out well anyway. However she agreed with what her good friend and ally in and out of the Birds of Prey had told her - it was suspicious, if the rumours were true, that the guy who owned that club also owned the buildings around it. An awful lot of real estate for someone running a dive joint. It would make sense for her to be able to investigate the place somewhat 'undercover' in her current get up. Canary did find it odd when Batgirl told her she'd 'fit right in' with her usual crime fighting attire like this. She was sure Barbara meant it as a compliment, but it was slightly back-handed considering she was dealing with a strip bar. Still, a favour was a favour. All she had to do was meet up with a 'contact' that would fill her in on the details of what was going on around here. Plus, Batgirl could do with probably having a night off after that case she was investigating collapsed.

As Canary walked forward into the dimly lit alley, she already saw a suspicious sight. Two smartly dressed guards standing by a doorway. From the looks of them not the average low-level thugs stuck onto guard duty as you'd expect from Two Face or The Penguin. Looks like Batgirl's informant was right after all. Even as odd as it is for Batgirl to rely on this kind of source actually, now that she thought about it...

Her heels clicking on the ground instantly grabbed the attention of the guards, one nudging the other as the two turned to look at her.

"Hey honey..." The first leering man said with a smirk. "The staff entrance for the bar is back down the street..." He said with an assumption as he motioned back down the direction she'd come from.

"Unless you're here to give us, uh, a little performance..." The second said with a chuckle. "We might put in a good word in with the Boss for ya..."

Resisting the urge to see how far her fist could knock their noses out of place, Canary narrowed her eyes as she glanced between the two goons. "I'm here to see a friend of mine." She flatly said, choosing to rise about their mentally undressing gazes. "So if you'll let me through, I've got things to do."

"Oh? That so sweetie? And who is the lucky hunk gettin' a piece of you tonight, huh?" The first man said, almost laughing at his own words.

"Samuel Tud, as it goes." Canary stated. The name she had been told was of her informant to meet by Batgirl.

Hearing that name, the two men's faces became serious as the looked to one another. A reaction that made Black Canary raise an eyebrow. Not quite the reaction she had expected either.

"How'd she know...?" The first one attempted, badly, to whisper to try and be unheard as he spoke to his fellow thug.

"Say... You don't think..." The second man glanced at the blonde for a moment then away. "What the Boss said last night, you know?"

"...Damn! Yeah, yeah... I bet... Yeah!" The first replied with a nod, before the two turned back towards her and he let out a cough. "My uh, my apologies Miss!" He said, his tone now quite clearly changed now. "Just let us, ah, buzz ya in and we'll get one of our boys to escort you up!" He said, before turning away so he could punch in a combination into the high-tech keypad on the wall by the door.

Canary didn't respond, still watching on with both curiosity and caution as the new turn of events unfolded. Seems like that name made them change their tune very quickly. A Boss? It definitely sounded like something was going on here... What the Hell was Batgirl sending her into now? She was certainly going to be asking a couple of questions to her friend once this was all over.

* * *

"Samuel Tud?" Black Canary assumed as she locked eyes onto the man in an expensive, custom made suit with all the 'bells and whistles' from the shoes to the cuff-links. A face she didn't recognise, not that she had truthfully come into contract with too many crime bosses who were black and built like a brick wall before.

She was placing the pieces together that there was a criminal organisation at work here. Led through one building into another, seeing pieces of technology and security that were far beyond what should be needed for a basic strip club like this. Never mind how luxurious this executive office was - paintings on the walls, long leather couch, several TV monitors showing what looked like CCTV footage. This wasn't exactly a group of amateurs at work here. Actually, she hadn't noticed any cameras on the trip being escorted up here now she thought about it. How had they been hidden from sight so well?

"That's me..." He said with a confident smirk as he looked over the blonde standing before him. "Well well... I didn't expect to see the Black Canary herself stepping into my office tonight... But I'm glad you did..." Samuel stated before he let out a short chuckle. "I didn't expect my new... 'Business partner' to get to work so quickly..."

"OK, spill it." Canary said with the kind of tone that showed she wasn't going to take no for an answer here. "What's going on here? This is way too high-end for just some strip club." She pointed out the obvious. Already clenching a fist in case she had to put her offensive skills to good use.

"Now now baby girl... No need to get all aggressive up in here..." Tud calmly replied, unfazed by the threats from the blonde bombshell in front of her. His words certainly doing nothing to change her increasingly foul mood. "Perhaps that ain't the question you should be asking..."

