This is a make believe story about make believe characters.

This is an alternate ending to the episode Number One Fan where Alyson
Stoner played a fan named Wendy who was obsessed with Drake.

Drake And Josh: Number One Fan (mg, first, anal)
by Big Red Dope ([email protected])

"Do you know how much trouble your little fliers cost me? Everyone in my
school made fun of me today because of you."

"They just don't understand our relationship."

"We don't have a relationship. Got it? I'm not going to sing a song for you
and I'm not your boyfriend. I'm not even your friend. Just leave me alone!"

* * *

The last conversation he had with Megan's friend Wendy still rang in Drake's
head as he sat idly by during the last period of his school day. He had been
very agitated with Wendy for interfering with his life the way she had and he
had every right to be, but as soon as he arrived at the radio station that
night to perform with his band he began to feel guilty almost immediately.
Even after finding Wendy's note in his pocket that wished him good luck Drake
went ahead and played with his band although he had momentarily thought about
leaving to apologize right then.

Drake felt that at the very least he had to apologize for the way he
screamed at her and embarrassed her in front of her friends. As the bell rang
signaling for the end of the day he quickly made his way out into the hall to
meet Josh at his locker before heading home.

* * *

As Drake and Josh arrived home Drake found Megan sitting on the couch
watching tv. As they shut the door behind them Megan sat up and looked back
at Drake giving him a dirty look.

"You know it's your fault right Drake?"

"What's my fault?" Drake asked handing his bag to Josh to take to their room.

"Wendy quit the Campfire Kids."

"And? How's that my fault?"

"I know she was being silly about the whole thing, but you didn't have to be
a jerk like that and embarrass her in front of everyone!"

"I know."

"And another thing-You know? What do you mean you know?"

"I've thought about and I've sorta been feeling bad the last few days about
what happened."

"Good, you should feel bad. You were a complete jerk!"

"I know that Megan. Just give me her number so I can call and apologize and
make everything okay again."

"No, get the cordless out the kitchen. I'll dial the number for you. You
don't know need to know it."

"I'm not calling her after this," Drake said retrieving the phone from the
kitchen. "When I'm done with this we're through talking to each other."

"Just don't be a boob on the phone," Megan replied dialing Wendy's number and
handing Drake the phone.


"Hey Wendy it's Drake."

"Oh hi Drake. I promised Megan I wouldn't bother you anymore so you don't
have to worry about me interfering with your life again."

"I wanted to talk to you about that. Did you quit the Campfire Kids because
of me?"

"You were right about what you said on Friday and it would just be too hard
to come to the meetings when they were at your house."

"Look Wendy, I got very irritated by you constantly interrupting my life, but
I went about the whole thing wrong. I shouldn't have screamed at you like I
did and said what I did in front all of your friends. Don't quit your little
club because of me. I'm sorry for being a jerk."

"Really? You mean it?"

"Yeah I do."

"Oh, thank you thank you Drake! Tell Megan I'll be at the next meeting ok?"
Wendy excitedly said.

"Yeah sure."

"Thanks Drake! Talk to you later!" As Wendy hung up on her end Drake returned
the phone to the kitchen.

"Wendy said she'll be at the next meeting," Drake said before heading towards
his room.

"Way to go boob!" Megan laughed.


"Wendy thinks you're her boyfriend again."

"What are you talking about? I apologized for screaming at her in front for
your friends. How does she think I'm her boyfriend again?"

"How did she ever think you were her boyfriend when you barely spoke two
words two her? I've just got a feeling she thinks you're a couple again."

"Oh great!" Drake muttered as he headed upstairs to his room.

* * *

As the last of the Campfire Kids, except Wendy, left the Parker house the
phone rang and Megan picked it up.

"Hey Wendy it's your mom."

Megan went upstairs to change her clothes as Wendy talked on the phone. When
she returned to the living room Wendy was on the couch watching tv.

"Hey Megan how long do you think you'll be gone?" Wendy asked her as she sat
down on the couch beside her.

"I don't know. A couple of hours probably. It's my grandmother's birthday so
we'll go out to eat then everyone will talk and visit afterwards. Why,
what's up?"

