Cybill: Maryann Takes A Day Off (MF,FF,inc,orgy)
by Kristen Kathleen Becker

Maryann quietly let herself in the front door of her friend's house. All was
quiet, and that's exactly what she needed right then.

She loved Richard and her son, and wasn't really trying to hide from them,
but she needed a little peace and quiet.

Cybill was on location with her big new movie deal, and Maryann was just a
little jealous that things were going so well for her best friend. She was
also a little ashamed of herself for being jealous; she knew this was
Cybill's big break.

She went into the kitchen and fixed herself a martini, with the idea of
loafing about the quiet house for a couple of hours, relaxing and not having
to worry about anyone else's needs for a while.

As she lounged on the sofa, the cool breeze from the air conditioner swirling
around her, Maryann straightened her Versace suit, pulling on the skirt to
make herself comfortable, and snuggled back into the cushions. A couple of
drinks later, she drifted into a light slumber.

Without knowing why, she was suddenly awake. Was it a sound, or maybe just a
feeling that she was not alone? Then she heard a noise from upstairs.

Her heart pounding, Maryann crept up the stairs, gripping a heavy objet d'art
in her left hand as an improvised weapon of self-defense.

Down the hall she crept, then stopped. Another noise! It was coming from
Zoey's room. (Zoey, Cybill's daughter, had moved back into her mother's house
a month ago. She was staying until she found a job, or went off to college;
no one was quite sure which.)

With a sigh of relief, Maryann lowered her weapon and stepped up to the
half-open door. Zoey must have come home while she had been resting on the
couch. She was about to greet her friend's daughter when she came upon a
scene that made her start back in shock.

Zoey was lying on the bed, naked from the waist down, and her sister Rachel's
head was firmly planted between her legs.

Maryann couldn't believe her eyes! She'd always thought that Zoey and Rachel
were as straight as anyone could be. But there they were, enjoying each
other's company, so to speak!

Maryann was in a state of aroused shock, unable to move and mesmerized by the
scene unfolding on the bed. Zoey's beautiful white skin contrasted with
Rachel's peaches-and-cream tan, and made an arresting vision.

Maryann heard another sound, this time coming from Cybill's bedroom. She
tiptoed away from Zoey's bedroom door and hurried down the hall to the
bathroom. Could Cybill be home too?

She peeped round the bathroom door-jamb and saw Kevin, (Rachel's husband)
prancing down the hall to Zoey's room. He was wearing Cybill's navy-blue
Armani, the one she'd bought for last year's awards dinner.

To add to her sense of shock, he was wearing pantyhose and heels!

She ducked into the bathroom, her heart in her throat. WHAT WAS GOING ON
HERE?!! She just couldn't believe Cybill's children would act like this!
Hell, Zoey hadn't even appeared to like Rachel and, for sure, she barely
tolerated Kevin.

The sounds from Zoey's bedroom grew louder after Kevin had gone in. Maryann
felt she could hardly wait in the bathroom forever. She thought about
sneaking out of the house, but was wildly curious to see what the kids were
actually doing in there.

She crept down the hall and peeped into the room. The girls were still on the
bed, but now it was Zoey who was on her knees before her sister.

Rachel lay back on her elbows, her legs spread wide, moaning softly as her
sister pleasured her, Zoey's head bobbing above Rachel's crotch. But where
was Kevin?

A hand suddenly grabbed Maryann from behind, giving her an almighty shock,
and Kevin yelled to the startled girls: "Hey, looky who's been peeping!"

Zoey whirled round, her face a pretty shade of red from embarrassment. Rachel
looked speculatively at Maryann. She had been taken only halfway to an orgasm
by Zoey's tongue, and desperately wanted to go further.

Kevin held on to Maryann's shoulders from behind as Rachel got up off the bed
and sauntered over, her breasts swaying, flicking her long blonde hair over
her left shoulder. She stepped up to Maryann and, to her surprise, gave her a
long, open-mouthed kiss, forcing her tongue past Maryann's lips.