"Is that so?" Canary replied flatly. "And what exactly should I be asking?"

"What your friend Barbara Gordon was doing here last night... And why the Batgirl has sent you here to me." He replied boldly, following up with an open leering look as she stared with approval at the curvaceous body of the blonde in front of him.

That statement made Black Canary freeze on the spot. Eyes wide with shock and mouth hanging open slightly. Barbara? Batgirl?? How could he have known?? The secret identities of the masked heroes were kept so closely guarded that even some family members didn't know that they punished criminals by night. But to place the real name and the crime fighter so close together was too much to try and write off as a coincidence. Not to mention the confidence... No, the pride with which he just said that.

"Don't believe me?" Tud cut in before she could form a response. The cocky smirk on his handsome face showing he knew already he had her where he wanted her. Gifted another beauty to break in and claim as another of his whores, just like he'd done to her fellow crime fighter Batgirl the night before. Stepping across the room, he picked up the remote for the monitor system in the room. "See for yourself..." He said, pressing a couple of buttons before the screens all changed to some new, and very lewd footage.

This time Canary's jaw dropped further with a stare as she saw, and heard, the unthinkable being broadcast to her as she turned to watch the screens. Batgirl on her knees, in full costume, gagging and groaning as her red haired, mask-covered head bobbed along the cock of Samuel Tud. Not just a black cock, but the thickest and longest dick Canary had ever laid eyes on. The sound of slobbering and choking with each push up or down the crime fighter delivered leaving the blonde watching this more suited for a porn website footage speechless. The accompanying visuals from multiple angles, letting not just the sight of Batgirl's saliva dripping off that dick onto her own bodysuit, but of how her make-up was running only adding to that. All Canary could do was stare in awe and horror at what her friend, her ally was doing. Not just doing, but doing willingly - no chains or bonds forcing the redhead to perform this sexual act.

Samuel Tud couldn't believe his luck. It was one thing to have Batgirl walk into his wicked web, and then be able to fuck her into submission like he'd done. But for it to so perfectly work and result in him being sent another fine piece of super-heroine ass so soon after? His wildest, filthiest dreams were coming true. While Canary was preoccupied with her staring, he was using some staring of his own to 'motivate' himself. Looking down at the curvy, plump backside of the blonde in her bodysuit, along with the lovely legs in those tights and the killer boots. Pumping his dick in his hand, getting his tool to it's massive, rock hard full size with ease. He'd silently already taken off all of his clothing, upper and lower, while Canary had been rendered almost into a trance-like state by the footage she was watching. A 'skill' of his that he'd more than perfected over the course of 'convincing' many a beauty before into joining his operation. Women who had been far less on the level of this one however... But if he'd tamed Batgirl like he'd done so clearly well last night? Then this one should be just as easy... And just as fun.

"Like what you see?" Tud asked, but already from his tone of his voice having decided an answer on his own from her reaction. It wasn't just his words that finally snapped her out of it. The feeling of his cock sliding against her thighs, and the crotch of her bodysuit, that made her gasp as he pushed himself forward until his bell-end was sticking out from the other side of her.

"Holy fuck!!" Black Canary exclaimed, now starting down to see that fat, thick rod between her legs. Groaning as he took it upon himself to slide backwards and then right forward again. Rubbing his member against her snatch through her clothing. "That... That can't be!" She tried to form words as she stared at the shaft she'd just been watching face-fuck her friend. Now that same pole was fucking her, through her crime fighting attire as she felt it grinding against her pussy through the tightness of the bodysuit. A feeling that was making her groan in a way that she knows is totally wrong, never mind how dirty it is.

"It fucking is girl..." Samuel said almost tauntingly. Making it all the more worse, yet better for certainly him, by reaching forward to grab her hips. Pulling her forcefully against his muscular and ripped frame. Pressing her gorgeously rounded backside against himself as he pumped his cock in teasingly slow fashion back and forth between her tights-covered legs.

Canary was completely disarmed by this all. Looking back at the man dry-humping her, even though he was completely naked himself right now. Finding herself gasping at the sight of a complete hunk of a man that looked like he belongs on the set of a porno shoot. Ripping her eyes away from him, it was back down between her legs at the mighty cock thrusting slowly and deliberately against her folds through her clothing. Finally a moan coming from her from the stimulation being delivered, just as her mind finally sent out instructions for her hands to move. Sliding up onto his broad arms, but only seemingly grabbing them for a moment just for something to hold onto. Making absolutely no move to stop him, stop this sexual act, or to even move away from him. She was letting this happen. She was letting him have his way with her.