"My dad's out of town and my mom's car broke down. She said it'd be a few
hours before it was fixed and wanted to know if I could stay here for

"That could be a problem. We were supposed to leave as soon as my parents go
home which will be any minute. I could probably talk them into letting me

As Megan finished her sentence her parents walked through the door. "Hey
Megan, you and Josh ready?" Mr. Nichols asked.

"I am. I don't know about Josh. He's been working on his stupid Oprah
website all day."

"Hey Josh, Let's go! We're on a tight schedule!" Mr. Nichols shouted.


"Hey Mom, is it okay if I stay home? Wendy's dad is out of town and her mom
is having car trouble. It's going to be a few hours before she can pick up

"Not this time Megan. You're grandmother has been looking forward to this
for a long time and she really wants to see you. Is their anyone's house we
can drop you off at Wendy? Someone else in your group?"

"Maybe. I'd have to call around first."

Just then Drake and Josh came down the stairs. Josh was dressed up for a
fancy dinner and Drake was wearing a shirt and jeans.

"You know what? Nevermind Wendy. You wouldn't mind hanging out with Drake
until your mom picked you up would you?"

"Do what?" Drake asked.

"No, of course not!" Wendy smiled widely.

"What's going on?"

"Wendy's mom is having car problems and can't get here for a few hours.
Since you're grounded because of the stunt you pulled in school you can keep
Wendy entertained until her mom gets here."

"Great," Drake muttered.

"Have fun," Megan grinned as everyone left the house.

Drake slumped onto one end of the couch, picked up the remote, and began
channel surfing. As he did so Wendy sat at the other end staring at him and

"Hey," Drake blandly greeted Wendy barely glancing her way.

"This is so cool we finally get to spend some quality time together," Wendy

"Hey Wendy, do you think we're boyfriend girlfriend?"

"Of course Drake! I was just so thrilled when you called my house and
apologized. I know you've got your band and other things going on besides
just being my boyfriend so I promise I won't be as much of a nuisance as I
was before."

"But I screamed at you and embarrassed you in front of all your friends. Why
would you want me as your boyfriend again?"

"Because you called and apologized for the way you treated me. If you want
to give our relationship a second chance then I want to also and I won't be
a pest this time."

"Wendy I wasn't calling--- I mean I--- Look, I only called you to apologize
for the way I broke up with you if you want to call it that. I wasn't
calling to try and restart a relationship with you."

"Oh... I see... I've made a fool of myself again..."

"Wendy I don't hate you or anything. I'm sure one day you'll be a cool girl,
but there's just a lot to a relationship that you don't understand yet. It's
not just about watching tv or listening to music together."

"Teach me then so I can be a good girlfriend!"

"Oh boy..." Drake sighed. "Okay... Well for starters have you other kissed a


"Well it's a lot different than kissing your aunt or your grandmother."

"Show me Drake. I want to learn how to kiss right so I can be the perfect
girlfriend for you."


"Yes Drake?" She replied almost cheerfully.

"Nothing," Drake replied flabbergasted at Wendy's inability to realize there
could be no relationship between them. He started to open his mouth to say
something, but stopped.

"Something wrong sweetie?"

"Oh god what's wrong with this girl?" Drake thought as he found himself at
a loss as to what to do next. Then an idea struck. It wasn't something he
wanted to do, but he had no other ideas and maybe it'd gross Wendy out enough
to get her to leave him alone.

Drake slowly leaned forward pressing his lips to Wendy's. It was very obvious
to him that this was her first time kissing another boy. Wendy's body was
trembling, her breathing was heavy, and there were several times when she
moved just enough for their kiss to break and allow their lips to move

Wendy was suddenly caught off guard as Drake's tongue pushed passed their
lips and entered her mouth. She panicked nearly pulling away, but calmed
herself and returned the favor. Drake instead was the one who broke the kiss
as Wendy's tongue slide into his mouth and began to wrestle with his.

"No Wendy. We can't do this," Drake stuttered moving down the couch away from

"What's wrong Drake? Am I doing this wrong? Tell me what I'm doing wrong. I
want to be the perfect girlfriend for you."

