Cybill (m/f,inc)
by Carl Standifer ([email protected])

Maryann Thorpe and Cybill Sheridan been friends since they were in school
together over 30 years old.

Maryann always been a man crazy wildcat, she never says no to having a good
time especially in the sack.

There's one man she's definitely crazy about, her son Justin Thorpe who's
23. Maryann is definitely an attractive woman of 52, she has breasts little
more bigger then her friend Cybill.

When they were in school some 30 years ago, they always experimented with
everything? And one thing they experimented was lesbiansm.

Yep, they first had lesbian sex when they were 14 and 15, and they quite
enjoyed it too!

Now, one thing Maryann has been keeping a secret(besides having lesbian sex)
all these years, she's having an affair with her own son?

Ever since Justin was only 12, Maryann seduced her own son into incest
sex... well they both enjoyed it!

Justin does sleep with his mother every night, and enjoys quite abit of
sex. Maryann enjoys just feeling her son's 7 inch cock inside her pussyhole,
and tasting it in her mouth!

When Maryann visits her friend Cybill, she doesn't talk about her secret
affair with her son! Only the men she had sex with, which is every month.

Cybill is an actress trying to get acting jobs in different roles. Cybill
has two daughters from two different marriages, they're both in their early

When Maryann was visiting Cybill, Cybill's daughers wasn't there, they live
somewhere else. Maryann and Cybill always talks about sex and men. They were
sitting on a couch talking, and Maryann's skirt drew up alittle, her
pantycrotch was showing.

Cybill and Maryann remembers their first lesbian experience back in school,
and when they had sex just a month ago.

Cybill was starring at Maryann's crotch, she was so wet and horny. Maryann
then kissed Cybill on the mouth said,"You wet, lets go up stairs and fuck."

Cybill and Maryann went up stairs!

They were in bed kissing and fondling each other genitals, then tasting each
other pussy.

Tasting each other is exciting to them, and a turn on!

Half hour later, they laying in each other arms talking. Then Cybill says,
"So how is your cute son Justin, he still keeping you pleasured in bed?"

Maryann looks at Cybill, response, "How the hell did you know I was having
an affair with my son, I didn't say anything about that?"

Cybill leans on Maryann, answers, "Oh Maryann, I knew for years you were
having incest with your son. If I had a cute son like Justin, I would jump
his ass and suck his cock every night and feel his dick inside my horny

Maryann comments, "Well Justin is good in bed, when he's inside me I feel
like a young vibrant bitch having first time sex, it's so pleasurable!"

As they got up and dressed, Maryann said, "I hope you don't tell anyone
about my incestues affair with my son, it's no one's business you know?"

Cybill nods, says, "Hey will you calm down, shit, Maryann, if you want to
fuck your son I don't care, I think it's sweet, it's just a mother showing
her son how much she loves him!"

Maryann hugs Cybill and kisses her with passion says, "Well Justin is a
good son/lover, he gives me such good orgasms!"

Then Cybill asks, "Does Justin come inside you or he uses condoms?" Maryann
nods,"I prefer Justin not using condoms, they feel damn awful inside!"

After spending most the day with Cybill, Maryann went home.

Maryann was taking a nap when her son Justin came home from work. Justin
went in his mom's room, saw her laying on the bed sleeping, he pulls his
pants off and lays on top of her!

Maryann wakes up, said, "Oh Justin darling, hope you would be home early,
been so horny!"

Justin pulls his mother's skirt up and slides his cock inside her pussy.
Maryann wears panties only when she's going somewhere!

Maryann moans, "Oh god feels so good!"

Justin was sliding in and out his mother's pussy as they're kissing!

Then in an instant, Justin comes like a gusher inside his mother's pussy!

Afterwards, they were in the kitchen eating dinner.

Maryann was talking to her son about the men she had in her life when she
met his father. Maryann said, "I had the best sex with your father of all
my other lovers!

Justin laughs and nods, comments, "Of course mother, that's where I got my
genes and hard dick from my father, just to pleasure you!"

Maryann hugs her son, says, "I love your hard dick son, feels so fucking

They talk during dinner not only about Maryann's other lovers, but if she
had women lovers too?

Justin knows his mother had sex with other women, like Cybill! Justin knew
that for years, but never bothered him.

Justin rather watch women eat each other then watching men suck each other,
that's gross! Maryann said having lesbian sex is almost better then having
sex with men.

Justin thought his mother was being funny and sexy!

After dinner, they went up stairs!

Maryann was so horny she was playing with herself soon as she laid on the
bed. Justin has a camera, he was taking pictures of his mother playing with
her pussy!