"Mmmm... You've got one Hell of fine as fuck body on you Canary..." Samuel said with a grin, locking eyes with his latest target when she looked back again at him. Seeing the delightful look of conflict on her gorgeous face as he gave both of them some sinful pleasure by rubbing his fat black cock against the white, blonde beauty's crotch. Almost feeling the outline of her pussy already from just these slow and steady thrusts. A good sign that this skin tight attire of hers was such that she couldn't even have a thong on underneath it all. "Can't wait to see what it looks like..." He added with a confident chuckle before he groaned his approval. Keeping her juicy ass up against his frame as he fucked the stunning Bird of Prey without even penetrating one of her holes. Hearing her low moans just over the moaning footage of him fucking another member of that heroic faction played out on the screens in front of them.

"Uhhhhh! You... You bastard!" The blonde snapped defiantly as she gritted her teeth. Casting a glare at the smirking stud working his huge rod against her stunning body behind her. Clearly furious at how he's so openly and pervertedly using her clothed frame for his own pleasure. Yet at the same time she's groaning herself in not exactly displeasure from his pumps. Allowing this thrusting to go on even though she could, and knowing herself should, stop this and break away from him. "You... You tricked me! I bet... Ahhhhhh... You did exactly this to Batgirl as... Mmmmm! As well!" She pieced together correctly current evens. Not exactly a victory considering how she was made to moan again. That big cock sliding impressively smoothly back and forth between her legs even with the friction of the fishnet tights covering her.

"Tricked? Naw girl... Mmmmm... Your fine ass walked right into here... And you could have walked right out..." He pointed out, twisting the knife with his words as he picked up the pace. Rubbing his cock against her firmly with a little extra speed. Able now to properly feel the outer folds of her snatch as he made her form a camel-toe down at her crotch. The closer feeling causing them both to moan out louder as he 'banged' the crime-fighter through her clothing. "Ahhhh... But just like Batgirl, you ain't gonna do that... Because this ain't just the biggest fucking cock... Mmmmm! You'll ever see... It's the best fuck you'll ever get either!" He stated with the sort of confident tone that showed it wasn't just a threat. It was a promise. He punctuated that by reaching up with his hands. Boldly grabbing a hold of the top of the corset of her attire and with a sharp movement hauling it down. Causing her to gasp as her large, perfectly rounded tits bounced free and straight into the deep grasp of his clearly experienced hands.

"OH FUCK!! Mmmmm..." Canary moaned out clearly as her tits were groped. Her blonde haired head tilting back tellingly as his fingers dug into the flesh in already commanding fashion. A stare back at the man behind her as he continued to pump his cock between her thick thighs against her snatch through her bodysuit. Neither resisting nor objecting to the increased pace of this dirty encounter on her. "You... Ahhhhhh! You fucked her... This... Mmmmm! This is what this is about..." She attempted to reason between her groans, glancing forward at the screens that were showing her words to be true as now Batgirl was taking that massive cock into her snatch. The same rod making her moan out as it worked against her snatch with those firm pumps. All the while her breasts being squeezed and rubbed together by this man playing with her body as if he already owned her.

"Heh... Mmmmm... Almost right babe... "Samuel said, giving her tits another grope before he let go of them. Causing them both to sigh as he pulled his cock out from between her legs. "But since you mentioned fucking, let's get down to the good stuff..." He then said.

"Ahhhhhh!" Caught by swift surprise, Canary found her legs swept out from underneath her as she was sent crashing down to the floor with embarrassing ease. "Motherfucker!" She snapped with anger, getting up to her hands and knees as she glared back at him. Before she could insult further, her eyes got locked onto that rock hard shaft of his while he picked up the remote to switch off the footage. Staring for far longer than she should at that dark piece of man-meat as it bobbed rather hypnotically as he walked back over to her.

"Sorry girl..." Tud said, sounding far from apologetic at all as he moved down into position behind her. "Lemmie make it up to you..." He stated as he reached down, pulling the bottom part of her bodysuit to the side as he admired her snatch underneath her tights. Seeing already that she was looking a little damp down there from his skilful work prior.

"You... You wouldn't dare..." She seemed to be telling herself rather than issuing a warning. Something proven when, without resisting his action, she gasped as he tore a hole in those fishnet tights. Allowing access to her folds without the covering of the attire she still had on.

