Dragon Ball Z: Prince And The Slave (MF)
by VidelLover666

After Buu had been defeated, Trunks had happily told his mother all about
what Vegeta had said and done just before killing himself. When Bulma had
heard this she had been speechless. Then when Vegeta had not denied it (he
grunted a "So what if I did" and walked away.) She decided he deserved a
special treat.

Which is why she is now on her knees sucking his cock into her throat, doing
her best to suck and lick it at the same time.

"Harder slave, suck it harder!" Vegeta growled.

"Yes your highness," Bulma replied in a slavish manner after pulling her
head off his manhood for just a moment. Then with that said she dove her
mouth back down on his cock and started sucking as hard as she could.

Tonight Bulma was Vegeta's slave girl. Back on Sei Vegeta, the prince
would have a slave to tend to his every wim and tonight that slave was
Bulma. That was why she was wearing an outfit she desighed after Vegeta's
explainations. It was a black see threw fishnet body suit that was cut
open around the cunt and ass and had holes where the nipples poked out.

Slurp! Suck! Lick! These noises filled the room.

Then Vegeta grabed Bulma by her blue ponytail (he had insisted it be in a
ponytail) and roughly pulled her head off. Then while still sitting on the
edge of their bed he pulled his slave to her feet, grabed her tits hard and
began to suck on her nipples. Bulma let out a loud and long moan at the
feeling. She wanted to mash his head into her breasts but with him being a
prince and her just a slave, that was out of the question.

Suddenly the sucking stopped and Bulma opened her eyes to see Vegeta relaxing
on their bed with his hands behind his head and his huge Sayian dick sticking
straight up. Then he clearly order her with to words: Ride me.

And she did. She lowered herself onto his cock quickly and then planted her
feet on both sides of th bed and began to bounce up and down. Her tits
bouncing freely under the fishnet bodysuit but the nipples were still in
the holes so Bulma was really enjoying the feeling of the material rubbing
her hard nipples.

Up and down she went, enjoying every second of it. She climaxed violantly
around the hard tool when she felt her prince reach over and pince her clit.
And although she had orgasumed she did not slow down her bouncing because her
prince had not told her she could. In fact he had told her to go faster when
she had cum. She was slamming her sore pussy down on his cock violantly now
screaming in orgasum almost every time her ass hit his balls. When suddenly
she felt him shake then cum deep in side her womb. He had pulled her off of
him right then.

Bulma had thought it was over until Vegeta gave her another order.

"Get on your hands and knees slave. You have one more hole I want to fill."

She obediantly got on her hands and knees even through the thought of him
shoving his huge saiyan cock up her ass scared her to death. 'Damn Vegeta and
his stamina,' she thoguht. 'I've never had anything up my ass before.'

"Reach back and spread your cheecks for me slave!" He order her.

And of course she had no choice but to do it. Then she felt his hands grab
her shoulders and the head of his massive dick at the entrance to her virgin
asshole. Slam! Bulma screamed in pain as her prince thrust his entire cock
up her ass in one violant move. She was glad Trunks was staying with Goten
and that her parents where at a convention.

He didn't let up for a second and continued to fuck her ass as hard as he
could. The tears in Bulma's eyes stopped as the pain began to turn to an
incredible pleasure she had never felt before. Then she felt his cock swell
to twice the size it was before as he went super and then double again as
he went ssj2. Slam! Slam! Slam! He keep pulling his cock out of her ass so
that only the head was in and then thrusting the whole thing back up her
tight passage again and again .And Bulma was loving it. She was proud to be
one the few girls in the world who got to feel the mighty cock of a Saiyan
in their tight bodies.

She knew Chi Chi had felt it but wondered if Videl had felt Gohan's cock
inside her yet. Little did she know Videl was feeling it right now. (But
that's another story.) Over and over again he hammered into her like an
animal only to hear her squel like a pig as he fucked her harder then ever.
Then finally after an hour of this pleasureable torture, Vegeta let out a
grunt and came deep inside her ass.


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