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Drake And Josh: Megan Learns her Lesson
by Skibbiez

"What are you doing out here little girl?" Josh said as he and his brother
Drake stormed out the back door.

"Studying astronomy." Megan replied in her sweet and innocent voice.

"Well gimmie my laptop back!" Josh said as he hastily grabbed his laptop from
the table.

"No!" Megan replied ceasing him from taking the system. "I need it!" She
continued as she pulled it back to her.

"Just use yours!" Josh commanded as he shot an evil glare down at his little

"I can't," Megan replied.

"And why not?" Josh asked perplexed.

"I'm not bringing my laptop out here, it might get wet." Megan said smugly.

"Oh you're gonna get it little girl!" Josh said as he formed a fist.

"Josh hold on," Drake said trying to negotiate some peace. "It's just a
laptop..." He said glaring down at the telescope. "Hey wait!" Drake said as
he knelt down beside it. "Is this my new leather jacket!?" Drake said in an
angered voice.

"Maybe..." Megan said softly.

"Megan!" Drake yelled, "I want my jacket back!" Drake commanded.

"Yeah and I want my laptop back!" Josh continued.

"Alright fine, but first..." Megan replied as she walked around and laid down
on the ground. "AHHHHH!" She let out a blood curling screech.

"Megan what the hell are you doing?!" The two boys asked.

Moments later Josh's dad, Walter, came running out of the house.

"What is going on out here?" He asked in a worried voice.

"Noth..." Drake began to say until he was interrupted by Megan.

"I was just out here studying my astronomy and they came out here and pushed
me down." Megan said as she began to whimper.

"Boys," Walter said sternly, "is this true?" he asked not really needing an

"NO!" They said simultaneously. "She took our stuff and she's making this
up!" Drake said.

"Right," Megan murmured, "like I'm really going to lay down on the ground and
scream and then make up the lie that you pushed me down." Megan said as she
ran to her dad and wrapped her tiny petite arms around him.

"Drake... Josh... Go to your rooms!" Walter said in a bold voice.

"But dad!" Josh tried pleading.

"GO!" He yelled as he pulled his little angel in closer to his body. Megan
just smiled as she had once again got her brothers in trouble.

"God! I hate that little bitch!" Josh said as the two stormed into their

"I know," it's like we can't do anything with her without getting in
trouble." Drake continued.

"We need to get her, and I mean get her good!" Josh stated as he thought
about a plan.

"Yeah like freeze her and send her to the moon!" Drake replied.

"Sure Drake, let's send her to the moon!" Josh said sarcastically. "I'll
write that one down!" He continued.

"No, but seriously, we have to teach that spoiled little brat a lesson." Josh
said still contemplating a plan.

"What if we stole something from her that she treasured more than anything?"
Drake said.

"Yeah, but I was really thinking something a little worse," Josh replied.

"What if... Since mom and dad are leaving for that trip tonight, we got her
when she was asleep and tied her up in our bed and painted her whole body
blue, and took pictures of her?" Josh said smiling. "That would teach that
little bitch." He continued.

Drake didn't say a word, but instead thought about what his brother just
said. He had never thought of his sister in a sexual way before in his life,
but what Josh just said about tying her up to their bed gave him an image
that instantly turned him on.

"Josh you might be on to something," Drake said. "Maybe not the painting blue
part, but we could tie her up for the whole weekend and just torture her for
the whole weekend!" Josh said in with evil in his voice.

"Drake, that's sick, that's wrong, that's brilliant!" Josh said as the two
broke into laughter.

"Okay then, as soon as mom and dad are gone and she falls asleep tonight
we'll do it!" Drake said.

The boys continued laughing as they exited their room and came downstairs
where they were immediately thrown into the discussion from their parents.

"Oh Drake... Josh... I was just about to get you guys." Their mom said as
she gazed over at the two boys.

"Yeah mom, what's up?" Drake said as he grabbed a soda from the fridge.

"Well, you know we were leaving for my business trip tonight right," she said
rhetorically. "Well plans changed. One of Walter's brothers is really sick
and he has to go up there, and I still have to go away." She continued.