"Dare do what? This?" He grinned as he took full advantage of her aroused state. Pushing his cock firmly forward into her tight love tunnel and easily making them both moan out with just the single, commanding motion. After drawing back to deliver a second testing thrust, he placed his hands onto her shapely hips before he started to go to work. Working his cock back and forth into the tight, already wet pussy of the crime fighter known as Black Canary. "MMMMM... I do fucking dare... Ahhhhh... And you ain't exactly... Mmmmm! Telling me to stop either..." He points out the clear lack of resistance she's showing as she stays up on her hands and knees in front of him. Staring back to watch him pump his member in and out of her pussy like they've known each other as fuck buddies for years. Instead of the short, perverted time they've actually met.

"AHHHHH... Oh shit! You! You're... Oh GOD! FUCK!" She groans out, having to toss her long, blonde hair back over her shoulder so she can continue to stare, even as she tries to glare, at the hunk fucking her from behind. Feeling her tight vaginal walls being made to stretch to accommodate this massive length as he slides into her, getting deeper with every forward thrust. "Uhhhhhh! You're fucking... MMMMM! Filling me up!! OH SHIT!!" She gasped out. Making it clearly obvious that this is by far the biggest cock she's ever taken in her life. And willingly so, as just as he'd pointed out she's making no move at all to try and get away from this or stop this doggy style action from happening. Letting this man thrust his cock bareback into her slot again and again to make her moan out.

"MMMMM... Yeah, nice and fucking tight... Just how I love them..." Tud said with a chuckle. Letting his hands roam across those ripe and rounded ass cheeks of the super-heroine he's banging from behind. Still able to dig in into those cheeks even with the covering of her attire she still has on. "Ahhhhh... Just like your little friend Batgirl... Mmmmm! I knew you were fucking perfect... Ahhhhh! For taking my big fucking dick!" He 'complimented' in very back handed fashion. Not that anyone could blame him for being arrogant in such a position. Minutes after groping and dry-humping this woman, he know had her on her hands and knees, taking his dick as he plunged his fat rod deeper into her tight, wet twat. Leaving her moaning out with every pump he sent firmly into that impressively accommodating box of hers.

"MMMM!! What's... Ahhhhhh! What's that supposed to fucking mean??" Canary snapped as she grit her teeth. Showing open frustration and conflicting emotions on her pretty facial features as she got fucked by a criminal she'd never heard of before, but as proudly shown her that he's banged one of her closest friends in the same fashion as she's now getting nailed in. Before she could vent any further she was made to moan out again, her head tilting just a little as she looked up to the roof for a moment. Unable to deny the pleasure this big black cock was giving her tight, white pussy as he pumped briskly in and out between her slick folds. The pace being used on her making her large tits sway underneath her still clothed frame as she rocked forward from the impact of his body pushing into hers.

"Ahhhhhh... What the fuck do you think it means girl? MMMMM..." He chuckled in a taunting manner. His hands now keeping a hold of her by her toned, bodysuit-covered midsection as he continued on this steady and firm rhythm. Looking down with a smirk as he watched her ripe booty now start to jiggle as his crotch connected into her each time he send his rod forward into his latest super-heroine fuck-toy. Making this black-on-blonde action red hot as he took her balls deep every time his dick pumped into her snug snatch from behind. "AHHHHH... Means you can take a fucking dick... MMMMM! Just like Batgirl fucking loved doing to my big... Fucking... Cock!" He added, making sure to deliver extra hard and long strokes of his member into her with those last three words. Groaning out as he almost pulled his cock out but kept the crown inside of her before ramming back in. The slap of his naked frame connecting with her still covered up body ringing out with each of those pumps that would have easily left any normal collapsing down to the floor just after the first one.

"AHHHHHH... B-bullshit!!" Canary groaned out, still refusing to believe the obvious of both what happened to her friend and what she's currently taking. Moaning as she took another couple of pumps from that massive dick. "You... You had to have d-done something to her! Batgirl would never... Ahhhhhhh..." She tried to make up an excuse, but was cut off when the stud behind her pulled his cock out of her wet snatch.

"You just saw it Canary... I fucked your friend real good... Just like I'm doing to you..." Tud stated, smirking as he took a hold of her in order to roll her over. Leaving her laying on her back, her leather jacket against the floor of his office, while he raised her hips just off the ground. "Unless that is, you want me to stop of course?" He challenged her, teasing her as he took a hold of his cock. Placing the tip just against the entrance to her slick tunnel.

