Dharm And Greg: The Unaired Episode Of Extreme Terror And Turmoil
by Anonymous (MF,snuff,silly)

Dharma was in the living room watching TV. The camera moves lower and we see
she's masturbating at the same time [audience laughs]. We see she spread her
pussy lips with index and ring finger while repeatedly sticking in her middle
finger. She really like the feeling it gave her. [audience laugh]

Greg came in with a big frown on his face. "Hi honey!" he said [audience

"Hello muffin face!" Dharma replied.

"Masturbating while watching the Rugrats again, honey?" Greg asked. [big
audience laugh]

"What the fuck does it look like, WHEEEEEE!" she started yelling while taking
her hand out of her pants and waving it in front of Greg's face. [audience
weirded out, then laughter]

"Arggghhh! I hate my fucking boss!!!!!!" Greg said while ripping off his

"Maybe he needs a sponge bath!" Dharma said. [audience laughs] Dharma turned
towards Greg to see him masturbating.

"Oh sorry honey, I'm just thinking about my boss while masturbating." He

"Did I ever tell you that I fucked this guy in a bathtub while my mom and
dad were washing their hands in the sink?" She said. [audience laughs]

"You are a fucking weirdo." He said, before moving over to her and kissing
her on the mouth. [audience 'aaawww's] Then he started throwing up into her
mouth. But they continued kissing. [audience laughter!]

"Oh sorry honey, must have been that sandwich you made me with extra honey,
honey." He said.

"It's okay, I don't know how to make sandwiches so every time someone has one
of them they throw up!" she said, before throwing up. "oops I shouldn't have
ate one of my own sandwiches!" [laughter]

"No wonder I was the winner at the annual vomiting contest this year!" Greg
said. [bigger laughter]

"Hey honey, let's fuck." Dharma said. Greg whipped out his dick and stuck it
in her mouth. She started sucking on it. "Hey honey, fuck me in the ass this
time." [laughter]

Dharma rolled around and Greg shoved it in her ass. ['aaaawwwww']

Greg was about to cum. "I'm about to cum!" he said. [laughter] he took out
a knife and stuck it into one of her butt cheeks [audience laugh], Dharma
screamed in pain while he came in her ass. Then he turned Dharma over and
stuck it in her screaming mouth "Quiet honey, the neighbors will hear!"
[audience laugh]. Then he took the knife and shoved it repeatedly into her
stomach while rubbing Dharma's own shit all over her face off his dick
['aaaaawwwww']. Dharma was now dead.

"Nice fuck honey" Greg said. "Honey? Honey?" Greg starts to realize what he
did, blood is all over the place. Blood and poop covers Dharma's face.
[laughter] "NOOOOOOO!!!!!"

Greg wakes up in bed, sleeping next to Dharma.

"Are you okay Greg?" Dharma asks as she turns on the light.

"Oh wow, I just had the craziest dream." he said.

"YOU are telling ME!" Dharma said, she lifts the covers off the bed to reveal
large gaping wounds on her stomach and on her butt cheek. [huge audience
laughter, biggest laugh ever]

Greg punches her across the face until she becomes unconscious. [laugh] Then
he sticks his fist into her asshole until it starts to bleed, then he wipes
all the poop and blood on his fist onto her face. Then the credits roll while
we watch the hilarity of Greg trying to stick his dick into her ear. The
audience cheers when her scull finally cracks and his penis is fully inside
her head. [cheer]



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