Dragonball Z: Mountain Trail Part 2 (MF,anal,rough)
by Timm Murray

Android 18 stood over the defeated man her limp cock in hand. It was still
dripping with cum from where she had viciously mouth fucked him. He lay
panting on the ground the taste of her cum still in his mouth. It was all
over his face. He felt disgusted at himself.

"Heh, heh, you did well. For a start anyway." She said in her sultry voice.
"Now get on your hands and knees."

"What?! You can't be serious. I can't manage that thing!" He moaned eyeing
her huge thick cock.

"I'm sure it will. Come now are you afraid of little old me?" She laughed
mercilessly and picked him up bodily and pt him in that position. She ran her
hand over his ass prodded one of her delicate fingers. He gave a small grunt.
"You'll love it you little slut."

He felt pleasure course through his body as she massaged his tender ass. He
then felt her rub her stiffening dick across his hole and he felt a tingle in
his body.

"Please do it. Get it over with." He was feeling angry at himself for
enjoying it.

"Ohhh you looking forward to it now? Well if that's the case then you'll have
to ask me for it." She was giggling now, as her cock was getting stiffer.

"No I won't you bitch!" He shouted. Secretly he begged for her to do it. He
saw her hand appear at the side of his head. A burst of energy was in her
hand in a yellow light he could feel it singeing the side of his head. "Ahhh.
Okay. Please fuck me now!" he screamed.

Her hand powered down and he could feel her cock head on his ass. She pushed
forward and he started to moan in pain as it was tearing into him widening
him up. He suddenly felt her hands grasp his own cock. She was playing with
it as she pushed deeper and deeper in. He turned his head to look at her. She
was grinning and winked at him. Her chest was heaving. What a chest it was!
He could feel she had now reached all the way inside him and she began to
pullout. He started to feel amazing as she pulled out.

"Uh please stop...!" He moaned. Her own hands were teasing his cock. He was
already massively hard and her playing was pushing him over the edge. She
cupped his balls while squeezing his rock hard shaft.

"Why? You don't even want me to." She was smiling. "Isn't that right you
little slut?" she said this last sentence as she thrust hard into him.

He shouted out in pain but that quickly subsided as waves of pleasure
overcame him. She continued to pump in and out at a quickening rate. He
massive cock ramming into him and her hairless balls slapping him as she
did. Her hand was now jerking his shaft at a super speed as well. This
android is bloody fast you know!

So close to his climax he was and all he could think about was this beautiful
blonde bombshell fucking the life out of him with her horse like cock. She
now had her eyes closed and was moaning softly to every thrust she made.

"I bet you really love this. Well you aren't here for your enjoyment. You're
here for mine. You really are a slut admit it!" she was shouting at him with
her cock deep in him.

"Yes. It feels so good. I am a little slut. I'm your slut. Please fuck me!"
he was astonished to discover that it was his own voice saying this. He
looked back at 18 her tits were bouncing and she was smiling evilly at him.
He felt his own climax come. Literally. He shot his load onto the ground.
Her hand immediately left his cock and came to his ass. She started smacking

He felt pain run through his body. He collapsed from his hands and was then
being rammed into the ground by her thrusts. He felt another smack.

"That was for cumming early. And this is for cumming before me." He felt
another smack. "Now I still have ages inside me."

She continued to fuck him for an hour before climaxing loudly. He felt the
cum deep in his bowels and her dick deflate a bit. "God that was good." She
pulled out and he immediately felt the pressure ease on his now very sore

When he managed to turn round she was fully dressed without any bulge showing
on her beautiful body. To look at her you would never guess what she had

"He he you did quite well for a first timer. You really seem to enjoy it. I
suggest you get your wife a strap-on for Christmas." She smiled.

She looked up and no surprise showed on her face to see 16 and 17 hovering in
the sky.

"Enjoy yourself sis?" 17 laughed.

"Yeah I really needed that. I thought you were going on ahead?" She asked
with no change on her pretty face.

"We were but you been here so long we decided to come back." The black haired
teen android laughed.

"Oh dear has it been that long. Mr...." She looked at the naked man on the
ground. "Sorry didn't catch your name."

"Uh Mitchell." He gasped. He was still breathing heavily.

"Mr Mitchell has been keeping me entertained." She said coyly. She then stood
with her arms crossed across her chest. "Shall we go. We can't keep Goku

"Right you are. Scanners indicate he's still out towards the sea. That way,"
He said pointing towards the vast blue.

Mitchell watched them sore off in that direction and after a suitable amount
of time realised he was naked and covered in cum. He decided to get some

* * *

17 and 16 flew behind 18. She was racing ahead towards a group of islands.

"I did not realise 18 was equipped with a phallus. Why did Gero do that do
you think?" 16 asked in his deep voice.

"Well I think he had a fetish for that kind of thing. She's very horny a lot
of the time. And she definitely prefers doing guys. I guess it must have been
Gero's doing" 17 answered. "Yeah its definitely guys she likes. I have been
lucky so far she has only tried it on with me once."

"Should I be prepared to defend myself?" 16 asked innocently. 17 laughed.

"She was quite tame with that guy though. You shoulda seen what she did with
that Monkey saiyan. Vegeta I think it was."

"Maybe we should let her have some fun with Goku first." 16 grinned.

"I see your thinking." They slowed their pace but only a little. Up ahead 18
flew on. She rubbed her crotch something was getting harder.

After this things enter back into the story with Cell and so fourth.


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