"N... N-no..." She found herself saying, her own words making her eyes widen as she stared down at that big, beautiful cock that was already a little slick from her forming juices. "No! I... I mean... Hnnnnnng..." She grunted in frustration. Eyes narrowing as she looked at the rod temptingly close to her snatch. "No... No..." She said again before her eyes lifted up to look across at the man who was already well on his way, and perhaps she knew it, to breaking her. "There's no way... Batgirl could handle a cock like this..." She said in a very uncharacteristic tone. A brief flick of her tongue across her lips as she gazed back down at that huge dick.

"Let's see how you can handle this then!" Samuel pounced on the chance, using a single hard thrust to send himself not just into that needy snatch, but driving in balls deep into her for good measure. Causing the blonde crime-fighter to moan out the loudest she's done so far. Showing how far from her usual state of mind she now is as her clothed body arches for a moment off the floor as the thrusts start to claim her. Those large breasts sticking out delightfully as they already begin to bounce in time with the pace of his motion. Her long haired head tilting back as she stares almost blankly across at the monitors a distance away from her. If her gaze could focus, she would have seen herself start to jolt back and forth against those pumps in the slight reflection from the screens.

"AHHHHHH... AHHHHH!! MMMMM FUCK... AHHHHHH FUCK!!" The Birds of Prey member moaned out, her fingerless gloved hands clenching into fists out of a lack of something to grab onto. Her gorgeous body sliding against the polished floor of this executive office of the criminal thrusting away deeply into her pussy. Her inner walls tightly clinging onto the thickness being plunged all the way forward into her in such a way that she felt almost ready to bust. Having never come anything close to being so wonderfully filled up like this before from any previous lover. "MMMMM... AHHHHH FUCK!! FUCKING... OOOOOOOOH FUCK!!" She gasped out, finally bringing her head back down to stare across at the stud dominating her tight, soaking wet hole as she looked through strands of her blonde locks. Staying like that, moaning away as she was taken more like a whore than a crime fighter before she finally tossed her long hair back to clear her view.

Seeing the lust-drunk state he was making this stunning super-heroine fall deeper into, he had reason to keep the arrogant drink on his handsome face. Shifting position he leaned over the woman he was fucking on the floor. Keeping his hips swiftly working towards and sharply away from the holes in her fishnet tights that he'd ripped as he plunged his rod all the way to the hilt into her twat with every downward pump. He now had a wonderful view of proceedings as he moaned out from the enjoyment of the tight walls all around his pole. Looking right down to see her huge jiggling tits as her body rocked away from and then sharply back towards his ripped frame. Or slightly up to see her full lips in a perfect O-shape as she sinfully moaned out with every pump her delivered.

"FUCK... FUCK! FUCK FUCK FUUUUUUUCK AHHHHHH MMMMMM!!" Canary almost squealed out, her eyes slowly rolling back from staring up at the hunk dominating her, to upward at the ceiling, and then approaching into going into her own head as the pleasure continued to build up within her body. Sweat tellingly now having formed across the exposed parts of her body, making her rounded breasts look even sexier than before as they bounce away. "OH SHIT... FUCK! AHHHHHHH GOD.. FUCKING... DAMN IT AHHHHHHH OOOOOOOOOOOHHH!!" She let out sharp, not quite on the level of her signature Canary Cry, but enough to make the bottles of the mini-bar of his office shake along with the paintings on the wall slipping out of place to hang at angles. Her hands grabbing her own hair as she shudders on the huge rod plunging balls deep into her again and again.

"MMMMM FUCK!! Yeah! Fucking cum all over... UHHHH!! That fucking dick girl!!" Samuel grinned as he groaned, continuing to forcefully drive into Black Canary as she came all over his big black cock. His balls slapping off her each time he drove in, not even easing off as he feels her juices flooding out across his member. "MMMM SHIT... Fucking babe like you... AHHHHH... Was fucking built for taking this fucking dick..." Making purposefully sure that she feels every moment of the most intense orgasm she's ever had in her eventful to say the least life so far. Her loud moans and gasps as the thrusts keep on coming making her looking more like an interracial size queen than the feared and respected crime fighter that she actually is.

"Mmmmmm... Felt real fucking good right?" Tud chuckled as he pulled out of her already well fucked snatch. Making her groan out as her pussy now felt very empty without that massive girth filling her up.

