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Drake and Josh: Justice Is Served
by Skibbiez

Chapter 1

"Can't I go to bed already?" Drake said as he putted a golf ball into an
empty flashlight, "it's two in the morning!" He said as he knelt down to
retrieve the ball from the case.

"You have to get at least a B on your math test tomorrow or you're going to
have to repeat Algebra 2, again!" Josh said looking up at his disconcerted

"You're right, go on." Drake replied.

Josh began reading the next question when the two of them suddenly heard a
crash coming from the garage. "What was that?!" Josh asked as he jumped down
from his bed.

"Sounds like it's coming from the garage," Drake said as he steadied his golf

"We better go get dad," Josh said in a concerned voice.

"Yeah, but I don't think an intruder is gonna be too worried about a
weatherman wearing footsie pajama's." Drake said peering out his second floor

"Come on, let's just go check it out!" Drake said as he grabbed his brother's
sleeve and led him out of the room.

The two slowly made their way to the garage and quietly opened the door. They
crept around the pitch dark garage until colliding into one another causing
each of them to let out a loud scream. They wrestled for a few moments until
Drake got his brother in a headlock. "I got him!" He said excitedly, "I got
him!" He repeated tightening his grip.

"You got me you moron!" Josh said as the lights came on.

Drake laughed and immediately let go. The two brothers looked around and
focused their attention on what was before them. "Baaaaaaaa!!!"

"What the hell is a sheep doing in our garage!?!" Josh asked in a surprised

"He's my pet!" Megan said walking over to the wool covered animal. "Did they
hurt you Baaa'aaab?" She asked stroking her tiny hand through his thick wool.

"Wait! Where did you get a sheep?" Drake asked scratching his head.

"I bought him on the internet!" Megan said in a sassy voice.

"Oh well excuse me for not being familiar with!" Josh

"Whoa wait a minute, Mom and Dad aren't going to let you have a sheep." Drake
said trying to bring reason to the conversation.

"Yeah, when dad finds Baaa'aaab... you're gonna be in some biiiiig trouble, a
little girl!!" Josh said.

"They're not gonna find out." She said placing her hands on her hips.

"Oh really, how do you figure that?" Josh said.

"Because you're gonna hide him in your room." She said smiling up at her
older brother.

"And what makes you think we'll do that?" Drake asked curiously.

"Because," she paused biting her lower lip trying to think of something the
two of them would want, "I will do whatever you want for an entire week!"
She said smiling over at them.

"Anything?" Drake questioned back. "Yeah, like no pranks, you do our chores,
anything at all we request of you!" Josh followed.

"Yep! That's right, and all you two boobs have to do is make sure mom and dad
don't find out about Baaa'aaab." Megan replied once again biting her lip as
she knew now that she was officially their slave.

Drake and Josh pretended to discuss the proposition that lay before them, but
each of them knew that it was a dream come true to have their bratty little
sister be their slave. "Okay! We'll do it!!" They both replied in unison.

"Good, take Baaa'aaab up to your room and we'll talk tomorrow." Megan said as
she left the garage.

Drake and Josh then proceeded to sneak the sheep upstairs to their room. Once
there they made him a nice bed in the corner and tied him to a post. "Oh
Drake this is great!!!" Josh said excitedly. "For a whole week that little
bitch has to do exactly as we say!!" Josh continued.

Drake just lay down on his bed with Megan's words roaming through his head,
"I'll do whatever you want..."

"Do you know what that means Drake?" Josh asked as he walked over to Drake's

"HuH?" Drake answered surprised, "Oh yeah, that's great man." Drake said
still lost in thought.

Up until tonight he never thought of his little sister as nothing more than
that, a little sister, but as soon as she bit down on her luscious bottom
lip, and uttered those words. He couldn't stop thinking about her as a hot
piece of ass.

"Are you okay with this Drake?" Josh asked concerned that his brother might
get cold feet.

"What?!" Drake answered, "Me? Hell NO! That bitch is gonna get everything she
deserves." Drake said convincingly. "I think we should go over how we get to
use her 'services'" He said sitting up.

