Dharma And Greg: Dharma Gets Pussy (Kitty)
by J.C.

As Greg relaxed beside Dharma in the bed he just gazed at hi wife's sexy
lithe body, her small perfect breasts, her long coltish legs, he trimmed
juicy cunt and her flat sexy stomach.

He was totally spent and it was only 8.00am, he was awoken at 5.00am by
Dharma's hot wet mouth dining on his rigid cock, her talented tongue swirling
his cock's head and flicking in his tight piss hole and all the while she was
playing with his ass hole with a couple of well greased fingers. He tensed as
Dharma pushed one and then two fingers deep into his butt, he couldn't stop
the moan of delight escaping his lips as his ass was pillaged by his
beautiful wife, he reached out and massaged Dharma's left breast, gently
flicking and pulling on her bullet hard nipple, it was Dharma's turn to moan
and Greg felt the vibrations along the length of his thick hard cock.

Dharma was in heaven as Greg played with her breasts while sucking on his
throbbing dick, Dharma loved nothing more than eating her husband's enormous
fat erection, except maybe having it rammed up her tight shithole, she could
tell by Greg's moans and his trembling body that pretty soon he was going to
shoot his wad of cum down her throat, she sped up her finger fucking of his
butt and started to deep throat his cock, she felt him tense and then thrust
his hips up against her mouth, a deluge of hot sticky cum flooded into her
mouth and she hastily gulped down what she could not wanting to waste a drop,
a small quantity escaped her eager mouth and dribbled down her chin and fell
into Greg's thick pubic hair.

Quickly Dharma scooted up Greg's body and planted her dripping snatch
squarely on her husband's awaiting face, she began rubbing her juicy cunt up
and down his face leaving a gleaming trail of her love juices, Greg's tongue
was eagerly licking and slurping at every chance he got as Dharma's pussy
whipped past his mouth, then she forced her cunt onto his open mouth and
groaned out loud as Greg slipped his hungry tongue deep into her hot, slimy
tunnel. Dharma's slit was slick with her wetness and she was dripping like a
leaky faucet, her juices flowing down Greg's open throat, then she felt her
own ass hole get some attention as Greg began to rub around her brown
rosebud, then without warning he rammed his finger deep into her butt, he
knew Dharma was an anal freak and that she wouldn't last long once he
violated her dark fudge hole. Dharma let out a deep guttural moan and Greg
gagged as a tidal wave of pussy juice sprayed down his throat and all over
his face, he breathed in her pungent aroma and drank her glorious liquid,
now this was the way to wake up every morning he thought to himself.

"Darling, I think I will go and visit your parents today," Dharma said as she
slowly rubbed Greg's sleeping prick.

"O.K. Hon but make sure you ring first you know how mother is with your
impromptu visits"

"Come on Greg that's no fun, I'll just call over," Dharma replied as she gave
him a big wet kiss and rolled over to get out of bed.

"I don't think that's a good idea Dharma," Greg said as he watched his wife's
perfect ass as she stood up and stretched, "Just like a sleek panther" he
thought to himself.

"Why don't you go and see Larry and Abbey today," she called out as she went
into the bathroom.

"Do I have to," Greg whined, although he liked Dharma's parents he wasn't
keen to seek them out.

"Come on Hon it could be fun and besides," Dharma said as she walked back
into the bedroom, "if you do I'll let you ram your big cock into my ass
tonight," and with that she turned bent over and spread her ass cheeks,
showing Greg the object of discussion and all Greg could do was agree whole
heartedly to visiting Dharma's parents.

* * *

Dharma walked around the side of the Montgomery's house, she hated using the
front door and besides she wanted to surprise Kitty and Edward. She let
herself into the kitchen and walked through to the sitting room, there was
Kitty lying on the couch dressed in her tennis whites, she was obviously
relaxing after a game on the court at the back of the house. "Hi Kitty," she
called out as she crossed the room, Kitty let out a little yelp and sat up,
"Oh Dharma do you always have to sneak up on me?"

"Sorry Kitty didn't mean to startle you." As Dharma went to sit down she
couldn't help but admire Kitty's legs in the short tennis skirt for a woman
her age Kitty did have a great body, Kitty was busy rubbing her right thigh
as Dharma sat down, "Something wrong Kitty" Dharma asked.

"Just a little cramp now and then," Kitty replied.

"Here let me do that," Dharma said as she reached for Kitty's leg.

"No that's ok Dharma I can do it."

"No I'll do it Kitty, I was a massuse once," Dharma said as she gently began
to rub Kitty's thigh.

"Now why doesn't that surprise me," Kitty said but even as she said it she
was relaxing under Dharma's magic touch, "mmmm that feels good Dharma."

"See I told you Kitty" and with that Dharma got to work.

