Dharma And Greg: Kitty's Anal Punishment (FF,anal,BDSM,ncon)
by The Fan ([email protected])

Katherine "Kitty" Montgomery woke up slowly and painfully. She was lying on a
table in a basement, somewhere. She didn't know where she was except that the
place was dark. It was also cold and lonely. Oh, and she was bound and gagged
too. The person who kept her prisoner was someone she knew all too well, her
daughter-in-law Dharma Montgomery. Greg's new bride.

Dharma Montgomery stood not far from Kitty, clad in black leather. She also
wore a mask, though that didn't fool Kitty for one moment. Dharma smiled
wickedly at Kitty. The beautiful yet snobbish older woman looked positively
helpless. Dharma was going to have lots of fun with her. First things first,
though. Dharma took a candle and let the hot wax drip all over Kitty's naked
body. The older woman's screams of pain were muffled by the gag which covered
her mouth. Dharma had thought of everything.

Tonight, Kitty Montgomery was going to pay. Dharma just about had it with
her. Hence, the kidnapping and the stay in the dungeon. It was time that
someone taught Kitty a lesson. The sexy older bitch thought she owned the
world. Simply because she was rich and powerful. Dharma wanted to teach her
a lesson. A delightfully wicked idea sprang through her wicked brain. She
grabbed Kitty and turned her around. She looked at Kitty's fine-looking
behind. Such a shame that a pretty butt like this belonged to the nastiest
bitch in the city. Perhaps even the country. Oh, well. This lovely derriere
was going to pay for its master's mistakes.

Dharma grabbed Kitty and flipped her on her back. There would be no escape
for Kitty. She was going to suffer. Dharma wanted to look into her eyes as
she got exactly what she deserved. She left for a moment. Kitty sighed in
relief. Moments later, Dharma came back. Kitty's heart shuddered in her
chest when she saw the massive strap-on dildo attached to Dharma's waist.
Kitty shook her head, as terror filled her. Dharma couldn't be serious! What
was she going to do with that thing ? Kitty didn't even want to think about
the unpleasant possibilities.

Dharma stood over Kitty. The older woman looked positively terrified. Dharma
smiled. It felt good to stand tall over this bitch. Now, the rules have
changed. Dharma was in charge while Kitty was her bitch. The world finally
made sense. Dharma grabbed Kitty's legs and spread them wide open. Kitty
protested and for the first time in the bitch's life, she tried to keep her
legs closed. Dharma smacked her twice for good measure and Kitty seemed
stunned, if not subdued. Dharma produced some chains and bound Kitty's legs
with them, holding them wide open. Then, she took a small bottle from her
pocket and applied the content all over her palms. She greased up the massive
dildo and also applied some all over Kitty's crack. Kitty's eyes widened. She
knew what Dharma had in mind! Dharma laughed wickedly, towering over Kitty as
the bitch whimpered.

Dharma spread Kitty's butt cheeks wide open. Kitty desperately tried to keep
her ass cheeks closed but to no avail. Dharma placed the massive dildo's head
against Kitty's asshole, and pushed. Kitty's eyes widened to the point of
popping out of their sockets as Dharma rammed her dildo up her ass. A muffled
scream escaped Kitty's throat. Dharma laughed and gleefully rammed her dildo
into Kitty's ass. Finally, she was making the bitch pay for being such an
obnoxious snob all these years! Dharma slammed the dildo deep inside Kitty,
and watched the bitch's eyes bulge.

Passionately and happily, Dharma sodomized Kitty. She slammed the dildo as
far as it would go into Kitty's asshole. The older woman's asshole began to
stretch to accommodate the bulk of the plastic cock filling it up. Kitty
would have screamed loud enough to wake the dead if it weren't for the gag.

Dharma took her sweet time sodomizing her. She was making the bitch pay for
being so wicked all the damn time. Kitty's body shook under the force of
Dharma's thrusts. The older woman was thrashing and hurtling about in her
bonds, desperately trying to dislodge the sexually aggressive younger woman
who was riding her and impaling her asshole with the world's largest dildo.
Unfortunately, it didn't work. Finally, Kitty simply lay there and took it
up the ass like a good submissive little slut. Dharma fucked her ass until
the older woman passed out.

Victorious, Dharma stood over the unconscious body of her fallen foe.
Smiling, she pulled the dildo out of Kitty's asshole. The older woman's
asshole was now stretched to an almost unimaginable level. It was now large
enough for a fist to fit through. Dharma laughed. The bitch got what she
deserved. A good fucking in the ass. Dharma woke Kitty up with a good smack.
The bitch yelped. Dharma told her to keep her mouth shut about the entire
event if she wanted to live. For good measure, she pressed a very sharp knife
against Kitty's pussy lips. Kitty's eyes widened in terror. She got the
message. Laughing, Dharma whacked her upside the head. Once again, Kitty was
unconscious. Dharma unlocked her bonds, and walked away.

Three weeks later, Greg Montgomery came back from his trip with the U.S.
military. He was greeted at the airport by his loving wife Dharma as well
as her parents and his. Kitty Montgomery was spectacularly well-behaved
throughout dinner, and never made a snide remark about Dharma or Greg again.
Whenever she would say something stupid, one look from Dharma would shut her
up. Greg held his wife in his arms and kissed her. He loved this woman. She
was wonderful and sometimes crazy but he loved her. Dharma looked at Greg.
She loved this man. He was so handsome, and such a free spirit at heart. His
controlling mother spent decades trying to crush his spirit. It was Dharma
who freed him. Now, she had finally gotten rid of Kitty. She would bother
them no more. They could live happily ever after. Oh, and if Kitty ever
backslid, Dharma would give her a stern dose of dungeon love to "cure" her.

The End


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