Drake And Josh:
Cupid's Valentine's Day Vengence Part 35 (mg,inc,spank,anal,voy,magic)
by Hamster ([email protected])

Bob was a cupid, one of the many archers charged by Venus with the important
duty of spreading love and lust around the globe. Unlike his fellow cupids
Bob found the more common, easy, typical pairings to be both boring
unappealing. So Bob specialized in the sort of pairing that were more on the
controversial side. He especially loved lesbians, incest and other taboo
forms of lust. For this reason Bob was cruising around San Diego. He was
searching for people in need of some love matches. After hours of scouring
the city he finally came across some people who definitely needed to feel
the love. Brothers Jake and Josh and their evil little sister Megan.

Megan was wearing a short jean skirt and some boots in addition her pink and
white TV shirt. Bob was spying on her invisibly and was admiring her legs.
He wanted nothing more than to slip something nice and hard between them. He
followed her as she strode into her brothers' room.

"Which one of you two boobs ate my last ice pop?" Demanded Megan.

Drake and Josh both resembled deer stuck in headlights.

"Well uh.." Stammered Drake

"You see uhh.." Stammered Josh

Megan's eyes narrowed.

"You are both going to pay." She said. "I'm going to make you so miserable
that by the end of the week you are going to BEG mom and dad to send you away
to military school."

Fear kept through Drake and Josh like a familiar friend. They both lived in
terror of their little sister.

"L-l-l-look Megan this was all Drake's fault." Josh started.

"No it was all Josh, he ate them." Drake retaliated.

Now THIS is pathetic, thought Bob thought. Two older brothers living in
terror this way. It was sickening. Then and there Bob decided that he was
going to help them out. He was going to score the boys a little retribution
and loosen up that little bitch Megan in the process. Bob drew an arrow. It
wasn't one of the many simple lust arrows that he used in his day-to-day
cupiding, no these were his special ammo.



Cupid quickly plugged Megan with a SUB-arrows. These arrows were specifically
magiked to make the target submissive and eager to please. Next he drew some
of his standard issue arrows and plugged her idiot brothers.





As usual Bob hit his targets and then sat back to watch the action.

Drake and Josh were suddenly overcome with a strange rush of emotions. The
felt bolder and more aggressive and completely consumed with lust. Megan,
while also feeling lustful, was feeling much, much less aggressive.

Drake was the first to speak. "That's it Megan! We’ve had it. We're tired
of you screwing with us all of the time."

As he spoke, he marched closer to her and got in her face nose-to-nose.
Megan, who was under the magical affects of the arrow, shrank from her

"Please, I'm sorry. I'll do anything to make it up to you." Megan said.

"Sorry isn't good enough, little girl." Said Josh.

"Yeah." Said Drake. "We demand payback."

"What kind of payback?" Asked a now docile Megan.

"For all the shit you've pulled, I think you need a serious spanking." Drake

"Excellent idea brother." Josh said.

"OK." Said Megan. "If that will make you happy."

"It's a start." Said Drake.

Megan walked over to the coach and grabbed the armrest. She wiggled her cute
little ass as a way of inviting her brothers to have their way with it. Drake
smiled, he pulled his hand back and smacked her ass hard.

"OUCH!!!!" She cried.

"Wait!" Said Josh before Drake could smack her ass again.

"What she deserves it." Said Drake.

"Yeah, but since we are going to do it right." Said Josh.

Josh rolled up Megan's skirt to her waist and then pulled down her underwear
to her ankles.

"Great idea Josh." Said Drake.

"Shall I, brother?" Asked Josh.

"By all means." Said Drake.

"All right little girl, get ready." Said Josh.


Josh was a frustrated dateless teen and he was throwing all of his
frustration into every whack. Poor Megan was hollering at the top of her

Drake grabbed his shoulder. "I think she's had enough. So Megan now that
you've been punished what are you going to do to make it up to us?"

Megan wiped a tear away from her eyes. "I'll do anything you want."

"Well what we want." Said Drake as he caressed her bare pussy. "It's to tap
that sweet little pussy you have."

"Do it." She said.

Drake unzipped his pants and whipped out his now rock hard rod. She was
conveniently still bent over the couch, so he placed his hands on her shapely
calves and felt the sensuous curves up her thighs and to her hips. He grabbed
onto those hips as he drove his cock into her tiny virgin hole and with one
smooth thrust stripped her virginity away. Megan was moaning and groaning as
her brother fucked her until he shot his wad in her.

"That's no fair Drake." Josh complained. "You got to take her virginity."

"There is still one place she's virgin." Drake reminded his brother.

Josh smiled. "Excellent point brother."

Drake stepped back and Josh took his place. He grabbed her swollen,
well-spanked butt cheeks and spread them. He followed up be spearing her
tight little ass. Josh started to fuck her ass as his brother and the
invisible Cupid looked on approvingly. Megan was in some pain as her butt
was invaded by her brother's unforgiving cock. Her ordeal ended when Josh
came and shot his sperm up her ass.

The Next Day...

The door to Drake and Josh's room exploded open and Megan stormed into the
room looking furious.

"You two boobs are in SO much trouble." she said.

"M-m-m-m-Megan uh what's up?" asked Josh.

"Yeah uh how's it going?" Drake asked.

"You both raped me last night." Megan declared.

"Wait a minute. You were a willing participant." Drake asked.

"Who do you think people are going to believe?" Megan countered. "A sweet
little girl or her freakish brothers."

"I think she has a point." Josh said.

"What do you want Megan?" Drake asked.

"Half your allowances and you are both going to do my share of the chores."
said Megan.

"Foe how long?" asked Josh asked.

"Just until you graduate." said Megan


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