"What do you mean brother?" Josh asked as he had a seat on Drake's bed.

"Well I just mean that she said that she would do WHATEVER we want, and I
know you got some private chores you would like her to do, right?" Drake
asked looking over at his confused brother. .... "Okay, I'm just saying
that we're gonna make her do our chores, that's a given, but I got some
things I want from her and I think we should divide up some private time
from her between us." He said trying not to sound perverted.

"Ohhh I get ya." Josh said smiling back at his brother.

"Good, so I think I should get her the first 3 days, you can have her the
last 3 days and then we'll both use her the final day." Drake said.

"Now wait just a damn minute! Why do you get her first?" Josh said standing
up throwing his large fist into his hand.

"Because it's my idea?" Drake said shrugging his shoulders.

"Well I don't think that's a good enough reason!" Josh said again protesting.

"Okay fine, what do you suggest?" Josh asked.

"How about we have a good old fashioned coin toss?" Josh said walking over to
his dresser.

"Fine!" Drake agreed and within seconds a quarter was flipping through the

"Call it!" Josh hollered out as the coin made its final flip.

"Heads!!" Drake yelled anticipating the result.

"AHHHHHHHH Damnit!" Josh said as he opened his hand and revealed the quarter
on its heads.

"Yes!!!" Drake said as he ran over and gave Baaa'aaab a hug on his wooly
little head.

* * *

The next morning Drake was awaken by the sound of his young sister playing
with her sheep. As he looked over at the two he saw her bent over the large
animal with her perfectly round teenage ass pointed directly towards him.
Almost instantly his cock began to stiffen as he continued to gaze. She was
wearing a very short pair of cotton shorts that stopped just below her ample
ass. Her top was covered by a very tight spaghetti strap shirt. Once again
the words, "I'll do anything" rang through his head. He looked around the
room and noticed that Josh was nowhere to be found. He decided in this moment
that he would see if she really meant that she would do anything. "Hey
Megan," he said as he sat up in his bed.

"Oh, did I wake you up?" Megan said turning and facing her brother.

"It's okay, why don't you come over here and give me a hug?" He said patting
the side of his bed.

"What?" She asked as she gazed over towards him with a curious look on her

"Just come over here and hug me you little turd!" He said smiling.

Megan slowly arose from her seat and began walking towards Drake. Once she
was in distance he grabbed her wrapping his arms around her petite body and
pulled her in close to him. Her warm body felt amazing pressed against his.
He could feel her tiny breasts poking into his chest as he pulled her
tighter. "Remember how you said you would do anything if we kept this
secret?" He whispered into her ear not relinquishing his grip.

"Yeah?" She said puzzled.

"Well we're going to have fun today!" He said as he began to run his hand
down the small of her back stopping as his hand cupped her small ass cheek.
She attempted to back away, but he was much too strong for her.

"What the heck are you talking about Drake?" She asked trying to push herself
backwards. "Let go of me!" She again pleaded. Drake squeezed her plump ass
before surrendering his hold on her. Megan took a few steps back looking at
her older brother.

"Megan, now you said you would do anything if we kept your secret, right?" He

"Yeah... but..." she said gazing back at him.

"'No buts' I have complete control of you for the next three days, well that
is unless you want mom and dad to take ol Baaa'aaab to the animal shelter
where they will for sure put him to sleep!" Drake said in a controlled tone.

"Noooo!" Megan cried out as she ran back to her sheep. "What are you going to
have me do?" She asked concerned as she hugged the large animal.

Before Drake could answer the phone rang. "Well son of a bitch!" Drake said
as he threw his covers to the side and he went to grab the phone. "Hello!" He
said hastely.

"Drake its mom, hey Josh wrecked the car and is in the emergency room." She

"Oh My GOD! Is he Okay?!" Drake said in a worried voice.

"Yeah the doctor said he's going to be fine, but they want to keep him
overnight for observation." She continued, "Your dad and I are going to stay
in a hotel down the street from here tonight as long as you don't care to
look after your sister." She said.

Drake began smiling from ear to ear. "No mom," he said, "I don't care at
all!" He continued.