"Ahhhhhhh... That... That was... Ahhhhh..." Canary gasped out, laying on her back on the floor with her big chest heaving up and down. Not to mention her pussy juices leaking out from her folds in the aftermath of her sexual peak just then.

"Good... Because we ain't fucking done yet!" Samuel announces with a lewd smile as he reached down. Even with the effort he's put into claiming her so far, he's still got plenty of energy in him. So he easily uses his superior strength to haul her up off her feet, making her groan as he carries her over towards the couch in her office.

"Wh-what?" She groggily mumbles as her eyes blink into focus. Already trying to recover from her first orgasm, she cannot offer any resistance as she's placed into position - not that she's objected one bit to being fucked like a dirty whore since the start of this encounter. Finally coming to, she now finds herself on the lap of the muscular black hunk who has banged her far better than anyone else before in her life. His hands on her waist raising her upward before bringing back down with a moan onto his cock.

"OH FUUUUUUUCKK!! AHHHHHHH!! FUCKING... OH GOOOOOOOOOOD!!" Once again the busty blonde was sent into a wild, moaning state as the moment he had penetrated her, he fired off a stiff round of hard thrusts balls deep into her wet snatch. The slap of skin hitting off of tights-covered skin ringing out around the office as she got fucked roughly and hard once again. Her butt cheeks shaking with every impact when he balls smacked off of her. "AHHHHHH FUCK... FUCK!! FUCK FUCK FUCK FUUUUUUUCKKK!!" She gasped out, once again her eyes staring upward as filthy pleasure unlike anything she'd ever fantasised about overwhelmed her. Drops of sweat trickling down her cheeks and strands of her blonde hair sticking to her face. All being the least of her worries as her stunning, still completely clad in her usual crime-fighting attire body jolts forward with every thrust she takes.

"MMMMM!! Awwwwww yeah Canary! MMMM!! You fucking love that... UHHHH!! Fucking dick, don't you??" The hunk underneath her grins as he grunts. Seeing full well what effect his dick has had on her, just like he'd done to her fellow super-heroine Batgirl the previous night to turn her into a similar black cock loving whore. Making this blonde beauty bounce on his dick from the force of his swift pumps. Allowing him to get an extra visual treat of her big breasts shaking just in front of his face as he makes her ride his cock as he feeds it deeply into her dripping wet snatch. "AHHHHH... Fucking say it! Say it slut!" He demanded, reaching a hand around to deliver a sharp spank onto her ass cheek to get her attention. Certainly getting a gasp from her as a result of the blow, before she groaned again as his stiff pumps carried on. "Say you... MMMMM!! Fucking love my cock!!"

"AHHHHHH FUCK!! YESSSSSSS!! MMMMM!! I... OH FUCK!! I FUCKING... UHHHHH!! LOVE THAT... FUCKING! COCK!!" She screamed out, once again with enough force from her infamous throat to cause the lighting fixtures of the room to rattle and flicker. Becoming lost in a state of desire that's making her look even further removed from the talented crime fighter she's supposed to be. Still clad in head to toe in her signature attire but with a hole cut in her tights at her pussy, she looks more suited for an interracial porn website than battling villains as her curvaceous white frame jolts away on the fat black cock being rammed balls deep into her twat. "OH GOD... AHHHHHH FUCK!! I'M GONNA... UHHHHH!! YOU'RE GONNA... MMMMMM!! MAKE ME... FUCKING... CUM AGAIN!!" She announces with shameless glee. A truly mind broken, wide smile of a whore now across her sweat-covered face as her hands have found themselves out of a new-found instinct gripping and rubbing the shoulders of the stud fucking her from underneath.

The sexually driven criminal with this busty babe on his lap just grinned, groaning himself as he was now finally sweating himself from the effort put into giving her the fucking he feels, and many red blooded men would love to give her, that she deserves. Helping himself, he moved his hands from off her waist so he can take a hold of those large mounds of hers. Further making her groan out in delight as he started to slurp on her nipples. Lashing away with his tongue on his new 'property' as he worked over the right tit for a moment before switching, taking a quick breath as he moved, over to suck on the left one. All the while still banging away all the way to the hilt up into that still needy and soaking wet snatch that was still pleasurable snug around his huge member even after all the time.