Drake looked into Wendy's eyes and shook his head. There was an obvious
eagerness about her and a willingness to do anything to please him. Finally
Drake spoke. "Wendy we can't do this. We can't be boyfriend girlfriend."


"Hold on let me finish. It's not that I hate you or anything it's just that
we're different ages and go to different schools with different people."

"Who cares what anybody else thinks? We understand our relationship and
that's all that matters."

"You're nine and I'm fifteen. That would be just a little too weird even for

"I'm ten."

"It doesn't matter Wendy! We can't do this!"

"But I love you Drake!"

"Damn it Wendy! Just say okay and go away!" Drake thought to himself getting
flabbergasted again. "Ok look," He began, "I rarely date girls longer than a
month before we break up. I'm just trying to save us from having to deal with

"Drake we won't break up. I'll do whatever it takes to be your girlfriend
until we get married."

"Oh really?" Drake asked rhetorically as he came up with one last desperate
plan to get rid of Wendy.

"Yes really. I---"

"You love me," Drake said finishing Wendy's thought. "Well if you're going
to be with me that long then that means you're going to be my special

"Special girlfriend? What do you mean?"

"All married couples start out as special couples and they do things for each

"Really? Like what?"

"First you need to take off all of your clothes. Your vest, your shirt,

"I do?"

"Do you want to have kids in the future?"


"And do you know where they come from?"

"I think so."

"Where's that? The stork?"

"Don't be silly Drake. When two people love each other they--- they---"

"They what Wendy?"

"They have sex," She said almost blushing. "Is that what you want to do
Drake? Have sex with me?"

Drake's jaw dropped at Wendy's proposition. "I'll be right back," He said
quickly getting up and going into the kitchen. "This girl is not right,"
Drake thought as he paced around the kitchen.

"Are you okay?" Wendy suddenly asked him from behind.

"Yeah, I'm fine," He replied startled.

"You didn't answer my question."

"What question was that," Drake asked rubbing the back of his head trying to
think of some way to get out of this.

"Do you want to have sex with me? If that's what couples like us do then
that's what I want to do."

"Are you serious?"

"Yes I am Drake." As Wendy answered his question she began to remove her
Campfire Kids uniform bit by bit.

"Don't do that in here Wendy! Someone could see you through a window!"

"You're right, let's go to your room."

Before Drake could say a word Wendy took off into the house and up the
stairs. "Damn it!" He thought taking off after her. When he got to his room
Drake found Wendy already down to just her panties sitting in Josh's bed.

"Not in Josh's bed. He flips out if anyone takes a nap in it."

"I know, but I don't want something to happen in your bed and have one of us
fall out and get hurt. Are you going to take your clothes off now?" Wendy
asked as she dropped her panties onto her pile of clothing on the floor.

Drake looked uncomfortably at the naked girl who was sitting on her knees
with a smile on her face. "Yeah I'm coming," He said as he stripped off his
clothes before climbing onto the bed.

"I love you so much Drake," Wendy said as she attempted to push Drake onto
his back and straddle him.

"Hold on baby," he said stopping her. "No so fast. Let me show you how it's
done. Just do as I say."

"Anything for you."

"Good. You'll make a great girlfriend. First just lay down for me."

Wendy eagerly did as she was told and Drake looked her up and down before
making his move. He was certainly more than willing to admit that she was
cute and as his eyes slowly moved down from her flat chest to her bald pussy
there was just something about Wendy that was now turning him on even though
she shouldn't be. Drake spread her small legs apart and pushed his head
between them.

Wendy let out a soft moan at her first intimate touch as Drake's tongue
partially inserted itself into her pussy and began working itself up and
down. Drake worked his tongue back and forth along the outer edges of
Wendy's slit only occasionally pushing inside to tease her. When Drake
finally began to work his tongue deep into Wendy's bare cunt her tiny body
began to writhe just a little bit.

"That feels so good Drake," she moaned as his tongue continued pressing in
and out of her opening exciting her body. For the first time in her life
Wendy was feeling very aroused and there was a tingling sensation growing
between her legs.

"And this?"