Maryann struggled to get away from Kevin's grasp, shocked at her own response
to Rachel's kiss. The combination of Kevin holding her captive and Rachel's
predatory behavior had awakened something inside her and made her go weak in
the knees!

Not quite sure what was happening, she now saw Zoey walk up to her, and
begin unbuttoning the jacket of her Versace business suit. She would have
protested, but Rachel french-kissed her again, and Kevin was still holding
her firmly from behind.

And WHAT was that against her derrière? It was apparent that Kevin had an
erection, which he was pressing between her buttock cheeks. She was sure of
it; she felt him plainly through the material of her expensive outfit.

Once she had Maryann's jacket open, Zoey's quick hands went directly to the
bra clasp between the 34-B cups and popped the bra open (Maryann always wore
front-clasping bras).

Her busy fingers went right to Maryann's erect nipples. "Wow, momma, look
who's turned on now!" she breathed, looking deep into Maryann's eyes.
"Maryann, you know I've always admired your body. Now I want to show you just
how much I think of your tail."

"What are you talking about?" Maryann quavered, still dazed by what was
happening to her.

"Kevin, do your thing!" Rachel ordered.

Kevin propelled Maryann to the bed, still holding her upper arms from behind,
and gently, but firmly, pushed her, face down, onto the bed cover.

She recognized the sweet smell of sex in the sheets, and her senses were
temporarily overwhelmed. A thrill of desire, stronger than any she'd felt
before, raged through her body, and for a moment she wanted to fuck all three
of these young people.

However, she felt thoroughly intimidated by Kevin's behaviour; he wouldn't
let her move, or even change her face-down position on the bed.

A shiver went through her body as unseen hands stripped off her jacket,
blouse and bra. To her own surprise, she uttered not a single word of
protest; she was still sexually attracted to these young people. She'd always
had a thing about Zoey's body; Rachel's too, for that matter.

Of course, she'd never dreamt of having sex with either. She wasn't even sure
how to go about it now, but one thing was certain: if they kept this up,
she'd give it a try!

Kevin stepped back and Zoey lay down on top of Maryann's prostrate body, the
weight of the redhead's voluptuous, naked body pushing Maryann further down
into the bed. At the same time, she felt someone tugging her skirt and
underwear down her legs.

These kids were making her crazy! She'd never felt so intensely aroused. She
guessed she was about to have sex with multiple partners, and was surprised
to find that she was rather looking forward to it!

While she was thinking such thoughts, Zoey slid to one side of her, pressing
her gorgeous silky soft breasts against Maryann's right arm.

Maryann marveled at how velvety smooth the young woman's skin felt against
her own. At that moment she wanted whatever Zoey wanted.

Zoey began trying to wriggle on her back underneath Maryann, huffing and
puffing with the effort. Meanwhile Rachel leaned over the two women and began
giving them both a clitoral massage, alternating between them, inserting her
hand between Maryann's legs from the rear and Zoey's from the front.

Maryann almost jumped out of her skin when she felt Rachel's fingers touching
her cunt. How wonderful to have an attractive young woman do that to her!
She'd had plenty of sex with men over the years, but this was somehow more
erotic than any of those experiences.

Zoey started kissing Maryann again, this time more intensely. They rolled
over on the bed, so that Zoey was now on top. She began slowly, sensuously
humping her hairy red mound against Maryann's shaven pussy. Soon both women
were as wet and hot as if they'd poured oil on a fire.

Zoey set up a sensual rhythm, massaging herself into Maryann's sexual organ.
She raised her upper body, planting her elbows by Maryann's shoulders, and
watched the expression on Maryann's face as she cunt-fucked her mother's best

Maryann closed her eyes and smiled ecstatically. A moment later she felt her
orgasm building as the energetic young red-head kept up the pace and rhythm
of her fucking motions.

The feelings aroused by the friction of Zoey's pussy against hers became too
much for Maryann, and she began to come, moaning and bucking her hips with
uninhibited abandon.