"AHHHHHH YESSSSS!! YES! YES YESS YEEE-AHHHHHH... AHHHHHHHH!!" Once again the blonde hair was tossed back, but time her stunning white body arching back as well as she was still impaled on the fat black cock stuffed into her snatch. Eyes glazed over, she didn't even realise that the pitch and force of a lust-driven Canary Cry was making the room she was getting fucked in vibrate to such an extent that the expensive chandelier hanging from the ceiling shattered and smashed down to the floor with a mighty thud. It was however the signal that she was once again feeling a powerful orgasm ripple through her already well fucked frame. Further pussy fluids flooding out to again soak the mighty shaft that has left her so sex-drunk that the Black Canary she was when she walked into his office now seems to be a long distant memory by this point.

"FUCK!! Mmmmmm... Whole fucking... UHHHH!! New meaning to being a... Fucking screamer!" Tud hissed, having had his own hearing rattled to say the least from hearing that cry. Showing his own skill, and not just in the clear sexual nature, he keeps his composure. Continuing to deliver shard and hard thrusts into the pussy of the cumming beauty on top of him. Giving her tits a last grope before he pulls out of her well fucked to say the least twat with a grunt. "In fact... Lemmie see how much that mouth of yours can fucking take..." He decides for her, lifting the exhausted beauty off from his lap, and moving off of the couch himself.

"Ahhhhhh... Mmmmmm..." All Canary could do by this point was groan out as she gasped for air. Two hard orgasms leaving her worn out unlike even the hardest of battles had in the past. So she offered no resistance now, just as she hadn't all the way during this, when he laid her out on her back on the couch at a slight angle. Her head off the edge of the seating with her long blonde hair hanging downward. "Ahhhhh... HHHHHLLLLKKKKK!! MMMMMPHHHH!!" In her next gasp, she suddenly found her mouth stuffed and invaded, making her eyes shoot open in surprise but soon focusing on that now very familiar fuck-stick. That same man who had driving her so wild with desire was now pumping his cock into a very different, but clearly from his moans already, still as pleasurable hole of hers.

"MMMMM... Awwwww SHIT! MMMM!!" Tud grunted as he stood in front of his newest, and just as willing as the last one, whore. Feeding his big, black cock between her full lips as he fucked the pretty face of the stunning white woman he'd just been balls deep in the snatch off. Letting her taste her own twat off of his fat inches as he firmly, and already deeply, plunged his cock right into her nicely damp oral hole. "Ahhhhhh... FUCK!! Fucking suck that dick... MMMMM!! I knew you were... UHHHHH!! A fucking freak the moment... MMMMM!! I saw your sexy ass..." His backhanded words continued as he both mocked and complimented the super-heroine he was pumping the oral hole off. Grinning for good reason as he indeed felt those soft and ripe lips of hers working over his pole as he worked himself in and out of her mouth. Getting to see that it's not just for her feared Canary Cry that her throat is good for as he moans away.

"HHHHHHLLLKKKK!! MMMMM... MMMMMPHHHH!!" With closed eyes, the beautiful Birds of Prey member is indeed doing as ordered by the man she still barely knows, but has been sexually dominated by. Even with the upside down position of her head she's still trying to bob away onto the cock being pumped back and forth between her lips. Her arms stretched back behind her to just about touch the thighs of this muscular stud as he fucks her lovely, wet mouth. "MMMMM... GAHHHHHH... HHHHHHRRRLLLKKK!!" She lets out a long gag around the shaft as it pushes deeper into her mouth. Yet, showing how willing and into this face fucking she is, she doesn't even flinch for a moment. Still slurping away even as the saliva both covers his rod, replacing her juices that had coated him, and starts to seep out from those lips downward across her face. Starting to ruin her make-up as the saliva drips all the way down across her eyelids and further over her forehead.

"MMMMM!! AHHHHHH SHIT... FUCKING... MMMMM!! Hot fucking... Cock sucker!! MMMM!!" The perverted hunk grunts out, feeling his dick starting to pulse within the skilled throat of this blonde stunner. Helping himself to a grope of her huge chest as he fucks her mouth. Both hands gripping her mountains, bringing them together then watching them jiggle apart as he releases them. Pausing for a moment as he groans from the feeling of her gagging vibrating around his thick inches. "SHIIIIIIIT... MMMMM!! Fucking fine ass... UHHHH!! Cock lovin' blonde slut!! MMMMM!!!" He states the obvious as he moans, glancing down to see how her throat is flexing away every time he thrusts straight forward to fill up her mouth. His stiff and steady motion not too dissimilar to how he'd started off fucking her pussy what already feels like hours ago. However here just using her oral hole for his own shameless and sinful pleasure. Feeling his member throbbing now as it passes smoothly in and out of a mouth that seems to be built far more for deep throat porn than any kind of crime fighting.