Dharma gently began to massage Kitty's thigh and was once again pleasantly
surprised at the smoothness and firmness of the older woman's leg, as her
fingers kneaded into Kitty's leg little moans of pleasure were coming from
Kitty as she sunk back on the couch. As Dharma worked on Kitty's thigh she
noticed her tennis skirt was riding up and that she could see the crotch
of Kitty's white cotton panties, Dharma felt a tingle in her cunt as she
furtively gazed at her mother-in-law's cotton covered pussy, she could make
out the large lips and the slit between moulded against her panties. She
slowly worked her fingers up Kitty's thigh until the knuckles of her hand
were lightly rubbing against Kitty's crotch, more moans were now coming
from Kitty and as Dharma kept massaging she noticed that Kitty's crotch was
becoming damp, feeling even more daring Dharma rubbed her fingers harder
against the older woman's cunt and as she did Kitty slowly opened her thighs.
Kitty's panties were now literally soaking and Dharma could make out every
detail of Kitty's pussy through the wet cotton.

"Oh Dharma that feels so good," Kitty moaned and she reached out and ran her
fingers through Dharma's short blond hair. Dharma bent forward and ran her
tongue up her mother-in-law's golden brown thigh, she felt a tremble run
through Kitty's body and saw her lift her pelvis up so her sopping cunt was
tight against the cotton, "Oh Dharma don't stop, please don't stop," and with
that Kitty pushed Dharma's face against her sodden cunt.

Dharma sucked feverishly at Kitty's cunt through the wet panties, marvelling
at the exquisite taste of Kitty's pussy, she pushed her tongue against the
cotton and strained to get into that beautiful cunt, Kitty lifted her ass off
the couch and Dharma needing no instructions ripped Kitty's panties off
revealing a smooth wet cunt ready to be eaten.

Kitty was in heaven as she felt her daughter-in-law's hot willing tongue
enter her aching cunt, it had been so long since anybody had eaten her down
there, that she had forgotten how good it could be, and now here was her
dippy daughter-in-law drinking up her juices, and she was certainly not going
to complain. Kitty arched her back as Dharma drove her tongue deep into her
wet tunnel, as her ass came off the couch she felt Dharma reach under and cup
her ass cheeks, Kitty moaned as her cunt was expertly tongue fucked and butt
cheeks were given a sensual massage, then she stiffened as she felt something
rub against her ass hole, nobody had ever touched her there and she wasn't
sure that she wanted Dharma to start now. But as Dharma reamed out her
sopping cunt all Kitty could do was relax and as she did Dharma struck home
and pushed her finger into Kitty's tight butt, as Dharma's finger entered her
Kitty was overcome with a feeling of sexual gratification she had never felt
before, it felt so good as Dharma's finger pumped in and out of her tight

Kitty knew she wasn't going to last long before cumming, it had been a long
time since anybody but herself had satisfied her and right now being tongue
lashed and finger fucked up the ass by her daughter in law, she was going to
cum like she used to when she was a teenager, she let out a deep moan of pure
pleasure and proceeded to soak her daughter in law with a tidal wave of cunt

Dharma drank as fast as she could but she had never seen so much cum from one
woman before, there was rivers of it pouring from Kitty's bald cunt, it ran
down her chin onto Kitty's thighs and down her crack and all over Dharma's
finger as it continued to ram in and out of Kitty's shit hole, as it wet
Dharma's finger she was able to get deeper into her mother-in-law's ass and
she swirled and rubbed inside Kitty's anal cavity feeling her tongue through
the thin skin between her vaginal tunnel and her ass canal, this glorious
finger motion caused Kitty to let loose with another torrent of cunt juice,
until Dharma was soaked from forehead to breasts.

Slowly Dharma pulled her fingers from Kitty's tight ass and they came free
with a loud sucking noise, and as Dharma watched Kitty's stretched asshole
closed in on itself, Dharma crawled up Kitty's body and stared into Kitty's
dazed eye's, "That was fantastic Dharma, I've never been so fulfilled," Kitty
gasped as she got her breath back.

Dharma lent forward and pushed her tongue into Kitty's open mouth, "That's
nothing Kitty we've only just started," she whispered as she sucked on
Kitty's tongue, Kitty was astounded as she tasted her own pussy juice in her
daughter-in-law's mouth, it sounded like she was in for a lot more fun.

Dharma stood up dropped her denim shorts and pulled her soaking wet thong to
one side giving Kitty her first look at another woman's cunt for the first
time, and what a beautiful sight it was Dharma's pussy was wet and puffed up
with excitement and Kitty could smell Dharma's scent and this caused another
spasm to rack her body.

"Now it's your turn to eat me Mother" Dharma moaned and stepped towards


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