"Okay?" Drake said confused.

"Well Walter wants Josh to go up with him so that means that you have to stay
alone with Megan for the weekend." She added.

"What?!" Josh said upset. "Why do I have to go, I didn't even know ol Uncle
Whatshisname!" Josh continued looking over at his father.

"Josh I am not going to argue about this... You're going!" She said in a firm
voice. "Now go pack we're leaving in 30 minutes!" She added sending Josh back

"Why don't you just take Megan with you?" Drake asked ecstatic of the fact
that he was going to have the weekend alone with his younger sibling.

"She has that recital at church Sunday and we're not going to make her miss
that." She said, "So you are to make sure that she makes it there!" She

"Oh don't worry mom, she'll be there!" Drake said as he hugged his mother and
waved by to Walter.

Drake rushed back upstairs to see his brother harshly throwing his clothes in
his suitcase.

"This is so stupid!" Josh said, "I don't even like the guy!" He continued as
he slammed the suitcase shut.

"Don't worry about it Josh," Drake said as he plopped down on their couch.
"I'll still go through with the plan, and I'll send ya pictures on your
phone." Drake said.

"Thanks brother," Josh said smiling. "Just make sure that little cunt pays!"
He continued as he walked out of the room. Drake spent the next hour or two
getting things prepared for his kidnapping that were to take place later.

After a spending a few hours in his room Drake finally made his way back
downstairs. As he came down he noticed his sister sitting on the couch
watching television. "Hey Megan," he said strolling down the stairs,
"everyone gone?" He asked as he plopped down in a chair.

"Yeah they left about an hour ago," she said glaring over at him. "What were
you doing up there?" She continued as she focused back on the television.

Drake didn't answer, and for the first time in his life he began to check out
his young sister. Her face was that of a goddess as her long wavy brown hair
en-framed her beautiful face perfectly. Her large luscious lips were just a
bit moist causing them to shine from the light. She was wearing a loose
fitting pink spaghetti strap shirt that covered her petite upper body. It
was cut just low enough to give just a slight hint of her small developing
cleavage. She had her knee pulled up to her body with her tiny arms wrapped
around it. He led his eyes up her legs to her extremely short shorts that
must have stopped just below her ass. She was an angel is Drake's eyes and
he knew at that moment, as wrong as it was, he was going to have her tonight.

They continued watching television for a while later, and Drake only taking
his eyes off his little sister when she gazed over in his direction.
"Alright, I'm going to bed," she said as she arose from her seated position.

Drake arose as well, "Come here for a second," he said motioning.

Cautious, Megan began to slowly approach her brother. Drake wrapped his large
arms around her petite body, and pulled her in close to him, "Sorry about
yelling at you earlier," he said running his hands down her smooth back.

"Ummm... It's okay; I'm... uhhh... sorry about taking your stuff without
asking." She said as she tried to pry away.

As much as he didn't want to he released his grip and watched her small
heart shaped ass as she ran upstairs. Drake stayed downstairs glaring at the
television. Not really watching it, but instead, perfecting his plan in his
head. Hours past and he knew that she had to be fast asleep by now and he
swiftly ran up the stairs, and quietly approached her room. He placed his
hand on the cool golden door knob and slowly began to turn. He quietly pushed
the large door open careful not to make a sound.

Once the door was open the only light in the room was coming from the
moonlight intruding from the window. He looked around the room, and it was
obvious that it was a female's as the majority of the room was made up in hot
pink. In the center of the room was Megan's large queen-sized bed where she
laid motionless. He took a minute to take in the sight before he slowly
walked towards her bed. Within seconds he was inches away, and his heart was
about to pound out through his chest. He took a deep breath and began to
slowly pull her blanket from her unconscious body. Much to his delight Megan
didn't move. She was wearing the same outfit that she had on earlier with her
shorts had ridden up into her ass crack giving him a view of her plump ass
cheek. Drake's cock was rock hard, and he knew that it was now or never. He
slid his hands under her tiny body and he slowly and steadily lifted her from
her bed. He slowly walked back towards the door, and down the hall to his
room. He kept his eyes directly on hers as she became more restless as he
walked. He got to his bed and he laid her down. She rolled a bit, but never
woke up. Drake smiled as he walked over and grabbed the rope.