Wendy gasped loudly as Drake inserted a finger into her pussy. Drake worked
his finger in and out of her pussy several times pushing it as far into
Wendy as he could. Each time he did that she moaned loudly calling out his
name. After several minutes of fingering his sister's best friend Drake
noticed two things. Wendy's tiny cunt was becoming very wet and each time he
pushed his fingers in her slit squeezed down on them.

"Oooooooooooh," Wendy moaned extremely loudly as Drake inserted a second
finger into her cunt.

Wendy was very tight on just two of his fingers and Drake knew that if he
was going to fuck her he had to loosen her up a lot. He slowly began working
his fingers in and out of Wendy's pussy. Her tight grip made each of his
passes deliberate and the stimulation created by Drake's fingers rubbing
against her insides continued to make Wendy's body tingle with excitement.
Slowly with the help of Wendy's pussy becoming moist Drake was able to start
fingering her with a bit of speed. Her opening enlarged welcoming Drake's
fingers inside.

As Drake started to finger Wendy with some authority and was able to bury
his fingers deep into her pussy he felt his cock start throb. Watching
Wendy's body writhe on Josh's bed as he penetrated her made Drake's loins
start to get hot and bothered. Her moaning was intensifying with each thrust
inward and Drake felt his own body inch closer and closer to orgasm.

"Don't stop Drake," Wendy moaned when he pulled his fingers out of her.

"I'm not baby, I'm not."

Drake feverishly stroked his shaft several times wiping the cream from
Wendy's pussy onto it. With his cock in hand Drake slowly guided it towards
her tiny opening. Wendy gasped loudly when she felt the tip of his cock push
into her.

"Oh Draaaake!" Wendy moaned loudly as she orgasmed when the meat of his
shaft slid inside her for the first time. Drake felt Wendy's pussy clamp
down on his barely inserted dick and started to drench it with her cum. He
continued pushing into her even as her tiny body shook. It wasn't but a few
seconds later when Drake felt his dick push up against her hymen. He waited
for a bit until Wendy calmed down and composed herself. "That felt great!"
Wendy grinned widely having just experienced her first orgasm. "Let's do it
again!" Wendy said with her body still very excited.

"We are baby," Drake said smiling, "But first there is one thing I need to
do and it's going to hurt for just a bit."

"I know, just make it quick Drake."

"How do you know what I'm talking about?"

"It's called the internet. I know a lot of things I shouldn't."

"You knew about losing your virginity, but you didn't know what special
friend meant?"

"I wasn't expecting you to talk down to me about our relationship."

"Oh... Sorry then..."

"It's okay, just continue."

As Wendy finished her statement Drake gave her one hard thrust. Wendy cried
out as Drake's cock broke through her hymen and the pain pulsed through her
body. Drake pulled out and sat next to her patiently waiting as she whined
for a few minutes. "Let me know when you're ready to go on."

"I'm fine now," Wendy moaned when she finally settled down.

Though he knew it to be wrong Drake was more than ready to reinsert himself
back into Wendy. They both let out a heavy sigh as Drake slipped his cock
back into Wendy's cunt. Drake slowly began working his shaft in and out of
Wendy lubing it up with the cum still coating her insides.

"Baby this feels good," Wendy moaned as Drake worked his shaft in and out
stretching her opening and working himself in deeper.

"Special couples always feel this good," Drake smiled at the young girl as
he continued to thrust his cock deep into Wendy.

Wendy's body began tingling again as Drake reached a nice steady rhythm.
With her legs in the air and his hands on her hips Drake continued to pound
the tiny girl. Wendy's entire body was burning again and a second orgasm
wasn't far off.

"Oh Drake! Oh my!" Wendy groaned loudly as Drake slowed his pace and took
several hard thrusts as his cock began throbbing immensely begging him for
release. Each time he split Wendy's slit apart and buried himself inside her
Wendy's pussy seemed to squeeze down on his shaft a little bit harder. With
a final deep thrust from Drake Wendy's body gave in. Her pussy began
squeezing the life out of Drake's dick as she orgasmed. It exploded with an
even stronger orgasm the second time and her cum gushed out coating Drake's

"Oh god Wendy!" Drake moaned as his cock nearly went over the edge several
times. It took a lot of self-control to keep from coming, but Drake was able
to hold on. When Wendy finally came down from the high of her second orgasm
and her pussy loosened up Drake pulled out of her.

