Cybill: The Adventures Of Zoe (m/f,f/F,inc)
by Neuromancer

Zoe walked down the stairs in her nightgown. She was on her way to get a
midnight snack. Her 17 year-old body had filled out nicely. Her 36B breasts
giggled with every step she took. She heard a noise, like a low moan, coming
from the living room. She peaked her head around the corner and saw her
mother, Cybil, having sex with an unknown man on the couch. She knelt down
to watch her Mom in action.

Cybill's 45 year-old breasts were still looking good. The started to sag a
little, but they were still full and round. Her current love interest, Steve,
was feeling them as he slammed his 6 inch cock in and out of her hairy pussy.
Zoe could see all this happening from less than fifteen feet away. She was
starting to get hot. Zoe slipped a finger up the bottom of her nightgown and
began to rub her wet cunt through the fabric of her cotton panties. they were
already soaked, so she pushed them aside and dipped her hand into young
snatch. Zoe had had sex numerous times in the past. She wasn't new to this,
but she still got off on it. She had seen her Mom naked before, but never
like this. She really liked it a lot.

Cybill was moaning louder and louder until she finally screamed with pleasure
and collapsed onto Steve's chest. Steve kept pumping and in seconds, he blew
his load into Cybill's hot snatch. Zoe saw that they were done and went back
up to her room before they saw her. She couldn't stop thinking about her
mom's body though, so Zoe decided it was time to masturbate. She pulled off
panties and her nightgown. She started by massaging her breasts, cupping them
and pinching the nipples. She then, dropped a finger down to her pussy.
Plunging it in, Zoe moaned with pleasure. She pulled it in and out until she
felt her orgasm nearing. She then took her finger out and began rubbing her
palm across her mound until the cum gushed out onto her bed. She cleaned it
up and went to bed.
_ _ _

The next morning, Zoe trotted down the stairs and saw that Mary Ann, Cybill's
best friend, was sitting in the kitchen talking to Cybill. Zoe walked in to
get some cereal.

"Morning Zoe," said Cybill, patting her on the back.

"Morning Mom, have fun last night?" retorted Zoe.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean did you enjoy the pool boy or who ever he was?"

"You mean Steve. Yes, I did enjoy his company, Zoe, but the sex sucked."

The three chuckled mildly for a second or two. Zoe walked around the counter
and sat down next to Mary Ann in the bar stool.

"So Mary Ann, how is the sex with you lately?" asked Zoe.

"It sucks. I haven't got laid in two weeks. I am very horny!" replied Mary

"Sorry..." replied Zoe.

"It's OK kid," said Mary Ann, "Cybill, I'm gonna go take a shower."

"All right, the towels are in the first closet to the left of the bathroom."
Cybill stated.

Mary Ann walked up the stairs. Zoe finished her cereal and retreated back
to her room. On her way up the stairs, she felt the urge to piss come on.
She heard the water running, so she knew Mary Ann had already started. She
knocked on the door. "Mary Ann, can use the can?" screamed Zoe.

"Yeah, just don't flush!" replied Mary Ann. Zoe opened the door and saw the
steam pour out from above the shower door. She pulled down her pants and sat
on the toilet to do her business. She looked at the ground and saw Mary Ann's
bra. 36C. Zoe thought about Mary Ann not getting laid for two weeks. She
thought she would do her a favor. Zoe stood up and removed her clothes.
Naked, Zoe pulled open the shower door and ogled Mary Ann's naked body. Mary
Ann was shocked.

"What the fuck!" Mary Ann screamed, "Oh I see." Mary Ann reached out and
cupped Zoe's sweet breast. Zoe lurched forward and kissed Mary Ann on the
lips. Zoe's hand lowered down to Mary Ann's pussy. She ran her fingers
through the thick hair and slid one into her wide slit. Mary Ann was still
fondling and licking Zoe's tits. Zoe's finger slid in and out of Mary Ann's
hot cunt. Mary Ann knew she wasn't gonna cum this way, so she said, "Let's
go to your bedroom to finish this."