"Thank you so much Drake, I'll call you later!" She said as the two hung up.

"What's going on? Was that mom?" Megan asked still grasping her pet sheep.

"Yes... Yes it was, and they aren't going to be home tonight, so once again,
I'm in charge!" Drake said in a triumphant voice.

Megan just looked down at Baaaa'aaab. Drake walked over to his young sister
and pulled her up by her arm. As she stood in front of him he twisted her
long brown hair in his fingers.

"You're mine sis!" He said sliding his hands down her petite arms before
dropping off and resting them on her sides. Megan knew what he was intending
and she tried to push away. He slowly started to guide her shirt up her
stomach exposing her tight tan abs. He pulled it up until it was right below
her breasts where a glimpse of her white training bra was exposed before she
crossed her arms and wouldn't allow him to travel any further.

"Drake! That's gross!!!" She jolted out. "You're my brother!" She again

Drake knew it was wrong, but there was just something inside him that made
him want to continue. Maybe it was the years of torment she had put him
through, or maybe it was the fact that he hasn't been with a girl yet, but
whatever it was he couldn't control himself. "I don't think you understand."
Drake said looking firmly into her wide eyes. "You are to do whatever I want
if you want to keep this flea ridden sheep!" He said again in a controlling
voice, "Now lift your arms up!" He added.

Megan knew she was defeated and slowly lifted her arms above her head. Drake
continued to slide his hands up her slim sides until her shirt was resting
around her neck. With a quick tug he had pulled the tiny shirt up and over
her head and tossed it to the ground. Before Drake could focus in on his
prize Megan had once again crossed her arms over her exposed chest. Without
saying a word Drake tightly gripped her wrists and forced them down to her
sides. Megan stood motionless in front of her brother with the only thing
covering her breasts was a small training bra. Drake's eyes focused in on
her small budding breasts trying to pry through the thin material. He noticed
a small hint of her protruding nipple through the minute garment.

Megan could feel his eyes probing over her tiny body and it was the most
uncomfortable feeling she had ever had. "Are you done?" She asked softly as
she peeked up from the ground.

Drake placed his hands on her shoulders and slowly began to slide the straps
of the bra down. "We haven't even begun!" He said continuing down.

Within seconds her bra fell into her arms fully exposing her tiny breasts.
Drake stared on in amazement as Megan stood there in shock. She couldn't
believe that she had to expose herself to her older brother. Suddenly, the
doorbell echoed throughout the house. Megan immediately started to pull her
bra back up to cover her budding mounds.

"Wait!" Drake said stopping her before she could complete her task.

He rushed over to his window and looked out. "Well if it isn't that little
bitch Ashley." Drake said smiling. Ashley was a young movie star that had
caused Drake and Josh quite a bit of trouble in the past. Since then her and
Megan had become best of friends.

"I should go see what she wants!" Megan said jumping at the opportunity to
escape her torment.

Drake thought for a minute, and decided it might be fun. "Okay, but answer
the door in just your bra." He said smiling.

Megan looked up at him with a disgusted look.

The two siblings headed downstairs and Megan took a deep breath and opened
the door.

"MEGAN!" The young blonde princess shouted as soon as the door opened. "What
are you doing?" She continued catching a glimpse of her best friend in only
her bra.

"I umm..." Megan stuttered.

"We were getting ready to go for a swim, wanna join?" Drake continued.

Ashley looked back at Megan, "In your bra?" She asked.

Megan shook her head, "Come on in." She said as she stepped away from the

Ashley curiously walked in and Drake quickly shut the door. Drake watched as
the two girls walked in. Ashley was a bit taller than Megan and had beautiful
long blonde hair. She was wearing a tight red top that seemed to be glued to
her skin. Drake could make out every curve of her tiny body. Her small
breasts were tiny, but still yet a bit larger than Megan's. She was wearing
a fluffy white cotton skirt that stopped just above her thighs. Drake sorta
had a crush on her ever since he and his brother had their run-in with her.

"So are you going with us or what?" He asked as he put his arm around both
her and his topless sister.