He tied her arms tightly to his bedposts securing her in her position. He
then moved down to her legs and as he gripped her tiny ankles in his hand he
looked up and saw a tiny hint of her panties. Liking what he saw he placed
her leg down and reached up grabbing the seam of her short cotton shorts and
began to slowly slide them down her thin milky white legs. Once he reached
her ankles again he pulled the shorts the rest of the way off before tossing
them to the ground. Drake once again grabbed her ankles and tied the rope
around them before tying them to his bedposts. He looked over his young angel
lying on his bed only in a pair of black thong panties and her pink spaghetti
strap shirt. Drake pulled out his phone and snapped a few preview shots and
sent them to Josh. "Not tonight princess," he whispered as he walked around
to the side of his bed. "Tomorrow we're gonna have our fun!" He said as he
crawled in bed with her wrapping his large arms around her tiny body.

With her gorgeous head resting on his masculine arm, he allowed his other
hand to rest gingerly over her stomach as he began to gently massage her
tight abdominal region. The fruity scent of her hair overwhelmed his senses.
Within seconds he had his hand under her shirt and continued to move up. His
pulsating cock was throbbing into the side of her tight teenage ass as he
continued his journey. Megan began to squirm a bit from the unfamiliar
feeling. Drake finally met his destination and cupped her small orange sized
breast in his large hand. He nearly came in his pants. He softly squeezed the
firm mound as Megan subconsciously tried to move away, but to no avail. Drake
finally fell asleep with his hand securely around his little sister's tiny

Drake woke first with his hand still securely clasping around his young
sisters nubile breast. He smiled as he softly cupped her tender breast
causing her to shift once again. Suddenly, Megan began pulling on her arms
trying to free herself. Drake knew it was time, and slowly slid off his bed
removing his hands from his sister's body. He stood beside the bed and
watched as she turned her head facing him.

"Drake!" She yelled. "What is going on?!" She asked in a fearful voice.

Drake just smiled down at his helpless sister, "Well Meg, you know how you
torture Josh and I?" He said spiteful. Megan just glared up at him as she
continued to try and break free. "Well it's time for a little payback," he
said as he sat down beside her. "You are all alone this weekend with just
me," he said as he placed his index finger on her cheek and began to run it
down her rosy red cheeks, "and we're going to have some fun!" He said as he
slid his fingers down to where his hand rested just above her chest.
"Drake!" Megan pleaded, "Let me go!" She demanded as she struggled
frantically to get free.

Drake just laughed. "No can do sis!" Drake said as he began leaning down,
"I've got plans for you!" he said just before he put his lips directly on top
of Megan's full luscious lips.

Megan's eyes lit up like two large full moons. She frantically struggled, but
the ropes held her in place. Drake ran his wet tongue back and forth over his
sister's lips as he allowed his hand to once again roam under her shirt and
find its place wrapped around her solid breast. Megan was in a complete and
total shock. She could not believe what her brother was doing to her. Drake
began to release his kiss sucking on her bottom lip before fully releasing.
"Drake this is sooo wrong!" Megan said, "Please let me go now!" She continued
as tears began to form in her beautiful brown eyes.

"Now we can't stop just yet," Drake said as he reached beside his bed. "We
just began!" He said as he pulled a pair of scissors out. With two swift cuts
Drake cut the straps to Megan's shirt. Megan glared up at Drake as he slowly
lifted what was left of her shirt from her body exposing for the first time
her young nubile breasts for her brother to see. Drake was in awe at the
beautiful site that was before him. Although her breasts were still in early
development, they were still quite nice. She had tiny nipples that were
positioned perfectly in the center of her small breasts.

"Drake..." Megan cried, "You cannot do this!" She again tried to plea.

"Oh Meg, you just don't get it do ya." Drake said as he grabbed his phone
once again. "You have no say in what is going on today." He said as he
snapped a few more. Megan just turned her head attempting to hide herself
from the pictures. "I have to say, sis, these look sexy!" He said as he put
the phone back down.