"OK" agreed Zoe. Mary Ann turned off the water and walked straight across to
Zoe's room, leading Zoe by her hand, not even bothering to dry off first.
Mary Ann flopped onto the bed and Zoe put her lips to Mary Ann's pussy. She
began to lick furiously, using a finger to massage Mary Ann's clit. Mary Ann
could feel her orgasm.

"I'm gonna cum!" she screamed. Zoe readied herself, never having done this
before. The liquid rushed out in to Zoe's awaiting mouth. She had never
tasted girl cum before and she liked it. Mary Ann wasted no time though, she
sat up and pushed Zoe back onto the bed. Mary Ann began to lap at Zoe's pink
flesh. Zoe let out a soft whimper and began to massage her breasts, squeezing
and pinching the nipples. Her orgasm came very fast.

"OHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSSS!!!!!" Zoe screamed as hot cum slid out of her and into
Mary Ann's eager mouth. Zoe sat up and kissed Mary Ann on the lips, roaming
her mouth with her tongue. Zoe reached down and felt Mary Ann's 36C breasts.
She applied her tongue to them as well. Mary Ann let out little whimper as
Zoe's tongue explored her breasts. Mary Ann slipped a hand around and onto
Zoe's firm ass. She squeezed, feeling the soft flesh in her hand.

"Mary Ann! What are you doing up there?" screamed Cybill.

"Uh....Just talking to Zoe, be down in a minute." Replied Mary Ann. They both
put their clothes back on and departed with a long, wet kiss. Zoe knew this
wasn't the last she would see of Mary Ann's naked body.
_ _ _

Later that night, Zoe was in her room playing around on her computer. She
heard little moans, like her Mom fucking some other guy, so she tiptoed out
her door and down the hall to her mom's room. She peeked in and saw Cybill
playing with herself, jamming a dildo in and out of her pussy. Zoe, feeling
daring and wanting her mom's pussy so bad, took off all her clothes and
walked into the room. Cybill was startled and dropped the dildo on the bed.

"What do you need sweety?" asked Cybill, blushing.

"Your pussy," replied Zoe, climbing onto the bed, staring at her mom's pussy.
Cybill had been waiting for this day for months, her daughter's sexy figure
had caught her eye months ago. Zoe put her tongue right into Cybill's open
pussy. Zoe wanted to taste her mom's wonderful juice. She felt it on her
tongue and it tasted great. She withdrew and picked up the dildo. Zoe pushed
it right into Cybill's throbbing pussy. Cybill screamed with pleasure. She
couldn't believe that her 17 year-old daughter was doing this to her. She was
in heaven. She could feel her orgasm nearing. Finally, Cybill moaned and let
loose. Her girl cum poured out onto the bed. Zoe shot her head down there to
lick it up. She loved the way it tasted. She still couldn't get over the fact
that she was licking up her own mother's sweet cream. Zoe crawled forward a
little and gave her mother a deep kiss. Cybill could taste her own cum in her
daughter's mouth.

"Now it's my turn," said Cybill. She leaned her down to Zoe's cunt lips and
gave then a nice, long lick. They tasted great. Cybill reached over and
grabbed the dildo. She plunged it in all the way to the hilt, and it was 10
inches long. Zoe roared with pain, yet it felt wonderful to her. Cybill pulled
in and out with the dildo until Zoe's love juices exited her cunt and Zoe
whimpered as her orgasm hit harder than ever before. Cybill lapped up the cum
off the bed and reached up to caress Zoe's firm boobs. Zoe loved the feeling
of someone touching her tits. Cybill kneaded the flesh of Zoe's tits and
played with the nipples. Zoe was giggling with happiness from this feeling.
She pushed her hands in between her mother's and touched Cybill's firm, 38C
breasts. Cybill moaned lightly as her daughter touched her nipples and swirled
her finger around the aureolas. Eventually, they collapsed on top of one
another and went to sleep. After that day, Zoe spent a lot more time with her
Mom and Mary Ann.



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