"I don't have a bikini," She said smiling. "Where are you going swimming at
anyway?" She asked inquisitively.

"Don't worry about a bikini," He said smiling down at the unsuspecting teen.
"Megan can't find hers either so she's just going to swim in her underwear so
that's not a problem, and I know this place on the beach that we can go to."
He said pulling the two girls in close.

"You're really going swimming in your underwear?" Ashley asked skeptically.

Megan looked over at her best friend and knowing that she had no alternative,
"Yeah, Drake says that the beach is secluded." She said softly, "No one else
will be there, Right Drake?" She said looking up at her smug brother.

"Of course not," he said. "Will you please go Ash," Megan asked seeking
comfort from her friend.

"I don't know, I can't swim in just my underwear," She said laughing.

"Oh you're going," Drake said confidently, "Megan go get some towels and meet
us in the car." He said releasing his little sister and guided Ashley towards
the door.

"Drake no," She laughed, "I ain't swimming in my bra!" She rejected as the
two walked towards the car.

Moments later Megan walked out with towels in her hand and one wrapped around
her. The three piled into the small yellow bug and proceeded to drive to the

Chapter 2

Within just a few minutes they were there. Drake exited the car first and the
two young girls followed. They walked a bit down the warm sand until Drake
picked a spot that was deserted from everyone. "This is it girls!" He said
flopping down his towels.

"I'll sit up here while you guys go swim," Ashley said smiling still
attempting to keep her clothes on.

"Nope, sorry..." Drake said walking over to her. "You're going too!" He
said as he gripped her wrists into his large hands. She began to struggle
playfully, but had no luck. "Megan come here and take her shirt off!" He
said as he maneuvered behind her and brought her arms above her head.

As Megan approached Ashley began to back up until her body was right
against Drakes. Her firm teenage ass was pressed directly against his already
hardened cock. The feeling for Drake was amazing. She grinded her plump ass
deeper into his crotch as Megan gripped the bottom of her shirt and began to
slide it up her petite body. Finally Megan hoisted the shirt up over Ashley's
head and without releasing his grip on her wrists he took the shirt and threw
it to the ground.

"Guys seriously, give me my shirt back!" Ashley demanded as she still tried
to break free of Drakes grip. "I'll swim in my clothes." She again pleaded.

"No, you don't want to ruin that nice outfit," Drake said sarcastically.
"Megan take your shorts off and then help Ashley out of her skirt." Drake
told his young sister.

Megan unwillingly did what she was told and slowly slid her shorts down her
slender golden brown legs. Drake could feel his cock attempting to probe
deeper into Ashley's backside as he ogled at his young teenage sister's
semi-nude body wearing only a small training bra and what looked like to be
black thong panties. Megan modestly looked over at her best friend Ashley.

"Come on Meg, don't do this!" Ashley begged, but Megan knew that she had to
do what Drake said or he would tell her parents about her sheep.

Megan gripped the skirt and quickly unfastened the button. As she slowly
unzipped the skirt Ashley tried to once again to escape Drake's grasp by
forcing herself into his body. The only thing that was accomplishing was
jabbing Drake's cock further against her tender body. Once unzipped Megan
gripped both sides of the thin material and proceeded to tug it down her
long athletic legs. She assisted Ashley in stepping out of the skirt and
threw it by her shirt. Drake reluctantly let go of the obviously upset
girl. She quickly reached down trying to get her clothes back, but Drake
beat her to them.

"Come on Ashley, no one is out here," He said gazing over at her, "Loosen up
a little bit." He said.

Ashley just stood beside her best friend and crossed her arms attempting to
cover herself. "Drake just give me my clothes, I will still swim!" She said
begging of him.

Drake held the clothes behind his back as he allowed his eyes to roam over
her nearly nude body. She had a very sexy white lace bra on that gave him a
clear view of her two perfectly round breasts. He led his eyes down her fit
stomach reaching her panties. They were a matching white lace pair of boy
shorts that hugged onto her body as if they were painted on her. Gazing over
his sister and she was an amazing sight to behold.