Watching his mother fingering herself turns him on.

Maryann was tasting her juices, says, "Umm tastes so good, have a taste
darling!" Justin was tasting his mother's pussy, Maryann was moaning and
groaning like a whore!

Maryann was having orgasms after another!

Justin's face was drenched!

Then Justin was sliding his cock in and out his mother's pussy as they're

Maryann tightens her pussy muscles as Justin was coming. Then Justin just
floods his mother's pussy with his hot sperm!

Maryann then said, "Oh Justin darling, you know how to make me come so much!"

Afterwards, Justin puts his camera away till he gets the film developed.

The camera is a video camera.

Maryann loves having her picture taken playing with herself.

Then the next day, Justin plays back the camera and watches his mother play
with herself.

Justin always thought his mother has a hot piece of ass, he loves eating
her pussy and eating her ass, especially screwing her ass.

Ever since Justin been having incest with his mother, he hasn't had real
sex with any other girls, well not really? There's one girl he had sex with
a few times, and his mother doesn't know about it, that's Cybill his
mother's best friend.

Yep, Justin had sex with Cybill more then 5 or 6 times, and Cybill enjoyed
every minute of it.

When Maryann comes over, she doesn't want to tell her friend she had sex
with her son, that'll ruin a 30 year friendship!

Cybill loves having sex with Justin, only wished he was her son, that'll
be an interesting relationship, having incestues sex with her own son?

Justin had first sex with Cybill when his mother had gone out of town for
a few days.

Justin went over to see Cybill just to talk to her about being an actress,
but things just got hot between them and they ended up in bed having sex.

Having sex with Justin was Cybill's most memorable and it was very exciting

Cybill and Justin had sex few other times over the past couple of years.

So far Maryann doesn't know about it, or does she?

Justin slept with Cybill, they had more then sex, more likely oral, anal
and tit sex.

Cybill don't mind anal sex long as it doesn't hurt, feeling hot sperm
shooting inside her ass turns her on!

Well Cybill's daughters doesn't know about their mother's affair with
Justin, but they know she's having sex with someone? When the girls
comes over, their mother is always in a good and bright mood, they know
she's having sex, but with whom?

Well when Maryann had to go out of town on a family emergency, Justin
went over to Cybill's.

Justin said his mother went out of town, her mother had suddenly past away.
Cybill knew Maryann's mother, she always thought Maryann's mother would live

So Cybill said he can stay with her till his mother returns.

Justin didn't have to worry about Cybill's daughters, they don't live with
her, one is married the other lives with her boyfriend!

Cybill was excited Justin is staying with her, now she doesn't have to keep
masturbating. Justin brought along his video camera to take pictures of
Cybill nude and having.

Cybill has nude pictures of herself, her last lover took a few and sold
them! Cybill loves having her picture taken, nude or with clothes.

When Justin was taking Cybill's pictures, she was laying on her bed nude
with her legs wide open, her finger playing with her clit!

Cybill said, "Justin, take the spiciest picture with my finger in my pussy
and ass!" Justin was standing a foot away from the bed, aiming right at
Cybill's wide open pussy her finger was inside her hole.

Justin then played back the camera to see what was recorded. Cybill was
watching and saw her finger inside her pussy, she thought it was good!

Cybill kissed Justin said, "Your good, love it, now put the camera on a
stand and tape us fucking!"

Justin puts his video camera on a stand, angles it at the bed and sets it.

Cybill was spread on the bed, Justin was between her lusicious legs tasting
and licking her lite brownish pussy. Cybill was moaning as she was feeling
Justin's tongue on her pussy.

Cybill was having orgasms after another!

Then Cybill was sucking Justin's 7 inch cock, just like sucking her other

Justin wished his mother was there joining them in a threesome!

Then Cybill was on top of Justin sliding on his cock, and moaning. Justin
was enjoying every inch of Cybill's pussy on his cock, feels like his
mother's pussy!

Cybill then leans down and kisses him and whispers"God your cock feels so
fucking good in my pussy, your mother is one lucky bitch having a hunk of
son like you." Justin nods!

Then half hour later, Justin just comes inside Cybill's pussy, Cybill always
enjoys feeling hot sperm inside her!

Justin then plays back the video tape to see what was recorded. Cybill liked
what she was watching, Justin licking her pussy and her sucking his cock,
and riding his cock!

Well at lease Cybill knows who she can get to pleasure her pussy and video
tape it.

Few days later, Justin went downtown and sold the tape to an adult book
store, Cybill knows it.

Justin was with his mother again keeping her satisfied.

Maryann knows her son was with Cybill, they talk about things!


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