That talented mouth soon gets a creamy reward for her efforts on the man who has sinfully broken her mind to turn her into a filthy whore rather than the super-heroine she once was. A loud grunt as that fat black cock shoots Samuel Tud's load right down the throat of Black Canary. Making her eyes snap open, even from the slight sting of her own spit drooling down her face for a moment as she feels his seed splashing around her oral walls. Soon she gags and splutters as the amount of seed is so massive than even for a powerful (but usually in combat terms) throat of hers cannot handle it all. Humiliatingly cum appears from out of her nostrils when the next blast of jizz is fed to her, with more seeping out from those lips to drip downward across her pretty face. Thankfully the pace of the shots, and the volume, slows downward. Allowing her with deep and greedy gulps to swallow down the spunk she's been given. The slurping making the man still in her mouth sigh in delight as his cock finally starts to soften between her lips.

"Mmmmm... Now that's... That's one fucking talented mouth..." Samuel grins proudly as he pulls out of her mouth. Seeing cum still over his now limb inches but more focused on the women now coughing as she gasps for air.

"Th-thank you..." Canary stutters out as she takes in air. So exhausted she can only lay on the couch, her head still hanging off the edge as saliva and jizz drips slowly downward across her face.

"You ain't finished yet, slut..." He orders, holding his dick by the base as he slaps the crown against her forehead to make her gasp. "Clean me the fuck off." He states with a smirk.

With an obedient nod, Black Canary parts her lips, Sticking her tongue out as she slowly runs her tongue around the crown of his cock. Scooping up the spunk from that fat black cock in order to clean him off. Swallowing down the collected jizz for good measure, before returning back to work her way down his pole to do as ordered and clean up every bit of his load from off of him. A sight made all the more filthier by the trails of his cum still travelling down her gorgeous facial features as she performs this last sinful act.

"That'll do babe..." Tud chuckles as he finally steps back away from her. Giving her another look over with a long stare at her big tits. "You liked that, didn't you?" He asks, looking down to her cum-covered face. "Liked my big fucking black dick making you crazy?"

"Yes..." Canary said without a second thought. As if it was the natural, right response to such a question from him.

"Yes? I think you can do better than that..." Samuel smirked as he crossed his arms across his broad chest. "Tell me how you really fucking feel now."

"I... I fucking LOVED your big... BLACK... COCK!" She answered with the kind of tone that sounded right out of a XXX-rated movie. Made especially clear by how her eyes locked onto his member, even as limp as he now was, as she licked her cum-stained lips.

"That's more like it honey... So I'll tell you what..." Samuel started to say as he rather casually, considering how he'd just fucked one of the most beautiful super-heroines, let alone women in the world, into sexual submission, started to move towards his clothes on his executive office desk. "You want some more of this cock? Then you come work for me now. How does that sound?" He asked, but wasn't even looking towards the beauty he was talking to. More concerned with slipping his shirt back on as he started to get dressed again.

"W-work... Work for you?" She repeated his words, sounding like she was hypnotised. Perhaps somewhat true in terms of what he and his cock have done to her, but all in quite willing fashion from the woman who never once resisted or tried to stop him from fucking her harder and better than she'd ever been before in her life.

"Yeah... Tell your male buddies or whatever that for the next couple of nights you're on a call-out... A stake-out... Some mission, just make something up..." He ordered as he finished up buttoning his shirt. "But you bring your fine ass back here... And I'll have plenty for you to do around here..." He said with a chuckle. Having quite a few ideas about some 'work' she could carry out for him not too far removed from what they'd just done.

"I... I will." Canary agreed, slowly groaning as she rolled herself over. Falling off the sofa in an embarrassing slump onto the floor with a groan. Pushing herself up to sit up against the front of the couch as she still took in deep breaths. Staring across at the man now putting his pants back on. "What... What about the... All my... Fe-female friends... Allies... What sh-should I tell them?"

With a chuckle, Samuel turned and gave his newest prize, and tool for his new-found collection of fine pieces of super-heroine ass, a rather sinister and wide grin. "Tell any babes like yourself... That you heard there's a good lead on some criminal activity from a S. Tud at 'Delicious Delights'..." He instructed her.

On that point, he wasn't wrong on being a 'lead' on some major criminality... Just a shame that whoever would come looking for that lead would find something a whole lot different... And more than they could possibly ever handle either.

* * *

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