"Well let's get in!" Drake said quickly dropping his pants down to his boxers
exposing his rock hard cock trying to pry its way out of his boxers. Before
he gave either girl a chance to notice he took off running in the direction
of the girls and grabbed Ashley by her small stomach and started leading her
towards the water. "Come on sis!" He said as he continued traveling down the

Megan began running after the two. Finally, Drake made it to the water and
forced Ashley down to the sandy bottom as he fell on top of her. Her smooth
warm skin felt amazing against his, and the feeling only made his cock want
out more. Ashley tried to struggle to get free in a playful manner.

Out of the corner of his eye he noticed his little sister just reached the
water. He quickly bolted up and ran after her. Megan started laughing as she
tried to escape her brother, but he was like a lion stalking his prey and
finally caught her wrapping his arms around her tiny body and took her down
to the shallow ocean floor. He held her down for a bit rubbing his hands
across her stomach while his raging cock continued to pry into her thong
covered ass. She attempted to get free, but his grip was too powerful. He
maneuvered his hands up her chest until they rested right under her tiny
breasts. He gave the two mounds a slight squeeze right before he felt the
weight of Ashley jump onto his back driving him off his little sister. She
straddled him placing each of her firm legs on each of his sides while she
attempted to hold down his broad shoulders with her tiny hands. Drake laid
face down to the water smiling from ear to ear. He swiftly turned himself
over to where he was facing her and smiled up at the young beauty. Ashley
continued to laugh oblivious to the fact that she was sitting directly on
top of his massive cock. Drake continued to stare up at her noticing that
her breasts were completely visible through her wet bra. Her dark brown
nipples were standing fully erect from the cool ocean water. The sight
caused his cock to pulsate even harder.

"Sis, why don't you go ahead and take off her bra," He said quickly grabbing
her wrists.

"What?!" Ashley exclaimed, "No!" She protested as she began to struggle to
get off the larger man.

"It's not like it's doing anything anyway!" He said smiling.

Ashley continued to struggle to get free grinding her ass from side to side
across Drake's crotch as if she was giving a lap dance. Megan slowly made her
way over to her brother and her best friend and began to unclasp the hook
that held the tiny bra together. Ashley tried harder to break free, but
Drake's grip was too commanding for her. Within seconds the bra fell to the
ocean floor, and began drifting to shore. Ashley sat on top of Drake
completely topless.

"Very nice," He said as he let her go free.

Ashley immediately stood up and took off running towards her belongings.

"Get her!" Drake commanded of his young sister. She looked at him and he
pointed towards her best friend. Megan huffed but took off after the young
girl. She caught up to her when they made it to the beach and wrapped her
arms around then tiny girl sending both of them crashing down to the warm

Chapter 3

Ashley struggled to get up, but Megan ended up straddling her and held her
down. Drake came running up and stood over the two young girls and admired
the situation.

"Quite the fighter aren't you?" He said jokingly. "Megan, why don't you give
her a kiss to try and calm her down a bit?" He instructed pushing on her
upper back forcing her down towards her best friend.

"Oh my God!" Ashley said as she began bucking harder almost flinging Megan
off of her.

Drake saw this and he straddled her legs stopping any chance of escape. "Now,
kiss her!" He instructed once again.

Megan looked down, "I'm sorry Ash, I have to do it!" She said as she leaned
down and placed her plump red lips on Ashley's juicy lips. Instantly upon
touching Megan pulled her head back.

"What was that?" He asked laughing. "I've seen you kiss dad sexier than
that!" He continued. "I want to see you really get into it," He said forcing
her down once more.

Megan let out a sigh and once again placed her full lips onto Ashley's.
Ashley's eyes were as big as golf balls. She couldn't believe what was

Drake took this opportunity to unfasten his sister's bra and pulled it from
her chest. Once her gorgeous little titties were exposed he instantly wrapped
his hands around her body and gripped both the small mounds of flesh in his
large hands gently squeezing a bit. Megan finally released the kiss and sat
up straight trying to escape Drake's grip. Drake finally let go and slowly
slid off the young girl. Y"ou can stand up now sis. She's not going
anywhere." Drake said watching as his young topless sister stood up.