She felt momentarily let down when Zoey pulled away from her, but only a
second later she felt the young woman's tongue lapping her cunt lips and her
clitoris. The new sensation sent Maryann wild.

Rachel now began working on her nipples with her mouth and tongue. In her
ecstasy, Maryann had almost forgotten that there were others in the room. It
didn't matter to her now, though; she was in the middle of the most intense
orgasm she'd ever had.

Through a haze of emotion she could just make out that she was receiving
attentions from all three young adults. Kevin was standing over Zoey, tugging
at her hair, trying to pull her lips away from Maryann's pussy. Zoey seemed
to realize what he was trying to do, because she looked up from her
ministrations and sighed, but obediently moved upwards to kiss Maryann's open
mouth, leaving room for Rachel's breast massage.

Maryann could taste her own juice on Zoey's lips as the younger woman began a
deep french kiss. Both of them wildly excited by now, Maryann and Zoey went
for each other like a couple of animated suction pumps.

While Zoey tangled with Maryann's kisser, and Rachel chewed her nipples,
Kevin moved in for the kill.

He felt around Maryann's sopping cunt opening, running his fingers up and
down her slightly open, well-lubricated slit. Then, without further ado, he
brutally mounted his mother-in-law's best friend.

Maryann was jolted by the impact of Kevin's rigid cock sliding into her. She
was shocked, and decided that things had now gone too far, but she couldn't
move. Zoey wouldn't stop frenching her, and Rachel rolled onto her upper
body, still massaging her breasts and teasing her nipples with teeth, tongue
and fingers.

Maryann was quite helpless, and Kevin continued to take his pleasure of her
without meeting any opposition.

A confusion of thoughts swept through her brain as Kevin used her as he
pleased. Was she being raped, or was she in fact a willing party to all this?
She just didn't know how to react. Her emotions were quite out of control!

As Kevin continued humping her with abandon, Maryann found her stomach
muscles beginning to relax, gradually releasing the tension of the past few
days. She thought to herself: 'Maybe this is what I've needed all along, a
good old-fashioned fucking!' She decided to stop worrying and just let the
situation unfold, to go with the flow.

Kevin had already fucked both Zoey and Rachel before Maryann had come on the
scene, so he was able to last for quite some time without ejaculating. He
varied his rhythm and direction of thrust, and really gave Maryann a great

She was screaming by the time he finally came inside her. It was quite a
performance, and both younger women sat back to watch as the couple lost the
passions of their love-making.

Zoey's mouth opened in awe at the sound of Maryann's screaming response to
Kevin's energetic and ingenious fucking. Rachel seemed a little piqued; she
was feeling a little neglected.

Kevin himself was dripping with sweat, trembling with the effort of keeping
up with Maryann's sexual demands. At last he reached his orgasm, and after
some frenzied bucking to shoot his load of sperm into Maryann, he gasped to
a halt.

She responded at once by rolling him over on his back, using her vaginal
muscles to keep his cock inside her, and began wildly riding the young man
towards her own orgasm.

No, she decided; it wasn't rape, and she fully intended to use Kevin for her
own satisfaction!

She eventually slumped over Kevin's body, both of them panting as if they'd
just run ten miles. Her chest heaving, Maryann rested her cheek against
Kevin's and looked at the girls.

"I hope I didn't break him," she sighed. She had the look of a contented
feline just after feeding on its kill...

Kevin just lay there, breathing like a bellows, while Zoey laughed and Rachel
looked uncertain...

Maryann, however, felt very relaxed...


Acknowledgments: All my thanks... to Stephen for his encouragement and
proofing and to Ian for doing such a good job editing my little story.

(c) August 1997 - ed. 5/07/00 - Kristen Kathleen Becker
Author contact address: [email protected]

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
It's okay to *READ* stories about unprotected sex with
strangers. But it isn't okay to *HAVE* unprotected sex
with strangers!! You only have one body per lifetime,
so take good care of it.
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