"DRAKE! STOP!!!" Megan yelled. "I'm only 13 years old, and on top of that I'm
your SISTER!" She blurted out.

"You have to learn your lesson sis," Drake said in a firm voice. "Now let's
see how developed you are for a 13 year old. Drake said as he once again
grabbed the scissors, and just like her shirt with two swift cuts he was able
to pull the leftover material aside. Drake was taken back.

Lying in his bed was his sister fully nude. Her little pussy was a bright
pink slit with two puffy pussy lips surrounding. She had just a slight hint
of pubic hair beginning to form above it. Drake placed his hands on her legs
and began to once again guide his way up. He stopped once his face was
directly above her sweet spot. He began running his fingers across her tender
slit causing her to buck like a wild boar.

"Plllleeeasee..." Megan cried, "I'll never do anything to you again..." She
cried as rivers of tears flowed from her eyes.

There was no stopping now for Drake. Drake leaned down and gently pecked
around her pussy sending shocks of electricity throughout Megan's trembling
body. Megan let out a loud screech as soon as Drake inserted his tongue
inside her virginous slit. "Drake what are you DOING!" Megan yelled. Drake
just smiled as he whipped his tongue back and forth over her clit while
inserting it inside her tasting her immature pussy juice.

As Drake continued to probe his tongue around inside Megan's adolescent body
she was shocked at the fact that she was actually starting to enjoy the
feeling. She began to softly moan from pleasure as he thrashed faster at her
pussy. Megan moaned loudly as Drake inserted his finger inside her pussy.

"STooooP... Oh Goood! You have to stooppp!" She cried out.

Drake just continued to probe his finger as deep as he could inside his young
sister's body. Drake increased the pace of his fingering as he licked up the
juices that seeped out from her cunt. Megan let out a final loud moan as
Drake pulled his fingers out of his little sister. While still down at her
pussy, his fingers still crawling around her pussy, Drake looked up at his
obviously pleasured sister. He smiled at her as he led his hands down to his
shorts and he slid them down his legs. Megan's eyes grew huge as she focused
in on his throbbing cock that was already seeping with cum. Drake slid up his
sisters trembling body, and placed his lips on hers once again. As he pressed
his body down a top hers, Megan could feel his meaty cock pushing against her
tight stomach. Drake ran his tongue over her luscious lips before forcing it
into her mouth.

Megan tried to back away, but it was impossible. Drake entwined his tongue
with hers as his hand massaged her tiny breasts. He released the kiss and
gripped his meaty member in his hand and led it to her warm glory hole. He
placed the tip of his seeping cock on top of her oozing pussy sending shots
of ecstasy through Megan's petite body. He slowly began to guide his large
cock inside her tight cunt causing Megan to shriek with pain. Drake violently
ripped at her tiny breasts as her pussy walls collapsed on his throbbing
cock. Megan began biting on her bottom lip as Drake slowly withdrew his cock
only to push it further inside his young sister.

"AHHH GOD!" Megan yelled out. Drake's cock was only a fourth of the way in,
but it was about as far as it was going. Drake briefly pulled his cock out of
her vagina before he thrusted it as far as he could inside her. "IT HURTS SO
BAD!!! TAKE IT OUT!!!" Megan cried as tears ran down her face.

Drake leaned down and began sucking on her fully erect nipples as he swiftly
probed his cock in and out of his sisters slit. His hands roamed over her
sweet body while his cock mutilated her tiny cunt.

Drake could feel the warm cum oozing from his cock and he knew that he had to
withdraw. He slowly pulled his cock out of his sister and as soon as it was
completely out he shot his load all over his bed. He instantly fell down on
top of Megan. Megan was crying from the pain and more so from the pleasure
she felt from the experience. Drake rolled over and once again put his arm
under her head and continued to tease her breasts with his free hand.

"We still have two full days of this fun..." He said as he softly began
pinching her nipples.

"What else are you going to do to me?" Megan asked softly in a whimper.

"I don't know, I was thinking we might invite your friend Ashley over." He
said as he softly kissed her chest.

The End!
_ _ _

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