Ashley leaned up, but just like Drake said didn't move.

"Take off your panties." He commanded.

"Drake I don't know..." She hesitated, "I..." She began but was immediately

"Now come on sis, I'll keep this a secret!" He said in a sly voice.

Megan knew exactly what he was implying and she knew that she had to do
exactly as he asked. She slowly slid her fingers underneath the small seam
at the top of her panties and gradually slid them down her legs.

Drake was amazed at the sight of his beautiful young sister fully nude, and
Ashley was just as shocked to see the sight that was before her. Her tiny
pussy had just a hint of developing pubic hair surrounding the pink slit.

"Now go ahead and take off hers," he said pointing down at Ashley.

"Fuck that!" Ashley protested, "Get away from me!" She said as she began to
scoot back.

Drake instantaneously grabbed her and held her in place. Megan leaned down
and gripped the sides of Ashley's panties and quickly slid them down her firm
athletic legs. Ashley continued trying to free herself from Drake's grip, but
he was straddling her once again. "Come here sis," he said, "Sit down in
front of me again I kinda liked that." He instructed with a huge smile on his

Megan obliged and tossed each of legs on the side of her best friend and sat
directly in front of her older brother. Megan had decided that she would in
fact do whatever Drake wanted as long as the majority of the attention was on

"Give her another kiss, and this time use a little tongue!" He said shocking
both of the girls.

"Come on Megan, I'm not gay!" She tried to plea.

Megan just leaned down knowing what was in store for her if she didn't and
placed her open lips onto Ashley's luscious moist lips.

During this time Drake sat up a bit and pulled his massive rod through the
hole in the front of his boxers. His fully exposed cock was probing into his
little sister's back leaving a slight trail of pre-cum on it. He slowly slid
back on Ashley's moist body until his cock was directly over her warm cunt.
Ashley could feel the lively cock pulsating on top of her sensitive region,
but could do nothing about it. Drake knew he couldn't wait any longer and
guided the tip of his large cock into her tight clit. Ashley let out a
thunderous scream as he slid further inside her tiny body. His sister quickly
bolted up from the screech that filled the air. Drake just wrapped his arms
around her and slid his large hands down her small body until his fingers
guided themselves into her tiny warm cunt. Megan instantly sat straight up
and backed her petite body right against Drake's strong chest. Her warm body
against him made him thrust into Ashley quicker and harder. Ashley ran her
hands through the sand while Megan violently grabbed her breasts. Drake was
in heaven. While he slowly pounded his cock deeper inside Ashley's young body
he was probing two of his fingers inside his young sister's tiny clit.

"Drake... I can't take no more!!" Ashley yelled out as she placed her hand on
his trying to pry it from her body. He slowly pulled his fingers out before
inserting them even quicker and further inside her. "OH GOD!!! DRAKE!!!" She
let out as he furiously punished her virgin cunt with his fingers.

Drake felt himself about to explode inside of Ashley's young body as his
thrusts became harder and faster and he knew he had to retreat. He slowly
pulled his large cock out of her extremely wet pussy and simultaneously took
his wet fingers from his sister. Drake carefully slid off of Ashley and sat
beside the two girls. He grabbed his sister by her sides and slowly guided
her down Ashley's body until she was sitting in between her legs. "Kiss
it..." He said eyeballing Ashley's sweet pussy.

"Drake, I CANT DO THAT!" She protested.

Drake took his hand and gripped the back of Megan's head and began to force
it down towards Ashley's pussy. Megan was inches away from Ashley's clit, and
knowing she had no alternative she placed her luscious lips directly onto
Ashley's pussy.

Ashley let out a sweet moan of pleasure as Megan's moist lips met that of her
pussy. Drake circled behind his little sister and placed his hands on each of
her hips, and while she was poised face down in Ashley's cunt he proceeded to
thrust his massive rod into her tiny slit. She quickly bolted up and let out
a loud scream. "Drake!! Please stop!!" Megan pleaded as Drake slowly guided
his solid cock deeper into his sister's tight pussy.