"Mmm... Sweetie that was great!" Wendy said with a huge smile, "But don't
you want to come too?"

"I do Wendy, but I want to do something only really close couples do."

"Sure baby," Wendy replied as she sat up and kissed Drake. Then as if
reading his mind she turned over and got on all fours.

Drake took hold of Wendy's small smooth ass and fondled a cheek in each
hand. Then he spread them apart and pushed his tongue into her tight
asshole. Wendy moaned as Drake's tongue slithered up and down her backside
while his hands continued to squeeze and massage her buttocks. Her body
began to occasionally buck as his tongue pushed into her butt.

When her anus was nice and lubed with his saliva Drake took hold of his cock
which was still covered in Wendy's cum and guided it towards her opening.
Wendy let out a gasp and bit her lip as she felt the tip of Drake's cock
penetrate her ass. Unsurprisingly to Drake it was much tighter than her
pussy. He started out with a very slow pace carefully pushing his shaft as
far into Wendy's butt as it would go before it could go no further then with
just as much care he slowly pulled it out.

Initially the anal penetration by Drake was a very intense and sometimes
uncomfortable position for Wendy. With a little patience on both sides over
time Wendy's ass began to expand as Drake kept a slow and deliberate pace.
When Drake felt that he was able to push a little more in he began slowly
increase his pace. His cock began to throb again as he started working it in
and out with more force behind each thrust.

Wendy felt her body get excited again as Drake pounded his cock into her ass
pushing a little further inside each time. She reached down between her legs
and slipped two fingers into her pussy. As Wendy started to furiously finger
herself Drake was busy ramming his dick hard into her asshole.

"Oh geez! I'm coming Wendy!" Drake moaned burying his aching cock deep into
Wendy's ass one last time before it finally opened up unloading shot after
shot of his sticky hot cum into her bowels.

A minute later after his dick shrank and returned to it's normal size Drake
pulled out of Wendy's ass and laid down next to her. He almost laughed as
Wendy's rear stayed open for a few seconds longer allowing his cum to drip
back out and onto Josh's bed.

"That was awesome baby," Wendy grinned widely at Drake as she lay down next
to him content with having to settle for only two orgasms.

"It was nice Wendy, but we need to talk," Drake said sitting up with Wendy
doing the same.

"What's wrong Drake? You're not going to dump me now that we've had sex are

"No, it's nothing like that at all."

"What is it then?"

"You need to keep our relationship a secret Wendy."

"Why? What did I do?" Wendy asked becoming concerned and showing it in her
facials expressions.

"It's not you, it's not me. You know how all of your friends made fun of you
when you said you were my girlfriend? Well all of mine friends would do that
to me too and I don't think either of our parents would be too happy with us

"Who cares what they say? We love each other and that's all that matters

"In a perfect world yes, but we don't live in perfect world. It's like that
one story that dude wrote where something bad ended up happening to these
two teenagers."

"Romeo and Juliet."


"It was a play called Romeo and Juliet and they both ended up dead at the

"See there you go! We can't let that happen to us. We just need to keep this
a secret for several years until we're both older and it's not as creepy to
everyone else as it would be now."

"Well I guess so Drake," Wendy conceded, " but when will we get to see each

"I don't know. That's something we'll have to figure out later."

As Wendy and Drake talked about getting cleaned up, changing the sheets on
Josh's bed, and a number of other things Megan quietly tiptoed back
downstairs. She emailed the picture of Wendy and Drake she had taken with
her mom's cell phone to herself before deleting it. Megan then went
outside to the waiting minivan in the driveway that held the rest of her

"Here," She said handing her mom her cellphone.

"What took so long?" Her mother asked.

"I had to go to the bathroom."

"Let's just get going we're already late as it is," Mr. Parker said putting
the vehicle in reverse.

Megan sat in the minivan shocked at what Wendy had done and fuming at Drake
for taking advantage of her. Drake needed to be taught a lesson and taught
one he would never forget.


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