Drake figured this was the most attention that his sister's pussy has ever
gotten because it was quite a bit tighter than Ashley's. He led his cock out
of her moist slit and before he re-inserted it, Megan spoke words that rang
through Drake's ears like angels. "Please Drake, I'm a virgin!" She said in
a soft moan.

Drake eased his cock back inside her while he ran his hand up her back and
rested it on her neck. While he began to push inside her at a more rapid rate
he again forced her face down into Ashley's pussy. "Lick it!" He commanded
forcing himself further inside the young girl. Ashley let out a pleasure
filled moan.

With tears flowing from her beady brown eyes Megan divulged her face inside
her best friend's moist cunt and began to slowly lick the forbidden area.
Drake had his cock halfway in Megan's tight clit and his hands were cupping
her two tiny breasts. Drake was near cumming as the feeling of the sides of
her tight pussy pushing against his meaty member was the greatest thing he
had ever felt in his life. He slowly retreated his cock much to Megan's
pleasure. He continued stroking the wet staff as he admired his sister still
eating her best friends pussy. He crawled around until he was directly in
front of Ashley.

Drake could tell that she was fighting the enjoyment of having her pussy
thrashed by Megan's sharp tongue between the tears running from her eyes and
the fact that she was running her hands all over hers and Megan's smooth
body. Drake smiled as he guided his cock inside her open mouth. Ashley's eyes
shot open like two large full moons. Drake released a bit of cum inside her
warm wet mouth as soon as he inserted. He began to run it in and out of her
mouth almost causing her to gag. He reached down and softly squeezed on her
developing breasts gently pinching her nipples. Ashley tried to beg him to
stop, but his cock was gagging her. Megan finished licking every ounce of
sexual juice from her young friend's body, and she sat up and admired the
show that was in front of her.

Not being able to hold it in any longer Drake finally shot his load inside
the young girl's mouth before withdrawing his wet cock. He laid down beside
the young trembling girl and motioned for his sister to join them. She slowly
crawled her nude body over to him, and laid down beside him. Drake ran his
fingers through each of their long locks of hair as he stared up at the sky.

"You girls were amazing!" He said before giving each of them a kiss on the
cheek. Neither girl muttered a sound as they lay there trembling in the arms
of their assailant. "Now Ashley I need your word that you're going to keep
this a secret," Drake said as he sat up and glared down at the gorgeous

"Fuck you Drake!" She said hatefully, "I'm turning your sick ass in as soon
as you let us go!" She continued.

"Megan you really need to convince her that she shouldn't do that." Drake
said turning his attention to his sister. "That is of course unless you
forgot about Baaa'aaab," He said with a conceited smile on his face. "Because
I could be home and have your precious Baaa'aaab on his way to the animal
shelter!" He said before leaning down and giving soft pecks on his sister's
sweet chest.

"Who the fuck is Baaa'aaab?!" Ashley yelled out as she sat up.

Drake smiled as he re-focused his attention on Ashley. "Well, Meg, are you
gonna tell her?" Drake said with a smirk.

Megan explained the whole story to her best friend. Ashley could not believe
the torture she had just endured for a goat. She couldn't believe that Megan
would do what she did for an animal, but she figured that if Megan would let
her own brother fuck her to protect him then she would do whatever it took to

"So, do we have a deal?" Drake asked again as he began rubbing his hands
across Megan's soft puffy chest.

"Yea..." She muttered as she once again began to cry. "I guess..." She
continued as she half-heartedly tried to brush Drakes hands off her body.

Drake just leaned forward and kissed her directly on her lips. "Great!" He
said pulling back from the kiss, "that means you, too, are now my slave for
the rest of the week!" He said as he burst into laughter.

The End!

***My Note***

This was a work a fiction, and it is intended to be read that way. If you
have any questions or comments on this or any of my other stories feel free
to email me at [email protected] I am always open to requests, but I
can't promise that I will get to them. Also, I love feedback for my stories
whether good or bad. I know this story was long, but this is exactly how I
imagined it from the get-go, so I didn't want to remove any of the plot. I
hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!


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